The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

Bill yelled in the ear of the teen. Bobby felt it unload in him and this made him cum harder.

They finally collapsed on the bed. The dick was still impaled in Bobby's ass and he did not want to relinquish it. As Bill pulled it, the boy was pulled to him also. The teen was pulled to the hairy chest of the man and he loved the feeling on him and the dick still in his ass.

"Thank you for helping me." Bobby said.

"You're more than welcome." Bill replied.

Bill held the teen close to him and they fell asleep in that comfort. Sometime during the night, Bill's dick came loose from the boy's hole.


As morning broke into the bedroom, Bobby tried to remember where he was. As he saw the sleeping man next to him, the previous day came flooding back. At first he was frightened, but then the feeling in his ass and knowing what transpired between them make the boy feel in safe hands. He leaned over and kissed the lips of the man who was caring for him. Bill woke and smiled at the boy, who then played with them man's nips.

"So I guess you're ready for your milk?" Bill jokingly asked.

"You bet." Bobby cried out, then swallowed 9" of Bill's meat. The adult was surprised on how quickly the teen learned to take so much. Bobby was raising and lowering his head, sucking hard to get the sperm out of the huge cock. Bill thought he knew how to control his orgasm, but this boy would surely milk him fast. He felt his balls tighten to his body and before he could say anything, the first powerful shot came through the slit and into Bobby's mouth. The teen was not expecting the cum and part spurted through his nose. The succeeding shorts he swallowed greedily until the gargantuan dick started to soften in his mouth.

"Boy you have a talent as a cocksucker." Bill praised him.

He reciprocated what Bobby just did to him and sucked the boy hard. He admired the length and girth of the dick on this 14 year old. He knew that Bobby would have a great talent with his mouth, ass, and soon-to-be huge dick. He sucked and fingered Bobby's hole until the boy shot load after intense load into the man's mouth. After the teen finally came down from the elation of cumming, Bill finally spoke.

"Bob, I know you are going to need to stay somewhere." Bill began. "I would like you to stay here, but people know I'm single. I have a friend who runs a `private school' just out of the city for boys like you."

Bobby had an extremely sad look on his face. Bill pulled the boy to his chest and nestled him there.

"Don't worry." the man continued. "I will come and see you on the weekends."

Bobby felt a bit better and began to ask about the school. `Did it have sports? Do they wear uniforms? How will it be paid for?' He was interested in seeing the school. The answers Bill gave were vague but enough for the adolescent. After cleaning up and eating breakfast, the man and boy left for the `school'. Bill drove 20 miles north of the city and came to a walled and secluded grounds. As they drove in, Bobby was taken with the grounds and the buildings. He saw a few boys out wearing shorts and tank tops playing. As they approached a building, a middle-aged and balding man appeared and shook hands with Bill. They chatted while Bobby sat in the car. The older man kept looking at Bobby, nodding and smirking. Bobby became very uneasy with the man. Bill motioned for Bobby to come out, which he did very slowly and cautiously. Bill then introduced the man to the runaway.

"Bobby, this is Andrew Markson." Bill said.

The older man, which Bobby guessed to be in his 50s, extended his hand and told Bobby he was glad to meet him. Bobby timidly shook the man's hand and quietly told him hi. Andrew told Bobby he was the man in charge and to call him Andy. Bill got Bobby's bag and handed it to Andy. He then pulled Bobby to him and just told the boy to behave, then swatted him on his tight bubble butt. Bill then climbed back into his car and drove away.

Andy put his arm around Bobby's shoulders and led him to his office. He paged for someone named Tim and explained the boys there were all gay and had run from home. Andy said he was rich and provided a place for the boys to eat, sleep, and `learn'. He said all the adults are gay too and that they would `educate' him not to be ashamed of being gay. A knock came at the door and a man who looked to be in his early 20s came in followed by a boy who looked to be 10. The man named Tim explained that the boy, Bobby later learned was called Joe, refused to do his lesson. Andy said he would take care of that. He introduced Bobby to Tim and asked if he would show the teen around the property. Bobby followed Tim from the office. The boy noticed the man and thought he was hot. Tim stood 5'11" and 175 pounds with tight muscles. He worked a t-shirt and gym shorts. Tim was very tan and had blond hair that was medium length. He had a tight, hard ass that showed he did work out.

"Are you the PE teacher?" Bobby asked him.

"I do some of the physical training." Tim replied.

He showed the boy the `classrooms' and then the dormitory. It was a 4 story structure. They entered a room which had 2 beds, a closet, and a desk. Tim opened the closet and Bobby saw just t-shirts. He then opened the dresser and saw shorts and socks. Bobby became very suspicious.

"The dress code is only t-shirts and shorts." Tim explained, noticing Bobby's expression. "When it gets colder, the dress code is sweats. This is a Spartan life, but the boys enjoy it."

Tim then showed Bobby the auditorium and the cafeteria. The teen noticed the staff wore the same outfits. Tim explained that this prevented anyone sneaking on campus to attack the boys. Bobby wondered about his own clothes and Tim told him they would be kept in storage for weekend trips to `Frisco. He then showed the teen his room and they walked in. Bobby noticed one bed was made and asked if he had a roommate. Tim said his name was Jose Gutierrez. He ran away from his life in Mexico when his father found out he was gay. His father beat him and he snuck across the border and hitchhiked to San Francisco. Bobby was told he spoke very little English and he could help Jose with his English skills.

Tim said it was time for lunch and to change into the school outfit. Bobby found a t-shirt that was a couple of sized too small and a tight pair of shorts. Tim said they would get him the right sizes later. They went to the cafeteria and Bobby was shown to a table with several other boys who looked like they had been made to do extreme physical labor. Bobby said hi and none of the boys spoke, just looked at him. He felt uneasy and lunch was served to the boys. Bobby noticed that the boys looked to be about 9-15 years old. He didn't see any older boys and wondered why.

Andy rose and introduced Bobby to the others and explained his reason for being there. He began to clap and the others did also, but it seemed mechanical-no feeling. The boys started to eat, so Bobby followed right along. They were served tomato soup, sandwiches, and milk. The boys ate slowly and were eyeing Bobby. Bobby ate his sandwich, which was ham and cheese on wheat bread. He started to drink his milk and he noticed it was very sweet. He put the glass down and began spooning the soup. He also noticed a sweet taste, but he thought it was sugar to cut the tomato acidic taste. He finished the soup, then drank the rest of the milk and relaxed while the others finished lunch.

Bobby began to feel very tired. He guessed the excitement of the day caught up with him and he laid his head down and he was soon fast asleep. He seemed to have a dream that he was tied standing in the middle of a room. His hands were tied to the ceiling and legs to the floor. A person in a black robe and hood came to him and tore his clothes off his body. The hooded figure applied nipple clamps to his chest and he wanted to scream, but no sound came out. Then several more hooded people came in that seemed to be boys. They all unrobed and he saw various sized dicks from very small boy dicks to ones which were extremely large. The hooded figures approached him and they all turned around. He then saw crossed dick tattoos. His eyes grew big and he then felt someone sticking needles in his ass. He tried to squirm, but he was tied securely so he could only move his head. The pain continued for almost an hour. The person who did the tattooing on his ass was also hooded, but Bobby noticed this man was older. He was covered with hair which was black and white and he was overweight. His dick was only 5" long, but also very thick. The man went behind Bobby and the teen felt two fingers shoved deeply in his ass canal. Again, no scream would utter from his lips. Another finger joined the pair in his hole and then fucked him hard and with no mercy. The fingers were forcefully removed and the short, fat dick was put in his ass. Bobby was fucked hard and could only feel the tears streaming from his eyes. One of the figures came to him and put a bottle under his nose. He smelled something that had the same odor as ammonia. The figure told him it was called `poppers'. The figure would not take it away and Bobby finally inhaled and felt very lightheaded and the world spun around him. The figure that was fucking him slammed his dick deep in Bobby's ass and spewed cum deep in his bowels. As the dick was removed, the man with the largest dick got behind the teen and shoved it all the way in his hole. Another hit of the bottle and Bobby didn't care. All he felt was nothing and his dick was hard. The man who was fucking him reached around and played with his nips. The older man ordered one of the boys to suck Bobby while he was being fucked. Bobby felt the mouth begin to work on him and thought this boy really is good. He then saw a brown skinned boy with a large, fat, uncut dick get behind the boy and shoved his dick deep in the boy's hole. Bobby noticed the boy pushing back on the dick and moaning. Bobby felt the dick in him speed up and the man was breathing erratically. He felt that dick deep in his ass shoot load after copious load. The man pulled out of the smooth ass, even though he was extremely hard. This caused Bobby to shoot into the boy's mouth. The boy felt the first shot of cum and began to have a dry orgasm, which tightened his ass resulting in the other boy to shoot in the tight hole he was fucking. Bobby then felt something rubbery and hard put in his ass. He was told this was a butt-plug and it was to be kept there. Bobby tried to force it out, but to no avail. He was taken down and put on a table where all the other boys and men stroked their hard meats and released their loads all over the teen's body from the head to his feet. He was told this was his initiation. Bobby felt like he passed out and doesn't remember any other dreams until he felt he new roommate shake him.

Bobby looked up and saw a very cute Mexican teen leaning over him, trying to tell Bobby to get up with his limited English skills. Bobby began to get up and Jose handed him a list of things they had to do before breakfast which included showering, making beds, and cleaning rooms. The thing on the list he couldn't figure out was weekly enemas. He knew what an enema was and tightened his ass. It was then he felt like something was in his ass. He reached around and felt something hard in his ass. He realized it wasn't a dream. He then felt his left butt cheek and touched something raised on it. He thought `oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into now?' He reached for the butt plug to pull it out, but Jose grabbed him and shook his head no. Bobby looked for his clothes, but could not find them. He really panicked.

A knock at the door and a 15 year old entered and told Bobby that Andy wanted to see him. The older boy led Bobby to the office. Andy was on the phone, but waved them in and motioned for the sofa. Bobby sat, but the plug hurt so he stood. The older boy leaned over and told Bobby to lean and it would be easier. Bobby did as he suggested and found it was easier to sit.

Andy finished his conversation and told the older boy, who Bobby found out was called David, to get ready because he was going to a party. David left and Andy's attention was turned to Bobby. The man leered at Bobby for a few minutes and Bobby felt sweat going down his neck.

"Well I guess you figured us out now." Andy said with a smirk on his face. "You're in a boy prostitution ring. You are going to make money for me. You will be trained on various sexual positions and learn to take a man's dick. While you're here, any adult who wants you to pleasure him, you will do just that. Failure to do anything we tell you will result in punishment."

Bobby looked at him in disbelief. Andy opened a hidden door and he saw the little boy he saw yesterday, who was bound and being fucked by five boys over and over. Andy then closed the door. Bobby's brain reacted as if his father was in front of him and told the older man to fuck off. Andy came around his desk straight for Bobby, but didn't expect what was about to happen. As the man approached, Bobby's foot reacted and struck the man in the scrotum. Andy's large body doubled over and he fell to the floor. Bobby pounced on him and shoved his thumbs behind the man's ears causing him to scream in pain. Craig, one of the trainers, burst in and saw his boss crying and gasping for air. Craig tried to move in, but Bobby told him he would press harder into Andy's skull. The teen told the man to get his belongings and bring them to his office. Craig left and Bobby told the man on the floor that he ought to fuck his fat ass like he was fucked last night. Bobby stayed on the man, kneeing his flabby ass every chance he could. Then to Bobby's surprise, Andy pushed up and threw Bobby to the floor. Just then Craig rushed in with two others and they subdued the boy.

They pulled him from the office yelling and thrashing, but he was outnumbered. They descended the stairs where Bobby saw a large metal door, which was opened to a room with chains, tables, machines, and other items which Bobby had seen in horror films. The boy was chained to a table face down. His legs were fastened to the table legs and his arms were chained and stretched to the top of the table. He then saw the men approach with paddles in their hands. Tim was the first to strike, ten times causing Bobby to scream in pain. Craig was next and again ten strokes flew threw the air connecting with the boy's gluteus maximus. Each adult approached and each struck ten times. Bobby had passed out by the 50th stroke. Smelling salts were passed under his nose, which roused him. Andy had an old fashioned razor strop which he connected with the teen's flesh. He let the strop connect time after time. The adults in the room could not believe the punishment and told Andy to stop. Tim finally restrained Andy and told the man he needed to stop. Andy ordered that Bobby was to remain chained to the table for the night. The men left and Bobby woke in the darkness realizing he was still chained to the table and his ass burned like an unquenchable fire. He thought of how low he has reached to get to this point in his young life.

He heard the door creak and he saw Jose and a little boy who looked to be 8 years of age. They came in and looked at Bobby with sad eyes. The boys came up to Bobby and said his name was Dale and he had salve in his hand for Bobby's burning ass. He applied it to Bobby, which cooled that severe pain. Dale said Tim sent them with the salve. The two boys were amazed that anyone would stand up to Andy like the new boy did. The two boys said he better learn there is no way out. Bobby said there was a way and he would find it. Jose pulled out a bottle that looked like poppers and gave it to Bobby to inhale. Bobby figured it would ease the pain more and inhaled. A powdery substance flew into his nasal cavity and he coughed. After a minute he became very lightheaded and the feeling in his ass seemed to go away. He smiled and really felt a state of euphoria. Jose gave him another hit in the other nostril and Bobby was flying. He felt an ecstasy that he could not explain. He remained that way for several hours and the feeling left him with the same suddenness as it started. Bobby felt so depressed he wanted to die. He remained bent over the table until Tim came to release him. The man noticed the white powder on Bobby's nose.

"How did you get the cocaine?" Tim asked.

"Someone came down and put a bottle under my nose." the teen replied. "I thought it was poppers. It made me forget my ass."

"You must realize you have to build up to it." Tim said. "You could have died last night."

Bobby just glared at him as if to say `so what'. Bobby told him he just wanted to die. Tim pulled the boy to him and explained that he could make lots of money. Bobby looked at him again and said nothing. Tim took Bobby back to his room and Jose was just lying there.

"Jose, I want to know who gave Bobby the cocaine." Tim demanded. "He could have died."

Bobby looked at his roommate and shook his head no. He liked the Mexican boy and didn't want to see him in trouble. But Jose told him as best he could that he gave it to Bobby. Tim began to grab Jose until Bobby intervened.

"Please don't punish him." Bobby pleaded. "He only did it to help me through the pain. Just like you did sending Dale and Jose with the salve."

Tim released the boy and turned to Bobby. The teen knew from the man's face he could be in trouble. Bobby had an idea.

"How many trainers do we have to deal with?" Bobby asked Tim.

"Well there are 23 trainers and each boy is assigned to one." Tim responded. "He will teach you the art of sex."

"Who is Jose and Dale assigned to?" Bobby quickly queried.

"Jose is training with Manuel because of the language barrier." Tim said suspiciously. "Dale is with Craig."

"Tim, I have a deal for you." Bobby started. "I won't say anything about the salve if Jose, Dale, and I are assigned to you."

"And why would Andy agree to that?" Tim asked the boy very skeptically.

"You can say the following." Bobby came back. "You can say we talked and I agreed to the rules here. Jose will learn English faster and Dale will also learn much faster from you. Tell him we would make him a fortune as a trio."

"You know he will be very suspicious of your proposal." Tim told the teen. "Especially after yesterday's assault."

"Tell him I was frightened." Bobby quickly responded. "This came at me all at once. Is cocaine part of the regimen?"

"Yes it is." Tim told him. "It will get you through the strenuous sex parties."

"Do we have a deal?" Bobby asked him, extending his hand.

"I'll go to him." Tim said, shaking the teen's hand. "Don't get your hopes up."

Tim knew this was a smart kid and that he was one they would have to keep their eyes on. Jose looked at Bobby and Tim making a deal and he heard his name. He didn't understand what was going on fully, but he figured it had to be good. As Tim left, Bobby turned to Jose and tried to explain the deal. Jose heard Tim's name mentioned and he smiled. Bobby said Dale was part of the bargain, which elicited a bigger smile from the Mexican lad. Dale and Jose were friends at the compound and Jose tried to learn English from Dale. Bobby said he would teach him English and he needed to learn fast. Jose hugged Bobby and the "gringo" boy held him tight. Dale walked in saying that Tim told him to come to the room. He saw the teens in the embrace and the young boy felt pangs of jealousy. Bobby pulled him to the hug and told him the deal he struck for the three. Dale was speechless and hugged the teen boys hard. They held each other until Tim's return.

Tim went to Andy's office and told him the proposal. Andy said no, feeling behind his ears. Tim said that the boy reacted as anyone would when first confronted. It was just he learned commando tactics from his father. Tim said Bobby agreed to behave and the three boys would be great as a team making lots of money for Andy. Andy said that there would be a problem with Bobby. Tim said he would keep an eye on him and if there was trouble he would let Andy know. Andy finally agreed on the condition that the three boys would be ready with the 49ers football team. Andy said they were going to make a huge amount of money and wanted these three boys ready. Tim left the office and went to the boys room and found the three in question kissing and fondling each other.

"Andy said yes under one condition." Tim said to the trio. "You must be trained for a party in two weeks. It means a lot of money."


NOTE: The story had been long overdue in coming. Ironically I had written it over 3 weeks ago at work, but because of the holidays it's been a bear getting things done. Just for those who are fans of the sports teams in the San Francisco and Oakland area, I am not implying that the players are gay or that they are pedophiles. I just had to work the first party out in my mind. I do apologize for the loyal fans. BTW, I am a Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins fan as well as a Braves fan during the baseball season.

SPECIAL NOTE: To Andrew, Doc, Scott and Dave, I hope you holidays were wonderful and special. I had a nice holiday and again sorry it took a while to get this chapter in Nifty. The next chapter will not be long in following.