The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

There came a knock at the door. John got up and answered and there was Sgt. Baker and Mark Wilson.

"May we come in?" Sgt. Baker asked the 10 year-old. "I have to ask Bobby some questions."

John showed them into the living room. Bobby got up when he saw the officer, then went into shock when he saw Mark.

Bobby, I have to ask you a few questions." Sgt. Baker said. "First do you know this boy?"

"Yes sir." Bobby responded. "He and I had a fight at school a few months back. He was expelled after I whipped his ass."

"It seems he was the one who told your father about where you were." Sgt. Baker told him. "We caught him in the bushes hiding. He told us he wanted to get even with you."

Bobby was ready to come at the teen punk, but the cop got between them. Bobby glared at the boy and then extended his thumbs.

"Just wait Mark." Bobby seethed. "I will get my revenge."

"Bobby I do have to ask, do you plan to go home?" Sgt. Baker queried.

"No sir." Bobby said. He knew he could stay at Brian's for a couple of days, but what after that?

"I will have to call social services." Sgt. Baker told him. "You can stay here for a day or two, but you will be made a ward of the court." He turned to Mark Wilson and stared deep into his eyes. "As for you young man, you will be charged as an accessory to this assault. You will need to call your parents." Sgt. Baker pulled out a card and wrote something on the back, then handed it to Bobby. He took Mark by the arm and led him outside. "We'll be in touch soon." the man said to Bobby, then closed the door behind him.


The weeks plodded on and Bobby turned 14 years old. The only problem was since his father was no longer in the Marines, his mother has to take care of his brother and sister. The only way she could this is by moving home to her parents. Bobby would have gone with them except his grandparents were ultra-conservative "holy-rollers" and he knew he would not be welcome. When his family left for the last time, they hugged and cried. Brian's mom became good friends with Bobby's mom. She promised she would care for him and make sure he would call once a week.

As school moved on for Bobby and Brian, the ridicule became more intense for 2 reasons: they were in high school and they were freshmen. Brian, who had heard it most of his life, let it slide. But Bobby had not been able to deal with it as easily. He did not know how much longer he could withstand the ridicule.

The boys did plan one act of revenge that involved Mark Wilson. One of their few friends was Marie Johnson. She was a pretty 15 year-old who was open-minded and cared about the boys as people. They knew Mark had been trying to date Marie, but she refused his advances. Bobby approached her about their want of revenge. She wanted to know what they planned, but Bobby told her she should not be told everything. She wanted to know the plan. Bobby asked if Mark knew her address and she said no. Bobby's plan was for her to call Mark and set up a date. He gave her Jason Gibson's address. Jason was a friend of Bobby's who had been tormented by Mark the year before.

The trap was set. Marie called Mark, who was surprised to hear from her. She asked how he was doing and that she missed hearing from him. He mentioned probation and being sent to a private school. They planned the date for Friday at 8 pm. She mentioned her parents would be out of the house, but come over so they could catch a movie. His mind raced that he might be able to get some pussy that night. At 16, he hadn't grown much, while Bobby and Brian had grown 3 inches each in height. Bobby also added some more muscle to his frame.

Friday arrived. The three boys were lying in wait. Marie wrote a simple note.


I'm upstairs dressing.

Come in and make

Yourself at home


The boys taped the note to the front door. Jason's parents were gone for the night and would not be back until well after midnight. They set up a video camera Jason's father just bought in a corner. The boys relaxed until they heard the front door open, then close. They heard someone sneaking upstairs and stopping outside the room. Mark figured he would sneak in and fuck the girl then leave. Brian positioned himself behind the door. Bobby beside the dresser away from the door. Jason was near the camera. The door opened slowly and Mark peered in. All he saw was a bed and some posters. As the door opened more he stepped in and the boys struck. Bobby tackled Mark, while Brian grabbed his arms. Brian was deceptively strong and twisted Mark's arm behind his back. Jason pulled out some ether and applied it to Mark's nose and mouth. The bully fell unconscious in a matter of seconds. The boys picked him up and stripped him.

As he woke, Mark found himself bound face down and naked. He then saw Brian and Bobby naked and dicks jutting in front of them. The boys had also grown in the manhood department, both now sporting healthy 7" of teen cock. Mark panicked when he saw them.

"What the fuck is going on?" Mark yelled. "What do you faggots think you're doing?"

"You're not that dumb, shithead." Brian responded. "We're gonna fuck that cute bubble butt of yours."

"Oh and it will be videotaped for posterity." Bobby added, pointing to the camera. Mark saw the camera and Jason filming the deflowering of Mark's ass.

Bobby moved to the bed and pulled out a large jar of Vaseline. He took some and spread it over his fingers and shoved two of them into what was virginal territory. Mark screamed in pain. His hole shut tight and squeezed Bobby's fingers hard. Bobby took his thumb and pressed it right behind Mark's left ear. Mark winced and his ass muscles relaxed. Bobby then proceeded to finger fuck the hole of the tormentor of the 3 present. Mark felt the pain race through his body, then he felt a strange pleasure come over him. Bobby was hitting his prostrate and his dick was so hard it ached. His ass was pushing back on Bobby's fingers. Jason was filming this and how hard Mark was.

"Well what you know." Jason said. "We have a hot bitch boy here."

"Fuck you!" Mark snarled, trying to hide his pleasure.

"Really?" Bobby said. He hit the spot a couple of times, which elicited a moan from Mark.

Bobby then pushed a third finger to the second knuckle and Mark grimaced in pain, then closed his eyes and relaxed to the hot feeling in his ass. As Bobby kept moving the fingers in and out, Brian positioned himself at Mark's head. Mark didn't see this then felt Brian's dick deep in his mouth. His first instinct was to gag and bite. Brian was prepared for this.

"Don't even think about biting my dick." he told the captive teen. "Bobby showed me that move with the thumbs and ears. You will suck my dick like a good bitch."

Brian grabbed Mark's head by the ears and began to face fuck the guy who harassed him for 3 years. Mark felt the hard cock in his mouth, but was amazed at the pliability of the dick. He also tasted something liquid and was ready to spit, but then realized he couldn't. He swallowed the precum and just thought it didn't taste bad. Brian kept moving his dick in and out of his mouth. Bobby however changed his strategy. He removed his fingers and put some Vaseline on his dick and put it at Mark's hole. Mark, realizing what was about to happen, tried to shout, but the dick in his mouth prevented that. All he could do is grunt, but to no avail. Bobby shoved his dick 3" deep into the virgin ass. Mark's eyes filled with tears. He had been made to take and now it was on tape. He wanted to die, but the shame was there. Bobby slid his dick to the head and pushed in more so the teen could feel it. Though it burned, Mark didn't feel as much pain. Bobby slowly fucked his ass while his mouth was full of hard dick. A realization was hitting his brain, he loved dick. He didn't know why, but he did. He loved the feel of dick pounding his ass, while his mouth was full of hard cock flesh. All he wanted was to enjoy it. The two lovers were enjoying having the person who destroyed a part of their lives submitting to this humiliation. Brian was close to shooting his load. He pulled his dick out and was slapping Mark's face with it. He loved the degradation he was putting the teen through. Then the 3 planners got an unexpected surprise.

"Please let me suck your dick." Mark cried out. No one could believe their ears. The bully, the tormentor was actually begging for dick. Brian was close. He pulled on his dick twice and felt his balls pull up to his body. He let loose with a torrent of cum that covered Mark's face and hair. As the cum dripped down to his mouth, his tongue extended and tasted the nectar that was just shot from the dick in front of him. This pushed him over the edge. No one had touched his dick, but his dick shot several volleys under him, covering his chest, stomach, and the bed beneath him. His ass tightened which sent Bobby to the point of no return. He began filling the hot ass with cum, some of which spilled out and down Mark's legs.

As the boys collapsed in an exhausted heap, the one who hadn't gotten off was stroking his dick through his shorts. Jason was a 14 year-old boy who had an amazing surprise for the 3 on the bed. He took off his shirt and they saw the skinny chest. He lowered his shorts and the 3 boys' eyes widened and jaws dropped open. There stood before them was a young teen with a monster 9.5" cock.

"Jason, you've been keeping secrets." Bobby said amazed to his friend.

"Bobby, I have always loved you ever since you moved here." Jason said to him. "But I knew that you and Brian were in love and I couldn't do that to you. But now I can have some fun."

He ordered Mark to be untied, which Bobby and Brian did. He ordered Mark on his hands and knees and for him to suck his dick, which Mark did willingly. Jason shoved his entire dick in Mark's mouth, who gagged and couldn't breath. Jason slowly face fucked Mark's mouth, holding the back of his head, controlling how much of his dick could escape from the oral canal. Mark began to accept the dick more readily and used his tongue on the underside of Jason's pole. He began to lick the head tasting the precum. Jason had other ideas for his dick.

"Get on the bed." he ordered the older boy. "I want you on your hands and knees."

Mark did as he was told. He realized then and there he was nothing but a slut bottom to be used at will. Jason spread his cheeks of the teen and placed his dick at the cum-seeping hole. He grabbed Mark's hip and shoved his dick all the way in the ass. His balls met Mark's and the older teen moaned in pleasure. Jason then proceeded to long dick the hole in which he would have the ex-tormentor as his slave. Bobby got behind the camera, filming the fucking Mark was getting. He captured the look of pleasure on Mark's face, the ecstasy from the teen, the dick that got hard as the monster cock entered his ass, how Mark met Jason's movement stroke for stroke, and how it would come out. Jason was ready to shoot a huge load in the ass. He was going pull out and shoot all over Mark as Brian had done.

"Please fill me with your cum." Mark begged.

"Ask for it properly boy." Jason demanded getting into the scene of master to his older sex slave.

"Please sir, fill my worthless ass with your cum." Mark pleaded. All this was caught on tape. The boys knew they had him. Jason shoved his dick all the way in and spewed boy seed in his now slave's ass. He shot 10 rounds of white gold in the ass, which seeped down Mark's legs along with Bobby's. Jason finally pulled out and ordered Mark to clean his dick, which he did readily. He looked up for approval.

"Now slave you will come at my beck and call." Jason said, looking at the newly created slut. "And you will take any dick I say."

"Yes sir." Mark said subserviently. "I am you slave sir."

"Now get your ass out of my house." Jason ordered.

Mark gathered his clothes and left, dressing as he went downstairs. As the heard the front door open and close, the 3 perpetrators of revenged hugged each other and "high five" each other. They took the video tape out and put the camera back. They were happy they got their revenge.

"Are you really gonna make that piece of shit your sex slave?" Brian asked Jason.

"I sure am." Jason replied. "I'm gonna have that ass anytime, making him beg for it. Bri, you and Bobby have each other and I hope that I have someone I can love. But until then, why not that cocksucker mouth and ass?"

The boys kissed each other and then they had to leave. Marie called later and asked what happened and Bobby told her the highlights, but would go into details if she wanted to know tomorrow. She said she would come by and find out. Bobby and Brian made love three times that night and fell asleep in each others arms.

Marie came over and the boys played the video tape. When she heard Mark whispering how he was going to fuck her and leave "the stupid bitch", she was glad at what followed the next three hours. She turned to Bobby and Brian and told them good for you, but why are all the nice guys with big dicks gay? She smiled, gave them a kiss on the cheek and left.

NOTE: I hope that you enjoyed the story. I know it seems unlike Bobby and Brian's personality, but I figured they needed some sort of revenge. This does work out in the next installment. Please send your comments to

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