The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

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From the previous installment: They hugged and Bobby said goodnight to the rest of the crowd, including the Martins. Brian and he said their goodnights to the two women who were carrying the future of the family. Mrs. Morrison said she would get the mess in the morning and left. As Bobby and Brian closed the door, they undressed and collapsed on the bed. With one kiss, they fell asleep holding each other.


As the summer wore on, the moment of approach of the stork was apparent. Ann and Judy were getting larger with each day. Bobby and Brian were taking them to their Lamaze classes. At one point, both men began to have sympathy labor with the women, which the children thought was funny.

As the blessed event arrived, the men had a nursery suite added to their room to accommodate the new additions. Brian had been planning Bobby `s birthday in September and had invited all their friends and family. He also planned their first anniversary of their reuniting. Nigel and Joey had arrived two day prior to the special day. Tom, Ben, Jack, and Jimmy flew in the day before with Dale and Jose. Tony and Tim came to the party that night along with the rest of the family. As they sat down for dinner, which Joey had prepared, there was a knock at the front door. The Blazers were there along with Drake and Barry. The two young lovers rushed Bobby and Brian, followed by the Blazers and they had a group hug.

"OH GOD!!" Bobby exclaimed. "How are you guys?"

"Great." Drake answered. "We're in college now and very happy about it. Happy Birthday old man."

"Oh bite me." the birthday boy replied.

"Come in for dinner." Brian told them.

As the dinner went on, the large gathering ate and joked about what was going on. The children harassed Bobby on getting older. As the cake was presented, Bobby blew out the candles and was ready to cut it when Judy cried out.

"OH MY GOD!!" she shrieked. "IT'S TIME!!"

Everyone began to run around, but Bobby and Brian kept their demeanor. Brian called the doctor while Bobby got her bag and the car. As they were taking her to the car, Mike yelled at them.


John and Ben were helping Ann to the SUV with her bag and said they would be right behind them. Bobby had plotted the route and knew a couple of shortcuts to the hospital. As they arrived, the two men admitted the women, filled out the necessary forms, then rushed to maternity. A nurse got their sterile gowns, booties, caps, and masks, then led them to the women's room. Both were hooked up to fetal monitors and the two men were monitoring them carefully.

"Well happy birthday Bobby." Ann said between contractions.

The four laughed a little, but Brian and Bobby were worried about the expectant mothers. They would get ice for Ann and Judy and just make sure they were comfortable. After a couple of hours, they were ready to deliver. The women were wheeled to the delivery room, with both men in tow. The doctor was there to make sure the babies were delivered without incident.

"Oh Bobby we needed to tell you this." Judy said. "But we were going to do it as a birthday present. We're both carrying twins."

Bobby became weak in the knees, but Brian held him up. His lover smiled and winked at Bobby.

The delivery went without incident. First Judy delivered a boy, followed by Ann who had a girl. Judy then delivered a girl about seven minutes later, followed by Ann who delivered a boy. The babies were weighed and measured. They were four pounds and 21" in length. They all had brown hair, but no one would say who they looked like, but Brian knew. They seemed to be the spitting image of Bobby. He gave each woman a kiss, who held the babies.

"We got to show everyone." Bobby said.

They took the babies to the maternity waiting room to show the family, who arrived about fifteen minutes after they parents. Maria thought they were new dolls for her to play with, but Bobby reminded her they were real babies.

"Uncle Bobby, will you still love us?" she asked.

"Oh Maria, no matter what, I will still love you." he replied.

"So what are their names?" Chris asked.

"Well, this little man is Robert, Jr." Bobby answered. "This little lady is Judy. The little one here is Ann and this one is Brian, Jr."

Brian was flabbergasted when he heard the name of the younger boy. He kissed Bobby tenderly as the newborns squirmed in their arms. They returned to the maternity room and everyone went to visit the new mothers. Tony, Tim, Mike, and John had brought flowers for them.

"Uncle Bobby, I guess we have five birthdays next year." Chris said.

Bobby looked at his watch and realized it was just after midnight. His children and he would have more in common than just genes. Mrs. Morrison was there and she approached the family.

"Well I guess I will leave you here." she said with a sad look.

"Why? Where are you going?" Bobby asked.

"Well my understanding is that I would be here until the births." she responded. "Now the babies are here."

"OH NO!!" Brian exclaimed.

"Most definitely." Bobby added. "If we let you go, I know three people who would kill us if you left, if not four."

The three kids went to her and hugged her tightly. They begged her not to leave and she began to cry at the love that these four children were showing her. She agreed to stay until it was time for her to retire.

As the night wound down, the family left the two mothers in their room. The excitement gave way to total exhaustion. Everyone seemed to collapse and the house was still in a matter of minutes.

Ann and Judy arrived home the next day, but the babies were left in the neonatal unit for observation. Within a week, they came home also. Bobby and Brian had to adjust to the feedings, changings, and baths, but they were happy. Brian was the stay at home mom, with the help from Mrs. Morrison. The two men did live up to their word to the other children. Chris, Mikey, Steven, and Maria felt as if they had many parents who loved and cared for them. The children helped with the babes also.

One day, Bobby had his lawyer come over. He presented the two women with a document which they read carefully. They were taken aback when they finished.

"What does this mean?" Judy asked.

"We want you to adopt the babies." Bobby replied. "In case something happens to Brian and myself, we want them to be taken care of."

The two women whispered between themselves. Judy smiled and looked at the two men.

"We will agree on one condition." she said. "You adopt our kids also, for the same reason."

Bobby and Brian looked at each other and just nodded with smiles that spread across their faces. It took several more pieces of paperwork, but the four adults - with the consent of Mike - finalized the eight children. Ironically, they watched the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours that night. The babies were baptized with Susan and Tony, Jr. as the godparents.


This large extended family grew with love. They had their problems, including Chris trying marijuana. When Bobby found out, he became extremely angry, but sat his nephew down to remind him of his own past of drugs.

Chris grew to a handsome man. He reached 6'2" and toned at 180 pounds. He played basketball in high school. He dated Melissa all through high school and they decided to go to the same college. Chris admitted to Bobby that he was afraid to having sex with his girlfriend.. His uncle told him he was wise for not rushing into having sex. Melissa came by one day and talked to Bobby and Brian. She explained that she loved Chris, but did not want to have sex with him until they were married. Bobby assured her that the both of them were of the same mind. He suggested they both wait until they were mature enough to handle it.

Steven and Mikey were just the opposite. They enjoyed sex with each other, which became more intense when they entered puberty. Mikey, like his brother, grew rather tall - 6'1" and weighed 160 pounds. Though he did not lift weights like Chris, he still had a tone, swimmer's body. Steven was a little different. He grew to be 5'10", but bulked to 245 pounds. He played football and worked out with a passion. He developed hair all over his body as a teen and Mikey, who was smooth, called him his hot honey bear. When Mikey entered high school, Chris kept an eye out for him, and he did the same when Steven became a freshman. Chris realized they could take care of themselves and they made a lot of good friends. The two had come out and all their friends knew it. They did not care, even though there where some who did harass them.

Maria started school and her brothers kept an eye on her. Anyone who harassed her were set upon by Mikey and Steven. As she grew, she developed into a beautiful young woman. Several boys wanted to date her and Bobby and Brian were the quintessential fathers who interrogated prospective boyfriends. One boy, Zachary, was very polite and they met his parents. The two dated, with tight restrictions, all through junior high school and into high school.

The four babies grew up with a lot of love and a little spoiled. But Bobby made sure they were kept grounded. If they misbehaved or were rude, he would be the one to punish them. They grew up with four very distinct personalities. Bobby, Jr. was the leader and he usually was the one who directed the trouble. He was the one who also protected his siblings. Ann was the one who liked to play mother and made sure they behaved. Judy was a tomboy and could beat up her brothers and sister. She was a star athlete at school. Brian, Jr. was the shy and sensitive one. He felt different and took any insults to his family as a personal attack on him. He approached his fathers and asked what a fag was. Bobby queried where he heard the word. Brian, Jr. said that a couple of older boys in the neighborhood said his dads were fags and his moms were dykes. Bobby called the children together and explained what the two words meant. He explained that only people with small, closed minds used words like that. Bobby told his children that no matter what people like that think, the four parents loved them and wanted them not to judge people, but to know the real person.

As they started school, Bobby remembered his dream and reminded Brian, who gave him some mild harassment. The quartet were very popular at school and they had numerous friends who they had over to the house. With the exception of some bigoted parents, their friends kept coming over almost everyday, as did Chris, Mikey, Steven, and Maria's friends. Bobby did tell them of his past and many of the parents thanked him because they felt his life helped their children from doing drugs. One day Brian, Jr. walked in with another boy and they were holding hands. He introduced the boy as Eric and they were boyfriends. Bobby sat them down and asked if they knew what they were saying. Eric told them yes and kissed Brian, Jr. Bobby did tell them to be careful where they kissed so as not be attacked.

Mrs. Morrison stayed with the family until she decided to retire. The family decided not to hire anyone else because she was one-of-a-kind. Her son David stayed with Mike and John and developed from a housekeeper to a third lover. Mike was never able to heal completely, but he stayed on the force and became an instructor at the police academy.

Tom and Jack remained lovers and enjoyed a wonderful life together. Jimmy and Ben remained together as lovers until Ben died in an auto accident. Nigel and Joey stayed together until Nigel succumbed to AIDS. Nigel technically adopted Joey and the stripper twin became the heir to Nigel's family fortune. Drake and Barry continued their relationship beyond college. They both became lawyers and were leading advocates for gay rights.

Bobby was very active in the PTA and the children's lives. He remained at his job until he decided to retire. Bobby Jones, whose life took many an interesting twist, felt extremely lucky with a wonderful lover, great children, and wonderful friends. The love he felt for Brian was expressed in a marriage ceremony in Canada. He had all his friends and family there and was given away by his mother. Though it was not recognized in the United States, he knew his that he and Brian were married for all time.


NOTE: Well this is it. The final chapter is here. This is bittersweet and I wish this could go on forever. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. Please feel free to email me with your comments to Please put the title in the subject line. The Readers' List has grown and I have enjoyed adding to it from friends around the world. Two special thank yous go out. First Marek in Poland who gave me the idea for this story back in 2002. Second to Andrew, who became my inspiration to continue to write this story. God love him and care for him with his asbestosis and Alzheimer's. Finally to those who wrote me about the story. I have kept each of the emails and have them in file. Thank you for your support.


HAPPY 2006!!!

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