The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: Ben collapsed on Jack and they moved to their sides as Jack was still filled with Ben in him. They fell asleep and wondered how this would affect their current relationships.


The next day came early. The seven rose and readied themselves for the day. The bags were at the door and a limo was waiting for the trio to take them to the airport. Joey prepared his last breakfast for them, but no one was really hungry. As the driver loaded the bags in the vehicle, the seven got in the limo for the ride. Bobby called the apartment and told the Blazers where to meet them. It took approximately thirty minutes to arrive at the Eagle Aviation terminal, which is where private jets and planes landed at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. It was a very quiet ride, since they did not know what to say to each other. They met Carl, Jonah, and Chad, along with the Blazers. Chad assisted Jimmy and Jack in getting the bags on board the plane.

"So are you ready for your trip to the west coast?" Carl asked.

"Yeah, but leaving my life behind is a sad event." Bobby replied. "But at least I have my love with me."

The group hugged and cried. Jimmy and Joey hung onto each other, not wanting to let go. Tom and Brian hugged and cried with great emotion. Bobby hugged all the teens and wished them well. Jimmy thanked Bobby one more time for being the surrogate father Joey and he never had. Tom thanked the man for bringing his father into his life again. Marcia and Gary promised to keep an eye on the four. The trio boarded the plane and the rest went into the building to watch the private jet take off. As the three buckled up and everything was secured, Carl taxied for the take-off and a few minutes later they were airborne to go to California. The teens felt an emptiness in their hearts as they got in the limo.

Chad presented drinks to the group and sat down to talk. Joey was polite and actually liked the teen, but he had an affinity for older guys. He really liked Bobby, but loved Charles. He just wondered how Nigel would treat him. Jonah came from the cockpit and sat down.

"So guys, how was the trip to Charleston?" he asked.

"Well let's say it was quite interesting." Bobby replied.

He related the events of the funeral and the reading of the will. He told how Charles' brother tried to steal from Joey and what they did to con the man. Jonah and Chad laughed so hard, Bobby thought they would choke. The flight took a little over four hours and Jonah switched with Carl. The large man talked with Bobby.

"So have we been able to take care of you guys?" he asked.

"Carl, see me next week." Bobby said. "I will have a contract drawn up that would be mutually beneficial to the two of us."

The burly man hugged the trio, which surprised Joey, and he smiled at his son. Chad was ecstatic because he knew it meant more business for the men he loved. As they approached San Francisco, Carl went back to the cockpit and Chad made sure everything was secured. The plane touched down and they taxied to the private terminal. There was a limo waiting for them and everyone unloaded the plane. As the finished, Bobby turned to Carl and they shook hands.

"Carl, come see me Wednesday afternoon to finalize the deal." the general manager said.

"Will do." Carl responded and hugged the man.

As the three piled into the limo, they decided to go to the hotel first. As they arrived, the doorman opened the portal for them and Bobby told the limo driver to wait. They entered the lobby area, where they were greeted by the entire staff. Bobby was wearing a coat and tie, but felt underdressed compared to Nigel, who came to greet them.

"Robert." he said. "Right on time. How was the flight?"

"Outstanding Nigel old boy." Bobby responded in a faux British accent. "So this is the staff."

"Only part of them." Nigel told him as he led the group to his office.

Bobby and Nigel got the week planned for the change to make sure everything went smoothly for the both of them.

"I have dinner arranged for tonight." the British aristocrat told them. "That way we can go over some of the reports."

Joey leaned into Bobby's direction and whispered something in his ear. The man whispered back into the teen's ear and they smiled at each other.

"Nigel, I hate to disappoint you, but I have dinner plans with our families tonight." Bobby said. "Perhaps Joey and yourself could have dinner and you can show him San Francisco."

"Splendid idea." Nigel said.

The two managers agreed to meet for breakfast meeting in an hour. Brian went by the front desk and got the keys for the two presidential suites. They entered the first one, which was Joey's and the teen was in awe of the splendor of the room. Bobby and Brian went to their suite and relaxed for a few minutes. Joey knocked on their door and Brian let him in the room.

"Bobby, you should have told me how sexy Nigel was." the teen said.

"And, would you have believed me?" the man asked. "You should get your passport in order. And your visa."

Brian said he would take Joey to take care of the paperwork. They would visit Mike and John to see how they were doing later that night. Bobby kissed them both, then headed to the restaurant. Nigel was there to greet him and they sat at a table away from the noise. Nigel presented him with a list of the managers and staff. They also went over the various reports and when they were due by the owners. A tall man came to their table and Nigel introduced Bobby to the owner. The three men chatted and Bobby realized how out of place he felt.

"Robert, we are glad to have you aboard." the owner said.

They shook hands and the owner left. Bobby sat down again and had a look of anguish on his face. Nigel noticed this and decided to ask.

"What is wrong dear boy?" he asked.

"Look at me." he said. "I'm not right for this. I don't own a suit and the job is one that requires suites."

"Bobby, don't worry." Nigel said. "We'll go to my tailor and get you properly outfitted."

As they finished their meeting, the two men left the hotel to go to the tailor. As they entered, an older gentleman approached and shook hands with Nigel. The Brit introduced Bobby to the man and called him Arthur Middleton.

"Robert is replacing me." Nigel explained. "He needs to be outfitted for the job. You know how the owner is."

Several men arrived and took Bobby's measurements. The man could tell they were gay with the way they lingered on his body, especially the one taking the inseam. Bobby's rod began to stiffen and the tailor smiled at him. Bobby had never had a suit made, so the intricate process amazed him. As they were working on the fitting, Nigel got some shirts, ties, and handkerchiefs that would go well with the suits. As the fitting was completed, Nigel had an account set up for Bobby and the got the shirts, ties, and other sundries. As they left, Nigel turned to Bobby.

"Joey is very adorable and sexy." the Brit said. "I just wish I could make him happy."

"Joey really likes you Nigel." the new general manager replied. "Just be yourself. Joey will be."

"I only hope he will love me like he did Charles." Nigel said.

"Joey is very resilient." Bobby told him. "He loved Charles dearly and still does. But he knew Charles wanted him to be happy."

They arrived back at the hotel and Brian was at the desk verifying something. They approached him and saw Joey standing to the side with a dejected look on his face. Brian turned and they saw he was extremely angry.

"What happened baby?" Bobby said.

"The passport was easy." Brian responded. "They are going to expedite the process for him. But the assholes at the British embassy were a different matter. They said he would need a sponsor in the country and where he would live while in England."

"Follow me." Nigel said.

They entered the office and Nigel dialed the embassy office in San Francisco. He told them who he was and why he was calling. The trio heard the one-sided conversation as Nigel gave short, crisp answers. He finished the conversation and smiled.

"They have all the necessary information." he stated. "And with your information from this morning, the visa should be ready in a day or two."

Joey rushed the man and hugged him hard. Nigel dropped his formal veneer and returned the affection. Bobby and Brian were happy with the scene. The four went to lunch and seemed to have an excellent time. Joey and Nigel agreed to meet at 6 pm for dinner. Brian and Bobby went to their suite to get ready to go visit their family, as extended as it was. They showered and changed, then left for the new house. As they arrived, they were greeted by the entire family. Judy and Ann met them first with smiles. The children were soon to follow as the men were bombarded by Mikey, Chris, Steven, and Maria. John and Mike were the last, but it hurt them both to see Mike in a wheelchair. Bobby hugged his brother and held onto him. Brian hugged John, then the men switched. Everyone went to the living room and the two men were amazed how nicely the house was decorated.

"So I guess Mike and John decorated." Bobby said with a smile.

Judy threw a pillow at him and Bobby caught it laughing. He knew his brother's taste. As they sat down, Steven jumped on Bobby's left leg and Mikey jumped on the right. He began to tickle them and they begged to be released. They wanted to show the men their room. As they led the men up the stairs, Steven jumped into Bobby's arms. They stopped at Mikey's bedroom and they saw one queen bed and two dressers in the room. There was a mix of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sports posters on the walls, while toys and various clothing were scattered on the floor.

"Messy kids." Brian said.

"So shall we see your room Steven?" Bobby said.

"We're in it." the boy replied.

"You see Uncle Bobby and Uncle Brian." Mikey said. "We learned more about each other."

The boys stood next to each other and held hands. Mikey took Steven's face in his hands and kissed him deeply. Bobby wanted to make sure that they were not hurting each other, so he sat them down.

"Okay, what have you guys been doing?" he asked.

"Well we've been sucking each others pee-pees." Mikey responded. "And Stevie wants me to put mine in his bottom."

"Does your parents know about this?" the uncle queried.

"Daddy caught us sucking." Mikey said. "He wanted to make sure I wasn't making Stevie do anything he didn't wanna."

"Just don't hurt each other." Brian said. "You must take care of each other."

The two boys kissed their uncles' cheeks. Bobby rose then remembered the phone call on Monday. He looked at Mikey very sternly.

"Did you tell your parents about the call on Monday?" he asked the boy.

Mikey shook his head no and Bobby reminded him what he would do if the boy did not tell his parents. He led his nephew downstairs and to the living room. He held the boy in front of him. Mike knew from that look it did not bode well for the boy.

"Okay, tell them." Bobby said firmly.

Um, I made a call to Uncle Bobby on Monday." he said.

"Mikey, you know what you did was wrong." Mike said. "And you will be punished."

"Uncle Bobby told me what he would do if I didn't tell you." Mikey replied.

Mike knew what was coming, but did not interfere. Bobby led the boy to a chair and sat down. He took the boy over his lap and raised his hand. His hand crashed on the boy's cloth-covered cheeks ten times. Mikey whimpered and tears streamed his face. Bobby also noticed one thing. Mikey got hard while he was being spanked and he rubbed his cocklet against Bobby's leg. After he finished, Bobby put the boy on his feet and looked at his nephew. Mikey was still crying, but he hugged his uncle. As he moved away, Mikey looked at his uncle, whose eyes motioned down his pants. The boy saw the tent and adjusted his cocklet. They smiled slightly at each other with a secret no one else will know, then Mikey approached his mother and father.

"You realize you will pay for that call." Judy said to her son.

"Yes ma'am." the boy replied.

"I think you need to be grounded for a week." Mike said. "No television and no friends."

"But Dad." Mikey protested.

"You want to try for two weeks?" the cop said.

"No sir." the boy said with a sullen look.

He tried to sit down, but popped up quickly and yelled in pain. He rubbed his bottom and everyone realized that Bobby had spanked the boy very hard. Ann placed a cushion under Mikey and he eased onto the pad slowly.

"Damn brother, you still strike a mighty hand." Mike said. "I guess you have been punished enough Mikey. Just remember that spanking."

"Yes sir." the boy said. "I won't ever forget it."

There was a knock on the door and Chris went to answer it. Justin and Jack came in and hugged Bobby and Brian. They sat in a couple of chairs and the black cop looked at the two.

"You know Jack, they'll allow any person to move to this city." he said laughingly.

"I know, but what are we gonna do?" the burly cop replied.

"Okay, before there is a fight, dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Ann said. "Kids, get washed up."

As the children went upstairs, the adults began to talk about Bobby and Brian moving into Mike and John's old house. Ann and Judy's houses were sold and at a handsome profit, while Bobby had given his brother a cashier's check for the house. Brian had the same interior decorator work on their house did the new house, and that it would be ready on Saturday.

"So where is Joey?" John asked. "He did come with you?"

"He's having dinner with Nigel." Bobby said. "It's a first date."

They talked about what would be in store for the wedding ad the upcoming babies. The children came down and all went to the formal dining room. Bobby noticed that the kids seemed to get along very well. Chris being the eldest made sure the other three were cleaned and ready for dinner. Judy and Ann prepared a turkey dinner for the two men who made all their lives happier. Mike sat at the head of one end of the table and Ann at the other end. Mike carved the turkey and made sure everyone was served. The group talked, laughed, and stared stories of when Mike and Bobby grew up, as well as stories of Brian and John. As dinner ended, the dishes were cleared and the kids went to the media room to watch Mary Poppins, The adults retired to the family room and talked long into the night. Bobby and Brian made sure the children were ready for bed. Maria kissed them as they tucked her in. Steven and Mikey were in bed giggling as the men entered. They were stroking each others little boy dicks and kissing gently. Bobby and Brian tried not to smile, but remembered when they were young.

"Ahem." Bobby cleared his throat.

"Oh hi." Steven said.

"Okay you two." Brian said. "Sleep."

"We will." Mikey said.

"We mean it." Bobby said with a light tap on his bare cheeks. "School night."

They closed the door and went to the attic room door. They opened it and heard the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping flesh and groans of pleasure. They backed out and went downstairs. As they came to the living room, Justin and Jack were ready to leave. The entire family hugged the two officers and told them they were to come over Saturday for dinner. Mike told Justin he would be at the office on Monday. Bobby and Brian also were at the door to get back to the hotel.

"Well guys, we need to get back." Bobby said. "It's been a long day. We will be by tomorrow."

They hugged everyone and kissed Judy and Ann goodnight. They left in the limo and arrived at the hotel minutes later. As they entered the lobby, they saw Nigel and Joey still in the restaurant, as they sat very close, holding hands. They looked to be happy and the duo smiled at the scene. They went to the their suite and collapsed on the sofa.

"Well baby, we're here." Bobby said.

"Are you happy, Bobby?" Brian asked.

"Not unhappy, but very apprehensive." he replied.

"I know you." his lover said. "You do what ever job you are assigned will full vigor and you do it so well. And besides my love, you are too good not to do it."

"Thanks baby." Bobby responded.

They were ready to go to bed, but they heard Joey enter his room with Nigel. They seemed to be like a couple on their first date. The two heard them giggling and some moans came from the living room area. Bobby took Brian to bed as they began to laugh a little.

"Well it seems they're right for each other." Brian remarked.

"Yeah." Bobby said. "Wanna bet we hear hot sex tonight from their suite?"

"No bet." his love responded.

Bobby undressed himself and then Brian. He pulled his lover on top of him and guided their bodies to where Brian was deeply embedded in Bobby's hole. They made slow, passionate love, while they kissed and held each other. For over an hour, Brian alternated between short and long strokes. He went poured off the two men's bodies. As his balls pulled tight, Bobby knew he was going to receive a huge load. His own impending explosion boiled from his nut sac was rising. Simultaneously both men exploded their loads - Bobby all over their bodies and Brian filled his lover's hole. Their moans filled the room and they kissed and held each other tight. Brian fell asleep on Bobby's torso and kissed his lover even deeper.

"I hope that Joey and Nigel find this happiness." Brian said.

"I believe they will." Bobby replied.

They fell asleep with the knowledge their lives seemed to come full circle.

Nigel and Joey were in on the sofa kissing and Joey reached for the Brit's crotch. He felt the long, thick cock and he was as big as Charles, if not bigger. Nigel was moaning and felt the precum ooze from the tip. As he felt the hand manipulate his rod. Nigel realized he better stop Joey. He put his hand on the teen's hand and he looked at him.

"Joey." the man said. "We need to talk. I have to tell you something no one else knows. I am HIV positive. I know that this might affect our possible relationship, but I knew you needed to know."

Joey pulled back and sat with a stunned look on his face. He started forward and his mind was trying to find the answers. He was very attracted to Nigel, but he did not know if he could deal with another lover's death. Nigel saw the look on Joey's face and held the teen's hand.

"Joey, I've been positive for three years now." the man said. "As long as I take care of myself and take my medication, the doctors say I will live a good while."

Joey looked at the man and saw the loneliness in the eyes. The teen realized this man opened himself to others and no one wanted to be with him. Joey smiled at the Brit and kissed him.

"Nigel, all I want to know is, will you make love to me?" Joey asked.

"Are you sure?" the man replied.

"I thought you were sexy before, but you were honest with me." the teen answered. "And I know we will use protection."

He led the man to the bedroom and slowly undressed his new love. The defined, pale chest made Joey excited. As the man's pants dropped on the floor, the 12" uncut cock sprung up and Joey licked the crimson head. As Joey got up, Nigel removed the teen's clothes and attacked the nips of the hard, muscular chest. Joey squirmed with delight and then felt his pants drop to the floor. As his 9" teen dick slapped his hard abs, Nigel swallowed it to the base. After a couple of minutes, Nigel got up and the two collapsed on the bed. They moved to a blissful 69 position and they moved their heads on and off the hard rods they enjoyed. The moans filled the room and Joey was glad he did not turn his back on Nigel. The Brit then rose and looked at Joey. The teen moved to the nightstand and pulled out some lube and a condom. He placed the latex sleeve on Nigel's cock slowly. The Brit took the lube and made sure his mammoth meat was nice and wet. He then slowly put the solution around Joey's ass and began to finger-fuck him. Joey felt two digits enter his anal cavity and moved against them. Nigel wanted to make sure Joey was loose for him. A third finger entered Joey and the teen felt stuffed.

"OH FUCK NIGEL!!" Joey cried out. "MAKE LOVE TO ME!!"

"Yes my love." the man said. "I will make sweet love to you."

After twenty minutes of foreplay, Nigel placed Joey's legs on his shoulders and slipped his large meat into the teencunt. Joey readily accepted it and moved his body to get more of the man in him. The Brit began to slowly fuck Joey when he was almost half way in the love canal. The man's cock inched slowly into Joey further. They tip of the condom-covered cock hit the magic button and this shot an electrical charge through the teen's body.

"OH MY FUCK!!" the teen yelled out.

His own dick leaked precum all over his chest and abs. As many times as Charles and he made love, the feeling he was now experiencing was wonderful to him. He lowered his legs and wrapped the muscular limbs around the waist of his new love. He kept pulling Nigel further into him. He felt the energy of the Brit. For almost three-quarters of an hour Joey felt his prostate being stimulated like never before. The surge of his eruption flowed from his being. The first volley blasted from his shaft onto his face, chest, abs, and onto Nigel's body. Eight more shots of white cream covered them and as his ass contracted, Nigel stopped and held his load for a while longer. As Joey's climax ebbed, he felt the hard pole still in him and he smiled at Nigel. The Brit picked up from that point and Joey's hard 9" never went down. Still pulling Nigel into him, Joey loved the man in him. For another hour, they made love and Joey was taken to a sexual high he had never been before. Both were ready to release their juices and they were kissing as Joey fired his load between them. Nigel's balls needed to be released and he began to fill the condom with his cum. He had not released his juices for almost two weeks and the latex sheath filled quickly. The shots expanded the condom and it pressed against Joey's anal walls. They eased down from their paradise and Nigel laid down on Joey. He kissed the teen tenderly as his cock softened. He slipped out and the man carefully removed the rubber. He tied the end and he was ready to throw it away, but Joey stopped him and took the condom from Nigel.

"I want this as the first time of many we made love." the teen said.

With that statement, Nigel began to weep openly and buried his head in Joey's muscular chest. The teen comforted his new love and just stroked his head and body gently. As Nigel finally relaxed, he looked at Joey through puffy eyes.

"I am so sorry." he said. "But it has been so long since someone loved me."

"Nigel, all I want you to know is that I will always be here for you." Joey said.

"Why are you so wonderful to me?" Nigel asked.

"Well two reasons." Joey answered. "First I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. But secondly, there was one thing Bobby said to Jimmy and me."

"What is that?" the Brit asked.

"Never, ever turn your back on anyone." Joey replied. "No matter the situation. But tell me, do you know how you got infected? You don't have to tell me, but I would like to know."

"I do." Nigel responded. "I had a lover not much older than you are now. I first met him about five years ago. We fell in love and I thought he was faithful, but he was not. He had several flings and he became infected. I loved him and I could not throw him out. It was obvious he passed it on to me. When he became sick they tested him for the HIV virus and he was positive. I then was tested and found out I was also positive. I stood by him and I buried him two years ago."

"Nigel, I will never cheat on you." the teen said. "And no matter what happens, I will be there. Does Bobby know?"

"No." Nigel said in almost a whisper.

"We'll tell him tomorrow, together." Joey said as he kissed his lover.

They curled up as one and slept peacefully. Joey dreamt he was in a large mansion and Nigel making sure he was loved and happy. He also saw a spirit looking down on him and it was Charles. The older man smiled at the pair and was happy his love found someone who loves him.


NOTE: Well everyone, here is the latest chapter of the story. Now I know that you must be wondering why I included a HIV positive character into the situation. Well HIV and AIDS still plagues our society and if we see this a character who is positive, it might allow all to see those with the virus with love and caring and not with scorn and fear. If you have any comments with the story, please email me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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