The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: They curled up as one and slept peacefully. Joey dreamt he was in a large mansion and Nigel making sure he was loved and happy. He also saw a spirit looking down on him and it was Charles. The older man smiled at the pair and was happy his love found someone who loves him.


The day broke, but the fog was thick that morning. Bobby rose and readied himself for the day's events. He looked at his love sleeping and he heard the soft snores. He leaned down and kissed Brian on his cheek who stirred. Brian blinked, then smiled at his soulmate.

"Morning." he said sleepily. "Going to work, huh?"

"Yep." Bobby replied. "Want to meet for breakfast?"

"I'll be down in 30 minutes." Brian retorted.

"No rush my love." the general manager said. "I don't know what Nigel has planned."

Bobby kissed Brian and left for the office downstairs. Nigel had risen and also prepared for the day. As he looked at Joey, tears began to flow from his eyes and streaked his face. He wondered why anyone would love him, especially with his disease. The Brit sat on the bed and sobbed softly. Joey woke up and cleared his eyes. He saw the man he fell in love with on the bed and he thought Nigel was crying. He rose up and caressed the man's shoulder. Nigel jumped and looked at Joey.

"What's the matter love?" the teen asked.

"I don't know if I could put you through the agony." the man replied. "It would not be fair."

"Nigel, if I didn't want to be with you, I would go to Columbia." Joey said. "I love you."

The Brit hugged and kissed the sweet teen. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Come down to breakfast." Nigel said.

"I'll be down in a little while." Joey told him.

Nigel went to the office and found Bobby sitting at the desk mulling over some paperwork. The new general manager started to rise, but Nigel stopped him.

"Please, this is your office now." the Brit said.

"So how was last night?" Bobby posed with a grin.

"I feel so alive." the old general manager rejoinder. "Joey is an amazing person."

"I know." the man stated. "And I hope you guys will be happy together. I was going to order breakfast."

"Please make it for three." Nigel told him. "Joey will be joining us."

"Well that will be four." Bobby explained. "Brian will be the fourth."

Bobby ordered breakfast and the two men poured over paperwork for almost twenty minutes when there was a knock on the door. Joey and Brian walked in laughing and they sat down when a second knock came to the door. The server brought the food in and the four ate their morning repast. Joey nudged Nigel and motioned to Bobby. Nigel shook his head but the teen was adamant.

"Bobby, I need to tell you something." the Brit said. "I am HIV positive."

The silence that followed was deafening. Bobby blinked several times and Brian had dropped his fork on the plate. The two men tried to formulate their thoughts and Joey looked at them. Bobby finally cleared his throat.

"Joey, how do you feel about this?" the man asked.

"I was shocked at first." the teen said. "But I love him even more."

"Nigel, who?" Brian asked.

"Bobby, do you remember Michael?" the Brit queried.

"Yes." the new general manager answered. "You mean he was the one."

"He was not faithful." Nigel said. "And he died because he did not take care of himself. I do and I plan to live for quite a while."

"Well you two take care of each other." Bobby said. "Nigel, is there anything we can do?"

"No." the man replied. "Joey is a wonderful person and I feel we will have a wonderful life together."

"Nigel, please call us if you need anything." Brian said.

"I will." the Brit told them. "And remember to call when the babies are born."

The four finished breakfast and Joey left with Brian to go shopping for a new wardrobe. Nigel and Bobby continued to work on reports and Nigel showed Bobby how the manager's screen worked on the computer. They paused to eat lunch and Bobby asked Nigel about his reactions to being positive. The Brit answered his questions without fail. They continued working until Brian knocked on the door.

"Come on you two." he said. "It's quitting time. Besides we are having dinner with the family."

"Come with us Nigel." Bobby said. "Joey's coming so you can meet our family."

"That will fine." Nigel responded. "Let me get ready and we can meet here in about one hour."

They finished the reports and locked the office. Brian and Bobby went to their suite to freshen up. They showered and Bobby gave Brian a loving blowjob that sent shockwaves through Brian's body. He exploded so much protein that some of it dribbled down Bobby's chin. He rose to kiss Brian and gave some the hot juices to his love. Brian lapped up the remnants and the two finished their shower. They dried off, shaved, and dressed to go to dinner. Bobby heard laughter from Joey's room and wondered what was going on. As they were ready to leave, they went to next door and heard giggling. Bobby knocked on the door and Joey answered it.

"Hi guys." he said. "I'm almost ready."

"So what's so funny?" Bobby asked.

"I called Jimmy and told him about Nigel." the teen said. "And I said how wonderful he is and that he's HIV positive, but I love him so."

"How did Jimmy take the news?" Brian asked.

"He was upset at first." Joey replied. "But I told him I didn't care and we love each other."

"We better get going." Bobby said. "Dinner with the family."

They had gone downstairs and Nigel was waiting for them. He had his Jaguar at the front door and they went to the house. Bobby gave Nigel directions and as they parked the four alit from the vehicle. Bobby knocked on the door and Chris answered it.

"Hi Uncle Bobby and Uncle Brian." the preteen said.

"Chris, this is Nigel and Joey." Bobby said.

The older nephew extended his hand and shook the two men with a firm grip. He escorted four to the family room, where Steven and Mikey attacked. Steven jumped on Bobby's lap and Mikey was on Brian's. Bobby introduced Nigel and Joey to everyone and Maria was smitten by Nigel.

"Mama, he talks funny." she said. "I like it."

Nigel, with his proper demeanor, picked the little girl up and kissed her cheek. The group chatted for almost an hour until Bobby heard a bell. He looked at everyone with a surprised stare.

"What was that?" he exclaimed.

Before anyone could answer, a middle-aged woman came in the room and smiled.

"Dinner is served everyone." she said.

"This is Mrs. Morrison." Ann replied. "We hired her to help with the cooking and cleaning. This is Bobby and Brian and their friends Nigel and Joey."

The entire family went to the dining room and they were served a wonderful meal of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, green beans, salad, soup, and a chocolate mousse. Joey and Mrs. Morrison began to talk about recipes. Bobby began to laugh with the friendliness of the woman after only one day on the job. She cleared the dishes and the group went to the family room. Everyone asked questions to Joey and Nigel about their lives and the two lovers answered them with total frankness. Mrs. Morrison served coffee to the adults and hot chocolate to the children. After a little while the kids were escorted to their rooms by the housekeeper to get their baths. They kissed the adults good night and departed. The adults heard he kids laughing and finally settled down after a short while. Mrs. Morrison appeared and was ready to leave.

"I will be going home ma'am." she said. "I will be here first thing in the morning."

"Thank you Mrs. Morrison." Judy said. "You are a find."

"Any chance I could hire you away." Brian said. "This slob here needs someone to pick-up after him."

"Well sir, my son is interested in being a houseboy." she replied. "He is young and willing to work."

"Have him come to my office at the Mark Hopkins." Bobby said. "I will be there for a couple of hours tomorrow morning."

"I will sir." Mrs. Morrison said. "Good night."

They all bid her good night as she left. They adults continued talking about Joey and Nigel going to England, Bobby and Brian's move, the upcoming wedding, and the babies.

"So little brother., how's the therapy going?" Bobby asked.

"Okay." Mike responded.

Bobby saw the look on his brother's face. He took Mike into the kitchen and sat across from him.

"So what's the matter?" Bobby asked.

"Nothing." his brother responded.

"Bullshit." the older brother said. "Now what is going on?"

"I don't feel any progress." the younger Jones boy answered. "I need to get back in the field."

"Listen you know what the doctor said." Bobby said. "You need to rebuild what was destroyed by those punks."

"I hate being stuck behind a desk." Mike said.

"No shit." the older man said. "But you have to deal with it and adjust. Besides, I told you I would not give up on you. I love you brother and I won't let you give up."

He rose and hugged Mike tightly. The injured brother began to weep. Bobby lifted his little brother from the wheelchair and sat him on his lap. Had someone walked in, they would had found the sight funny, but these were two brothers who loved each other deeply. Mike cried himself out and Bobby helped him back in the chair.

"I think John wants to leave me." Mike said.

"Well what have you been doing in the last week?" Bobby asked.

"I know I have been moody." the younger brother said. "But you know me. And so does John."

"JOHN!!" Bobby bellowed.

Everyone came running with shocked expressions.

"I just wanted to talk with John." Bobby said.

Everyone left and John sat down. Bobby looked at the two and they reminded him of Brian and himself. Bobby collected his thought, then spoke.

"John, are you planning to leave Mike?" the older Jones boy asked.

"God No." he replied. "He's been moody lately and snapping at everyone, but I love him."

"Mike, you need to relax and let the therapy help." Bobby said. "And you know everyone is supporting you, especially John."

John went to Mike and kissed him tenderly, which Mike reciprocated. They clung to each other and Mike kept saying I'm sorry baby over and over. Bobby went to the family room and sat next to Brian.

"Well I think Mike's attitude will change." he said. "And if he starts to get moody again, just call."

They talked until the younger brothers and lovers came out with huge smiles. As they looked at everyone, they shocked with the news.

"Bobby. Brian." John said. "We decided to keep our house. I know you guys bought it, but it's where we belong. Besides you need to be near your new children."

"What about the therapy?" Brian asked. "How do you plan to do that with the equipment being here?"

"Well the only thing that really needs to be moved is the stand bars." Mike said. "There's a cycle and the exercise ball is at the house anyways. It's for the best."

"And why should we do this?" Bobby queried with a grin.

"Because you love us." his brother replied. "And you want to see us happy."

"Well Bri." Bobby said. "What do you think?"

"We could argue, but it won't help." he replied. "Okay."

The two brothers hugged and then the older brothers sat down. Bobby told to Mike he would have to explain to the kids the reason for the switch. They talked for another hour until it was time to go.

"Well it's time to get some sleep." Bobby started. "We'll see you tomorrow. Nigel and I have a couple of things we have to do, but we'll be moving in about noon."

They all agreed to the time and the quartet left. Nigel drove back to the hotel and Bobby agreed to buy the car from his friend. As they went in, a front desk clerk mentioned about a visiting VIP that would be arriving the next day. Bobby told him their suite would be available in the morning.

As the two sets of lovers went to the suites, Bobby scooped Brian in his arms. They went to their bedroom and the Jones boy laid his love down. He slowly removed Brian's clothes and licked down the body he adored. As he took the latch stitch off, he disrobed himself ever-so-slowly to tease Brian. As he removed his socks and boxers, his hard 10" was pointing at Brian, whose own cock was spilling precum like a broken oil derrick. Bobby raised his lover's legs and dove on the sweet mancunt. His long tongue fucked the hole and Brian cried out with pleasure.

"FUCK ME BABY!!" he cried. "FUCK ME HARD!!"

Bobby reached over and grabbed the lube. He bathed his cock, placed it at the manpussy, and pushed in slowly. Brian entwined Bobby's body with his legs and pulled into his body.

"I love you Brian." Bobby said.

"And you, my love, are life itself." Brian replied.

They kissed and loved each other for over an hour. Bobby felt the love surge through his body as his balls tightened. As he felt the first volley explode from his body, his body tensed.

"OH GOD!!" he yelled.

Eight shots of cum filled Brian, who blasted eight rounds of love between them. He moaned loudly as he released his seed. Bobby collapsed on Brian and they held onto each other. Bobby never got soft and the two men carefully turned so Bobby was spooned against Brian.

"You knew they wanted the house." Brian said. "That's why you had it decorated to suit their tastes."

"I was hoping they would want to stay at the new house." Bobby replied. "But let's face it, it's blood."

"You're so right." his love said. "You know they will want to give us the money back."

"And you know we can't accept it." the man replied.

They planned how they would prevent their brothers from paying them back. They fell asleep with Bobby still embedded in Brian's ass.

Nigel and Joey went to the man's apartment. Most of the Brit's possessions were packed and the moving company would get them tomorrow. The two lovers began kissing and taking each others clothes off. It seemed almost instantly they were in bed and Joey had liked the massive meat all over. Nigel squirmed on the bed as Joey took the salami deep into his throat. The teen bobbed up and down on his lover's pole and knew what he wanted. He came up and found a condom and lube on the nightstand. He slid the latex covering on Nigel then greased the pole, then his own hole. Joey squatted and put the hard cock against his teencunt. As his hole opened, it accommodated the huge dick. For fifteen minutes, the boy lowered down, only to stop to adjust to the invader. Every pore, every nerve ending screamed with pleasure in Joey's mind. As he had all 12" deep in him, it caused Joey to spew nine rounds of jizz all over Nigel, who scooped it up and ate it.

"OH MY GOD!!" the teen cried out.

Though the contraction from the teencunt compressed his missile, Nigel kept it from blasting its contents.

"Nigel, you make me feel so special." the teen said.

"And my sweet lad." the Brit said. "You make me feel so young."

Joey began to ride Nigel's hand steely shaft slowly. Each time he descended, it pressed his prostate and caused the young man to approach a climax. As the feeling reached his soul, Joey spewed seven more shots of love on the Brit's torso.

"OH SHIT!!" the teen bellowed.

Again Nigel kept himself from shooting, but he also knew he could not last much longer. Again Joey rode the stallion cock and he kept pressing his magic button with the hard rod. The 9" teen cock sprayed the two bodies with the clear liquid. For over thirty minutes, the two enjoyed the pleasure of their bodies. Joey felt the familiar tingle build within his body, but Nigel was the first to explode. His cock grew in the boy's twat as it exploded in the condom.

"FUCK ME!!" he yelled.

Ten times his cock exploded and filled the rubber almost to the breaking point. This caused Joey to send his own juices all over their bodies.

"SHIT!!" he shouted.

As he sent six shots of white protein onto Nigel's torso and his own chest. He eased his well-fucked hole off the Brit's rod and laid beside his lover. He carefully removed the condom and tied it off. He leaned down and kissed his boyfriend passionately.

"Nigel, my brother will be here to see us off." Joey said. "He is overprotective. He will love you as much as I do, but he might say things that might upset you."

"I will win him over." Nigel responded. "And he will be happy to be part of our family."

Nigel kissed Joey and they cuddled in the bed. As they fell asleep, Joey dreamt about his new future.


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