The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the first installment:

Jimmy finished crying and looked at Bobby and Joey. Bobby kneeled before them and looked at them and just held their hands. The boys just fell to Bobby's arms and cried on his shoulders.

"Let's get your things and come back here." Bobby said. "After your performance tonight, I'll take you to my apartment and you can stay there and you can ride with me to Charlotte and give your farewell performances."

The boys realized they had someone who will look over them and they loved him for what he was going to do for them.

Night of the Strippers Chapter 2:

Jimmy and Joey climbed in Bobby's car to go and get their stuff from the Motel 6. As they went to the room, the twins looked at each other.

"Do you think we can trust this guy?" Joey asked Jimmy. "You know how that fat fuck that booked us wanted only to shove his dick in our mouths."

"I know, but I think Bobby is different." Jimmy replied. "I think he cares a lot."

They gathered their belongings and loaded it in the car. Bobby started to drive to his apartment, which was across from the hotel he managed. The twins noticed they were going back towards the hotel.

"I thought we were going to your apartment?" Jimmy asked.

"We are guys." Bobby answered. "I live across the street. It's convenient in case of emergencies."

As they pulled into the complex, the twins saw how the grounds were kept beautifully and the apartments looked new.

"Man this is awesome!" Joey exclaimed. "It must cost a lot to live here."

"Just a little above average of any apartment." Bobby said. "But it's worth the money."

They got to the apartment and saw the number 1129. Bobby pulled to the front of the apartment. They got out and went to the door. Bobby put the key in the door and opened it. They walked into a spacious living room. The twins saw a huge sofa with throw pillows all over it. To the right of it, under the window, they saw a matching love seat. There were 2 end tables by the sofa and a matching coffee table. They also saw a large 3-piece entertainment unit with a huge stereo system on the right. Joey opened the doors to the middle unit and saw a 45" screen television set, DVD/VCR combo, and a digital cable box. They also saw a huge video and DVD collection. Joey and Jimmy looked at each other thinking `Shit he must be rich.'

"Let me show you the rest of the place." Bobby said.

Just outside of the living room was a staircase and to the left was the kitchen and dining room area. They noticed the dining set was as meticulous as the living room. As they walked in the kitchen, they saw how modern it was. Bobby showed them where the pantry and dishes were kept.

"So what do you think so far?" Bobby asked, looking at them.

"Are you sure you're not rich?" Joey said with awe.

"Nope. Just worked hard and earned everything I have." Bobby told them.

He led them upstairs and they saw three bedrooms. One was turned into an office and workout center with a Bowflex. They saw another with a king bed, dresser, large closet, and 36" screen television. The third had a king bed, large dresser, walk-in closet, large screen television, and separate bathroom. They noticed another bathroom with a large tub and shower.

"So where are we sleeping?" Jimmy queried of Bobby.

"Your room will be here." Bobby responded, showing them the smaller of the bedrooms. "I hope that you like it."

The twins put their stuff in the dresser and closet, then tested the mattress on their king bed. They smiled at each other, thinking they were the luckiest boys in the world. Then Joey got a look of fear on his face.

"Jimmy, doesn't it appear strange he has another bedroom with furniture in it?" Joey asked his twin. "Why would he have this here unless he had plans to do something to us?"

Jimmy started to think the same and began to panic. They started to stumble over each other trying to get their belongings and run. Bobby heard the commotion and saw the boys running around.

"What's going on here?" Bobby said loudly, trying to be heard over the din. "Why are you guys packing?"

"We know you plan to have us for sex slaves." Jimmy said, glaring at him. "You just plan to use us."

Bobby was stunned at the remarks and then became extremely angry. He was so mad, his face flushed crimson. He moved to the boys and before they knew it, he backhanded them so hard they were knocked to the floor. The twins were so stunned, they could only sit on the floor holding the right side of their faces.

"What in the fuck would make you say that?" Bobby asked vehemently.

"Well you have this furniture." Joey said. "Why would you have it?"

"If you must know, my brother and sister do come to visit with their kids." Bobby told them. "My nephews stay here so their parents can get some peace and quiet. I am hurt that you thought that. If that's what you think, then get the fuck out."

Bobby stormed out of the room and went to the living room. He sat there stunned and angry that he opened his home to a couple of ingrates. He sat there for 15 minutes when Joey and Jimmy came down with tears in their eyes.

"We're so sorry Bobby." Jimmy said crying. "But we have been through so much we are wary of people."

"Yeah and we didn't think." Joey chimed in. "Bobby we are so very sorry for what we thought."

Bobby just looked at the twins. He tried to calm down, but he still felt hurt by the remarks upstairs. He thought carefully and sat back. He motioned to the love seat for the twins to sit down.

"Guys, remember I told you I was just like you when I was younger." Bobby started. He then began to tell the story of his youth to the twins.

I hope that you liked this installment. I know, I know, no sex. But this is the lead in to a longer part which there will be sex and violence.

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