My Vet

Chapter Three

It was still dark when I awoke. Confusion held sway as I blinked and looked around. Something heavy lay across my legs. Warm, slightly beery breath brushed across my cheek.

I was disoriented. I rarely slept anywhere but my place and I knew I wasn't there. The weight on my leg wasn't from a dog, neither was that deliciously hard cock pressed into my hip. Then I remembered. Dr. Keith Anderson. Dinner. His place. Keith. I rolled over and Keith adjusted to my movement in his sleep. His arms came around me and his hips twisted to push against mine. He was as hard as I was.

He murmured something in his sleep and rocked against me. God, what would it feel like to have that monstrous cock inside me? My hole twitched at the thought. My cock began oozing. Someday, maybe... but for now...

"Wake up sleepyhead."

I slipped down on the bed and slid my mouth around Keith's massive cock head. His groan this time told me he was no longer asleep.

"Baby... Ahhhhh, yesss," he hissed. Both hands pressed into my head and his hips moved in that ancient rhythm of need and lust. "Oh fuck, yyyessss!"

He came with a sharp cry and a surge of salty cum that filled my mouth. I swallowed, sucked and swallowed some more. Finally his dick slid limply out of my mouth.

I moved up along his body, my lips coming down on his. His arms held me close.

Then he pushed me away. "My turn," he whispered, grabbing my hand and drawing me out of the bed.


He pulled me into the small bathroom and quickly turned on the shower. When he had the water temperature to his satisfaction we both slipped under the warm spray. He pressed himself into my back, his half hard dick moving lovingly between the crack of my ass. One hand cupped my balls and the other gently caressed my swollen cock. He grabbed a handful of liquid soap and began lathering me up. The sensation was exquisite. He ran a soapy hand between the cheeks of my ass, lightly fingering my puckered hole.

I groaned.

Immediately he sank to his knees. I cried out when he parted the round mass of my ass cheeks and pressed his hot mouth to my hole.

I'd only been rimmed once before in my life and while it had been good, it was nothing like this. I flashed instantly to a state of arousal that left me gasping for air and moaning his name. His tongue worked into me, digging and probing sending wave after wave of raw lust singing along my nerve endings.

When he inserted two soapy fingers into my reaching hole I slammed into instant gut wrenching orgasm. I shouted and shot a powerhouse load of cum against the shower wall, again and again until I was weak kneed and drained. I sagged and only his strong arms around me held me upright. I leaned into him.

Gently he turned me around and kissed my shaking lips. He toweled me dry and led me back to the bed. I rolled into his arms and held him tight.

I wanted to tell him he was wonderful, that I was glad I met him. Instead I fell asleep with his arms around me and his lips on mine. Maybe the feeling was mutual.

The next time I awoke the bed beside me was empty. Sunlight dappled the far wall and I heard banging and humming from the kitchen.

Grabbing my clothes off the floor I pulled on my boxers and jeans, not bothering to do them all the way up as I padded barefoot in search of my doctor.

I found him tending a pot of delicious smelling coffee and a frying pan full of bacon. I came up behind him and buried my face against the bare skin between his shoulder and his neck. He wore only a pair of black boxers and I pressed my denim clad hips between his legs.

"Morning, handsome," I said. I spied what looked like an omelet bubbling gently in a second large frying pan on the stove. "You cook too? I think I'll marry you."

"Accepted." Keith turned in my arms and hugged me back. "Set the date. Ah, hold that thought."

Toast popped up and he grabbed it and spread butter on the dark surface. Then he slid the omelet onto a large platter, dumped the toast and bacon beside it and carried the lot to a scarred wooden table with two chairs in the corner of the kitchen. He gestured at the coffee pot and a pitcher of orange juice.

"Help yourself."

We dug in and I found I had a developed a hearty appetite which necessitated a full helping of omelet and bacon, several butter slathered pieces of toast and two brimming mugs of coffee.

"What time does the clinic open?" I started in on my third coffee but had slowed down considerably and only sipped this one.

"Nine," he said, glancing at the wall clock. It was eight fifteen on a Friday morning. "What about you? Work today?"

"Afternoon shift. Three to eleven," I said regretfully. "Then days the next three. I work all weekend."

"I'd like to see you again."

"Ditto." I reached across to take his hand. He squeezed.

"You open on weekends?"

"No. Nine to six three days a week. Surgery the other two after four o'clock. Today's surgery. I've got nothing on board, so I'm free at four. Early weekend."

"I could come by after work. I wouldn't get here till around midnight though, if that's too late..."

He walked his fingers up my hand, cupped my face and leaned over the table for a kiss. "For you I'll wait up."

I thought of something. "Or you could meet me. There's a bar in the hotel lobby. It's not a rowdy place, a jazz pianist comes in on weekends. It's quiet, we could talk..."

"I'd like that. What time?"

"Eleven? Then if you want we could go to my place. I have to get up early tomorrow, it would give us more time together."

"Shadow won't get jealous, will he?"

"He'll just have to get used to it. I plan on keeping you around a while."

"Mmmm, I hope so."

- # # -

When I walked into work that afternoon my boss, Jim Grogier took one look at my face and grinned.

"Wow," was all he said.

"What does that mean? Wow?"

"Who's the lucky guy?"

Jim's known I was gay since before he hired me. He's straight - married to a friendly lady named Carolyn, with three great kids - but my orientation never phased him. He said he'd known I could do the job and that's all he cared about. The hotel was his life and when he'd come on board business had been bad. Since then he'd made it into a growing concern. I'd learned a lot from him and hoped to learn a lot more.

I loved my job but tonight it was the furthest thing from my mind. All I could think of was a dreamy pair of blue eyes and magic lips and a dick to die for. But I could hardly tell Jim that.

I grinned. "My new vet."

"A doctor. You're moving up in the world."

I thought of Keith's shabby apartment and my grin widened. "Oh I hope so. If you stick around he's meeting me after work in the Blue Room."

"Sorry, no can do. Big plans this weekend. Family coming in from out of state." He grimaced good-naturedly. "Got to be presentable."

"Ugh, in-laws?"

"How'd you guess?"

We both laughed. Then we moved into his office to go over the day's events. There was a convention in town - plumbers - and the hotel was pretty booked up. I'd be kept busy until my shift was done.

That suited me just fine. Busy meant the time went fast and it would be that much sooner till I saw Keith again. I got hard just thinking about it.

Jim must have sensed something. He slapped me on the back. "You going to make it through the day?"

"I'll make it."

"This guy's really special, isn't he?"

"I think so. I think he may be the one."

"Lucky you."

Yeah, lucky me.

I got to work.

Chapter 4

The Blue Room was a small bar tucked into the corner of the hotel. In bygone days it had been a smokey retreat, with dark paneling, fake Tiffany lamps and padded bar stools. With the advent of no smoking laws it had lost the smokey part, but kept the rest of the ambiance.

I sometimes stopped in there after work for a glass of imported beer. It was a nice place to unwind after a frantic day of solving everybody else's problems.

The pianist had taken a break when I saw Keith enter the room. I waved him over to the table I'd procured in the furthest corner and watched him walk across the carpeted floor.

He moved like a man confident in who he was and where he stood in life. I liked that quiet confidence and the way his face lit up when he saw me. For all his talk about not wanting his clients to see his orientation he wasn't reticent about greeting me.

He kissed me square on the mouth and slid into the booth beside me. His hand immediately captured mine.

"Miss me?" he asked, raising my hand to his mouth and caressing the skin with his lips.

"You have no idea."

"Oh, I think I might." He grinned. "Mandy kept asking me what was wrong - I spent the whole day mooning around the office like some love struck kid."

"My boss is a little more perceptive I guess. He figured out right away I was in love."

Keith's eyes darkened. "Is that what it is? Love?"

"I don't know," I said in all honesty. "I've never been in love before. But it sure feels like something special is happening."

"What do you want to do about it?"

I grinned and lowered my voice. "Do? Why fuck you silly, then when I'm done that, suck you until you can't walk straight."

"Jesus, Todd," he hissed. I could see a pulse beat in his throat. His eyes were dark pools. "How do you expect me to walk out of here after you talk to me like that?"

"With me beside you. I don't care who knows or sees."

Suzy, the bar's waitress approached our table. She smiled at me. "Todd, what can I get you and your friend? Another beer for you?"

"Sure, Suze," I said, not bothering to pull away from Keith's grip. "What about you, Keith?"

"Whatever you're having is fine."

Suzy brought our beers along with a basket of nachos and salsa. Then she left us alone. Thank God for understanding friends.

"Do you really think it's love?" Keith asked once she was out of earshot.

I rubbed my thumb over the fleshy part of his palm. "I don't know. All I know is I've never felt like this with anyone. It's not just sex. That's great and I want you so much I ache at times, but I like just sitting and talking to you, too. I can see us together years from now, older, grayer. It's weird."

"I love it," he said, his voice husky. 'I've only been with a couple of guys in my life - and one of them was in junior high, so it hardly counts since neither of us had a clue." He gave a dry laugh. "The other guy was one of my technical advisors in college. And he was married and barely able to admit he was gay. I've never done the bar scene, never just picked up someone for a one night stand. Experienced is not my middle name."

"Me either. I'd rather pull up a couple of hot pictures off the Internet and give my hand a workout."

"Just a couple of old fashioned guys looking for love."

The look he gave me was tender and full of passion and love. I melted.

"I'm more than willing to hang around a see if it's the real thing," I said softly. "What about you?"

"Just try and get rid of me." He squeezed my hand. "Can we get out of here now?"

My place was slightly better looking than his, I'd spent a few dollars over the year I'd lived there picking out furniture I liked and adding some art work that appealed to me. Nothing expensive, but I liked them. Mostly outdoor paintings, Bateman prints, that kind of thing.

I'd also splurged on a king size water bed and I was more than eager to try it out.

The dogs greeted us at the door, alert and watchful. Shadow cocked his head at Keith's greeting and Sleuth studied the stranger, taking his cues from me. At my command they both went back to their crates and lay down. I led Keith into the living room and told him to make himself at home.

I grabbed a bottle of white wine I'd had stashed in the fridge for a special occasion and scooped up two glasses before heading back. Keith was crouched over my CD collection and as I watched pulled out a Miles Davis retrospective and studied the back flap.

"Put it on if you like."

He loaded the disk and came to sit beside me on the couch. His hips touched mine. I handed him a glass of wine, raised mine in the air.

"To us, where ever it leads."

"To us."

We drank. In the background Miles laid a track down.

"You know," he said, playing with the rim of his wine glass. "I always had this recurring fantasy. After I came out to my folks I dreamed of finding the man of my dreams and introducing him to them. They're always asking if I met someone. Telling me they want me to be happy." He looked up, smiling shyly. "What about you? You out to your folks?"

"Yeah, a few years now. Dad passed away a couple of years ago. Mom's cool with it, but I'm not sure about bringing a boyfriend home. She never asks." I tried to imagine showing up at my mother's with Keith in tow. Would she wish me well? "Do your parents really live in New Mexico?"

He nodded. "Bought the ten acres a few years ago as a vacation spot but they liked it so much they moved there last year. It's a friendly place, full of artistic types. Not a good place for the intolerant."

"I'd like to meet them sometime." I smiled, thinking of Jim's in-laws.

"Do you mind if I tell them about you?"

Did I? I shook my head. "Go ahead. How often do you see them?"

"Not often. Money's so tight, what with start up costs on the clinic... I talk to them every week though. But enough about family." Keith's fingers traveled up my thigh, a devilish look came over his handsome face. "Let's talk about what you do to me. You have an absolutely delicious cock. I love sucking you."

As though I wasn't hard enough, his words had the affect of sending a bracing jolt of raw desire surging through my nerve endings. When he feathered his fingers across my throbbing basket I groaned. Visions of his massive cock played through my head.

"Tell me more," I whispered.

"I want to suck you dry. I want to lick your asshole until you scream for me to fuck you. I --"

I leaned into him. "You want to fuck me?" I fumbled with the zipper on his jeans. "The first time I saw you I wondered what it would be like to have you inside me. Is that what you want?"

"I don't know..." Keith flushed. "I've never actually done it before." Suddenly he looked scared. "What if I hurt you? I couldn't stand it if I hurt you..."

"We're both virgins then," I said softly and the knowledge was a powerful aphrodisiac. I pulled that incredible cock out of his jeans and licked my lips at the sight. The massive head gleamed wetly as it leaked precum. I bent down to lick it clean.

"Oh, God, man. I love it when you do that."

I met his eyes and found his dark with desire. "I want you to fuck me, Keith. Please, baby, I need to feel you inside me."

"I don't know," he groaned, though I could tell the idea excited him.

"Please," I whispered. I wrapped my lips around his cock head and felt it jerk in my mouth. More precum oozed out. "Please, baby. For me."

"Anything for you. Let's go to bed." Eagerly I stood up and took his hand, leading him into my bedroom. The sounds of Miles Davis followed us with his song Mystery. Perfect music to make love to.

We shed our clothes, dropping them in untidy heaps on the colorful area rugs I had scattered over the hardwood floor. Then we fell across the bed and embraced. Our cocks strained together as he rained wet kisses over my face and chest. The bed undulated easily under us.

I found the lube and a pack of condoms and I was shaking as I watched him prepare himself. When he inserted one coated finger in my ass I moaned and ground myself against his hand. Two fingers elicited some pain but he was gentle and worked me easily, stretching my virgin muscles until he was able to insert a third finger. I cried out when he stroked my prostate.

When he replaced his fingers with the head of his cock I willed myself to relax. There was a brief shot of indescribable pain then he froze, holding himself still while my body adjusted to the invasion. My sphincter muscles relaxed and the pain subsided.

He layered my face with kisses. "Are you sure, Todd?"

"Don't stop," I said hoarsely. "Please, don't stop. I need you to take me. Oh baby..."

He began moving, slowly at first, his strokes even and measured as he eased his weighty cock into my tight channel. He murmured my name.

"Todd, baby. Fuck, you're so tight man. God, that feels incredible. I can't... oh fuck..."

When he was all the way in he stopped moving, resting his weight on his elbows as he rose above me. I ran my hands over the damp skin of his back, then slid down to his butt. I squeezed his ass, urging him on.

"Don't leave me hanging, baby. That's it," I said when he started moving again. "Oh, yeah. Just like that. Oohhhhh."

There was no pain now. On an indescribably pleasure that mounted and climbed with each powerful stroke. He filled me, stroking me from inside, touching me in places no one else ever had.

His tongue filled my mouth. I cried against his lips, tasting him, our tongues grappling and tangling as we pursued a pleasure that never seemed to crest, only rose higher and higher. His strokes increased in tempo and his breath grew ragged and hot against my mouth.

"Oh, baby, so tight, so hot. So fucking incredible. Ooohhhh, fuck, yes, yes, yes!"

He slammed into me, all control gone. Out of his mind with pleasure, his strokes became feverish, wild. He held my hips and chanted my name. The bed undulated wildly under us, and I clamped my legs around his waist, pumping with my ass as my own pleasure mounted. Then it broke and wave after wave of release slammed through me. My cock twitched and jerked as I came, pumping gallons of cum onto my chest and my face and hair.

He shouted my name and his cock pulsed inside me. If it was possible he grew bigger, harder. Hot cum shot out of him into my hole, filling me with his love juice, claiming me as no one else ever had. His orgasm went on and on draining himself into me. Pouring his life's blood into my eager hole.

His cock slipped out of me with an audible pop. He didn't move. Maybe he couldn't move. I held him. I wanted to stay like that forever. Finally he broke away, rolling over to lie beside me, his arms still locked around me. I could still feel his heart pounding behind the sweat soaked muscles of his chest.

I pressed my trembling mouth to his hot skin. "Oh, baby," I sighed.

"I'm not sure I believe that. Are we still alive or did we just die and go to heaven?"

"As long as we're together who cares?"

The rumble of his laughter vibrated through his rib cage. I grinned weakly.

"Promise you won't leave tomorrow," I said. "Promise you'll be here when I get off work."

"I'll be here. I'll always be here."

- # # -

As usual the dogs woke me up at dawn. I climbed out of bed, groaning at the interrupted sleep. I felt a slight tenderness in my ass that was a reminder of what had happened last night. I tingled at the memory. On the bed Keith rolled into the space I had just left then jolted awake as he realized he was alone.

"What?" He groped at the sheets then sat up groggily, the light blanket pooling in his lap. "What time is it?"

I squinted at the bedside clock. "Six-twenty. Sorry, I should have warned you. The dogs are used to being walked early in the morning."

Keith opened one eye wide enough to glare at Shadow and Sleuth looking disgustingly eager. "The only thing early birds get are worms. You guys like worms? Is that it? What are you, fucking robins?"

Shadow wagged his stub of a tail.

I slapped Keith's butt under the sheet. "Come on, join us. It's good for you. Fresh air. Exercise."

He groaned and buried his head under the pillow.

"Not a morning person, huh?"

"Morning people should be shot."

I sat on the edge of the bed and snaked a hand under the sheet over his lap. I inched up his thigh.

"I bet I could interest you in a morning activity." I leaned over and nuzzled his ear. I felt his cock stirring the sheet. "I bet I could get you real interested."

The groan this time was of an entirely different caliber. I slipped my lips over his face and felt the rasp of morning beard.

"Someone needs to shave."

He reached for me but I backed off. He tried to glare at me.

"Cock tease. You know what they say about guys like you?"

"Haven't a clue. You getting up?"

"I'm up."

"I mean are you getting out of bed?" I looked at him dubiously. "I'll meet you at the front door."

"You'll get yours, cock tease."

"Oh I certainly hope so."

We left the apartment five minutes later. The park was three blocks east, one of the reasons I had picked this place. It was a perfect dog walking area, lots of open space, light traffic and drinking fountains for when it got hot.

I handed Shadow's lead to Keith and kept Sleuth at heel. He was younger than Shadow and still needed reminders of how to walk in a civilized way. Once in the park we slipped the leads off and the two of them took off at a full gallop.

Watching a pair of Dobes run full tilt is a sight to behold. They run like miniature horses and not many dogs are faster. I kept an eye on them to clean up any messes they left behind but otherwise let them run. They needed to blow off a lot of energy and today was a good day - not too hot or humid.

"They really are something, aren't they?" Keith stood with his shoulder touching mine, watching Shadow chase Sleuth through a stand of trees.

"I notice you don't have any animals at home. Too busy?"

"I do work long hours. But no, I lost my last dog only a couple of months ago. Buddy - he was a greyhound from one of the rescue groups. Had him for nearly ten years. I was thinking of getting in touch with them again when I met you."

"So you really are a softy at heart."

"Hey, that's Dr. Doolittle to you."

I was running late by the time we took the dogs back, fed them and got coffee on. I grabbed a blueberry muffin and a coffee to go. Bussing Keith quickly on the lips I handed him my spare key.

"In case you need to leave and come back. I'm not sure what's in the cupboard for supper. There's a market just down the road that has some decent seafood if that appeals to you."

"Let me surprise you," he said. He cupped the back of my head and took the time to give me a heavy duty kiss.

I broke for air. "Jesus, Keith, I'll be hard all day after that."

He squeezed my crotch. "Keep it hot for me, okay?"

I escaped out the door before he could tempt me to stay.

The convention was still on but despite being busy most of the morning the day still crawled. Face it, I wanted to be home in bed, taking care of our problems - mine in particular, a nasty set of blue balls that wouldn't quit. You'd think with all the sex I'd had lately I'd be less needy. If anything I seemed to want Keith more. Would there ever come a time I didn't look at him and grow hard?

I so badly wanted this day to end.

What if Keith got tired of waiting? What if he changed his mind?

What if he wasn't there when I got home?

[More to come]

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