The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

"We're so sorry Bobby." Jimmy said crying. "But we have been through so much we are wary of people."

"Yeah and we didn't think." Joey chimed in. "Bobby we are so very sorry for what we thought."

Bobby just looked at the twins. He tried to calm down, but he still felt hurt by the remarks upstairs. He thought carefully and sat back. He motioned to the love seat for the twins to sit down.

"Guys, remember I told you I was just like you when I was younger." Bobby started. He then began to tell the story of his youth to the twins.

Chapter 3: Bobby's True Love

Bobby was the oldest of three kids to a marine family. He moved around quite a bit with his brother and sister, who were 3 and 7 years younger respectively. He made friends, but lost them after a year or two. By the time he was a teen of 13, his father was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California.

Bobby noticed he was also developing into a man. He started to get hair under his arms and around his dick. When he was taking gym, he spied some of the other boys and noticed his dick was larger than most of the others. He also noticed he loved looking at other boys and his dick started to stir. He was afraid because he always heard some of the kids talk about Brian Martin. They called him queer, faggot, cocksucker, and butt buddy. Bobby knew of Brian, but did not know him. Bobby asked his dad about the names and his father told him it referred to homosexuals and asked Bobby why. He said some of the boys were calling Brian the names. Bobby's dad asked if he knew the boy and Bobby said he had English class with him. Bobby's dad told his son never to associate with him because if he was a fag, he would kick Brian out of his house. Bobby knew his father meant what he said.

As the school year progressed, Bobby didn't talk to Brian for fear of retribution by others. Then one day in English, the teacher paired off the students to work on a poetry assignment. As the teacher called off the names, Bobby was praying he would get his friends Steve or Mike, but he heard Brian Martin. The blood froze in his body for a second and then he heard snickering and giggles. He thought every eye was on him and he wanted to crawl under his desk. The bell rang and he went to see the teacher.

"Mrs. Barrows, please let me work with someone else." Bobby pleaded.

"Why Bobby?" she asked.

"Well, I don't think I can work with Brian." Bobby replied.

"Is it because of the rumors?" she came back to Bobby.

Bobby hemmed and hawed around a little and decided to tell the truth.

"Yes ma'am." he said quietly. "Rumor is he is gay. People would say that I am, too."

"Are you gay, Bobby?" Mrs. Barrows asked.

"I don't think so." Bobby said.

"Well then you don't have anything to worry about." she said. "And don't worry what the other kids think."

Bobby left the classroom sulking. "Easy for you to say." he said under his breath.

Bobby walked down the hall of the school. He thought of ways to get out of working with Brian and wasn't paying attention where he was going. He ran head on into Brian Martin and they both fell to the floor. Bobby was going to apologize until he saw who it was. He glared at Brian and just muttered an apology.

"I know you don't want to study with me." Brian said. The voice that was speaking was sweet and non-angered. Bobby started to feel his dick stir in his jeans.

"I'm sorry." Bobby said with sincerity. "But you know what everyone says about you. And my dad doesn't wasn't me near you. We can't even study at my house."

"We can study at my house." Brian told him. "We can get through the lesson and that will finish our association." Brian's voice make Bobby's dick hard and tented his jeans. Brain noticed it and smiled. Brian had a smile that would melt any heart.

"Okay. We can start right after school." Bobby said, his teen pole would shrink. He knew it was Friday and things would be fine by Monday.

They both got up and agreed to meet at 4:30 that afternoon. Brian wrote his address and gave it to Bobby. It was then Bobby noticed how cute the boy that everyone ridiculed was. All he could think was if this guy was a girl all would be all right. They departed from each other and Bobby ran into Mark Wilson, the school bully. Mark was 15, but was held back a couple of times because he just hated school. He always tormented the kinds by harassing them or physically intimidating them.. His favorite target was Brian Martin. As Bobby came closer to Mark, he saw the teen step in his path. The older kid was 5'10" and 165#. He had curly brown hair and brown eyes that squinted when he was going to bother another kid. Bobby saw that look and he began to worry.

"So you 2 fags gonna have a date?" Mark asked with a sneer. "You gonna slip your dicks in your mouths?"

"Go fuck yourself." Bobby told the bully.

"Okay you little shit, now I'm gonna kick the shit out of you." Mark threatened Bobby.

Bobby wasn't the normal kid in the 8th grade. He was 5'6" and 150#. He worked out at the base gym and his father showed him self-defense techniques. As Mark moved to Bobby, the younger boy raised his right leg between the bully's legs and connected right to his balls. Mark doubled over in sudden pain and went straight to his knees. Bobby then got behind Mark and put his thumbs behind the lobes of the bully's ears and pushed in and up. Mark screamed in pain and started to cry like a baby.

"Stop! Please stop!" he shouted with tears streaming down his face.

"Now, you're gonna listen you fuck." Bobby started to tell him. "You are gonna leave everyone alone or I will kick your ass all over school." He then released Mark from his grip to let him up. When Mark looked up he saw a throng of students standing around with surprised looks and some started to laugh and point. Before Mark could run, Mr. Richardson-the principal-came and grabbed both boys.

"To my office gentlemen." the principal said.

They got to his office and the boys sat in the chairs in front of his desk.

"Well what happened?" the administrator asked the students.

"He jumped me and hit me for no reason." Mark lied. The principal knew of the boy's propensity to bullying students and lying. He then turned to Bobby.

"Okay Robert, what is your version?" the man in authority asked him.

Bobby told the principal the full story of what happened in class, in the hall with Brian, and the incident with Mark. The principal leaned back in his chair and drummed his fingers together in front of his face, then looked at the boys.


"Mark you have been warned time after time about your attitude at school." Mr. Richardson began. "You have been warned the next time you began something, you would be expelled. So as of right now, you are expelled for a year. You may of course appeal the decision to the school board, but remember your entire disciplinary record will be given to them and they may expel you permanently." He then turned to Bobby. "Robert, I understand that you were defending yourself, but you could have crippled this boy." the principal continued. "Therefore you will have a week's after school detention. I will also have to notify your parents about this. Remain in the office until one of them can collect you."

"Please call my dad." Bobby stated.

"Mr. Wilson, clear out your locker and get off school property. And if you return you will be arrested for trespassing." the principal said.

The boys left the principal's office and Bobby sat in a seat next to the door of the main office.

"This ain't over yet faggot." Mark whispered in Bobby's ear. "I will get you."

"Try it again and I'll finish what I began." Bobby glared at him. Mark saw Bobby's thumbs stick up and then tighten. A wave of fear came over Mark and he turned white.

Bobby sat in the chair and worked on his math homework until he saw his father walk in the office in his uniform. Mr. Richardson brought his father into his office and Bobby worried on what was being said. 5 minutes later, Bobby's dad walked out and gave his son a smile and just waved his hand. They got into the car and drove off school grounds.

"Well Bob, tell me what happened." the gunnery sergeant asked his son.

Bobby told his father the entire story, from the assignment, being paired with Brian, asking his teacher to change partners, bumping into Brian, agreeing to study at Brian's house, the note with Brian's address, the confrontation with Mark, and how he beat the 15 year-old using some of the tactics his father taught him.


"Bob, I told you not to associate with that kid." his father began. "Now you understand why. Did you really try to get a new partner?"

"Yes dad." Brian answered. "But Mrs. Burrows told me no. That is why I have his address because I know you don't want him in the house. It's supposed to be only a week. Are you mad dad?"

"Well son I'm not happy you have to work with this kid, but I am glad you stuck up for yourself son." Bobby's dad replied. "Just finish the assignment and don't go near this kid again. And take your punishment like a man. Where does this kid live?"

Bobby showed him the address and his father took him to the house. Bobby's father told him to call when he was ready to come home. Bobby got out of the car and approached a nice 2 story house. He knocked on the front door with a stained glass window. The door opened and a 10-year old boy answered and Bobby thought was looking at a smaller version of Brian.

"Is Brian at home?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah. He's in his room." the boy answered. He took Bobby by the hand and started to take him to his study partner's room.

"What's your name?" the 10-year old asked.

"Bobby. What's yours?" the teen came back with.

"John. What are you doing here?" the boy inquired.

"We have an assignment in English to do together." Bobby replied.

John led Bobby up the stairs and then pounded on the 2nd door they came to on the left.

"John, I said leave me alone." Bobby heard Brian call down.

"A guy named Bobby is here." John yelled to his brother. "He said he's here to study with you."

Bobby and John heard a tumult upstairs, then the lock turned on the door. Brian appeared as the door opened and he smiled.

"Come on up." he said to Bobby. "We can study in private."

Bobby was nervous, but entered the door and ascended the stairs to the attic. He almost jumped as he heard the lock click behind him. He heard Brian climb the stairs after him. They got to the top and Bobby was amazed at the size of Brian's room. He saw a huge bed in the far corner, a dresser at the opposite corner, and a desk in another corner. He noticed the bathroom that was between the bed and dresser. He also saw a large television against the wall opposite the bed.

"Man you have a great room." Bobby told his classmate. "We live on the base and I have to share my room with my brother."

"I asked my parents if I could turn the attic into a room when I turned 13." Brian said. "They told me it would be my birthday present."

Bobby walked over to the desk and put his books down. He noticed a magazine peek out from the middle drawer of the desk, as if Brian was trying to hide something.

"I heard you got detention today." Brian spoke. "I heard you also kicked Mark Wilson's ass."

"Yeah, the little shit deserved it." Bobby told him. "It was mostly for what he said and his trying to hit me."

"What did he say?" Brian asked.

"He asked if we were going out on a date." Bobby replied. "He also asked if we were going to stick our dicks in each other's mouths."

"Bobby are you really scared of me?" Brian asked, looking a little hurt.

"Not scared, but you know the rumors." Bobby started. "Aren't you angry about them?"

"No, because kids are gonna think what they want to about another." Brian answered.

"Brian will you tell me the truth about something?" Bobby asked.

"Am I gay?" Brian questioned back to Bobby. Bobby nodded, his eyes looking down.

"Yes I am and I am not ashamed of what I am." Brian told Bobby. And I think you are too."

Bobby jumped up and was ready to punch the boy across his jaw. He started to get his books, but Brian grabbed him and spun the marine's kid around. Brian looked deep in Bobby's eyes and pushed him on the chair at the desk.

"Bobby do you jack off?" Brian asked.

Bobby nodded, turning beet red with embarrassment.

"Well who do you think of when you rub that dick of yours?" Brian queried.

"Mary Peterson." Bobby tried to lie, his eyes trying to avoid Brian's.

"I know you're lying." Brian confronting him. "You can't lie well. Your eyes give you away. And so did your dick this afternoon at school."

Bobby didn't know how to handle the situation. The boy in front of him was turning him on with every word he spoke. Bobby's dick was getting hard in his jeans and Brian saw this. All Bobby wanted to do was bolt out of that room and run home. He couldn't admit that he was gay and that Brian was making him realize it. Before Bobby knew what happened, Brian leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. The feel of such soft lips sent shivers through his entire body from his head to soles of his feet. Bobby closed his eyes and let Brian feel his chest. He loved the way the boy, who knew him better than anyone else, made him feel. His brain was trying to remind him of his father's words, but his hormones took over. Brian's tongue probed into Bobby's mouth and the two teens let their tongues fight the duel of love.

Brian began to unbutton Bobby's shirt, one button at a time and letting his finger trace down the middle of his torso. Bobby shivered at the touch of this hot teen and his dick started to twitch and leaking precum into his briefs. Brian took off Bobby's shirt and saw the muscular development of this stud he was enticing. He noticed the nickel sized nipples on the chest and began lightly caressing them. Bobby moaned into Brian's mouth.

Bobby finally realized two things. First, he was gay or at least bi, and second, he was falling in love with this cute guy. He stopped kissing Brian and looked at him directly in the eyes.

"Brian, I think I'm in love with you." Bobby stated emphatically. "I want to learn how to love you."

Brian was taken aback with the statement from this hot guy he secretly lusted after. He always hoped to have this guy as a lover, but always thought it be impossible.

"Bobby, I have always wanted you." Brian spoke with words of love. "I will teach you, but I know what people will do. They can harass unmercifully and I don't want you to be hurt."

Bobby's response was just to kiss his true love. He began pulling the t-shirt over Brian's head, breaking the kiss just for a moment. He saw the thin chest before him and the dime sized nipples. He caressed them as Brian did to him. Brian could only moan, head back, and eyes closed. Bobby noticed the hard dick in the shorts of the boy he was pleasing. He reached down and stroked the dick of his love. Brian looked at him and smiled. He stood and took the novice by the hand and brought him to his feet. Brian then reached down and unbuckled the belt holding the jeans up. He then unbuttoned the Levis and let them drop to the floor. Brian reached down and took off the sneakers, socks, and jeans of the boy he wanted. He then took the elastic off the briefs, which had a huge wet spot on the front, and lowered them down and taking them off. Brian stood and looked at what he desired. He gasped as he saw the teen pole on Bobby. 6" of cut meat, surrounded by a thick patch of hair, and smooth ball sac that were a mouthful. He was ready for his feast, but Bobby stopped him. He reached to the shorts Brian was wearing and lowered them. He knew that Brian was not wearing any underwear after feeling the hard tool through the shorts. As he lowered, he saw a wonderful surprise. The boy he fell in love with had 5.5" of uncut prime boy tube steak. The protruding foreskin did not completely pull back. There was a nice bush starting around his dick and a sweet pair of hairless balls.

Brian led Bobby to the bed and pulled him on top of his thin body. He felt Bobby's dick against his own and they were in heaven. Bobby kept kissing Brian slowly on the lips and caressed the body of his lover. He felt the few hairs Brian had on his pits and stroked them softly. Bobby stroked the hair and face of his new found boyfriend. He loved every inch of his body. He began to lick Brian's neck, moving to his chest, and then began sucking and licking his nips. Bobby, who had never been with another person sexually, allowed his instincts to take over. He teased Brian's nips so much, not only were they hard and pointed, but he was leaking precum out the uncut dick of his.

"Oh God! Bobby don't stop!" Brian moaned loudly.

Bobby looked up and smiled. He then licked to Brian's stomach and teased his navel. He then moved to the bush and smelled the wonderful odor that sexually aroused teen boys can only make. It was an aphrodisiac to Bobby and then he came to the point of reality. He was up close and personal with Brian's pole. Could he do what he heard others joke about? Could he actually suck it? The moment of truth came as he licked the head of the boy he wanted so much. He tasted the precum and enjoyed the flavor. He tried to swallow the hard dick, but started to gag and pulled back.

"Slowly love." Brian said. "Take it slowly and you will get used to it."

Bobby did as he said and slowly took the member of his lover into his mouth, feeling the hardness-yet pliability-of the boy stick. He wanted to make Brian feel wonderful.

Brian had other ideas. He pulled his dick out of the warm, wet orifice and pushed him back on the bed. He then started the same treatment Bobby gave him, licking him from his neck to the flared head of the 6" pole of love. He swallowed Bobby's dick slowly, making love to it with his mouth. All he wanted was to have the dick in his mouth sliding in and out of his ass. He sucked on the pole that would make them one. He looked at Bobby and moved so his dick was at his lover mouth and they were enjoying a mutual oral stimulation session. Brian then stopped, which caused Bobby to look at him.

"Bobby, I want you to fuck me." Brian said earnestly. "I want to feel you in and out of me."

Bobby looked at first in shock and then in amazement.

"How do we do that?" Bobby asked him.

Brian turned his ass to Bobby and showed his friend and love his hot pink boy pussy. At first Bobby was disgusted. He could not believe Brian would ask him to put his dick where someone's shit comes out. Brian saw the look and stuck his finger into the rectal area and showed Bobby his hole was clean.

"How do we do it?" Bobby queried again.

Brian pulled out a tube of lube and squeezed some on Bobby's dick, getting him wet. He then put some on his puckered hole and took Bobby's hand and pressed his middle finger against his own hole.

"Push in and out with your finger." Brian told him.

Bobby did as he was told and could not believe the warmth and tightness of his friend's ass. Brian begged for a 2nd finger and Bobby obliged with his index finger. He moved the digits in and out of Brian's ass, eliciting a loud moan.

"Fuck me man." Brian begged, pulling his up. "Fuck me now."

Bobby placed his dick at Brian's pink hole and began to push. He first met with some resistance, but he persisted and the ass ring allowed the head in the love canal. Bobby noticed a pained expression and was ready to pull out. Brian just looked at him and shook his head. Bobby stayed in the same position for what seemed an eternity, but Bobby saw Brian nod his head so he started to push further into the boy pussy. Bobby was amazed to the tightness and warmth of the ass which his lover had. He pushed his 6" rod in until he felt his balls against the smooth cheeks of the person laying in passion under him. He pulled to the head slowly and even more slowly pushed deep into Brian's ass.

"Fuck me baby." Brian said, caressing the stud's chest.

Bobby started to slowly fuck Brian's ass in and out, feeling the hot ass squeezing his dick on every stroke. Bobby knew he was not going to last long. He leaned down and passionately kissed Brian's mouth. Brian's dick slid between their stomachs, making him moan into Bobby's mouth. As Bobby fucked Brian, he felt like he was hitting something because Brian was leaking precum between them and thrashing with each stroke. Bobby did not know what the prostrate was, but soon would. Bobby knew he was ready to shoot his load.

"Brian, I'm ready to shoot." Bobby said looking into his boy's eyes.

"Fill me with your hot seed." Brian said. "Shoot that load in my ass."

Bobby rammed in and out a couple of more times and then rammed all the way in the hole. His balls pulled tight and felt cum shoot through the piss slit.


Bobby never felt like this before. He had learned to jack off, but this was more intense. He felt his entire being drawn into Brian's ass.

As the first volley shot into his ass, this pushed Brian over the edge and he began to cum between the boys.


His dick shot continually between them, with the boy spunk beginning to glue the hot teens together. The unison of the boys ejaculations knew they would be together.

As they came down from their sexual bliss, the 2 teens lay there caressing each other. Bobby then leaned down, licking Brian's cum off his lover and enjoying the taste. Brian reciprocated the treatment on Bobby and smiled.

"Happy my love?" Brian asked.

All Bobby could do was smile and a tear formed in his left eye. He knew he wanted Brian for life, but the world would frown on them. The boys rose and showered together lathering each other and kissing. Bobby knew he had to get home, so he dressed, gathered his books, and called his father.

"Wanna get together tomorrow?" Bobby asked.

"I was just gonna ask you that." Brian responded with a grin.

"I'll come over at 10 am, okay?" Bobby stated.

Brian responded by kissing Bobby, groping his dick. Bobby slapped his hand playfully so he wouldn't get hard. They both went downstairs and John was sitting in the family room, smiling at them. Brian playfully flipped his little brother a middle finger and got a similar reaction. By the time they got to the door, Bobby's dad had just pulled up. Bobby said good-bye and gave Brian a wink, then ran to the car. He climbed and got settled, readying himself for the third degree his father would but him through.

"So did you finish the assignment?" his father began.

"No sir." was Bobby's lie to his father. "We're about half way done."

His father eyed him suspiciously and Bobby was worried he was caught.

"So when do you plan to finish?" the gunny asked.

"We plan to get it done tomorrow since it's Saturday." Bobby told him.

"What is this poem all about?" his dad queried.

"Well we couldn't decide on what kind of poem to do." Bobby replied. "He wanted a love poem and I wanted an epic poem. We compromised on an ode and I decided on manhood as a subject." Bobby hoped his lie worked. He glanced at his father and saw a prideful smile. `Good it worked.' Bobby thought. His dad noticed Bobby's wet hair then.

"Why is your hair wet?" his dad demanded. Bobby was prepared with an answer.

"Brian's mom brought us a snack of chips and sodas." Bobby started. "His little brother had shook up the can, so when we opened them, Coke flew everywhere. Brian's mom had me shower in their bathroom and washed our clothes. She gave me a t-shirt and shorts to where until the clothes were cleaned."

"Be careful next time son." Sgt. Jones told his son.

Bobby came home and ate dinner with his family, then went to bed. He could not get the images out of his head of what the teen boys did that afternoon. His dick was hard and straining in his briefs. He had to be quiet when he jacked off so as not to wake his little brother. He lowered his briefs as he let his hand fly on his teen tool, remembering the days events. He stroked so fast his cum flew out and landed on his chin, chest, stomach, and dribbled on his dick, balls, and bush. He licked his fingers, tasting the same seed that he pumped in Brian's ass just hours earlier. He wiped himself off with a cum cloth he held for such a reason. He then nodded off, smiling about love.

Bobby's life began to take on a pattern of going to Brian's after school where the two boys explored each other's bodies and making each other feel wonderful. Brian was the first to explore Bobby's ass with his dick and Bobby knew he loved a hot dick in his ass. Bobby kept his secret from his family. He maintained a straight appearance for almost 6 months until one fateful day.

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