The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installment:

Tim went to Andy's office and told him the proposal. Andy said no, feeling behind his ears. Tim said that the boy reacted as anyone would when first confronted. It was just he learned commando tactics from his father. Tim said Bobby agreed to behave and the three boys would be great as a team making lots of money for Andy. Andy said that there would be a problem with Bobby. Tim said he would keep an eye on him and if there was trouble he would let Andy know. Andy finally agreed on the condition that the three boys would be ready with the 49ers football team. Andy said they were going to make a huge amount of money and wanted these three boys ready. Tim left the office and went to the boys room and found the three in question kissing and fondling each other.

"Andy said yes under one condition." Tim said to the trio. "You must be trained for a party in two weeks. It means a lot of money."


The three boys looked at each other and nodded. Tim said the three will go into intense training starting now. He removed his shirt and the boys were in awe of his muscular chest. They saw the tan that he had the treasure trail that led from his stomach to his shorts. He then removed his shorts and revealed 11" of uncut meat that stuck straight out. Tim then sat on the bed and told the boys to strip. He showed them how to reveal their bodies to entice the men they would come in contact with at parties. He told each how to show just enough to make the men to tip more. Jose was slow because of the language, but Tim was patient and Bobby explained so Jose would understand. As the boys finally showed their bodies, Tim admired their dicks especially sizes on boys so young. He reached in his shorts pocket and pulled out a tape measure and started with the youngest, Dale. He put the measuring device at the end of his hairless body to the end of his uncut dick and saw it was already 4.5" long and as thick as his thumb, with an extra long foreskin. He then measure Jose and found it was 8" long and 4" around. He saw the boy was hot and that precum was leaking on to the floor between his legs. Tim licked the piss slit, which caused Jose to shudder with delight. He then measured Bobby and found it to be 7.5" of cut boy flesh and 3" around. Tim knew these boys would grow to pleasure anyone they met.

He drew the boys in and showed them various erogenous zones on the body starting with the head, ears, and moved down to the chest, nips, stomach, and so on, leaving the genitals and ass for last. Tim allowed the boys to work on him. He did find out that Dale was a bottom and would be a prize at the party. He showed the boys how to manipulate the tongues on the dick and balls, then around the ass.

Tim used reward to teach. He would allow the best one to use his dick as he wished. His main problem was which was the best. All three were quick learners, so he gave the honor to the deal maker - Bobby. Bobby wanted Dale to have the 11" up his hole. Bobby and Jose got the hole ready, giving the 8 year old the best rim job he had ever had. Bobby told Tim to lay on his back and the teens positioned the boy over the dick. Dale slowly lowered himself on the shaft causing both the boy and man to moan loudly. The further Dale went, the tighter his hole felt on Tim's dick. The man couldn't believe the tightness on his pole. But Bobby wasn't finished. He raised Tim's legs so the smooth hole was exposed. He dove his tongue into the sweet man hole, causing Tim to buck and almost throwing Dale off him. The moaning became louder in the room. Jose then offered his dick to Tim, who swallowed it wholly, as if he hadn't been fed in days. Bobby then inserted 2 fingers into the ass of his trainer, maneuvering them in and out of his hole. Finally he moved himself to Tim's hole and inserted his dick and began to fuck the man. The man and boys were in a twisted mass of fucking and sucking flesh where they all were bathed in sweat continuing for over an hour. Dale rode the man's dick and he felt the tingling in his groin as he rode it. He would stop to kiss Jose. The boy finally felt the surge race through him and he shuddered with an amazing orgasm. His ass tightened like a vise on Tim's dick which threw the cum in his balls up and into Dale's young boypussy. The result also had both teens shooting at the same time. As Tim spewed his load, his mouth and ass tightened on the boys dicks in his holes. He was rewarded by load after copious load of boy cum. He swallowed hard, draining Jose's brown dick, while his ass was sucking the cum out of Bobby's dick. Bobby felt the man's ass act like a mouth, giving him some hot head. They all fell on Tim, who held the boys and kissed them. He felt a special bond and didn't want them hurt.

"You guys go and shower." Tim said to the boys. "Then get ready for dinner."

"Tim, can we get Dale moved in here?" Bobby asked.

Tim had to think and said he would got it done. The three boys went to the showers. No one else was there, so Jose and Bobby sandwiched Dale between them. Bobby knelt behind the boy and started to lap the man's nectar out of his ass. Jose swallowed the 4.5" of boy dick and Dale closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure the older boys gave him. He moaned loudly so the sound echoed off the walls. The other boys entered the shower to this site, and began to yank on their poles. It was as if there was unbridled sex as the boys shot their loads all over the showers, including the three original participants. The all finished their release and they showered and got ready for dinner.

As the boys got back to their room, they were met by a 3rd bed, Dale's clothes, and 2 older boys. They were slightly taller than Bobby, but they looked at him in awe. The word had spread about his attack on Andy that the beating he took. Bobby was looked on as a hero who would stand up for himself. The 2 older boys left and the 3 roommates dressed for dinner.

They arrived at the cafeteria and sat. They were given somewhat larger portions than the others. Bobby thought he ought to kick Andy's ass everyday, but thought of Tim and how he took a risk for the boys. They ate and smiled at each other. To the end of dinner, Andy rose and announced the big party in two weeks and the possibility in making lots of tips and the cocaine and other drugs that would be there. He said six boys would be selected based on training, though he had already picked Bobby, Jose, and Dale for the party. He said the names would be posted the day before the party.

From that day on the routine was the same, except Saturdays. Tim trained the boys they were very quick studies. Jose learned English from Bobby where his vocabulary was at a 6th grade level in 2 weeks. Everyone was amazed how well he learned. But the biggest learner was Dale. He was able to deep throat 2 large dicks and swallow their loads without losing a drop. Bobby was a star who could fuck an ass or mouth and take a dick and work the muscles so he could make someone have a double orgasm.

The night before the party, the names were posted and to no one's surprise Bobby, Jose, and Dale were listed. The other three boys were friends of Bobby so they all were to meet with Andy the next morning for instructions. They were also sent for a special enema and were told no sex. The six went to Tim for the enema which was rose water and lavender. The boys emptied their bowels and were cleaned very well.

The next morning they gathered in the office and Andy explained that there would be football, baseball, and basketball players from the Bay Area and the boys would be the entertainment. Any tips they received were theirs, but were to be put in a special account. They were given clothes to wear. As the boys dressed, they saw they would be underprivileged children meeting their heroes and do anything for them. The boys climbed in the van and taken to a mansion along the Pacific Coast Highway. The six boys unloaded and looked in awe at the house. Most of the boys came from poor families, so this was taking their breath away. Tim, who drove the van, pulled Bobby to the side.

"Remember, I'm counting on you to be in charge of our boys." Tim said. "If you do a good job, there will be a reward in it for you."

"Don't worry Tim." Bobby replied. "I won't let you down. You kept Andy off me and I appreciate it."

The boys approached the door and Bobby rang the bell. The door opened a stuffy looking older man answered.

"May I help you?" he asked with a snobbish tone.

Bobby had a special line to give so the person who answered the door. He didn't like the guy's attitude, but being a butler he had that air of arrogance.

"Sir my friends and I would like to get an autograph, please." Bobby said with a much forlorn tone in his voice.

"Come this way." the butler said.

He looked at the six boys as they were dirt, but the boys didn't care. They were going to make money and meet superstars. The butler led them to a set of French doors, which opened to a expansive backyard, with swimming pool, tennis courts, and wall to wall superstars. The boys saw players from the Raiders, Giants, As, 49ers, and Warriors. They also saw some college players and knew this would be fun. The athletes were in a state of undress from shorts, to Speedos, all the way to nothing at all. The butler approached a tall white male with huge muscles. The man looked back and smiled at the boys. He climbed on a chair and got everyone's attention.

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen!" he started. "It seems these boys heard there were superstars here and they want autographs. What say we give them more than that?"

With that the athletes came to the boys and took off their clothes. The boys looked in amazement to all the hard, muscled chests, arms, legs, and asses. Suddenly the boys were separated with 2 or more athletes who explored the boys' bodies. Bobby was with the host, who was the quarterback for the 49ers, a pitcher from the Giants, and a guard for the Warriors. The football player admired how Bobby had kept his body. The teen explained he used to work out at the base gym at Camp Pendleton and still does exercises, but has no place to lift weights. The quarterback said he will take care of that. They proceeded to lick the boy all over, working especially on the ass and pits. He sucked on each of their cocks, tasting the precum that seeped out. The quarterback then put Bobby on his knees and proceeded to slide his 8" into Bobby's ass. Bobby then manipulated his ass muscles so that the quarterback felt his dick being milked. While his ass was being fucked, the other 2 athletes moves so their dicks were being sucked by Bobby's expert mouth. The pitcher has a nice sized 6" which was thick. The guard however had 10" of hard thick meat. Bobby had them sit down and face each other so that their dicks met. He grabbed them and slid his mouth down 8" on their dicks and masterfully sucked their dicks simultaneously. He also felt the quarterback ready to let loose his load. As he felt the first load, he moved his muscles to milk the dick and drew load after load out. His mouth drove the 2 other 2 athletes crazy so they shot their loads together into his mouth. He swallowed both loads. He felt the quarterback soften, so he used his ass to get him hard again, then moved so the man would fuck him again, which he did. The baseball and basketball player were amazed at this sight. Bobby masterfully caused the football player to hold his load for almost an hour before he flooded the teen's hole with a torrent of cum. They collapsed around Bobby. Then the baseball player saw Bobby's dick and spread his hairy hole and begged the boy to fuck him. Bobby slid his dick in the hurler's waiting hole and fucked him, making the adult to beg for more and called Bobby his master. Bobby pumped his ass hard and long until the cum rose from his balls and unloaded deep in the hole. After he was spent, the teen pulled out and ordered the man to clean his dick off. The pitcher approached him subserviently and did as he was told. The other two began to laugh. The quarterback whispered something into Bobby's ear and the boy could not believe what he heard, but did as he was told. He released a long flow of piss in the baseball player's mouth, who drank it greedily, not spilling a drop. The three pulled Bobby to them and they kissed him and told him to see them before he left.

He got up and saw Jose and Teddy at a table. He went to them and he saw white powder and marijuana. He noticed Jose has a little powder on his nose. Teddy scooped some up on what looked like a tiny shovel and put it to his nose and smiled. Jose came to Bobby and as be he could tell his friend it helps get through the parties.

Before he could try anything, a big beefy football player came up and grabbed him and took him to the pool. He pushed Bobby in and jumped in after. The player came up and planted a long kiss on Bobby's mouth, forcing his tongue deep in his mouth. Bobby kissed him back and feeling the wonderful body that took him to the pool. He also felt a thick piece of meat and stroked it gently. The football player, who was a tackle for the Raiders, took Bobby to the shallow end, sat down, and forced Bobby on his dick. Even though he was freshly fucked, the pain roared through the boy's body. He finally adjusted and rode the dick hard so the player was begging to cum in Bobby's ass. Bobby controlled the flow and after the player begged like a girl, Bobby allowed him to shoot, filling his ass with cum. As the player finished, Bobby mustered his strength by pulling himself off, lifting the tackle's legs, and shoving his dick all the way in the beefy man hole. He screamed and tried to get up, but Bobby had pinned him on the steps of the pool. He savagely fucked the man's ass. Some of the player's teammates looked at the action and laughed. Bobby heard the man only fucked and had never been fucked. Then what happened was he pushed back on Bobby's dick and begged for more, which Bobby obliged. He slammed the dick in and out, calling the big man his bitch. The man said he was his bitch and wanted more. Bobby kept fucking him until he unloaded his boy juice deep in the hard muscular ass. Bobby pulled out and the player sat up, got a mean look on his face, and came at Bobby. Bobby became scared and was ready to swim away. He figured that he could outdistance himself from the football player. As the man approached, he fell to his knees and called Bobby master. He told Bobby if anyone hurts him, he would kill that person.

The remainder of the day was filled with hot man sex. Bobby understood why Jose said about the drugs. It became tedious and he wanted it over, though he met some guys who were nice to him. They invited the boys to their home games anytime. Bobby took a couple of lines of cocaine and he didn't care about the rest of the day. As Tim came to collect them, the players thanked the boys' escort and handed him a large manila envelope that was fat. As they left the boys were handed envelopes and trading cards. The players signed their cards for the boys with "DD" at the bottom.

Bobby opened his envelope and saw $20s, $50s, and $100s. He counted it and it came to $2400. He thought he could put it in the bank, but Tim reminded they boys they had to turn it over to Andy when they got back. Tim told the boys to take $500 out and hand it to him. The boys did as they were told and put the envelopes in their pockets. As they arrived back they went to Andy's office. He told them they did a great job and they were to be rewarded later that week.

A couple of days later, the six boys were called to the meeting room. As they entered they were greeted by a huge cheer. Andy called them to the front.

"Because of the excellent work." Andy started. "We now have this."

He pulled back the curtain apart and the boys saw new fitness equipment. The boys stared in amazement and Tim showed Bobby a note which thanked him and told him to keep his body tone. Bobby knew who sent the equipment. Andy explained the equipment will be set up, but is a privilege. He then turned to the boys and told them they would be the representatives to all big functions. He then handed them a vial apiece and dismissed everybody. Bobby unscrewed the top and saw white powder in the vial. He knew reward would be cocaine and he thought that it would help him get through the endless sex.

As Jose, Dale and Bobby got back to their room and sat down, Tim came in to talk. He looked at the boys relaxing, ready to put the powder up their young noses. He sat next to Dale and pulled him close.

"How did you do that?" Tim asked Bobby.

"The guy hosting the party liked my body." Bobby said. "He just mentioned something about weights."

"Well you did something for the group." Tim said. "Now it is time for my reward to you."

He rose and stripped so the boys could see his hard body. The three boys followed suit and stripped and were hard as can be. Tim exposed his hole and said they could fuck him one at a time. The boys looked at each other and Bobby moved Dale into position. The young boy shoved his entire 4.5" dick in the man's hole. The excitement and fear in the boy's eyes turned to complete lust. Dale had never had his dick in an ass, but he knew it was an experience he didn't want to forget. He pulled out completely and shoved it back in the hot muscular ass. Dale couldn't believe the pleasure of the ass muscles moving on his dick. The boy kept moving his cock in and out of Tim's ass and loving every minute. He felt the urge pulse through his body until his form stiffened. He saw stars and felt electricity run from his toes to the top of his head. He never had this intensity with someone touching him or sucking him. He finally collapsed on Tim who soothed the boy by stroking his hair. Dale finally moved and kissed Tim.

Then Tim looked at Jose and Bobby with a lustful look. He told the boys to face each other and for Bobby to put his legs over Jose's. As Bobby saw what was about to happen, he couldn't believe it. Tim had Bobby hold the two dicks together, then slowly lowered his ass on them. When the heads pierced his ass ring, Tim groaned in pain. He allowed himself to get used to it, then inched more and more on the 2 teen cocks that were over 15" combined in length. He finally hit bottom and the three boys looked in amazement. Tim then rode the 2 dicks causing each to rub against the other. Bobby leaned back in ecstasy moaning. Jose was shouting in Spanish. Then Tim did something that the boys couldn't think possible. He turned and faced Bobby and began kissing the boy. He broke the kiss and then turned 180 degrees and faced Jose and began kissing him. Dale, not to be left out, was trying his best to suck Tim's 11" and enjoyed deep throating the man. Tim knew he could not last long and finally erupted into Dale's mouth. As his ass tightened, Jose and Bobby felt it and shot a tremendous load into Tim. As Tim slowly got off the teens, the cum dripped out of his well used hole. This would be the last good memory Bobby would have of this place.

The parties dragged on and on. Bobby developed an addiction to cocaine and used marijuana often. At the parties he learned to drink and he did to forget what brought him to San Francisco. The one thing he could not forget is his love for Brian. The other 2 boys would hear Bobby cry at night or talk in his sleep and always for Brian.

To be continued...

NOTE: I wish to state that the teams mentioned are not insinuated to be gay or pedophiles. I used them since the chapters involved are in the Bay Area. The story is just to allow us to see why someone would do in later life. As the saying goes, what we have learned in life makes up our character.

SPECIAL NOTE: Doc and Andrew, thanks for writing and I hope that you enjoy the new chapter. To all others, I hope that you enjoy the story line and please email me at The next chapter will be due out soon.