The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment: Bobby looked in amazement. Though he had money, he also saved it. He also knew that he could not leave Jimmy in a lurch, nor Tom or Ben. He explained his feelings to Brian.

"I expect Tom to live with us." Brian said. "Now I know that my son's here, I don't want to lose him again."

They finally relaxed and slept until they smelled coffee brewing. They arose and found everyone in the kitchen talking. The group turned and gave knowing smiles at the pair. Brian and Bobby realized they were still naked and went to put on robes. Entering the kitchen again, they all talked about the events of yesterday. Bobby told the teens that he wanted to talked with them. They proceeded to the living room.

"Jimmy. Tom. Ben." he began. "Brian has bought a house in town and wants me to move in with him."

The boys looked at him, not knowing what was about to happen.

"You are more than welcome to stay here." Bobby said. "The rent is paid for until the lease expires. If you don't trash the place, I'll renew it. All I expect is for you to go to school and make excellent grades. Tom you can stay here or move in with us."

The teens thought of what was said. They understood why Bobby and Brian were going to live together, but would they be abandoned?

"I would like to stay here." Tom said. "I've met someone and I want to develop a relationship."

Bobby and Brian were surprised at what Tom said. They were happy, but they were worried that he might meet a gay basher.

"Who is he?" Brian asked. "Where did you meet him?"

"His name is Jack." Tom said. "We met at soccer practice. He's very nice."


Tom had entered USC on a soccer grant. He was a star player on his high school team and was recruited very heavily. He decided on USC because it had an excellent soccer team and he could major in physical education. As he arrived at the school, he met with the head coach, Tom Berson. Coach Berson was a coach who loved to win, but cared more about his team.

"Coach Berson," Tom said as he entered the office. "I just got here."

"Great Tom." the coach said with a smile. "Are you getting settled in?"

"Yes sir." the teen responded. "I'm living in an apartment not too far from here."

"Here's the schedule of practice times." Coach Berson said to him. "I do want you to meet one of our team members. He's a freshman also and has never been away from home."

The coach asked his secretary to get hold of Jack and have him report to his office. Tom began sizing up the coach. The man was about 6' and about 175 pounds. Tom guessed he was in his early 40s and kept in shape. Though the coach's hair was thinning, he was still a hot looking man. He then noticed a wedding band on the left hand and several pictures of a female and children. Tom could only think why are the hot guys taken when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Coach Berson said.

There entered the hottest guy Tom ever saw. He saw the eyes and fell in love.

"Tom, this is Jack Nugyen." the coach said. "Jack, this is Tom Peterson."

Tom could only manage a smile and handshake. Jack returned the smile and Tom saw the perfect teeth emanating from the other teen's mouth.

"Why don't you two get out of here." Coach Berson said. "Remember, first practice is tomorrow."

The two freshman nodded and left. Tom could only wish that Jack was gay. Here was a teen he would love to know in every way. Jack stood 5'5" and weighed 155 pounds. He had brown hair with blond highlights and deep brown eyes. He was Vietnamese and had the hot Oriental allure to him. He was wearing a skin tight t-shirt and a tight pair of shorts. Jack's muscular frame could be seen through the shirt.

"Let's head for my apartment." Tom suggested.

Jack agreed and they get in their own cars. Jack followed Tom to the apartment and they entered through the door. Jack saw how nice it was and could not believe Tom lived there.

"Are you fuckin' rich?" Jack asked. "How could you afford to stay here?"

"Well, actually I don't pay for it." Tom replied. "A good friend actually has the lease and is letting us stay here."

"Us?" Jack asked with a confused look. "Who's us?"

"My best friend Ben and Jimmy." Tom answered.

Tom gave Jack a tour of the apartment and Jack noticed two bedrooms with beds and the third as a computer room. He also noticed in Tom's room pictures of Bobby with his arm around Tom and of Tom's mothers. He wondered if Tom was gay or at least bisexual.

"Who's the man in the picture?" Jack had asked. "Your dad?"

"Oh that's Bobby." Tom said. "He's the friend I told you about. He's a great guy. He's allowing Ben, Jimmy, and me to stay here rent free. He just wants us to do well in school."

"Damn, he's a hot looking guy." Jack said before realizing what he said.

He began to blush. Tom began to smile and approached Jack. Tom gave him a look as if saying `you're gay aren't you?' Jack looked down hoping Tom would not abandon him or worse, out him to the team. Tom saw the fear on the boy's face and hugged him.

"Don't worry." the tall teen told him. "I'm gay too. I was hoping you were because you are so fucking gorgeous."

With that he kissed the sweet Oriental teen on the lips and slowly slid his tongue deep into his mouth. They kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, but then they parted.

"Jack, I wanted you ever since I saw you in the coach's office." Tom told him. "I want to get to know you better. I don't want to just hop into bed. I want to know you as a person. If we are meant to be together, we need to find out. I do want us to be friends no matter what."

Jack just hugged the taller teammate and they spent the afternoon talking. Jack came to USC as a grant-in-aid soccer player from Pennsylvania. He did tell Jack he was Vietnamese, but he was born in the United States. He also told Tom he was a virgin. He came to USC because of its reputation as a soccer powerhouse. The boys explained their background and knew when they were gay. Tom explained about his two mothers and how he never knew his father. He told Jack about Bobby and how kind he was and that Bobby did show Tom what lovemaking was all about and not sex. He did explain about Bobby's lost love and hoping to find him.

Just at that moment, Jimmy and Ben came through the door. Tom gave the introductions and they said to sit.

"So are you guys together now?" Jimmy asked with a smile.

The two just smiled, but gave no answer. They wanted their friendship to be special. Ben picked his best friend up and began wrestling with him. Though the two were well physically developed, Ben did have a height and weight advantage. They kept up the playful roughhousing until Tom took advantage and grabbed Ben's balls. Ben immediately cried `uncle' and Tom let go. They got up smiling and laughed, but Ben got the last laugh in when he lightly slapped Tom's testicles causing him to wince in pain. They sat around getting to know Jack. Bobby entered the apartment and Tom introduced the man to the teen.

"So Jack, how do your find Columbia?" Bobby asked the young man.

"It sure is different." he replied. "Being from Pennsylvania, the pace is a lot faster than here. I'm glad I met Tom."

"Well I'm glad you've become friends." Bobby mentioned. "You're welcome here anytime."

Jack thanked him and Bobby went to get a quick nap.

As the days and weeks passed, Tom and Jack became inseparable. They worked well together on the soccer field. USC again was producing a winning season. Bobby, Ben, and Jimmy never missed a home game. After Brian came back into Bobby's life and met his son, he also cheered the boys on the field.

After the Clemson game, the group decided to celebrate the victory. They went out to dinner at the Spring Valley Country Club, which Brian and Bobby were members. Charles and Joey came up from Charleston, so the celebration was complete. After dinner, Tom and Jack excused themselves and went back to the apartment. Up to this point they had only kissed, but now they knew that it was time to consummate their love.

They slowly undressed, even though they had seen each other nude in the locker room and shower. Their muscular torsos came into view and, despite the height difference, it felt they belong together. Each was caressing the other's pecs and nips. Jack was ultra-sensitive on his nips, which caused him to shudder as if electricity was running through his body. Tom began to undo Jack's belt and slowly worked the pants and boxers down. He had seen Jack soft, but the oriental teen had sprouted 7" of hard meat and was nicely thick at 3". Tom knelt before him and slowly licked the piss slit of the clear liquid Jack was producing in abundance. After several minutes, Tom rose and Jack began undoing his pants and lowered them. Jack saw the huge uncut dick and tentatively licked the head. Jack was a virgin and was about to relinquish himself to Tom. As they lay on the bed, the kiss was long and enthusiastic. Tom had pulled Jack on his body, caressing his back and firm ass. Jack slowly licked down Tom's body and slowly worked on the quarter-sized nipples. Tom moaned loudly with the way Jack controlled his body orally. Jack continued bathing Tom with his tongue and worked all around the horse cock. He then licked the huge balls, then slowly taking one at a time into his mouth. After a few minutes, bringing Tom to the brink of unloading his juices, Jack moved up and teasingly flicked the shaft with his tongue. Jack had read about swallowing a dick, but had never tried to do anything like this. He opened his mouth and took the head and 2" of the shaft in his mouth. His first reaction was to gag, but he then began to relax his throat. As Jack continued, he was able to take over half of Tom's hard shaft. He was able to taste the precum that leaked lie an unchecked faucet. Jack felt Tom move so that he was at the teen's hot fuck stick. Tom swallowed Jack, drinking down the precum of his friend and possible lover. Jack had begun moving off Tom's dick and worked on the huge balls, taking them one at a time again. He swore he could feel the sperm moving in the sac. Jack began to lick lower to the area between Tom's balls and his ass crack. This drove Tom crazy as he was extremely responsive there. Though Jack had never rimmed as ass, he felt that Tom would be the perfect person to try it. He tentatively stuck his tongue out and tasted the mix of soap, sweat, and musky aroma. Jack dove in as a starving man into buffet table. His tongue delved deep into the hot hole and Tom began to wriggle and moan in great delight. His ass pulsed against the tongue and he pushed his hips towards Jack's oral orifice. They continued for almost half an hour. Tom released Jack's dick and looked at him.

"I want you to fill me." he begged the Oriental teen. "I want to have you love me."

He then handed Jack a condom, which he placed on his pole in due haste. Tom raised his legs and exposed his hole in all its glory. Jack had placed his dick at the opening and gently pushed. Tom felt the pressure and relaxed to allow the intrusion. He felt a sharp pain and Jack saw this.

"Do you want me to pull out?" Jack queried, feeling he was causing intense pain.

"No. No." Tom replied. "Just wait for a few minutes until I get used to this monster."

Jack smiled at the compliment. He knew Tom had a larger cock than he did, but he felt great love for the person beneath him. He felt the muscles in the ass relax and he slowly pushed further into Tom. Jack felt the warmth and tightness around his dick. He slowly pulled out to the head and pushed back in with more firmness. Jack began to move his body spiritually, along with his dick in and out of Tom's love hole. The smaller teen leaned in and began kissing the person who gave of himself. The passion flowed between the two, who began sweating as if playing a full soccer match. Jack began to slide faster and faster in and out of Tom's hot canal. Tom worked his ass muscles on the 7" love piston. Jack knew he was close and wanted to fill Tom with his essence. Tom sensed the impending volcanic eruption, so he wrapped his legs around Jack's waist and pulled him in closer. Jack, whose only sexual release was the mandible manipulation, rammed his dick all the way in and his cum released as a dam releasing on overflow of water. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his brain went numb. What seemed as an eternity, Jack realized he was on Tom, totally drained, and Jack was caressing his hair and holding him. Jack realized his dick was still hard in Tom.

"You are a true lover." Tom said to him. "You put yourself in love making."

"What happened?" Jack asked. "All I remember was I started to cum and then I'm on you."

"You shot over 10 loads in me." Tom said smiling. "Your body shook and you roared like a lion. Then you collapsed. I thought you had a heart attack, but then you began to stir and moan."

"I'm so sorry." Jack said apologetically.

"Why?" Tom asked. "It was so amazing and beautiful. Now do you think you want to try receiving?"

Jack looked a bit apprehensive, but also knew that Tom would be gentle with him. Jack slowly removed himself from Tom's ass and following Tom's lead, laid face down on the bed with a pillow under him. Tom spread the hairless bubble butt and saw the savory virginal hole. He lowered himself and began teasing Jack's rosebud with his tongue. Jack felt a surge of electricity run through his body when the tongue touched the outer ring. His head jerked up and he let out a loud and resounding moan. Tom moved deeper and deeper into the anus with his tongue. The wonderful scent of tangy musk reached him, which caused him to tongue fuck Jack. The teen of Vietnamese descent began to buck furiously to the new feelings he was experiencing. Tom then stopped, pulled out a bottle of lube, and squirted some on his fingers. He then slowly pushed one into Jack, who felt a rush of pain. He clamped down, which caused Tom to stop. Tom began to caress Jack's back, allowing him to relax and have more of the finger to be eased into his hole. Tom pushed more in and Jack found it easier to accept the digit. Tom wiggled his finger around the hole, which had Jack to squirm with a wondrous pleasure. Tom then pushed a second finger and, after Jack got used to the additional finger, began pushing back onto the finger.

"Please fuck me." Jack begged. "I want it now."

Tom put a condom on and applied lube to his uncut monster. He then placed the head at the hole. He pushed and met with some resistance. He waited patiently as Jack relaxed his hole. The head of Tom's dick poked through and the pain seared through the virginal body.

"Oh God!" Jack cried as his body became rigid due to the pain.

Tom did not move a muscle, allowing Jack to adapt to the girth of his spike. Jack started to ease his ass, but was unsure if he could handle the member in his hole. As he did relax, Tom pushed some of his meat inwards. Jack tensed again, but not with the same intensity. Each time he relaxed, the more Tom put his dick in and the more Jack began to enjoy it. The pleasure began to outweigh the pain. Tom them pulled back a little then thrust forward, pushing more into Jack. Jack's ass relaxed further to the point of total pleasure. Tom began to slowly fuck Jack, who felt a strange pleasure and passion. He raised off the bed and felt the precum flow out of his dick. Tom continued to hit the prostrate over and over. Jack began feeling an ejaculation building that he never knew. The feeling of his magic button being stimulated drove him over the edge. The first volley shot past his head to the headboard of the bed. Each succeeding load covered the bed beneath him. His ass tightened around Tom's dick, which spewed forth the white liquid deep into his bowels. Tom's brain went into overload and felt his love flowing into Jack. He knew that his love was for Jack only. He wanted the same love that Bobby and Brian had and felt that with Jack. Jack knew he was going to love Tom all his life. He also realized he came without touching his dick.

"What happened?" he asked Tom. "How did my dick shoot and no one touched it?"

"It was your prostrate." he responded. "It's the gland that makes you cum. And man you sure do."

Tom began to kiss Jack with great passion. They held each other realizing that they were meant to be together.

"Jack, can I ask you something?" Tom queried.

"What is it?" Jack replied.

"Do you love me?" he asked the teen. "I love you and want you in my life forever."

Jack smiled and held him with all his might.

"I love you too." Jack told him. "I want you to be with me too."

"Move in with me." Tom said. "Just please be my love."

Jack kissed him and promised never to leave him. They fell asleep holding each other, knowing they felt the love.

NOTE: Well folks there will be a slight diversion from the normal story line. This is due to a special person that I have chatted with online. He is a sweet person and I told him I wanted to use him in the story line and he agreed to it. Jack Nguyen is this person and I hope that he will enjoy where the story is going with him. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to email me at As I have said, I appreciate any suggestions for story lines and I try to use them and people who have written me.

SPECIAL NOTE: To my muse and inspiration, Andrew. I'm sorry I haven't written lately but been busy at work, but I hope that you love the chapter. I want you to know that I'm always thinking of you and that you are in my prayer. Remember to do what the doctors say and I want you there to motivate me.