The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: The two men went to their room and undressed for the night. Bobby pulled Brian on top of him and kissed his lover deeply. They cuddled and Bobby felt wonderful, but still had the ache in his heart about those who left that day. They fell asleep, and knew life was right for them.


Life for the extended family went on with the normal problems any family would have. Chris was always locked in his room and the men knew the reason. Ann and Judy were experiencing the pains of pregnancy. They took their mood swings out on Bobby and Brian, who took it all in stride. Mrs. Morrison was the biggest help with the women and the children. Mikey and Steven grew more in love and tried to show their love openly, but it had some disastrous results. Steven came home with a black-eye and Brian was there when he arrived.

"What happened Stevie?" he asked.

"A boy in my class called me a faggot and he shoved me." the boy replied. "So I pushed him back. We got into a fight and we were sent to Mommy's office. She `pended us for a week and she was mad."

"Well you shouldn't get into fights." Brian said. "Your mom was right in doing what she did."

"What's a faggot Uncle Brian?" Stevie asked.

"It's a bad name for men who love each other." the man answered. "People who are dumb say that because they are afraid."

"You mean like the way Mikey and me like each other?" the boy queried. "Or like you and Uncle Bobby?"

"Yes." Brian told him. "Never be ashamed of who you are. But be careful where you kiss."

"Mommy's really mad." Steven said. "She might spank me."

"Well if I tell her I will oversee your punishment, she might be satisfied." the man said. "But you will not get off easily."

"Yes sir." the boy replied.

"Head to your room until dinner." Brian told him.

The boy obeyed and waited for the worse. When Ann and Judy came home, Brian enlightened what Steven and he talked about and that the boy would be working around the house and no television for a month. Ann agreed but told her son that night she would not tolerate his fighting.

Mike and John were living a good life with the help of David. The cop's leg strength improved steadily where he could stand for longer periods of time and began to take short steps. Whenever he would feel he was not making any progress, Bobby would motivate his brother.

By the time summer arrived, everyone was ready for a vacation. It was decided on Disney World in Orlando. So Bobby arranged for the hotel and flight through Carl. When the children were out of school, the family packed their bags for a week's stay in the Holiday Inn by Disney World. When the private jet was ready to go, the kids were in awe of the size of the pilot. Carl was very cordial to everyone and made sure Ann and Judy were made very comfortable. As they left, Bobby had a surprise.

"Jimmy, Ben, Jack, and Tom will be with us in Orlando." he said.

Brian hugged his love because he wanted to spend more time with his son. Though they called each other regularly, it was not as if they were together. This vacation would give them what they needed to grow a stronger father-son relationship.

"Oh, and Nigel and Joey will be flying over in a couple of days." Bobby added.

It was as if it were a family reunion. Mrs. Morrison and David also accompanied the large group. Chad had begun to serve them hors d'ourves and drinks. They had an enjoyable flight and Carl had played a Disney movie for them to keep the children entertained.

As the jet landed, they were met by a large van and driven to the hotel. The women and Marie had one suite. Bobby and Brian took Mikey and Steven in their suite, while Mike and John bunked with Chris. As the four college students arrived, they were given their own suite.

Bobby did not tell Jimmy his brother was going to be arriving with Nigel. Bobby had arranged for Disney multi-day tickets to be at the hotel. He wanted to make the vacation to be special for his family. When they went to the parks, the adults, especially Brian and Bobby, kept an eye on the kids. When Steven could not go on some of the rides, Bobby tried to make him feel better.

"How come I can't go on the ride?" the boy asked.

"Well because they don't want you to get hurt." the man replied. "Don't worry, when we come back you'll get to go."

The family had a great time and the college teens actually enjoyed the boys along with them. They became surrogate brothers to Chris, Mikey, and Steven.

When Nigel and Joey arrived, Jimmy cried for about an hour when he saw his brother. Joey had become the British gentleman, but his veneer melted when he saw Jimmy. Tom and Brian became closer and very good friends during their time together on the vacation. Bobby also knew he had a lot of work facing him when he finished his vacation between the job and the wedding.

Each night Bobby and Brian were very open with the two boys about their sexuality. Any questions they had, the two men answered with great frankness and no qualms.

"Uncle Bobby, can we watch you and Uncle Brian tonight?" Mikey asked without hesitation.

"Only if we get to watch you two." he replied, thinking they would back down.

Instead of the two boys saying no, they jumped into the men's laps and kissed them. Bobby was not one to go back on his word, so the four stripped and got on the king bed. The boys' cocklets strained at the leash as they pressed against Bobby and Brian's bodies. The two ogled the men's hard, thick poles and wanted to lick them. Bobby saw this and whispered to Brian.

"You boys want to taste?" he asked with a devilish grin

The two boys jumped on the thick poles without warning and ran their tongues all over the manmeat. The men felt the small, rough tongues bathe their cocks. Precum appeared at the tips and the two youths lapped it up, Mikey taking Bobby's and Steven ingesting Brian. After a few minutes, the changed and the did the same to the different dicks. The two men moaned with the pleasure they were receiving.

"Come here boys." Brian groaned.

Steven and Mikey moved to the men, who pulled the two tots closer so their hard, youthful passion sticks were at the men's mouths. Both swallowed the hard cocklets and balls and the two uttered high-pitched squeals. The youthful exuberance over took them and they began to fuck the mouths with extreme dynamism. Bobby reached around and placed a finger at Steven's hole and pressed inward. Brian did the same to Mikey and the two reacted as if several thousands volts of pleasure surged through their bodies. In a matter of five minutes the boys' bodies stiffened as their dry orgasms flooded their beings. As they collapsed on the men's faces, the two adults laid them on the bed. The two lads looked up with tired expressions on their faces.

"Remember Uncle Bobby, you promised. "Mikey said.

The men never reneged on a promise, so he began to kiss Brian very enthusiastically. The two men caressed their bodies. Bobby lowered his body on Brian, licking and kissing every spot, until got to his love's 9". In one move, he swallowed the hard cock and manipulated it with his mouth and throat.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!" Brian moaned loudly.

For several minutes, Bobby brought his soulmate to the brink of ecstasy, only to stop the moment of pleasure. He then moved off the rod and moved even lower. As he approached the love tunnel, he flicked his tongue around the opening. Slowly, he would inch his tongue in only to remove it, leaving Brian empty. He finally shoved his tongue deep and tasted the wonderful musk of his one and only love.

"OH GOD!!" Brian uttered. "PLEASE FUCK ME!!!

As Bobby reached for the lube, the two boys were well ahead of him. Mikey grabbed the bottle and put some on his and Steven's hands They lubed the 10" monster and placed it at the waiting hole. Bobby pushed forward and his entire cock filled Brian, as it always did before. Both men moaned with excitement not heard of before. Brian wrapped his legs around Bobby's waist. The boys watched as the men moved together as one. They kissed and Brian felt his explosion ready to release. He had not touched his own dick, but Bobby's pole felt wonderful on his prostate. With one thrust, Brian's essence spewed forth.

"OH SHIT!!!" he yelled.

Eight rounds of juice flew on his and Bobby's bodies. Each ass clamp brought Bobby to the brink until the fourth contraction caused his own love fill Brian's bowels. He roared like a bear and ten blasts of jizz entered Brian's hole. The boys looked in amazement as it seeped out and on the bed. As they finished, bobby fell on Brian. As they recovered from their lovemaking, Bobby felt something on his balls. He craned his neck to see the two boys lapping the cream that dripped from Brian's ass.

"See I told you it was good." Mikey said.

"Kinda salty, but really yummy." Steven said.

After the two youths drank their full, Steven got on his hands and knees. Mikey took no prodding as he mounted the boy and shoved his 2" cocklet deep into the hot hole.

"EEEEEEEE!!" Steven yelled.

"Are you okay?" Bobby asked.

The boy nodded and smiled. Mikey began to piston-fuck his lover with great abandon. The younger boy kept pushing back on each thrust as he tried to get more of Mikey into him. The two men admired the stamina of the two boys wanting more. Soon enough, the two lads feelings overcame them when Brian began to stroke Steven's cocklet between his thumb and forefinger, which set the boy off. The contraction from his ass set Mikey's body to spasm as each squealed from their dry cum. They fell flat on the bed and Bobby put them between Brian and himself. The four drifted off to sleep.


NOTE: First, sorry about the delay in posting this. I thought I had done that a few days ago, but I just realized that I forgot. Second, like all good things, this must come to an end. The final chapters will be posted over the next week. I hope that you have enjoyed the story and I have really enjoyed writing it. This is the longest story I had written and to imagine that it was just over three years ago I started this story. My roommate states that I have a very fertile imagination and I need to curb it. I finally took this story to its conclusion. If you any comments on the story, please feel free to email me at Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the final Readers' List.


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