The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: Eight volleys of man cream spewed from his pole on both men. As they felt the last dribbles ease out of their poles, Bobby collapsed on Brian and they held each other. As they fell asleep, Bobby had the Spencer Tracy dream from Father of the Bride. He awoke with a start and found Brian holding him tightly.

"Are you okay baby?" he asked Bobby.

Bobby explained the dream and they both laughed. They fell asleep again to ready themselves for the wedding.


As the dawn peaked through their window, the two men rose and were ready for any possible catastrophe. They got their shower and went to get breakfast. The entire family was there eating and talking. As the two entered, the boys gave them a sly grin.

"So is everyone ready for the wedding?" Bobby asked.

"Well, as ready as we will ever be." Ann replied.

"When everyone's finished eating, we need to get ready." Bobby stated. "We don't want to be late."

As everyone finished eating, they went to get ready for the big event. Bobby and Brian put on their tuxedos. As they sat in the family room, the boys entered with their tuxes, followed by Maria in her flower girl outfit. Ann and Judy arrived in their dresses. Brian had arranged for limos to take them to the church and reception, so at the appointed time, the group got into the vehicles and were driven to the church. As they arrived, the women took Maria to the room where Susan and Mrs. Jones were waiting. Bobby found Tony, Jr. with his father. Mike and John were already there, along with Tim. Bobby and Brian greeted the men, then Tim called someone on his cell phone. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on the door and two men entered. One was in his mid-thirties with blonde hair and a dazzling smile. The second was Hispanic in his late thirties with dark hair and a moustache. Bobby recognized them at once.

"Oh my god Dale and Jose." he cried out as he rushed them.

The three hugged and cried. Bobby knew they were alright, but he had not seen them since he had been tossed from the school.

"How are you?" he asked them.

"Great." Dale said. "We're teaching at a school together since they raided the place."

"I see this is your sweet Brian." Jose added, with a slight accent. "He always talked about you and how much he cared for you."

"He told me about you two also." Brian replied. "He said you the Three Musketeers."

"He is a smart person." Jose said. "He wanted to make sure we were never separated while we were at the school. Tim also helped this to happen."

"Well Tony, you ready to join the family?" Bobby asked.

"Oh well, what the hell." Tony, Jr. said with a smirk.

A knock came and the priest said it was time for the ceremony. Mike rose with his cane and Tony, Jr. left with his father to the altar. Mike and Bobby went to his sister and they found her looking so beautiful.

"Suzie, my God you're gorgeous." Mike said.

"Little sister, you take my breath away." Bobby added. "You ready?"

"Yes." she said with a smile.

Mrs. Jones was escorted to her seat by Chris. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Maria spread the flower petals along the aisle. Mikey and Steven each a ring on a silk pillow. The bridesmaids followed. Finally Mike, Susan, and Bobby proceeded down the aisle. As they got to their mark, Bobby lifted the veil just high enough so the brothers could kiss their sister. Bobby took his place next to Tony, Jr. The priest began the ceremony and then came Mike's part.

"Who presents this woman to this man?" the priest asked.

"Her mother, brother, and I do." Mike replied.

Susan stepped forward and Mike joined his mother on the front row. As the ceremony went on, the two brothers knew that their sister was not theirs to protect and care for, but someone who loved her and would do this. As the priest presented the new couple to the audience, they applauded and the newlyweds proceeded down the aisle, followed by Bobby and Judy, then the rest of the wedding party. For several minutes, pictures were taken for the photo album. The video cameraman promised to have the final product edited and to the couple in about a week. The wedding party then proceeded to the Mark Hopkins where Bobby had all the meeting space booked for his sister's reception. After greeting all the guests, the partying began in earnest. Chris had invited Melanie and her parents, where they were introduced to Tony's father and Tim. Bobby danced with his sister as the surrogate father-of-the-bride and with his mother. Brian also danced with them and the two lovers also danced, which shocked a few people. Mike did not dance, but he held Judy's hand when they watched Chris dance with his girlfriend. As they sat down for dinner, Bobby had to pull double duty. He gave two speeches as the best man and father-of-the-bride.

"To this wonderful couple." he said. "To me Susan will always be my baby sister, but she is a beautiful woman who is about to begin life with this great man who loves her. Just be as happy in your life together as you are now.

"Now my father-of-the-bride speech." he added. "My sister confided in me yesterday and they wanted me to tell everyone they are going to have a baby. To the new parents."

The shock of the news quickly wore off as the couple were toasted not only for their new life as husband and wife, but as new parents also. The dinner was served and the reception was spectacular. Bobby even sang My Heart Goes On from the movie Titanic to the happy couple, which Susan hugged him dearly. As it was time for the couple to get ready to go on their honeymoon, Mike and Bobby took Tony, Jr. aside with his father.

"Tony, we know you love our sister." Bobby said. "But if you ever hit her, you're a dead man."

"Guys, don't worry about that." he replied. "Besides she fights like a guy. She'd probably whip my ass."

The three laughed heartily at this. Tony went to change and the brothers went back to the party. The band was playing Y.M.C.A, which Bobby joined in. As Susan and Tony, Jr. reappeared, the bride was ready to toss the bouquet, which Melanie caught. Tony tossed the garter belt and Chris caught this. The OOOHHHs and giggles echoed through the banquet hall. The couple left the reception, but not before Bobby hugged his sister.

"Have a happy life." he whispered.

As they left for their honeymoon, the party began to wind down. The limos took the family back to the house and Dale and Jose joined them. The house was full of revelers, but the children were getting tired. Mrs. Morrison put them to bed and came back to join the family.

"Bobby, that was some wedding." Dale said. "So you're some big shot hotel manager."

"Well not a big shot." he replied. "Just hardworking."

There was a knock at the door and there stood Justin and Jack. As they entered, Jack looked at the two men who were sitting in the living room and a glint of recognition crept across his face.

"Don't tell me these are the two who were with you when we first met?" he asked Bobby.

"One in the same." he replied. "Dale and Jose, you remember Jack from the first party we went to."

The two shook his hand and smiled as they sat down. Bobby turned to Justin with a quizzical look.

"Where were you guys?" he asked the large black cop. "You said you were going to come to the wedding."

"We were on call." Justin answered. "Big drug bust and we go them all. Oh, before I forget, this is for the bride and groom."

He handed an envelope to Bobby, who then handed it to his mother. The group were talking, which began to bore the college kids. They said they would be going to Mike and John's house. Bobby escorted them to the door, where he hugged each of them. Nigel and Joey soon followed and went to the Mark Hopkins to retire. The rest chatted for a couple of hours before they all went home. Bobby's mom took him to the kitchen.

"You were the perfect father." she said. "Just remember that when your children are here, to love them with all your heart."

"Oh, I will Mom." he told her. "I won't be like that bastard we called Dad."

"I know he was wrong for what he did." Mrs. Jones said after slapping Bobby's face. "But I loved him and he did give you life."

"I love you Mom." he said. "I just can't forgive him."

They hugged and Bobby said goodnight to the rest of the crowd, including the Martins. Brian and he said their goodnights to the two women who were carrying the future of the family. Mrs. Morrison said she would get the mess in the morning and left. As Bobby and Brian closed the door, they undressed and collapsed on the bed. With one kiss, they fell asleep holding each other.


NOTE: As we approach the final two chapters, I hope that what I have written has met with everyone's approval. I have enjoyed the story and I hope that the other stories that I have written will live up to this one. To be honest, some people think I should actually turn it into a book. Who knows, maybe I will. But I hope that you do enjoy the final two chapters. Please send your comments to Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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