The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: Justin relayed what happened and told Bobby it was the same building he was found in almost twenty years earlier. He said Mike was heroic and would get a medal. They arrived at the hospital and the four went to the room. John greeted and hugged them and they discussed what would happen. Brian said they would take care of the physical therapy. Bobby pulled John aside and asked who was involved. John relayed the names Justin told him. Now Bobby would not have gone to this extreme, but this was his brother.


In the middle of the night, Bobby had a nightmare. It was the warehouse and he was there during a drug raid. He had a semi-automatic weapon and was shooting. He saw a man go down, but he saw it was Mike. He shot again and it was John to die. It seemed everyone he shot was a person he loved. His body thrashed and woke Brian. Brian had dealt with Bobby's nightmares so he kissed Bobby on the forehead. Bobby's eyes fluttered opened and he saw Brian gazed down on him.

"It's okay baby." Brian said soothingly. "You just had a nightmare."

Bobby held his husband close and did not want to let him go. All you could hear was Bobby's breathing and Brian's licking the chest hair of his man. Bobby knew that his plan had to work so no one else he knew would be hurt because of drugs. They fell asleep again and Bobby had no other dreams that night.

The eldest Jones boy rose early as Brian had turned and was sleeping peacefully. Bobby took a shower, wrote Brian a note that he would be back soon, then jotted something else on another piece of paper, and then left. He caught a cab to the same corner where he first met Tony. The aging Italian stud saw this man whom he loved. As Tony approached in his limo, Bobby got in and kissed the man tenderly.

"Thanks for meeting me." Bobby said. "I know this is something you might not want to do."

Bobby explained what he wanted and handed the piece of paper he had written on to Tony.

"Bobby, but why this?" he asked. "These people didn't harm you."

"No, but their fucking relatives hurt my brother." he responded vehemently. "Now is payback. Besides, these people might be dealing drugs anyways. And I know you Tony, and your views on drugs."

Bobby hit Tony where he lived. He came from the belief that drugs are an infamita. Tony also could not refuse Bobby anything.

"Okay, I'll arrange it." Tony told him. "But remember, this will weigh heavily on your conscious."

"I know and I will deal with that." Bobby said. "Thanks Tony. Besides, how is Tim?"

"He's wonderful." Tony responded. "He's not you, but all he thinks about is making a life for us only. He loves me and I'm so very happy."

"Tell Tim I'll be seeing Dale next week." Bobby said. "I heard he met someone that he wants me to meet."

"Bobby, please look after your family." Tony said to him.

"I will." he told the wonderful man. "Just remember I will be grateful to you and I love you, too. You're so sweet and no matter what, I'll be there for you and Tim."

The two men kissed passionately, then Bobby got out of the limo. He was ready to try and hail a cab when a car pulled up. Bobby looked in and saw Justin and Jack.

"Get in." Jack told him.

Bobby got in and the car pulled away from the curb.

"So what were you two talking about." Justin asked.

"I told him what happened to Mike." Bobby said. "I thought he might want to know."

"Bobby, please leave this alone." Justin said. "The city is going to destroy that building. Let us end the nightmare."

"Sure, it's not your brother who was shot." Bobby said angrily. "It's not you that has to see his pain from now on."

Justin slammed on the brakes. All three men lurched forward. The large, black cop turned around and stared at Bobby. The anger boiled in his system and he almost forgot who he was."

"Listen." he began. "I was there when your brother was shot. I saw his pain. I was the one who rode with him to the hospital. And I'm the one who has to live with the guilt on his being shot."

Bobby lowered his head in shame. He did not realize who was there and what Justin was gong through. Though he could not tell him what he was planning, he had to apologize to his friend.

"Justin, I'm so sorry." Bobby said. "I got stupid and I shouldn't take it out on you. But you must know how I feel."

This softened the anger in Justin's being. He knew Bobby was suffering, but he knew that the man here today was a scared boy who needed guidance all those years ago.

"Listen you two." Jack said. "The one person who needs our help is lying in a hospital room. Now get over your egos and think of Mike."

"Please take me back to the hotel." Bobby said.

They drove him back and said they would meet him at the hospital later in the day. Bobby went to his suite and Brian was sitting in the living room with an annoyed look.

"So?" he asked rhetorically.

"I had to walk and think." Bobby lied to him, not wanting to talk about it. "Please let me have this space right now."

"Bobby, I know you're hurting." Brian said. "But you have to let me in when you are hurting."

Bobby plopped on the couch and turned to Brian. Though he gave Brian an idea of what his life was, Bobby decided to tell his love what was going on in his head.

"Bri." he began. "I told you about the drugs. But what you didn't know was it devastated me so much. When Justin found me, I was almost dead. I was having sex just for a fix. I wanted to forget the beatings and rapes. And I needed it to forget my life. I actually wanted to end it. Two people saved me - Tony and Justin. Brian, I want you to know where my hatred for drugs comes from and it almost cost my brother his life."

Brian saw a dark cloud of anger cover Bobby's face. He could feel the hatred with the words. Brian felt worried about Bobby's mental state. He took his love's hand and caressed the palm over so gently. Bobby seemed to calm down and realized he needed to get rid of his demons.

"Brian." he said. "When Mike is doing better, I need to go into therapy."

"And I'll be there for you." Brian said. "I love you too much to ever let you go through this alone."

They kissed and held each other until there was a knock on the door. Brian rose to answer it and the room service waiter entered with breakfast. Bobby's mother and sister came in and they sat in the small dining area. Brian made sure everyone was fed well.

"Brian, when are your parents coming in?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"Around noon." he replied. "I plan to meet them at the airport."

"I'll meet them." Bobby's mother said. "You go to the hospital. Have you got them a room?"

"They have the suite next to yours." Brian said. "We need to leave in an hour so we can see Mike."

"I'll take the boys shopping." Mrs. Jones said. "We'll meet the plane and come back in the evening for dinner."

"Mom you're the greatest." Bobby said. "And I love you."

"You better son." she said. "And your sister has something to ask you something."

"Suzie, what is it?" he asked his sister.

"I want you to give me away for my wedding." she said.

Silverware hit the china hard. Brian and Bobby looked at him and then their mother, who just smiled. Bobby rolled his eyes then smiled at the both of them and whispered women.

"You bet I will." he said. "But first I must meet this man."

"You will tonight." she said. "He lives in San Francisco and is an attorney. He's only 33 and I love him. His name is Anthony Marinotti, Jr."

Brian and Bobby looked at each other. Bobby knew Tony had a son, but he did not realize that he would be dating his sister. Before Bobby could say anything, Susan spoke.

"His father is a bit savory." she said. "It is rumored he's a mafia don. His son is a district attorney in San Francisco and I love him."

"Suzie, I just to meet your future husband." Bobby said. "And you'll have two to give you away. Mike and I have been trying to do that since you were six. No takers yet, until now."

The four laughed, especially when Susan came around the table and slapped Bobby's head. Bobby wondered how much Tony was involved in this match. He also looked at his sister and saw how beautiful she was, just like their mother. Bobby was happy now, but still needed to dispose of his demons.

They finished breakfast and went down to go to the hospital. Brian arranged a limo service for the remainder of their stay. The trip to the hospital was joyful, but still a nervous joy. They arrived and went to the room. Judy, the boys, John, and Justin were there. Mike was still asleep. Hugs were given all around and John gave them an update.

"He's been sleeping." the younger Martin boy said. "We're just waiting for him to wake up."

"We've got some news when he does." Bobby said. "Suzie's getting married."

Everyone kissed the bride-to-be and the boys wee jumping when a cranky voice rose over the din.

"Will you shut the fuck up." Mike said groggily. "I'm trying to sleep."

Everyone turned and looked at the sleeping man. Bobby ran to his brother and grabbed his hand. As he squeezed, Mike returned the pressure. His eyes opened and tried to get his bearings. He saw the crowd, then his elevated leg. He began to worry what had happened.

"Baby." John said. "You were shot. But you didn't lose your leg. You're alive my love."

"How come I can't move it?" he asked.

"Severe damage." Bobby told him. "You will wear a brace for the rest of your life."

Mike closed his eyes and visions of him as a cripple ran through his mind. All he cared about was ending it. Tears streamed down his face and he opened his eyes to see the worried looks on everyone's face.

"Leave us alone, please." Bobby said.

Everyone went out the door and Bobby turned to his brother and glared into his eyes.

"Don't even think about it." Bobby said. "Don't even think about killing yourself."

"Why not." Mike said. "I'm a fucking cripple."

"Don't you think I thought about it when I left home." Bobby said. "I could have done it many times, but I didn't. Brother, I love you and don't you even think about dying. Think about Chris and Mikey. And besides, we have to give Suzie away."

"What?" Mike asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, someone asked the crone." Bobby said as they laughed, even through the tears. "But you have us here for you. And you'll only walk funny, not stupid. You've been that even before being shot."

The younger Jones brother slapped his brother lightly across the cheek and hugged him tight. They cried openly because they were there for each other no matter what.

"It's gonna be hard." Mike said crying.

"But John, Justin, Brian, and I will be here." Bobby said. "And you know Mom will always be there for us."

They hugged again and cried more because of the situation. Bobby loved his brother too much to see him hurt. After several minutes a head popped in and looked at the two brothers.

"HEY! HEY!" John said. "Hands off. He's my Jones boy."

The two brothers wiped their eyes and Bobby hugged John. Everyone else came back in and hugged the wounded cop. The last was John, who gave the man in bed a deep kiss. Mikey finally broke the solemn moment with an off-the-cuff comment.

"Daddy owes a quarter." he said. "He cussed."

The adults laughed at the remark. Bobby had to turned to his nephews and smiled.

"Well, make that fifty cents." Bobby said.

The mood was more relaxed and the talk turned to the new house, the upcoming move, and the wedding. Chris mentioned his girlfriend and he began to be examined by everyone like he was a criminal. Bobby said they all go to dinner with Tony, Melanie, and her family. The doctor came in to check Mike's leg. He saw the crowd, but said nothing.

"Well you're coming along nicely." he said. "You should be out by the end of next week."

"Justin, I have a trial I have to testify at." Mike said. "It starts next Monday."

"Don't worry." the big man said. "We can get a continuance. No judge would deny that because of your injury."

"Then you begin therapy." John said. "And you will work hard my love."

"Now someone has to show the kids the house." Mike said.

"Don't worry." Bobby said. "We will."

"Who are you?" the doctor asked.

"I'm Mike's brother." he replied. "What is it to you? And this is my husband and John's brother."

"A bunch of faggots." the doctor said with a ugly sneer.

Justin saw the rage boil in Bobby rise and he had to intercede before the elder Jones boy attacked the doctor. Bobby was trying to reach the homophobic medical practitioner, but the bigger cop was holding him back.

"I would suggest you leave now." Justin said. "I don't know how long I can hold him back."

The doctor left the room in fear and Justin had to plant Bobby in a chair. Brian had to come over to and hold his man to calm him down. John went to Mike and held his hand. Their mother took the boys and Susan from the room and Judy was standing at the foot of the bed looking at the two set of brothers.

"Bobby that was very foolish." Justin said. "If you had hit that man, I would have had to put you in jail."

"I know, I know." Bobby said. "But that bastard said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I want him off Mike's case now. Call who ever is in charge of this hospital."

They were able to find the chief-of-staff, who appeared with the hospital security. The gentleman was about 60 years old and very distinguished. As he entered, he went to Mike and examined the cop's leg. He then moved to where Bobby was sitting and restrained.

"Can someone tell me what happened?" the doctor asked.

Justin decided to let cooler heads prevail and spoke to the physician.

"The doctor that was examining Mr. Jones seems to be homophobic." the large cop said. "He made some disparaging remarks to gays, especially his patient and the patient's family. The brother of the patient was reacting to his remarks."

The doctor picked up the phone and paged the original doctor to come the room. As they waited, the chief-of-staff asked everyone in the room what happened and basically got the same answers. The younger doctor entered and stood a safe distance from Bobby.

"Dr. Bradenton." the older man said. "Did you make insulting remarks to your patient and his family?"

"No I didn't Dr. Grover." the younger physician lied.

"Well it seems that I got the same answer to the question I posed to these people." Dr. Grover said. "And you just lied to me. I warned you about your attitude to your patients, no matter who they are. Consider yourself terminated as of right now. Please clear your locker now, then your office of your personal effects, and leave these premises. Capt. Johnston, please have two of your men escort this twit to make sure he doesn't take hospital property."

Two security guards escorted the man out of the room as he muttered fucking faggots. The older man turned to Bobby and gave him a stern look.

"Mr. Jones, I know you were provoked." he said. "But remember where you are and control yourself or you will be banned from this hospital."

"Yes sir and I do apologize." Bobby replied. "Please make sure my brother gets the best care."

"Mr. Jones, I will call in the top orthopedist in to consult." Dr. Grover answered. "He should be here this afternoon."

"Thank you." their mother said to the doctor.

The doctor and the remainder of the hospital guards left the room. The day was one that raised everyone's spirit. They talked about the therapy room they were going to add to the new house for Mike.

Tony got a call from his son. They spoke on occasion, but Tony, Jr. was not happy about his father's past life. But now he had good news for his father that he needed to share.

"Dad." Tony, Jr. spoke. "I'm getting married."

"Tony." his father said. "I'm so happy for you. Who's the lucky girl."

"Her name is Susan Jones." his son replied. "She's wonderful and we plan to wed in June."

"So when do I get to meet her?" Tony asked.

"Friday." the younger Marinotti told him. "Dinner with her family. And Dad, she knows about you."

"And?" his father asked.

"She loves me." Tony, Jr. responded. "And she still wants to meet you."

"Come by the office and we'll talk." Tony told his son.

They made their good-byes and hung up. Tony had gone legitimate for several years, mostly for Tim's sake. Their love proved to be Tony's turning point, but he still had connections with the underworld if there was assistance to be needed. He called a friend of his to find the families of the drug dealers. His friend gave Tony this as a gift for allowing him to take over the territory Tony had. He told Tony that he should have the information by Saturday. Tony also asked the building and the surrounding structures be bought by a dummy corporation. When Tony's friend asked why this was happening, Tony told him to get rid of drug dealers. They agreed to talk on Saturday.

Chris and Mikey went to school and they were surrounded by their friends to see how their dad was. Melanie hugged Chris and the reaction was embarrassing for the boy, but he was glad to see her. Charley, Billy, Arthur, and Walter saw the Jones boys and asked how Mike was. Since Mikey and Charley were to serve their suspension with Mike and now that was impossible, Ann Barstow allowed the boys to serve detention.

"He's okay." Mikey said. "But he will wear a brace for the rest of his life."

"I'm sorry Mikey." Charley said. "Your dad is a real man. Can I see him?"

"I'll ask my mom." Mikey said.

The boys went to class and it seemed that everyone went overboard in being nice to them. After a while, the Jones boys wanted the niceties to end. Chris went to Ann Barstow and explained the situation.

"Mrs. Barstow." he said. "We need to have people not to treat us so nice."

"Chris." she replied. "You must realize when a loved one is hurt, their relatives are showered with concern. It will pass. By the way, how is your father?"

"He's okay." Chris replied. "But he's gonna be in a brace for the rest of his life."

"He's a strong man." Ann said. "He'll do fine. Just bear with the unexpected niceties."

"Okay." Chris said. "Oh we get to see the house on Saturday."

"Tell your mom to call me." Ann said.

Chris waved good-bye and dealt with the kids. After school the boys were picked up by Brian in the limo. The kids climbed in the back and played with the buttons and television.

"Uncle Brian." Mikey said. "Is Daddy okay?"

"He's fine." Brian said. "John, Bobby, and your mom are there right now. And the new doctor came after lunch."

"Is Daddy mad what happened to him?" Mikey queried.

"Well he's not happy." Brian said. "But his mood changes when your uncle and mom harass him. I think Uncle Bobby is madder than your dad. Now, your grandmother and aunt want to take you shopping this afternoon. And there is another surprise. All your grandparents are here. My mom and dad came in this afternoon and we'll be getting them at the hotel."

"Cool." they said.

As they pulled up to the front of the hotel, Mrs. Jones, Susan, and the Martins got in. Bobby and Mike's mother kissed her grandsons, followed by the Martins. They decided to check some of the finer shops in San Francisco. They checked clothes for the boys and after three hours, the limo was laden with boxes and bags. The seven went to the hospital and went to Mike's suite. They entered and Mike was propped up as his sons entered the room.

"Please leave us alone." Mike said.

The rest of the group left and Mike motioned for his sons to come to the bed.

"Boys I know this was tough on you." he said. "But I'll be all right. I need for you to be strong for John and Mom. Will you do that for me?"

"Yes sir." they said simultaneously.

Mike pulled both boys to him and gave them both a kiss. He wondered what his life would be without the two kids he had with Judy. He could not imagine them not there. He also felt sorry for Bobby not having a child to love. The group arrived in the room again with Mike holding his sons, who fell asleep on either side of their father. Judy came over to wake them, but Mike shook his head no.

"So, who's up for dinner?" Brian asked.

Everyone agreed that they could use something to eat. Brian made a call and ordered Chinese delivery for what seemed to be an army. A knock on the door had caught Justin's attention. Jack, Bill, and several officers came in with flowers, balloons, and other gifts. Chuck and Charley were close on their heels with Charley's mom. After introductions were made, they placed a nice plant on a shelf in the room. Another knock and Melanie and her parents came in. Chris introduced everyone to Melanie and her family. A half-an-hour later another knock and a huge amount of food poured into the room. The food was set up and people served themselves buffet-style. They are where they could find a place to sit or stand. The boys heard the noise and smelled the food. After a couple of hours the nurses had to tell everyone they had to leave. As they began to filter out, Mike asked Melanie's family to stay behind.

"First, I'm glad to meet you." he said. "Despite the situation. Second, I don't know if Chris had told you about our family situation. I'm gay and so is Judy."

"Don't worry." Melanie's father said. "First the name is Ted and my wife is Marcy. Second it doesn't bother us since my brother is gay and I'm bi too. Melanie is very understanding with people of alternative lifestyles."

"Well I can tell you Chris is a good boy, despite my being his father." Mike said.

"He is more than welcome in our home." Ted replied.

"We would like to invite you to dinner when Mike gets out." John said. "That way we can to know each other."

"We would like that." Marcy said. "And I hope you get better. If you need a good therapist, I have a friend who is a wonderful physical therapist."

"Thanks." Mike said. "And thanks for coming by."

As they all left, John, Judy, and the boys were the only ones left with Mike. Judy gave John and Mike a kiss before she left with the boys. Mikey and Chris gave both their fathers a kiss and left with Judy. John sat by Mike on the bed and he leaned in to kiss his man. As their tongues merged, Mike got very hard for his man.

"So how are we going to make love now?" he asked.

"We're going to learn how to do this in new and exciting ways." John replied.

John lifted the hospital gown and dove on his lover's rod. Mike gasped for his breath when the feeling overcame him. John licked, sucked, and pulled on the iron member and pulled juices from Mike's dick. Mike groaned with great pleasure. So not to hurt Mike's leg, John angles himself on the opposite side. Mike did not last long as his cum boiled from his sac and blew into John's mouth.


John swallowed the huge load, but saved some for Mike. As Mike finally softened, John faced his man and gave him some of his own seed. Mike was caressing John's hard rod and wanted to have his daily protein intake. He unbuckled the belt on John's slacks, then undid his pants. As John pulled his pants and briefs down, his cock popped out. Mike pulled the pole into his waiting mouth in its entirety. John felt as if his cock was in a full vacuum and his being was pulled out from the slit end of his dick. He began to face fuck Mike's mouth with full intensity and he felt the wonderful tongue on him. Mike tasted the fantastic nectar from his love's rod and wanted more. He pushed two fingers in John's hole, teased his prostate, and produced more precum from his man's being. John knew he could not last much longer. He pushed his ass further on Mike's fingers and the wonderful sensation rose through his being. The first blast went deep into Mike's throat. He swallowed with each shot.


After six heavy loads and a couple of smaller ones, Mike released John's softening dick and they shared load with love. What they did not know was they were being spied on.


NOTE: I hope that everyone likes this latest chapter. This will be the last one for about three weeks. As I have told those who have emailed me that I will be going on vacation, so all my storylines will be on hold until I get back. And the story will have some more twists and turns. I always love to hear from readers with all comments, good or bad. Please write me at Please remember to put which story you are writing about in the subject line. Also please put where you are from as I will have you on the readers' list and show people our diversity as a people. Now for some good news. I heard from Andrew, and though his Alzheimer's has been messing with his ability to deal with steady conversations, he is happy to hear that the story is going on. Please keep him in your thoughts. Also please keep the victims in the Caribbean and Gulf Coast states of Hurricane Ivan in you thoughts as no one should have to deal with such a force.


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