The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment: Bobby pulled out a catalogue and showed it to all four teens. It was for a cruise around Christmas for two weeks. On the cover it said, Biggest Gay Commitment Ceremony Ever.

"What we wanted to do is have our own commitment ceremony." Bobby said, pulling Brian to him. "We want you guys there so we booked passage for all you guys."


As the school semester and soccer season went on, Tom and Jack grew more in love. USC went on to the NCAA tournament and got to the semi-finals before losing a heart breaker to Indiana. All of the family went to the soccer matches to cheer them.

The night of the loss, Bobby, Brian, Tom, and Jack flew to Jack's home in Pennsylvania. As Bobby rented a luxury car, Tom saw the anxiety on Jack's face. They got in the car and headed with directions Jack provided. Tom held Jack to him and kissed his soft hair.

"Don't worry babe." Tom said. "Everything will be alright."

"You don't know." Jack replied. "My parents are old-fashioned and would not understand."

As they approached the house, the more Jack worried. Tom tried to comfort him as well as he could, but it seemed to no avail. Bobby pulled in the driveway and the four piled out of the car. They walked to the door and Jack opened it. All went in and were greeted by Jack's mother. She bowed politely to Bobby, Brian, and Tom and offered them seats in the living room. She went to the kitchen and brought in a tray with tea and cookies. Jack's father appeared and shook hands with Bobby, Brian, and Tom. Through Jack, he asked them why are they inviting their son on the cruise.

"I am taking my son and some friends on the cruise." Brian told him. "I said he could invite a friend if he wished. Jack has become a special person to my son as a friend."

Mr. Nugyen then said something that sent a shock on Jack's face. Everyone saw his expression and wondered what was said between father and son. Jack looked like he was ready to run, but was frozen in fear of what would happen next. Mrs. Nugyen spoke to her son, who then broke down in tears. Bobby, Brian, and Tom looked at each other, then Tom went to Jack's side and held him as he wept. Mr. Nugyen motioned to Bobby and Brian to follow him, which they did to the den, along with his wife. He spoke to the men with a slight accent.

"You must be wondering what happened." he said.

"Yes." Brian said. "What did you say to Jack?"

"I asked if Tom and he were lovers." Mr. Nugyen said. "His reaction confirmed out suspicions. We had known for a while he was gay, but did not know how to ask him."

Jack's parents began to explain that they knew that he was gay since he was 11-years-old. They had seen him playing with the other boys, but thought it was a phase he was going through and would be dating girls. When he went through high school, he was playing soccer and never dated. When Jack went to college, he would talk about Tom being a good friend. The final clue was an anonymous letter they received stating Jack was `a fudge-packing, child molesting faggot who would die of AIDS.'

"Does your son love ours?" Mr. Nugyen asked Brian.

"Very much." Brian replied. "They are so much in love."

"I need to say that I am not happy." Jack's father said. "But he is my son and I love him. I just want to know that I do not want him hurt."

"Tom is a good boy." Brian replied. "He would not harm your son."

"May I ask if you are gay?" Mr. Nugyen asked.

"We are." Bobby said with a swell of pride. "We have known each other since we were in our teens."

Bobby gave the Nugyens an abbreviated version of how Brian and he met and fell in love. He explained how his own father tried to attack them when he found out about them. Bobby explained his life and did tell the Nugyens that no one will be harming their son, nor would they allow their son to be hurt emotionally.

"Is this a gay cruise?" Mr. Nugyen queried.

"It is in a way." Brian responded. "They will be having a large commitment ceremony for those who want to pledge their love. We are going to do this."

"Is it open to straight couples to sail?" Mrs. Nugyen asked, looking at her husband.

"Yes ma'am." Bobby told her.

Mrs. Nugyen went to her purse and produce a pair of tickets, showing her husband. He looked and just closed his eyes. She showed the tickets to Bobby and Brian, who were surprised seeing them. The four adults were standing in the den when Jack and Tom entered the room. They were all in silence until Jack began speaking.

"Mom. Dad." he began. "I'm sorry that I never told you."

Mrs. Nugyen hugged her son and kissed his cheek. Jack looked at his father, who approached his son and gave him a hug. Jack's mother showed them the tickets for the cruise and Jack showed the first smile since they entered the house. The six talked well into the evening and the four finally left Jack's parents to get a hotel room in Philadelphia. Brian got two suites for them and they went to relax. It was midnight when the four realized they had not eaten dinner. They ordered room service and ate in silence, but happier for Jack. After they finished the two teens rose to go to their room.

"Thanks Dad." Tom said, hugging and kissing Brian, then turned to Bobby. "And you too Dad."

Jack followed suit, gave both men kisses and hugs, and the teens went to their suite. They undressed and climbed into bed. As they held each other and kissed deeply as Tom's hard 10" rubbed against Jack's 7". Their passion flowed as did their precum. Jack moved down and engulfed the mammoth rod. Tom squirmed with each movement of Jack's mouth. For several minutes Jack bathed the cock with his spit and played with the huge balls that would fill him with cum. As Jack came up, he hovered his smooth hole over Tom's face and lowered his sweet cunt, which Tom snaked his tongue deep. Tom's long tongue feasted on the honey pot that Jack kept for him. Jack's dick flowed his precum all over Tom. Tom was ready to love his man and make it last. Jack slid down, took the hard monster cock in his hand, then lowered himself down on the man he loved more than life itself. He slowly rode Tom with purpose and conviction. Jack would occasionally lean down and tweak Tom's nips, that brought a moan and smile from the taller teen. Jack felt Tom ready to explode so he stopped and used his ass muscles to bring Tom down from the high he was feeling. Jack then started again, slowly, methodically pushing Tom to the brink of orgasm, only to snatch it from happening. After an hour of this treatment, Tom was ready to explode and Jack saw this on his face. Jack let Tom to erupt, but with unexpected consequences. The first volley hit Jack's prostate so hard, it caused the oriental teen to release his load all over Tom's, from his head to groin. Both teens unloaded their seed until they collapsed in a heap. Jack laid down on Tom's chest, keeping the rod in his ass. They kissed and fell asleep holding on to each other.

Bobby and Brian sat in their suite and cuddled as they tried to remember what had happened in their lives. Bobby reclined on the sofa and Brian spooned against his love while Bobby held him. Bobby could smell the youth of his love and was so happy the twins brought them together again.

"Well it looks like we have another member of our family." Brian said.

"And at least his family didn't turn him away." Bobby replied. "I'm so glad Tom has someone who loves him and whom he loves."

"I have this weird feeling this cruise will be more than we planned." Brian said with a wry grin on his family.

"You remember when we met?" Bobby asked, stroking Brian's cheek.

"Just like it was yesterday." Brian responded.

"You taught me so much about myself." Bobby said. "I was such a fool for leaving when and why I did."

"Not a fool my love." Brian stated. "Just afraid."

With that Brian leaned his head back and Bobby kissed him upside down. His nose brushed against Brian's Adam's apple as their love flowed. Bobby swung Brian around and lifted his love off the sofa. He carried Brian to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Bobby began to undress Brian, licking and kissing his body all the way down. Bobby took each nip and playfully bit them slowly. He tasted the succulence of his lover and proceeded to remove Brian's pants and boxers. His 9" uncut rod popped out and Bobby dove on it like a fish going after a worm. Bobby engulfed the swollen cock to the ball sac. He bobbed up and down, pulling the foreskin over the swollen glan, driving Brian crazy as he poured precum into Bobby's throat. Bobby felt Brian ready to unload, so he grasped the base of Brian's cock to relax him. As Brian eased to a relax state, he pushed Bobby on the bed and undressed him. Brian gave Bobby the same treatment that he received earlier. Brian licked the hair on his man's chest and played with his nips. As he removed Bobby's pants, the 9" sprang out and sprayed the both with precum. Brian swallowed the spongy flesh down and fed on the precum that flowed as honey into his mouth. The taste of Bobby is like the first time they made love. Brian turned to position himself in a hot 69, but Bobby had other plans. He pushed his tongue deep into Brian's hole, which make his love to jump. Bobby lapped the hole, applying more spit to it to make Brian ready for his love stick. Brian was so ready to feel Bobby in him, he got on his back and lifted his legs. Bobby took his thick rod, put it at the known orifice, and pushed deep into Brian. Bobby sank all the way down until he was leaning over Brian. He kissed his true love passionately and Brian wrapped his legs around Bobby's waist. Bobby proceeded to slowly fuck the sweet manpussy, knowing he was with the man who he loved so dearly. He merged his hands with Brian's holding them to the bed while he kissed him slowly and tenderly. Brian could feel the hot dick rub his prostate and Bobby's hairy stomach grazing over his own cock. The made love for over an hour, changing positions, and it culminated into a massive pooled climax. Both men released with Bobby unloading into Brian's hole while Brian shot load after load onto Bobby's body.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" the exclaimed together.

After a few minutes they collapsed into each other's arms and fell asleep. Brian wrapped himself around Bobby, never to let him go.

Both rooms got wake up calls at 7:00 am to fly back to Columbia that afternoon. All four showered and readied themselves to go to the airport. They met for breakfast, then departed to catch their flight. The four got their seats in first class and arrived back in Columbia by mid-afternoon. As Brian and Bobby dropped the two teens off at the apartment, the men told them that they were to come over for dinner to finalize the plans for the cruise.

Tom and Jack entered the apartment and were met by Jimmy and Ben, who looked at the two to see if everything was alright.

"So what happened?" Jimmy asked.

Jack explained what happened when they talked with his parents. Jack told them that his parents knew he was gay and that his parents were going on the cruise to get to know Tom better. The four sat down in the living room to talk about the cruise.

"By the way." Tom said. "We have to go over to the house for dinner. Dad said they want to finalize the trip."

They started to study for finals which were to begin in a couple of days. At 6:00 pm they got into Jimmy's car and drove to Bobby and Brian's house in Spring Valley. As they pulled into the driveway, they found some other cars there. The four teens entered the house and found just about everyone there. Joey and Charles were sitting in the living room on the sofa. Joey and Jimmy hugged each other, then Jimmy gave Charles a huge bear hug. In the kitchen Barbara and June were cooking, but gave Tom and Jack hugs and kisses, with Tom being a little embarrassed. Mike and John were also there and gave the four hugs. Jason and Mark were sitting in the family room and greeted everyone. Brian and Bobby called everyone to the formal dining room for dinner. They all sat down and enjoyed a dinner that Tom's mothers and Joey prepared. Joey said he had a special dessert for that night. As they finished dinner, all gathered in the living room to discuss the cruise and what they would need to go. Joey had wheeled a cake in the shape of a ship to the living room. On the side he had written in blue icing The Love Boat with hearts and cupids on the sides in red icing.

"Okay everyone." Bobby began. "The cruise departs from the Miami port at 4:00 pm on December 23rd. We leave from the airport on December 22nd and fly to Miami. We have rooms at the Marriott for the night. Please be here at noon because of the flight leaves Columbia Metropolitan Airport at 2:30 pm."

"Will you be finished with your exams by the 20th?" Brian asked the five teens.

"We should be finished by the 18th." Jimmy said.

"I will be finished with mine on the 17th." Joey chimed in.

"Okay, so we leave on the 22nd for Florida." Bobby said. "And folks, remember we will need to be on our best behavior at the hotel. We're getting these rooms comped by a friend."

The group finally broke to go home and got ready for the cruise. All five teens completed their exams and felt they went well. As the 22nd approached, they had packed and unpacked several times. Charles calmed Joey and made him realize that they would have fun. Charles told Joey he had a special surprise for him on Christmas. The four roommates were nervous and excited about the trip. They tried to figure out what they would do on the cruise. Bobby and Brian came to the apartment and talked with the boys. They asked for all of them to be there as witnesses for their ceremony. The teens agreed wholeheartedly. Bobby told them they would be getting tuxedos to wear for the special occasion. What they did not know was the two men, who were going to commit their lives together, had a bigger surprise for everyone.

December 22nd arrived and by 9:30 am, everyone had arrived at the Spring Valley house and two vans arrived to take them to the airport. Just before they left, Will Browning arrived at the house. Will was the assistant general manager at the Residence Inn with Bobby and he agreed to house-sit for them and make sure to start the cars so the batteries would not die. They all loaded into the vans with their luggage. The drive took about 30 minutes and they unloaded at the upper concourse. After they checked-in and cleared the metal detectors, they went to the terminal to board the plane. After a quick flight to Atlanta, then another flight to Miami, the group checked into the Marriott. After they got settled, the group went to get an early dinner, and they were joined by Jack's parents, then Justin and Jack. As they finished eating, they all traveled to South Beach and walked around. Though Jack's parents did not approve of the scantily dressed people, they did not say anything. Everyone went to a club to dance and enjoy a show. Bobby, Brian, and Justin made sure the minors had no alcohol. The club was a drag club and most of the group had never been to one and were amazed how nice the `women' looked. After the show they all returned to the hotel and got a good night sleep.

As they rose the next day, Bobby and Brian made sure that everyone arose and they were ready to leave by noon on the 23rd. Four bellman assisted the group with their luggage and, Brian being a generous person, tipped each of them $50.00. They loaded into three vans to go to the port and arrived at the ship. All went through the terminal and prepared to board. Bobby tipped the stewards and all boarded, getting their pictures taken at the entrance. Bobby was able to get a large group portrait and ordered several copies. As they went to their cabins, everyone was astounded at the spacious suites they got.

There was an announcement for all the couples that would be participating in the commitment ceremony to come to the movie theater for information. Bobby and Brian went to get the information of when and where the ceremony would take place. All the couples were told that they would be given time for a private ceremony later if they wished it. As the names were called to verify who would be participating, the two men, who this all began with, were surprised to find everyone in their group, sans Jack's parents, would participate in the ceremony. The surprise that Bobby and Brian had planned became more special.

The group had an early breakfast and late dinner scheduled upon which they had a large table to dine and have fun being together. Each day they enjoyed the convenience of the ship, playing games, the use of the fitness room and spas, they swam, and just enjoyed being on a floating hotel that was just fun.

On Christmas day, the group met at Bobby and Brian's suite to exchange gifts. Charles gave Joey a necklace with a pendant on it and had the matching one for himself. Ben and Jimmy gave each other matching necklaces that were engraved. Jack and Tom gave each other ID bracelets with their initials on them. Jack's parents gave Jack and Tom necklaces with a lambda symbol attached. Tom's parents (Barbara, June, Brian, and Bobby) gave all the teens special books that were about what true love means and that their love was what about.

After the gifts were exchanged, they all enjoyed the Christmas festivities on the ship. There were games that involved Christmas themes and everyone seemed to be winners.

The next day the ship docked in Puerto Rico. The entire group went into San Juan and enjoyed a tour of the island. Along the way, they picked up little trinkets as gifts. The day was just a fun jaunt to be together. As they boarded the ship, some went to see the show, others went to the movie, while some went to the casino. Again they met for dinner, the final plans for the ceremony the next day were discussed. They finished dinner and each couple went their separate ways. The four roommates did meet some other college students who were discovering their sexuality. They were able to talk with those who were still questioning. One couple, Martin and Wallace, were taken to see Bobby and Brian so they could they with him. Bobby and Brian explained that love, whether gay or straight, is a very precious commodity and that it should not be rushed into without consideration. Bobby told them that if they had any doubts then wait, especially if they questioned their sexuality. Bobby did tell them that even if they decided that being gay was not for them, that they should treat all people with dignity.

As the day ended, all slept with wonders of what commitment would bring to them. They arose and met for breakfast and prepared for the ceremony scheduled for noon. Everyone readied themselves and moved to the main deck area. There were almost 500 people dressed formally, either in tuxedos or formal gowns. Standing above them was a middle-aged woman and a young man dressed in ministerial garb. The woman began speaking to the crowd.

"We are gathered for love." she began. "Everyone here wishes to pledge their love to those who mean more than life. There are people, who love is not recognized by their own countries, but it is still real in their hearts and souls. Love is forever and these people will be committing their beings to each other."

"We ask the partners to face each other." the young man said.

All of the participants did and held the hands of their partners.

"Do you pledge your lives and loves?" the female minister asked. "And do you commit your beings to each other from now until forever? And do you do this with no hesitation at all? If you do, please say `I do.'"

The reverberation the response was deafening and probably had people in the Caribbean wondered what the noise was.

"If you have tokens of love to exchange, please do so now." the young man said.

Rings and other tokens were exchanged with pure love between the couples. They hugged and kissed, knowing this was a lifetime.

"I pronounce you partners, soul mates, lovers, for now and forever." they said together. "What we have done, let no one divide."

Cheers emanated from the group and a buffet lunch followed. There was laughter, pictures, and generally warm feelings ran freely. Bobby and Brian had champagne ordered with everyone enjoying a toast. Bobby then noticed a somewhat familiar face. A man, who appeared to be about 60 years old with graying hair but a very nice build. Bobby seemed to be drawn to this man. As he approached the man smiled wider with each step Bobby took. The gleam in the man's eyes stirred emotions in Bobby's soul. He realized who it was and then he saw who the other person next to the gentleman was - Tony and Tim. Bobby was overcome with emotions that he ran to both men and hugged them tightly.

"Careful there big man." Tony said, as he gave Bobby a kiss on the cheek.

"Where have you guys been hiding?" Bobby queried.

Tony explained the situation after Tim was paroled, he took Tim in as a favor to Bobby, but fell in love with the man. They decided to sail with the cruise, but Brian called Tony to tell him what was in store. Tim told Bobby he heard what he did and truly appreciated what he did for Tim. Bobby told Tim that he always appreciated what Tim did for him and knew that he was a great person. Tim told Bobby that Dale went home and he did hear from him that the young boy was now a teacher at a boy's school in New York. When the raid happened, Jose was gone and they never found out what happened to him. Bobby led the two to meet his family and friends. After introductions, they all sat and talked about what life would have been like without Bobby. Jack's parents pulled Bobby and Brian aside to tell them something.

"We love Jack and want what's best for him." Mr. Nugyen said. "Tom is a wonderful boy, but we want to make sure they will be happy."

"Mr. and Mrs. Nugyen." Bobby started. "Brian and I go back for a long time and we want only the best for them. We will support them emotionally and make sure they will finish school."

"We wanted grandchildren." Mrs. Nugyen said. "Now we won't."

"I will say this." Brian chimed in. "Tom is my son which was done through artificial insemination. I am so proud of him and I want you to know, they both want a child also. I just hope they find a wonderful woman who will make their child special like Barbara was to Tom."

The four left the lounge together, smiling and agreed to be there for the two boys in any situation. Bobby told the Nugyens that no matter what he would make sure there would be no drugs allowed by the boys. As they rejoined the group, they were greeted by hugs and kisses. The entire ceremony continued deep into the night. Those who wanted a special ceremony to exchange their own vows. Bobby and Brian did this with just the family with them. Pledging their undying love, the two who started very precariously as teens, came full circle to finalize their true nature. After the ceremony they went to the shows. The performers on the ship took requests of songs, while the guests danced and had a wonderful time.

As each broke for their own cabins, Bobby and Brian had another surprise by giving each friend and family member a ring, each engraved with their names and the date of the ceremony. As each exchanged the rings of their partners, the tears flowed and each gave Bobby and Brian huge hugs and kisses. The consummation of love filled the rooms as each enjoyed their lover's body and made sure that their love would succeed.

The last day of the trip was the most memorable. The cruise ship was going to have a talent show that night and Bobby planned to surprise everyone by performing. He signed up and rehearsed the song he selected with the ship's band. After dinner, there was a large group in the theater. Bobby was the fourth performer and when he was introduced, he nervously took the stage. As he took the microphone, he glanced and saw all those who loved and cared for him in the audience.

"This song is for all who know love." he said. "I have been lucky to have a love in my live and many who care for me."

The band started to play and Bobby's rich tenor voice rose over the crowd with his rendition of `Love Changes Everything' from Aspects of Love by Andrew Lloyd Weber. As Bobby sang, one could feel the love that emanated with the words. As he finished there was a thunderous applause that followed him off the stage. Bobby was met by Brian, who gave him a wonderfully passionate kiss that bought further applause.

As they went to bed, Bobby and Brian made love as if they were teens again. With love in their hearts, Bobby slowly plunged his cock in and out of Brian's hole, while they kissed. Brian wrapped his legs around Bobby's waist to pull him further into his hole. As Bobby erupted into Brian, it was one of the few times that he wished that Brian was a woman so he too could have a child. He knew that his love would overflow to a child that he and Brian could raise. Brian then slowly made love to Bobby. They held each other, never wanting to let go. They kissed and Bobby playfully tweaked Brian's nips. Brian enjoyed the feeling that Bobby was giving him as he worked his ass muscles around Brian's hot dick. As Brian released deep into Bobby, he thought nothing could never be better. Bobby was not finished though. As Brian softened, Bobby used his ass muscles to bring Brian to full mast again. Bobby then spun Brian on his back and slowly rode the cock that filled him with love. Bobby would bring Brian to the brink, only to stop the climax. He would then do it again, and again stopping right at the brink of eruption, only to bring it to a let down. Bobby did this three more times until Brian was ready to do anything.

"OH GOD!" he exclaimed. "I NEED TO CUM! PLEASE LET ME!"

"On one condition." Bobby said with a sinister grin. "Let's have a baby."

Brian looked at him in disbelief. He could not understand that he was being tortured because his love wanted a baby. He was ready to throw Bobby off, but was outmaneuvered when Bobby again brought him to the edge of ecstasy, only to stop.


With that Bobby twitched his ass muscles to let Brian's jizz erupt. The force was something that Bobby was not expecting. The first shot hit his prostate so hard that he blew his own load all over Brian's body. Brian flooded Bobby's hole that the white juice flowed out and onto his legs. Finally the two collapsed and glued to each other with Bobby's semen holding them together. Bobby would not let Brian out of his rectum and kissed him passionately.

"Thanks for this present." Bobby said. "You're so wonderful."

"But why?" Brian asked.

"I want a baby for us." Bobby said. "It would be someone we can love together. Even you admit you did miss watching Tom growing up."

Brian knew in his heart he wished he were there for Tom, to watch him grow into the fine young man he was now. Barbara was a wonderful about keeping Brian up-to-date on Tom, but he had the emptiness of not seeing him grow. Brian kissed Bobby and knew the perfect person who would carry the baby for them.

"Bobby, I know the person to help." Brian said. "She offered to have my baby anytime."

"Who?" Bobby asked excitedly.

Brian said there was a girl where he ran his business who said she would love to have his child. Brian did tell Bobby that he told the girl he was gay, but she did not care. She said she knew Brian was a good person who would raise a fine child. Brian told Bobby that if he wanted that they would visit her when they got back. They fell asleep to rise to a new day and a new destiny.

The group put their luggage outside the door of their cabins for the porters to collect. As they arrived in Miami, the group went through customs for declaration, then loaded onto the vans to go to the airport. As they boarded the plane, Bobby wondered if this would work, to be a gay parent and to make sure the child would grow up happy and healthy. The flight to Atlanta, then to Columbia was uneventful. As they loaded in the vans, Bobby and Brian began discussing the possibility of a baby. Everyone was listening in the van and smiled that the two lovers were planning to have a baby.

"Does this mean I'm going to be a brother?" Tom asked.

Both men smiled and nodded. They wanted everyone to know what would be happening. They arrived at the house, unloading the vans, and went to relax. Bobby explained he would want to father a child and Brian explained that there was a girl who would be willing to do this for them. As the evening wound down, they departed either for their apartments or the hotel, but Bobby and Brian followed them back. All but the four teens and two men went to the hotel to relax. The teens went to the apartment, but could not get in the door. Bobby and Brian smiled at the four and presented keys to them. Bobby led Ben and Jimmy to one door, while Brian led Tom and Jack to another one next door. As they opened it, the wall between the two apartments was knocked out and a huge living room with a big screen television, huge sectional sofa, and all new furniture met the boys. The four teens looked at each other in amazement. They ran upstairs to find two bedroom suites with king-size beds and two computer rooms with brand new computers.

"What happened?" Jimmy asked.

"We figured that you would like a larger place to live." Brian said. "Let's say it's our wedding present."

All four gang-piled the two men with hugs. Jimmy began to cry, so Bobby went to him to see what the problem was.

"What's wrong Jimmy?" Bobby asked.

"I can't believe you are doing this for me." he said, sobbing. "But why?"

"Two reasons." Bobby replied. "First Joey and you made me feel alive again. But most of all you two brought my love back to me. I can't pay that back, but I can make you family. Remember the song I sang. It is true."

Bobby pulled the teen to him and held him tightly. Brian came over and held the two in his arms. After Jimmy finally stopped crying, he went to Ben and pulled him to his body and felt the love from his new life.

NOTE: I hope that this was not too long in the making. I hope to do better with the following idea. I plan to do the following chapters by doing one of the couples from the story and I want you, the reader to decide who should be first. The couples are as follows: Bobby and Brian (duh), Tom and Jack, Jimmy and Ben, Charles and Joey, Mike and John, Justin and Jack, Jason and Mark. You tell me who you want to see in the next chapter and I will keep the tally. As each succeeding chapter comes out, they will involve the other couples as they finish in the vote. Please send you votes and comments, good or bad to Please do me one favor. With seven stories in Nifty, please tell me which story you are writing me about. The following song is the one mentioned in the story. I have sung this song at many weddings. I feel that it my signature song since the first time I heard it I felt that I knew it. I had the opportunity to hear it at a concert for Andrew Lloyd Weber and I knew the words, I felt that it was part of me and I have used it quite often since. Please enjoy.






Love - Love changes everything.

Hands and faces, earth and sky.

Love - Love changes everything.

How you live and how you die.

Love can make the summer fly.

Or a night seem like a lifetime.

Yes love- Love changes everything.

How I tremble at your name.

Nothing in the world will ever be the same.

Love - Love changes everything.

Days are longer, words mean more.

Love - Love changes everything.

Pain is deeper than before.

Love will turn your world around.

And that world will last forever.

Yes love - Love changes everything.

Brings you glory, brings you shame.

Nothing in the world will ever be the same.

Off into the world we go.

Planning futures, shaping years.

Love bursts in and suddenly.

All our wisdom disappears.

Love makes fools of everyone.

All the rules we make are broken.

Yes Love - Love changes everything.

Live or perish in its flame.

Love will never let you be the same.

Love will never let you be the same.

Love changes everything.

Hands and faces, earth and sky.