The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: Brian knew better, but he felt that the two boys could help soothe Bobby's nerves. The two jumped in the bed and they helped to caress Bobby's arms and back. He grabbed his nephews and held them tight. After thirty minutes, he finally stopped and the boys got between the men. They snuggled up and they fell asleep.


The phone rang and startled Bobby awake. He reached over and grabbed the receiver.

"Hello?" he asked groggily. "Who is this?"

"Morning sleepyhead." Judy said in a cheerful tone. "Time to get up."

"Yeah. Right." was the man's response. "You know what time it is?"

"Yes, but I have good news." she replied. "Ann gave the boys permission to miss school today. Could look after them today while I'm working?"

"Judy you know I will." Bobby told her. "But what are they going to wear?"

"I'll be over in an hour." she said. "You're a doll."

"I'll see you in an hour." Bobby said. "You want breakfast?"

"No, I'll get something before coming over." Judy answered.

Bobby hung up the phone and shook the boys awake. The other three were just waking up as Bobby finished the conversation. He relayed Judy's request and the boys jumped up and down on the bed.

"Okay, time to get a shower." Bobby ordered.

"The four got in the shower and the men cleaned the two boys and the boys reciprocated, though Mikey seemed to play with the men's dicks a little too long. Bobby shook his head no and turned off the water. As they dried off, Bobby ordered breakfast for the eight, as he knew his mother, sister, and Brian's parents would be there shortly. The men dressed and the boys put on the robes from the previous night. A knock on the door and Brian went to answer it. The four people they were waiting for entered the suite and they kissed the boys. As they sat down, Bobby turned to them.

"Judy said the boys can stay with us." Bobby said. "And remember, dinner tonight at the Top of the Mark."

They were enjoying a brisk conversation when breakfast arrived. As the wait staff set up the breakfast, another knock came at the door. Judy was there and everyone gave her hugs and kisses. The boys tried to run to her, but the robes prevented this.

"So were you good?" she asked.

"They were angels." Brian said. "But someone needs to learn to knock."

Mikey looked down with a smirk, then tried to use the puppy-dog eyes on everyone, but to no avail. Judy swatted his behind.

"Uncle Bobby did that already." the boy complained.

"That's just a reminder." she told him.

"Judy, can we talk?" Bobby asked.

They went into the bedroom and Judy sat on the unmade bed. Bobby had to word this right so he paced a little. He then faced Judy.

"Chris wants to know about my past." he said. "I told him this was a decision you and Mike has to make. I will say this, I will not sugar-coat it if you say yes."

Judy looked at the man and got up. She hugged him and led him to the group. She took Chris' hand and nodded to Bobby.

"And I want Mikey to hear it too." she said. "Mike and I said if they were to know, you were the one to tell them."

Bobby hugged his sister-in-law. Though she was divorced from his brother, Judy was loved by the Joneses and the Martins. She made sure the boys were dressed before she left. Susan whispered something in her ear and Judy hugged her tight and nodded.

"You two behave." she said as she kissed her sons.

"Remember, dinner at the Top of the Mark tonight." Brian reminded her. "And bring Ann."

Judy said good-bye and the rest finished their breakfast. As they finished, the two lovers finished getting ready for the day and met with the rest of the group. They planned the day to visit Fisherman's Wharf and take in a basketball game that day. The boys were spoiled by their grandparents and relatives. After the game, the men took their nephews to get a new suit each. They entered a fine men's clothing store and they were fitted for a navy blue pin-stripped suit. As the suits were fitted and given a rush job to make sure the boys could wear them that night. Matching ties and handkerchiefs were picked out and the order was rung up. The suits were bagged and taken to the limo. The group left for the hotel and they were ready to meet Susan's fiancé.

As they arrived at the hotel, the bell staff assisted with the packages and the group went to their respective suites. The four males prepared for dinner and the boys took a shower together. Chris made sure Mikey was clean and ready to go to dinner. Bobby and Brian did the same and shaved for dinner. They put cologne on and put a dab on the boys. There was a knock on the door and Bobby's mom was dressed in a simple black dress with a strand of pearls around her neck. Susan wore a floor length powder blue gown with a heart-shaped pendant necklace. Brian's parents were dressed very nicely. As the four males added final touches, another knock came at the door. Judy and Ann were standing in the door in matching white dresses with Mizpah coins around their necks. Everyone hugged and kissed Judy and made Ann feel as if she were a part of the family. When Judy saw her sons dressed, she was truly overwhelmed.

"Oh my." she said. "You two are so handsome."

The two boys were embarrassed by this display of adoration, but they could not avoid it either. They left the suddenly crowded suite and took two elevators to the Top of the Mark. When Bobby gave the matre 'd the name, they were shown to a private dining room. Brian tipped the matre `d well and the ladies were seated first. Chris held the chair for Judy and Mikey held Ann's chair. As the men were seated, the Maronittis and Tim entered. Tony, Jr. went to Susan and kissed her on the cheek. Susan made the introductions. Bobby and Tony, Jr. shook hands. Tony, Sr. and Tim had shocked looks on their faces. They went to Bobby and tried to act as if they did not know him. Bobby was not going to allow that and hugged the two men. Bobby sat at one end of the table as the head of the Jones family and Tony, Sr. sat at the opposite end. Bobby's mom was at his left and Brian was to his right.

"So folks let's clear the air." he said. "Tony, Tim, and I know each other."

Tony, Jr. and Susan were shocked. They looked at the two men and wondered what was going on. Bobby looked at them and then back at Tony, Sr.

"If it weren't for these men, I probably would have died before I was 18." he said sternly. "But we are here to celebrate the uniting of the Maronittis and the Jones families. I love my sister and I want the best for her. So young man, what are your intentions for my sister."

The group began to laugh with the old-fashioned approach Bobby used. They could not believe that he would come out with a line that was so archaic. Tony, Jr. played along with Bobby's humor.

"Well sir, I plan to have 12 children with her." he said. "And I plan to become president of the United States."

"I see, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen." Bobby retorted. "Good old fashioned values.

Susan slapped Tony's arm about the 12 kids and the room broke out with uncontrolled laughter. It kept up for several minutes. They finally calmed down and Bobby got very serious.

"I will tell you that I will love her no matter what." Tony, Jr. said. "And I will make her happy."

"I'm glad, because I have to tell you." Bobby said. "If you ever hurt her, you will face me no matter what. I am sorry that Mike and John could not be here, but it was unforeseen."

"I know." Tony, Jr. said. "I was asked to prosecute the case. The lone suspect make bail this morning, but we will see him in prison."

The server came in and took the orders. There was wine for the adults, except for Bobby and Tim. The kids had sodas. The conversation was about the upcoming nuptials. Bobby and Brian were going to pay for it and the wedding was to be held in San Francisco. Bobby's mom and Susan were going to sit down and decide what the wedding was going to be like. Bobby, of course, said he and Mike were going to walk Susan down the aisle. As the dinner was served and consumed, the conversation shifted to what Susan and Tony, Jr. were like as children. A sadness came over Bobby so he got up and left. The group was surprised at the move. Bobby went out of the restaurant and began crying. Brian and Mrs. Jones were by his side.

"What's the matter Bobby?" his mother asked.

"It just hit me how much I missed out of our family by leaving." he replied. "How could I have been so stupid?"

"Shhhh." she said as both she and Brian comforted him. "What's done is done. You are here, alive, healthy, and loved."

"Bobby, remember we love you." Brian said. "And you are too special not to overcome the past."

Bobby collected himself and kissed his mother and Brian. The three returned to the restaurant. Bobby actually felt better after he saw his sister and her fiancé so much in love. He ordered champagne and sparkling grape juice.

"I propose a toast." he began. "To Tony and Susan. All the happiness in the world to the both of you. May you never have a problem child like me."

The group laughed but Bobby. He knew there was a truth to it. As they finished their dinner and dessert, Bobby invited them back to the suite, because now the truth needed to be revealed to everyone. As they sat down, Bobby undid his tie and looked at the group.

"Last night Chris asked me a question." he began. "Now I will tell all of you."

Bobby explained to the group why he left the Martins. He explained the trip to San Francisco and how he was part of the escort school. He explained how Tim was his protector as well as Dale and Jose. He explained what happened when they kicked him out of the school and how Tony was his savior when he was on the street. He explained about the alcohol and drug abuse he went through just to numb his senses. He told the group if it were not for Tony, Sr. and Tim, he would have been a John Doe at sixteen. Tears were flowing and Bobby collapsed on a chair, totally drained emotionally. Everyone hugged Tim and Tony, Sr. The two were embarrassed by the attention. Bobby got up and put his hand on Tony, Jr. shoulder.

"I knew what your father was." he said. "But his love and compassion shows through. Don't be too hard on him or Tim."

Tony, Jr. looked at his father and hugged him tight. The bond the two needed was found that night. Tony, Jr. pulled away from his father and kissed his cheek.

"Dad, I was ashamed of who you were." he said. "And angry that you are gay. But your love to help someone who is a total stranger proves you're special. I'm sorry."

"Son, I've always loved you." Tony, Sr. said. "Never forget that. Bobby was and is a loving person who has had his personal demons. Just take care of his sister."

Bobby sat back down and the two boys climbed onto Bobby's lap. They hugged him with all their might. They had cried and wanted to protect their uncle from further harm. He kissed the tops of their heads.

"If you are ever caught with drugs." he said. "I will personally wear your butts out. You understand?"

They both nodded their heads. The group began to gradually leave. Judy and Ann collected the boys and their belongings. Bobby reminded them that they would be seeing the house in the morning. They agreed to meet at 10 in the morning to see the house. Susan got up and hugged her brother. He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there." he said.

She looked at him with a puzzled look, but left it at that. Tony, Jr. hugged the man whose life had brought him to hell and back. The couple left holding hands. The Martins and Bobby's mother got up and the two men hugged their parents. The final people to leave were Tony, Sr. and Tim. Brian just looked at the pair and hugged them.

"Thank you for caring." he said. "Thank you for being there for him."

"Brian, love him with the love he has for you." Tony said. "As long as I have known him, you have been and will be his heart and soul."

"I will." Brian said as he hugged the men once again.

As the last two left, Bobby and Brian finally were able to get to bed. Brian finished undressing and held Bobby on his chest. The love of his life snuggled up to his body and was quickly asleep. Brian could feel the steady, soft breathing of Bobby. All of a sudden, a song he remembered from his youth popped into his mind. He watched his love sleeping and saw the little things Bobby would do as he slept. Brian felt so contented now and hoped that the demons were gone from Bobby's soul. Brian fell asleep with complete contentment.


My Cup Runneth Over

By Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Sometimes in the morning' when shadows are deep

I lie here beside you just watching you sleep

And sometimes I whisper what I'm thinking of

My cup runneth over with love

Sometimes in the evening when you do not see

I study the small things you do constantly

I memorize moments that I'm fondest of

My cup runneth over with love

In only one moment we both will be old

We won't even notice the world turning cold

And so, in these moments with sunlight above

My cup runneth over with love

My cup runneth over with love

With love.

NOTE: I tried to get this typed as soon as I could. The song that I used in the story is from the Broadway musical I Do, I Do and the song reached number 8 in 1967 by Ed Ames. I rediscovered the song just recently and I knew this would be the perfect song for this story. You might notice I do use a lot of songs in my story, but that is because of my musical background. Stating the obvious of being gay and music, there are songs that work well in a story line and I will use them and give acknowledgement to the authors. I am not trying to make money from them, so I do not think I am violating the copy write laws. I am planning to use these characters in a story in the next week for a one time story (no second chapters, no addendums). I hope that you will read it. I will keep you notified when that will be posted. If you have any comments - good or bad - or questions to Just another reminder, please put the story title in the subject line where you are from in the text of the email so I can add it to the Readers' List.


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