The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: Bobby said good-bye and left the hospital. Brian, Ann, and Judy were waiting for him. Bobby's mother and the Martins went to the hotel with the children. Susan and Tony, Jr. left for his father's house. The four went to the hotel for dinner and talked about the possibility of Bobby becoming a father.


"Bobby, I would like to do this tonight." Ann said.

Bobby looked at her and wondered what was going to happen. Judy and Brian were smiling at each other and Bobby knew something was up. As they finished their dinner, they went to the suite. Brian led Bobby while Judy led Ann. Each of the pairs began to kiss their respective partners. Brian undressed Bobby as Judy did the same to Ann. Judy then removed her clothes while Brian did followed suit. Judy then began to eat Ann's snatch, while Brian moistened Bobby's pole. Ann was writhing with pleasure from her lover's tongue and Brian's oral manipulation had Bobby's nut sac pulling tight. Judy led Ann to Bobby and straddled her cunt on Bobby's hard 9". As Ann lowered on Bobby, her orgasm hit. Judy played with her large breasts, which caused Ann to orgasm again. Brian got behind Ann and played with Bobby's balls and slid a finger deep into his hole. As he pressed on Bobby's prostate, the reaction was instant. Bobby roared like a bull and he unloaded 10 shots of thick cum into Ann's body. With each orgasm, Bobby bucked into Ann's twat and the fourth push sent Ann into another orgasmic lust. As they finally eased from their bliss, Ann collapsed on Bobby's thick hairy chest. Both Judy and Brian got on either side and caressed the couple.

Bobby's rod did not deflate, but remained at full strength. Brian and Judy saw this and smiled at each other. They turned the twosome so Ann was on her back. Judy raised her legs and Bobby began to fuck Ann long and slow. Brian got behind his love and spread his cheeks. As his tongue flicked into Bobby's hole, the Jones boy began to fuck Ann with intensity. Brian then slid his pole into Bobby's ass and they fucked hard into the respective holes. Ann thought she felt two dicks in her. She began to have orgasm after orgasm. Judy placed herself over Ann's face. Ann ate her woman's cunt while she felt the dicks filling her. Judy had her orgasm and Ann had another orgasm. This caused Bobby to shoot eight healthy loads into Ann, then Brian felt the ass muscles contract and he deposited ten blasts of jizz into Bobby. The four collapsed on the bed as Brian's cock softened and came out of Bobby. Bobby's rod deflated and his pole slid out of Ann. They laid on the king bed in utter exhaustion.

"You know it's too bad your gay." Ann said. "Your dick would make a wonderful dildo."

"You ought to feel Brian's." Bobby said.

"Bobby I have a confession." Judy said. "Though I really loved Mike, I did have a crush on you when we were younger."

"Oh that would have been fun." Bobby said. "A menage-a-tois with you and two brothers."

The four laughed. Brian's parents were going to take care of the children for the night. Brian snuggled on Bobby's chest and Ann snuggled against Judy's svelte body. Judy put her head on Bobby's shoulder and the four fell asleep.

Bobby had a dream of Brian and he leasing a group of kids to school. There were six in all and they seemed to be only a couple of years apart. As they entered the school, he heard a teacher say here come the Martin-Jones. The two men seemed proud of their brood. The dream saw the six children grown and graduating from college. Both men had tears in their eyes with happiness. Ann and Judy were there and all of them were filled with pride. Bobby then saw the children with children of their own and they were visiting their grandfathers. Bobby woke up and he had a peace overcome him. The other three were asleep and they did not stir when he got up. He put on a robe and sat in the living room. As he sat in the dark, he did not hear Brian approach him.

"Hey babe, what's the matter?" he asked Bobby.

"I don't know if I can handle this." Bobby said. "Can we handle being parents?"

"Bobby, if we have a child, we will deal with it." Brian said. "We will be great parents."

"I'm scared." Bobby said. "What if we screw up?"

"We won't." Brian told him. "We will make mistakes, but we will raise our child with love and happiness."

Bobby put his head in Brian's lap and he fell asleep. Judy and Ann entered in their robes and looked at the sleeping man. Brian looked up and smiled.

"He panicked that he would be a lousy parent." Brian said.

Judy and Ann sat in a sofa across from them. The three chatted on how well Bobby would be a parent. Ann said if there was anyone who would keep their kid on the straight and narrow, it would be Bobby. Brian, Ann, and Judy sat up for a little while until Bobby woke up. He was a little disoriented, but realized who was there. The four went back to bed and Bobby seemed to be the center of attention. Brian worked Bobby's left nip while Judy worked on the right. Ann played with Bobby's rod and licked it as she tested her own juices. Once Bobby's 9" was at full mast, Judy moved off his nip and straddled him once. As she rode his love muscle and sent her own body into orgasmic overdrive. Bobby's nips were being played with on each side and his libido sent his ejaculation over the top. Both Judy and Bobby yelled in unison as they came together. Judy collapsed on Bobby's chest. Ann and Brian cuddled upon either side of Bobby.

"Brian, you are so lucky to have Bobby as a lover." Judy said.

They fell asleep until the alarm went off early in the morning.

The next week was almost routine. Brian and Bobby would get up, make love, shower, and ready themselves for the day. They would visit sites in San Francisco, then visit Mike in the hospital. Ann and Judy also followed a similar routine until the day of Mike's departure from the hospital. As everyone was there for the younger Jones boy's discharge from the hospital, Judy and Ann were smiling very wide.

"Well before hero boy here gets out we have some news." Judy said.

She handed Bobby a small package and he opened it. There were two pins, one said It's a boy and the other It's a girl. Bobby and Brian looked at the women and they hugged each other. The rest of the group wondered what was going on.

"Mom, you're going to be a grandmother." Bobby said. "And the same for you Mom and Dad Martin."

"Whoa." Mike yelled. "Who? How? When?"

Bobby explained his desire to be a father. Ann agreed to be the mother and what happened that special night. Everyone hugged Bobby, Brian, and Ann.

"Let's not forget Judy." Bobby said. "She's going to have to deal with the pregnancy. And so will John and Mike."

"There is a second surprise." Judy said. "I'm pregnant too."

One could have heard a pin drop. Then hugs and kisses abound as Bobby looked at his brother. Mike looked at his brother and hugged as Mike congratulated his brother. Mike went to a rehabilitation hospital that was more open. Again Bobby and Brian requested a private room and Mike was given a suite. As he was settled, John and Mike had signed a contract with a realtor to act as a rental agent for them. Ann and Judy signed contracts to sell their houses. Brian took Bobby to the side and made a suggestion.

"Babe, we should move to San Francisco at least until the babies are born." he said.

Bobby was surprised at the suggestion, because he was ready to do the same. He smiled and hugged Brian. They went into the room again and looked at the group.

"Well I guess we're going to be in San Francisco." Bobby announced.

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"We decided that until the babies are born, we're going to move." Brian said.

"Where are you going to live?" Mike asked.

"Your house." Bobby said. "After John and you move out, we move in landlord."

"What about your house and job?" Mrs. Martin asked.

"Well I know I can transfer to San Francisco." Bobby said. "And I know Charles would love my job. Besides, he and Joey can look after the house."

"Do you think this would work?" Mike asked.

"Little brother we will make this work." Bobby said. "Besides I'm going to hound you until you're walking again."

Mike knew better than to argue with his brother with this attitude. Bobby told everyone he would go home and finalize the paperwork for the move. Brian would stay behind and would keep his love up-to-date on everything.

The entire family went to dinner that night and they discussed how long it would take for Bobby to be transferred. Steven and Maria were there and Steven sat between Bobby and Brian. The boy seemed to come out of his shell and really liked both men. He felt like they were his father since Ann's husband left them before Maria was born. Bobby and Brian liked both of Ann's children and it would be fun to see them grow. As they broke for the evening, Ann and Judy told the two they really appreciated in all they have done.

"Hey we're family." Brian said. "And we make sure family is taken care of."

Bobby and Brian went to the hotel and met with the general manager. The man was in his early 40s and spoke with a formal British accent. Bobby had met him at a hospitality trade show and they became fast friends. Nigel Brookes was from Cambridge and educated at the University. Bobby also knew Nigel was gay and they went out on several occasion, but Nigel also knew of Brian. The manager led them to his office and they sat.

"Robert." he said. "I am moving back to England. My father is dying and I need to be with him."

"Nigel, I'm so sorry." Bobby replied. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, I want you to take over for me." the Brit said. "I have talked with my superiors and they were able to get your file from the Marriott Corporation. You are the perfect person for the job."

Bobby was stunned and he looked at Brian, then Nigel. He had never managed a five-star property before. They sat for a moment and Bobby smiled.

"Nigel, I would be glad." Bobby told him. "So when would you be back?"

"I will not be back." Nigel replied. "My father is a lord and I am the eldest son. I will be titled after his death."

"Well Lord Nigel, it would be an honor." Bobby said as he bowed with a flourish. "Besides, who else could better be England's next queen?"

Nigel threw a piece of paper at Bobby and they began to finalize the transfer. They agreed to a week for Bobby to finish the work he had in Columbia. He also had to go to New York state for one day. "Brian said he would be in the city to finalize the plans on that end. Nigel was amazed how well meshed these two were and he understood their love. As they left Nigel hugged each man and felt a sadness. Bobby saw this and asked what was the matter.

"I just wish I could find someone as special as you have." he said.

"You will." Bobby said when his cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and his face lost its color. He dropped in his chair and then he dropped the phone. Brian picked it up and spoke to the person on the other end.

"Who is this?" he demanded.

"It's Joey." the voice on the other end said between sobs. "Where is Bobby?"

"He's here Joey." Brian said. "What's the matter?"

"Charles died today." the teen said. "He had a heart attack. Oh God I need help."


NOTE: Well as I said in the title, life and death. I know the death of one of the characters is a sad way to end the story, but it does allow for a new beginning for another. Also I will introduce two new characters in the next chapter. However, as I explained a couple of weeks ago, each story will be done on a weekly basis. In other words, each story will get one week of total concentration from me, then on to the next. I was able to post four chapters this week and I hope that you have enjoyed them. I will be posting the next chapters the week of January 10, 2005. And they will be more interesting as the story progresses. I cannot believe that this story, which began as a one chapter story has grown to a massive undertaking. If you have any comments please email me at Please put the title of the story in the subject line and tell me where you are from so I may add it to the Readers' List.


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