The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installments: "You guys must remember." Bobby stated. "We leave for Charlotte early in the morning. So we need to get some sleep tonight."

They spooned with Bobby's cuddling Joey's back, and Jimmy against Bobby. They fell asleep in total bliss, knowing the end of their strippers career is at an end.


"Hey you guy." Bobby called from the bathroom. "Get up. We have to leave in 30 minutes."

Jimmy and Joey got up and quickly got ready. The three men got their bags together and loaded into Bobby's car. They pulled out at 6:00 am and headed for Charlotte, NC. Bobby was heading for a district manager's meeting and the twins were going to perform their last strip show.

"So you guys ready for this weekend?" Bobby asked. "I mean this is your last performance."

"I guess so." Jimmy said. "But it's been a wild ride."

"I know I am." Joey said, then looked at his brother. "I have had it with this business."

Jimmy looked at his brother in shock. He thought that Joey was having fun, but now the truth is told.

"How come you never said anything?" Jimmy asked.

"Because you have been there for me." Joey said to his brother. "You've been there to protect me. But now, with Bobby there for us, it's time to move on with our lives."

Jimmy hugged his brother in the backseat. Bobby saw this and tears fell from his eyes. He saw the love between the brothers and remembered his love for Brian. The twins saw the tears and smiled knowing what was to happen soon.

They arrived 90 minutes later at the Residence Inn on North Tryon Street. Bobby checked in and got a penthouse suite. They unpacked, with the twins in the upstairs bedroom and Bobby taking the downstairs. The twins wondered what to do while Bobby was in a meeting all day. Bobby gave them the keys to his car and his Visa card.

"Carowinds is about 10 minutes from here." he told them. "It's a theme park and you'll have fun. Please don't max out my card."

The twins laughed and said they would be back by 5:00 pm. They got directions and arrived at Carowinds. They proceeded through the gate and enjoyed the day. They got to ride Thunder Road, the dual roller coaster and found the shows fun to watch. They had several men and women looking at them. A couple of guys, who were only 18, met the boys at one of the eating places and they seemed to enjoy each others' company. The twins told them teens where they were staying and they were with a friend. The young men, Billy and Tom, got the phone number from the twins and they parted. Jimmy drove back and they laughed all the way back to the hotel.

Bobby, in the mean time, met up with Charles Barrows, the general manager of the Charlotte property. Charles was one of the few people that knew of Bobby's background. Charles was 62, but looking at him, one couldn't tell. He was 6'2" and 175#, which he kept trim with diet and exercise. He had gray hair and gray eyes. Bobby asked for the penthouse and Charles got it for him with no questions. They were friends and helped each other. The day was long and boring. The district manager talked about maintaining budgets, keeping revenues high, getting outstanding customer comment cards, and excellent "shop" scores. Bobby's property was ranked first and he just smiled. The meetings continued until lunch and then finished at 4:30 pm. They broke for dinner. Bobby went back to the room and the boys had just pulled up.

"So, how was your day?" he asked the twins.

"Great!" they exclaimed. "That was so awesome. We met a couple of guys who want to go to dinner."

"Sure, they can come." Bobby said. "I have a friend that will be joining us. As a matter of fact we're going to his house for a barbecue."

"Cool!" the twins said. "We'll get a shower and be ready in a few minutes."

The twins got their shower and were in the upstairs bedroom. They leaned over and saw Bobby sitting on the L-shaped sofa. He noticed them and gave them a quick smile."

"So how much money did you guys spend?" Bobby asked.

"Oh about $250." Jimmy told him.

"Well, there goes your tips on Friday." he said to the laughing.

They grabbed their towels and threw them at Bobby. He ducked and let the towels hit the couch. The twins ran down the stairs and rushed Bobby. They began to tickle him and he fought with them playfully. They continued for several minutes until they heard the phone ring. Bobby reached over and answered the phone.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Is Jimmy or Joey there?" the voice asked. "This is Tom."

"It's for you." Bobby said handing the phone to Jimmy.

"Oh hi Tom." Jimmy said. "That's Bobby. He's the guy we told you about. We're going to a barbecue. You're invited if you want to go. Okay, hang on. When are we going?"

"Chuck said we're going at 6:30 pm?" Bobby said.

Jimmy relayed the information and they agreed to meet at the hotel at 6:00 pm. Jimmy hung up the phone and began kissing Bobby.

"You do care for us." Jimmy told him. `You wouldn't want us to be with you if you didn't want us."

"You know you guys can do much better than stripping." Bobby told them. "And I want to see that potential to spring forth."

They heard a car horn sound outside and Bobby looked out. He saw Charles in his car and he called the boys. They saw a red Camero pull up and the other boys got out. Bobby and the twins came down and introductions were made all around. Charles and Joey seemed to hit it off quickly. Tom and Bobby became cozy. Jimmy and Billy seemed to fit together. They took all three vehicles and drove a few miles and arrived at Charles' house. They got out and went to the backyard patio. They sat around a large picnic table as Charles and Joey began barbecuing hamburgers and ribs. Joey showed his prowess as a chef by producing the most delicious ribs any of the group had ever tasted. The six ate and talked. The older men learned about the younger ones. Bobby told the others about Joey and Jimmy. They all agreed to see the twins swan song and would make a party of it on Friday. The six laughed and got to know each other better.

Tom and Billy were going to be freshmen at the University of South Carolina (from this point referred to as USC) and they were going to be roommates. Tom was 6'4" and 198 pounds of toned teen. He had red hair and green eyes. He was going to attend USC on a soccer grant. He loved the way Bobby carried himself. He also noticed how the man from Columbia cared for the twins. Billy was 6'10" and 245 pounds and very well built. He had bleached blond hair and brown eyes. He was going to USC on a basketball scholarship. They were both physical education majors who planned to become teachers when they graduated. Billy noticed the self-assuredness of Jimmy. Chuck and Joey seemed to be attuned to one another. As the six retired to the house, they learned that they became more aligned to one another. Charles offered his bedrooms to his guests and they decided to retire. Charles and Joey went to the master bedroom, while Bobby and Tom went to one of the smaller rooms, and Jimmy and Billy went to another room.

Bobby began to undress and was stopped as Tom began to kiss him. Bobby got a strange feeling what he knew this boy. The way the boy's lips tasted and moved made him remember the passion of Brian. He thought that it was just a coincidence and put it to the back of his mind.

"Tom, tell me where are you from?" he asked the young man.

"Well my mom and I lived in Southern California." Tom responded. "I never knew my dad."

"How come?" Bobby queried.

"My mom's a lesbian." Tom explained. "She and her partner wanted a baby. A friend of theirs donated his sperm and here I am."

"And you never looked for him?" Bobby asked. You never asked your mom about your father?"

"I did once." he responded. "All I know was he's gay and he lost his lover."

Bobby wondered if this was his love's son. He began to think that his Brian, his soul, was there in front of him. He looked in the eyes of Tom and tried to see Brian. Was he in there or was it his imagination?

Bobby kissed the man before him again and melted into the passion. They both undressed and Bobby saw the dusting of red hair on Tom's hard chest and abs. They fell on the bed and explored each others' bodies. Bobby sucked and licked all over Tom's face, neck, and torso. He bathed the younger man's pits to take the sweat from his body. As Bobby worked he way down, he tasted the hard 10" of uncut cock. He licked and nibbled the bulbous glan of the red engorged member. Tom moaned loudly and writhed on the bed. Bobby swallowed the thick member of Tom. The 18 year old knew that this man was an expert on oral manipulation. Bobby then twisted around so his own thick 10" was hovering over Tom's mouth.

"Umm, I should tell you I've never done this before." Tom said with a nervous tone.

Bobby pulled off and looked at him. He couldn't believer what he was hearing - a virgin!

"You've never had sex at all?" Bobby asked with a puzzled tone.

"Only jerking off." Tom said. "Billy and I talked about it, but I was nervous, you know. I was afraid that someone would hurt me. I knew when I met you that you wouldn't. I don't know how I knew, but I could feel it."

"Hang on for a second." Bobby told him.

Bobby went to Charles's room, knocked lightly, and opened the door. What he saw was Joey and Charles laying in bed in their underwear kissing. Bobby smiled and cleared his throat.

"Pardon me." Bobby said apologetically. "Do you have any lube?"

Charles motioned to the bathroom, which Bobby entered. He got a bottle of lube and several condoms. He went back to the room that held Tom and he climbed back into bed with the sweet teen.

"Are you sure about this?" Bobby asked the young man. "We don't have to do it if you have second thoughts."

"I'm sure about this." Tom responded. "Just go slowly."

Bobby turned him on his stomach and placed a pillow under him. Bobby spread the cheeks of the tight bubble butt and saw the virginal pink hole surrounded by red hairs. The older man dove in as if he were a starving man at a buffet. He smelled the musky aroma of the red hair. The talented tongue roamed around the hole, which caused Tom to open and close the pucker. He had never felt anything like it before and it caused electricity to run through his body. As his hole opened, Bobby shoved his tongue deep into him. This resulted in Tom to jerk at the feeling and instinctively closed his hole tight. As he got used to the feeling, he relaxed his muscles and Bobby began to tongue fuck him intensely. Tom began to push back on the object in him.

Bobby removed his tongue after a while, savoring the taste of the younger man. He applied some lube on his fingers and inserted his index finger to the second knuckle. Tom yelped in pain and again tightened his muscles. Bobby wiggled his finger which caused Tom to relax. Bobby moved his finger in and out of the hole and Tom began to purr like a kitten with contentment. Bobby inserted a second finger and moved them around the hole. A third finger came into play which caused pain and pleasure in Tom. Bobby brushed the prostrate a few times and Tom began to dance on the bed.

"Fuck me!" he cried. "Fuck me please."

As Bobby pulled his fingers out, he placed a condom onto his 10" tube and slathered lube on it. He spread the cheeks again and positioned the head at the hole.

"This will hurt some." he told Tom. "Tell me to stop when you want me to stop."

Tom's only reaction was to bury his face n a pillow and to push back. The head of Bobby's dick popped in hard to the deflowered hole of Tom. The red head yelled into the pillow and his entire body tensed. Bobby knew he was not going to go further for a while and stopped as he let Tom adjust to his dick.

"Do you want me to pull out?" Bobby asked with deep concern in his voice.

Tom only shook his head negatively. Bobby allowed Tom to acclimate the object in his ass. After several minutes, Tom's ass began to relax and Bobby inched forward slowly. He knew the younger man had to take his cock at his own pace. After almost 20 minutes of inching and stopping, Bobby's dick was completely impaled into the red head. Tom could feel the hairs from Bobby's groin against his ass. The older man began to slowly move in and out of the devirginal hole. Tom's existence began to feel pleasure like he never felt and worked into a rhythm with Bobby. As he moved his ass, Bobby felt a familiar ness with this person. The way Tom moved and sounded was all too memorable. The only time he felt this way was when he was with Brian. He began to fuck Tom with an intensity like he had not for a long time. His balls drew to his body and he knew that he was going to release a load of drastic proportions. The sweat the poured off his body showered onto Tom. He pushed deep into the man and released an intense amount of cum which swelled the condom. Bobby finally collapsed in exhaustion and he remained in Tom until he was totally soft and his dick plopped out. They examined the condom which was almost half full of his white love liquid.

"That was amazing." Tom said as he cuddled up to Bobby. "You're one hot man."

"Thanks, you sweet thing." Bobby replied. "How does that ass feel?"

Tom felt back to his opened hole and felt the tenderness. He kissed the lips of the man who opened his life to his being. He noticed a strange look in Bobby's eyes.

"What's the matter?" Tom asked. "Did I do anything wrong?"

"No, I was just thinking." Bobby said. "You're amazing and if my heart didn't belong to another, I would love have you as my love."

Tom looked at him contemplating the statement. Bobby saw this and began to explain his life. He described his love for Brian and his life in San Francisco. He explained to Tom why he couldn't really love anyone but Brian. The only thing he could not tell the young man was how much he reminded Bobby of Brian. Though he did not look like Brian, his entire body language was similar.

"Tell me something Tom." Bobby said. "Have you ever fucked anyone?"

Tom shook his head no. Bobby explained that there was no time like the present. He lifted his legs and explained to Tom what to do. Tom was very hesitant on rimming, but he began licking the hole gently. He tasted the hairy, musky scent of man pussy. He delved into the hole and felt it open to him. Tom's tongue completely drenched the man's cunt and was ready for a hard dick. As the young man applied lube to his fingers, he eased two into Bobby, who manipulated his muscles on the digits. Tom rolled them around the pucker and pushed in a third. He realized that Bobby lived a dick in his ass. Tom put a rubber on his dick and lubed it well. He placed the head at the hole and pushed in as Bobby instructed. 6" went in deep and Tom's being felt like he was looking down on the two. He felt Bobby wrap his legs around the young man's waist pulling him in further. Tom began to fuck Bobby with reckless abandon. The young man felt that would explode soon if he continued ramming his dick in the hole. He perspired profusely, which dropped on Bobby like a gentle rain. Bobby worked magic with his ass muscles. He knew Tom would not continue any further. He pulled Tom deep with his legs and clamped on the hot 10". The young man was pushed beyond the point of no return. He threw his head back and bellowed.


His balls pushed the life juice out of his body and into the condom. This continued for over a minute. Tom felt totally drained and collapsed on Bobby's chest, who kissed the top of his head. Tom's dick finally softened and his dick slipped out of the hot ass.

Bobby held the teen against his body as they both fell asleep. Bobby began to see Brian coming to him in his dream. Brian was still the 14-year old as Bobby remembered. Brian came up to him and hugged him, forgiving him. Bobby felt the love from the teen in the dream and wished his life was different. Bobby then felt Brian vanish from his arms. Bobby began to cry out for Brian. He called and ran looking for his love. This continued until he heard what sounded like Brian.

"Bobby. Bobby." the voice continued over and over. Bobby jolted up and Tom was calling his name. As he adjusted to where he was, Bobby saw everyone in the room. A cold sweat was pouring off his body. He felt embarrassed that he caused everyone to come to see what was happening.

"I'm sorry guys." he said. "I guess it was a dream."

He rose and put on his pants. He went out to the patio to take in the night air. As he looked out, tears fell from his eyes as a waterfall. How he missed the boy who made him whole. He wished that he could have that time again. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Tom, who held him against his chest. Bobby felt the hard chest and heard the heart beating. How could this boy have the same effect on him as Brian?

"Bobby, come back in." Tom said. "Let's just go to bed. You need some sleep."

Bobby smiled weakly at the teen. He carried himself as a caring adult. Who ever would have this man in his life would have a loving person, Bobby thought. They went back in and laid down. They fell asleep in each others' arms until morning.

Bobby was the first to rise and looked at the person next to him. He saw the glow of red fire that surrounded the sleeping face. Tom looked as if an angel or even an archangel was in bed with him. Bobby leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. Tom then woke and gazed in the eyes of the man who was caring of his feelings.

"Morning stud." Bobby said. "How are you doing today?"

"I'm great." he replied. "How long will you be in Charlotte?"

"We head back on Sunday." Bobby told him. "You have to come over when you come to Columbia."

"I will." Tom said. "I would like to get to know you better."

They rose and showered. As they dressed, Bobby could not help but notice how wonderful the teen was. All six men met and had breakfast. Charles and Bobby had to head back to the hotel. The four younger men agreed to meet for lunch and just see Charlotte. The two managers made it back for their meeting. The meeting went uneventful until the end. The district manager announced that Charles would be the new manager for the property they were building in Charleston. Bobby looked and smiled at his friend. As the meeting ended, Bobby offered to help Charles.

The rest of the week went as the first day. After the meetings, the six would meet for dinner then relax at Charles' home. Bobby noticed Joey and Charles spent all their time together. They seemed to enjoy each others' company. Billy and Jimmy had fun together. Tom seemed to spend his time with Bobby.

As Friday came around, Joey asked Bobby if they could talk. Bobby said sure and they sat on the sofa. Jimmy went to the hotel pool with Tom and Billy.

"So, what's up Joey?" Bobby asked.

"I need your help." Joey started. "I think I'm in love with Charles. He's sweet and kind and tender. We made love for the first time. I now know what you feel for Brian. He wants me to move in with him. But I don't know how Jimmy will take it."

"You want me to talk with your brother, right?" Bobby said.

Joey nodded with apprehension on his face. Bobby hugged him and agreed to talk with Jimmy. The three young men came in a few minutes later. Bobby had called Charles and asked him to come to the room. As Charles came to the room, Joey went to him and held his hand. Jimmy noticed this.

"Jimmy, I see you noticed Joey." Bobby said. "He's in love and he wants your blessing. Charles and he want to be a couple. But he loves you and doesn't want to hurt you."

Jimmy rose and crossed the room. He stood in front of his brother and Charles and stared in their eyes. For a minute no one knew what he was thinking or going to do. He then hugged his brother and then Charles.

"Welcome to the family." Jimmy said with a smile. He then hugged Bobby and thanked him for his love and concern.

"Well brother, let's get ready." Joey said. "Time to show these new friends what we've been doing."

They all went to let Tom and Billy to get ready. They drove to the Manhole and the four watched the twins move their bodies. The men at the club tipped the boys freely. The twins ground their pelvic regions in the faces of the four they came with.

As the show ended, they all left for Charles' abode. The two older men sat on the porch. They discussed how Charles would move. He had called a real estate agent on Wednesday and they would sell his home. Charles just wanted to find a place in Charleston. Bobby said to take Monday off and come with them. He could check places out and spend the night. Charles agreed and they went to their rooms after hugging. Saturday the sextet went to Carowinds for the day. They all rode Thunder Road and just enjoyed their day together. It seemed the two older guys had an abundance of energy. They left for the hotel, then for the last time the stripping twins would do it. They did promise a surprise. As they danced, their G-strings went lower. They then grabbed Billy and Tom who stripped down to the G-strings provided by the twins. Then the twins pulled Bobby on the stage, who tried to get off quickly, but the twins prevented his escape. They began to undress the built man, showing off his hairy, developed chest. They began to undo his pants, but no one realized that he was not wearing any underwear. As the pants came down, his thick dick popped out. The twins and the other young men smiled and dropped their G-strings. This caused two reactions very quickly. The patrons tipped the quintet on the stage very generously, Bobby getting the most. The club owner ordered them out of his club. They all left, the boys still nude minus their G-strings, and went to the house.

Bobby and Tom went and made love one last time. As they laid in the after glow, Bobby suggested that Tom and Billy live with he and Jimmy. Jimmy decided to attend USC and major in pre-law. Tom said he would like to be with someone who cares.

Sunday rolled in and the twins and Bobby headed for Columbia. Charles got directions and said he would be there in the afternoon. The trio said their good-byes to Billy and Tom, but would see them in a week, since school starts in two weeks. By noon they arrived home and unpacked. Bobby did laundry, then called the hotel to say he was back, to see if there were any problems he needed to address, and hold the "honeymoon studio" for Charles. Charles arrived around 3:00 pm and Bobby got him settled into the room. Joey stayed behind, while Bobby and Jimmy went to the apartment.

"Jimmy, are you sure you're okay with this?" Bobby asked. "I know it's been you two for so long."

"I'm glad Joey found someone like Charles." Jimmy said. "We never knew that there were people that cared. But we met you and Charles and now we're looking to a great future. I know Charles will take care of my brother. Besides, I think I'm in love with Billy."

Jimmy explained that they had so much in common. They wanted to explore a relationship when Billy moved down to Columbia.

As the days passed, things went quickly. Charles found a nice oceanfront condo. Joey began classes and moved in with Charles. Tom and Billy moved in with Bobby and the young men began classes. Bobby was asked to teach a class in hotel management at USC. Billy and Jimmy began to develop a loving relationship, which Bobby saw and smiled that the two loved each other. Tom and Bobby did have a caring relationship, but each knew that there was a spirit that prevented full love - Brian. Tom hoped that he would find someone with that much feeling and Bobby wanted it for the man.

September rolled in and the twins planned Bobby's birthday down to the last detail. Billy and Tom helped out. Bobby even invited Tom's mothers and Billy's parents to the "dinner". On September 17th, which was a Friday, Bobby's family came in and stayed at the hotel. He saw his brother Mikey and his sister Susan. Susan brought her family with her and they had a great time just catching up. Bobby told them he was glad to see them. Mikey told Bobby he had something to tell him later. On September 18th, all went according to plan and Mikey kept Bobby busy.

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