The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: "Nigel, my brother will be here to see us off." Joey said. "He is overprotective. He will love you as much as I do, but he might say things that might upset you."

"I will win him over." Nigel responded. "And he will be happy to be part of our family."

Nigel kissed Joey and they cuddled in the bed. As they fell asleep, Joey dreamt about his new future.


The day the house was ready everyone pitched in to move the younger lovers into the abode. The children were a little upset that Mike and John would not be living at the new house, but were glad that Bobby and Brian were moving in with them.

Bobby had learned the position he was assuming quickly, which allowed Nigel to prepare for his departure with Joey. Bobby had planned a farewell party for his friend at the hotel, but also a private one where the others could fly out to say farewell to Joey,

Jimmy, Ben, Tom, and Jack flew out Monday ad had two suites at the Mark Hopkins. Joey introduced Jimmy to Nigel, who was amazed at the similarities of the two.

"Nigel, just please do this for me." Jimmy said. "I love him more than anyone else in the world. Please care for him."

"Fear not James." the Brit responded. "He is my life and no one will every harm him."

The two hugged and Nigel wondered if this was Jimmy or Joey. The twins arranged to give Nigel a treat. Jimmy would learn why Joey loved the man so much, while Joey would enjoy Ben's company. Jimmy dressed as his brother and went to dinner with Nigel. They talked and laughed during the meal. As they went back to the man's apartment. Nigel gently kissed Jimmy on his lips. They slowly undressed each other and kissed the exposed skin as they did. Jimmy removed the man's pants and his massive member stood out proudly. Jimmy tried to act casually, but he was very impressed with the dripping missile. Joey had told his brother where the condoms and lube were, so Joey took a condom out and placed it on Nigel's rod. He then began to slather the cock with plenty of lube. His ass was at Nigel's face as the man spread his cheeks to lube the hole. As he worked three fingers into the hot teencunt, Jimmy squeezed his muscles on the digits. The teen took the cock in his hand and put his body over the monster pole. As the condom covered cock coaxed his hole, it opened him slowly and the electric feeling filled his being. As Jimmy continued further down, he realize why Joey enjoyed Nigel and why he loved the Brit. Nigel was loving and tender, never pushing the advantage. The man would always let his lovers set the pace. Jimmy's hard 9" seemed to churn out precum all over Nigel's body. As the last inch of manmeat filled him, Jimmy blasted seven shots of his own cream onto the man's body as he felt a warm sensation in his body. Nigel was able to hold back his orgasm. So as Jimmy began to ride his cock, the Brit felt the velvety smoothness of the rectal canal caress his rod. For almost an hour, Jimmy brought Nigel to the precipice of release, but edged back. There was a second reason for this, because his second impending climax built every time. The sweat poured off their bodies and Jimmy leaned down and kissed his brother's lover.

"Oh Nigel, you're so wonderful." he said.

"And so are you my boy." the Brit replied.

Jimmy began to ride the mammoth prick, but he moved across Nigel's body and his own cock rubbed against the torso of the man. The teen's forthcoming culmination ascended and the first shot hit their chins.

"OH SHIT!!" Jimmy cried out.

Eight more rounds erupted from his pole and covered their bodies. As the ass contracted on his rod, Nigel's eruption was inevitable. Fifteen blasts of man cream filled the latex covering to the point of rupturing. The Brit let out a loud animalistic groan as he was totally spent. Jimmy eased off the thick cock, removed the rubber, and tied it off to put in the garbage. As he did it, the teen kissed Nigel tenderly.

"So did you enjoy yourself...Jimmy?" he asked with a smirk.

"How did you know?" the teen queried with shock.

"Well I suspected at dinner." the Brit said. "But obviously Joey did not tell you what he got a couple of days ago."

"What?" Jimmy posed.

"A tattoo." Nigel responded. "It says I belong to Nigel."

Jimmy was red with embarrassment because he had been caught. He tried to find the words to explain, but Nigel held his hard body close and kissed his lips.

"Joey planned this." the man told him. "He wanted you to experience what he felt. At first I thought he changed his mind, but I knew that it was you. And I thank you."

"For what?" the teen inquired.

"Joey told me you were always there to protect him." Nigel replied. "And you're always the one to support him no matter what."

"Nigel, I know you will love him." Jimmy said. "Please don't die soon. I don't think he could handle that."

"I don't plan to die anytime soon." the man answered. "I hope we grow old together, but eventually we will die."

"Thanks for being there for him." the teen said.

The two cuddled up and fell asleep. Nigel thought how lucky he was to have Joey and that Jimmy would be there for them.

Joey and Ben were in the suite. Ben knew this was Joey and his love for Jimmy had him wanting to know how similar they were.

"Joey, I don't want you to do this if you don't want to." the tall teen told him.

"Ben, Jimmy and I agreed to this." he replied. "Besides Jimmy said you're fantastic."

As they removed their clothes slowly, Joey kissed the body of his brother's lover. The taller teen enjoyed the kissed all over and he felt as if Jimmy were in bed with him. The blonde teen pushed Ben on the bed and his large fuck-stick leaked precum all over his abs. He felt Joey's hand on his cock and balls while the twin positioned his cock and ass at Ben's mouth. The basketball player swallowed the thick 9" to the base. He knew this was a different cock, but it was also the same. Joey took the 13" monster down his throat with almost no problems. The two moved on and off the dicks they were orally manipulating each other for almost twenty minutes until Ben felt his cum rise form his balls. He rose off the hard cock.

"Joey, I'm gonna shoot." he said with staggered breaths.

Joey got up and laid beside Ben. He pulled the larger teen on top of him. Joey pulled his legs back to expose his hole, but he then felt the all-to-familiar feeling of Nigel in his hole. He began to smile and giggled a little. Ben looked at him very quizzically.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Jimmy is feeling Nigel's hot cock in him." Joey replied with a grin.

"How do you know?" the taller teen queried.

"We're twins." the blonde teen answered. "Like he knew when I was upset about Charles' death."

Ben smiled a little and slowly inserted his pole into Joey. Inch-by-inch entered the hot teencunt and the smaller teen loved every bit of it. They seemed to meld together as Ben pressed all 13" into Joey's love chute.

"OH GOD!!" the tall teen exclaimed. "It's like fucking Jimmy. You guys are identical."

After Joey pulled him to his mouth, they kissed fervently. Each flicker of tongues caused Ben to moan. He slowly pulled out until the head was in only part still in Joey. He began to fuck passionately and Joey moaned with lust though his body. For twenty minutes they let the feeling flow, but Joey wanted more. He lowered his legs and began to shift his body. Ben was taken by surprise, but realized what Joey was doing. The blonde teen shifted so he was on his stomach and Ben pulled him up to his knees. The darker teen began to slam his cock in and out of the sweet pussy and Joey felt every thrust. His own cock leaked precum all over the bed his brother should be.

"Oh yeah Joey." Ben said. "You're as hot as your brother."

"Ben, your cock is so fuckin' huge." Joey replied.

The taller teen's cock kept hitting Joey's prostate and the blonde teen felt the urge to explode a massive load. As his balls pulled to his body, his being shook from the first shot as it hit the headboard.

"OH FUCK ME!!" he yelled.

Eight more rounds of white cream blasted from Joey's rod all over the bed and his torso. The second blast tightened his ass muscles on Ben's massive member, which caused the tall teen to burst deep into Joey's bowels.

"OH SHIT!!" he uttered.

Ten cascades of teen cum filled Joey's hot ass until it leaked out and down the smaller man's legs. Ben collapsed on Joey's back and the two then turned on their sides, with Ben's semi-hard monster still in Joey.

"Ben, please take care of Jimmy." the teen said.

"I love him so much." Ben replied. "Just you be happy. But I have to ask, aren't you afraid of contracting AIDS?"

"We're very careful." the blonde responded. "And Nigel would never let us have sex without protection."

"You don't have to answer this if you don't want to." Ben asked. "Am I really a good lover?"

"You're powerful and great." Joey answered. "Nigel is wonderful. I would say you're both great lovers. No wonder Jimmy loves you."

Ben kissed his neck and cuddled him close to his body. Joey felt happy in Ben's arms, but a little guilty. Though Nigel knew this would be happening, Joey felt like he cheated on his lover. The only other time he felt some guilt was his first time with Nigel, even though he knew Charles' wish for a happy life. They fell asleep and Joey felt the guilt disappear. He dreamt of Charles and his love smiled at him.

"Joey, you have found love." he said. "Don't feel guilty because I knew he loves you."

"Charles I miss you." the teen said.

"I know, but love Nigel everyday." the older man said. "I will be there."

Joey woke up and tried to get his surroundings into focus. He felt a body behind him and felt a hard cock buried deep within him. He craned his neck and saw Ben. He knew where he was and snuggled against the bigger boy.

"Are you okay Joey?" Ben asked sleepily.

"Just had a dream about Charles." he replied.

They fell asleep again and enjoyed each other's company.

As the sun came up, Bobby rose and readied himself to get to work. He was met by Steven and Mikey as they bound down the stairs. They ran into their uncle and fell to the floor.

"Hey are you two trying to kill yourselves?" he asked.

"Sorry Uncle Bobby." Mike said. "But we're trying to get breakfast fast."

"Okay, you speed demons, have a seat." the man said.

He got them a bowl each and a box of Fruit Loops. As he got the milk, the two boys were eating the cereal from the box. Bobby knew he could not be mad at the two since he and Mike used to do the same thing when they were boys. Chris came down the stairs with a sleepy look on his face, followed by Maria. The little girl jumped into Bobby's lap and he hugged her tightly.

"How's my girl today?" he asked.

"Really, really good." she replied. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure pumpkin." Bobby told her.

"Will you still love us then the new babies are born?" she asked earnestly.

"Well they are my kids." the man responded. "They will mean so much to me, but you are my family too and I will love each of you equally. Don't ever forget that my sweet girl."

She hugged and kissed the man, then got down for breakfast. He noticed Chris with a far away look in his eyes. He nudged his nephew, who followed the man to the den with a glass of juice.

"What's up big man?" Bobby asked.

"Nothing much." his nephew responded.

"You know you can tell me anything." the man told him.

"Well you know how much I like Melanie Morris." Chris said. "Well we have a dance to go to. Now I don't know how to dance."

"Have no fear." Bobby said. "We'll teach you. Just remember Melanie will like you whether you can dance well or not. Lessons begin this afternoon."

"You're great Uncle Bobby." Chris said. "I'm glad you moved in here."

Chris stuck his hand out, but Bobby would have none of that and hugged the boy. Chris hugged his uncle back and felt secure in his arms.

"Remember, you're never too hold for a hug." the man said. "Make sure the three younger ones get to school safely."

"I will." Chris responded. "I love you Uncle Bobby."

"Same here big man." Bobby told him.

He rose to leave for work, but was met at the door by Brian. They kissed and Bobby left for work. As he arrived, he had met with the department heads for the going away party later that day. Nigel came n later and after some final paperwork, Nigel was formally relieved of his duties.

"Well big man, how does it feel to be unemployed?" Bobby asked with a laugh.

"Strange." the Brit replied. "I need to adjust to the idleness."

"Remember, we party later on." the new general manager reminded him.

The two hugged and Nigel left the office. Bobby went to inspect various rooms and took a clipboard along. After he finished, he was met by Carl and the two entered the office.

"So are you ready to sign the contract?" Bobby asked.

"You bet." the large man responded.

Bobby handed him the contract and they went over each point very carefully. As they signed the contract, Bobby called his secretary, Peter, in the office to notarize the document. They shook hands and Bobby had arranged the flight for Nigel and Joey to New York in two days time, then the rest to Columbia. As Carl left, he was ready to get some work done when his secretary buzzed him.

"Sir, there is a David Morrison here to see you." he said.

"Send him in." Bobby told him.

As the door opened, he saw a young man about 20 enter. David was 6' and weighed about 185 pounds, with a proper muscle tone. His clothes fit him perfectly and he shook hands firmly with Bobby.

"Sir, my mother said you might be interested in a valet or houseboy." he said.

"Well that was before my brother and I swapped residences." the man told him. "But I think they could use some help."

Bobby called Mike and John at home. He explained about David and if they needed a houseboy. Mike said no emphatically, but John said yes. Bobby decided to pull a Miss Daisy on his brother.

"David, I am hiring you on my brother's behalf." he said. "He can argue the point, but he can't fire you. I'll take the head, so don't worry."

Bobby explained about Mike and his injury. He also told about the relationship of both men. David smiled and leaned forward.

"Sir, I am gay and proud of it." the young man stated. "Besides, my mother told me ahead of time."

Bobby had David fill out a W-4 and I-9. He got the proper identification from the man and found he was only 18. They rose and shook hands. Bobby gave him the address and told him he would call John ahead of time. As David left, he picked up the phone and called his brother-in-law.

"John, I'm sending David over." Bobby said. "If that big mouth brother of mine starts barking, call me."

"Thanks Bobby." John said. "I'll take care of it."

Bobby finished his work and brought a change of clothes with him. As he freshened up, he heard the door open and close. Brian was there smirking and locked the door. He approached his lover and kissed the exposed area of Bobby's body.

"So baby, couldn't wait until tonight?" the general manager.

"Well, let's say I miss you next to me." his lover responded.

"This weekend, I have a surprise planned for you." Bobby explained. "A trip to Lake Tahoe."

Brian nearly crushed Bobby's ribs with his embrace. They kissed passionately and Brian could feel the man's hard cock against his body and wanted to feel it in him. Bobby pulled away with lust in his eyes and wanted to make love to Brian at that moment, but knew better.

"Later my love." he whispered.

Bobby dressed and they went to the ballroom for Nigel's going away party. It was arranged that those who were scheduled to work would be able to get a few minutes to say their good-byes to the former general manager. Each department got him gifts and the Brit was truly touched by the outpouring of affection by his former employees. As the party wound down, the two managers left for the office as the catering staff began to clean up. The owner came to the office and the three sat down.

"Nigel, your skills will be greatly missed." the owner said. "But I have checked Robert's background. He is going to be a great asset."

"I appreciate that sir." Bobby said. "I hope to be able to live up to those words."

"And I will miss this place." Nigel added. "This has made my life fun."

"Nigel, here is a token of the owners' appreciation." the man said as he pulled an envelope from his inside jacket pocket.

Nigel opened it and stared at a check for $10,000. The Brit smiled, but a tear rolled from his eye. The owner rose, shook hands with the two, and left the office. Bobby smiled at his friend as Joey and Brian entered the room. Nigel showed the check to Joey and the blonde smiled.

"Imagine, I have a sugar daddy." he said laughing.

The others laughed as the night ended for them. They left together and Bobby dropped Joey and Nigel off the apartment.

"Remember, final party tomorrow." Bobby said to them. "I'll pick you up about 6 pm."

"Night old boy." Nigel said with a smirk.

Brian and Bobby drove home and were met by their large family. Judy and Ann glowed with their pregnancy. The kids were playing while Mrs. Morrison was cleaning the kitchen. The kids rushed to the men and gave them hugs and kisses. The housekeeper came to Bobby and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for hiring David." she said. "He is a good boy."

At that moment the phone rang. Bobby picked it up and heard his brother yelling on the other end.

"I told you we didn't need help." he screamed. "And what do you mean I can't fire him. This is my house. I can do anything I want."

"Calm down little brother or you and I will tangle." the older Jones boy replied. "And remember that is yours and John's house. And whether you like it or not you have help."

"Like hell I do." Mike said as he slammed down the phone.

Bobby put down the receiver and turned to the door. He left the house, got in his car, and sped to his brother's home. He went up the stairs and knocked on the door. John answered and was in tears. David was in the kitchen cleaning up a broken dish.

"Where is he?" Bobby asked.

"The rehab room." John replied. "He locked the door."

"Call Justin to keep the cops away from the house." Bobby said. "And take David home. I'm about to kick some little brother butt."

The two left and Bobby went down the hall to the rehab room. He knocked on the door.

"Who the fuck is it?" Mike said rudely.

"Your brother asswipe." his brother responded. "Now open the fuckin' door."

"Fuck off." he responded.

Bobby stepped back and kicked the door off the hinges. As the door hit the floor, Mike was near the far wall and looked surprised as his brother entered the room.

"MOTHERFUCKER!!" Mike yelled. "I'm gonna arrest your ass."

"Go ahead asshole." Bobby retorted. "Because I have Justin keeping this area clear until we are finished. Then you will have a better reason to arrest me."

Mike charged at his brother in his wheelchair, but Bobby sidestepped him. The older Jones boy grabbed the handles and yanked the chair to a stop,

"You shit, let me go." the younger Jones seethed.

Bobby spun him around and held him still. He sat on a weight bench as he looked at his brother. The two brothers glared at each other and it was a matter of wills on who would win.

"Listen, you're gonna have help whether you like it or not." he said. "And despite we're men, I can still whip your ass."

"I'd like to see you try." Mike responded.

Mike thought they would actually be fighting, but Bobby had other ideas. He grabbed Mike's wrists, pulled him out of the chair, and over his knees. He snatched Mike's shorts down to expose the firm, hairy ass. Bobby then proceeded to spank his younger brother repeatedly.

"STOP!!" Mike cried out. "I'll get even with you shithead.

"Well if you didn't act like a baby I wouldn't be going this." Bobby said.

This did not deter the older man as his hand kept crashing down on his brother's cheeks. Mike began to fight, but Bobby kept him in place. After fifty blows, Mike's cheeks were a deep crimson and Bobby's hand and legs were getting sore. Mike had been crying during the beating and did not want Bobby to see the tears. The older man lifted his brother onto his lap and held him. Mike wept as Bobby rocked him back and forth.

"You know if you didn't act like a spoiled brat, I wouldn't have to do this." Bobby said.

"Fuck you." Mike said through the tears.

"What is your problem?" the older brother asked.

"I don't know." his brother replied. "I just feel so useless. You're having to support me in more than one way."

"Listen, I love you jerk." Bobby told him. "And I know you would do the same if the roles were reversed."

"Yeah I know." Mike said. "But it's so hard."

"You'll be back on your feet soon enough." the older man told him.

Mike grabbed his brother's neck and hugged him securely, The two were holding on when Justin, John, and Brian came in the room.

"What the fuck happened here?" Justin asked incredulously.

The brothers looked at the group with smiles on their faces. John went to Mike and grabbed his lover. He noticed the downed shorts and the extremely red as cheeks. Justin picked up the door and leaned it against the wall.

"Well?" the large black cop queried.

"The door and I had a disagreement." Bobby said, while he helped John put Mike back on the chair.

"You two are the most obstinate boys I have ever met." he said. "I should run you in."

"Face it, you won't." the older Jones boy said. "I just met out some discipline."

"The old fashion way." Mike added.

"David said for you to call him." John told Bobby.

Bobby went to the kitchen to call the new houseboy. The young man said he could not work in a hostile work environment, but Bobby was able to convince him there would be no further trouble from Mike. The young man thanked his employer and they hung up. Bobby reentered the rehab room as the four men were talking.

"Bobby, is everything okay?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. Just don't give him any further problems." the man replied.

John had decided not to have the door repaired. Justin and Bobby left the room as Brian and John helped Mike to get his bath. The two men sat in the living room while the bath occurred.

"Bobby, you're providing to much for Mike." Justin said. "This makes him feel useless."

"That's what I want." the man replied. "I want him to get his pride to walk. Right now he feels pity. And you said it, we Jones boys are obstinate."

Justin laughed, but knew what the oldest Jones was trying to do. They planned what would work to get Mike on his feet faster. They discussed what other plans would work to speed Mike's recovery. John came out and looked at the two plotting.

"Bobby, Mike needs to see you." he said.

The three walked to the bedroom and Mike was still in his chair as he looked at his brother. He lifted himself up and balanced his body. His hands moved to the nightstand and the bed as his feet shifted on the floor. Mike sat on the bed and lifted his right leg on the bed, then his left.

"I'm gonna walk again." he said with a smile. "So fuck off big brother."

Bobby raised his hand and leaned forward.

"I take it back." Mike said. "You do know how mete out punishment. Can we talk in private?"

As the others left, Bobby closed the door. He sat on the bed and the events of the last hour reminded him of their childhood. Bobby remembered how Mike would get scared and he would hold his little brother to calm him down.

"Bobby I'm scared." Mike said. "What if I never walk again?"

"Well if you don't, I'll kick your ass all over San Francisco." he replied. "Besides, I know you. That will never happen. But you must realize there will be limitations."

Mike pushed his brother and Bobby began wrestling with him. They rolled all over the bed until they heard voices at the door.

"Can't leave you alone for one minute." John said laughing.

The two Jones men had goofy smiles on their faces. Bobby began to rise, but Mike hugged his brother closely and kissed his cheek. Bobby got up and said goodnight to Mike. As the four left the room, Bobby stopped John.

"Go to him and keep him safe." Bobby said. "And if big mouth causes any more problems, call me."

"Thanks for everything Bobby." the younger Martin said.

They hugged, then the brothers embraced. Justin, Bobby, and Brian left the house and they agreed to meet at the house for the party. Brian drove Bobby home and they were met by Judy and Ann.

"So what happened?" Judy asked.

"I just treated Mike like a spoiled child." Bobby replied. "I spanked his ass. He's just scared that he will never walk again. We know better, but he needed reassurances."

"Well, I hope that helps." she said.

"Let's go to bed." Brian said.

The four embraced and went to the respective rooms. Bobby removed his clothes and fell on the bed exhausted. Brian joined him and felt the warmth of his spouse.

"Bobby, I love you so much." he said.

"And I will always love you my sweet man." Bobby replied.

Even in his tired state, Bobby rolled Brian on his back and began to kiss him tenderly. Brian's legs were open and his body arched so his mancunt was ready to receive his lover's 10". The rigid pole found its target as if it was a heat-seeking missile. Slowly, Bobby moved in and out of his lover, who wrapped his legs around the waist of the man he fell in love with all those years ago.

"Oh Bobby, I wish I could have your child." Brian moaned.

"We will be parents my love." Bobby replied lustily.

For thirty minutes, they moved together, Bobby trying to get further into Brian, and the Martin man pulling him more into his hole. They knew when the other was ready to shoot. Their simultaneous release had them seeing stars. Bobby let out a loud roar.

"OH MOTHERFUCK!! Brian called out.

They both shot eight volleys of thick cream, Bobby deep in Brian's hole and his love spewed his all over their bodies. Bobby collapsed on Brian, then rolled to his back and took Brian for the ride. As Brian snuggled on Bobby, they heard giggling from the door. They saw Steven and Mikey standing there.

"What are you doing there?" Bobby asked crossly.

"We heard a noise like a lion." Mikey said. "We came running and heard you."

"So you decided to spy on us." the man replied. "Off to bed or a spanking for each of you."

When the boys did not move, Bobby and Brian got up with a pop. Bobby's semi-hard cock was still in Brian's mantwat as they rose. The boys began to laugh, but the men pulled them to the bed and over their knees. They proceeded to spank the boys ten times and the boys were yelping in pain. After they finished, the two men put the boys on their feet.

"I have warned you Mikey about spying." Bobby said. "You're lucky I don't tan your butt raw."

"W-W-We're sorry Uncle Bobby." the small boy said.

"We want you to respect others privacy." Brian said. "What if Maria walked in on you?"

Despite the their tears, the boys smiled at the men.

"She does it all the time." Steven said.

"We're need to have a family meeting." Bobby said. "Off to bed you two."

The boys dried their eyes on their pajama sleeves and hugged the two men. They did apologize for spying on them again. The boys went to their room and the men got under the covers and Brian cuddled his body against his husband. They fell asleep peacefully.


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