The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

Bobby's life began to take on a pattern of going to Brian's after school where the two boys explored each other's bodies and making each other feel wonderful. Brian was the first to explore Bobby's ass with his dick and Bobby knew he loved a hot dick in his ass. Bobby kept his secret from his family. He maintained a straight appearance for almost 6 months until one fateful day.


He and Brian were up in Brian's room when they heard yelling from downstairs. Bobby's blood ran cold because he knew the sound was his father's voice. Brian's mother was trying to tell him to get our of her house, but to no avail. The boys knew to lock the door against John's intrusions. The boys heard the pounding on the door with Bobby's dad trying to break it down. The boys finished dressing when the door gave way to the incessant beating. They stood as if 2 deer were caught in a car's headlights not knowing what to expect. Bobby's father came lumbering up the stairs and looked at the boys. They saw a look that terrified them to the marrow of their bones.

"I thought I didn't want you to go near this little crosskicking faggot." Sgt. Jones screamed.

Bobby could not reply, but he saw his father ball up his hand ready to swing. He saw the punch come flying and ducked. However, Brian, who was on Bobby's ride side, didn't see it and was hit in the cheek and jaw. Brian fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. Bobby saw what happened and let loose with a yell. He charged his father and connected his head with his dad's groin, which caused the older Jones to hit the floor. Bobby wasn't thinking as he kicked his father in the scrotum, stomach, legs, chest, face, anywhere he could connect. He was still kicking and flailing away when the police arrived. One of the officers told him to stop, but all Bobby could see was Brian's prone body. 2 officers pulled Bobby off and had to hold him on the bed to let him calm down.

Officer Baker, a large black male with muscles showing through his uniform, began asking what happened. Mrs. Martin explained how Sgt. Jones pounded on the door. As she opened it, he stormed in and demanded to know where his son was. She ordered him out, but he refused to leave. She proceeded to call the police when he bounded up the stairs, opening doors. When he came to the attic door and found it locked, he ensued in the mission to break it down. After Sgt. Jones did that, he went to Brian's room, swung and hit her son. Bobby then proceeded to attack his father and then the police intervened.

Bobby began calming down and looked at Brian, whose face looked swollen on the left side. He moved off the bed and held his love saying he was so sorry. The police ordered 2 ambulances which Brian was put in one and Sgt. Jones was put in the other. Mrs. Martin hugged Bobby and asked him to stay with John until they got back from the hospital. Bobby went downstairs looking for John, finally finding him hiding in his closet.

"John, come on out." Bobby said to the frightened boy. "They are all gone now."

"Where's your father?" John asked with fear still in his eyes.

"He's been taken to the hospital." Bobby answered.

"Why did he do this?" John asked, beginning to cry.

"Well my dad is homophobic." Bobby answered back. "Do you know what that means?"

"Not really." John said. "You mean what you and Brian do in his room?"

"Now how did you know that?" Bobby asked with a quizzical smile.

"I'm not stupid." John said a little irritated. "I've known about Brian. He told mom and dad he was gay. He told me he loves you."

Bobby's eyes started to well up and he held John. He started crying and he began telling John how sorry this happened. John just held him knowing this teen loved his brother and he needed someone to comfort him.

There came a knock at the door. John got up and answered and there was Sgt. Baker and Mark Wilson.

"May we come in?" Sgt. Baker asked the 10 year-old. "I have to ask Bobby some questions."

John showed them into the living room. Bobby got up when he saw the officer, then went into shock when he saw Mark.

Bobby, I have to ask you a few questions." Sgt. Baker said. "First do you know this boy?"

"Yes sir." Bobby responded. "He and I had a fight at school a few months back. He was expelled after I whipped his ass."

"It seems he was the one who told your father about where you were." Sgt. Baker told him. "We caught him in the bushes hiding. He told us he wanted to get even with you."

Bobby was ready to come at the teen punk, but the cop got between them. Bobby glared at the boy and then extended his thumbs.

"Just wait Mark." Bobby seethed. "I will get my revenge."

"Bobby I do have to ask, do you plan to go home?" Sgt. Baker queried.

"No sir." Bobby said. He knew he could stay at Brian's for a couple of days, but what after that?

"I will have to call social services." Sgt. Baker told him. "You can stay here for a day or two, but you will be made a ward of the court." He turned to Mark Wilson and stared deep into his eyes. "As for you young man, you will be charged as an accessory to this assault. You will need to call your parents." Sgt. Baker pulled out a card and wrote something on the back, then handed it to Bobby. He took Mark by the arm and led him outside. "We'll be in touch soon." the man said to Bobby, then closed the door behind him.

Bobby read the card. It had a phone number and the message `call if you need to talk.' Bobby went in and sat on the sofa with John, mulling the events of the past couple of hours in his brain. What would he do? He knew if he went home, it would be hell. The events would reach school and his life would be impossible to bear. He knew he had to leave and hopefully land on his feet. He also knew he would have to leave the love of his life, but it was for the best.

Brian and his mom came home. Brian's face was swollen and a black eye. Bobby ran up and gave him a big hug, but Brian winced in pain. Bobby let go and tears formed again. He looked at his love with the same pain the he must be feeling. Then just to ease the tension he had to make a joke.

"Guess you'll learn to duck next time dipstick." Bobby smiled. Brian tried but couldn't. Mrs. Martin and John both started to laugh and they all sat down.

"Bobby, I know you don't want to go home and probably won't be welcome either." Mrs. Martin started. "I know you boys love each other and your actions show how much you care for Brian. We want you to live here at least for now."

Bobby ran over and hugged the woman who loved him like a son.

"Sgt. Baker said I can stay here a day or two." Bobby relayed the earlier conversation. "But he said I would be a ward of the court."

"That's okay, but you will stay here while that is being sorted out." Brian's mom said.

"Mom, what's wrong with Brian?" John finally chimed in.

"He has a fractured jaw and won't be saying much of anything for the next couple of weeks." Mrs. Martin told the boys. She then turned to Bobby and sternly looked at him. "I plan to charge your father with aggravated assault on a minor. I want you to know that."

"I understand and I agree." Bobby told her. "I will testify in court also. You can also have him charged in a military court, too."

"How do you know that?" she asked the boy.

"My best friend at Camp Lejune, his dad is part of the JAG." Bobby explained. "A marine was charged with hitting one of his children. He got 15 years at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas."

"How do you think your mom's going to react?" Mrs. Martin questioned.

"She's not going to be happy." Bobby said. "I think it's better if I don't go home. Even if my dad doesn't get bail, it will be worse if I'm home. He would take it out on my brother, sister, and mom."

At that moment the phone rang. Mrs. Martin answered it and the boys listened. Bobby knew she was talking to his mother. They continued to listen with Mrs. Jones called him to the phone. "Your mother wants to talk to you."

Bobby took the phone and in a shaky voice said, "Mom?" He listened as she cried and told him to stay where he was. She was coming over with some clothes and other things. He handed the phone back to Mrs. Martin who talked for a minute or two more then hung up the receiver.

"Bobby, you sit on the couch." Mrs. Martin said. "Brian and John, get ready for supper. Your dad will be home soon." The brothers went to clean up. Mrs. Martin took Bobby's hand in hers and looked deep in his eyes.

"Your mom got a call from the hospital." she began. "It seems you did real damage to your father. He has 2 broken ribs, cracked jaw, and lots of bruises. Your mom is bringing some of your clothes and toiletries. She also mentioned that your father will be charged with assault and battery. He told her that you better not be home when he did get home. She also mentioned one thing she wanted me to keep for you."

"I'm not surprised." Bobby said. "I knew my dad would disown me when he found out. Can't stand having a queer for a son."

A knock came at the door and Bobby's mom, brother, and sister were there. Mrs. Jones came in and hugged her son. He gave her a big hug and kissed her tear-stained cheek. He went and hugged his sister and brother and they hugged him back. John peeked around the corner and saw Bobby's brother.

"Mikey!" John yelled. He ran and hugged Bobby's brother. Bobby was taken aback.

"You two know each other?" Bobby asked totally amazed.

"Sure, we're best friends." Michael said to his brother. "But when did you meet Brian?" The friendship was there which made the family hurt even more.

"Mikey, you need to be careful." Bobby said to his little brother. "If dad knew John is Brian's brother, you would be in trouble."

"We will, but what's gonna happen to you?" Mikey asked.

"I'm gonna be here for a while." Bobby told him. "You have to take care of mom and Carrie, okay?"

Mikey cried, but nodded his head. Meanwhile Bobby's and Brian's mothers went into the kitchen to talk. The kids went into the living room and played on the Atari game system, teaching the little girl how to play Pac man. Bobby's mother came out with Mrs. Martin and she hugged her son.

"Just behave yourself Bobby." she told the teen she loved until she died. "I'll call soon." The Jones family walked out the door and to the car. Bobby was scared he would never see them again.

"Okay kids, it's time for dinner." Mrs. Martin called out. At that time Brian's dad came home and saw the face of his oldest son.

"What the fuck happened?" he yelled.

Mrs. Martin then went into detail of the arrival of Bobby's dad, his not leaving, breaking down the door to the attic room, hitting Brian, Bobby assaulting his father, Bobby staying with them, and finally Mrs. Jones leaving Bobby's stuff with them. Mr. Martin surveyed the boys and smiled at Bobby.

"You know son, it takes a big man to stand up to those you love." the man told the teen. "You are welcome here for as long as you like." He came over and hugged Bobby.

They ate dinner and the boys prepared for bed. School was tomorrow and Bobby dreaded the return. Brian was to stay home due to doctor's orders. They got ready and Bobby slept in Brian's bed. He held his lover and told him he loved him so much. Brian mumbled that he loved Bobby. They held each other until they fell asleep.

The next few weeks were hectic. Bobby went to school and as he expected the kids heard the story and some of the kids shunned him. Someone spray painted FAGGOT on his locker. Some of the kids called him names, but he tried to bear up under the strain. He also had to testify at his father's arraignment in civilian court and give a sworn deposition to his father's commanding officer. He knew Colonel Berrell for almost a year. The colonel asked Bobby if this is how he feels about men and Bobby told him yes. The colonel reminded Bobby that he will send the findings for a court-martial and will be testifying against his father. All Bobby did was not and shook the colonel's hand. Bobby respected the colonel for two reasons. First he treated his men well and his men would do anything for him and second the colonel's son Bruce was a friend of his.

"Have a good life son." the colonel said.

"Thank you sir." Bobby said to him. "Please tell Bruce that he still is a friend if he wants to be."

"I will Bobby." Colonel Berrell said. "I know that he respects the person you are, but would be afraid of what others would say if he would associate with you."

"I know sir." Bobby told the man. "That's how I felt about Brian until I got to know him. And I know how Bruce feels." The boy left the office and went home.

The trials came and Bobby did as he promised. He testified against his father with guilty verdicts in the civilian court and at the court-martial. The judge in the civilian court agreed to have Bobby's dad serve his sentence at Ft. Leavenworth. The Marine court gave his father 15 years at hard labor, reduction of grade to E-1, reduction of pay, payment of medical bills, and dishonorable discharge. As Bobby was leaving the military court room, he heard his father tell him he was not any son of his and nothing but a cocksucker. Bobby just glanced at his father.

"Well at least I'm not going to prison you sanctimonious asshole." Bobby said with pure hate. "And I'm not the one who got his ass whipped by a 13 year-old. That would be the last time he would see his father.

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