The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "Bobby, I need to ask you a question." Brian said. "Did you sleep with Tom?"

"Yes baby I did." the man replied. "He has so many of your traits, but you are so much better. Just remember, it's you that I love and only you."

The two drifted off to sleep and Bobby seemed to be the luckiest man in the world at that time.


The next few days were very hectic for everyone. Bobby finished up on Tuesday and was in charge of the evening social. Many of the regular guests came by and wished him well. He always enjoyed the evening social because it allowed him to get to know the guests on a personal level. By the time he got home, Bobby was exhausted but happy. He realized that he was appreciated by the guests. Brian saw how tired his man was and made sure he was in bed. They slept in each others arms.

Bobby rose refreshed, but a little saddened. He realized this was his last day as the general manager. As he got up, Brian rose with him. They showered together and just slowly stroked each other to blissful climaxes. Bobby kissed his man sweetly and nothing had to be said. Brian was going to help Bobby got his personal items, but he was also privy to the surprise the hotel staff was preparing for Bobby. As they pulled into the parking lot, it seemed to business as usual. They went into the office and found six boxes neatly stacked in a corner. Bobby slowly took the plaques and mementos down and pondered over them. He developed a state of melancholy and hoped he could get through the day quietly. Brian made sure everything was packed neatly so they could be shipped. After they finished, Bobby got the birthday and anniversary lists. As he left the office and went to the main part of the Gatehouse, the entire staff was there. They stood and applauded the departing general manager. The cheers were deafening and Bobby's eyes filled with tears. Brian stood behind his man and cheered him along with the employees. Donald stood by his side and tried to quiet the crowd.

"As you know, we bid farewell to a man who was the inspiration for us being here for so long." the new GM said. "Bobby Jones was a manager who cared and looked out for his people. I just hope I can be only half the man he is."

He shook his former boss' hand, but then embraced him. The door to the Gatehouse opened and the regional manager entered. Amy Toliver came to the man and hugged Bobby. She looked at everyone and cleared her throat.

"Bobby, when Intercontinental called me, I was ready to bad mouth you to keep you here." she said. "But you are the right man for the right job. But I have a group away from corporate. We were going to announce this month at the manager's meeting. For the sixth consecutive year, this property had received the Gold Award. And Bobby, I'm here to announce that you were named Manager of the Year. Congratulations."

He accepted the crystal trophy and shook hands with Amy. He looked at it and then turned to the staff one last time.

"I can only say this." he began. "I could never have gotten this without everyone here. Each of you have always gone above and beyond. I hope my new staff will just as dedicated. Thanks guys."

A new present was given to Bobby. A large portrait of the hotel's front was autographed by all the staff. It was matted and framed. Then each department presented him with gifts, ironically, baby items. There were clothes, baby bottles, diapers, and other sundries, which caused Brian to laugh. The staff had ordered Chinese food and they ate. Then Donald rose and announced the birthdays and anniversaries. Bobby had the pleasure of announcing the employee-of-the-month and presented the plaque to a houseman. As they finished the meeting, some of the regular guests come in and presented Bobby with a glass tankard that was engraved. The man was touched to the point of tears. Brian made sure everything was packed properly and found his love hugging everyone. Donald and Amy pulled him to the side and spoke to him.

"Remember, I will be calling if I need help." Donald said.

"No problem." Bobby replied. "Anytime."

"And if you ever want to come back to the Residence Inn family." Amy said. "Just call."

After one final good-bye, Bobby and Brian left and went to the boys' apartment. Joey was there and he was packing his clothes in the luggage Bobby got him. As the two men walked in, Joey looked at them and smiled ever so slightly.

"So are you excited about tomorrow?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, kinda." the twin responded. "This will be the first time Jimmy and I will be apart."

"I know the feeling Joey." Bobby said. "People I worked with became family to me. I will miss them dearly. But we must move forward."

The quartet of teen entered the apartment and they hugged the two men. As they sat in the living room, Jimmy gave the duo some news.

"Well, I guess the apartment won't be vacant for long." he said.

"What do you mean?" Bobby asked.

"Well, we got a call today and Drake and Barry will be coming to USC in the fall." the teen said. "They can use the apartment. As a matter of fact, they should be here soon."

No sooner did he complete the sentence, there was a knock at the door. Bobby answered it and saw the entire Blaze family and smiled. He hugged them as they came in and they entered the living room.

"So how have you guys been?" Brian asked.

"Great." Drake said. "Most of our friends knew about us and never cared. And we got word we were accepted to USC."

"Well, let's give them the grand tour." Bobby said.

They showed the family the apartment and the boys were in awe of the immensity of it. Tony loved the private computer room and was envious. They finally went downstairs and Bobby explained the ground rules to the teens. Doris and Tom reminded the boys of the punishments if they failed to follow the rules. Drake and Barry agreed and they decided to stay the night. The quartet had their bags packed to move that day so they were all prepared.

"Bobby, we would like to see you off tomorrow." Doris said.

"We appreciate that." he replied. "And could we could keep an eye out for these guys too?"

The phone rang and Tony answered it. He turned to Bobby and held out the receiver. The man took it and thanked the preteen.

"Hello?" he said. "Tomorrow morning at 7:30. That's great. See you then. Later."

He hung up the phone and said that Carl would be flying in that night. He, Jonah, and Chad would be staying at the Holiday Inn by the airport, then would meet them by 7:00 am. Joey had prepared a final meal for the group. He served soup, then salads. For the main course he prepared leg of lamb, fresh vegetables, and wild rice. For dessert he made a chocolate mousse.

"You know bro, I'm gonna miss these meals." Jimmy said. "But most of all I'm going to miss you."

The twins hugged tightly and kissed tenderly on the lips. The love they felt for each other was very evident. Jimmy turned to Bobby and Brian with a very intent stare.

"Make sure you take care of him." Jimmy said. "And tell Nigel he better love him or answer to me."

"Jimmy, we will." Bobby said. "And I'll make sure Nigel knows your feelings."

After the dishes were washed and put away, the group sat in the living room. They talked about what Drake and Barry would be studying, that the boys would look out after them, every subject possible without speaking on the subject on everyone's mind - the departure in the morning. As everyone got up, the teens got their bags to go to the house.

"Don't worry." Tom said. "When we visit we will keep an eye on them. Just take care of yourselves."

As they departed, Bobby drove one vehicle to the house and Tom drove the other. As they pulled into the driveway, the boys unpacked their bags in the rooms they would occupy. Bobby completed the laundry and Jimmy came to him.

"Bobby, Joey and I want to spent the night with you alone." he said. "It's a way of saying thanks, Dad."

"Jimmy, you know you don't have to." Bobby said. "You guys have given me more than you will ever know."

"Just this once." the teen said. "Besides Tom said he, Jack, and Ben want to know Brian very well."

"Let me talk with Brian." the man said.

Bobby found Brian sitting on the bed in a state of shock. He sat next to his man and took his hand. Brian looked into Bobby's eyes and the confusion filled his face.

"Tom said he wanted to make love to me." he said.

"I know." Bobby responded. "Jimmy told me. How are you feeling?"

"It's wrong, but I've always wondered." Brian said. "Baby I don't know what to do."

"Tell me this love." he responded. "What does your heart tell you?"

"I want to." his soulmate replied. "I want to experience what you did."

"Don't worry." Bobby replied. "I want you to never regret doing it. And knowing your son, you will be closer."

"Jack and Ben want to join in." Brian said.

"I know, but if you don't want to, then don't." the man told his love. "Besides I think they will understand."

Brian kissed his lover, husband, and soulmate with great passion. He rose and found the three teens in the large guestroom talking. As the man entered, Tom, Jack, and Ben stopped and looked at him. Brian walked to his son and held his face in his hands. He leaned down and kissed him passionately. Tom responded and pulled his father to him. The heat of their love was extreme. Jack and Ben rose and went to the duo. The Vietnamese boy caressed Brian's back, who then looked at him. Jack moved his head and began to play tonsil hockey with Brian. Ben began to kiss his best friend deeply, then turned to Brian and kissed the older man. As they finished, Ben turned to them.

"Well?" he asked.

"You're right." Jack said. "Just like you. It's amazing."

"If we didn't know he was your dad." Ben said. "It would be like kissing your twin. I guess some things are inherent."

Brian blushed with embarrassment and pride. The four stripped down and climbed on the large king bed. Brian had never seen his son nude and was in awe of his stature. The man got on all fours and his hole winked at the teens. He smiled at them and was prepared to be fucked by them.

`I want Tom to be first." he said. "Ben and Jack, I want to taste your cocks."

As the two teens moved in front of Brian, Tom go the lube and began to prep his father's hole. He lathered his cock with the lube, but wanted to taste the hole. He spread the cheeks and shoved his entire tongue deep in the manpussy. Brian backed onto Tom's mouth to get more of the oral stimulus in him. He took Jack's hard 7" deep into his mouth and let the teen do all the work. He then took Ben's hard 13" in his mouth when he felt Tom insert two fingers deep into him. Brian pushed back on the digits and his son finger-fucked his hole. The man continually sucked the two in front of him deeply, but had a problem with Ben's long rocket. Tom inserted a third finger into his father who felt slight pain, but extremely full. Brian pulled off Jack's cock and looked at his son.

"Okay, baby." he said with lust in his eyes and voice. "Time to fuck Daddy."

Tom removed his fingers and lined his rod up to the mancunt. He inserted it in one move and proceeded to allow his father to adjust to the intrusion. Brian saw stars with the move, mostly from the pain, but in part from being dominated by someone so young, and that person was his son. Tom began to slowly fuck his father with long strokes. He loved the tight hole of his father and he felt like he was fucking himself. Brian continued to suck Ben and Jack alternatively, but Jack whispered in Ben's ear, who nodded in agreement. Jack then whispered in Brian's ear, who kissed the teen. The two got up and left the room to find another bedroom.

"What's going on?" Tom asked in bewilderment.

"They left us to make love son." Brian responded. "And they knew this was a special moment for us alone."

The father then spun around to land on his back and did not break contact with Tom. Brian wrapped his legs around his son's waist and gazed into his eyes.

"Now Tom, my son." he said. "Love me. Love your father."

Tom leaned down and kissed his father passionately. The two became one as the passion flowed between them. They were wrapped in each others arms and Tom made love to his father as if there was no tomorrow. Brian's muscles embraced his son's entire being and his own cock lubed their abs perfectly. For over an hour they moved in harmony until Tom's balls pulled tight to his body. The imminent explosion was going to be soon when the first volley blasted into Brian's manpussy.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!" the teen cried out.

"Oh yeah baby." his father said. "Fill my ass."

Eight shots of hot cream filled the man, who milked the dick with his ass muscles. The two loved the feeling of being as one and Tom collapsed with joy on his father. Several minutes had passed when Tom looked at Brian and smiled.

"Daddy, I love you." he said.

"I love you too my sweet boy." the man replied.

Tom felt Brian's still hard cock against him and lifted himself up. He straddled his father's torso and took the cock in his hand. As he lowered his teen twat onto the man's pole, a smile crossed his face because he knew he would get the seed that created him. He slowly rode the thick cock and his own 10" dick sprang up in full force. Tom leaned forward and gazed into his father's face. Brian loved looking at his son and was so happy that his son was a wonderful man. For another hour, they made love until Brian's cock was ready to explode, but this time their eruptions were in unison. As Brian's first blast entered into Tom's teencunt, the boy's own rocket fired the first of eight shots on his father's body without either of them touching it. The only sound that came from their throats were whimpers of pleasure. As the euphoria of sex wore off, Tom laid his body on his father's. They kissed and Brian cuddled his son like a child.

"Dad, I just want to know." Tom began. "Did you ever want me to come visit you when I was growing up?"

"Yes. Oh God yes." Brian answered. "But your mother and I agreed that with two gay parents, it would be traumatic. But she made sure I knew how you were doing. Besides she raised you right."

"I'm kind of jealous of Bobby." the teen said. "He is taking you away just when we are getting to know each other."

"I know, but where Bobby goes, so do I." his father said. "Besides if Jack had to move for his job, would you go with him?"

"Yes, I would." Tom said. "But I'm gonna miss you."

"We're only a phone call away." Brian said. "Besides the four of you are coming out in a week to see Joey off, then during the summer break."

Tom snuggled his head on Brian's chest and smiled.

Jimmy, Joey, and Bobby were kissing with the man in the middle. Jimmy wanted to be fucked by Bobby first, then Joey, As the teen got on all fours, he took Bobby in his mouth while Joey shoved his tongue deep into his brother's ass. Bobby slowly face-fucked the blonde to make sure his pole was well lubed with spit. Jimmy loved being taken from the front and the back. Though he had a dominant personality, he was a very submissive bottom. Joey removed his mouth from his brother's ass and Bobby pulled his cock from Jimmy's oral orifice. Bobby placed his 10" cock at the hole, lined it up, and slowly pushed forward. Jimmy felt it fill his ass and he pushed back for more. As the thick member bottomed out, Joey applied some lube to his cock and Bobby's hairy mancunt. He put the rod to the hole and Bobby engulfed the hard 9". As both asses were accustomed to their intruders, Bobby and Joey began to move their dicks in and out slowly. The true beneficiary was Jimmy as he felt the power of both men and loved the double feeling of pleasure. The trio moved in synchronization and sweat poured off their bodies. Both Bobby and Jimmy felt their prostates being pounded. The feeling of release was coming quickly as Jimmy's balls rose to his body. His 9" pulsed as the first shot sprayed the sheets below him.

"OH FUCK ME!!" he cried out.

Seven more blasts coated the linens. His ass muscles massaged Bobby massive missile, which caused the man's cock to blast into the hole of the twin below him.

"SHIT!!" he yelled.

Eight thick loads filled Jimmy's hole and it seeped out onto the bed. As Bobby's ass muscles contracted on Joey's cock, the teen shot his cum deep in the older man's hole.

"FUCK!!" Joey uttered.

As he blasted seven shots, the man clasped his muscles to keep him hard. As the three finished releasing their loads, Joey removed his rock hard cock from Bobby, who in turned removed his still stiff shaft from Jimmy. Joey then turned his brother on the back and Jimmy lifted his legs. The hole was exposed and Joey could see the seed oozing from the hole. He placed his raging hard-on at the hole and it was swallowed to the end. He then felt his brother's legs encircle his waist. The twins began to make love slowly and Bobby smiled at them. Nine months earlier they did not know each other and now they were family. Bobby moved to swallow Jimmy's rod and his was at the teen's mouth. Jimmy swallowed it whole and they enjoyed the flavor of each other. Joey massaged the back of the man, while Jimmy massaged the front. Bobby felt the special bond the three had and was happy with the two. As they moved in rhythm, they looked like an act from Cirque de Soliel n the way the worked in unison. For over an hour, more sweat poured off their bodies until Jimmy and Bobby exploded their loads in each others mouths. They drank down the protein juice deep in their stomachs. As Jimmy's hole clamped down on his cock., Joey spewed forth his load deep into his brother. The moans and groans filled the room and they collapsed on the bed. As they disentangled themselves, the twins got on either side of Bobby and cuddled up to his body. They fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

Ben and Jack climbed into bed and Jack knew he wanted the hard 13" cock in him. He climbed on Ben and began to suck the mammoth cock. Jack was able to get 8" before his gag reflexes kicked in. He masterfully moved his head on and off the long rod. His ass was in Ben's face, who spread the cheeks apart and his long tongue, about 4.5" long, snaked into Jack. When the oriental teen felt the long item enter his rectal area, his head popped up when he realized it was moving further in him.

"FUCK!!" he uttered. "That is like a dick. No wonder I hear Jimmy squealing."

"Yeah." Ben replied. "He loves it when I eat him out."

The two teens went back to their tasks to prepare for the long fuck. For over fifteen minutes, the two prepared each other as Jack moistened the 13" shaft and tasted the precum that pumped into his mouth. Ben slithered his tongue deeper into Jack and tasted the ass juices he was probing. Jack then moved around and grasped the thick cock. As he straddled over it, he felt the head at his hole. Even though Tom was thick, Ben seemed to dwarf his love as the mushroom head popped through the ring. Jack winced in pain, but wanted more. He lowered his body slowly as the pain faded and a pleasurable fullness engulfed his being. After7" was in him, Jack slowly rode the over foot long rod and inched more into him.

"OH SHIT JACK!!" Ben said. "That ass of yours is so wonderful."

When Jack bottomed out, he rode the teen methodically. The cock kept pressing his prostate as his own 7" flowed precum all over the two of them. After thirty minutes, Jack rolled to his side and took Ben with him until the oriental teen was on his back and Ben was fucking his hole as Jack wrapped his legs around the taller boy. After another thirty minutes, Jack shifted again until he was on all fours and Ben slammed his cock hard in and out of the teenpussy. After another twenty minutes, Jack felt his balls tighten as his cock sprayed the bed with the first of eight shots. What amazed him was he never touched his raging dick.

"SHIT!!" he screamed.

As his ass tightened around Ben's rod, the larger teen sprayed ten shots of white lava in Jack's body.

"FUCK!!" Ben cried out.

Several minutes passed as their final dribbles of cum oozed out of their cockslits. Ben collapsed on Jack and they moved to their sides as Jack was still filled with Ben in him. They fell asleep and wondered how this would affect their current relationships.


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