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A Story by Outlaw

    ~ My Mango Orchard ~

Note:    Certain Hindi/Urdu words have been used in this story that doesn't have any English equivalent. For the meaning of such terms, take your mouse pointer over the word for it's meaning.

We all have those moments... moments when reality seem to go a little askew... when your whole world, your very existence is turned head over heel... and you're left wondering, "Did it really happen? Is it really happening?" It's a sinking, a mind-numbing feeling, a feeling that is beyond all comprehension...

A feeling best shared, and we all know that there's no better way of sharing than to talk... So here I tell you my story.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

I'm your average, normal guy - well educated, well informed, self-reliant and confident. A man of 27 - very much in control... of myself, my emotions and my surroundings. Coming from an average middle class family, where I've been taught about discipline and values, and about respect and 'goodness'.

At 6', with sharp features and my boyish, vulnerable charm, I was, according to a lot of people, very good-looking, very attractive. And though not exactly a sports freak, I played a bit of tennis and spent hours swimming, have always done so, since my childhood, and that gave me, if not a ripped, muscular body, at least a sleek and slim frame, that didn't have an ounce of fat or flab anywhere... And, according to numerous women, my 'crowning glory' was my butt! It amazed me how they could say it, on my face... some even patting my ass as they said it!!!

I did notice all the appreciative glances - and once in a while, when I felt in the mood, I flirted, flirted outrageously... but yes, just flirted, never anything more. I was devoted to Gauri, my childhood friend and now my wife. Of course, she gave the dirty looks but kept quiet and later, when we were back home, would actually laugh!

Charming, affable, socially active and well liked, I was also well respected by all, who were associated with or knew me - both for my character and my achievements.

(|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|)

I was very excited... could hardly believe my ears, as my stockbroker informed me of the huge windfall... The markets had been sliding for a while now and against all advice I had gone on a buying spree, picking up large quantities of shares... shares of companies that had been strong over the past years but had suddenly lost it's footing, it so seemed, in the choppy markets, and were slipping each day. Everyone said that the markets hadn't bottomed out yet and I was being foolish, but I didn't listen, it was my hunch, my uncanny gut feeling... And I WAS right... within just three days the market swung around and in just one single trading day the price of the shares that I had picked up nearly doubled. I advised my broker to sell... he wanted to hold... I insisted, and there it was, a huge profit!

I wanted to, needed to, reinvest the amount and had already decided against the share market... I always had a dream, a long cherished desire since my childhood, to own a farm of my own... lots of trees, a small body of water, and a beautiful, small cottage... set in the center of the emerald fields. But as I grew older I realized a normal farm would require a very active involvement and I couldn't afford to give it that much time or effort, and so I had decided that it should be an orchard instead... Wasn't exactly decided on what crop, but an orchard no doubt!

And when I got to know, through my real estate dealer in Mumbai, about this mango orchard in Ratnagiri - an orchard of the famous Alphonso mangoes, was in the market for sale, I instantly decided on visiting the place.

That Friday afternoon saw me driving down to Ratnagiri... a short, very pleasant drive. He had already made arrangement with the owner and also his agent in that town to meet me and talk things over.

Saturday morning, the man who was to act as my agent there, came to my hotel and took me to meet the owner and also to see the garden. The owner deciding on migrating to Australia, had put it up for sale. And though he had made it himself and loved his orchard, now that he was leaving the country permanently, he had to sell.

The orchard was situated on an incline about a hour's drive from the town and had this breathtaking view of the sea... And though it didn't have the 'body-of-water' of my childhood dreams, it did have a small stream skirting along the eastern edge of the property, the clear water rushing over shiny pebbles...

It was lovely... and though not extensive, it was of a substantial size and with trees that were in their prime, with a very high yield.

It was nearly a perfect rectangle, completely fenced all around and with all the amenities already in place - two deep wells for irrigation, accommodation for the gardeners and other staffs, and a small two-roomed structure for the guard, near the entrance.

And there was this absolutely amazing little cottage right in the center of the garden, which nearly hypnotized me with its quaint charm...

I just loved the place and with the negotiations over, we shook hands and finalized the deal.

I paid him the advance and he informed me that he would be in Mumbai the following Wednesday, with the papers and we could sign the deed once I paid the balance amount.

It was a very happy me that drove back to Mumbai that night.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

Wednesday came and as the sun set over the rippling Arabian Sea, I was the owner of a lovely mango orchard in Ratnagiri... And I was already making plans about using the cottage as a weekend getaway, on spending a relaxing time there along with Gauri and my little daughter, Neha.

I retained the old manager of the previous owner, and also all the old staff - the two gardeners, their helpers, the watchman and the little boy in charge of the cottage and its maintenance.

And since it was winter, there was to be no fruits, but with the onset of summer the grooves just exploded with the sweet aroma of the mango blossom, tiny white flowers, turning the perennial green trees into an off-white mass... And we were there every weekend, in our own little paradise... spending time just walking around, sitting under the trees... enjoying!

And then the first little buds of the fruit took shape... small, circular, pale green... the whole garden suddenly filled with that distinct smell of mango.

I was happy... and so was Gauri.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

But the dream of a bumper harvest soon turned to nightmare as with approach of the ripening of fruits I suddenly found that the trees were bare! All mangoes worth plucking and selling gone! And as for the remaining, still immature fruits... all had been just hacked and chopped away, willfully damaged... the ground littered with pieces of young mangoes and buds, leaves and branches!

It was all beyond comprehension...

And as I stood, totally disbelieving, the old man approached me... With a smile that could send a shiver down any spine, he informed me that this was an old problem... local goons... with political backing... couldn't be helped... Unless, of course, I was willing to buy off the goons, to keep them off my garden and crop... He further informed me that with an annual 'fee' to the local political leader, all other problems could also be taken care of.

Coming from a family that had instilled good values, I just about held back, else there was nothing to stop me that day from slapping the old, moth eaten, teeth out of that grizzly face!

After I had regained some semblance of composer and could talk again... I fired the whole lot, that very evening and then approached my local agent for replacement of the staff.

He looked incredulous, staring at me, disbelieving...

"This is not the city sir," he informed me, "you're making a big mistake, bring them back and pay off the goons. After all, the amount you pay them and the local leaders are a pittance to what you will earn from selling the harvest!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or just wipe that smirk off his face...

"The previous owner had the same problem and he paid, everyone here does it... you pay to buy your peace, else you can't survive," he advised.

I was shaking... but I also knew I needed him... at least for the moment... I couldn't just leave to garden unprotected and unsupervised... swallowing my anger I asked him to make arrangement for a new set of people. And, I insisted, I wanted a young, strong and well-built person as a watchman, not another ancient, shriveled soul.

As for the manager, I'd arrange for one, once I got back to Mumbai.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

The next three months were busy, very busy, and I just couldn't make it to my garden during that period... But my agent had arranged for 2 gardeners and their helpers and also a guard and a caretaker for the cottage. As for the manager, well, after the two gentlemen that I had arranged for, returned back within a week of being appointed, one after the other, in quick succession... I went back to the agent in Ratnagiri and requested him to get me a local guy who would stick...

He laughed over the phone and told me to relax, "It's done Sir, before tomorrow morning you will have a manager."

And finally, after nearly another month I could finally get away from the hectic schedule and decided that I must pay a short visit to my orchard. Gauri and Neha being away, visiting her parents', I went alone this time.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

As I drove over to the cottage and stopped the car I saw the local agent along with the men, my new staff, standing, in a line... 'Some reception committee', I smiled shutting the engine and as I looked up my smile froze, my eyes staring with horror...

Before I go any further I would like to say a few words about myself... maybe that will make the things that followed a bit more easy to appreciate, understand... but I really doubt it, for even I, myself, never understood... not then, not now.

If there is something I absolutely dread, then it is that all male, all macho, masculine young men... Not so much the features, but more that animal masculinity, that raw male attitude, that really got me...

Be it the sales clerk across the counter, be it the guy in the line at check-in counter at the airport... be it the stranger in the elevator... anyone, anywhere...

For reasons that I never understood, they always, invariably, made me nervous, making my hands shake, my voice quiver... and my tongue tied in a thousand knots. I always felt my ears heat up and there was this odd sensation deep in my gut, as I stuttered and bumbled around.

But I never spoke to anyone about it, not even to Gauri, keeping it to myself... it was too embarrassing! But I made sure that I avoided any such company as far as possible.

And the young man, now standing in the line in front of my cottage, was a living, breathing example of my worst nightmare!

He wasn't your average city bred and gym toned jock... This guy was a young strapping lad of the finest rural specimen, the shoulders and arms ripped and sinewy, the chest bulging, the tummy flat.... a narrow hip that flared out to form a tight ass... It was a natural body, a body chiseled out in the open, in the fields, shaped by manual labor... The skin bronzed, with a healthy sheen. And he was amazingly handsome!

He stood there, tall and strong, bare chested, with just a lungi wrapped around his middle...

With shaking fingers that made the retrieval of the keys impossibly difficult, I stumbled out of the car and tripped twice before standing up straight as the new manager approached me along with the agent, his face lit up with a smile, "Welcome, Sir..."

The introductions over I rushed inside, finally breathing free again, finally getting back my normal voice.... finally ready to deal with issues that had brought me here.

"Didn't you get any better person for the duty?" I asked.

"Who, sir...?" he asked, his eyes questioning.

"That man, for the guard duty, I don't like him."

"Oh, Ramu? Why Sir, he is very good... very strong young boy."

"OK, OK... but..." I trailed off, for that same man was now standing, right there, in the doorway.

"Wh... what... are you... uh, what do you want?" I asked, totally unnerved.

"Just came to see if you needed anything... Sir."

"Go... you get out of here..." the manager shooed him away.

He stood for a while and then looking at me smiled before turning away and walking down the steps.

I let out a sigh and sat down.

"You don't like him sir? Then I'll see what I can do... but still, he is very good, strong."

"How old is he?" I surprised myself with the question.

"Only 21 sir..." he answered with a sickening smile.

"OK, let him be for now but keep a look out for someone decent. Hope you'll find someone before my next trip here."

He nodded and then took out the files about fertilizers, the new irrigation system and costs...

"Mr. Rajaram, I don't think I'm up to it, maybe later," I said getting up and leading him to the door, "now, if you excuse me."

"Yes, sir, sure sir..." he smiled, parting those paan reddened lips, showing the dark, stained teeth.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

After dinner, locking up the front door, I entered the bedroom and after shutting the door I went to the closet and got my pajamas out. Throwing it on the bed I took off my shirt, watching myself in the large mirror fixed on the bathroom door... and as I bent to pull off my jeans I caught a slight movement outside the open bedroom window... Nearly tripping over myself I quickly pulled up my jeans once again and went over to the window and pulling away the fluttering curtains looked out... And there he stood, clear in the light of the bedroom window... not bothering to pull back into the darkness... smiling!

"Wha.. what... uh, what are you doing here?" I stammered.

His smile broadened and he came closer, right next to where I stood inside, still bare chested, "Checking out, Sir." he said.

"Checking? Or... or sneaking around... huh?" I blurted out.

He laughed! "Whatever you feel, Sir..." he said, his hands between his legs, fondling openly, "You have a very nice and smooth body," he commented.

I just couldn't fathom his audacity!

"Get out of here, this moment... Out, I don't want to see you on my garden again!"

And as I reached to shut the window I saw him grin... "I'll be back sir..."

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

Next morning I told the Manager that I'd fired Ramu and that he should arrange for a new guard immediately.

"Sir, this is a small village, this way you wont find another man who will be willing to work for you... but what happened sir?"

"Nothing, just get a decent guy."

"I'll see what I can do..." he mumbled as he went out of the room.

The day was uneventful and soon I had taken care of all the pending work and had given my instructions. The new staff was courteous and seemed decent and I didn't see Ramu the whole day.

The manager assured me that by the next morning, before I left, he would have a new guard for my approval. And with that they all left for the day, the manager back to his home and the staff to their quarters at the far end of the orchard.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

The sea was like a kaleidoscope, simmering as it reflected the myriad colors of the evening sky... The whole atmosphere hushed, as nature prepared to call it a day.

Getting up I walked down the steps and went towards the northern end of the groove... It had the old packing shed, now in disuse and dilapidated, after the new building had been constructed near the entrance

And as I walked around, under the large trees I heard a rustle and then saw someone emerge from behind the far wall of the shed. And as he approached me I noticed, with consternation, that it was Ramu, my ex-guard...

"So, you 'fire' me, eh?" he said, his eyes glinting in the last desperate lights of the setting sun.

"You are already fired and how dare you enter my property!" I said, my voice surprisingly stern.

"HAH!" he spat out as he moved closer, "Your property huh? But I plan to enter even deeper..." and he grinned again, an ugly grin.

"Wh... what... what do you... uh, mean?"

"Now, don't act so naive... you city bred lads act so uptight, when all you need is a good stretching..."

Honest to God, I really wasn't getting what he was saying, but it sounded evil and it was unnerving me mighty.

I took a few steps backwards and he moved in even closer...

"Don't you dare come closer, just get out or I'll..." but he didn't let me finish.

"Or else what, Sir? You've already fired me what else can you do, huh?

I didn't know what to say.

"But hey, I can do a lot... make you the bitch that you deserve to be. My bitch!"

By now I was up against the broken shed. I was cornered, pushed back against the wall...

And suddenly I felt him grab me... grab me down there, grab my crotch with his strong hand!

I gasped and looked at him, staring blankly...

He smiled back, squeezing lightly.

A shudder passed through me and with horror I felt myself grow hard!

"See, what you need is a man cock in you..." he said softly, barely a whisper.

I felt my face burn with shame... my legs shaking as my pelvis pushed down on his hand, attempting to rub against the warm grip!

He gave another squeeze and pressed his body against mine... And I just stood, limp, unable to move or even utter a word... but my breath coming in harsh, shallow gasps.

Slowly pulling away he released my crotch and in one swift move undid my jeans and pushed them down my thighs, before tugging at my briefs, pushing them past my hips...

I heard him laugh as my painfully erect cock sprang out, bobbing joyfully in the evening air.

I gasped and closed my eyes, my hands still limp by my side, making no attempt to resist or fight back.

He gripped my face, pressing his strong fingers, hurtfully, into my cheeks and as I opened my eyes and looked at him, into his eyes, I saw him grin...

"Today you become my bitch, my slut..."

And as I watched, almost mesmerized he took away his hands and slowly, almost in slow motion undid the single knot at the waist and let his lungi drop!

I gasped... scarcely believing my eyes... shutting them in horror and then almost immediately opening them to stare at him, between his legs...

My whole body shook... it was like a sworn off baseball bat... a huge truncheon - but alive and twitching... the large head a ruddy red... glistening in the dying light of the dusk...

He took both my hands and placed them on that rigid shaft... the unnatural heat singeing my palm... and as his hands withdrew, I held on... looking down between his legs and up at him, into his eyes.... again, and again... my fingers slowly curling around the throbbing girth.

And as I looked up at him once more I saw him smile, his eyes twinkling... "You city boys are all the same, what you need is a strong country cock to suck on and take in, come let me fill you up and fulfill your dream."

I let out a gurgle and felt his hands on my shoulders, turning me around... and as I reached for the wall of the broken down shed for support, he held my narrow waist and pulled me towards him, kicking my legs apart.

I wanted to cry... wanted to scream... but didn't know if it would be a cry of protest or a whimper of surrender... would I tell him to stop or ask him to hurry...

I felt his strong hands settle on my full cheeks, squeeze them, knead them... slap them as he spoke - dirty, ugly words... sick insinuations... making my ears burn, my mind reel... but my breath came in harsh spurts... my heart beating at a rate that under other circumstances would have led to a massive heart attack.

The strong fingers prying open the cheeks, parting them and I felt the cool air caress the untouched, unexposed crevice... soothing... liberating... and then his fingers were sliding, sliding into the flesh groove... touching, feeling... running along the whole length of the cleft...

I heard him spit... directly into my ass slit... the fingers rubbing it in... and more spit... the fingers now at the tiny, untouched opening... the thumbs massaging... loosening the tight orifice... pushing in...

I gasped and let out a groan as I felt a thick digit pop in and felt his burning cock settle in the parted cleft of my ass...

I heard the moan, the plea and shuddered as I recognized my own voice... It didn't matter that we were out in the open, the owner and the fired ex-employee... in the open for the world to see... for the other employees to spy on... The only thing that seemed to matter then, was the moment... and the heat... and that maddening itch that had suddenly grabbed my tiny pucker... making it quiver and pulse... pushing out... out... out...

I screamed as he butted... as the horrible pain tore at me.

He slapped my ass cheek with a stinging blow and hissed into my ears, "Shut up and take it like a man!"

I whimpered and felt him shove again, grunting with the effort...

Suddenly he paused... and I felt his hands slide between my thighs, at my groin... caressing them... massaging me there... and he pushed them further apart... spitting directly into the wrinkled mouth... and then sliding his hands back to my waist, he gripped me at my hips, the bulbous head lodged at the mouth of the virgin slit and with a surprising force pulled me into him... And as he pulled me he also shoved... with a protest of shooting pain the tight sphincter gaped open, letting the drooling invader in!

I could just howl as my shoulders slumped and my head dropped low, my knees buckling under the assault... But he held me, held me up and still guiding my hips he pulled out his cock and again nudged in... rocking his powerful hips... rotating them and as suddenly as the first time he slammed me once more and with a tearing pain I felt half his cock rip into me...

I retched, and as my stomach convulsed the tiny slit opened wide... aiding him to romp home!

I was taken!

I was now his bitch, his slut and he was going to fuck me... fuck me the way a man fucks his girl... the way he fucks a whore... Like a dog fucks his bitch.

Tears flooded my eyes... tears of pain and shame...

And then he began, began the act of mating, began to really fuck me... Swaying his manly hips in the ritualistic dance of copulation... pulling back and pushing in... rotating his hips, grinding the powerful pelvis into my smooth buttocks... and then pulling out to once again slam in!

Making me grunt, making me groan... making me spread my legs wider, push out my ass in amorous wantonness, making me to finally mouth the dreaded words... ask him to fuck... fuck me!

And he did fuck... long, powerful strokes... and I lost all count of the time... till I was reeling, my legs unable to hold me up any longer.... my ravaged bottom stinging with the searing pain, rubbed raw, burning... But my cock was erect, hard like I had never felt it before as it swayed between my spread thighs... swinging from right to left and up and down... the balls a tight knot at the throbbing base... It hovered just on the edge... just waiting for the slight nudge that would send it flying over the precipice...

And then I felt him heave in... a massive sudden slam, making me howl out loudly, unmindful of who would hear me... and as he ground in and held still, his legs shaking, his pelvis jerking... the monstrous phallus quivering within me... I felt the gush, a hot burning rush of liquid lava... entering deep into me, filling me up... coating my inside with its sticky flow.

He slumped over me, but just for a moment, and then getting up he wrenched out his still erect, still massive cock from my gripping, ravished colon. And as the bloated head with its flared rim stretched the tight mouth and pulled out I howled again in pain and collapsed onto the bare ground... exhausted and in severe pain and discomfort...

And as I blinked my eyes open and looked up I saw him snigger, down at me and throwing his lungi over the broad shoulder walk away, without even a backward glance.

I just lay, my mind numb, refusing to think... my ass on fire but my cock still raging and slowly my hands reached out, taking it in a tight grip as I began to masturbate... right there, out in the open, unashamed... unconcerned... just plain and simple HOT!

As the spasms died down and I got my senses back I slowly got up and pulling on my jeans limped back to the cottage. Thankfully there was no one around, I couldn't have faced anyone at that moment. I went in and straight to the bathroom, throwing off my dirty and stained clothing I stood under the shower... desperately trying to cool my body, my mind... wishing that the water could also wash away the grim that I felt inside me... After over a half hour, as the water turned cold and I felt the shiver begin, I turned off the shower and dried myself before walking back into the bedroom.

(b (b (b (b (b (b (b

Much later, around 9 pm, as I sat alone trying to concentrate on the open book before me, there was a knock on the bedroom door. It was the boy, dinner was ready, would I like it served?

I nodded and saw him smile and it felt that there was more in that simple smile than just courtesy...

I ate fitfully, barely able to sit still... and as he cleared the table he asked if I needed anything else... and then he said his goodnight and withdrew.

I closed and bolted all the doors and checked all the windows before retiring to the tiny bedroom... and as I was about to get into bed there was a soft knock on the front door.

Wondering who it could be at this late hour I opened it and gasped... Ramu stood there, still bare chested, the lungi wrapped around his middle... and as I stood aside he entered and closed the door before bolting it once again... He walked straight into the bedroom and I followed.

That night he gave me his cock - to suck... and fed me his cum... and then he fucked me on my bed, three times, inundating my belly with his seed, before we finally slept in the early hours of the new day.

The boy didn't commented as he watched Ramu walk out of my bedroom that morning when he came with the breakfast... neither did anyone comment when Ramu entered the cottage late that afternoon... before I was to leave... and later walked out with me as I staggered to my car...

I left that Sunday afternoon with an odd emotion wracking my mind... I was happy to go... yet sad to be leaving... I wasn't a man anymore, not the man that I had been earlier... and yet...

And my staff... the manager, the gardeners and that boy... they knew... they knew it all...

(|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|) (|)

Now he is back in my employment... No, not as a watchman, not as a gardener... not for any work on my orchard, but to service me as I lie whimpering under him on my bed, in my lovely little cottage in the mango groove. Every weekend... without fail. Yes, he gets his pay cheque regularly, and also gets a 'bonus' every month, in cash... and of course he also gets all the latest clothes... jewelry... and anything else that catches his fancy...

And yes, now I harvest my crop, every single fruit intact... and sell it in the market, to a local exporter... never facing any trouble from any local goon or strong-man again!

And when, after I've exhausted all excuses, Gauri and Neha accompany me for the weekends, he takes me to the neighboring fields... and hidden under the tall grass, lying naked on the bare earth, he fucks me... He fucks me till I can take it no longer and beg him to rip me apart... He fucks me till I can stand up no more... till my ass slit refuses to close again...

He fucks me...

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