The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installments:

After four hours of telling his story, Bobby sat back and looked drained. The pained expression on his face was seen by the twins. Jimmy and Joey were crying and sat on each side of him. They hugged him and Bobby comforted them and they did for him. Jimmy then looked at Bobby and kissed him on the cheek. Joey just wrapped his arms around Bobby's torso and just held him.

"Now you understand why I do what I do." Bobby told the twins. "Now you understand that if someone didn't care for me, I might be dead right now."

The twins looked at each other and then at Bobby and nodded.

"Have you ever called Brian?" Jimmy asked him. "Do you still love him?"

"No I haven't called him." Bobby responded. "It's been too many years. And yes I do still love him so very much. No matter what he's a part of me."

The three clung to each other and cried. They needed each other for moral support. They all went to Bobby's room and slept in each others arms the rest of the night. They had no sex, just trust and love.


As the three arose the next morning, Bobby looked at the beauty of the twins. He eyed their forms as they went to the bathroom. The twins showered together and made sure that every part of them was clean. Bobby entered the bathroom in his room and began by relieving his bladder. He then climbed in the shower and lathered his body with soap. He felt his body and thought that he kept himself in great shape. He worked out three times a week, but had developed slight love handles.

As the three met in the kitchen in the nude, they smiled at each other. Joey made breakfast of waffles, juice, and coffee. As they ate, Bobby was amazed on how well it tasted.

"How long have you been cooking?" Bobby asked Joey.

"He's been doing this since we were little kids." Jimmy responded. "He can make anything."

"I have a friend at Johnson and Wales." Bobby said. "He can develop this talent. You would make a great chef."

"Where is this place?" Joey asked.

"There is a campus in Charleston." Bobby told him. "You would do very well."

"Don't you want us around?" Jimmy asked in disbelief.

"It's not that." Bobby responded. "I know with his talent he will write his own ticket. And it's not that far."

Joey sat in stunned silence. He knew the man that took he and his brother in wanted the best for him.

"So how do we do this?" the twin asked.

"I'll call Ben this afternoon and set up an interview." Bobby told Joey.

Joey came up and kissed the older man on the lips. Jimmy looked at them with a little jealousy. He felt left out. Bobby had seen the look and pulled the other twin to him.

"Jimmy, it seems like I'm breaking up the team." he began. "But I want you two to have a great life. I'm just trying to help."

He placed a kiss on his lips and held him close. They felt the warmth of each other's bodies. Bobby reached and pulled Joey to the hug. The three just stood in the kitchen holding on to each other and caressing their bodies.

"Bobby, I know you care." Jimmy told him. "I really know you're a great guy. You have been through a lot, but I want to be near Joey. We've been together since dad slipped his dick into mom."

"I know Jimmy and I know that you're too smart for your own good." Bobby said, a little irate. "But I know you can make it in college. I feel that if you put that smart mouth to school work, you would be a great lawyer."

Joey began to laugh so hard, he began to cry. Jimmy began to stare, but then smiled at Bobby. He ran to him and hugged the man hard. Bobby smiled at the twins and led them to the living room. They held each other and just kissed passionately. Their tongues sliding in and out of their oral orifices. Though their cocks became hard, the feeling of happiness that ran through their bodies made sure there would be no sex until that night.

"I have to go to the office for a couple of hours." Bobby said. "Since I have to be in Charlotte tomorrow, I just have to make sure the bills are ready for submission. I need for you two to straighten up the apartment while I'm gone."

The twins smiled at him and agreed to do this for Bobby.

"Bobby, you're a wonderful person." Joey said. "We would like to show our appreciation."

"You guys know you don't have to do that." Bobby told them. "I'm glad to help."

"We want to take you out for dinner." Jimmy said. "When is your birthday?"

"September 18th." Bobby told them.

"That's only a month away." Jimmy said. "How about a special dinner here? Joey will be glad to make it. Then a special present for you."

"Okay, dinner is fine." Bobby said. "But you don't have to buy me anything."

Bobby dressed and went out the door. Joey kept and eye out and Jimmy searched for an address book. He finally found it in the nightstand. Jimmy opened it and found the numbers for the Martins, his mother and siblings, John Martin, Justin Baker, Mark Wilson, and Jason Gibson. They also saw an entry for Brian Martin and a note to the side `I'm so sorry love'. The twins called the people about the birthday party. They all agreed, with enthusiasm, to come. They mentioned the hotel and called to get some rooms for them. Mikey Jones said he would call and get the room rates since the hotel personnel know him. The twins told them the date and time of the party. Mikey said he would keep his brother busy.

The final person called was Brian. The twins explained about the party and the shame he felt after leaving. Jimmy explained Bobby loved him, but was ashamed Brian would reject him. Brian began to cry on the phone. He told the twins he would be there and surprise Bobby.

Bobby came home and found the apartment spotless and the twins were in the computer room. They were chatting with some friends explaining where they were and the kindness of Bobby. They saw the man and smiled at him.

"You guys must remember." Bobby stated. "We leave for Charlotte early in the morning. So we need to get some sleep tonight."

The twins looked at him and smiled. They had planned for Jimmy to sleep with Bobby that night. Joey would make love the next night in Charlotte.

The three ate an early dinner, sat on the sofa cuddled up and watched "Grease" on video. They went to bed and Bobby noticed Joey going into their room alone. He felt Jimmy's hot body against his back, following into Bobby's room.

"I thought we would get some sleep." Bobby said.

"Well let's say I'm here to relax you." Jimmy told the man.

They climbed into bed and the kiss that Bobby gave Jimmy was long and passionate. He looked into the young man's eyes and kissed his forehead. He ran his fingers through the teen's soft blonde hair and caressed his face. James then did the same to him. He licked the neck of the man who was caring for him and his brother. He moved to the wonderfully hairy chest and began to peak the nips with his mouth. Jimmy bathed Bobby's body with his tongue. He worked his pits, stomach, legs, and feet. As the teen finished the feet, he worked his way up to the 10" dick of the man. Jimmy licked just the piss slit. All along he knew what he wanted. He needed to feel the suctioning power of the man's ass on his 9" rod, which was harder than steel. Bobby took some lube off his nightstand and applied it to his steaming hole for the imminent invasion. He then gave Jimmy a condom, who rolled it on slowly. As he got it on and placed his dick at the waiting hole, Bobby looked at him imploring for the dick. Jimmy slid his dick in causing both of them to moan loudly.

"Aaahhh shit!" Jimmy cried out. "This is so hot. This is one fucking hole."

He slid in more and he felt like his dick was being swallowed to its core. He thought that Bobby was exaggerating until he felt the warmth and power on his dick. Bobby manipulated his ass so that the suctioning of the muscles would have Jimmy to beg for more. Jimmy knew with this continuing he would unload his balls quickly, but to no avail. Bobby was in control and he knew that the teen would be releasing in short order. Jimmy felt the power of his load ready to spring forth, so he rammed deep in Bobby's manhole and threw his head back. The sound that came from his mouth sounded unearthly and he filled the condom to the breaking point.

Jimmy collapsed on Bobby's chest and felt his dick softening, but not for long. Bobby's ass began to work its magic and the teen was harder than before. Jimmy could not believe it until Bobby moved him on his back. Bobby grabbed a condom and lifted himself off. With the deft of a magician, he removed the spent condom and put it on the new one in seconds. He lowered himself again and set a slow, methodical pace. His muscles worked their way around the 9" teen cock until Bobby felt Jimmy was ready to unload. He then stopped and allowed Jimmy to ease back. As Jimmy relaxed a bit, Bobby went right back to working on his cock. He continued this for over an hour and a half. Jimmy was thrashing on the bed and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Please, I need to cum!" he begged. "Please let me."

Bobby worked his ass all over the cock and sat down on it. He felt the dick swell and shoot with great force that he felt like it would launch him into orbit. Jimmy sent loads of cum into the condom that it actually seeped out to his balls. Jimmy grabbed the first thing he could feel, Bobby's 10" dick. He squeezed it so hard, Bobby shot his load over Jimmy's head and hit the wall. Cum trailed down, leaving streaks along the way. The successive volleys covered Jimmy's upper area in thick gobs of white love juice. They then saw Joey at the door. Bobby smiled and waved him in the room. The other twin laid on the other side of Bobby and kissed him. The older man noted dried cum on Joey's chest knowing he was probably jacking off watching the action.

"Now you know what to expect." Bobby told him with a smile.

They spooned with Bobby's cuddling Joey's back, and Jimmy against Bobby. They fell asleep in total bliss, knowing the end of their strippers career is at an end.

NOTE: I want to thank for all the emails that I have received for this story. I appreciate the comments that people like the characters and want more. I have more in mind. The last part of the strippers career coming to an end just means one thing, new beginnings for the twins. I would like your comments either good or bad at I will respond to any emails that I receive.

SPECIAL NOTE: To Doc and Andrew, my special fans. I always love getting your emails all the time. Andrew, I want you to know that I keep you in my prayers, hoping the doctors are wrong in what you told me. I think that you are too valuable in the world to be getting what the doctors say you might have. I know you are strong and you are my guiding spirit in this.