The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "You will." Bobby said when his cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and his face lost its color. He dropped in his chair and then he dropped the phone. Brian picked it up and spoke to the person on the other end.

"Who is this?" he demanded.

"It's Joey." the voice on the other end said between sobs. "Where is Bobby?"

"He's here Joey." Brian said. "What's the matter?"

"Charles died today." the teen said. "He had a heart attack. Oh God I need help."


Bobby sat in the chair and Brian sat next to him. They began to mourn of the death of their friend. Bobby wept for an hour. He felt so sad for the death of his friend, but also for Joey, who just found love. Why would this happen? As he was able to compose himself, he looked at Nigel.

"Charles Barrows is dead." Bobby said.

"Oh no." the Brit said. "How?"

"Heart attack." Brian said. "He died a couple of hours ago."

"When is the funeral?" Nigel asked.

"I guess we'll find out when we get back." Bobby said.

"Wait a minute." Nigel said.

He picked up the phone and called the airport. The two heard him arrange a private jet for them to take off in three hours. Bobby and Brian were surprised at the speed this was done. They hugged this dignified man.

"Call me when the funeral is." Nigel said.

"We will." Bobby said.

The two lovers went to their suite and packed. Bobby called everyone and explained the situation. He said they would call when they got to Charleston. Brian arranged for a limo at the airport. As they finished packing, Brian made sure the rest of their party would be taken care of and Nigel assured him they would get royal treatment. Bobby and Brian got into their limo, were driven to the airport, and taken to a private charter company. A large muscular man came out and shook hands with them.

"Carl Bannister." he said. "Nigel called and said to make sure to give you first class treatment."

"We have to go to Charleston, SC." Bobby said. "A friend died today."

"I'm sorry." the large man said. "I will have you in Charleston in four hours. Nigel had brought me quite a bit of business."

The two boarded and stored their bags. Carl got on with two others, one about 30 of medium build and the other who looked about 18 of a slender build. As Brian and Bobby got comfortable, the young man came up and asked if they wanted something to drink. They both had orange juice and they relaxed. The teen introduced himself as Chad. As the jet took off, Bobby noticed Chad kept looking at him. After about 15 minutes of staring, Bobby had to ask why.

"Excuse me sir." Chad said. "But were you a street kid about 20 years ago?"

"Why do you ask?" the man asked him.

"Because I used to be one." Chad replied. "I was saved by a guy called Brock. He told me of a kid named Bobby who broke up a kid escort service."

"Is Brock's last name Andrews?" Bobby asked.

"Yes sir." Chad replied

"Brock was 12 when I was kicked out of the school." Bobby said. "How is he?"

"He's been helping street kids with his judgment." the teen said. "He said you're a hero for doing what you did."

"Chad, I'm no hero." Bobby said. "I did so kids like you would not have to deal with the pain we did. Is he doing well?"

"I see him every so often." Chad said. "He uses you on what one person can do. He actually found this job for me with Carl and Jonah."

"Chad may I ask how old are you?" Brian asked.

"16." he said matter-of-factly.

"Do you love Carl and Jonah?" Brian continued.

"Yes." Chad said. "There is nothing I would not do for them. They treat me like their son."

"I'm sorry if I hurt you." Brian said.

"Brock found me when I was 13." Chad said. "He knew Chad and Jonah and they offered to raise me after my real parents told me to get my faggoty ass out their house. I have slept with them, but it wasn't nothing I didn't want to do."

"Chad, we're glad you found someone." Bobby said. "And we're glad you're happy. You see I know what it's like."

Bobby told Chad the entire story of his life. Chad was entranced with the entire history of the man. Carl had come from the cockpit and listened to part of the life of Bobby. Chad saw Carl and the but man lifted his son and hugged him.

"Carl, I'm glad that Brock found this one." Brian said. "Care for him dearly."

"Are you coming back to San Francisco?" Carl asked. "I'm sure Brock would love to see you."

"We'll be moving back in about two weeks." Bobby said. "Nigel is leaving for England . I'll be taking his place and grand manager."

"I will be sorry to see him leave." Carl said.

"I will say that if the service of your company is this excellent, I will suggest we contract with you." Bobby said.

The four continued to talk for almost an hour until they were two hours from Charleston. Carl went back to the cockpit to relieve Jonah. The smaller of the two men came out and chatted for almost an hour with Bobby and Brian. As they neared the Charleston airport. Jonah went back to the cockpit and Chad made sure everything was secure.

The plane landed without a problem and the five deplaned. Chad made sure the bags were unloaded and Carl submitted his paperwork to the airport personnel. The limo was there to meet Bobby and Brian, but they wanted on the threesome.

"Do you guys have a place to stay?" Bobby said.

"We try and stay at Holiday Inn when we travel." Carl said.

"Climb in." Bobby told them. "You're staying at the Residence Inn."

The five all got in the sedan, but it was a tight fit with Carl's mass. Brian told the driver to go to the Residence on the IOP. The drive took about 30 minutes and they arrived to be met by Arthur Petersen, the AGM. Bobby and Arthur shook hands.

"Well Arthur it looks like this will be yours." Bobby told him. "I'm here to get Charles stuff and help the transition go smoothly. Can I get two rooms?"

Bobby introduced the group to Arthur and he was able to get the two suites for the crew. As the others went to the room, Bobby and Arthur went to Charles' office. A rush of grief overwhelmed Bobby and tears filled his eyes. Charles acted as a mentor, as well as a friend.

"Bobby, what about Joey?" Arthur asked.

"I don't know." Bobby said. "He'll probably live with his brother, but I promised Charles to settle his estate."

The two men sat down and balanced the books and verified all accounts that Charles had been working on. They agreed to meet with the entire staff in the morning to explain the full situation. Bobby called the limo service, then Brian. The limo arrived in fifteen minutes. Bobby gave the driver the address and they got to Charles' beach house in a matter of minutes. There were several cars in the driveway. Brian and Bobby knocked on the door and a woman answered it. Bobby introduced himself and Brian, then they were ushered in the kitchen. About twenty people were milling around and Bobby saw Joey in the corner. Joey was stunned and acknowledged no one. The woman who answered the door was Marcia Blazer. She was the next door neighbor and her family were friends of Charles and Joey.

"That poor boy." she said. "He's been like this since Charles was driven away."

"Thanks Marcia." Bobby said. "I'll take care of this."

He walked over and put his hand on the teen's shoulder. Joey looked up and saw Bobby, where he threw himself against the man's body. Joey wept uncontrollably and Bobby led him to the bedroom, as he laid him on the bed. Bobby rubbed his chest and let him cry. A knock at the door got Bobby's attention. Brian, Jimmy, Ben, Tom, and Jack arrived. They sat on the bed, but Bobby put his finger to his lips. They sat on the bed, but Brian went to see the other people were taken care of.

After almost an hour, Joey looked up and saw everyone looking at him. He pointed to the nightstand and Bobby saw a videotape. There was label that had For Bobby's Eyes Only written on it. As the crowd began to disperse, Maria and her husband Gary looked in on Joey.

"Jimmy and Ben will stay here tonight." Bobby said. "Tom and Jack can stay in the other room if they want."

"We'll be over to check on everyone." Marcia said.

"I appreciate this." Bobby said. "And if they give you any grief, you can hit them with a frying pan."

The Blazers left and Bobby found the den and closed the door. He turned on the television and put the tape in the VCR. He pressed the play button and Charles image appeared on the screen. A few seconds later the image spoke to him.

"Hi Bobby." the recording began. "Well if you're watching this, my tired old ass is dead. This was not unexpected. I was due to die soon. I have a heart condition that is non-corrective. I'm sorry I did not tell you and I could not tell Joey. The reason I recorded this is I need for you to take care of Joey. He was the best thing in my life and wanted him to be happy. I need for you and Brian to be the co-executors of my estate. The will is to be read three days after my funeral. I wish to be cremated and my ashes to be scattered over San Francisco bay. Please do this and please keep Joey happy. I love you guys and help Arthur as much as possible."

Bobby stopped the tape and turned off the television. He felt extremely sad and a little angry with Charles. Why could he not tell him about his heart problem? Bobby sat there for several minutes until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Brian was there and Bobby pulled him to his lap.

"Babe, please always tell me if there is anything wrong." Bobby said.

"Sure will sweetie." Brian responded. "But what brought this on?"

Bobby rewound the tape and he showed the contents to Brian. They sat and pondered what would happen to them with this new responsibility. They got up and Bobby opened Charles' desk. There was an envelope with both their names on it. He opened it and saw a notarized document giving them full power of attorney. Bobby stuffed the document in the envelope and put it in his pocket. They said good-night after checking on the boys. They found the boys on the master bedroom bed as they consoled Joey.

"Guys, we're going to the hotel." Bobby said. "We'll be back in the morning."

"Bobby, I'm glad you're here." Joey said. "And Brian, I'm happy to see friends."

All the teens hugged the two men. Bobby and Brian were happy to see the four after being gone for a while. Now they were going to have to explain the move. As they got in the limo, the two were determined on how to handle the situation. As they arrived, they entered their suite and Bobby called the AGM at his property, Donald Gavin.

"Don, it's Bobby." the general manager said. "Has the hotel blown up yet?"

"Not yet." the man in Columbia said with a laugh. "But did you hear about Charles?"

"Yeah." Bobby replied. "I'm in Charleston now to get things settled here. Arthur is taking over as general manager."

"I also heard a rumor you're leaving." Don said.

"It's not a rumor." Bobby told her. "And you are going to be the new general manager. Congrats."

Donald was stunned and tried to find the words. He was a HRTA graduate from Columbia University and was selected by Bobby. Bobby had been grooming him for this time. Though Don was straight, he admired Bobby's ability to deal with employees and guests with dignity and respect. He had learned so much from Bobby and learned his work ethic. Bobby allowed Don more leeway in terms of the general manager's responsibility. Now he was about to move up, but he wondered why.

"I am taking over the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco." Bobby said. "Nigel is moving home."

"I'm happy for you." Don said. "Are you coming up soon?"

"Probably in a few days." Bobby told him. "We have to have the funeral service and then there is the reading of the will."

"Bobby, call me if you need any help." Don said.

"I will." Bobby replied. "And thanks."

As he hung up the phone, Bobby felt extremely tired. As he sat down, Brian sidled up to his lover and held him. Not a word was spoken and the duo remained on the L-shaped sofa for over an hour.

Bobby got up and led Brian to the bedroom. They undressed each other and Brian kissed his soulmate all over his body. Brian gently pushed Bobby on the bed and worked the hard 10" cock in his mouth. He had his beautiful manpussy in Bobby's face, who spread the cheeks and made oral love to the hole. His long tongue snaked into the hole and he lathered it with spit. Bobby knew he would never tire of this man. Brian lifted himself off Bobby's hard pole and aligned his hole on Bobby's cock. He lowered himself and as he was fully engorged on the pole, he laid on Bobby's hairy chest against his back. Bobby held him and caressed his lover's body, while he sucked on Brian's ears and neck. He tweaked the hard nips and moved his cock slowly in and out of the man's cunt as Brian's body smoothly rubbed against his chest. They kept up the slow loving pace for over an hour.

"Oh God Bobby." Brian cried out. "You are so wonderful."

"Brian, my love, I don't ever want to lose you." Bobby uttered.

Brian learned a lot of Bobby's tricks and worked his ass muscles to massage the hard cock in him. Both men moaned until Brian felt the monstrous meat expand in his ass.

"GOD!!" Bobby exclaimed as he shot ten loads of man seed in Brian.

Bobby's flow eased until he was still hard, but totally spent. He eased Brian on his side and followed along. He felt Brian's hard, thick member and he slowly stroked it. Brian pushed back against Bobby and he seemed to purr. Brian's breathing became very ragged and Bobby felt the love cannon explode in his hand. He thought, what a waste of delicious love. As he felt the eighth load pulse from Brian, he grazed his hand across the head and caught a dribble of sweet juice. As he was bringing it to his lips, he touched Brian's hand and the hot jizz in his palm. He dipped his hand into the white fluid and tried to feed it to his love, but got it on his nose and cheek. Brian, not to be outdone, flung his hand over his body and spread the cum all over himself and Bobby. Bobby remember how ticklish Brian was and went to work on him. Brian squirmed and laughed, but his ass muscles also massaged Bobby's stiff rod, so he began to slowly fuck Brian again. They moved against each other for almost another hour. They were so in synch that they exploded at the same time. Exhausted, they fell asleep.

As the morning came, Bobby and Brian rose and showered together. As they dressed, a knock came at the door. Chad, Carl, and Jonah, were standing there. As they came in, Carl shook hands with the duo.

"We appreciate the room." he said. "So what are your plans?"

"Well I have to finalize the change here." Bobby said. "Then there is the funeral, then I have to get my property in Columbia taken care of. Could you get us on a week from Thursday?"

"Sure." Carl said. "Besides you need someone to transport the casket."

"No casket." Bobby said. "Charles wanted to be cremated."

The trio sat down as Bobby excused himself. The breakfast was going on, but Bobby had the entire staff to come in. Some long-term guests were there and the word had gotten around about Charles. As they were in the Gatehouse, Bobby got their attention.

"As many of you know, I'm Bobby Jones." he said. "I am from the Columbia property. Charles died peacefully in his sleep and he will be cremated per his request. There will be a funeral service in three days, so those who wish to attend may do so. Also Arthur will be the new general manager effective immediately. I will be here to help with the transition. I know many of you will miss Charles. He was a dear friend."

One desk clerk muttered yeah and good riddance to the faggot. Arthur glared at him and told the clerk to get to his office immediately. Bobby told everyone that the harassment policy of the Marriott company is very strict. He did assure the employees their jobs were secure as long as they did the job. As the meeting ended, many of the employees were talking among themselves, Bobby and Arthur went to the office and the desk clerk was standing there. Arthur sat in the chair behind the desk and Bobby sat on the credenza behind Arthur.

"So you have any smart remarks Justin?" Arthur asked.

"What?" he asked incredulously. "You gonna fire me?"

"Obviously you did have read the sexual harassment policy." Arthur said. "Automatic termination."

Bobby had pulled the blue form out and Arthur filled it out. He presented it to Justin, who refused to sign it. Arthur noted this, signed it, then told the ex-desk clerk to leave the property.

"I'm gonna sue." Justin said. "The old man was screwing some kid."

"Listen shithead, the kid is almost 20." Bobby said with a threatening glare in his eyes. "They were a couple and in love. And that kid, as you call him, is at home grieving as a spouse. You are so lucky I'm right here because I would knock your ass through that door."

Justin got up and left. Bobby just shook his head and told Arthur he was going over to the house so he could be reached there. He went back to the room and Brian had already called the limo. Carl asked if they could come along and Bobby readily agreed. They arrived at the house and they found the five in the kitchen eating breakfast. As the new quintet sat down, Bobby pulled Joey aside to the den. As they sat down Bobby looked at him.

"Joey, just so you know, Charles loved you so much." the man said. "And he wanted to see you happy. And we're here for you."

"But why didn't he tell me?" the teen asked. "Why didn't he tell me about his heart."

"He didn't want you to worry." Bobby said. "Now he wants to be cremated. Can you deal with that?"

"Yes and he did tell me he wants his ashes to be scattered in San Francisco." Joey said. "I want to do that."

"We will." Bobby replied.

"What about his stuff?" the teen asked.

"The will is to be read by week's end." the man answered. "And I think I know what will happen. Don't worry."

They went back into the kitchen and everyone was eating and they were ready for the upcoming week's events. Carl bid the group good-bye and he hugged the men tightly. Chad and Jonah followed suit and they left to return to San Francisco.

The rest of the week was hectic, but Bobby and Brian were the towers of strength. The funeral service was small, but still well attended. Bobby had it at the funeral home chapel and he gave the eulogy. He then offered anyone who wanted to speak to do so. Several people did talk about how wonderful and kind Charles was. One man rose who no one knew and he introduced himself as Charles' brother.

"I am Clifford Barrows." he said. "Charles was my older brother. When he came out my family disowned him, but I still loved him. I had been trying to find him for several years. When I did find him, he didn't want to see me at first, but we did get together finally. Joey, just so you know, you still have a family."

Clifford walked to Joey and hugged the teen. Joey was the last to speak. As he rose, he tried to maintain his composure but could not. He cried, but told everyone that Charles was so special and he would miss his love very much. The body was cremated and put in an azure urn that Joey picked out. They took the urn home and the final get together was very enlightening. Clifford introduced his wife and three children.

"Joey, please remember we're here for you." the man said. "I know this is a shock, but I loved Charles."

"Thank you." Joey said. Charles mentioned you and said he was glad you came back into his life."

Clifford parted and was ready to leave. As he and his family were leaving, they did not notice Jack sitting within earshot of them as he heard their entire conversation.

"Well I think we'll be getting that faggot's shit." Clifford said. "That kid will never know what happened."

"It's about time you did something right." his shrew wife said. "Or I'll divorce your ass."

They left and Jack found Bobby and Brian. He relayed the conversation to them and Brian called his lawyer. He agreed to meet them the next day to plan their strategy. As the group finally began to depart, Bobby thanked Marcia for all her help.

"Bobby, I'm so sorry that Joey had to lose someone this early in life." she said. "But I think he will become stronger."

"Well he does have his brother and friends." the man said. "And Brian and I will always be there for them."

"You know, I was raised Southern Baptist and was always told homosexuals were evil." Marcia said. "But Charles and Joey showed everyone they were wonderful people."

"Thanks Marcia." Bobby said. "I've know Charles for years and Joey for about six months now. I know they were in love."

"I do need to ask." she said. "Are you and Brian a couple?"

"Yep." Brian said as he entered the room. "This dip is crazy, but he's all mine. We've been together since we were kids."

"You knew back then?" Marcia said with astonishment.

"Yeah, but Bobby did some dumb things." Brian said with a smirk and nudged his lover. "But he loves me and I love him."

"I'm happy for you both." Marcia said. "If I have any questions, may I talk with you? I have students who are gay but no one to talk with about it."

"Let me give you my number." Bobby said. "Call me anytime."

"Would you talk to my oldest son, Drake?" Marcia asked. "I suspect he's gay, but I think he's afraid of coming to his father or me."

"We'll be here for a few more days." Brian said. "We'll be glad to talk to him."

"Thanks." Marcia said. "Do you need anything else?"

"I think everything is fine." Brian said. "But if we need you, we'll call."

Marcia hugged each of the man and she found he family. She whispered in her son's hear and he nodded. When the final person left, the seven friends collapsed in the living room. Bobby closed his eyes when he felt someone shaking him.

"I think we need to tell them." Brian said, moving his arms like he had a baby.

"Well guys, there will be an addition to the family." Bobby said with a smile. "A baby this fall will be coming."

The five congratulated the future fathers. The questions came at them, which they answered with ease. As they were celebrating the upcoming joyous event, a knock came at the door. Jimmy answered it and Drake stood there. Bobby waved him in and the teen was very nervous with the group. He sat in a chair away from them.

"So Drake, how are you?" Bobby asked.

"Okay." the teen said, looking at the floor.

"So you're what, 17 or 18?" the man queried further.

"16." Drake replied. "I'll be 17 in a month."

"Well happy early birthday." Brian said. "Don't be nervous."

"Drake, your mom was worried about you." Bobby said. "She wanted us to talk with you. Do you want to talk with Brian and myself alone."

Drake shook his head no and looked at everyone. He was very nervous that everyone would find out he loved to suck cock and take a dick up the ass. Here he was, 6'3" and 225 pounds. He was muscular and starter for the football team. But he and his best friend Barry were suck and fuck buddies for six years. Barry was a hot top and Drake knew he was a completely submissive bottom. They also spied on Charles and Joey while they sunbathed. Drake was ready to run, but could not move.

"Drake are you gay?" Bobby asked as-a-matter-of-factly.

The teen poked his head up with fear in his eyes. The closest person to him was Joey and the older teen pulled him to his chest. Drake tried to push away, but Joey was much stronger. The teen began to cry violently and Joey sat him down.

"Why?" he cried. "Why me? Why do I have be gay? My parents won't love me if they found out."

"Drake, you're mom knows." Bobby said. "That's why you're here. She wanted us to talk with you. The big question is if you are happy with yourself."

"I'm scared." Drake said. "I don't want to disappoint my family, but I love Barry and he loves me. But we want children."

"I know what you're feeling." Bobby said. "But you must realize you have to be yourself. Besides, we're having a baby this fall. And Brian has a son and he's right next to you."

Drake looked at Tom and the college team smiled as he held Jack's hand. Drake became more calm and smiled a little. When he realized his mom set this up, he knew he had an ally, but his dad was a different matter. Bobby called Marcia to have her and Gary to come over. As they waited, the group talked about what life could be like as a gay couple. There was a knock on the door and the Blazers came in the living room. A couple of minutes later, Barry was at the door and Drake motioned for his love to sit next to him. Bobby looked right in Marcia's eyes and nodded. She had a slight look of panic in her eyes. Drake drew to his full height and had Barry stand next to him.

"Mom. Dad." he began, then held Barry's hand. "I'm gay and I love Barry."

Everyone's attention turned to Gary and it looked like he was about to explode, but he sat down and began laughing. At first it seemed he was in shock, but he looked at everyone as tears streamed down his face. He walked over to the teens and hugged them.

"Drake, I've known for about a year now." Gary said. "I found you two in your room kissing and nude. All I ask is Barry, do you love my son?"

"Yes sir, I do." the taller teen responded. "I love him with all my heart."

"You two need to keep your personal life quiet." Drake's dad said. "And you must not let Terry find out. He's too young to know. And are you two sexually active?"

They chimed yes sir simultaneously. They said they had first known of their attraction six years prior and that they have been active. They also mentioned they had not been with others and they only wanted to be together. They admitted to spying on Joey and Charles and saw the love between the couple. They also saw the love the Jimmy and Ben had, as well as Tom and Jack and Bobby and Brian. They said they planned to celebrate there sixth anniversary that Saturday. Joey told them they could use the house and he would cook their dinner. They hugged the older teen.

"Bobby. Brian, thank you for your help." Marcia said. "When are you planning to leave?"

"Probably on Sunday." he replied. "I have to ready my property for transfer."

The five teens looked at both men with very surprised expressions. Bobby knew he had to explain.

"I was asked to take over the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco." he explained. "A friend has to move to England."

"But what about the house?" Tom asked. "And Dad, why across the country?"

"Son, you know where Bobby goes, there I am." Brian said.

"And vice-versa." Bobby added. "Besides, there is plenty of room for all five of you. And if you want to have a party, you still have the apartment."

"You wanna adopt a couple more." Barry asked with a smile.

Everyone laughed and the plans were explained in detail. Joey was feeling better and made a large pasta dinner from scratch, with antipasto, garlic bread, and gelato for dessert. The Blazers, the teens, Bobby and Brian ate to their fill. Drake and Barry kept holding hands under the table and smiling. Tony kept looking at them and he finally had to say something.

"For Christ sake." he said with a grin. "Get a room."

Everyone looked at the 12-year-old as if he became a hideous mutant. He smiled and then laughed.

"What?" he said between chortles. "I knew for three years. I also know they're in love. DUH!"

He got up and hugged his brother, then Barry. He looked at Barry very seriously and said something no one would have expected.

"Don't you ever hurt my brother." he uttered. "Or I swear to God I will kill you. He's my brother and I love him too much."

"Terry, don't worry, I won't." Barry said. "My big problem is telling my parents."

"Barry, we're here for you son." Gary said. "If you want, we'll be there."

"And though we have only known you for a few hours." Bobby said. "So will we."

As they finished dinner, the Blazers and Barry left. Bobby and Brian left for the hotel and prepared for the reading of the will. Their lawyer would meet with them in the morning to plan their strategy.

The next couple of days were busy, but everyone had gotten their business taken care of when the reading of the will came. All were seated in Charles' attorney's office. Bobby, Brian, Joey, and Jimmy were there with their attorney. Clifford Barrows was there with his wife and tried to be nice to everyone.

"Lady and gentlemen." the attorney began. "I am Michael Barker and I am the late Mr. Barrows attorney. We are here to read the will. Mr. Barrows recorded his will on video tape, so let's begin."

The lawyer slipped the video tape in a VCR and turned the television on. A few seconds later, Charles' likeness came on the screen.

"Hi everyone." he began. "Well let's assume I'm dead if your watching this. I know, bad joke. Now skipping over the sound mind and sound body bullshit, let's get to the crux of the matter. First Michael, you have been a good friend and confidant. I have paid your retainer for two more years. This will be explained later. Second Bobby and Brian. You have been great friends and I want you to be the executors of the will. I also leave you most my prized possession - my love, my pride, my joy - Joey. Take care of him and see that he's happy. To my Clifford and his family. When you re-entered my life with open arms, I was ready to accept you, but knowing our family I wondered. So I had you followed."

A series of hidden camera and audio recordings appeared on the screen. It showed Clifford and his crone of a wife plotting to get money from Charles and they laughed. The two were red with embarrassment and they slunk down in their seats. Charles reappeared with a wry grin on his face.

"I am not without a heart, so I've instructed my lawyer to pay off your debts up to the point of my death." the dead man said. "And if you contest my will, you get nothing. And Michael, if they do contest it, sue them for fraud. Finally Joey. I love you and I am so glad that your were part of me. I'm sorry I died my love, but do not grieve. If you find someone to love, I want you to give that wonderful part of you. I know Bobby, Brian, and especially Jimmy will be there for you. I love you my sweet. Joey I leave you everything I own. It is miniscule compared to your love. Well guys remember to be there for each other. Good-bye."

The screen went black and Michael turned off the VCR and television. He handed a copy of the tape to each of the principles of the will along with a transcript. He then turned to Clifford and his wife.

"As of the date of Charles' death you have an accumulated debt of $175,472.36." Michael said. "I have a check ready to hand you as long as you sign a waiver to any future claims to Charles' estate. If you refuse to sign the waiver, I will tear up the check and be prepared for a costly fight. If you sign it, then contest the will later, I will sue you for the money, interest, and punitive. And all this will got to Joey."

"And just so you know, I am representing Joey also." the other attorney said. "I am Peter Groverton. Bobby and Brian have asked me to look out for Joey's interest. We have a witness to your conversation at the funeral and will attest to your intent to defraud in court. Michael, I believe that the intent to defraud is a very serious crime, is it not."

Michael nodded and smiled. Clifford got out of his seat, signed the document, and snatched the check from Michael. The attorney also handed the man another piece of paper, that Clifford read.

"Yes, that is a restraining order to prevent you from coming within 500 yards of Joey." he said. "I did more digging into your background. Shall we say one more conviction and you'll be away for a long, long time."

Clifford and his wife got up and left the office in a huff. They rest began laughing and shook hands.

"Bobby, how did you know he would accept?" Michael asked.

"Simple. Money." he replied. "The guy's end-all-and-be-all is cash. Throw it at him, he would walk. But the restraining order was a nice touch, but unenforceable."

Everyone looked at the man and wondered what he was talking about, except Peter.

"Peter, who was that judge you had to sign the order?" Bobby asked.

"Let me think." the lawyer responded. "Oh yes. Mickey Mouse."

The joke sank in and everyone was doubled over with laughter. The uproar was so loud, Michael's secretary came in to see what was happening. He assumed her that everything was fine.

"Oh, that couple were arguing all the way to the elevator." she said. "They were muttering about the faggots in the office."

"Don't worry Peggy." Michael said.

She left and they were finally recovered from their hysterics. Bobby got up and shook hands with Michael.

"Send any paperwork to Peter." he said. "And thanks Michael."

"Joey, so now your rich, what are you going to do?" Brian said.

"Gee, I don't know." the teen said. "Would it be wrong to keep the house?"

"No Joey." Bobby said. "It's something tangible to keep Charles alive in your heart."

"Oh my God." Joey said. "The anniversary dinner."


NOTE: Well here is the newest chapter of my longest story. It had been a labor of love. I plan to add more and more. Also if you are a fan of John Grisham, you will recognize the part of the will comes loosely from his book The Testament. If you have any comments, please email me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add this to the Readers' List.


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