The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installments: September rolled in and the twins planned Bobby's birthday down to the last detail. Billy and Tom helped out. Bobby even invited Tom's mothers and Billy's parents to the "dinner". On September 17th, which was a Friday, Bobby's family came in and stayed at the hotel. He saw his brother Mikey and his sister Susan. Susan brought her family with her and they had a great time just catching up. Bobby told them he was glad to see them. Mikey told Bobby he had something to tell him later. On September 18th, all went according to plan and Mikey kept Bobby busy.


Mikey took Bobby to Columbiana Center to do some shopping. They had visited various stores and finally went to Suncoast Videos.

"Well Bobby." Mikey said to his older brother. "Pick anything out you want. It's my present to you."

Bobby just smiled and selected several musicals that he had been meaning to get. As they went to pay for them, Bobby noticed a sadness in his little brother's eyes.

"Let's grab some lunch and eat it in my office." Bobby suggested. They stopped by a Sonic drive-thru and went back to the hotel. As they sat down in Bobby's office, Mikey shut the door.

"So, what's the matter Mikey?" Bobby asked him.

"What do you mean?" his brother replied.

"Well I've seen happier faces on a corpse." the older Jones said. "And where's Judy?"

Mikey looked at his food and tears welled in his eyes. He didn't want to spoil his brother's birthday, but he was the only on who would be able to help him through his dilemma.

"We--We're getting a divorce." Mikey said. "She found out I was having an affair for the last 10 years."

"Okay little brother." Bobby said. "Who is she?"

Mikey began to look down and tried to tell his brother the lie he had been living. He knew that the man before him would understand what he had been through.

"John." Mikey told him. "John Martin."

Bobby's eyes widened at his brother. What he was hearing was unbelievable and his mind was trying to assimilate the information. He thought his brother was straight, but also knew that he supported Bobby's lifestyle. Bobby's mind began to think: `What about the boys? How long have they been screwing around? Whey didn't he tell Bobby sooner?'

"Well little brother, all I can say this." Bobby looking at his brother. "I still love you no matter. How is Judy handling this? How about the boys?

"Judy was upset at first." Mikey began. "But we agreed to keep it civil. She's been great. I do love her, but she knows that it would be mute. Justin and Dale are okay. They said if Uncle Bobby can be gay, so can their dad."

"So, how did it start?" Bobby asked.

"Well, we went to San Diego to visit some friends." the younger Jones began. "I ran into John at a mall and planned to get together for drinks. Judy and the boys went to Sea World, so John and I went to his place. We began to reminisce about our earlier days. John had told me he was gay a few years before and we still remained friends. I didn't think I was gay, but when I was around John, I felt love for him. One thing led to another and we were suddenly kissing, taking off our clothes, and I was giving my first blow job. At this point, I knew I needed John in my life, so I put in for the transfer to San Diego. We kept seeing each other. One day, a couple of months ago, we were making love in the bedroom. I thought Judy and the boys were shopping. She found us and she began to freak. She couldn't believe her husband loved a dick in his ass. We then decided to divorce. We agreed on joint custody and we would never use the kids as pawns. I do love Judy, but I need John."

Bobby looked at his brother in a new light and just smiled. He could feel the pain Mikey was going through and he would support him. He did love his sister-in-law as she accepted his lifestyle. He decided to call Judy later in the week just to talk.

"Let's head back to the apartment." Bobby said.

As they rose to leave, the brothers hugged each other because their love could not be broken. As they got in the car, Bobby turned to his brother.

"All I want to tell you." he began. "If you need any help, just call."

They drove across the street to celebrate Bobby's birthday.

At the apartment, the twins got everything ready for the big surprise. Joey worked all day, making a large roast, potatoes, vegetables, rolls, a cake, and pies. As the guests arrived, they were surprised that Bobby was not there. Justin Baker arrived with Jack. Jimmy had introduced himself to the officers and explained what Bobby had done for them. All Justin could say was that's my boy. Justin had aged, but he was still in excellent shape. Jack had developed a gut, but still looked good also. The Martins arrived soon after and saw the black detective. They gave him a huge hug. John arrived soon after and began talking with his parents, the officers, the twins, and Charles. John was very hot. He was standing at 6'3" and weighed pounds. It was no wonder Mikey loved this man. As they went into the kitchen, Brian arrived at the apartment. Brian was still his wonderful self. He was 5'11" and weighed 185 pounds. He kept himself in great shape and had just a hint of gray in his hair. Jimmy rushed him to the bedroom.

"We want you to stay here." Jimmy explained. "You're the big surprise."

Brian, totally surprised, looked at the teen.

"Who are you?" the older man inquired.

"Oh sorry." Jimmy realized his forgetfulness. "I'm Jimmy. I'm the one who called you. Bobby should be home very soon."

"Are you sure he wants to see me?" Brian asked doubtfully.

"Sure I am." Jimmy jumped in. "You are all he thinks of all the time."

Jimmy left the room as Bobby and Mikey walked in the door. The older Jones boy saw the gathering and his eyes began to water. He saw his favorite cop and gave him a big hug.

"Getting a little pudgy aren't you Justin?" Bobby quipped.

He then hugged Jack and joked on how he was losing hair in all the wrong places. He then saw the Martins talking with his mother and sister. He had not seen them in a long time and they cried as they held each other. He then saw John and hugged the man who stole his brother's heart. Tom appeared with his mother and her life partner.

"Bobby, this is my mother, Barbara." Tom introduced the two. "And this is my other mom June."

"I'm pleased to meet you both." Bobby said shaking their hands.

"Bobby, please call me Babs." she said to him. "Everyone does. And thank you for inviting us to your birthday."

Just then there was knock on the door. As Bobby opened it, he say two people he had not seen in years, Mark Wilson and Jason Gibson. He grabbed them and gave them a huge hug. He began to introduce them around to those who had not met them.

"How have you guys been doing?" he asked with youthful glee. "What are you doing here?"

"We got this call saying we're to come to see an old man get older." Mark said with a huge smile. "And I guess you don't age well."

"Fuck you." Bobby said to him.

As they went to the dining room Bobby whispered to Justin.

"You still got that big dick?" he said. "And is this hot guy still loving it?"

Mark leaned in and whispered, "Yeah but it's now 13."

Bobby looked at them astonished. He was glad to see the people he loved the most. He just thought about Brian and became a little sad.

Jimmy began his announcement to all for the big surprise. He had seen the look on Bobby's face and knew what it meant.

"Bobby, you said we didn't have to get you anything." he began. "But your love and support has made our lived better. So we did get you something that we know you will love."

The twins then went to the bedroom and got Brian. They led him to the dining room.

"Close your eyes." Jimmy called out.

"Yeah and no peeking." Joey chimed in.

Bobby closed his eyes, going with the game. Everyone of both families smiled as Brian was placed right in front of Bobby.

"Okay, open your eyes." the twins said in unison.

As he opened them, he saw his true love. He could not believe it and began sobbing uncontrollably. He was racked with guilt, but his love was there. He grabbed Brian and hugged him as if he was never going to let him go. He want this day to last forever. Bobby then began kissing him with a passion that most wished they had. Brian responded in kind. His embrace was the assurance Bobby needed. He felt the love from Bobby flow through him and he wanted this never to end. As their tongues danced in each other's mouths, they were drawn back to when they were 14 again. The unbridled passion was still there as was their love. The moment was finally broken by an unlikely remark.

"Get a room you guys." a young voice announced.

It was Bobby's 12 year old nephew Chris. Everyone began to laugh and finally sat down. The one person that was truly surprised at seeing Brian, other than Bobby, was Barbara.

"Brian?" she said in bewilderment. "What are you doing here?"

Brian saw Barbara and hugged her. They had been friends in college and started the first Gay/Lesbian Student Alliance. They had remained friends and Brian became the sperm donor when Barbara and June wanted a child. Though he knew they had a son, he knew they wanted to raise him and confuse the boy.

"Well here's a new surprise." Bobby said. "I want you to meet your son."

He pulled Tom out and showed his love the son he never knew. Brian looked at Barbara, who nodded with a slight smile. Brian choked back tears and hugged his son. The father and son held tight and the bond flowed.

"Dad, I want you to know." Tom said. "I love you. You wanted life for me and you are special. I know you love Bobby and now I have two dads as well as two moms."

Joey looked at his brother and smiled. The twins knew that they had created a special night.

"Okay everyone." the blossoming chef said. "Dinner is served."

Everyone gathered at the table and sat. Bobby rose and gave a blessing to those gathered. They began eating and laughing. They enjoyed the company and finally the birthday cake was brought out. As they sang "Happy Birthday" to the man who had been through a lot in life, tears filled their eyes. He finally had the man back in his life that meant more to him than life itself. As the evening wore on they reminisced of their youth and how life changed. By midnight, they began to leave to the hotel. The twins, Ben, Tom, and Charles left the apartment, leaving Bobby and Brian alone for the first time in over 20 years. The two men sat holding each other in silence. The awkwardness of getting together seemed to finally vanished. Brian turned to Bobby.

"Why didn't you ever call me?" he asked.

Bobby looked at him, not know what to say. He loved this man and needed to tell him the truth, but feared losing him forever. He began explaining of what happened when he got to San Francisco. How he met Bill on the bus, the "school", Tim, Jose, and Dale. He told Brian about the sex parties, the drugs, the alcohol, and the money. He explained about the time he turned 16 and being tossed onto the street and about Tony. He explained how Justin found him a couple of years later. Bobby told Brian he was ashamed to call, that Brian would not want him after all he had been through.

"I knew all the time." Brian told his love. "Justin told me everything. He also told me the first thing you thought of was me. I love you and nothing could ever change that."

Bobby wept hysterically in Brian's arms. Why did he waste the years? Brian rose and led Bobby to his bedroom. He kissed the man who was the entire universe. They slowly removed their clothes and Bobby admired his lover's body. Smooth with a trail leading from his navel down to a magnificent 9" cock. They laid beside each other and kissed with an overpowering lust. Bobby knew what he wanted. He kissed and licked the body of Brian all over. He slowly worked his way from head to toe literally, leaving the dick for last. As he worked his way up, he began to swallow Brian's dick to the balls, moistening his lover for his hole. As Bobby was sucking on Brian's dick, Brian maneuvered himself to Bobby's hole and pushed his tongue deep in the anal canal. He tongue fucked the moist ass, remembering the flavor.

"I'm ready." Bobby said pulling off after 15 minutes. "I want you in me."

Brian lifted his love's legs and slowly penetrated the cavity with his dick. He proceeded to make love to the man below him. Infatuation and adore filled their faces. Bobby wrapped his legs around Brian, drawing him further into his hole. The pleasure and moans filled the room. At last they were together and wanting it to last. Brian slowly fucked the man beneath him, the man he loved more than the heavens and the universe. He felt the love from Bobby pulling through his hard shaft. As the sweat poured off their bodies, Bobby knew that Brian was close. As it was when they were teens, he knew when his love, his soul, was ready to release. He worked his ass muscles on Brian's dick and knew the moment was at hand. With one final lunge, Brian released a load that seemed to pour his spirit into Bobby. He cried out with passion unbridled.

Brian collapsed on Bobby, totally spent and ready for his love to fill him. But Bobby had other plans. As he knew what to do, his ass muscles worked their magic and Brian stayed. Brian, totally stunned at what was happening, realized he was on his back and Bobby was riding his dick with abandon. Bobby leaned in and kissed Brian softly and manipulated his love hole. They enjoyed the motions Bobby used to ride the hard pole. Bobby also knew was using Brian's dick to hit his prostrate over and over. For over an hour they made love until Bobby could not hold on any longer. With one final ride down, his own 10" erupted all over Brian and the bed, without anyone touching his dick. This drove Brian to shoot another heavy load into Bobby. They finally collapsed into each other's arms and held on as never to let go.

"Oh my Bobby." Brian finally said. "I've missed you so very much. I don't want to lose you again."

"I know." Bobby responded. "I can try to put in for a transfer to California."

"No need." Brian said. "I just sold my company for a lot of money. Some guy from New York approached me and offered me a ton of cash , so I sold."

"What's the guy's name?" Bobby asked.

"Tony Manicotti?" Brian told him. "He seemed real interested in my background. It's business I guess."

Bobby smiled. He knew that Tony did this for him. For the moment he would not tell Brian what Tony did, but eventually he would say something. Bobby did decide to call Tony later and thank him.

"I had bought a house." Brian said to Bobby. "It's in a place called Wildewood."

"I know where it is." Bobby said. "Very rich area of town."

"You and I are going to live there." Brian said.

Bobby looked in amazement. Though he had money, he also saved it. He also knew that he could not leave Jimmy in a lurch, nor Tom or Ben. He explained his feelings to Brian.

"I expect Tom to live with us." Brian said. "Now I know that my son's here, I don't want to lose him again."

They finally relaxed and slept until they smelled coffee brewing. They arose and found everyone in the kitchen talking. The group turned and gave knowing smiles at the pair. Brian and Bobby realized they were still naked and went to put on robes. Entering the kitchen again, they all talked about the events of yesterday. Bobby told the teens that he wanted to talked with them. They proceeded to the living room.

"Jimmy. Tom. Ben." he began. "Brian has bought a house in town and wants me to move in with him."

The boys looked at him, not knowing what was about to happen.

"You are more than welcome to stay here." Bobby said. "The rent is paid for until the lease expires. If you don't trash the place, I'll renew it. All I expect is for you to go to school and make excellent grades. Tom you can stay here or move in with us."

The teens thought of what was said. They understood why Bobby and Brian were going to live together, but would they be abandoned?

"I would like to stay here." Tom said. "I've met someone and I want to develop a relationship."

Bobby and Brian were surprised at what Tom said. They were happy, but they were worried that he might meet a gay basher.

"Who is he?" Brian asked. "Where did you meet him?"

"His name is Jack." Tom said. "We met at soccer practice. He's very nice."

"Bobby, does this mean you stop caring?" Jimmy asked, with a worried look on his face.

"No my sweet friend." Bobby responded. "I'll be here for you no matter what. You and Joey are part of this family now."

Bobby rose and hugged Ben, Tom, Jimmy, and Joey in turn. He looked and kissed them and the fear they had was eased. They knew that Brian, Bobby, and Charles cared for them and wanted the best for them. Later that day, Bobby called Tony. As the man talked to Bobby, he remembered the teen 20 years ago. Bobby asked him why and Tony said he wanted Bobby to be happy. He told Bobby that he had been keeping tabs on him and Brian. He was so glad to help the soul mates get together. Bobby thanked him and told Tony to come down and see them. They hung up and Bobby could not believe how wonderful this birthday was.

NOTE: Well here it is everyone. The reunion between the lovers have happened. I hope that you have enjoyed it. I want to apologize that it took this long for me to put this down on paper. I had been working 2 jobs and it has been a bear. But now it is finished. It was months in the making, but at least it flowed perfectly from my mind to the pages. Now just so you know, the next couple of chapters will be developing a love interest between Tom and a new character. The character is someone who I have had a been chatting with and he is a very nice person. I hope that you enjoy the new way the story will be twisting. If you have any comments, good or bad, please send them to

SPECIAL NOTE: Andrew, my friend. You are my spirit in the story and I need you to be here. You have been there for me and I know that with all the problems you have been going through, all seems lost. I just want you to know that I am here for you. To all of my readers, please pray for this wonderful person, especially with what has happened to him lately. To Doc, I hope you are doing well and e-mail me soon. To all others, may your love be there for you now and forever.

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