The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "John, I know you're upset." Judy said. "But you know our past. All I can say is I'm glad you're part of their lives. And besides, I knew about you two years ago." ...

"John, I still love Mike as a friend and as the boys' father." she said. "But I love you because you're a sweet man who is there for Mike when he needs a friend, not just a lover, the most. And you love the boys."

Judy kissed John tenderly and they hugged. Mike and the boys walked back into the kitchen. Mike was happy to see any problems between the two resolved. ...

"Daddy, do you still love us?" Mikey said through his tears.

"More than life itself." Mike said. "It's now you have three people looking out for you. And if Mom and Ann decide to have a commitment ceremony, there will be four."


The boys worked in silence, while Mike was prepping for a case he was to testify next week. The phone rang and Mike answered it. A minute later he got up and called one of the clerks into his office.

"Joyce," he said. "This is Mikey and Charley. They are to work on their class work in silence. When they finish, have them clean this office."

"Sure Mike." she said. "What's up?"

"Major drug bust in the Castro district." Mike said. "I'll be back after a while."

Mike went to a briefing room, then got his vest from supply. He met up with Justin, Jack, and Bill. They left with six other officers and they drove to the site of the bust. It was a warehouse and Justin recognized it almost immediately. It was the same building where he found Bobby all those many years ago. They saw the various entrances and planned a joint attack.

"Okay guys." Justin said. "Be prepared for anything."

They all readied themselves, then crashed through the doors. As they entered, they checked everywhere people could hide. They got to a large door and tried it. It was locked, so they used a battering ram. No sooner did the door crashed down, shots rang out. A searing pain ripped into Mike's right leg and he dropped to the ground. He crawled to the side and then tried to stand. Gunfire continued and Mike fell again. He moved through the door and saw one of the dealers in the rafters. He pumped his shotgun, aimed, then shot the person. The dealer crashed to the ground. After ten minutes, the gunfire ceased and Mike looked at his leg. He was hit by a shotgun and he was bleeding profusely. Justin came over and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, but Mike passed out from the pain.

The news reached the precinct and Joyce heard what happened. She immediately called Judy, who said she would get Chris from school, then collect Mikey. Joyce then called John, who left his office immediately. They knew that all cops wounded would be taken to Saint Francis Hospital. Joyce walked to the boys and sat with them.

"Mikey." she said. "Your dad's been hurt. He's going to the hospital."

"NO!!!" Mikey shrieked as he tried to bolt for the door.

Joyce held him, but the boy struggled against her grip. Several officers entered the office and had to hold the boy.

"I WANT MY DADDY!!!" Mikey cried out.

Charley looked at the scene and Joyce took him to the desk.

"What is your dad's phone number?" she asked.

Charley told her and she began to dial the number. This was something the boys did not expect. Though Mikey did hit him, he did not want to see the boy hurt because his father was trying to get drugs off the streets. Mikey still struggled against the sea of humanity, but Charley walked over and held his hand. Mikey looked at the boy and began to cry. Charley instinctively held Mikey to him. The two boys held onto each other. Chuck Wilkerson and Judy Jones entered the office at the same time to see the boys clung together. Judy touched Mikey's shoulder and he grabbed for her.

"I wanna see Daddy." Mikey cried.

"Get your stuff." Judy told him.

"Charley, let's go." Chuck said to his son.

"Dad, can we go to the hospital?" he asked his father.

Chuck looked at Judy and she nodded her head. The foursome left and they went to Saint Francis. They entered the emergency entrance and went to the reception area. John was already there waiting when Judy, Chris, Mikey, Chuck, and Charley came over. John had been crying but tried to show a brave face to the group.

"John, this is Chuck Wilkerson." Judy said. "Chuck, this is John Wilkerson, Mike's husband."

The men shook hands and they sat down. John gave the group the news.

"He was shot in the leg." John said. "They said he might love it since there was extensive damage. They took him into surgery a little while ago. Justin is in the back with him."

No sooner than he made the comment, Justin came out to the family. He had been crying and then he slumped into a seat. Judy kissed the man on the cheek.

"What happened?" she asked.

Justin relayed the events to the group. He said Mike was hit and still was able to take one of the suspects down before passing out. They had been a dozen teens who had been cooking crack. There was a huge amount of drugs and money in the warehouse. He had called Bobby and Brian and they said they would be in town on the next flight. They said they would call Bobby and Mike's mother and sister.

"He's going to lose his leg." Justin said. "I'm so sorry."

"Why?" John asked. "He knew what he was going to do and we all know this could have happened. We're going to be here for him."

"He was my responsibility." Justin said. "This shouldn't have happened."

"Justin, you have been there for Mike's family." Judy said. "And you'll still be there. Did you get the drugs?"

Justin nodded and mentioned a huge load with a street value of $150 million. He also mentioned the confiscated weapons and actual cash of $7.5 million.

"That means all of you did your job." Judy said. "And let me say that Mike wanted to make sure his kids and their friends were safe. We all knew the risks he took as a police officer. We're not happy about this, but we knew that it could have happened."

The group settled down for a long stay. The kids went off to talk. The adults were talking and tried to keep their minds off the situation. An hour later, Bill and Jack arrived with the captain. They were brought up to date on what was happening. They sat down and talked about the clearing of the warehouse. They were told the names of the people involved with the drug dealers. Only one survived the shoot out and they were told the one Mike shot was 13-year-old. Judy called the boys over so they could hear how old the boy with the weapon was. They also were told that Mike was the one who killed the boy.

Three hours later the doctor came out and was swarmed with a mass of people. They all tried to talk, but the doctor asked them to be quiet. John stepped forward and looked at the doctor.

"You must understand everyone here is worried about Mike Jones." he said.

"Well he's out of danger." the doctor said. "He's resting in recovery and then we'll move him to his room."

"Do you have a private room, a suite perhaps?" John asked.

"Yes, but his insurance won't cover it." the doctor replied.

"How about the leg?" Judy asked.

"Good news and bad news." the doctor responded. "We saved the leg, but he will be permanently disabled."

The three boys jumped with glee until Judy told them to be quiet. She turned back to the doctor.

"How bad?" she asked.

"He'll be in a brace from this point." he answered. "He will be in rehab for quite a while."

The group just sat and enjoyed the moment, but knew that the road ahead would be long and arduous.

"When can we see him?" Judy asked.

"Not until tomorrow." the doctor replied. "He will be sleeping the rest of the night."

"I'll be spending the night." John said. "Judy, bring the boys in the morning."

"And who are you?" the doctor asked.

"I'm Detective Jones' husband." John retorted.

"That gives you no special rights." the doctor said snidely.

An argument ensued which the doctor stood his ground. Chuck, who had seen the love and support between the group and Mike, decided to step in the fray.

"Doctor, I think you should know something." he said frankly. "I don't support homosexuality, but if you do not allow Mr. Martin, I will be back with a court order."

"Are you a lawyer?" the doctor asked very rudely.

"As a matter of fact I am." Chuck responded.

The doctor relented, but walked away muttering. John turned to Chuck and extended his hand.

"Thanks." he said to the lawyer. "I know this goes against everything you believe in."

"Listen, dickwads like that irritate the hell out of me." Chuck said. "Go take care of Mike."

John went to the nurses station to see where they would take Mike. Judy kissed Chuck on the cheek. The cops thanked the attorney for the help. Chris and Mikey hugged the man also. Chucky hugged his dad also.

"I better be heading home." he said to the group.

"We better get back to the precinct, too." Justin said.

A cell phone rang and John answered it. A minute later he looked at the group.

"I've got to go." he said. "Seems like Brian and Bobby were able to get a flight with Mike's mom and sister."

"I'll get them." Justin said. "You stay here. I'll bring them by."

"Thanks." John said. "You're a great friend."

The group dispersed and John went to the room. Judy took the boys home and Justin went to the airport to get the foursome. He found the small band at baggage claim. Bobby saw the burly cop and hugged him. Brian did the same, followed by Bobby's mother and sister. They collected their bags and departed to the car.

"Justin, how is he?" Bobby asked.

"He's okay." Justin said. "But he's lost the use of his leg."

"Justin, did he lose his leg?" Bobby queried.

"No, just the use of it." the big man replied. "He has to wear a brace."

"Justin, what happened?" Mrs. Jones asked.

Justin relayed what happened and told Bobby it was the same building he was found in almost twenty years earlier. He said Mike was heroic and would get a medal. They arrived at the hospital and the four went to the room. John greeted and hugged them and they discussed what would happen. Brian said they would take care of the physical therapy. Bobby pulled John aside and asked who was involved. John relayed the names Justin told him. Now Bobby would not have gone to this extreme, but this was his brother.

"Mom and Dad will be flying in tomorrow." Brian told John. "And we're here for you."

They stayed for an hour and then went to the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Bobby got three suites and they got to their rooms, where Bobby placed a call when Brian went to get a shower. He called Tony and explained what happened and that he wanted to meet with him in the morning. They agreed on the time and place. Brian finished getting ready for dinner, then Bobby showered. He would meet Tony the next day for the finalization of his plan.

The two lovers met Bobby's mother and sister for dinner at the Top of the Mark. They sat and enjoyed a sumptuous meal. They finished and went to the hospital by taxi. They went to the nurse's station and went to the room. They were allowed to stay for a few minutes. Bobby leaned to his little brother and whispered something in his ear. Brian told John he would finish the closing of the house. The four left and went to the hotel.

Brian and Bobby closed the door to their room and kissed tenderly in the living room of their suite. Bobby then grabbed Brian and cried. He could see his brother in the hospital room with tubes and wires all over the place. He saw the leg elevated and the blood stained bandage. Brian led his love to the sofa and put Bobby's head in his lap as he caressed his brown hair. Bobby finally finished crying, then looked at his longtime sweet man.

"Make love to me." the man said to his lover.

Brian smiled and led Bobby to the huge king bed. Though he loved Bobby's thick cock in his ass, he could not refuse Bobby's request of his cock. They kissed as they undressed each other. Brian loved the hair that matted Bobby's chest and ran his fingers through it, occasionally he played with his nips. As they got to their slacks, they were removal quickly and Bobby got Brian on his back. Bobby kissed every part of Brian's body, just avoiding the hard cock and cum-filled balls. This drove Brian crazy until Bobby flicked his tongue along the head of the thick rod. As he slowly moved down, Brian bucked on the bed. Bobby then moved around and exposed his hole to Brian's tongue. Brian ran his tongue all over the hole and then tongue-fucked his lover. As they got each other nice and wet, Bobby pulled Brian over and on top of him. Brian turned and looked at his man deep in his eyes. He saw the love and the pain in them. Brian wished he could take the pain away. Bobby pulled his legs up to expose his hole and Brian slowly pushed his cock deep. He moved his hips back and forth as Bobby wrapped his legs around his husband's back to pull him in further. They were one as each knew the other's move and their love making was like watching a ballet between Rudolf Nureyev and Mikail Baryshnikov. Their bodies undulated with grace and each knew when the other was ready to shoot.

"Brian, I love you so very much." Bobby said.

"My love. My man." Brian told him. "There is only you."

They kissed and caressed as the hard 9" moved like a hot piston in and out of Bobby's love canal. Though they were in their late 30s, the men still had good physiques and Bobby's hard 10" moved between them and he was ready to blast his love juice. Brian felt this as he was ready to sear Bobby's cavern with his love. Both spewed their man spunk at the exact same time, Bobby between them and Brian in Bobby. Bobby's head cranked back and his eyes rolled in the top of his head. A loud growl escaped his lips as if here a beast on the prowl. Brian arched his back.


After several minutes, both men came down from their euphoria and Brian snuggled as the sperm glued them together. Bobby kissed the sweaty head of his lover. They fell asleep happy and contented.


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