The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: The boys dried their eyes on their pajama sleeves and hugged the two men. They did apologize for spying on them again. The boys went to their room and the men got under the covers and Brian cuddled his body against his husband. They fell asleep peacefully.


As the sun rose, Bobby got up and got ready for the new day. As he came from the bathroom, he saw Brian laying there with his ass exposed. As he leaned down to kiss the manpussy, Brian wiggled it and moaned with passion. He turned his head and smiled at Bobby.

"Morning stud." he said.

"Morning you sweet thing." Bobby replied. "Time to get up."

Brian rose and kissed Bobby, who decided to play a joke held his nose.

"Whew, dragon breath." he said.

"Oh yeah." Brian retorted. "Well I wasn't French kissing an ass."

Bobby hugged his lover and kissed him deeply. He then dressed for work in a gray suit. Brian let out a wolf whistle.

"One thing for sure." Brian said. "You look good in a three-piece."

Bobby swatted his ass and smiled. He met up with Mrs. Morrison and reassured her Mike would not be a problem. The kids appeared, followed by Judy and Ann.

"We need a family meeting about privacy." he said.

They all agreed to do that on Friday night. Bobby grabbed his briefcase and was met with a kiss by Brian. He reminded his partner about the caterers. He left for the office and was met with a large problem. A rock star had trashed the suites on one floor and said he would refuse to pay for the damage. Bobby had the police called and informed the front desk to send them to the floor when they arrived. He went to the floor with the hotel security and found bottles, can, and trash all over the hall floor. Food was splattered on the carpet, walls and ceiling. As he approached one of the suite doors, a member of the rocker's security approached them. The man was 6' 4" and 270 pounds of solid muscle. He wore shorts and no shirt. Bobby noticed some scarring around the patella.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" he asked menacingly.

"I'm the manager and I want to see your boss now." Bobby replied.

"Fuck off." the big man said.

"Okay, if you want to play it that way." Bobby said quietly.

The general manager turned as to leave, then connected the heel of his shoe to the injured kneecap. The man dropped in pain quickly and Bobby got behind him. He pushed his thumbs into the area between the ear and jaw line. The guard screamed in pain as Bobby pressed further. A couple of people staggered from their suites.

"Okay, get up." the general manager ordered.

The man obliged readily and took Bobby to the end suite. He forced the bodyguard to open the door and they entered. As Bobby looked around, liquor and beer bottles were broken, cans and food were strewn all over, and furniture was either broken or damaged. The general manager and hotel security entered the bedroom where the rock star was asleep and two girls were tied and gagged in bed with him. At that point, several police officers entered the suite as Bobby removed the gags from their mouths. He saw blood on their bodies and drugs were on the floor and nightstands.

"Alright sleeping stupid." Bobby said. "Get your butt up."

The rocker blinked and wondered what was going on when one of the girls explained that the star raped them. At that point, he was cuffed in the nude and removed from the bedroom area. The girls statements were taken and they were then sent to the hospital for rape kits to be done. Bobby had his own people go with the police to the other suites. Damage in varying degrees were found and Bobby had the security take note of what was damaged. He also called down to have the Front Desk Manager bring the camera and extra film to photograph the damage.

"Well, I guess we have something to talk about." he said to the rock star. "First, where is your business manager."

The singer told him and Bobby called him from the room. The police also found a video camera with a couple of tapes in the bedroom. They confiscated those as evidence when the business manager came in the room.

"I guess this guy is rich." the general manager told him. "Because I am conservatively estimating this will be a large bill. And now he's facing rape and drug charges."

He told the business manager to call him in one hour to total the damage. He also had the entire entourage evicted from the hotel with what they were wearing. No personal possessions would have until the damages were paid in full. The singer was led out in cuffs and shorts, where he was met by a large contingent of the press.

It took Bobby a full hour to total the damages and told the business manager when he called. The final amount was agreed on and the business manager was to pay it with a certified check to Bobby by noon. He then called the housekeeping and maintenance staff who were off to come in to clean the floor. All items were inventoried and stored until the check was handed over. It took the entire day to figure what could be salvaged and what was to be trashed. Bobby called Nigel to get an idea who to call to get the rooms back to ready status. Nigel told him of a contractor who could get the rooms ready in less than a week and do it correctly. Bobby called the contractor and explained what happened. The man said he would be out later that day to give his estimate. As he finished, there was a knock at the door and the business manager handed him the certified check of the amount agreed upon. Bobby had the hotel security bring the entourages' belongings to the man.

"Just to let you know, I have notified all the hotel managers in the Bay Area about what happened." Bobby said. "I feel your client's antics will get him blackballed around here."

Bobby showed the man out and went back to complete his paperwork. When he was half way through, there was another knock on the door. The owner entered and sat down.

"So what happened?" he asked. "I turn on the morning news and there was this guy being led out in handcuffs."

Bobby related what happened from the time he came through the door to when the owner came in the office. The owner looked at the check and smiled at Bobby.

"You're not one to mess around." he said.

"No sir." Bobby replied. "A situation like that was beyond belief. I just took action I deemed necessary."

"How did you drop the security guard?" the owner asked.

"Moves my dad taught me." the general manager answered. "He was a marine and he taught me to defend myself."

"Well keep up the good work." the owner said.

They shook hands and he left Bobby to his work. As he finished, the contractor came and the chief of maintenance escorted him to the floor. After the contractor came up with the estimate, he came back to Bobby's office. They sat down and he hit the general manager with the bad news. Bobby did actually charged the band manager twice the amount he knew would take to repair the entire floor and suites, so he knew it would be covered. Once they agreed to the contract and had it signed, the contractor said they would begin the next day. Bobby had the front desk switch guests that were scheduled to arrive that day for the suites to be moved to other suites, while non-regular guests were moved to nicer rooms not to be occupied. He also issued lower rates and those who were checking in, he apologized personally. He told the front desk manager if any guests wanted to talk with him, he would be at the office at approximately 6 am the next day. He then left for the private farewell party. Ben, Jack, and Tom left with him and they volunteered their suites to be surrendered to help Bobby. As they arrive, Brian met them.

"So how was your day?" he asked.

"Don't ask." Bobby replied.

He gave the details of the events of the day and that they needed to find room for the four teens. Mike and John came in and offered their two spare rooms. Nigel and Joey knocked at the door and they had their luggage with them. It was agreed they would stay in the den. After everyone was situated, they started the party. Everyone laughed and talked, but Bobby noticed the twins in the corner trying to be brave. The man walked over to the brothers and he could see their tears.

"Hey you two no tears." Bobby said.

"This will be the last time will see each other." Joey said.

"Remember, there are computers and emails." Bobby told them. "And I know Nigel, he will bring you to the States on a regular basis."

"And we'll never see you again." Jimmy said.

"Look, that will never happen." the man replied. "How could I ever forget you two. You gave me my love back and I will always be here for you two."

They hugged and Bobby promised them to make sure they kept in touch. As the party died down, everyone went to their respective rooms. John drove the four teens to their house. Jerry and Nigel settled down in the den. Bobby checked on his nephews and extended family. Chris asked him to come to his room.

"So what's up big man?" the man asked.

"Uncle Bobby, why is love so hard?" his nephew asked.

"What do you mean?" Bobby queried in return.

"Well, I want to be with Melanie all the time." Chris responded.

"Well it's that the person you love is always in your mind and heart." his uncle said. "That's what love is all about to make you crazy."

They both laughed and Chris looked at Bobby.

"Is that the way it is with Uncle Brian?" the boy asked.

"You betcha." the man replied. "Always and forever. Even when we were apart, I could never forget him or stop love him."

"This will be tough." Chris said.

"Yes it is." Bobby replied. "And it's worth it."

Chris hugged his uncle and Bobby kissed him goodnight. As he went downstairs, he ran into Mikey coming out the den in all his glory and with a hard cocklet. Bobby rolled his eyes, then gazed at his nephew.

"What are you doing up?" Bobby asked

"Well Joey said he wanted to give Stevie and me something." his nephew replied.

"What's that?" the man asked.

Mikey showed him two chains with tow discs. On the discs was written Young Love Mikey and Steve. Bobby smiled at the generosity of his friend. Mike said he had one each for Chris and Melanie, one for Marie, and one each for Ann and Judy. The little boy ran to his room after he hugged his uncle.

"Well couldn't you at least put on some underwear?" the man asked.

"We're gonna have some fun tonight." the boy responded. "And Joey said he wanted to see me naked. And boy does Nigel have a big pee-pee."

Bobby swatted his behind gently, then went to the den. He peeked in on Joey and Nigel. They were holding each other and saw Bobby looking in the room.

"Come in old boy." Nigel said. "It is your house."

"Joey, the chains and medallions are very nice." Bobby said. "But it is too extravagant."

"Bobby, you have been so wonderful to Jimmy and me." the teen said. "It's from us. Besides, you haven't seen yours."

Bobby shook his head no. Joey said to go to his room and see what was there. He hugged his two friends and Bobby left the room. As he entered, he saw Brian with his chain on and Bobby's was on the pillow, on display. He looked at the inscription The Two Who Show True Love, Brian and Bobby. The man began to feel a tear go down his cheek as he felt a little pain in his heart. The twins were family and now one would be far away. Brian took the chain and placed it around Bobby's neck. He undressed his mate and kissed his body.

"Baby, make sweet love to me." Brian said.

Bobby leaned down and slowly licked the love hole of the person he gave his life to. His tongue snaked in deeply and Brian moaned with great lust. Bobby's rod was hard and leaked precum to no end. Brian handed him the lube and the love of his life made sure his 10" was greased properly. As he removed his tongue, Bobby put the head of his pole at the love chute he loved because it was part of Brian, then pressed forward. It seemed that Brian was extremely tight, but still took the thick cock with no problems.

"OH GOD BRIAN!!" Bobby exclaimed. "It's like the first time."

"I know." Brian responded passionately. "It feels so wonderful."

As the two medallions connected, they remained together. Bobby then felt his being in Brian's body and vice versa. It felt as if he were being made love to by himself. Brian sensed the same as he seemed to be fucking himself. Bobby and Brian make love for over an hour and being as one. Their orgasms were timed to the nanosecond as Bobby exploded ten times in Brian and the man he loved did the same all over the tow of them.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Brian cried out.

"FUCK ME!!" Bobby uttered.

Bobby collapsed in sheer exhaustion on Brian and they felt they had made love all night long. They held onto each other for several minutes, and did not say one work, but smiled weakly. Bobby looked at Brian with great love.

"I don't know what happened." he said. "But it was wonderful. It felt we were one."

"I know." his love said. "I felt I was making love to myself, but to you also."

They curled up in a spoon position. Bobby set the alarm for an early rise. They fell asleep and felt as one in their dreams.

Nigel and Joey cuddled in bed and Nigel wanted his love's last night in the States to be memorable. He kissed the teen and caressed his forehead. He reached over and got the lube and condom.

"Eager to make love to me, huh?" Joey said with a big smile.

"No." the Brit replied. "I want you to make love to me."

Joey looked at his love with shock and passion. It was the first time he had fucked his soulmate. Nigel slowly slipped the condom on the hard 9" of flesh, then applied the lube completely. He lube in his hole, then straddled the teen's body. As the head was at the hole, Nigel knew he had not been fucked in several years. He braced for the initial pain, but the head slipped in easily. He lowered himself slowly and felt the cock stretch his mancunt open.

"Oh Joey, this is so wonderful." Nigel uttered breathlessly.

"Nigel, you're so tight." the teen responded. "You're so wonderful and sexy."

Nigel bottomed out and felt the head of the teen cock against his prostate. His massive cock spewed precum down his shaft and balls and also on Joey's body. The Brit began to ride the cock slowly and Joey loved the feeling of the mancunt. They both moaned loudly and did not care if the world heard them. As Nigel lowered himself, the shaft in him hit his magic button. He could feel the cum rise from his body and the caresses was giving him. His balls pulled to his body and the sperm rose through his shaft. The first volley blasted into the air and landed on Joey's neck and chin.

"OH MY GOD!!" the man cried out.

Six more rounds flew into the air and hit the teen's body. As the ass muscles constricted around his shaft, Joey knew his own zenith would be anytime. His cum-filled balls grew to where he swore they were in his throat. The primary shot exploded into the condom as he drove his cock further into his lover's body.

"OH LORD!!" he exclaimed.

Seven more volleys filled the condom. As the two ebbed from their sexual bliss, Nigel removed himself off the semi-hard teen pole and took the rubber off Joey. He then put the contents on the smooth chest of his boyfriend. He licked the contents off slowly, then shared it with Joey. They kissed single-mindedly and Joey took some of Nigel's cream off his body to taste it. The sweet cream trickled down his throat and Nigel began to panic.

"JOEY, DON'T!!" he yelled.

"Nigel, first of all, I've been reading up on HIV." the teen said. "And though there is a slight chance of contracting the virus through oral sex, it's much greater through anal sex. Besides I wanted to taste you, even if this one time."

"Joey, please don't ever do that again." Nigel said. "It would kill me if I gave you AIDS."

"Nigel, my love." Joey responded. "I know it was stupid, but I wanted you in me, even this small amount."

They held each other and fell asleep almost immediately.

At 5 am, Bobby rose and went to ready himself for the new day. He showered, shaved, and dressed. As he finished, Brian looked at his love.

"You want some coffee?" he asked.

"I'll get some later." Bobby replied. "You want to drive me to work?"

Brian got up and dressed quickly, but quietly so not to wake anyone else. They left the house and Brian pulled in front of the hotel. Bobby turned and kissed Brian, then departed the vehicle. He did remind Brian to pick him up at noon to go to the airport. He entered the hotel and saw the night auditor. He got his paperwork and informed the auditor if a guest needs to see the manager, to call him. Bobby entered his office and began to labor over his paperwork. Every-so-often, a call would come through and he left to talk with a guest. He apologized for the inconvenience and almost all were very gracious. One guest became belligerent, but Bobby nullified him. He gave each a free weekend stay based upon availability. The contractor came at 7 am and they agreed on the paint colors and wallpaper patterns. Bobby felt that the repairs were in good hands. As he finished the paperwork, there was a knock on the door. Joey popped his head in and smiled. He was followed by Jimmy, Jack, Ben, Tom, and Nigel. They stood while Bobby called the assistant general manager to his office. As the waited, Brian came in the office. Bobby pulled a box out and gave it to Joey and Nigel.

"This is for you." he said to them. "Wear them with love."

They opened the box and saw two matching rings. Joey knew which was his and took Nigel's out. He placed it on the Brit's ring finger and kissed his hand. Nigel then did the same to Joey. They hugged and Bobby smiled.

"With the power invested in me as the general manager of the Mark Hopkins, I now pronounce you in love and bound to each other forever." he said.

The assistant general manager came in and Bobby said he would be out for a couple of hours. The group left in a limo that Brian ordered and they went to the airport. As they arrived, Carl, Jonah, and Chad were there and made sure the luggage would be loaded. Bobby and Brian hugged the six who were to fly out of their lives, even though it was temporarily.

"Take care you two." Bobby said to Nigel and Joey. "Call when you arrive safely."

"We will." Nigel said. "And thank you for everything. Especially for my love."

Bobby then hugged Joey tightly and whispered be happy son. Joey began to cry as he boarded the plane. Bobby said the same to Jimmy, who looked at the man with a strange look.

"You're family, just like my sons." Bobby said. "I love you both and it will hurt to see you both leave."

"Thank you Dad." Jimmy said with a smile.

As they boarded the plane, they waved good-bye and the two men left the area so the jet could leave. Carl assured them everyone will be fine. Bobby and Brian watched the jet take-off and disappear in the sky. Bobby had the limo drop him off at the hotel and Brian went back to the house. As he went to his office, he tried to get back to his work, but his heart was not in it. He grabbed some lunch, inspected some rooms, and then went to the floor to find the workers hard at work. As he looked at what was being done, he returned to his office and called the executive housekeeper and chief-of-maintenance to see him. As they entered the office, he had them sit down.

"I want to thank each of your staff for the wonderful job yesterday." he said. "What happened yesterday was an aberration. Hopefully it will never happen again, but if it does, at least we know we can get it cleaned up quickly. I will show my appreciation at the next staff meeting."

As the day ended, Bobby left his office and Brian was there to greet him. They went to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner. Brian knew his love was sad, but he planned to pick his spirit up. They got to the restaurant and Brian ordered dinner. As they ate, Brian was ready to give Bobby a surprise.

"Mike and John are going to join us for dessert." he said.

No soon as he finished the statement, their brothers appeared at their table. Mike rose from his chair and stood without any support for a few seconds, then dropped in chair again. Bobby leaped out of his chair to hug his brother.

"So when did this happen?" he asked Mike.

"I've been working out yesterday and today." his brother replied. "I have been able to stand for twenty seconds before dinner."

"I'm so proud of you." Bobby said. "You will be able to walk our sister down the aisle."

The four had dessert and coffee. They left for their houses and Bobby began to feel better. As he entered the door, four kids attacked the two men.

"Uncle Bobby, Mom and Ann called to say they are gonna be late." Chris said. "Mrs. Morrison fed us, but she had an emergency."

Bobby picked up Maria and cuddled her, then led the kids to the den. Brian went into the kitchen and made some popcorn for the kids.

"I'm sorry kids." he said. "I guess we all boo-booed. But there is some good news. Mike is able to stand on his own for a few seconds."

The kids began to cheer and dance around the room. Brian came in with the bowl of popcorn and sodas for them. The kids began to munch on the snacks and Bobby put in a movie. Bobby then took Chris to the side.

"Well it looks like you did take care of business." he said. "I will give Mrs. Morrison my pager number so if there is an emergency, she can call."

Bobby hugged his nephew, who squirmed with awkwardness. They sat down and watched the movie. Judy and Ann came in and joined the group. After the movie ended, Maria had fallen asleep, while Mikey and Steven began to nod off. Ann picked up the little girl, while both men picked the two sleeping boys. They carried them to their respective rooms. As Judy and Ann dressed Maria for bed, Bobby and Brian did the same for the two small boys. The two instinctively turned in their sleep and cuddled together. Bobby put his arm around Brian's torso and pulled him close.

"That's so cute." he whispered.

"I know." Brian replied.

They left quietly, made sure the nightlight was on, and left the door slightly ajar. Chris was going to his room and Bobby ruffled his hair.

"I know, embarrassed by your uncle." the man said.

Chris stuck out his tongue, then smiled. He saw Bobby's hand rear back and ducked into his door quickly.

"Night champ." Brian said.

The two men went to their room and undressed for the night. Bobby pulled Brian on top of him and kissed his lover deeply. They cuddled and Bobby felt wonderful, but still had the ache in his heart about those who left that day. They fell asleep, and knew life was right for them.


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