The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

The boys kissed each other and then they had to leave. Marie called later and asked what happened and Bobby told her the highlights, but would go into details if she wanted to know tomorrow. She said she would come by and find out. Bobby and Brian made love three times that night and fell asleep in each others arms.

Marie came over and the boys played the video tape. When she heard Mark whispering how he was going to fuck her and leave "the stupid bitch", she was glad at what followed the next three hours. She turned to Bobby and Brian and told them good for you, but why are all the nice guys with big dicks gay? She smiled, gave them a kiss on the cheek and left.


As school progressed, Bobby and Brian's being harassed wore on Bobby's nerves. He wanted to talk to someone. He found Sgt. Baker's card and called him. The police officer answered and Bobby identified himself. The officer remembered and asked how things are. Bobby could barely hold the tears back. He told the officer he needed to talk. They agreed to meet at the park the next day.

Bobby told Brian he was going to the park alone. Brian was worried, but Bobby assured him it was to talk things over with someone. Bobby went to the park and saw the familiar face of Sgt. Baker. Justin Baker was 33 years old, 6'2" and 235 pounds of muscle. The muscles shown through the uniform. He was black with a close-cropped haircut, small mustache, and brown eyes. He always cared about kids and wanted to help this teen. Bobby shook the man's hand which engulfed his. They found a bench and sat.

"So what's up big man?" the officer began.

"Well, I can't deal with all the harassment any more." Bobby told him. "Brian has been used to it, but it's all new to me. I don't know how long I can stand it."

"Well Bob." the sergeant said. "You know that you and Brian are different and you need to cling to each other to get through this. Has anyone attacked you?"

"Not physically." Bobby replied. "Just verbal taunts and graffiti."

"Bobby, I'm going to tell you something that very few know." Sgt. Baker stated. "I am gay and have been since I was young. I knew I was different and loved looking at dicks. My older brother let me suck his and I loved it. As I grew, I had some friends who knew I was gay and they didn't mind and some did. I had to adapt and I did. I learned to take the taunts not only for being gay, but also being black. And I say anyone who can stand up to their father for the one he loves can do anything."

"I know what you're saying is true, but does it get any easier?" Bobby asked.

"In some ways, yes and in others, no." Justin said to him. "But you have people who love you. Just take it one day at a time."

He tousled Bobby's hair and they walked until Bobby got home. Then the teen turned and gave the officer a hug and thanked him for talking. Bobby walked in and Mrs. Martin asked him why Sgt. Baker brought him home. Bobby told her he needed to sort things out and he was talking to Sgt. Baker. She gave him a hug and kissed him. Bobby kissed her and thanked her for being there in his time of trouble.

Days passed and it seemed all was going right until the one day that changed a number of lives forever. Bobby was showering after gym and he was alone. Six football players, all seniors, came in the shower.

"Look here Chad." Bruce Simmons, the star quarterback, said to his favorite receiver. "The little faggot cocksucker is showering."

The other boys started taunting Bobby, but he tried to ignore them. Bruce didn't like being dismissed, especially by a freshman who was gay. He shoved Bobby against the wall. What he didn't expect was a shot to his nut sack. This caused the football star to collapse. Bobby then swung and hit Billy Hollings, the big tackle. This surprised them, but they tackled him and held him down. After Bruce got up, he came over and looked at Bobby, naked and spread eagle. He pulled back and hit Bobby in the scrotum. The young teen saw stars, but that was the beginning. The football players proceeded to kick and punch Bobby, leaving him a bloody mess. They proceeded to jerk off, covering the prone boy in semen. One of the janitors found Bobby later and called an ambulance.

He was taken to the hospital, where they found a minor concussion, 3 broken ribs, fractured jaw, and 2 black eyes. The Martins, Marie, and Jason came to visit him. They saw the hurt and fear in his eyes that they never saw before. Sgt. Baker was investigating the incident and Bobby gave him the names. The boys however said Bobby approached them for sexual advances. The principal told the officer there was nothing he could do and it was what a gay kid deserved.

Bobby knew he could not go back. He knew that he had to leave and find a place where he could live as a gay kid. Bobby heard that San Francisco was the place to be. After several weeks in the hospital, Bobby planned his leaving forever. He knew this meant leaving his love, Brian. He cared, but he knew he could not this life where he would be abused at school. He was to stay home for another week after leaving the hospital. A couple of the items his mother left him with the Martins' care was a savings account and some savings bonds. The bonds were kept in a safety deposit box at the bank. However, the bank book with Bobby's name was in the front hall table. Bobby opened it and saw there was $674.23 in the account. He planned to get the money and buy a bus ticket for San Francisco.

On a Friday, he left the house right after Mrs. Martin. She had to do some volunteer work at the hospital. She told Bobby she would be back around 1:00 pm. She kissed him and told him to be good. She smiled as she left the attic room. Bobby heard the front door open and close. He then heard the car start and pull away. Bobby got out of bed almost dressed and put on a pullover shirt. He stuffed all the clothes he could in a gym bag and went downstairs. He got the phonebook and called the Greyhound bus station. His voice had gotten deep and had been mistaken for a grown man. The lady on the phone asked what he wanted. Bobby told her he was his father. He said that his "son" was visiting friends, but lost his bus ticket and was scared. He said his "son" was afraid he could not get a ticket being 14. The salesperson said that there would be no problem. All he had to do is arrive and give the reservation number and pay for the ticket. Bobby thanked her after getting the number. Then a knock on the door. It was Mark Wilson and Bobby didn't need the aggravation of this kid. He hid the bag, then answered the door.

"Well, what do you want?" Bobby asked sarcastically. Mark stood there, then extended his hand.

"I want to apologize." Mark said. "You and Brian have shown me that I needed to change. And because of you, I have someone I love now."

Bobby eyed him suspiciously.

"You mean Jason and you?" Bobby said in a stunned state.

"Yeah." Mark replied. "He has shown me love and I have you two to thank."

He then gave Bobby a hug and kiss on the cheek. Bobby returned the gesture. He was glad that he was able to turn someone's head around.

"Mark, I have to ask a favor." Bobby said. "Could you run me to the bank, then to the bus station?"

"How come?" Mark asked quizzically.

"I have to leave." Bobby told him. "Did you hear what happened at school?"

Yeah, and I'm sorry that happened." Mark said.

"I can't take it anymore." Bobby stated. "I have to get out of this area and hopefully start anew."

"But what about Brian?" Mark asked. "I thought you loved him."

"I do and will until I die." Bobby replied. "But I have to go. This is going to break my heart. But I know it's for the best."

"Where will you go?" Mark queried him.

"I can't tell you." Bobby said. "But I have left two letters. Make sure the Martins have read them."

He went and got the letters, then added a sentence to each. He handed them to Mark.

They left in Mark's car and headed to the bank. Bobby approached the teller nervously and told her he was closing the account. She glanced at him and then asked how he wanted it. He remembered that when his family moved to the area, his mother opened the account with a cashier's check. He told her he wanted $100.00 in cash and the balance in a cashier's check in his name. As he got the cash and check, he left the bank and got in the car again. The boys went to the bus station and Bobby gathered his stuff. Mark parked the car and they got out.

"You don't have to come in." Bobby told the other boy. They looked at each other and hugged. Mark told Bobby to be careful and wished him luck. Bobby told him to take care of Jason and love him. And they departed from each other. Bobby went to the counter and gave them the reservation number and paid the cashier $89.74 for the ticket. He grabbed his belongings and waited to board the bus. At 11:30 am they called for the passengers to San Francisco and Bobby headed to the bus. He got on and sat in the very back. The bus loaded and a man who looked about 30 sat next to him. He saw the man looking at him, but he tried to avoid eye contact. The bus pulled out and headed to the interstate. Once on I-5, the passengers settled down, many started to take naps.

The man next to Bobby introduced himself and told Bobby his name was Bill. Bobby told the man his name. The man told Bobby he was a talent scout for modeling agencies and flattered Bobby by telling him he could make it as a model. He asked Bobby where he was heading and Bobby told him San Francisco to visit relatives. Bill told him if he wanted, he would love to take photos of Bobby to sent to modeling agents. Bobby said sure and Bill gave him a card with an address. He told the teen to come see him anytime. Bobby noticed a bulge in the man's pants. Bill was good looking and Bobby developed a hard on in his jeans. Bill noticed and smiled at and smiled at the teen.

"Tell me Bobby, are you gay?" Bill asked him.

Bobby looked at him in shock. He didn't know how to answer the man.

"It's okay." Bill said. "Most kids go to San Francisco because they are gay and are escaping from home.

"I told you I was visiting relatives." Bobby said, trying to avoid the conversation.

"So where do they live?" Bill asked.

Bobby tried to bluff by giving an address on Mission St.

"Oh, so they live in a business?" Bill asked, knowing he had the boy. Bobby knew he had been caught in a lie.

"You're not going to turn me over to the cops?" the teen asked the man.

"No I am not." Bill said with a relaxing smile. "But why are you going to `Frisco?"

Bobby told the stranger the entire story from the time he arrived with his family at Camp Pendleton up to the morning's events. He explained his love for Brian, but could not deal with the harassment and the assaults. Bill gave Bobby a look of compassion and held the boy tight in a hug. Bobby smelled the aroma of musk and sweat of the man. This intoxicated him as his dick burgeoned against his jeans. He knew he headed release. Bill also saw the straining dick and rubbed the teen cock. Bill reached up to his bag and pulled out a blanket. He put it over his lap and Bobby's. He whispered to the boy to undo his jeans and pull them down discreetly. Bobby did as he said and saw Bill follow suit. Bobby noticed splotches on the blanket and the aroma of stale cum. Bill told Bobby he travels by bus and loves to jack off. The blanket is his safeguard from prying eyes. Bobby then felt a hard hand on his dick. He jumped a little, but settled down as the man next to him skillfully played with the teen cock. Bobby thought he should give the man the same courtesy and reached over. What he felt was not to be believed. He touched what he was sure a joke. It was hard, extremely thick, and very long. Bobby pulled the blanket back and saw what had to be at least 12" of hard, thick dick and uncut. Bobby whispered to him that it was the biggest dick he has seen. Bill told him it was 14" long. Bobby just stared in amazement. He took the mammoth dick in his hand and started to stroke it. He loved the feel of man flesh in his hands. He played with it, trying to make Bill feel good. He saw the pearls of clear liquid come to the dick head. He leaned and licked it off. He opened his mouth and the fullness of the head just got in his mouth. He loved the taste of a man's dick in his oral orifice.

Bill was stroking the teen dick. He could feel the dick getting close to shooting its load. He would stop and wait for a few minutes. Bobby looked up at the man's face with a disappointed look. Bill said to him not to worry, the end results would be fantastic. He would then start again until he felt Bobby's dick wanting to shoot, squeeze it at the base and stop. After a few minutes he would start again. This lasted for over an hour until he decided to let it release. Bill slid his finger in Bobby's pucker and Bobby released all the pressure that had built up in his shaft. The love juice he had shooting seemed like an endless stream. It covered the blanket, Bill's hand, Bobby's crotch and legs. His mouth was stuffed with Bill's monster dick, so all he could do was moan softly. The pressure released from his balls and dick created a vacuum from his mouth. This sent Bill over the edge and released what felt like an infinite flow of cum. It filled Bobby's mouth, who tried to swallow it quickly, but failed. It spilled out of his mouth and all over Bill's dick, balls, and legs. Bill leaned his head back and closed his eyes as the first shot released and did his best not to shout out as he came. The feeling that came from the hot teen was intense.

The two finally came down from their sexual bliss. Bill used the blanket to clean the white liquid off them. Bobby fell asleep against Bill, who cradled him against his chest and held him close.

Mrs. Martin came home at 1:30 pm and called up to Bobby and got no answer. She figured he was asleep and decided to fix him some soup and take it to him. A few minutes later, she climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor and then to the attic. As she got there, she saw the bed empty. She put the bowl down and started to search the house. She went to John's room and found it empty. She looked outside and around the house. Still Bobby could not be found. She called her husband at work and told him that Bobby was missing. Mr. Martin told her to call the police, which she did after hanging up with him. The police told her they would send someone out to the house. Ironically, it happened to be Sgt. Justin Baker. He arrived around 2:15 pm and talked with Mrs. Martin. Her husband arrived a few minutes later. The adults were talking when John bound into the house. He was all smiles because he make Bobby a get well card and was ready to give it to him. He saw Sgt. Baker and his father and knew something was wrong.

"Hey you guys." the youngster began. "What's the matter?"

His mother turned around with a worried look which made John worry.

"Bobby's not here." Sgt. Baker said to John.

The boy headed to his room and began to cry. The adults continued to talk and Sgt. Baker was taking notes.

"Are you sure he didn't run away?" the officer asked. "You know how depressed he was about school."

"There's no note." Mrs. Martin replied. "And how far can he go without any money?" Then it dawned on her to check the table in the hall. She found the bank book missing. They were getting ready to go to the bank, when Brian appeared. When he saw Sgt. Baker, he began to panic.

"What's happened?" he asked in a panicked tone. "Is Bobby alright?"

"We don't know." his father told him. "We're heading to the bank right now. Keep an eye on your brother."

As they arrived at the door, Mark and Jason were standing there. The Martins and Sgt. Baker were stunned when they saw Mark.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jones, I have been asked to give this to you." Mark said handing them an envelope addressed `Mom and Dad'. "Brian, this one is for you." It said `My One True Love'. They recognized the handwriting as Bobby's. The Martins opened theirs first and read it:

Mom and Dad,

You have treated my like a son when my

real father treated me like trash. I want

you to know that I don't mean to hurt you,

but with all that's happened, I cannot bear

being in this area anymore. Please forgive

me. I did take my bank book and am heading

to where I hope life is better. Just remember I

love you. Please call my mom and tell her I her

too and don't blame you for my decision, right or

wrong. Tell John I love him like a brother.

With love, your "adopted" son,


P.S. Please be kind to Mark. He had changed.

The Martins were crying as they read the letter and just held each other. They had wished they could have seen all the pain and anguish that the teen they loved was going through. Sgt. Baker read the letter and just put his arm around them to comfort them. Bobby, seeing this, opened his letter and read it:

My one and only love,

My decision to leave was the hardest I had to make.

I was so torn between staying and leaving, I had to get

up and sit at the window, looking at the world and you.

You are my love, the one who showed me my true self.

I can never forget you, nor can I forgive my decision. I

knew if I told you, you would leave with me

and the guilt of parting with your parents would

eat away at me forever. Just remember, I love

you until I die and nothing or no one will change

that. Remember me and keep a place in your

heart for me. I will miss you my love.


P.S. Mark has changed. Jason and he are in love.

Please be kind.

Brian could barely finish the letter through the tears that fell from his eyes. He ran to his parents who hugged him tight. Sgt Baker put a hand on his shoulder. He then turned to Mark.

"How did you get these?" the officer asked the teen.

"Bobby gave them to me this morning." Mark told him. He explained the morning visit and how Bobby told him he was running away. He tried to talk Bobby out of it, but Bobby said he would hitchhike to the bank and the bus station. The officer asked where Bobby was headed and Mark told that he didn't know. Bobby left him at the door and went in the terminal. He did stay outside and spied on Bobby. He saw him get on a bus around 11:30, but remembered 3 left about the same time. Mark turned to Brian and told him he was sorry what he had done. He hugged the younger boy and began to cry. The Martins knew what Bobby said about Mark was true.

Sgt. Baker told them he was heading to the bus terminal and see if he can find out where Bobby was going. The officer flew down the road and got to the bus station at 4:00 pm. He approached the counter and said he needed to see the terminal manager. The agent was talking to had gotten rude with him, upon which the cop leaned over the counter, flexed his muscles and told the counterperson either get the manager or he would arrest him for obstruction. The agent got the manager, who invited the police sergeant to his office. Sgt. Baker explained the situation to the terminal manager and wanted his assistance. The manager looked up the reservations for the time they talked about and found Bobby's name going to San Francisco. Sgt. Baker called his precinct and gave Bobby's description and hope to have the SFPD get him off the bus and hold him. He hung up the phone, thanked the manager for his help, and left to tell the Martins where the teen was. He notified the station where he was.

The bus pulled into the terminal in San Francisco 15 minutes early and the passengers started to get ready to get off the bus. Bill nudged Bobby awake and smiled at him.

"Time to get up sleepy head." Bill said to the boy. "We're in the bus station."

Bobby glanced in a sleepy daze. He realized his pants were still down and he pulled them up and grabbed his bag ready to depart. He then noticed a couple of cops standing outside the bus and began to worry.

"What's wrong?" Bill asked him.

"The police are outside the bus." Bobby responded. "I think they're coming to send me back."

"Do you want to go back?" the man asked.

"Not that the people I lived with were mean." Bobby stated. "But no."

"Walk off the bus with me and don't panic." Bill told him. "You have any identification? If you do, let me have it."

Bobby handed his military dependent's ID card and student ID card to Bill, who then handed him a student ID that said he was 15, but almost the same description and no photo. They departed the bus and the police approached them.

"Excuse me gentlemen." the younger officer said. "May we see some ID?"

"Sure." Bill said and produced his driver's license.

"Are you William Peterson?" the officer asked.

"Yes sir, I am." Bill said. "This is my little brother Mitchell who's going to be staying with me."

The officer turned and asked Bobby for his ID. He produced the card Bill gave him and the officer looked at it, then Bobby.

"Okay." the cop said. "We're looking for a runaway from around Riverside."

"Well I hope you find him officer." Bill said to him.

Bobby and Bill walked through the terminal and out the front.

"So what have you got planned?" Bill asked the teen.

"Well I was going to try to find a place to stay and maybe a job." Bobby said.

"Well you're too young on both accounts." Bill said. "And how were you going to pay for a place." Bobby showed him the cashier's check for over $500.

"Well come home with me and you can at least sleep there for the night." Bill told him. They got into Bill's late model Mercedes and drove into the San Francisco area. They approached a townhouse and Bill parked his car in a garage and told Bobby they were there. The teen got out and walked in a neatly apportioned apartment. He was amazed at the furniture and the camera equipment.

"Bobby you can stay here if you want." Bill said. "But call home to tell them you are okay."

Bobby did as Bill requested. He called and talked to Mr. Martin. He told him he was fine and not to worry. Brian got on the line and begged Bobby to come home. Bobby began crying and told him this was for the best. He told Brian he loved him always and to remember him. He hung up the phone and fell on the couch crying. Bill came over to comfort him. He held the boy and felt the wetness of his tears fall on his shirt. After 30 minutes Bobby calmed down and looked the man.

"I'm so sorry." Bobby said. "I'm acting so like a baby."

"No you're not." Bill replied. "You left someone you love and that's hard. Well let's get something to eat and set you up for the night."

Bill made spaghetti and garlic bread. Bobby forgot how hungry he was until dinner and devoured the meal like a normal teen. Bill smiled at him and began to scheme. What Bobby did not know is Bill is a pimp of boy flesh to high paying clients who love young boys. He knew a guy who had property out of the city who ran a boy escort service. Bill got boys and was paid well for what he gave. He also got free boys anytime he wanted them.

"Well you can sleep on the sofa tonight." Bill told him.

Bobby noticed how small it was, but he knew beggars can't be choosers. He thanked Bill for putting him up for the night and said he could sleep on the floor. Bill told him nonsense. If he wanted, Bobby could sleep in his king bed. Bobby was suspicious, but thought the man would not attack him.

"Okay." Bobby said. "But I usually sleep in the nude. I hope that doesn't bother you."

"No problem." Bill told him. "So do I. By the way, why don't I take your picture. Remember I told you I would see if any modeling agencies would like you."

He had Bobby sit on the couch, leaning forward. He snapped some head shots of Bobby, showing the beauty of the boy. He asked Bobby if he had a bathing suit and Bobby told him he had a Speedo. Bill suggested he put it on with a t-shirt. Bobby did as he suggested, but was nervous. The Speedo showed the teenage package and usually Bobby got hard wearing it. He came out and Bill took pictures of Bobby's developing tight torso and muscle formation. He also took pictures of Bobby's crotch area, though Bobby thought he was shooting the entire body. He saw Bobby's dick getting to its full 7" hardness. Bill suggested Bobby turn and glance over his shoulder. While the boy did this, the pimp took photos of Bobby's bubble butt. Bill got hard looking at it. He asked Bobby to turn around, but the boy was embarrassed by his hard-on in his Speedo. Bill approached him and rubbed his shoulders.

"What's the matter Bobby?" Bill asked.

"I-I-I can't say." the teen said with great shyness.

Bill caressed his back and arms, making Bobby feel more relaxed. Bill reached around and caressed Bobby's chest through the t-shirt, lightly playing with his nips. Bobby leaned back and moaned in ecstasy. Bill caressed the teen's face and hair. Bobby reached up and felt the stubble of the man who made him feel so wonderful. Bobby then turned and reached up to kiss the man. His lips met the rough lips of the older man and he felt a surge of electricity. The adult smelled of aftershave and sweat. Bobby could not help the feelings running through him. He felt the monster dick in Bill's pants. He took the man by the hand and pulled him.

"Let's go to bed." the teen said with and intensity seen usually in adults.

Bill didn't fight it. He picked the boy up and carried him upstairs. Bobby nestled his face in the crook between Bill's shoulder and neck. He began to lick his neck. All Bill could think is `shit this kid is horny'.

They reached the bedroom and Bill laid Bobby on the bed. He took off his shirt and the teen saw a heavy chest matted with black hair. He removed his pants and boxers and Bobby saw the huge dick sticking out straight out over a low hanging ball sac that had nuts that size of lemons. Bill reached over and removed the t-shirt that was still on Bobby as well as the Speedo. Bill looked at the washboard abs and perfectly formed pecs. He knew he had a gold mine. He climbed in bed and pulled the boy to him.

"Have you ever been fucked or sucked a dick?" Bill asked the lovely teen.

The teen nodded and knew what was about to happened, but he didn't care. He was thinking `here is a man who will care for me'. Bill manipulated areas on Bobby's body the teen didn't know could be erogenous. He was squirming under the man's masterful touch of hand and tongue. Bill lifted Bobby's legs and rolled the tongue around the teen's tight boy twat. Bobby flexed the opening of this opening of this hole which astounded Bill. Bill's tongue fucked the boy for almost 20 minutes until Bobby begged to be fucked. Bill applied some lube to Bobby's hole and his dick. He then put the dick to the opening and pushed, but met with resistance. He pushed again but tweaked the boy's nips which caused him to relax his hole and huge head popped in. Bobby's eyes went wide and he yelled out. Bill stayed there until Bobby got used to it. He finally relaxed and Bill pushed more in allowing Bobby to get used to the anal probe. He pulled back a bit and pushed more in and more. Bobby felt like he backed into the fat end of a Louisville Slugger. Bill slowly fucked the teen's ass making him feel it. Bobby could feel every vein of the dick through his canal. Bill's dick kept hitting Bobby's prostrate and Bobby was oozing precum like an overactive volcano. The feeling had the boy thrashing around as if he were having a seizure.

"Fuck me!" Bobby cried out. "Please fuck me harder!"

Bill began long stroking the boy, harder and faster. The sight of a teen being impaled by a dick of that magnitude turned Bill on further. He spun the teen around so Bobby was on all fours and Bill grabbed his hips fucking him harder. The more he pushed, the more of his dick went in until his pelvic area was slapping the ass of the teen. Both knew they couldn't last much longer. Bobby didn't know why, but the sperm from his balls started to surge to his dick. What confused him was no one touched his cock. After Bill slammed his dick in twice more, the boy could not hold back.

"IIIIIIIIIMMMMMMM CCCCCUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" the teen yelled, shooting the first volley past his head to the headboard of the bed. Each volley had great force behind it. Once Bobby shot, the ass muscles clamped around Bill's dick causing him to unload shot after shot of semen in Bobby's ass.


Bill yelled in the ear of the teen. Bobby felt it unload in him and this made him cum harder.

They finally collapsed on the bed. The dick was still impaled in Bobby's ass and he did not want to relinquish it. As Bill pulled it, the boy was pulled to him also. The teen was pulled to the hairy chest of the man and he loved the feeling on him and the dick still in his ass.

"Thank you for helping me." Bobby said.

"You're more than welcome." Bill replied.

Bill held the teen close to him and they fell asleep in that comfort. Sometime during the night, Bill's dick came loose from the boy's hole.

NOTE: I hope that you enjoy this chapter. I know this story has definitely moved from what I have started, but hopefully the understanding of what Bobby endured shows why he's doing what he is for the twins. Also you might notice that I have not mentioned the use of condoms. This period is before the actual knowledge of AIDS and that safe sex should be practice by all, not just gay men, but by all people. I am a firm believer in this, but if you go back to chapter 2, you will understand why I am going with this story line.

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