The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: As each broke for their own cabins, Bobby and Brian had another surprise by giving each friend and family member a ring, each engraved with their names and the date of the ceremony. As each exchanged the rings of their partners, the tears flowed and each gave Bobby and Brian huge hugs and kisses. The consummation of love filled the rooms as each enjoyed their lover's body and made sure that their love would succeed.


Michael Jones and John Martin flew home a few days after the cruise. The left the Columbia Metropolitan Airport at 7:30 am to fly to Atlanta, then a connecting flight to San Francisco. Mike and Judy's divorce was very amiable and she did not contest joint custody with Mike. Judy also knew John and like them an who would have a part of her sons' lives. She also wanted to be near where the boys were, so she took a position with the city government in San Francisco.

As the plane finally landed at the San Francisco airport, Mike and John deplaned and were met by Judy of all people. Both men kissed her cheek and they went to the baggage claim area.

"So how was the cruise?" she asked.

"Fine." Mike said. "Beautiful weather all the way. How are the boys?"

"They're fine." she said. "And they want to see what presents you have for them."

The three laughed at the statement. Chris, the oldest boy, was 12 and would be 13 in January. Michael, Jr. had turned 9 just after Thanksgiving. As the bags appeared, the picked them up and departed for the car. They got to the car, loaded their bags in the trunk, got in the vehicle, and Judy pulled out the lot and drove. With the exception of small chit-chat about the cruise, the drive was unusually quiet. Mike knew something was wrong. As they got the house, Mike turned to Judy.

"Come in." he said. "You want to talk don't you."

"How do you know?" she asked.

"Come on." Mike responded. "We've known each other since the sixth grade. We're too much in synch."

The three went into the house and sat in the living room. John went to get something to drink and sat next to Mike. Judy looked at them enviously and then saw the matching gold bands. Though she was jealous, she was happy for them, too.

"Well I have two things to tell you." she said. "Michael got into a fight after school yesterday. A kid called him a queer boy. He was suspended for hitting the other boy. I have to go to school tomorrow."

"I'll be there also." Mike said. "What's the other thing?"

"I've fallen in love." Judy said.

"Well honey." Mike responded. "I'm happy for you. So who's the lucky person?"

Judy could not tell Michael. She would have felt like a hypocrite after her first reaction to his affair with John. How could she tell him she was in love with another woman and had for five years.

"Ann Barstow." she said silently, ready for the ridicule.

John and Michael looked at each other and smiled. They rose, pulled Judy to her feet, and hugged her tight. The two men kissed her on her cheeks and sat on the couch with her between them.

"So have you told the boys?" Mike asked.

"Not yet." she responded. "I also want her and her two kids to move in with me."

"Here's what we do." John suggested. "Bring the boys over for dinner and we'll tell them together."

"You guys are great." she said as she rose to leave. "Oh by the way, congrats."

"For what?" John asked.

She nodded to their rings and smiled. As she left, the two men unpacked and John called his office to see how things were going. He told them he would be in the next day. Michael called the precinct he worked out of and told them he would be in the next day.

The men climbed the stairs to their bedroom and undressed each other. Both men were the same height at 6' even and weighed about the same. John blonde hair with blue eyes and was very smooth. Mike had brown hair, brown eyes, and was very hairy. Their dicks were the same in size, 8.5", and thick. John was more of a bottom, but occasionally Mike would receive John's dick into his hole. As they reclined on the bed, Michael slowly licked and kissed John's body. Mike knew John's nips were ultra sensitive and kept him hard as a rock. Mike worked down to John's rod and swallowed the pole entirely. John felt Mike's throat around his cock and his precum flowed freely into Michael's stomach. Mike worked on John's dick for several minutes just to drive him crazy. Mike then moved down further to John's hole and ate the opening like a starving man. John writhed on the bed. After several minutes, Mike applied some lube to his hard cock and slowly entered John's hole. John's ass seemed to suck the dick in more. Mike's love wrapped his legs around Mike's waist. Mike slowly rode the hot ass with love. The two kissed and caressed each other with great passion. John's dick rubbed against Mike's hairy, hard abs and was ready to unload between them, but Mike had other plans. He grasped the cock at the base which stopped the flow. Mike was close and he proceeded to speed up and held John's rod. After several thrusts, Mike slammed home and spewed his cum deep into John's bowels.


Seven heavy blasts of man cream filled John and Mike collapsed on his lover's body. Mike did have good recovery power and in a few minutes, his dick slipped out of the hole. Mike put some lube on John's cock and in his own pucker. He then lowered slowly on John and loved the fullness his lover gave him. Mike slowly rode John and leaned in to kiss him. With each movement, Mike hit his prostate with John's cock. His own 8.5" rod rose again and he loved the feeling as the precum oozed out of his tip. Mike milked John's cock and John was ready to unload his love juice into Mike's manpussy. Mike's rod was ready to release his second load of jizz and with one final push on John, the men released their cum simultaneously. John's white liquid filled Mike's ass while Mike's load sprayed itself all over John's torso. Both men collapsed in each other's arms and fell asleep. Mike woke up a couple of hours later, then realized that Judy and the boys would be over soon. He called for pizza and woke John. They showered and made sure they were clean all over. They dressed just in time for Judy and they boys to arrive.

"Dad." Chris cried out as he hugged him. "Daddy John."

"Daddy." Mike, Jr. yelled. "Daddy John. So what did you bring us?"

John brought out some t-shirts, toys, and candy from Puerto Rico. The boys thanked the men when the pizza arrived. Chris paid for the pizzas with the money his father gave him. They set up dinner in the kitchen. Everyone sat around the table and Mike turned to his youngest.

"So what is this about a fight?" he asked.

"Some kid said I wasn't a boy because my daddy is queer." Mikey said. "So I punched him."

"Well your mom and I are going to your school to straighten this out." Mike said. "But for the time being you are going to work with me during your suspension."

"Yes sir." the youngest boy said.

"Dad, I have to talk with you tonight." Chris said.

"Sure." Mike said. "Right now?"

"Later." his son replied.

"Boys I have to talk with you." Judy said.

They sat at the table as the boys looked at their mother intently. Judy tried to find the words to tell her boys she was a lesbian. They were accepting of their father so it should not be too bad.

"Boys, you know Mrs. Barstow?" she said.

"Yeah." they said almost in unison. "Our principal."

"Well I need to tell you guys something." Judy said.

"You mean you're in love with her." Chris said.

The three adults looked at this boy in awe. The big question was how did he know.

"How did you know?" Judy asked.

"Duh." Chris said. "First you go out with her all the time. Second I've seen you two kissing when you came home. And third, I saw you two in bed three years ago."

Judy felt embarrassed about being revealed by her son. Mike just kissed his ex and whispered not to worry. Chris seemed fine, but Mikey seemed to be upset.

"What's the matter son?" Mike asked.

"First you, now mom." he responded crying. "Why is this happening?"

Mike picked up his youngest son and held him. He held him to his chest and let the boy cry on his shirt. He let this pass until Mikey was ready to talk.

"Mikey, I can't tell you why things happen." Mike said. "All I can tell you is that your mother and I love you and your brother. So just remember that and you'll be just fine."

"What's if the kids tease me?" the younger boy asked.

"Walk away." Mike told him. "They are only using words."

"I love you Dad." Mikey said to his father and gave him a hug.

Mike, Jr. went and gave his mother a hug and kiss.

"I do have to tell you that Ann is moving in with us." Judy said. "And she's bringing her two kids."

A loud groan came from the two boys. They knew Ann Barstow's kids, a boy aged 7 and a girl, 3. They were okay, but they were trying to figure how they would be living in a three bedroom house.

"Well there is some good news." Mike said.

They were looking at him. He and John were sitting on the couch and smiled. Judy was trying to figure what was going on.

"Brian gave us a Christmas present." John said. "I got us a huge house with seven bedrooms and five baths. We were going to ask you to move in with us."

Judy and the boys looked at each other. Though they were not a normal family, the Jones' tried to maintain some sense of normalcy. Then the boys would be able to have their own rooms.

"Okay, we head to the house this weekend to see what it looks like." Mike said.

"Are we going to redecorate?" Judy asked.

"Yes." John said. "Those two brothers of ours said to decorate it as we want and send them the bills."

Mike got up and put his hand on Chris' shoulder and nodded to the den. They went to the den and closed the door. Chris sat on the leather couch in the room. He looked at is shoes.

"So Chris, what's up?" Mike asked.

"Dad, ummm." Chris hemmed. "I had a wet dream."

"Are you sure?" Mike asked

"Almost sure." his son responded. "I woke up and there was something sticky in my briefs."

"You're right." Mike said. "It was a wet dream. Don't worry son."

"Dad, I also have a girlfriend." Chris said. "And I like her a lot."

"Well Chris, you and I are going shopping tomorrow." Mike said. "But remember to act responsibly."

"It's not that Dad, but I need to ask you something." Chris said. "Ummm.. how do you jack-off?"

"Well there are various ways." Mike said with a smile. "I can explain them if you want."

"No Dad." Chris said as he turned beet red. "I want you to show me."

"Okay, I will." Mike said. "You and Mikey will stay the night. John and I will show you tonight."

"Thanks Dad." Chris said.

"Besides who is this girl?" Mike asked.

"Melanie Morris." Chris said. "We're in most of the same classes."

"Just remember to be responsible on dates." Mike told his son. "Abstinence is best, but never do anything without a condom."

"Duh, Dad." Chris retorted. "But can I ask why did you and Mom divorce?"

"We're not sexually compatible." Mike said. "But as tow people who are in synch emotionally, we're as one. And we had two good outcomes."

"What's that?" Chris asked.

"You and your brother." Mike said to him with a big smile.

They left the den and Mike told Judy that Chris and Mikey would be spending the night. Judy said she would bring clean clothes in the morning. She kissed her sons goodnight, gave John a kiss on his cheek, and the ex-spouses gave each other a tender kiss.

The boys had their own rooms in the existing house, but knew it would be cramped for any extra people. The boys got ready for bed and Mike explained what was going to happen tonight to John. John said he would stay out of it, but Mike said he wanted him there. But what Chris and John did not knew was that Mike was going to show Mike, Jr. - kill two birds with one stone.

When the boys were ready for bed, Mike called them to the master bedroom. They were dressed in a t-shirt and briefs that Mike kept there for emergencies. Mike was wearing just a robe and John came in with the same garb as his husband.

"Okay boys." Mike said. "Off with your t-shirts and briefs."

Both boys and John looked at the man as if he was crazy. Chris and John thought it would be Chris only. Mikey did not know what was going on and the three protested simultaneously.

"Quiet." Mike barked out. "I figured we would deal with the situation with both boys."

"But Dad." Chris protested. "I don't want Mikey in here. It's embarrassing."

"Come on guys." Mike replied. "It's not as if you haven't seen each other naked. You've seen both of us naked."

"But Dad." Chris whined. "He hasn't seen me know."

"Well now he will." Mike said. "It's natural so don't worry. Okay hop to it."

The boys slowly removed their clothes and turned red with embarrassment. Mike looked at his boys' cute forms and they were hard. Chris was developing a few hairs around the top of his cock and it was 3.5" long. Mikey was smooth with a hard 2" cocklet. Mike and John removed their robes and the boys were amazed at the length of their hard poles. Mike took Chris in hand and John did the same with Mike, Jr. Using their thumbs and forefingers, the men slowly rubbed up and down gently. Both boys were moaning through this pleasure.

"You see." Mike said. "You don't grab it like a bat and rub hard. Do it gently and smoothly, so that it will feel much more enjoyable."

"Dad, how come you don't use the whole hand?" Chris asked. "Why just your thumb and finger?"

"Well my hand is much larger than yours." Mike told him. "Use your hand on mine."

Chris gently grabbed his father's rod and slowly moved up and down. Mikey saw this and did the same to John's. The boys were fast learners, though a couple of times they were reminded not to grab harder and to slow down. Both boys noticed the precum that formed on the cocks on the men's tips.

"What's that?" Mikey asked.

"That is known as precum." John told the boys. "It's made to lubricate the penis so men may have sex with either a man or woman."

Both boys ran their fingers through the clear liquid and felt the stickiness. They rubbed it all over the heads of the man cocks they were working on. The men turned the boys so they could also play with the cute cocklets. The boys could not last long. Mikey was the first to achieve his orgasm. His body tensed and his eyes glazed over. After a minute, Mikey relaxed and seemed to be asleep. Chris was the next to release and Mike cupped his balls to gently massage the cum from them. The preteen shot a stream of boy juice to the middle of his chest. A few more dribbles oozed from the tip of his and he seemed relaxed.

"Shit Dad." Chris exclaimed. "That was awesome."

Mike pulled his eldest boy across his body and spanked him three times.

"What have I told you about profanity?" Mike said.

"Sorry." the pre-teen said glumly.

"Chris, I want you to use your brain." Mike said. "And profanity isn't it. Besides, you're right, it was awesome."

Chris decided to finish off his dad and John. He took each dick in hand and slowly moved his tactile units up and down, occasionally he would play with the heads. Both men elicited moans and their precum flowed over his hand. Mikey was still asleep and Chris manipulated their cocks masterfully. Both Mike and John were close and Chris saw their balls pull taught. A minute later both men exploded cum.



After they unloaded cum on their faces, chests, abs, and groins, the two men began kissing. Mike had laid on top of John, then he felt a stinging slap across his cheeks.

"What the...?" he cried out.

"No profanity." Chris said with a wicked smile on his face.

Mike realized he was caught by his own words and began to laugh. John joined in the laughter, then turned on his stomach only to feel three swats on his cheeks. He looked up and all three Jones boys smiled at him.

"Profanity." Mikey said when everyone realized he was not sleeping.

"Okay." Mike said. "Profanity jar. A quarter for any inappropriate language."

"Okay Dad." Chris said. "But that goes for everyone, right?"

Mike smiled and he saw the intelligence in the eyes of his son. He was so proud of his boys and hoped that their lives would be wonderful. Obviously, his oldest found a girlfriend and he was happy for him. All he hoped was that she was as wonderful as Judy and that whomever he does wind up marrying was nonjudgmental. Mikey saw the cum on his father, surrogate father, and brother, then dipped his finger into it. He brought it to his nose and sniffed. He did taste it and thought it was salty, but not bad. He licked the bodies of the three spunk producers. Chris, who had never tastes sperm, tried a little off his dad's chest and thought it was not too bad. After Mikey made sure all three were cleaned, he laid on his dad's chest. Chris went to John and snuggled up to the man. Mike pulled the covers over them and they fell asleep quite content.

As the sun tried to break through the clouds, Mike rose and told the boys to get up. He went and got his shower, then dressed in his suit. Mike was a detective for the SFPD and the boys were proud of him. John was a banker and was very successful. Judy arrived as Mike was coming downstairs and they went to the kitchen, where Mike make each of them a cup of coffee.

"So how did last night go?" Judy asked.

"Fine." Mike said. "The boys behaved, except Chris used some profanity so I spanked him. Then both John and I did the same, so Chris got his revenge."

"I would have to have seen that." Judy said. "Why did Chris need to talk with you?"

"Man stuff." Mike said.

Judy gave him the look of don't give me that man stuff line. Mike knew she would never have let it rest so he told her.

"First, he had his first wet dream." he told her. "Also he has a girlfriend. And he wanted to learn how to masturbate."

"Oh." Judy said, blushing slightly.

"And I taught Mikey." he said. "Figured kill two birds with one stone."

"Well I guess we need to give Chris more privacy." Judy responded.

"To a certain point." Mike said. "But he's becoming a teenager and we need to make sure he's not doing drugs."

"Mike, I just want you to know." Judy said. "I'm glad we're still friends."

"Same here." Mike replied. "I knew we were of a like mind and I know that will never change."

They hugged and kissed. John, Chris, and Mikey walked in the kitchen. John felt a slight pang of jealousy at the scene.

"Ahem." John said. "And what do we have here?"

Judy and Mike looked at the trio in the entrance and smiled. Judy gave the boys their clean clothes and Mike went to make sure they got ready and not play around. John got himself a cup of coffee and both he and Judy sat down. Judy saw the upset look on his face.

"John, I know you're upset." Judy said. "But you know our past. All I can say is I'm glad you're part of their lives. And besides, I knew about you two years ago."

John looked at her as he was a stunned sheep. How could she have known? Judy looked at him and smiled.

"You know Mike's sleeping habits." Judy said. "And the worst one is..."

"Talking in his sleep." John completed the sentence. "Shit."

With that he got up, pulled a large jar from under the sink, and dropped in a quarter. Judy saw this and gave John a quizzical look.

"Oh, the profanity jar." he responded. "Inappropriate language costs the offender a quarter."

"John, I still love Mike as a friend and as the boys' father." she said. "But I love you because you're a sweet man who is there for Mike when he needs a friend, not just a lover, the most. And you love the boys."

Judy kissed John tenderly and they hugged. Mike and the boys walked back into the kitchen. Mike was happy to see any problems between the two resolved. But he decided to have fun.

"Okay, what are you doing with my husband?" he said with a feint hurt voice.

The boys on the other hand did not realize what the meaning was. They noticed the matching gold bands and Mikey ran from the room. Chris just looked at his father. Mike took Chris by the hand and found Mikey in the den crying. He sat both boys down and looked at them.

"Boys, you know I love John." he told them. "When we were on the cruise, we had a commitment ceremony along with Uncle Bobby and Uncle Brian."

"So are you married?" Chris asked.

"Legally no." Mike said. "But we pledged our love for each other."

"Daddy, do you still love us?" Mikey said through his tears.

"More than life itself." Mike said. "It's now you have three people looking out for you. And if Mom and Ann decide to have a commitment ceremony, there will be four."

Mike hugged his boys as they collected themselves. They walked back in the kitchen and the boys had cereal and juice for breakfast. They noticed the jar on the counter and a couple of dollars already in it.

"The profanity jar." John reminded them. "I've been a bad boy."

"And I've been a rowdy sailor." Judy chimed in.

They all had a good laugh and the boys rinsed out their dirty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher. As they left, the boys went with Mike. John kissed his lover, the boys, and Judy, then departed for the bank. Judy followed Mike to the school and Chris told them good-bye when they got to the building. He kissed his mother and shook hands with his father. Mikey and his parents went to the main office to wait for the principal. A smartly dressed woman came out and invited them in.



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