The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment: "Jack, can I ask you something?" Tom queried.

"What is it?" Jack replied.

"Do you love me?" he asked the teen. "I love you and want you in my life forever."

Jack smiled and held him with all his might.

"I love you too." Jack told him. "I want you to be with me too."

"Move in with me." Tom said. "Just please be my love."

Jack kissed him and promised never to leave him. They fell asleep holding each other, knowing they felt the love.


Tome woke first and looked at the sweet beauty that lay beside him. He gazed at ever inch, every line, every crevice on Jack's body. Tom ever so gently brushed the high lightened hair, feeling the softness that alerted his fingertips. He then began tracing the face of the teen he fell in love with in just a matter of weeks. As Tom ran his finger along Jack's nose, the Oriental boy began to twitch his nose. Tom thought that was cute and funny. The taller then moved his finger along the rock hard pecs and abs of Jack, but also noticed the softness of the skin.

Tom moved further down, through the soft patch of hair that crowned the hot 7" of sweet meat. The shaft grew to its full height and the clear nectar began to ooze out of the tip. Tome could not stop himself and began to flick his tongue over the slit. Jack began to stir and lifted his head to watch Tom's mouth at work on his pole.

"Good morning my love." Jack said with a smile. "So how do you like your breakfast?"

Tom glanced at Jack and ran his tongue all over the stiff rod. He moved up and put his lips tenderly on Jack's. With no hesitation, their mouths opened and their tongues danced the spell of love. Jack could taste his own juices on Tom's tongue and savored the flavor that was his. The smaller teen felt the 10" of his love against his own and he knew that he wanted more of it.

"So my love, what shall we do?" Tom asked, knowing full well what was in store.

"I read about something." Jack replied. "I just want to see if it will work."

"What's that?" Tom queried.

Jack rose up and pulled Tom to his knees. Jack had to raise fully on his, while Tom rested his cheeks on his legs. With this the two seemed to be the same height. Jack reached for Tom's cock and pulled the foreskin over the swollen glan. As the uncut flesh came forward, the smaller teen moved towards Tom and placed the skin over his own enlarged glan. The two members met under the skin and the two teens looked at each other and smiled. Jack then slowly began to move the foreskin over the glans of both. They felt the sensation and held each other as Jack continued. They both felt the precum flowing like two leaky faucets. The juices created unparalleled delight. Jack knew he could not hold on much longer. The wonderment over took him as he gazed into Tom's face. He saw that his lover was as ready as he was. Just a few more strokes pushed the two over the point-of-no-return. Jack threw his head back and released a huge guttural cry of passion. The first shot from his dick released to Tom, who uttered a loud moan as his own dick unloaded into the docking area. It felt as they were exchanging cum from one cock to the other, becoming one. Jack seemed to hold onto both cocks and could feel the build up of cum. As he released the skin that connected the two, a large amount of white juice fell on the sheets and more poured from their dicks still. After an eternity of wonder, they finally stopped unloading their seed. They fell on the bed, on their sides, and faced each other, with the cum between them. Jack scooped up a little of the cream and brought it to Tom's lips, upon which the taller boy took the love potion into his mouth. It seemed sweeter and thicker than the night before.

"This is us." Jack said. "Not you nor me, but us. Two who become one."

With that, Tom scooped up a little of the cream and fed it to Jack, who also tasted the thickness and sweetness from Tom's fingers.

"This is us." Tom repeated. "Not you nor me, but us. Two who become one."

There was a knock on the door and it opened with two people standing there. Jimmy and Ben looked at the two soccer players in all their glory. The two smiled at the pair in bed and approached the two.

"So I see you two are at it early this morning." Jimmy said with a sly grin. "And from the looks of things, loads of fun."

The two on the bed blushed a deep crimson red at the comments. Jimmy and Ben jumped on the bed and began laughing, nudging the two and the four college students acted as if they were little kids again.

"But it's time to get up." Ben said. "Remember Tom, we have a test in biology this morning. And Jack, I believe you have a paper due this afternoon."

"Yes mother." the two lovers said in unison.

The four got up and Jack prepared breakfast for them. The three others got quick showers and prepared for classes. Jack got the food ready as Jimmy, Ben, and Tom dressed and sat down to eat. Jack then went to get ready for the day. Tom turned to the other two.

"Guys, I have to ask you something." he began. "I asked Jack to live with me. Do you mind if he moves in with us?"

The two lovers glanced at each other and gave Tom huge smiles.

"Well it's about fucking time." Jimmy said. "All you talk about is Jack. So when is the date and where are you registered."

Tom threw an orange at Jimmy, who ducked and began laughing. Ben and Tom laughed as Jack walked into the kitchen. Jimmy got up and gave Jack a huge hug.

"I asked the guys about you living here." Tom told Jack. "You see their response."

Jack smiled and gave each of his new roommates a hug and kiss, saving a long, passionate kiss for his love. The four got their belongings together and they left for class. They stopped by Jack's room at the Roost and he grabbed his books. As the day went along, the four met up for lunch at the Russell House. They sat and talked about how they would get Jack moved into the apartment.

"Well, I'll get my books and clothes for a week." he said. "We can get the rest of my stuff on the weekend."

"Great." Tom said. "Let's meet here after our last classes."

The four agreed to meet and headed to their classes. Around 4 pm, they met at the Russell House and went back to Jack's room. As he began to pack his suitcase, the phone rang and he answered it.

"Jack, this is Coach Berson." he said. "I need for you to meet me in my office. And have you seen Tom?"

"He's here right now." Jack responded. "We'll be right there."

The smaller teen told Tom the coach wanted to see them. They went to the Roundhouse and arrived at the office. Coach Berson's secretary announced the two lovers and were taken into the office. As they entered, they saw Coach Berson sitting at his desk.

"Have a seat guys." he told them. "Guys we need to talk. After yesterday's match with Clemson and how you worked together, I want you to start in Wednesday's game against Indiana."

The two teammates looked at each other and let out a yell. Coach Berson let them calm down before he talked with them.

"Now there are some rumors that you guys are more than friends." he said. "If it is true I want to know about it."

Tom and Jack looked at each other and began to worry. Would they be kicked off the team? Would they lose their grant-in-aid? All they could do is grab each other's hands and nod to their coach.

"I see." Coach Berson said. "Guys I am all for you. You are friends and probably lovers. But there are some who won't like it. Just don't do anything in your room Jack."

"That won't be a problem." Jack told the coach. "I will be moving in with Tom today. I got clothes for the week and I'll get the rest of my stuff this weekend."

Coach Berson looked at the boys and grinned. He saw a love between the boys that was rare. The coach got up and shook hands with the two and reminded them of the practice in two hours.

"Oh shit.!" he exclaimed. "We better get home and get our gear. See ya later coach."

The two teens left the office and went back to Jack's dorm room. As they entered, Jimmy and Ben were sitting on his bed talking with Jack's roommate, Bruce Bynum, another member of the soccer team.

"Hey guys." Jack said. "We gotta go. Practice in less than two hours."

"See ya Bruce." Jimmy said. "Come over this weekend. We can have a cookout."

The four new roommates grabbed the suitcase and headed for the car. They headed on the outskirts of downtown Columbia, picking up Huger Street and then I-126 to Greystone Boulevard. They got to the apartment and dumped Jack's clothes and books in the bedroom. The two soccer teammates changed quickly and were heading to the door when Ben stopped them.

"Tom, your dad and Bobby are coming by tonight." he said. "They will be here around 8 pm."

"We should be back then." Tom replied. "If we're late, tell them we'll be back soon."

Tom and Jack headed out to practice. As they got there, Bruce pulled them aside.

"Jack, why didn't you tell me you were moving?" he asked. "I thought we were friends."

"We are." Jack told him. "It was a last minute thing."

"Your friends, Ben and Jimmy." Bruce said. "They seem to be queer."

"So what of it?" Jack retorted. "You got something against gays?"

"Damn right I do." his former roommate said. "It's morally wrong and they're gonna burn in hell."

"Well Bruce, you might as well know I'm gay too." Jack snapped right back.

"And so am I." Tom said, standing by his lover.

"Oh by the way Bruce." Jack said. "Don't be so all high and mighty and so full of self-righteousness. I saw you whacking your wood to some interesting pictures when you thought I was asleep."

"You can't prove anything, you faggot." Bruce told him in a threatening manner. "And if you tell anyone, I'll kick your fudge-packing ass."

What Bruce did not see was Steve Berson arrive on the field and overheard the last part of the conversation. He told the three to follow him and blew his whistle. The team centered around the coach and the three players.

"Gentlemen, if memory serves," he started. "at the beginning of the season I remember saying that we play as a team. I also said if you dislike someone because of their race, creed, religion, or background, I don't want you on my team. I also warned that there would be no tolerance of bigotry of any kind. Well Mr. Bynum stated he has a problem with Jack and Tom because of their sexual orientation. Mr. Bynum is here-by off the team. Oh, Mr. Bynum since this was your last season of eligibility, you cannot transfer schools to play next year. Also, your grant-in-aid does have a suspension or termination clause you are required to payback this semester's tuition and books. Also, you will remove yourself from your room immediately."

Bruce looked at his coach and at his teammates in disbelief. He began walking away, then turned to the team.

"Fine." he retorted. "Play with a bunch of fags. I'll just sue the school and I'll get those fairies sooner or later."

At the threat, Coach Berson placed a call to the campus police and notified them of the threats and where to find Bruce Bynum. As he finished talking on his cell phone, he turned to the team.

"Anyone else have a problem?" he asked them with a stern look on his face.

No one said anything. The sudden shock that the star midfielder was off the team had them dazed. Besides they liked the duo and many already knew they were gay. Those that did not had no problems.

"Coach, on behalf of the team." Kyle Andrews, the British goalkeeper said. "We have no problems about Jack and Tom. They're good mates and they work hard for the team. Besides, I'm gay too."

The other players echoed their sentiments for the two lovers. They were surprised about Kyle's announcement, but took it to heart that they would be supportive. Coach Berson blew his whistle and for over two hours the team prepared for the number two team in the nation. It was said the if USC did beat the Hoosiers, they would vault to the number one position. As practice wound down, Coach Berson called the three players over.

"How did the argument start?" he asked

Tom explained that Jimmy and Ben were waiting for them in Jack's room in the Roost. When they got to the field, Bruce asked about them and became insulting to their friends. Jack got upset and outed himself and Tom followed suit.

"Well guys, just remember, when things cool down, some of the others might not feel too kindly." the coach told them.

"Don't worry coach." Kyle responded. "I know they will be just fine."

The three left the practice field and headed home. Tom and Jack told Kyle he was welcome to the apartment anytime. As the two teens drove off, they began discussing what Bruce might do. Tom suggested that they take it easy and let time go on as if nothing happened. They got back to the apartment at 7:30 pm and knew they needed to get showers to meet Brian and Bobby.

"Let's save some time and take a shower together." Tom suggested.

Jack only responded with a big smile and shed his clothes quickly. Tom followed him in no time. They both got in the shower, Jack grabbed the soap, and proceeded to lather Tom's muscular, toned body. He ran the soap over the hard abs, developed pecs, along the hairy, muscular thighs and calves, saving the long, uncut piece of tube steak for last. As Jack gently caressed the soap over the hair that crowned Tom's dick and along his balls, the larger teen, who was receiving the wonderful treatment, responded quickly, springing to its full 10". Jack leaned in and took the hard cock deep into his mouth. As he tasted the clean, slight soapy flavor, his hands worked Tom's balls. Tom leaned back against the shower wall, enjoying the wonderful feelings his love was giving him. Jack then moved a soapy finger, found Tom's ass canal and proceeded to work the digit deep into the hole. He felt the prostate gland and proceeded to gently brush his finger against it, which caused Tom to buck deeper into Jack's mouth. The smaller teen was drinking what seemed to be gallons of precum flowing unchecked out of Tom's dick. The more he brushed the magic button, the more Tom's movements became frantic. Tom wanted this to last longer, but he knew Bobby and Brian would be there soon. Jack hit the prostate with one final push and this caused his love to blow like Mount Vesuvius on ancient Rome. The first blast shot to the back of Jack's throat, who allowed it to savor in his mouth. Each succeeding load filled Jack until some was leaking out of the corners of his mouth. When Tom was completely drained, Jack rose up, wiped the remnants of white cream from his face, and began soaping his body. The oriental teen rinsed off, as did Tom. They dried themselves, stopping only for a brief, but passionate kiss, and then dressed to meet Brian and Bobby. As they finished, they heard a knock at the door and Jimmy greeting the older men. The lovers descended the stairs holding hands and entered the room. Bobby noticed this and nudged his true love and motioned to the two.

"So what are you boy up to?" Brian asked.

"Dad, Bobby." Tom began. "I love Jack and I invited him to live here."

Bobby rose from the couch and walked over to the two lovers. He pulled Jack to him, gave him a hug and kiss on his cheek. He then turned to Tom and proceeded to do the same. Brian followed immediately after and did the same to the teens.

"Welcome to the family." Brian said to Jack. "I know you're special to my son and I want only true happiness."

"Thank you." Jack could only reply.

"But remember guys." Bobby said. "Rules apply to everyone. Keep those grades up and no super parties."

"So Dad." Tom said. "What brings you over."

"Well school will be out in a few weeks." Brian said. "And after the soccer tournament, that we know you will be going to, Bobby and I had a plan."

Bobby pulled out a catalogue and showed it to all four teens. It was for a cruise around Christmas for two weeks. On the cover it said, Biggest Gay Commitment Ceremony Ever.

"What we wanted to do is have our own commitment ceremony." Bobby said, pulling Brian to him. "We want you guys there so we booked passage for all you guys."

"Including Tom?" Jack asked.

"Well we figured you wanted him with you." Brian said, producing the tickets. "Besides, the love between you two was so obvious."

The four teens were stunned, not knowing what to say. They hugged Brian and Bobby, then Tom noticed there were four more tickets.

"Who are they for?" he asked.

"Well we can't leave Charles and Joey out." Bobby replied. "Besides they are going to commit to each other. And how can we leave your mothers out of this? They plan to recommit themselves."

The four looked at the tickets and noticed they all had staterooms. They could not imagine that this was going to be this great a gift.

"Um, Mr. Jones." Jack said. "I don't know if I can go."

"First son, it's Bobby or Dad." he said. "And do you want to call your folks about this?"

"I would, but there's a problem." Jack responded. "My folks don't know I'm gay. They would freak out if I told them."

"Well you don't have to tell them you're gay." Brian said. "Just tell them some friends invited you along on a cruise. That wouldn't be lying to them."

"I'll call them." the teen said, and went to call.

The others sat and listened as Jack talked to his mother in Vietnamese. It was a brief conversation and Jack hung up the phone as he had a slight smile on his face.

"She said I could go." he answered. "But she wants to meet my friends to see if they are upstanding. I told her I would be home three days before the cruise."

"Great." Tom said, kissing Jack. "I can go with you and meet your family."

"And I will go along as your father." Brian said to his son. "Maybe if she knows that this is a `family' affair, it would put her mind at ease."

"That would be cool." Jack responded. "I know she would feel better if there was an adult chaperoning."

Jack pulled Brian and hugged him, whispering thanks dad in his ear. This startled Brian, but knew he had a son that was and wonderful as his. Jack went to Bobby and did the same. Bobby began to cry, finally knowing what a family was and having a son, even though not biological. Brian wiped the tears away and kissed his true love.

"So how was school boys?" Brian said, trying to cheer everyone up.

Jack told of the events at soccer practice with Bruce Bynum. He told of the possible retaliation that Bruce threatened to do and how he suspected that the homophobic boy was probably bi, if not gay. He explained the pictures on his computer and how he would flog his log to them. Brian and Bobby began smiling, then laughing on how history can repeat itself. The teens in the room were bewildered on what was so funny. As Brian began to tell the story of Mark Wilson, Jimmy could only smile and say perfect. The three others listened to the story and realized that they could pull the same thing. Tom mentioned Kyle Andrews and that he might help.

"I will call a friend." Brian said. "He can hack into any computer and get some evidence of the pictures."

"This is too good to be true." Ben said. "That bastard needs to be taken down."

"We'll meet tomorrow to set the stage." Bobby told them. "Call Kyle and have him meet us here."

All six stood up and hugged, kissed, and just make each other feel like a huge, extended family. Bobby and Brian left the apartment and drove off in their car. Jimmy and Ben decided to stay up a while longer to watch a horror movie. Jack and Tom said goodnight to the pair and headed upstairs to their room as full-time lovers.

As they got to the room, Jack turned suddenly and tore the shirt off Tom's torso. The taller teen's reaction was of surprise, but what happened next was something he was not prepared for in his life. Jack grabbed his arm and pulled Tom around and forced him on the bed. Jack then pounced like a puma and forced the pants off his body, leaving only the boxers and running shoes on Tom's body. Jack then removed his shirt slowly, revealing the rock hard abs and beautifully developed pecs. All Tom could think was no Greek sculpture could match this person. Jack then stood up and lowered his pants, after kicking off his shoes. The hot 7" dick popped out and was staring Tom in the face from above.

"Suck my dick boy." Jack demanded as he lowered it to Tom's mouth. "Open that hole now."

Tom could not understand where the forcefulness came from, but being dominated excited him immensely. He opened his mouth and Jack shoved his cock all the way down to his ball sac. Tom began to gag and sputter trying to gain air from the intrusion. Jack backed off, grabbed Tom's hair, and began forcing his dick in and out of the open chasm. Tom began to play with his very hard 10", but Jack stopped that by holding Tom's mouth all the way on his dick. Tom stopped immediately and tried to get oxygen into his lungs.

"Did I tell you to play with your dick?" Jack demanded.

Tom just shook his head, not knowing what would happen.

"I can't hear you." Jack retorted.

"No." Tom came back with.

"No what boy?" the commanding teen queried.

"No sir." Tom stated with trepidation and knew he was submissive to Jack's whims.

"Damn right." was Jack's only response.

The oriental teen then lowered himself down and forcefully kissed Tom's lips. Tom felt the power of Jack and wanted more. Jack began licking down and worked on the pecs of Tom, biting the nips of his lover, making the taller teen to squirm. Jack worked lower, tore the boxers off Tom's body, and licked Tom's front with the exception of the cock and nuts. Tom was wondering when he was going to move to his dick, but to no avail.

Jack could feel Tom ready to release, so he grabbed the cock right at the base. He could feel the dick pulse in his hand and know Tom was being subdued from a massive eruption. As Tom felt eased, Jack raised his legs to expose the fantastic hairy hole of his love. The smaller teen ran his tongue around the rosebud, causing Tom to writhe in bed, and opening his hole more. Jack then ran his taste buds slowly into the hole, then pulling out, slowly tongue fucking Tom's mancunt. The smaller teen then ran his tongue deep in the hole, which caused Tom's dick wanting to explode. Jack sensed this and began working Tom's dick as he did before, allowing him to calm down. Jack then grabbed the lube from the nightstand and put it on his dick.

"Aren't you gonna put on a condom?" Tom asked.

"Well I haven't been with anyone but you." Jack replied. "And you have used condoms when you have had sex. Well we should be safe."

With that Jack put his cock at the opening and shoved it all the way into the hole. Tom's reaction was one of shock and pain. Jack did not wait for Tom to adjust to the intrusion and began sliding his rod in and out. Within a minute or two, the pain Tom felt eased and he began rocking with his lover. He lowered his legs from the shoulders and wrapped them around Jack's waist and pulled him further into his ass. Tom also felt that he was ready to shoot and Jack could feel the prostate harden against his dick. The oriental teen stopped his motion and grabbed the dick of the tall teen. As Tom's urges eased, Jack resumed the assault on Tom's rectum and holding the cock of his soul mate. Jack was getting ready to shoot and he wanted the seed to fill his lover. Within a couple of strokes, Jack shoved all the way in the manpussy and uttered a yell that scared Tom. The release of sperm into his anus caused him to feel wonderful until the sudden pain. Jack's release caused him to tighten his grip on Tom's rod, which caused him to tighten his grip on Tom's rod, which caused intense pain to the boy on the bottom.



Jack released such a heavy load that it oozed out of Tom's ass. As the smaller teen finally subsided from his throes of passion, he eased out of his lover's ass.

"Why wouldn't you let me cum?" Tom asked.

"I'm in control here." Jack responded. "Now you will enjoy this."

Jack climbed up his lover's body, pinning Tom's arms with his muscular legs, and hovered his smooth, hairless ass over Tom's face. Jack spread his cheeks and exposed his hole and lowered it to his lover's waiting mouth. Tom extended his long tongue deep into Jack's waiting cunt and made sure that the hole was totally swathed with his saliva. Jack moved his ass all over Tom's face enjoying the feeling of the tongue deep in his ass. After 15 minutes of tonguing, Jack knew what he wanted to do. Again he grabbed the lube and made sure Tom's dick was coated well. He then moved to the massive dick that he had once before, held it in place, and quickly lowered himself all the way on the shaft. The pain shot through his body as a bolt of lightning hitting the ground. Jack sat completely still, allowing his body to adjust to the fullness of the massive member in him. After a few minutes, he began to slowly move up and down on the cock of his partner, which caused his dick to rise again. Each time he sat down on the cock, he would squeeze the dick with his ass tight to prevent Tom from shooting too soon. To Tom's surprise, Jack moved at 90 degree angles every few minutes, and squeezing his dick along the way. After Jack came full circle, he pulled up one more time, which pushed Tom over the edge and Jack was not going to stop him. The oriental teen lowered himself just in time to feel the first volley of cum shoot deep into his ass. The force of the shot hit his prostate so hard it caused Jack to release a huge load. The first landed on Tom's face right between the eyes. They both unloaded their contents until they were finally spent. Jack leaned down into his own jizz and began kissing Tom tenderly.

"What was that all about?" Tom asked, with a very quizzical look on his face.

"I read that if one does something different during sex, it would ass spice to their lives." Jack responded. "I also read that if one is dominant during sex once in a while, it makes each love the other more."

"You had me scared for a while." Tom told him. "But I have to admit it was amazing how we came. Let's try it again soon."

"Yeah baby." Jack said. "But this time, you be the dominant one. I am sorry if I worried you. I love you to much to do that."

They held each other and kissed until they finally fell asleep after a busy and momentous day.

NOTE: First let me apologize for this being so late in coming. My partner and I were in an auto accident where a school bus ran a red light and creamed the Blazer I was driving. I have been recovering from an injured shoulder, broken index finger on my left hand, hurt ribs, and scars that are not to be believed. I hope that you like the story as it has developed and I plan to add more as soon as I can. Remember comments are appreciated, good or bad, and send them to I want to know what I am doing right and wrong. I have had people remind me about my spelling and word usage and I appreciate them. And to all those during this wonderful summer season, please drive carefully and enjoy the vacations you truly have earned.

SPECIAL NOTE: First to Andrew, my wonderful muse. Please do as the doctor says and please keep up with your breathing exercises. I know everyone who reads this story will keep you in their prayers and thought to make sure you are getting better. Second, and certainly not least, to Doc. You are a friend and the one who inspired me to continue on with this story. I am here if you ever need anyone to talk with and you are a special person to many people. The two people who have made me expand the love in this story are with me always and I appreciate that with no measure.

Peace and Love to all during this summer season.