The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: John lifted the hospital gown and dove on his lover's rod. Mike gasped for his breath when the feeling overcame him. John licked, sucked, and pulled on the iron member and pulled juices from Mike's dick. Mike groaned with great pleasure. So not to hurt Mike's leg, John angles himself on the opposite side. Mike did not last long as his cum boiled from his sac and blew into John's mouth.


John swallowed the huge load, but saved some for Mike. As Mike finally softened, John faced his man and gave him some of his own seed. Mike was caressing John's hard rod and wanted to have his daily protein intake. He unbuckled the belt on John's slacks, then undid his pants. As John pulled his pants and briefs down, his cock popped out. Mike pulled the pole into his waiting mouth in its entirety. John felt as if his cock was in a full vacuum and his being was pulled out from the slit end of his dick. He began to face fuck Mike's mouth with full intensity and he felt the wonderful tongue on him. Mike tasted the fantastic nectar from his love's rod and wanted more. He pushed two fingers in John's hole, teased his prostate, and produced more precum from his man's being. John knew he could not last much longer. He pushed his ass further on Mike's fingers and the wonderful sensation rose through his being. The first blast went deep into Mike's throat. He swallowed with each shot.


After six heavy loads and a couple of smaller ones, Mike released John's softening dick and they shared load with love. What they did not know was they were being spied on.


Mikey and Chris were looking at Mike and John giving each other pleasure. Chris turned to his brother and led him away. They smiled as they approached their mother, grandparents, aunt, and uncles.

"Did you get to ask him your question?" Judy asked.

"No ma'am." Chris said. "Dad was a busy."

"Bobby, could you take the boys home with you?" Judy asked. "I told Ann I would tell her how Mike is."

"Judy, they can stay at the hotel with us." Bobby said. "Just bring some clothes over in the morning."

"Thanks." Judy said. "No wonder your brother loves you."

She kissed Bobby and Brian on their cheeks and gave them huge hugs. She kissed Bobby's mother and Susan. Judy then knelt and hugged her sons.

"Behave for your uncles." Judy said to her sons. "I'll see you in the morning."

She kissed her sons and they climbed into the limo. Judy looked at her sons and got in her car. They drove off and the limo went to the Mark Hopkins. The boys were talking a mile-a-minute and Bobby was ready for a couple of rowdy boys.

"Okay, boys." he said. "So what did you spy on in your dad's room?"

The boys shut their mouths and stared at their uncles as if they were caught robbing a bank. Bobby knew what they saw and he began to laugh. He grabbed his nephews and hugged them.

"Don't worry." Bobby said. "I won't tell. But don't do it again. You wouldn't like it if I walked in on you and your girlfriend."

Chris blushed and gave Bobby a sly smile. Mikey wanted to ask what they were doing, but Chris squeezed his hand. Bobby saw that and put Mikey on his lap.

"You guys must not be afraid of asking questions." he said.

"Uncle Bobby." Chris asked. "Why do guys like to have sex with each other?"

"Chris, you have asked and age-old question." his uncle replied. "Tell me this, why do you like Melanie?"

"I get this feeling in my body when we hold hands." the preteen replied. "I feel I need to be with her."

"Well, when I'm with Brian, I feel the same." Bobby replied. "And when your dad is with John, he feels the same."

"But why did he marry Mom?" Chris asked.

"Well your parents knew each other for a long time." the man said. "They were so much as one it seemed they were meant to be together. But it seems they were alike in terms of their sexuality. Always remember you two are their pride and joy. As long as you grow into loving and happy people, they will be happy for you. They will love you always."

The two boys hugged their uncles and they began to talk about what was going to happen with Mike and his rehabilitation. Bobby assured them he would make Mike work out. They arrived at the hotel and the eight rode the elevator to their suites. As Bobby and Brian entered their suite with their charges, the boys were given the second bedroom.

"Okay guys, time for bed." Bobby ordered. "And no arguments."

The boys knew they were not to argue with their uncle. They went to the bathroom and saw the large tub. Chris filled the tub and saw the bubble bath. He poured it in and Mikey smiled at the foam. They shed their clothes and jumped into the tub. They splashed and played in the bath. Bobby and Brian came to the door and smiled to see their nephews playing and just being kids.

"Okay you two." Bobby said. "You better get our before you become prunes."

The two boys smiled at their uncles and tried to splash them. Bobby moved quickly and turned on the shower with cold water.

"HEY!!" the two yelled. "Not fair."

Bobby warmed the water and the twin terrors were clean. Bobby took Mikey out and dried him off. Brian slipped an oversized robe on the boy. Bobby was going to help Chris, but the older boy refused. He seemed to blush.

"Okay guys." Bobby said. "Let's give him some privacy."

The three left and Brian put Mikey to bed. The boy snuggled under the covering and smiled at the two men who looked down at him as guardian angels. Chris appeared a few minutes later and Bobby escorted him to the living room area.

"Hey big man." Bobby said. "Never be ashamed about getting an erection. It's natural and now you are growing, you will need to have more privacy. With the new house, you will get it."

"Uncle Bobby." Chris said. "I've heard Mom and Dad mention something about you, but they stop when Mikey or me come in the room."

"Well Chris, it's about my past." his uncle said. "I just don't think I should tell you without your parents permission."

"How come?" the boy asked.

"It's not exactly nice and I want your parents to know when I tell you." Bobby replied.

"Is it about grandpa?" Chris asked.

"Yes and no." the man responded. "Now off to bed with you."

The two entered the bedroom and Mikey was fast asleep. Brian was in a chair next to him and gazed at the two coming in the room. Chris climbed in the bed and Bobby kissed him on the cheek. Chris hugged his uncle in return. Brian came around, while Bobby leaned in to kiss Mikey, who was breathing lightly in his sleep. Chris kissed his other uncle and whispered in Brian's ear. The man winked and nodded. The men departed and left the door slightly ajar.

"So what were you talking about?" Brian asked.

"About growing up." Bobby answered. "And he wanted to know about my past. I won't tell him without Judy and Mike's permission."

"Bobby, let's go to bed." Brian said.

They went to their bedroom and slowly undressed each other. Brian kissed and licked Bobby's body all over and the man moaned with pleasure. Brian pushed Bobby on the bed and proceeded to give him a blowjob that drove Bobby wild. Brian manipulated the cock with his mouth and the nut sac with his hand. Brian felt the hard cock throb in his mouth so he moved off it. He grinned impishly at the man below him and sat directly on Bobby's cock. The man rose and fell on the pole in a slow, steady rhythm. Bobby grabbed Brian's cock and stroked his love's rod with passion. Both men played with each other, bringing themselves to climax, only to stop to prolong the joy. After an hour-and-a-half Brian's cock exploded all over Bobby's face and torso. This forced Bobby to erupt deep in Brian's ass on the first ass contraction. They exploded until Brian could last no longer. He collapsed on Bobby's chest and dipped his finger in his own juices. He fed them to his love as if he were feeding him food. They heard a noise and saw Mikey at the door as he played with his cocklet.

"What do you think you're doing?" Bobby said in a stern tone.

Mikey jumped and wanted to run. He saw the two men as they looked at him. Bobby crooked his finger at the boy.

"Come here." Bobby said.

The moved to him slowly and stopped at the foot of the bed. His eyes looked down because he could not look at his uncle's face.

"How long have you been there?" Brian asked.

"A-A-About an hour." Mikey responded. "I woke up and heard a noise."

"And you were playing with yourself?" Bobby asked. "All the time while you watched us?"

The boy nodded and began to cry. Brian pulled him to his chest, still sticky with cum. He let the boy cry himself out. After 15 minutes, Mikey stopped and looked at them.

"I'm sorry Uncle Bobby." he said through his sniffles. "I'm sorry Uncle Brian."

"Mikey, you must never walk in on people without knocking." Bobby said. "That can get you in a lot of trouble."

"Yes sir." Mikey said.

The boy traced his finger in the cum on Brian's chest and licked it. The two men looked at the boy with stunned expressions. The boy smiled at the men.

"MMMMMM." he said. "Tastes like Daddy John."

"What?" Brian asked.

Mikey explained the events of two nights ago. He also told his uncles that he does likes boys. Mikey told them about his best friend Frank and how long they have played with each other.

"Mikey, just remember." Bobby said. "Don't make him do anything he doesn't want and don't let him make you do anything either."

"We won't." Mikey said.

Bobby and Brian put the sweet boy back in bed. They youngster stood as he hugged his uncles. Bobby then swatted his bare bottom hard.

"OW!!" Mikey yelled.

"That's for walking in on us." Bobby reminded him.

Chris woke up and saw his uncles standing there in the nude. Mikey reclined on the bed. They tucked the boys in and kissed them goodnight. The two men closed the door and went into their room. Brian laid his head on Bobby's hairy chest and began to play with the chest hairs.

"So what did Chris whisper in your ear?" Bobby asked.

"Not much." Brian responded. "Just to take care of you and love you. A job that is too easy for me."

Bobby kissed Brian passionately and they fell asleep. Bobby had a fitful dream of a fire and people dying around him. They begged him for help, but he refused. He seemed to enjoy the suffering around him and he could not understand why. He awoke with a start. Brian was holding him as his eyes opened.

"What's the matter baby?" Brian asked.

Bobby explained the dream and Brian caressed his hair as he tried to soothe him. Bobby was trying to understand his dream, but could not. He began to cry and tried to hold Brian tightly. A knock came at the door and two heads poked in.

"What's the matter Uncle Brian?" Chris asked.

"Bobby had a bad dream." he replied. "You need to go back to bed."

"Can we sleep with you?" Mikey asked.

Brian knew better, but he felt that the two boys could help soothe Bobby's nerves. The two jumped in the bed and they helped to caress Bobby's arms and back. He grabbed his nephews and held them tight. After thirty minutes, he finally stopped and the boys got between the men. They snuggled up and they fell asleep.


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