The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "Gee, I don't know." the teen said. "Would it be wrong to keep the house?"

"No Joey." Bobby said. "It's something tangible to keep Charles alive in your heart."

"Oh my God." Joey said. "The anniversary dinner."


The four headed out to help plan a romantic evening for the teens. Joey bought the groceries, while Bobby, Brian, and Jimmy bought various items for the bedroom. They drove home and went into the kitchen with the groceries. Jack, Tom, and Ben were sitting there when they arrived.

"Bobby, Marcia called." Ben said. "She needs you next door."

Bobby headed next door and found the Blazers and Barry with stunned looks. He went to Marcia and Gary, then sat down.

"What happened?" he asked.

"My parents found out I'm gay." Barry said. "They kicked me out."

"Don't worry." Bobby said. "Marcia. Gary. He can live with you, can't he?"

"Sure." Gary said. "But the boys go to a private school and we can't afford his tuition."

"I'll cover it." Bobby said. "And I'll make sure he is covered financially. Now you two come with me."

He led the teens out the door. He stopped to tell the group next door he would be back soon. He found some fine clothing stores in downtown Charleston, but kept the two separate. He had them quickly fit for two tuxedos. Then he had underwear, socks, shoes, shirts, and pants picked out for Barry. He had the packages taken to the limo. As the boys were finished, he had the driver take them back to the house. He told Drake to go to his house and Barry to his room. They could smell the delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen and knew that Joey's learning was coming along very well. Bobby explained the situation to everyone and Joey offered the house if he needed to stay there. Everyone hugged the newly rich teen for his generosity.

At 6:00 pm, the doorbell rang and Drake stood there in a tailored tux. Bobby acted as the doorman and ushered the teen to the living room. Barry entered in his tuxedo and the two approached each other. They tenderly kissed and Bobby gave each a boutonnière. They pinned them on each other and Jack took several pictures of them. The teens were seated at the formal dining room table and were served by Tom and Jimmy. They started with a very simple soup - tomato with freshly grated cheese. It was followed by a salad with a freshly made ranch dressing. Joey decided on a couple of T-bone steaks for the main course with baked potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Since the two were underage, he decided on a sparkling grape juice. After they finished, Joey brought in a beautiful strawberry cake with icing. The teens fed each other the dessert. The two men adored the youthful exuberance in front of them. The five others dug into the cake and began a food fight as they covered each with cake, icing, and strawberries. They suddenly realized one thing that two men were standing unscathed. The seven attacked and Bobby and Brian tried to run, but to no avail. The nine were covered in food and were laughing.

"God, I'm sorry about ruining the tux." Drake said.

"Hey, it's yours so if you want to ruin it." Brian said.

"By why did you do this?" Barry asked.

Though he had told the story on numerous occasions in the last few weeks, Bobby explained his life. Though Joey and Jimmy had heard it, there were new parts Bobby refused to tell them until now. After he finished, the teens were in shock.

"The reason I do this is if someone didn't help me." Bobby said. "I would not be able to help others. Joey and Jimmy know where I'm coming from. All I ever ask is to help others with no want of reward."

The teens kissed the man and walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom. The others went to the remaining bathrooms to clean up. The phone rang and Marcia was on the line. Bobby answered it.

"So how did it go?" she asked.

"Fine with a food fight in the end." he replied with a chuckle.

"So are they coming home soon?" Marcia queried.

"They are in the master bedroom." Bobby said. "We have it set up for a romantic night."

"Well then Joey can sleep here tonight." she said. "And we'll make sure he's okay tonight."

"I think he'd like that." Bobby replied. "I'll tell him."

As he hung up the phone, he found Joey and told him of Marcia's offer. Joey readily agreed and had an overnight back packed already. Bobby hugged the teen and told him how proud he was of the teen. Joey kissed Bobby gently and left to go next door. Bobby collected Brian and they looked in on the other four. They were in their respective rooms relaxing. They said good night to Jack and Tom first.

"Hey guys, remember we leave for Columbia tomorrow." Brian said. "Besides you've missed enough school."

"We will be ready Dad." Jack said.

The two men kissed both teens on their cheeks and went to the other room. Ben and Jimmy were kissing, nude and hard has they could be, but stopped when they heard the two men at the door.

"Don't let us interrupt." Bobby said. "We're going now."

"Where's Joey?" Jimmy asked.

"He's next door with the Blazers." Bobby responded. "Marcia will take care of him. You need to get some sleep as we head back to Columbia tomorrow. You have missed enough schools."

"We'll be ready." they said together.

As they left, they heard moans of passion coming from the master bedroom. They left and made sure the lights were out and the house was locked up tight.

As the day came, Bobby and Brian rose with smiles on their faces. They kissed passionately and caressed their bodies, leaving no inch of skin untouched. As they broke their kiss, Bobby looked at his love with a smile.

"Man, you need mouthwash." he said, almost laughing.

"You should talk dragon breath." Brian replied as he tweaked Bobby's nipples lightly.

"Oh you're so in trouble." Bobby said.

He grabbed his lover's dick and used his skillful hand to massage it to full fruition. Bobby had Brian on his back and flicked the tip with his tongue, then lowered himself on the pole. As Bobby rode slowly on Brian's cock, he leaned in and tweaked his nips lightly. Brian squealed as a school girl and loved the feeling of being dominated by Bobby. Bobby brought his lover to the brink of ecstasy twice, but used his vast knowledge to please a man not to allow Brian to release.

"Oh you are so mean." Brian said. "Please let me shoot."

"Can we adopt Barry?" Bobby said.

"Can we think about it?" Brian replied.

"Sure." Bobby said as he twitched his ass.

"OH SHIT!!" Brian cried out.

He blasted seven heavy loads of cum into Bobby's mancunt. Bobby stroked his massive cock and shot eight volleys of jizz all over his partner. He leaned down and licked his juices off Brian, then shared it with him. As they cuddled together, Brian turned to his true love.

"Why do yo0u want to adopt Barry?" he asked.

"Because baby." he said. "His parents basically turned their backs on him like my father did with me. He deserves stability, but I think he should live with the Blazers. To separate him from Drake would be cruel."

"Well you know how conservative the state is." Brian reminded him. "But if we financially and emotionally support him, it would be the same."

Bobby thought about what Brian said and finally agreed. They would talk with the Blazers to officially adopt Barry. They got out of bed to prepare for the new day. They dressed, went to the office to speak to Arthur.

"Hey." Bobby said. "We're going to be leaving today. I have to be in San Francisco in a week."

"Bobby, thanks for all your help." the new general manager said. "Can I call if I need help."

"No problem Art." he replied. "I'll always be there if you need help or just want to talk."

Bobby and Brian took the limo to the Blazer home, where they found Joey having breakfast with Marcia and Gary. Terry was coming down the stairs looking like he just woke up. Marcia asked the couple to sit down and they had coffee.

"We want to thank you for the support you showed Drake and Barry." Gary said.

"Marcia. Gary." Bobby said. "We would like to talk to you about Barry. We would like to ask for you to adopt him."

"We have been discussing that." Marcia said. "It might be tough on the budget, but we want to do it."

"We will take care of the financial end." Bobby said. "We would have loved to adopt him, but we know the political stature of the state."

"We'll set up a fund you can use for his care." Brian said.

"And if you need to use the house that Drake and Barry can have privacy, it is at your disposal." Joey said, looking at his friends with a smile.

Bobby got up to hug his friend. Joey knew this is what Charles would want. He also knew he could not live there without his love. Tom, Ben, Jimmy, and Jack knocked on the front door. Tony answered it and the foursome entered. As they came into the kitchen, Drake and Barry came in the back door. They were holding hands and smiling.

"So is everyone ready for breakfast?" Marcia asked.

Everyone readily agreed and sat in any seat they could find. Marcia and Joey made bacon and eggs for everyone, which did not last long. As the food was gone, the rest of the crew cleared the dishes. Jimmy and Joey washed and dried the dishes so they could talk.

"Hey Joey, how are you doing?" his brother asked.

"Okay I guess." he responded. "But it's gonna be tough on Tuesday. That's Charles' birthday. It would have been our first together. God I miss him."

"I know." Jimmy said. "But we're here to support you. And besides bro, I love you too much."

The two brothers hugged for several minutes. The bond between the twins could never be broken. Bobby and Brian came in the kitchen and saw the scene. Joey saw them and hugged the two men who basically made the toughest time in his life easier.

"I know I haven't said thank you." he said. "But you two have been so wonderful. I don't know how to repay you."

"Joey, you are a sweet dear friend." Brian said. "You two brought us back together. The only thanks we need is for you to move forward. Never forget Charles, but look to the future. You know that's what he wants of you."

"Charles' birthday would have been Tuesday." Jimmy said.

"So we will have a birthday dinner for him to celebrate his life." Bobby said.

"But we need to go home today, so everybody needs to pack." Brian said. "We leave at 1 this afternoon."

"Sir, yes sir." the twins said with awkward salutes.

They entered the living room and Bobby decided to drop the news about Barry. As he stood in front of everyone, he had a smile on his face.

"As you know, Barry has been turned out by his parents." he began. "But the good news is that the Blazers have agreed to adopt him. Brian and I are going to be surrogate parents to him."

Drake and Barry smiled as they hugged each other. Terry tried to give an expression of discontent, but he could not hide his smile. He hugged his brother and potential new brother. Bobby explained they would be able to use the house next door, with certain restrictions. Joey clarified that as long as they did not destroy the house or throw wild parties, the teen couple would be welcome there. Drake's parents were given control over the house.

"Marcia and Gary, we need to set up the account today." Brian said.

"We bank with Wachovia." Gary said.

"That will be easy then." Bobby said. "That's where we bank, so the transfer will be uncomplicated."

Gary and Brian left for the bank and Bobby discussed with Marcia what needed to be done on their end. The Blazers would send the receipts to Bobby and Brian's accountant. If they needed any help with the adoption, he gave her their lawyer's card.

As they talked , the quartet from Columbia went next door to pack along with Joey. He took most of his clothes and a couple of pictures, one of the two of them on the cruise and the other of Charles and Joey on the beach. Tears welled in his eyes and he sat on the bed. He wondered if he would make it through the heartache. Drake and Barry came in the room with Terry. They saw Joey and they sat beside him. Terry climbed on his lap and hugged the teen.

"Joey, don't be sad." the pre-teen said.

"I'll try." he replied. "But it is so hard."

"Joey, anytime you wanna talk, please call." Drake said as Barry nodded.

Joey hugged the trio and thanked them. He got up and put on a brave face. The two vehicles that Tom and Jimmy drove to Charleston were in the driveway and they were loaded. Brian came back with Gary. They had stopped at the hotel to get Bobby and Brian's luggage. They loaded it and went to the house. The group said their good-byes to the Blazer family.

"Remember Barry." Bobby said. "When you have the opportunity, help others."

"Bobby, I will do this." the teen promised.

"I want to say." Gary said. "People say homosexuals are evil and sinful. But after meeting all of you, no one better say it around me."

As the Columbia crew left, they drove to I-26 westbound. As they continued Bobby and Brian were in the van with Tom, Jack, and Joey. Jimmy was driving the BMW as they kept pace into Columbia. As they turned to I-77, Jimmy zoomed past the van, but Bobby did not attempt to speed up. As the van arrived at the house, they unloaded it and entered their domicile. Jimmy and Ben were making sure the power, phones, and water were on properly.

"Babe, it's good to be home." Bobby said as he kissed Brian.

"It sure is." his lover responded.

"Dads, we set up a room." Tom said. "But we need to decide who will stay where."

"Joey." Brian said. "Do you want to stay here or the apartment."

"Here please." he said. "Jimmy, please understand."

"I do Joey." his brother replied. "All I want for you to be happy."

The twins hugged and Joey wept. Jimmy held his brother and led him to the living room so they could be together. The phone rang and Bobby answered it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Robert." the voice said. "How are you dear boy?"

"Nigel." Bobby replied. "How are you doing?"

"Just seeing how you are progressing." the Brit said.

"Well I should be finished by Thursday morning and fly out that afternoon." he replied. "I already made arrangements with Carl."

"That will be excellent." Nigel said. "And are you going to bring that handsome man of yours."

"Yes, and another surprise." Bobby said.

"Really?" he said. "Well until Thursday, ta for now."

Bobby hung up the phone, then found the group talking in the living room. Jimmy, Tom, Ben, and Jack left to get some dinner. Bobby sat next to Joey and held the teen close to him.

"You remember the first time we met?" he asked the teen.

Joey nodded and smiled. He remembered seeing Bobby through the entire crowd and how hot he was, even though Bobby was older. He remembered the first night the three spent together and how Bobby seemed to adopt the twins. And how Bobby introduced his love to him.

"Bobby, I know how happy you are." the teen said. "I just wondered if I will find love again."

"Joey, I know you will." the man replied. "Just give yourself time."

Brian entered the room and saw the two on the sofa. He sat down with Joey between them. He held the teen and Joey felt safe as if he were in Bobby's arms.

"Now I know why you love him." Joey said to Bobby. "He's like you. Can I sleep with you guys?"

"Joey, are you sure?" Bobby asked. "Remember, Charles just died."

"I know, but I don't want to be alone." the teen said.

"It's okay Joey." Brian said. "You can be with us tonight."

Joey kissed the two men and got up to go into the kitchen. Bobby followed him into the room. He watched the teen prepare a salad for dinner. Bobby decided to confront Joey about his future.

"Joey, we need to talk." Bobby said.

"Yes." the teen replied. "What about?"

"Are you going back to school?" the man asked.

"No." Joey replied. "I can't live in the house."

"Well you can come to San Francisco." Bobby said. "You can go to school there. And we'll have room for you."

"Thank you." the teen said as he hugged the man.

The four teens returned with KFC and the food was spread out on the dining room table. The seven ate dinner and Bobby turned to the group to tell them the good news.

"Just so you know, I'm going to be a father." he said.

The stunned looks filled the room, except for Brian and Bobby. The teens questions came fast and furious, which the two men answered calmly.

"So will it be your brother or sister." Brian said. "And you might have one of each."

They continued until it was time for bed. Joey took Jimmy to the family room. He had his brother sit on the sofa and sat next to him.

"Jimmy, I'm going to move to San Francisco with Brian and Bobby." he said. "I need a new start."

"You know this with be the furthest apart we've ever been." Jimmy said. "I'm really gonna miss you. But I know they will make sure you're cared for."

The twins hugged each other tight, then met with the others. As the group departed, Brian reminded all of them to be ready to move in the house by Wednesday. The four left and Bobby made sure the house was locked up. The three went to the master bedroom and they undressed. As they got into bed, Joey was in the middle. He kissed each man very passionately as they caressed his body.

"Joey we don't have to do this." Brian said.

"I want to." he replied. "I want to feel love. And Brian, I want you in me."

Brian straddled the teen's body and slowly fed his cock in and out of the boy's mouth. Bobby raised Joey's legs and explored the wondrous teencunt in front of him. The hole was enlarged and Bobby knew that Joey was a complete bottom, because he knew how large Charles was. Bobby dove in and shoved his tongue deep into the teen's hole, which caused Joey to gasp. Bobby tongue-fucked the youth while Brian face-fucked him. Bobby made Joey's boycunt wet and he squirmed with delight. Brian removed his cock from Joey's mouth and Bobby moved as he held the teen's legs up as Brian slowly inserted his 9" deep into the hole. The boy's body seemed to swallow his rod completely. Bobby released the legs and they wrapped themselves around Bobby's waist. Bobby then positioned himself in a 69 position with Joey taking his massive cock deep into his mouth. Bobby took the hard teen cock into his mouth. He remembered this tasty teen and loved it. He would love to have this teen to live with them, but he knew the Nigel would care for and love Joey and that Joey would love him. All three developed a beautiful rhythm and Bobby's sex training had Joey exploding into his mouth with ten shots of thick cream. Bobby swallowed the youthful jizz and kept the younger man hard. Both men were determined to make Joey happy and the moans of pleasure he was emitting told them they were on the right path. For almost an hour, the sweat and passion filled the room. Joey was ready to shoot a second load and the blast filled Bobby's mouth, followed by seven loads of sweet cream. Bobby kept it in his mouth. Joey's ass muscles contracted hard on Brian's cock, who released eight thick ropes of jizz into Joey's ass. Bobby shot eight hard shots of cum into Joey's throat. Bobby pulled off the uncut rod and began to kiss Brian and shared Joey's essence with his love. Brian eased his burgeoning cock from Joey and laid next to the teen. Bobby began to suck his balls while Joey cleaned Brian's pole. Bobby inserted his middle finger deep into his lover's hole and prodded the man's prostate. In fifteen minutes, Brian exploded deep into Joey's mouth, who swallowed every drop. The three cuddled up close, with Bobby in the middle with Joey and Brian snuggled on his chest and playing with his thick hair.

"Guys, thanks for this." Joey said. "I missed this."

"Joey, we're here for you." Brian said.

"And Joey, when we move to San Francisco." Bobby said. "You will have a new start."

Bobby kissed the two and they fell asleep deeply.


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