The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "Well I have two things to tell you." she said. "Michael got into a fight after school yesterday. A kid called him a queer boy. He was suspended for hitting the other boy. I have to go to school tomorrow."

"I'll be there also." Mike said. "What's the other thing?"

"I've fallen in love." Judy said.

"Well honey." Mike responded. "I'm happy for you. So who's the lucky person?"

Judy could not tell Michael. She would have felt like a hypocrite after her first reaction to his affair with John. How could she tell him she was in love with another woman and had for five years.

"Ann Barstow." she said silently, ready for the ridicule.


"Ann." Judy said.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jones, please come in." the principal said.

They entered the office and sat down. Ann had seen Mike on a few occasions and they chatted every so often, but this was the first true conversation they would have.

"Ann, you know Mike." Judy said. "So what happened?"

"It seems Michael hit another boy." Ann told them. "I had no choice but to suspend him for a week."

"We understand that." Mike said. "And we fully support your decision. As a matter of fact this boy is coming to work with me during his suspension and will be doing some manual labor."

Mikey thought his father was joking until he saw the stern look on his father's face. Mike looked at Ann Barstow.

"But what happened to the boy who utilized disparaging remarks to my son?" he asked. "I'm assuming he was suspended."

"The boy denies making the statement and the boys with him support his story." Ann told them.

"Get them in here and we'll find out the truth." Mike said.

Ann Barstow had the four boys who were there called to her office. Mike suggested he interrogate them one at a time. As the four entered the main office, Mike saw his first suspect. Ann called him in and had him sit down. Mike began his questioning.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Billy Greene." the boy answered.

"Billy, my name is Detective Jones." Mike said as he showed his badge to the frightened boy. "I'm here because charges of assault were brought against this boy Michael."

Billy looked at Michael and became scared. He wondered what Mikey said about the fight. The young boy looked at the detective.

"Now Michael said someone insulted his parents and you were there." Mike said. "Is this true?"

"Ummm yes sir. I mean no sir." the boy said as he shook in the chair.

"Well which is it, yes or no?" Mike asked.

"Yes sir." Billy said. "I was there."

"Did anyone say anything about this boy's parents?" Mike said. "Remember, if you are lying, you can be arrested for perjury."

"Yes sir." Billy said, very frightened. "He called Mikey's dad a faggot and that Mikey was not a real boy because his dad is queer."

"Okay." Mike said. "Stand over there."

Mike told Ann which boy to bring in next. The second boy come in sat down. He saw Mikey next to Judy, then saw Billy standing against a wall. Mike showed his badge and began again.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Arthur Michaels." the boy answered.

Mike went through the same routine about why he was there and asked about the incident. Arthur was a bit more calm than Billy, but with more prodding, Mike got the same story. Again he had Arthur stand over by the wall. The next boy came in and Mike had him sit down. Again he showed his badge, why he was there, and Mike began questioning him.

"What's your name?" Mike asked him.

"None of your business." the boy shot back.

"Walter Johnson." Ann said to Mike. "Answer his questions or be suspended."

"No." the boy said.

"Mrs. Barstow." Mike said. "I will take this boy to the station for questioning."

Mike pulled out his handcuffs and told the boy to stand up. When the boy refused, Mike grabbed him by his shirt collar and cuffed the boy. The child's bravado melted quickly when he felt the cold steel against his skin.

"Mrs. Barstow." Mike said. "Please call this boy's parents and have them meet us at the station."

"I-I-I'll tell." Walter cried. "Charley Wilkerson did it. He called Mikey's father names so Mikey punched him."

Mike removed the handcuffs and ordered the boy to stand against the wall. Ann Barstow called Charley into her office and he came in with a sneer on his face. Then he saw his friends along the wall and they did not look at him. Mike told him to sit down and the boy slumped in the chair. Mike noticed the attitude with the boy and he knew this was a kid bound for prison. Mike showed him his badge and told him why he was there.

"I know who you are." the boy derided him. "You're the fag. So what do you want?"

"Simple boy." Mike said. "You lied about the events so I believe Mrs. Barstow will have something to say. I hope you enjoy your suspension."

"What?" the boy yelled as he jumped up. "You can't do that."

"Mr. Wilkerson." Mrs. Barstow said. "You are suspended two weeks. First for sexual harassing statements. Second for lying about the incident. I will be calling your parents about this."

"Fuck you bitch!" the boy yelled vehemently as he turned to Mikey. "And I'm gonna kill you."

Charley tried to lunch at Mikey, but Mike was between the boys. He spun Charley around and handcuffed the boy.

"Charley Wilkerson." Mike said to the straining boy. "You have the right to remain silent, which I suggest you do. You have the right to an attorney and have the attorney present during questioning. If you want one and cannot afford one, one will be appointed without charge. Do you understand this?"

"Fuck you!" Charley spat. "My dad will sue you."

"Charley, look over there." Ann pointed to his left.

Charley saw the closed circuit camera in the principal's office. The boy blinked and he realized that everything he did and said was recorded.

"Charley, you better understand this." Mike said to him. "You are looking at your father being sued for threatening my son's life and we have it on tape. I also have a feeling that you will be expelled for your tirade. So I would sit there and shut up."

"Mr. Wilkerson." Ann said to the boy. "For you sudden outburst, your are here by suspended indefinitely pending an expulsion hearing at the school board."

Charley's entire being seemed to crash in the chair. He realized his own mouth got him in too much trouble. Mike looked at the boy and realized that these boys needed to be scared straight, even at nine-years-old. He made a call to his office to set up a brief tour of the jail. Once he got the approval, he called each of the boys' parents to allow a brief field trip, which each heartily approved with no hesitation, except Charley's father. He was quite hesitant and Mike explained the full situation and Mr. Wilkerson approved with a condition - he be there also. Mike told him to where to meet them.

"Arthur, Billy, and Walter." Ann said to them. "For your part in terms of lying, you are here-by suspended for a week, but I will hold off pending today's field trip."

"Yes, ma'am." the trio said quietly.

"Okay, you five wait in the hall." Mike told them. "And you better be quiet."

The five boys were in the hall after Charley was uncuffed. Mike turned to Ann.

"Thanks for your help." he said. "And don't worry about Mikey. He won't be sitting at home doing nothing."

"Thanks Mike." she said. "I will agree to the same pardon if he completes this field trip. As a matter of fact I want to do a visit from prisoners."

"We'll try." Mike said. "But Mikey is to serve full sentence. No pardons."

He kissed Judy on the cheek and left to collect the boys. They were all lined-up and he led them to his SUV to take them to the precinct. Ann and Judy were still in the office.

"Your ex- is one tough individual." Ann said.

"He is." Judy replied. "His childhood was not an easy one and he plans to make sure his kids are well-behaved."

"So I see." Ann said. "I'm so glad that he's there for them."

"Oh, I need to tell you something." Judy said. "We will be moving."

Ann gave Judy a questioning look. Why would Judy move away from her and her kids? Judy saw the expression.

"Just to a new house." Judy said. "John and Mike's brothers bought them a new house. It's large enough for everyone to have their own room. Including us and Tony and Cari."

"You mean they want all of us to move in with them?" Ann asked in disbelief.

"John said we're family." Judy responded. "Including Tony and Cari. You said they needed a male influence. And I know they needed it since your husband died 6 years ago."

Ann came over and kissed Judy hard on the mouth. Her tongue danced in her lover's orifice. Both women embraced until a knock came at the door. They released and Judy whispered tonight in Ann's ear. Judy left to go to work.

Mike drove to the precinct and the boys unloaded once the vehicle stopped in Mike's space. They entered the building and Charley's father was waiting outside Mike's office. The men shook hands and Mike had the boys wait outside the office while the two men talked.

"Mr. Wilkerson, I'm glad that you came down." Mike told Charley's father. "I hope we can settle this quickly."

"I don't know what the big deal is." Charley's father said. "My son insulted yours and he was punched for it. Your son is suspended."

"Well it seems the remarks violated school policy on sexual harassment." Mike told him. "Also your boy and his friends lied about the remarks. All the boys have been suspended for that. Then your son went on a tirade that would put Saddam Hussein to shame. I have the evidence and technically your son is under arrest for threatening my son's life."

Mike put in the video tape that he got from Ann Barstow into the VCR in his office. Mr. Wilkerson saw and heard his son go crazy in the principal's office. The man felt ashamed of his son.

"Mr. Wilkerson." Mike said. "I just want to prevent this to go any further."

"Chuck." Wilkerson replied. "I didn't know it was this bad."

"That's why I set this up." Mike said. "It will be six cops and two non-violent offenders. But they will be pretty rough with the boys and the language will be ugly."

"Let's do this." Chuck said.

Both men left the office and Mike just waved to the boys. He took them through the booking procedures and printed each boy once. He had their mug shots taken, then led them to the cells. There were a few prisoners and they catcalled each of the boys who were afraid to go near the bars. Mike led them to a briefing room. There were five chairs on one side and eight facing them. Mike told the boys to sit in the chairs set up for them. Eight men walked in and among them were Justin Baker, Jack Billings, and Bill Carter. Mikey recognized the cops, but he also knew they did not take any grief from anyone. There were six white and two black men dressed in jumpsuits. These men were large and snarled at the boys. Mike stood to the side and looked at the boys.

"Okay, these men have committed various crimes and are here to serve their sentences." he said. "Some are awaiting trials, so they will talk about their crimes."

Justin rose from his chair and walked back and forth in front of the boys. Though he had gained some weight, the black cop still was an imposing figure to the boys. He turned and faced Billy.

"I'm in for attempted murder." he said. "I sent a guy to the hospital and he's in a fuckin' coma. My shit-ass lawyer said I'm gonna get 20 years."

Charley began to laugh and Justin moved in front of the boy. He leaned in so that Charley could smell Justin's breath. The boy's eyes opened wide with fright.

"What the fuck are you laughing at boy?" Justin said menacingly. "Ya think this is funny?"

"N-N-No sir." the boy said fearfully.

"Listen chicken shit." Justin said. "I could kill two of you little bitches before these cops could move and they can only execute me once."

All five boys sat very still and listened to the eight men. A couple of the boys were shaking and the eight men did not pull any punches. Their language was not proper and they wanted these boys to understand jail and prison is not something to experience. The last person to speak was Jack Billings. He moved in front of Charley to emphasize his point.

"Let me tell you boys." he began. "I raped little boys like you. And if you ever come to prison, I will guarantee you will be somebody's bitch. What are you going to do then?"

All five boys were almost in tears. The eight men performed their jobs to perfection. The eight were escorted out, while the five boys went through another door and into Mike's office. Mike and Chuck looked at the boys.

"Now, do you think you can handle this?" Mike said.

All five shook their heads no and were looking at the floor. Billy and Arthur were in tears. Walter and Charley were visibly shaken. Even Mikey, who knew most of the men, knew that prison was one place he never wanted to be.

"Charley, you need to control yourself." Chuck told his son. "It's up to Mr. Jones whether he's going to press charges."

"Charley knows what to do." Mike said.

Charley rose and faced Mikey. The boy could not look at the boy he antagonized that led to this moment.

"I'm sorry." he said quietly.

"Louder boy." Chuck said. "And you better mean it."

"I'm sorry Mikey." Chucky said louder. "And I'm sorry Mr. Jones."

"Now I'm going to take you back to school." Mike told the boys. "My son is still on suspension. You three will be given detention for a week. Charley, it's up to Mrs. Barstow on your punishment."

"I'm going to recommend a week's suspension." Chuck said to his son. "No arguments."

"Yes sir." Charley said quietly.

"And there will be some changes around the house." Chuck told his son.

Mike loaded the boys back into his SUV, then drove back to school, with Chuck Wilkerson behind them. They pulled into the school's parking lot, unloaded, and entered the building. As they proceeded to Mrs. Barstow's office, Chris was walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend.

"Hi Chris." Mike said to his son. "So who's this?"

"Melanie Morris." Chris said. "Melanie, this is my dad."

"Hello Mr. Jones." she said coyly. "How are you today?"

"Fine Melanie." Mike responded. "So Chris, when are you going to invite her to dinner?"

"Dad!" Chris said with embarrassment.

"Melanie, please come to dinner Friday." Mike said. "And please bring your parents."

"Thank you, I will." the girl said.

The two pre-teen kids walked down the hall. Mike smiled and they arrived at Ann Barstow's office. She showed them into the office and the boys sat down. Ann shook hands with Chuck and the three adults looked at the boys.

"Walter, Billy, and Arthur." she began. "You will be given a week's detention. Do this again and I will suspend you for a month. Michael, you are still suspended and from what I gather, your father will be keeping you busy. Charles, your suspension is for a week. If your temper shows itself again, you will be expelled."

"Yes ma'am." the five boys said in unison.

"Charley." Chuck said. "You will be going with Mr. Jones each day during your suspension. And you will do what he tells you."

"Yes sir." Charley said.

The three boys who had detention were excused to go to class. Ann had Mikey and Charley's assignments brought to her. She gave them to the respective parents and the men were ready to leave.

"Thank you Mr. Jones." Ann said. "I'm quite sure the boys were impressed with the jail."

"I just hope they realize prison is full of people who can't keep their mouths shut." Mike replied. "Or keep their tempers in check."

The men collected their sons and walked back to the parking lot. As the boys got in the SUV again and buckled up, Mike and Chuck shook hands again.

"Mike, I do apologize for Charley." he said. "Though I don't agree with homosexuality, I think what Charley did was totally unacceptable."

"Chuck, I appreciate your honesty." Mike said in reply. "I would like to invite you and your family to dinner one day."

"Sure." Chuck said.

The men said good-bye and Mike said he would drop Charley off in the afternoon. He got in the SUV and drove back to the precinct. As he pulled into his space, the boys were ushered into the building, and then stood in front of the captain's office door. Mike knocked and a voice said come in.

"Hi Captain." Mike said. "We have a couple of prisoners here for a week."

"What's the charge?" the captain asked.

"This one for assault with his fists." Mike responded as he pointed to Mikey, then turned to Charley. "This one for assault with his mouth."

"Mikey, Mikey, Mikey." the captain said. "I know you know better. What punishment shall we give them?"

"They have a week's suspension." Mike said. "I say some manual labor is on order, and of course after their school work."

Mike took the boys to his office and set the boys at a table. He gave them their homework to be done.

"Okay, get busy." Mike said.


NOTE: As I promised in the last chapter, no sex, but an interesting twist. The next chapter will have a very sad result in it. I hope that you are enjoying the story. Please do send any e-mails to along with the story name, since I do have all the stories in Nifty. Also please put your name and where you are from in the e-mail so I may add you to the readers' list.

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