The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: As the last two left, Bobby and Brian finally were able to get to bed. Brian finished undressing and held Bobby on his chest. The love of his life snuggled up to his body and was quickly asleep. Brian could feel the steady, soft breathing of Bobby. All of a sudden, a song he remembered from his youth popped into his mind. He watched his love sleeping and saw the little things Bobby would do as he slept. Brian felt so contented now and hoped that the demons were gone from Bobby's soul. Brian fell asleep with complete contentment.



The day was cloudy, but Bobby rose with a spirit he had not had since he was a kid. He kissed the sleeping lover next to him and proceeded to give Brian great pleasure. Brian was hard from his morning wood, so Bobby decided to slowly ride it. He licked the pole all over and Brian woke with a gentle moan. He saw the change in Bobby and knew this would make him feel good. Bobby held the cock to his hole and lowered himself slowly. He used hi ass muscles to massage the dick. Brian felt the electrical charge run through his body as Bobby worked his cock. As the man rose and lowered on Brian's cock, Brian began to massage his 9" monster. Bobby felt like a carefree youth again and this seemed to pass onto Brian. They played and loved as they did when they were teens. For two hours their lives turned back and they exploded in full passion. Brian released a load that he had never done before. This caused Bobby to spray his jizz all over Brian's body. Both men were so exhausted that they held each other and kissed tenderly. Bobby looked into Brian's eyes and saw the love he knew was always there for him. Brian saw the spirit that once was in Bobby's soul.

"Let's get ready." Bobby said with a youthful exuberance.

Brian was trying to figure out why this change happened, but he did not mind it. Bobby seemed more alive and kept kissing and fondling Brian. The man, whose life was a roller coaster ride, seemed more light-hearted that he was before. Brian sat him down and looked at his lover.

"What's going on here?" Brian asked. "You seem like a kid in a candy store."

"Baby, last night it seemed like the world was lifted." Bobby replied. "All I know is life is wonderful and you are the best."

Brian hugged his man and they dressed. They laughed and acted like teens again. When they had finished getting ready, they went to the other suites and roused everyone. They all noticed the change in Bobby and wondered what happened. Bobby joked with Susan, he hugged and kissed his mother like he was a child, and he apologized to the Martins for running away. While everyone got ready to see them new house, Bobby's mother pulled him aside and sat him down.

"What is going on?" she asked. "What is this change?"

"Mom, last night was as if 30 years were lifted ." he replied. "I feel like a kid again. And Mom, I'm so sorry for my stupidity."

They hugged and Mrs. Jones cried in Bobby's arms. Brian came in and wondered what happened. Bobby motioned him over and Brian rubbed her back. Mrs. Jones looked at the two men and smiled, then slapped Bobby.

"If you ever do that again, I will beat you within an inch of your life." she said as she turned to Brian. "And you, keep this one home."

Brian and Bobby smiled and nodded. They walked out to the living room and Susan was there in a nice suit. The Martins came in and were ready to see the new house. Judy and Ann came to the suite with four kids in tow. Ann introduced her children to the group.

"Everyone, this is Steven and Maria." she said. "Children these are Chris and Michael's uncles, aunt, and grandparents."

Bobby leaned down to shake hands with the two children. Maria was an outgoing child and she hugged everyone. Steven, however, was stand offish and would not shake hands or talk. Ann was embarrassed, but Bobby just shrugged it off.

Steven was 7-year-old. He was 4'1", weighed 60 pounds. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Maria was 3-year-old. She was a cute 3'4" and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

They went to have a quick breakfast. Everyone ate but Steven, who had a pouty look through the meal. They piled in three limos and drove to the house Bobby and Brian had bought for them. John was standing on the stairs waiting for them. Bobby and Brian presented the keys to Judy, Ann, and John. Everyone entered a huge foyer that entered to a massive front room on the left and a slightly smaller den on the right. A huge staircase presented itself to the group. They found a large formal dining room and huge kitchen with all new appliances. There was a large bedroom on the main floor. It was agreed that John and Mike take that bedroom. They had noticed some construction in the bathroom and a huge jacuzzi tub was in there along with a huge shower stall. They went upstairs and the kids found four bedrooms, with one being the master bedroom. The other three were of the same size with the same closet space. There was quite a few puzzled looks.

"Well we know who gets the master bedroom." Bobby said. "Follow me."

The bedroom at the end of the hallway was very spacious with a huge marble bathroom. The two women smiled at the room and hugged Bobby and Brian. The big question who was to double up was still on everyone's mind. Bobby, like a kid with a big secret, led the group to the hall. There were three doors. He opened the middle door and there was a huge walk-in closet.

"OH MY GOD!!" Ann said.

He then led to the door on the left. This led to a staircase to a large bedroom in the attic. There was a new bathroom and huge living space. They all looked at it, then Bobby looked at Chris.

"This is yours." he said to his nephew.

Chris hugged Bobby and Brian. The three other kids were upset about the situation. Bobby turned to them and spoke.

"Chris is almost a teenager." he said. "He needs his privacy, just like you. Besides he's the oldest."

Mikey and Maria reluctantly agreed, but the look in Steven's face spoke volumes. Bobby decided to take matters in his own hands and asked to be alone with the boy. Brian decided to show them the huge room on the other end of the attic. Steven looked at Bobby and the man looked down at the boy.

"Listen, I don't know what your problem is young man." he said to the youngster. "But you better understand your attitude better change."

"You ain't my daddy." Steven said with hatred in his voice. "You can go to hell and fuck yourself."

A dark look came over Bobby's face and he approached the boy. Steven became scared and tried to run, but Bobby grabbed his arm. He sat on the windowsill and Bobby began to spank the boy hard. Steven screamed so hard, the group ran to the attic bedroom and saw the spanking in progress.

"You will never disrespect another adult." Bobby said with emphasis on each swat.

He finally stopped and the boy ran to Ann. Bobby explained what Steven said and Ann got extremely angry with her son. Bobby asked everyone to leave and he told Steve to stand in front of him.

"Now, what is your problem?" Bobby said in a calm tone.

"I don't wanna move." the boy said. "All my friends are where we live."

"You'll make new friends." Bobby told him.

"But we do stuff together." Steven said. "And I don't want to leave them."

"Well kind of stuff do you do with your friends?" the man said. "I'm quite sure Chris, Mikey, and your new friends will want to play with you."

Steven turned crimson red with embarrassment. He then looked at Bobby and tried to explain their games.

"We like to play with our pee-pees." he said.

"What so you do to each other?" Bobby said with a grin on his face.

"We rub our pee-pees." Steven said. "We put them in our mouths. Some of the older boys have hair on top of their pee-pees and they shoot white stuff."

"Do you taste it?" the man asked.

"Yes sir." the boy replied.

"Do you like it?" Bobby asked. "And do they make you do it?"

"I do like it." Steven said. "The older brother of my best friend Joey first made us, but we like the taste."

"Have you done anything else?" the man asked.

Steven hung his head and blushed again. Bobby knew what was going on and he picked the boy up in his arms.

"You put your penises in each other bums?" he asked, but knew the answer.

Steven nodded his head but could not look at Bobby. He could not admit to the man he liked it and enjoyed his friend's rod moving in and out of him. Bobby lifted his chin and smiled at the boy.

"Son, you aren't the only one who likes that." he said. "Just don't let anyone make you do anything you don't want. Besides, Joey isn't that far away. You can invite him over. And you have your own room."

"Why are you doing this?" Steven asked.

"Well my brother, Mike and Judy were married." Bobby said. "And Judy is still family and now your mom, sister, and you are family."

Steven hugged Bobby's neck almost choking the man. The little boy was deceptively strong and Bobby cold imagine this boy in a few years. Steven finally released his grip, slid off Bobby's lap, and looked at the man.

"I'm sorry." Steven said.

"Apology accepted." Bobby said. "Just remember never disrespect others no matter what."

Steven rubbed his ass cheeks and nodded. They descended the stairs and the two found the group in the kitchen talking. Steven was holding Bobby's hand and had a smile on his face. He then ran and hugged both women. He then hugged Brian, then his two new brothers. Everyone wondered what happened after they left the second time. Ann pulled Bobby to the den and she faced him.

"What happened?" she asked. "Ever since I mentioned the move, he's been rude."

Bobby explained the situation and why Steven was so upset. Ann became visibly upset, but Bobby calmed her.

"I don't know if it's a phase or it he's gay." Bobby said. "But which ever it is, support him."

"I will." he replied. "I just don't want anyone to take advantage of him."

"He's a smart kid and will be careful." he said. "Besides, it looks like he has a special friend. And I will make sure Chris and Mikey are looking out for him."

"Bobby, I did want to talk with you." Ann said. "Brian said you wanted a child of your own. You would make a great father and I would like to be the mother."

Bobby was flabbergasted. He could not believe Brian would reveal the one secret he truly wanted in his life. And a woman wanted to carry the baby for him. Ann mentioned that Brian was happy if Bobby agreed. Bobby sat on the sill and put his head in his hands. All of this was happening so fast. It was not Ann was not good looking. As a matter of fact, if he were straight, Bobby could definitely go for her. He raised his head and looked at her.

"Ann, I appreciate this." Bobby said. "I assume Brian told you we would raise the child ourselves."

"I know." she said. "But I do want the child to know about me."

"Ann, have no fear." Bobby said. "The baby will know its wonderful mother. But how does Judy feel about this?"

"She's all for this." Ann said. "She feels that this would truly unite the family."

The duo reentered the kitchen with silly grins on their faces. They had grabbed their loved ones and hugged them. Bobby whispered in Brian's ear and Ann did the same in Judy's. Now there were four silly adults and the kids were wondering what was going on. John was feeling the same and Brian whispered in his brother's ear. John's face lit up and hugged Bobby and Ann.

"Now let's go shopping." Brian said. "We need to get this house furnished."

They left and went to some of the finest furniture stores. They also went to an interior decorator who would decorate each room based on each person's personality. They group was told the house would be decorated and furnished in three weeks. They went to the hospital and saw Michael talking with Melanie Morris and her parents. The Wilkersons were there also. Everyone greeted everyone else. Ann introduced her children to the Morrises and the Wilkersons.

"Mike, the house is amazing." John told his love. "We had the house to be decorated and it will be ready in three weeks."

"And we all get our own rooms." Mikey uttered with great excitement. "And our own bathrooms."

"And there is a huge media room in the attic." Chris said. "And my room is in the attic."

"You two have spent a fortune." Mike said to Bobby and Brian. "We can't repay you."

"Little brother." Bobby said. "With your family, you need this. And don't think about it."

There was a knock on the door. Justin Baker posed his head in and said hi to the crowd. He waved to Bobby and the older Jones boy left the room. Justin moved them to a conference room and Bobby saw Tony along with several cops. There was a man in a suit next to Tony, but did not say anything to either.

"Gentlemen, the building where the drug raid went down was torched today." Justin said. "And since you have a vested interest in the situation. Bobby, we decided to question you. Also almost two dozen charred bodies were found. Preliminary investigation shows they were executed. It looks like there were kids there also. Now, before you say anything, I must read you your rights."

Justin proceeded to read Bobby his rights and he said that he understood them. Justin asked if he wanted a lawyer and the man next to Tony agreed to represent Bobby until his lawyer could arrive.

"Now do you know anything about the building being burned?" Justin asked.

"No." Bobby replied. "I've been showing the new house to the family. Then we went to the decorators and the furniture store. I had not heard about a fire."

"So it's just a coincidence that the building your brother is shot in burned down." the large cop said.

"I guess it is." Bobby retorted.

"And Mr. Marinotti, do you have any information?" Justin asked.

"No I do not." Tony said. "I was home and was talking with my son for a couple of hours this afternoon. So why pick on us?"

"You two were seen talking the day after the shooting." Justin replied. "And your reputation definitely precedes you."

"I saw that Bobby's brother was shot." Tony said. "We talked about his condition and I asked how he was doing. We talked and he left."

"And Justin, since this is on the record." Bobby said. "You have known of my relationship with Tony, so it is no surprise he was there for me."

"So Detective Baker, are either of these men going to be charged?" the attorney asked.

"There is no evidence connecting them." the large cop said. "But we will continue our investigation. If they are ever linked to this, they will be charged."

"Fine, so we may go." the lawyer said.

Everyone began to leave, but Justin held Bobby back. Bobby told Tony and his attorney he would be fine. When they were alone, the two men smiled at each other.

"Bobby, you know my career is over if this comes to light." Justin said.

"I know, but you've known my family for years." Bobby said. "And you know I couldn't let this slide."

"Bobby, are you sure your tracks are covered?" the large man asked. "And Tony's?"

"Yes." the smaller man said. "And Tony made sure this was done through New York. Tony is not connected with anyone involved, so nothing will come back to burn us."

"Does he know I know?" Justin asked.

"No." Bobby said. "I told you and I knew what your reaction would be. You've been like the big brother to Mike and me. You're family Justin and I knew you could not let anyone get away with it."

"Bobby please be careful." Justin said. "So how did they like the house?"

"They loved it." Bobby told him. "Ann's son is gay, so he will be content. And I think Mikey is gay too. Now the big kicker, Ann wants to have my baby."

"Bobby, you're kidding." Justin said.

"And what's wrong with that old man?" was Bobby's response. "Just because an old fart like you can't get it up any more doesn't mean we all can't."

"Oh yeah." Justin said.

He rubbed his massive cock through his slacks and approached Bobby. Though Bobby would have loved to have sucked Justin's rod, he was in love with Brian and he knew Justin loved Jack. They hugged and kissed each other' cheeks. Justin did notice the brightness in Bobby's demeanor. They went back to Mike's room.

"So when are you getting your sorry ass out of bed?" Justin said with a big grin on his face.

"Doctor said end of next week." Mike said. "Then therapy for six weeks. Oh what is this about the warehouse burning down?"

"Yes." Justin said. "Completely torched and there were bodies in there. We think it was a drug deal gone sour."

"Justin all I can say is good riddance." Mike said.

The rest of the day no one talked about the warehouse or drug dealers. The majority of the talk was the house and the move in less than a month. Both Ann and Judy decided to sell their houses and Brian knew of a great realtor who usually gets top dollar. Mike and John decided to rent their home. Then the conversation was turned to the wedding. Maria was asked to be the flower girl and Judy was asked to be the matron of honor. Steven and Mikey were going to be ring bearers. A knock came at the door and Tony, Sr. and Tony, Jr. came through the door. Mike saw Tony, Sr. and he suspected something was up.

"Mike, this is Susan's fiancé." Bobby said, pointing to Tony, Jr. "And this is the man who cared whether I was alive or dead when I was on the streets."

They were apprised of the wedding plans so far and Tony, Jr. turned to Mike.

"Mike, I don't have many friends." he said. "But I would like it if you would be my best man."

"Tony, I would be honored." Mike said.

"Bobby, would you please stand with me also." Tony asked. "I also want Justin and Chris also."

All three agreed without hesitation. Susan turned to Ann and asked her to be a bridesmaid. She also asked Melanie the same question. The preteen girl was very surprised since she was only Chris' girlfriend. Susan said that if Chris was going to be there for Tony, it was only appropriate for his special one to be there with him. The wedding was set for June and the plans were beginning to take shape. They were planning for the church, reception hall, flowers, photographer, and other items needed to pull off the perfect wedding. As the day was winding down and everyone was hungry, the crowd began to disperse. Mike asked Bobby to hang around for a minute. When they were alone, Mike looked at his brother.

"I know you did it." he said. "You were the one who had the place burned down and had those people killed. Justin told me."

"You know the reason why." Bobby said. "And you know my views on drugs."

Bobby told his brother the entire story of his life on the streets. Mike thought he heard the entire story, but was shocked to hear all the sordid details. Bobby explained if it were not for Tim and Tony, he would have been dead. The two brothers hugged and cried. They were wondering if life could ever be normal.

"I know you're upset about what I did." Bobby said. "But I love you my brother and nothing will change that."

"Bobby, I'm torn." Mike said. "I am a cop and you're my brother. But I can't let it go, can I?"

"It had to be done." his brother replied. "I did it to rid us of a problem. And I wasn't there for you growing up."

"I know." the injured cop said. "God I don't know."

"Just remember I love you." Bobby said. "And when you're hurt, so am I."

They held hands and sat in silence for several minutes until John came in the room. He hugged Bobby as the older Jones boy rose from the bed.

"I want you to tell him." Bobby said.

"Even about today?" Mike asked.

"Your choice on that." the older man said. "But what I told you. Don't leave anything out."

Bobby said good-bye and left the hospital. Brian, Ann, and Judy were waiting for him. Bobby's mother and the Martins went to the hotel with the children. Susan and Tony, Jr. left for his father's house. The four went to the hotel for dinner and talked about the possibility of Bobby becoming a father.


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