The Night of the Strippers

by 70's Child

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional though not without some reality. If homosexuality bothers you, if you are underage, or if this is not what you were looking for, please leave. And for all the homophobes who have nothing to do in their lives but to bash all gays and lesbians, I have 2 words for you. ***SUCK IT!! As the wise man once said, "Write about something in your past to make it real." ENJOY!

From the previous installments:

Bobby noticed that the boys looked to be about 9-15 years old. He didn't see any older boys and wondered why.

Bobby became scared and was ready to swim away. He figured that he could outdistance himself from the football player. As the man approached, he fell to his knees and called Bobby master. He told Bobby if anyone hurts him, he would kill that person.


Two years passed and Bobby grew taller, but his body thinned a bit. At 16 he was almost 6' tall, but weighed only 165 pounds. He began to grow chest hairs and he also learned why there were no older boys. He was called to Andy's office and was told his services were no longer necessary. His clothes were given back to him. He checked his pockets and noticed the cashier's check was missing. Bobby demanded to know where it was. Andy looked at him and said he didn't know what he was talking about. Bobby was ready to kick the fat ass of the older man, but Andy was prepared with four guys who acted as bodyguards. They came at Bobby and the teen knew that he couldn't get at Andy. But he did plan for the man's demise in the world. The four guards showed Bobby off the property and Bobby was suddenly alone. As he started to go down the road, Tim came up to him and handed Bobby a bank book. The teen opened it and saw almost $10,000 in the account with his name on it. He looked at the man.

"Remember I had you guys give me $500 after every party." Tim said. "Well I knew Andy and what he would do. I care about you three and I knew this day would come. Be careful."

With that Tim hugged Bobby and kissed him on the cheek.

Bobby headed to get to a bus to get downtown `Frisco. What would he do? Should he call his mom and ask her to come live with them? Or should he call the Martins? As he pondered these things, he knew he needed to get some cocaine. He got to the bank and went looking for a connection. He ran into a couple of guys in a run down building and asked where he could get some `coke'. They eyed him and one swung at him, but Bobby being more alert, sent the guy into a brick wall. He grabbed the other and was ready to do the same until he told him. Bobby made the guy show him and they arrived at a boarded up building. The guy showed him the opening and they entered. They went passed sleeping winos and spaced out kids. They arrived at a door and entered. Six guys were at a table and one pulled a gun. The guy who brought Bobby told him what happened. The leader rose and looked at Bobby, who eyed him suspiciously. The dealer was 6'2" and 240 pounds of muscle. He was black with a close cropped cut. Bobby noticed he had a scar running from his left eye to the left ear and one that looked like it ran the length of his right arm.

"What the fuck you want?" the dealer asked Bobby.

"All I wanted was to buy some coke and maybe some pot." Bobby said, preparing to run.

"You a shit ass narc, ain't ya?" the man growled.

"Do I look like a fucking narc?" Bobby retorted.

"Why did ya beat the shit out the man here?" the dealer asked.

"Because they were coming at me." Bobby told him. "So I defended myself."

"So you pretty tough, huh?" the dealer said looking at the teen.

He motioned one of the guys to come over. The guy was oriental and a couple of inches shorter than Bobby, but had very tight muscles.

"Here's the deal." the dealer said. "Chen here is gonna kick your ass. If you some how beat him, I'll supply you with what you want. If he does kick your balls into your throat, we're gonna take what you got and maybe kill ya."

Chen then circled Bobby. He tried a sweep kick, but Bobby moved out of the way. The other five sat and watched the entertainment. Chen reached to grab Bobby's shirt and pulled him against him. Bobby felt an elbow kit his side just below the ribs. He lurched back and Chen then hit the teen with a round kick across his left side. Bobby staggered back to the wall and looked to see Chen come at him ready to connect with a straight shot to the face. Bobby ducked in time and then hit the man dead in the balls. Chen doubled over in pain and Bobby utilized the thumbs to the ears. He picked Chen up off the floor and forced his body against the wall. Chen's body tensed and uttered a sheer scream of pain. Bobby then looked at the black guy.

"So are we done?" Bobby said, glaring at the guys at the table. "Or do I kill this piece of shit now?"

"Let him go." the dealer said. "We can do business."

Bobby dropped the man, then leaned down to help him up off the floor. Chen grabbed his hand and glared at him. The dealer saw Chen ball up his fist and shook his head no. They approached the table.

"Name's Darrell, but people call me Pitt Bull." the dealer said. "You can call me PB. Where'd you learn that move?"

"Dad's an ex-marine." Bobby told them. "He taught me several moves to protect myself."

"So where's your daddy boy?" PB asked.

"Prison in Kansas." Bobby told him frankly. "Doing 15 years for assault."

"What, he whipped your ass?" PB said laughing.

"No. He hit a friend of mine." Bobby said. "I kicked his ass. So we gonna deal or not?"

"Okay. What you want?" PB asked.

Bobby pulled out $300 and said mostly `coke' and some pot. PB pulled out a briefcase and opened it. He handed a small sandwich bag that was maybe 10% full with a white powder and another bag with 10 joints.

"So you gonna use it or sell it?" PB asked. "You sell it, I'm gonna kill ya."

Bobby knew this guy meant what he said. The teen paid him the money and left. Bobby found a cheap motel room and paid for a week. He put his stuff on the table and sat down. He turned on the TV and switched to MTV. He got the `coke' out and scooped a little out and inhaled deeply. He did it again and tried to forget what happened.

His thoughts again went to Brian. Did he find someone else? Did he miss Bobby? Bobby's heart ached for his love, but could not bring himself to call. He didn't want anyone to know what he had done with his life.

Bobby also worried what he would do for money. He knew what he was going to do. He was going to be a street hustler. He put on a tight white t-shirt and very tight jeans that showed off his dick, which was now at a hefty 8.5" and a hot bubble butt. He went out and found Castro street. He started walking around sunset and had his first customer in less than an hour. A gentleman in a BMW pulled up and Bobby looked nervously at the car. He approached the car and the man rolled the window down. Bobby smiled shyly and the man asked how much.

"$10 for a hand job." Bobby said. "$20 for a blow job and $50 for this ass."

The man looked about 35, eyed Bobby up and down, centering on his dick. He told the teen to hop in and Bobby did. The man drove off and finally pulled up to the Hilton and parked in the underground garage. They went up the elevator to the 12th floor. They went to room 1219, which the man opened with his key. As they entered, the man pulled Bobby to him and kissed him. He could smell the alcohol on the man's breath. Bobby asked what he wanted and the man handed him $500 and wanted him to spend the night. He took off his shirt and revealed a muscular and very hairy chest. Bobby was amazed at all the hair and he knew that his chest was nothing compared to that. The man lowered his pants and then his boxers. Bobby saw the same thick black hair on his legs and around his dick. When he saw the man's dick he smiled. It was about 3" soft and Bobby figured it couldn't be more than 6 or so inches hard. The man climbed on the king bed and Bobby stripped for him. He revealed his taut frame with good definition and six pack abs. He lowered his jeans and showed the man his bubble butt. He climbed on the bed and told the man his name. The man said his name was Anthony and proceeded to kiss Bobby. Bobby felt sorry for the man. He felt the man was missing someone. He proceeded to lick Tony's neck, then chest. He found his nips under the hair and played with then for a while. Tony moaned with pleasure. The teen moved down to the man's stomach and bathed him with his tongue. Bobby proceeded down to his legs and feet, licking him all over. As he moved up, he noticed a large set of balls. He licked these orbs with fervor creating a thrashing reaction from Tony. Bobby then licked the head of the man's dick, which jumped as if he was hit with a jolt of electricity. Bobby then began sucking the pole of the buyer of his flesh. As he sucked it began to harden. To Bobby's amazement, it grew and grew until he pulled off. It was almost twice of what Bobby thought it would be. Tony smiled at him.

"I guess good things come in small packages." Bobby quipped, which got a laugh from Tony.

Bobby exposed his ass and asked Tony to fuck him. Tony pulled out a tube of lube then smeared some on his dick and on Bobby's pucker. He moved a couple of fingers in Bobby's ass, then put his dick in the hole. Bobby never felt so full so fast. Tony had all 11.5" in Bobby and began to fuck the teen with deep strokes. He was amazed how Bobby's ass felt like a mouth sucking his dick. Tony knew he couldn't last long, so he began pumping Bobby's ass until the sperm pushed through his shaft. He buried his dick deep and let out a bellow. He shot several volleys of thick cream in Bobby's hole. Bobby felt it fill him and he loved it. But he was not going to let Tony forget this night. His ass worked the magic he learned and he had Tony hard for another round in a matter of minutes. Bobby moved the man onto his back and then rode the Italian sausage for all it was worth. He could see in Tony's eyes when he was ready to unload and sat straight down. Tony screamed with extreme pleasure. He filled the boy's ass again. He looked at the teen, not believing he was able to cum in two successive rounds in such a short period. At that point five men came in the room with guns drawn. Bobby fell on the far side of the bed hiding. All the men were strongly built and very menacing. Tony told them everything was fine. He began laughing at Bobby. He pulled the teen to him.

"I better explain." Tony started. "My name is Anthony Marinotti. I am the head of a large organization. The men are my bodyguards. If you tell anyone about me, you could be killed."

Bobby nodded as if he understood. He realized he was having sex with a mob boss.

"Bobby, I had a special someone, but he was killed." Tony told him. "I want you to know that I picked you because you reminded me of him."

Bobby understood the lonesome look that Tony shown in his eyes.

"Now I want you to fuck me." Tony said.

Bobby obliged him and they proceeded to suck and fuck all night

As dawn broke into the window, Bobby started to wake. Tony was sleeping and Bobby went to the bathroom and took a shower. He let the warm water splash over him and he cleaned every inch of him, but savored the dried cum in his ass. As he finished and dried himself, he went in and saw Tony looking at him from the bed.

"Morning Bobby." Tony said.

"Hi there sleepy head." Bobby retorted with a smile on his face.

Tony motioned him over and Bobby sat next to the prone man.

"I think I could love you." Tony said. "I would love to have you stay with me."

Bobby's mind was absorbing what the man said. He liked Tony, because he treated him kindly, but he knew that he loved only one.

"Tony I like you." Bobby began. "But I can't love you, not as you want. I have a love and my heart will always belong to him."

Tony looked hurt, but Bobby explained his story from the time he and Brian fell in love, to his dad, what happened at school, his running away, his coming to San Francisco, being a call boy, and what Andy did to him just the day before. Tony took Bobby's hand and looked in his eyes.

"Bobby, I cannot come between you and your love." Tony said. "But anytime I'm in town I want you to be with me."

Bobby told Tony he would like to be with him anytime he was in San Francisco. Bobby told him where he was staying. Tony said he could get Bobby and he would make sure he had a good time. Bobby dressed and he took the money Tony had given him out of his pocket and handed it back. Tony looked and asked why.

"You're a sweet man and I can't take your money." Bobby said.

He hugged the big man and began to turn. Tony pulled him around.

"I want you to have this money." Tony told him. "If you need help, call this number and mention my name."

Tony gave him a piece of paper with just a number on it.

"I hope that you find your love again." Tony told the teen.

Bobby left the hotel room and walked to the elevator. He felt so alone at that moment. As he rode down he knew he missed Brian, but how could he call him. He walked out of the hotel and went to get some breakfast. He bought it at McDonald's and went back to his room. He sat and ate thinking, could he call Brian and would Brian forgive him.

Brian never forgot Bobby, hoping one day he would walk through the door as if nothing happened. Brian missed Bobby. Jason and Mark tried to keep his spirits up, but to no avail. Brian's parents knew he love Bobby and they missed him also. When they called Bobby's mom, she said that if they hear from him, to call her. She loved her son and all were worried about him.

Sgt. Baker called his friends on the SFPD and they said they would keep an eye out for him. Bus as day moved to week, then to month onto year, they all worried he might be dead. Sgt. Baker kept calling every Friday and his friend Bill Carter kept him up on any runaways or dead kids in the morgue.

Just after Bobby turned 16, Sgt. Baker was offered a position with the SFPD as a detective. Justin Baker took the position knowing it would give him better access to the police records in San Francisco. He told the Martins and Bobby's mother he would continue to look and call every Friday with what he knew.

Justin moved in with Bill Carter. They had been friends at UCLA in the criminology department. They would joke on who would solve their `big case' first. The friends were respectful of each other. Bill was straight and loved to date lots of women, but he also knew Justin was gay. He respected Justin as a cop and it never bothered him that Justin was gay. He also knew of Justin's interest in Bobby. Bill had seen too many young boys come to San Francisco and die due to drugs or murdered by turning tricks.

Justin worked every free minute to find the boy who affected him. Any time some boy was brought in for selling themselves, Justin looked at the mug shots. The detective thought he would never find Bobby. As time moved on, he felt all was lost. But he could never give up on a kid who he saw great potential.

Two years had passed since Justin Baker joined the SFPD and Bobby was thrown out of the escort service. Bobby was turning tricks on the street and made a good living at it. He utilized his body and had several clients, which still included Tony. Tony fell in love with a boy who was a hustler and couldn't help it. Bobby was the type of boy who you fell in love with because of his personality - cocky, yet shy.

The only thing that Tony did not like Bobby doing was drugs. Bobby would not do any while he was with Tony, but had to have his `coke' to forget. The drugs affected Bobby that when he was 18, he stood 6'0" but weighed only 130 pounds. He did not eat properly, unless he was with Tony. He did not work out like he used to and his muscle tone was not there anymore.

One day the SFPD was planning a drug raid. Justin was part of the strike team. They were going to hit Pitt Bull's and very hard. They got their Kevlar and prepared for the worse. Bobby happened to walk in to get some `coke'. PB and he came to an understanding. Bobby could get his `coke' for free in exchange for a hot blow job to PB and the occasional fuck. PB had a massive 12" thick uncut dick that fed Bobby plenty of protein juice. PB also was fucked by Bobby with his now 10" thick dick.

The two had just had finished having sex and were talking when all hell broke loose. The cops seemed to come from all directions. PB pulled out 2 automatic weapons and began firing. Bobby dove behind several large sacks in the corner and hid. The gun fire seemed endless, but it was all over in minutes. Bobby tried to see but could not. He stayed still until he thought the coast was clear and began to move. What he did not know was Justin Baker was sitting at the table that only moments before two guys had sex. The cop was surveying the outcome and shook his head. He then saw a head pop up and their eyes met briefly. The kid behind the sacks looked familiar. Bobby just ducked down again, hoping he wasn't seen.

"Okay, come out of there." the detective ordered. "Raise your hands and come out of there."

Bobby rose with his hands up and saw the man before him. He could not believe who it was.

"Sgt. Baker?" the teen said in amazement.

The cop knew the voice, even though it had deepened, even to be sexy. He looked at the boy again, then recognized him.

"Bobby?" Justin said in shock. "Bobby Jones!"

Bobby looked and fell to his knees and began to cry to the point of hysterics. Justin came to him, pulled him to his massive chest, and just let him release all the emotions. After an hour Bobby finally calmed down and Justin sat him down.

"Where have you been?' the detective asked. "What are you doing here?"

Bobby began telling him the entire story of his leaving home and coming to San Francisco. He explained meeting Bill on the bus; how he was taken to the escort service and the beating; the parties and the taking of his check and tips; how he was thrown into the streets at 16 and making a living as a hustler.

"Why are you here?" Justin asked him.

Bobby explained he started doing drugs to get through the parties and the sex. He hung his head in shame. Here was a man he admired and now he felt like scum in the man's eyes. Justin held him and looked in the boy's eyes.

"Bobby, you think that I hate you." he told the teen, which Bobby nodded in reply. "Well you're wrong. You made some mistakes, but I'm going to be here for you. I know the Martins and your mother will be glad that you're alive."

Bobby thought and looked at Justin. Though he wanted to let everyone know he was fine, he did not want them to see him as he was.

"Please don't tell them." Bobby begged. "I don't want them to see me like I am right now. Especially Brian."

Justin understood what he wanted and knew that Bobby needed to clean his act up.

"I'll tell them I found you." he began. "But you need to get our life back. I won't tell them why. You are also going into rehab."

Bobby hugged Justin and just looked at him.

"Thank you so very much." Bobby started crying.

Justin got Bobby home and introduced him to Bill Carter. He explained to his friend what he planned and Bill agreed to help. Bill had a friend who owed him a favor. He was able to get Bobby into a rehab center.

The police also planned a raid on the escort service based on Bobby's information. As Bobby went to the station to give all he knew, he ran into an old friend, the tackle from the Oakland Raiders. He became a police officer and when he saw Bobby, he hugged the boy. Justin and the former football tackle had become lovers. Justin wanted to know how they knew each other and Bobby explained about the first party. He begged Justin not to say anything and let it die. Bobby finally learned the man's name was Jack Billings.

Justin and Jack began dealing with the escort service. Bobby gave them a diagram of the grounds, including the dungeon. The police got their warrants and hit the grounds fast. They arrested all adults on the premises, including Andy and Tim, and took the kids into protective custody and taking them to the hospital. Several of the boys were bruised by several beatings, which the police and the district attorney was able to include more charges. Bobby told Justin he would not testify against Tim. He explained his reasons of how Tim was the one who helped him while he was there and made sure he had money when he left. He asked if Dale was there and how he was. Justin said they found him with severe welts on his body and that he was tied down. Bobby started crying and clung to Justin.

Justin was appointed guardian ad litem for the boys and he proceeded to sue Andy for the moneys he took from the boys. When Justin investigated, he found Andy was worth over $1.5 billion, which he got frozen. Andy had to deal with a public defender as his attorney.

Justin also went to the bank where the cashier's check was drawn and got a copy. He had the handwriting analyzed and found that Andrew forged Bobby's name on the check.

Bobby's stay in rehab went slowly, but well. He gained weight and began to work out again. He rediscovered his personality that everyone loved about him. He also completed school in two years with Justin, Jack, and Bill's encouragement.

Bobby did ask to see Dale and Tim. He went to see Tim in prison and he found the man who cared for him beaten. They talked and Bobby told him that he would never turn his back to him. Tim appreciated that Bobby did not testify against him. He asked what happened to Jose and Tim explained that the same thing happened to him as did to Bobby, when he was 16 Andy just tossed him aside like garbage. Bobby then asked what happened to Dale and Tim explained that he refused to go to a party, so Andy whipped him. They talked and Bobby found out that Tim had been beaten and raped for his part of the escort service. Bobby started to cry and told Tim not to give up hope.

The two things that Bobby kept on his mind was revenge on Andrew and Brian. The former was easily remedied. Bobby called Tony and asked for his help with Andrew and Tim. Tony could not refuse this teen that he loved. He had his connections in the prison system move Tim to a minimum security facility. Andrew however was not so lucky. Andrew was sentenced to over 100 years for rape and other charges. He was in the laundry when four men entered and dragged him into a storage room. These were large men in stature and in dick size. They proceeded to rape him twice each as he was tied and gagged. They then whipped him severely. They finally castrated him and shoved his balls in his mouth. Andrew bled to death and was found several hours later. The investigation into his death was minimal since he was considered scum. The boys that were found also benefited from Andrew's business finally. The court awarded the surviving boys the entire amount of Andrew's business after taxes, which came to $950 million. Each boy that was known received checks in the amount of just under a million dollars each. Bobby was set for a good while in his life.

Bobby called his mother soon after he was found and she wanted to see him. He refused until he was totally clean and sober. He did talk to his brother and sister, who wanted to see him so much. He also talked to the Martins and they were so glad to hear from him. He talked in length with John, who at 14 had a very sexy deep voice. He told Bobby he was gay also and had a boy in his life. Bobby asked about Brian and they told him that his love was at Harvard studying pre law. He tried to bring himself to call his love, heart, and soul, but could not. The guilt that he felt was deep in his heart. He could not believe that Brian would want him back.

Bobby went to South Carolina to go to college. He got his degree in hotel and restaurant management. He had a string of relationships, but he knew that they could not be his love. He started in the hotel business as a desk clerk and moved up the ladder. He was a manager who looked out for his employees and took care of the guests. Bobby was the type of person that hotels hired because he cared for people.

After four hours of telling his story, Bobby sat back and looked drained. The pained expression on his face was seen by the twins. Jimmy and Joey were crying and sat on each side of him. They hugged him and Bobby comforted them and they did for him. Jimmy then looked at Bobby and kissed him on the cheek. Joey just wrapped his arms around Bobby's torso and just held him.

"Now you understand why I do what I do." Bobby told the twins. "Now you understand that if someone didn't care for me, I might be dead right now."

The twins looked at each other and then at Bobby and nodded.

"Have you ever called Brian?" Jimmy asked him. "Do you still love him?"

"No I haven't called him." Bobby responded. "It's been too many years. And yes I do still love him so very much. No matter what he's a part of me."

The three clung to each other and cried. They needed each other for moral support. They all went to Bobby's room and slept in each others arms the rest of the night. They had no sex, just trust and love.

NOTE: First I want to say that this is not the end. It is the end of the flashback though. Bobby went through hell and back, but now his complex life is revealed. And yes the twins are back and in full force. I do want to say that unsafe sex and drugs have been used in this. It is to prove that no matter what, drugs are not the answer. And please, please wear a condom. What happens in the next chapter will bring tears to everyone's eyes...I hope. If you have any comments, please e-mail me at

SPECIAL NOTE: To my two fans Doc and Andrew. Thank you for supporting me through this story. I know it has been long in telling the flash-back, but I think it was well worth it. You two have been my inspiration to keep working on this story. It will probably go on until Bobby dies. Thanks guys for being there. Love and kisses Ed...