This is a rewrite of Nate, finally with the proper ending. Enjoy.

Nate by

He had to be the finest brotha I had ever seen in my life. As he walked (no, strolled) by me in the park that day I knew instantly that I had to have a piece of him. He was tall, about 6'4", and looked to be somewhere around 23 or 24 years old. In his Bulls' gear, his body was almost identical to Jordan's. Long, muscular brown legs with brick-like calves, and massive thighs. An ass so tight it looked like two granite boulders straining against the fabric of his loose shorts when he went for a dunk. His back flared from his shoulders and tapered down to the perfect 32-inch waist. His arms were long and twisted. When he lifted his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face you could see his a six pack, lats, and two slabs of pecs that should have been immortalized in stone. As I leaned against the fence near the court I watched him take out one brotha after the next without all the clownin one would come to expect from a playa with this much game. No...this brotha had skillz! I just wondered if they translated off the court as well.

After he destroyed the last fool to call next, he began to walk towards me. "Thank you, Jesus!" I muttered to myself. As he got closer I got my pose on and tried my damnedest to think of just the right words to tell this man about how I wanted to rub, lick, and suck every inch of his dark chocolate-colored body...without sounding too desperate, of course. At about three feet away, the look of determination from the court on his face melted into a smile that shone so bright it nearly blinded me. My knees began to wobble. And my heart pounded. "Hey, Baby! C'mon over here and give Daddy some suga!" I almost died. Just as I was about to open my mouth and say "Yesss! Yesss!" a small voice from behind me screamed "Daddy!" and I heard the sound of little scampering feet coming from behind. I looked on as he bent down and scooped the little "darling" into those massive arms and planted a big kiss on the little giggling, brown cherub's cheeks. I coulda died.

As they walked by, a giggling child under one arm, and ball under the other, he glanced at me and gave me the universal head sign followed by a "'sup" to which I managed to respond, despite my obvious state of moatedness. I gotta get my gaydar fixed.

He passed by close enough for me to feel the heat from the game radiating from his body and to smell his scent. The clean yet earthy scent of a man without smelling funky, or like funk covered with some cheap-ass cologne.

As I stood there, nostrils flaring, eyes closed, looking like a complete idiot I was snapped back into reality by the hard slam of a car door and the sound of screeching tires. I turned and looked and heard him yelling "Teri, this ain't right, girl! You can't keep me from seeing my baby!" at the car as it hauled ass down the street. He threw the ball at the back end of the car so hard it had to have made a dent, then it rolled down the street somewhere. He sat on the curb, put his head in his hands, and his shoulders slumped. He stayed that way for about five minutes, then got up and began to walk off.

Before I could stop myself, I heard "Hey, man! You aiight?" come flying out of my mouth. He looked up at me and said "Muthafucka, do I look aiight?" He must have noticed how I recoiled because before I could say "Well, fuck you too, you curb sittin, childless muthafucka...," he said "My bad, bruh. I didn't mean to step to you like that, but as you could probably tell, I'm going through some shit right now." He began to slowly walk off again, this time without the confident, kick-ass stroll I first saw, but a tired, loping gait. As he neared me, I began to walk beside him.

"Was that your family?" Was that a dumb-ass question?

"Yeah, man." His look confirmed that it was indeed a dumb-ass question.

"It's none of my business, man; but you know you can go to court to petition for custody or at least visitation rights. That shit ain't right."

"They ain't gon grant custody to me."

"Why not?" Oops! I could tell from the look on his face that that was one question too many.

"Nothin, man. Nothin."

There was silence for awhile. He walked, and I followed along trying not to be too obvious. I tried to play it off as if I just happened to be walking in the same direction as he. Despite my initial carnal desires, I could tell by the pain in his face that he needed some help. Bad.

"Look, bruh. I was just going to a bar down the street to get a beer. Looks like you could use one too."

"Yeah. A beer would be cool. My name's Nate, man." He stopped and extended his hand.

"Kevin." I looked down at those well-manicured, long-fingered, strong hands, and the lust re-entered me for a split second. His grip was strong. He looked at me with those big brown eyes and I almost lost my cool. He had long, curling eyelashes, a thick, brooding brow, and high cheekbones, broad nose, a squared-off jawline, and big, beautiful, kissable lips. If God made this man in his own image, God is one fine-ass muthafucka.

We continued to walk in silence until we entered the bar. After a few beers, Nate began to relax and became more talkative. I found he had just recently moved back to LA after attending school and starting his career as an architect back east. While in college, he met Teri, who he later married. They had a child, now six-year-old Sharonda, whom he adored. After moving back to LA, things started to go bad in their marriage. Divorce was pending, but they couldn't work through the child custody phase, as evidenced by the scene in the park.

I told Nate about myself. I am 26, and a freelance information systems designer. I design and install networks for companies locally and nationwide. I'm from Chicago, but decided after a few too many winters that I needed to live in a place where the weather couldn't kill you. The fine-ass brothas here did a little to persuade me, too.

After a few more beers, Nate and I began to shoot a little pool. He was loosening up and things were going well when I began to feel uncomfortable. I had began to notice a brotha sitting with his back to the bar, staring me down as if I had stolen somethin of his. He had been staring way too long. Apparently Nate hadn't noticed, so when I asked him if he knew the brotha, the look on Nate's face told me he did.

"'Sup, Keith?"

"Don't 'sup' me muthafucka. What the fuck is this shit?" Keith stood, wagging his crooked fingers in my direction. ME! Oh, hell naw! That muthafucka was not trying to throw shade this way.

"Naw, Keith. Don't even start trippin like that up in here. I had a bad day, and don't want to get into this shit right now."

"I know somethin else yo ass won't be gettin into, triflin muthafucka!"

Everybody in the bar (including me) stopped and looked, trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. Somebody laughed and said "Hey, Chuck. When did this place turn into a gay bar? You need to let a brotha know about that shit, man!" Everyone laughed.

Nate, visibly shaken, looked at me and said "Let's get the fuck outta here. NOW!" He quickly walked towards Keith and said "That shit you did was fucked up! You cost me my kid, muthafucka!" And with that, Nate clocked his ass. BAM! Keith went down in a heap.

"Y'all muthafuckas got to take that shit outta here" the bartender said. Nate looked at him, then at me, and quickly exited. I ran after him, stopping only momentarily to look at Keith as he lay in a heap on the floor and to say "Guess he told yo ass!"

I caught up with Nate outside the bar as he was walking around in circles muttering "why I got to be this way, why?"

"Nate, you okay, man?" Here I go again.

"No, I'm not okay. My whole fuckin life is falling apart over some shit I don't even have control of. I'm losin my baby; I'll probably never see her again. I lost my family just because...because..."

"Because of what, Nate?" I stood there looking at him, perplexed.

"Because I'm gay. Muthafucka, is that what you wanted to hear? I'm a fuckin faggot."

YESSSSS! There is a god. But right now I had to think of something other than myself. Shit!

"Nate, man, let's talk about this, I'm sure ..."

"I don't want to talk to you, or anyone else right now. Get the fuck away from me!" He spun around and began running down the street, back towards the park. "Nate! Nate! Hold up!" I began to run after him. No...I have no shame.

"Hold up! Nate! Stop, man! Stop!" I knew I couldn't keep up with him for much longer. Just what I'd say to him, I didn't know. But I had to try somethin.

Nate stopped at the courts. He began walking in circles again, muttering to himself.

I caught up to him, and I was completely out of breath.

"God! Please help me! HELP ME!" He threw his arms up, and fell to his knees on the ground.

"Nate?" I walked towards his kneeling body, not knowing what to say or do.

"It's going to be okay, man. C'mon." I walked towards him, thinking about the entire day. About how I watched him on the court, how much he loved his child, what he had been through, what he was going through now, and how much I wanted this man. As I got closer all that came to my mind was...

"What are you doing to yourself, man? Why are you doing this to yourself? So, you're gay. Big fuckin deal. That doesn't mean that you can't be a good father. That you can't be there for your child when she needs you. Hell, my fuckin father was straight as they come and all he did was whup my ass and criticize me. You are gay, muthafucka. But so are a lot of us. So deal with it. It's not the fuckin end of the world. You got a baby to raise, man. And you can't do that or anything else on your fuckin knees. So get the fuck up. NOW!" Was that my Momma's voice I heard coming out of me?

Well, I'll be damned. It worked. He got up, turned to me, and said...

"You don't know man..."

I looked him dead in the eyes. "Yes....I do."

I wrapped my arms around him as he sobbed. He sobbed in the park, on the street, and back to my apartment. expect me to just let this fine muthafucka go?

When we got back to my place (yeah, yeah, yeah...shut the fuck up) he seemed numb from he whole day. I let him in, threw on the latest Mary J., and we sat on my sofa.

"I'm tired," he said. Now, if he had been a weak muthafucka, I would have just talked to him and put his ass out. But, oh no.

"Just let go..." I said. This is where I'm going to lose what little respect y'all had for me.

I moved in closer to him. Placed my hands on his shoulders. The muscles in his neck tensed at first, but soon relaxed as I pressed my fingers against his warm, velvet-like skin. I turned him around so that his back was facing me and rubbed his shoulders.

He leaned back, let his shoulders drop, and let out an "Mmmmmm, that feels good."


I continued to rub and knead my way down his back. Where the muscles were tight, I kneaded and caressed them until they relaxed. His back was like none other I had felt before. The muscles of various sizes were striated and crisscrossed from the base of his neck to his strong, supple spine. His head rolled forward and I could feel the tension transfer from his back to my fingers.

"I can't be doin this," he said as he abruptly pushed my hands away. Uh oh!

"Doin what?"

"THIS. With you. This is how I ended up in this mess in the first place." He began to get up.

I moved in closer. "Just let me do this, okay. Let me show you that it's not as bad as you think. I've been waiting years for someone to come my way who isn't completely broken. Not a victim. Who knows what it is to love someone or something more than just himself. Someone educated, someone who has it goin on despite of what society has dealt him. It's you, man....It's you." was the truth!

"Why me? Why do I have to be this way? Why can't I be like any normal muthafucka? Huh? "

"Because you're not just some 'normal' muthafucka. You're special, man. I know it, and so do you. Despite all the shit that life has dealt you, you've managed to come out on top, my brotha. Cherish that."

I sat there, looking up into his eyes. The pain showed there. But also a kind of confusion, as if he was in a situation he didn't know how he'd gotten himself into, and didn't know if he wanted to get out of. He shook his head, sucked his teeth, looked up at the ceiling, and placed his hands on his hips.

"If you want to go, you can. But I'd like it if you'd stay and talk for awhile." I waited for what seemed like an eternity to see would his decision would be. He began to walk towards the door. Just as I thought the finest man I'd ever encountered was about to step, he stopped and looked out the window. "There's going to be a big fat check in the collection plate tomorrow" I said to myself as I looked up and smiled.

I grabbed the remote from the coffee table and clicked on the Joshua Redman CD. Enough of a vibe to help clear your head, with just a hint of seduction.

"What do you want to" I asked.

Standing at the window, he shook his head, "Naw, man. I don't want to talk anymore. Right now I don't know what I want to do." He turned and leaned against the window sill. The light from the moon was at his back; from where I sat he was just a shadow, a fine-ass dark silhouette against the moon.

I got up and walked towards him, slowly. As I got closer, he looked up and turned his face away from me, but not fast enough that I didn't notice the tears streaming down his face in the light of the moon.

I was close enough to touch his shoulder, and he began to cry. Hard. My closeness proved too much for him, so he jumped up and almost knocked me over trying to brush past me towards the door. Once again, I ran after him. Grabbing his hand I said "Nate, please, don't go." He turned towards me and I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him into me. He let go.

He cried like a baby. His head against my shoulder, tears and snot just drippin. But I just stood there, wet, and rode it out until he quieted down. That's when he did it.

I had been rubbing his back the whole time while his arms were limp at his sides. Then I detected the slight touch of his fingertips slip underneath my t-shirt and rest on the small of my back. His strong hands began to travel up my spine, slowly, and tentatively at first, then pulling me closer to him. Wow. Felt like I had butterflies in my dick!

One of his hands worked it's way down my back and grabbed my ass. Know what I did next? I exhaled.

This brotha was good. Those lips were working me like none other before. He kissed my brow, my eyes, my cheeks, my nose...everything but my mouth. Just when I thought he'd forget that part, his thick pink tongue worked its way between my lips and snaked it's way inside my mouth. It was hot,and thick, and expertly worked in time with mine, twistin and turnin, probing the inside of my mouth. I loved the scent of his breath, the natural taste of his mouth. It was so good I forgot to breathe and almost passed out.

He stood there, holding me in his arms grinding what seemed to be the biggest bulge I had ever felt into my abs. I took my hand and slid them under the leg of his baggy shorts and worked my way up to the bulge. As suspected, I felt the straps of his jock against his ass--damn! His ass was so hard the straps didn't even make an impression. I followed the strap up to the heavy pouch. His dick, all 13 thick, meaty inches of it was coiled there, straining against the cotton and elastic about to pop out. I helped it.

My hands went wild clawing at his shorts and jock trying to rip them off to get at that dick. "Calm down," I told myself. After regaining my composure I lifted his shirt up and rubbed my hands over his brick-hard abs. He pulled it over his head and I proceeded to do as I said--lick every inch of that dark chocolate body.

I licked, flicked, and gnawed at his thick, brown nipples. They felt like two brown pencil erasers underneath my tongue. I stayed there for a while, going back and forth, each time feeling his hard pecs flex underneath his smooth, tight skin. I raised his arms, and dove into those armpits, inhaling his scent into my nostrils and licking the hairs there until they were shiny, swirling curls. "Mmmmmm." He liked this shit.

I grabbed the top of his shorts and began to work my way with my tongue down his chest to his abs. I stopped at his navel and fucked it with my tongue, poking it in and out. As I traveled further south, off came the shorts. I left the jock on...that shit turns me on. I quickly relieved myself of my pants and t-shirt, shoes and socks, all without losing contact of my mouth against his skin. I was now kneeling before this man, bare-assed nekid.

As Nate grabbed the back of my head, I mouthed his dick and balls through the cotton of his jock. His scent was overpowering. His shit was uncut, and the head poked out from the right side of his jock and pressed against his thigh. I worked my tongue against his thigh, coming close enough to the head of his dick so that he could feel my breath on it, but never quite touching it. It pulsed, and began to leak a clear strand of precum against his thigh. I lapped it up like a cat, playing with the strand as it ran from my lips to the head of his dick.

Nate couldn't take it anymore, so he grabbed my head and ground the tip of his dick against my lips. I pressed the foreskin between my lips and sucked on it, pulling it taught over the head of his dick. I reached up with one hand, grabbed his dick at the base, and squeezed the skin up around the head of his cock until it bunched up and worked my tongue into the hole. I sucked so hard my cheeks collapsed, and I made the brotha moan from my tongue swirling around the head, stopping at "the spot" underneath where the skin attaches itself to the corona. He began to pump.

I pushed the skin back, exposing the head of his dick for the first time, and flicked the slit while I stroked his dick.

"Stop playin, man. Suck it!" he growled.

Don't have to tell me twice.

I inhaled the muthafucka, stretching my mouth as wide as I could around the six-inch circumference. I flattened my tongue, and slowly inched my way down the thick, black shaft. I wasn't gonna even try to take it all; it seemed like it would be a mile before my lips came anywhere near the short and curly patch of black bush in my sight at the other end of his dick. When the head hit the back of my throat I almost gagged, but I controlled the reflex and slowly worked it further down. That's when Nate proceeded to pump again. A nice slow groove punctuated by the slurp slurp as his dick worked its way in and out of my mouth, and an occasional moan from either one of us. This shit was so good, I was drooling down my chin onto my chest. The drool and the precum were frothing at the sides of my mouth. The motion made my nine inches (uncut, too), now sticking straight up from my thighs, bob up and down. I used one hand to stroke it, and the other hand to pull and twist Nate's hairy balls.

There we were, in the middle of my living room in the moonlight. Nate standing with my head in his hands, head thrown back, knees bent, ass flexin, pumping in and out of my hungry-ass mouth; me on my knees moanin and stroking like my life depended on it.

He began to go deeper, which I knew I couldn't take. I strained my head back against his hands and released his dick from my lips with a pop.

"Whaaaa?" he said as he looked down.

I slurped the mixture of cum and saliva from my lips, swallowed hard and said "let's go." I got up from my knees, grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

I pushed him down on his back and took off his Jordans and socks. Damn! This muthafucka even had pretty feet. Big, long thirteens. No hammer time. Even his baby toe looked good enough to eat. I did.

I went shrimpin fo days, causing the muthafucka to moan like crazy as my tongue slid in between his toes. When I slurped his big toe into my mouth I thought he was going to lose it. I worked that muthafucka like it was a dick.

"Damn, Baybee, Damn!" Nate said.

"I got somethin else fo yo ass if you think this is good."

I worked my tongue up the inside of those legs, stopping at the knees and licking the back of them. My dick, pressed hard against leg, was leaving a slimy trail of precum from his ankle to the inside of his thigh. I flipped him over onto his back, and spread his legs. Wide.

I grabbed his ass with both hands, spread his cheeks, and went downtown. Licking and flicking, in and out, I worked that little brown hole til it clamped around my tongue and just about severed it. Nate moaned, lifting his ass to meet my tongue every time it poked into his asshole. And just like I was working his ass, I was working mine with a couple of fingers, mirroring the motion.

I went from Nate's ass, to balls, to dick, and back again; each time slurping and sucking and sliming that muthafucka until there was a small puddle beneath Nate.

He couldn't take it any longer and flipped over. His dick was pressed against his abs, flexin.

"Gimme dat ass," he demanded.

"You want summadis?" I said as I slid my way up his body. Straddling his thighs, I reached for the night table, fumbled in the drawer for you-know-what as fast as I could. Magnums and some lube, a good ho's best friends.

I placed the open condom in my mouth, leaned down, and unrolled it over his dick. Yeah, I'm good. I proceeded to lube up my ass, making sure it was good and ready to take all of what lay before me. Crouching above Nate, I grabbed his dick and placed it at the entrance of my ass, bit my lip and felt my asshole strain to get the head in. I felt it pop in, took a couple handfuls of Nate's pecs, and lowered myself onto that sweet black dick. It felt like every internal organ I had was being pushed up into my throat.

I breathed hard, trying to relax. Looking into his eyes, I went further down. If my asshole could talk the muthafucka would have been screamin. I ain't gon lie--it hurt like hell!

Nate grabbed my hips and tried to grind into me.

"Whoa! Slow down, Baby...It ain't going nowhere. I ain't never had nothing this damn big up there before. You trying to kill me, man?" He laughed for the first time. I just about melted.

With sheer determination and a desire to fuck this brothas brains out, I proceeded. I was finally all the way down, and I began what I call the hoola-hoop. I was grinding and gyrating my ass so smooth, I had the brotha mumbling and prayin to Jesus.

"Goddamn, this shit is good!" Nate said.

"Stop all the chit chat and just fuck me, muthafucka!" was my response.

"It's like that, huh? How yo ass like this?" You know what that brotha did? It was all a blur. He flipped my ass over til my head was hanging off the bed, threw my legs around his waist, grabbed my ass, and proceeded to fuck me until I was speaking in tongues.

"Oh, muthafucka! This shit is yours, Nate! You sweet, black muthafucka, this shit is yours!"

My room ain't never been that funky; the aroma of sweat, ass, and dick was everywhere. With both of us sweatin our bodies slapping together made the sweetest sound I've ever known. He was tearin this ass up! Each time he pulled out he lifted me up off the bed, then slammed back into me pressing his full body weight against me. I was clutching the sheets to shreds, grabbing his back, his ass, his neck. He was pounding me so hard the mattress started to slide off the bed, the lamp from the night table fell off, and the headboard was pounding against the wall. My neighbors probably thought someone was being killed.

We went at it like this for what seemed to be an eternity. Everytime he moved into me I felt my insides quake, my heart beat faster, and my ass trying to suck more and more of that beautiful black dick inside of me. I clutched him, fearing that the next stroke might just be his last and he would leave me, body spasming, aching for some more of him. The lust I had for this man was causing an intense feeling in my groin and my chest that I'd never experienced before. Every nerve in my body was firing off, causing white flashes in my brain intense surges of energy throughout my body.

My dick was pressed tightly between our two bodies and the motion from his strokes caused the skin to slide back and forth over the head, causing it to twitch, jerk, and leak. It was itchin, and those abs of his were the perfect place to scratch against.

I began to, it was more like crying. This beautiful black man was giving me the fuck of a lifetime.

Suddenly, the sweat began to poor from Nate's body, his strokes got longer, and he ground into me more when he reached the bottom. His dick, which was incredibly big to begin with, started to swell and pulse even more. I knew what was cummin.

"Oh, shit! OH SHIT!" he said, he reached underneath me, clutched my ass, and slammed his dick so hard up my ass I had to scream. I felt the muthafucka erupt inside me like a fuckin volcano, filling the condom until it leaked out onto his thigh and down the crack of my ass. That was all I could take.

I wrapped my arms around that muthafucka and I shot like I never shot before. Blast after blast of my cum came shooting out of me. Cum was everywhere: the bed, his chest, my chin....everywhere. And I was flailing about and screeching at the top of my lungs.

When it was over I couldn't speak. It was like when you were a child and you cried so much your body would spasm. Uh, know!

He laid me back down, and eased himself out of me. Talk about feeling empty.

He lay there on top of me, and we stayed that way the entire night.

Told y'all I'd get him!

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