Not Like Teflon


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The story is written about protected explicit gay male sex and of course in this day and age it is always necessary to use safe sex and have a condom and be ready and safe. HIV / AIDS IS A KILLER !!.

This story is a work of fiction. It is also my first story.


I always thought that I was more non-stick than Teflon. I have never been popular. We all come to a day where the world turns and smiles on us. Been some lonely times until that day ...

My name is Andy, 21 years old and full of life at this age. The neighbours were doing their annual continental tour. The humidity was high and the temperature of the costal region soared. It was an excellent day to spend by the pool, house- sitting for the neighbours. I would be alone... well most of the time.

I grabbed my towel, a book and the suntan lotion and said to my mom that I would be next door at the neighbours to swim in their pool and see if the house is still okay. She responded that it was okay and that I should lock the outside gate to their property just to make sure that I would not have unwelcome visitors. Perfect ... that applied to her as well, if I wanted to explore a little or practice my five knuckle shuffle, I would not be disturbed by her. It would be easy to hear and see when somebody was at the big gates, down- side. I did not expect any visitors, but life is full of suprizes and opportunities.

When I arrived at the house I put down the book spread my towel and walked to the water of the pool testing the water with my toes. The water was nice and cool in contrast to the warm air around me. Sweat was running in rivulets down my sides, abdominal muscles, and into my pants. The white T-shirt that I had on, clung compulsively to my body. I did not mind the heat or the humidity and just wanted to enjoy the lazy summer day without thinking of university or parents or problems. Being 21, you have all the raging hormones coursing through your veins. I was horny all the time and took every opportunity to relieve myself of the tension. It was also the perfect day to skinny-dipping in the pool, a thing that I did not get the chance to do often. I stripped off the clinging T-shirt, tossing it into the pool to wash away all the sweat. The sun shone on my well-defined pectoral muscles and biceps. Even though I was not a jock I did have a good body and tried to keep it in good shape. Not for the girls but for myself. I already had a raging hard on since the morning that I woke. Thinking about the day ahead. Now is the time to do something about it.

So I got into the pool feeling the streaming water cooling me down. I did a few laps and returned to the side of the pool, just sitting feeling the water and the sun on my back.

I was still astounded by the erotic dream that I had. They say when you have a homosexual dream you are paying too much attention to yourself. That might have been true in my case because nobody else paid close attention to me. I was standing in a shopping mall when this guy approached me all muscles and blue eyes. He opened my fly and put his hands down my pants, cupping my balls. He pulled my jeans down to my ankles and caressed my butt. I did not notice this muscle hunk's features or the people around us in the shopping mall. He'd been preceded to start stroking my dick, first barely touching it, and then gripping it firmly. He stroked it and the 7 and a half inches were ready for action, slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth over the larger mushroom head. His right hand stroked up and down my lower back, every now and then, giving my butt a squeeze. I ran my hands through his hair which was dark and short cropped. I could not believe that this hunk was kneeling in front of me doing thee things that I have dreamed about but never had anybody to share with. I whimpered in amazement and ecstasy when he opened his mouth stuck out his tongue and licked to drop of pre-cum off the tip of my dick. A deep grunt of appreciation escaped from him. He then proceeded to take my dick into his mouth. I could feel his teeth slightly crazing my cock, while his lips caressed and sucked the foreskin and head. I closed my eyes in ecstasy, trembling at his pure enjoyment of sucking my dick. I have never felt this way before even though I dream about just such an encounter. He once again cupped my balls to which drove me to the edge...then I woke.

Decided to use the pool skimmer to clean the floating dead off the surface. It was something I said I would do as well as the house-sitting but I did not get a chance to. After I cleaned the surface I was dripping again due to the humidity. Dived into the pool and just floated on my back for a few minutes. Decided that it would be good to skinny dip. Chucked off the Speedo and delighted in feeling free. Sat on the steps and stroked myself a bit using the pool outlet stream. Imagining it was another hunk touching me. Time to get out with the sun beating down mercilessly.. Dressed again out of habit. Am a bit shy as well. I could not be bothered to read the book I brought with, just lay beside the pool on my towel.

Drifting without a care in the world. I was warmed by the sun and decided to take the Speedo off to get and even tan. I would turn over to sizzle my six pack and well defined chest. I shaved early in the morning - and down under- to ensure a smooth body that would look stunning in the sun with a bit of tanning lotion of course. As the temperature skyrocketed, small rivulets of sweat began forming and running down in the valley between my pecs. Over the bumps of by abdominal muscles, collecting like a small lake in my naval. It was good to sweat out all the impurities in my system. A slight breeze began to blow over my body gently cooling down and breezing through the short and curly pubic hair. This creates a sensual effect and caused a reaction in my groin. Somewhere in the peripheral senses a loud clicking sound intruded, tearing me to full consciousness from my lazy daydream haziness...

I heard that sound again ... a gate closing. Did not expect the neighbours back from their trip yet. Their return was a good two weeks away. Did not expect my mother to turn up because I had the key. Half turned to get a better view of the top gate. To my surprise and shock I stared into the grey eyes of a armed reaction officer. Grabbed the towel to cover up but I could see a smirk appearing on red full lips of the officer. Spreading around the corners to form into cute dimples. He had an aquiline jaw line and nose. Sandy blond hard, short cropped of course. His grey eyes had a magnetic quality. Intense and vibrantly alive. The rest of his body more than adequately filled the requirements of being healthy and fit. I could see that his pecs were well defined through the white shirt. Strong neck and shoulders, V -shaped torso. His legs filled his uniform. I do not think it was uncomfortable and certainly could not restrict his range of movement. He certainly was not fat or too thin. About 24. Strong and well rounded. His pants were the same colour as his boots, black. The shirt was white or at the moment see - through. It clung to his body which made it skin tight. Glad I did not have to work in this heat... Maybe he needed some relief and an opportunity to cool down...

"Hi " I stammered. Sounding foolish in my own ears after the moment where you seem to be frozen during a shock. The dimples were still there and only then did I realise that the eyes were no longer on my face but scanning my body, my still naked body...

" Oh shit! " my mind screamed. My hands seemed to get the message eventually.

" Hello" he said, eyes returning to my face after a leisurely inspection. His voice was deep and calm, comforting. " I did not expect anybody to be on the property."

Obviously he was here to check that everything was in order. The Johnson's did not mention that the security company would check the property daily, although I knew that they did have an alarm system and Armed Response.

" I am their neighbour , who they asked to clean the pool every few days. Name is Andy, by the way" I responded.

He turned scanning the pool and surrounds, wiping sweat from his brow and unsticking his clinging shirt in a quick fluid movement. Those eyes ... I could be lost in them forever.

"Matthew. Good to meet to you, Andy."
His stance portrayed confidence in an unassuming manner. I wanted to get up but was he still wandering about my body with his eyes.. Because I might just flash more flesh at him.

" Hot day" I said instead. "Not a day to be in uniform and at work on a Friday afternoon."

"Yes" he said, sitting down on a lounger . Not a man of many words. Was fine by me because I struggle to carry any conversation. Always seem to be expected of me.

" I don't want to disturb you. I have to check the rest of the house and grounds. " I assume that you do not have any criminal intentions like breaking and entering? " he asked.

Can I break into and enter your heart ? ... A question begging an answer and not a voice ... Maybe not yet.

"Nope" I confirmed.

"Good. You can stay and enjoy the pool. " He said standing, once again smiling enviously at me.
He turned and walked away, unhurried. Like his butt as well... I thought as he rounded the house and disappeared from view.

Quickly, I dressed in the Speedo before he could return. I decided to test his boundaries. Would he join me in the pool ? It was Friday afternoon and he should not be in too much of a hurry. It was hot enough to be very uncomfortable in uniform. He must be soaked in sweat. Nothing ventured... So I dived into the pool again and made sure he heard the splash. Swam a few laps. ( I enjoy swimming and I am good at it. )

As I expected, he returned after a few minutes. Setting down his haunches, feeling the cool water. For a second he appeared to be mesmerized by the sparkling water dripping from his fingers. I swam a bit closer.

" Nice form" he said. He noticed ... Interesting.

"Thanks." my lips formed the words while my brain thought: Nice form you have as well He looked longingly at the pool and ran his hand through the water.

" Want to join me in the pool? "

" It is against regulations to be out of uniform while on duty..." he informed me, "However it is a slow day, my last stop incidentally and I like breaking a rule now and then. I do not have a Speedo though."

"No problem" I responded. Hoping not to seem too obvious about seeing him naked.
He sat down and took off the boots. Stood again to chuck off the shirt. Gorgeous abs, perfect pecs. Confirming that I was not a victim of heatstroke earlier. Pants next, the slow way he unzipped and the look he gave me , dimples and a wink, before he took it off... was he teasing, flirting, both, or asking permission? Only one item remained. He did not take off his white briefs but dived and swam to the end of the pool and back. When he broke the surface, I gasped, he was a gleaming hunk of a man.

"This is just what I needed " he said and laughed in pleasure. He stood there, water running slowly from him. Wondered if I could remove the last item of clothing.

"Yes, but there is a problem."

" What ? " He asked, a slight frown appearing.

" I do not think you are wet enough!"

Simultaneously scooping the water and spraying him at full blast.

"Is that a fact? He retaliated.

We splashed around and then I dunked him under. Caught by surprise, he went under and at me , lost his grip found my Speedo, dragging it to my feet. Entangled I lost my balance and went under. Brushed his package in the process. Attempted to get away and kicked free of the Speedo. He smirked.

"No offence, but I do have one requirement" I said " but I require that you strip as well."

"Is that so ? " Who is going to make me, you, Andy ? He asked, grinning mischievously.

The discarded Speedo lay at my feet. Picked it up with my toes and walked towards the steps without answering. Just before I reached the steps I blinded him with another scoop of water, threw the Speedo into his eyes, dived, grabbed his ankles with one arm and tipped him again. With my other hand I peeled of his briefs. He was engaged elsewhere, maybe struggling for a breath and when he recovered, it was a feat a compli. Who was grinning now ?

"Brave" he said, " but you will regret it."

It was then that he pounced, dragging me down, turning me around in the swirl and locking my arm behind my back. His other arm circled my waist. I was helpless to resist pressed close to him.

"Give up ? " Matt asked, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Never" I said, squirming to break free. I felt is dick rubbing between my butt cheeks. It was big and getting hard.
"You will suffer the consequences and beg for mercy , until then you are mine! "

Matt raised my pinned arm a bit till it hurt a bit more. It was uncomfortable, being bent slightly forward, with both arms pinned securely. I liked it though, being close to Matt, in body contact.

"Ouch!!" escaped my lips. "Okay, okay, I beg for mercy!

"Good. !!! You know that if you surrender there will be a penalty..."

A penalty, what kind of penalty, I thought. But before I could ask he twisted my arm again.

"Okay, okay, I surrender ! " I shouted.

Deftly he released me but not completely. He turned me around and looked closely into my eyes. Then he claimed his prize and kissed me with adequate firmness on the lips ...

In my mind lightning flashed. Time did not exist. Eternity. He drew back and stared at me again, watching my reaction. Lightning had to be conducted somewhere. My hands found his butt and drew him towards me. His dick was pressed against me. My lips found his in answer to the question in his eyes. Sometimes to surrender is bliss. Slowly we unlocked and sat on the steps of the pool.

"You have an awesome body " Matt said. " I could not help myself. I hope that you are okay with this."

"All is fair in love and war" I said. "Your body is awesome and I could drown in your eyes."

His hand moved to my thigh, strayed to my dick and fondled it. I whimpered in response. More than a dream. The sun warm, water soothing and Matt , a hunk stroking my dick was amazing. In response I rubbed his round nipples. He closed his eyes ... my hands searched for his dick and clasped around it. He moaned appreciatively.

After a few minutes he stopped me, picked me up underneath my arms and set me down on the side of the pool. Puzzled I looked down into his eyes. He winked and brushed my dick with his lips. Can this be true ? His lips enveloped 7 and a inches of me. Warm, wet . Grazing me lightly with his perfect teeth caused quivers. Tracing the rim of my dick with his tongue drove me to unbearable ecstasy. Matt held me over the edge and brought me agonizingly back, only to drive me to the edge. I ran my fingers through his hair as extra affirmation between my moaning, lifting my hips with each down thrust. "Aarrgghh ..." he sounded, in frustration when I pulled him off to plant a kiss on his lips, this time seeking his tongue. I wanted to pleasure him. It is not in my nature to be selfish. With this in mind, I reached and found his 7 inch dick.

I was amazed to be able to hold his manhood in my hand. Never has any one trusted me this much. He was uncut ( like me) which allowed me to pull his foreskin slowly back and forth. My other hand found his nipples and tweaked them in rhythm. He sighed. I motioned Matt to sit down on the bottom step while I shuffled him. Slipped into the water. I took a deep breath. Holding it in till I wrapped my lips around his dick. I exhaled and withdrew at the same time, causing the bubbles to caress his dick. By the time I repeated this a few times he was breathing heavily.

Having to stop to get our breaths back, resulted in a change of location. We lay down on my towel on the edge of the pool, and continued to kiss and fondle each other. I massaged his back and butt with the suntan lotion. He enjoyed the light caress and deep soothing motions of my hands. It was hard to get enough of him. I liked his V- shaped torso that tapered to a trim waist. Was amazed by the tan lines of the thong he seemed to enjoy wearing when sunbathing. My style. Not everyone could admit to wearing clothing that is considered to be made only for women. I like feeling sexy. Mot men are ashamed to feel sexy.

He reciprocated by stroking me slowly and rubbing my nipples. I noticed a frown appearing on his smooth brow and asked him what was making him frown, Even his frown was sexy. Wanted to touch the rippled skin.

"I want to be inside you, share myself with you" he said. "I do not know if you are ready though and I do not want to hurt you."

I have considered this in the past. To tell the truth, I was a little apprehensive. The Internet yields a lot of information but there is no substitute for experience. I knew it would hurt. I could stand the initial pain if it meant that I would pleasure Matt. Maybe it would bond us into a deeper experience than just sex. I could feel the attraction between us was more than the physical connection.

"Matt" I said stroking his cheek. "I confess, I am still a virgin and have wanted this for a long time but have waited for the right person. I believe that I am falling for you. I want to be one with you."

I got up and walked over to my bag.

"Cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat but I want to get something more appropriate."

Pulled out a tube of lube and condoms out of a secret pocket.

"Always come prepared is my motto, especially when wanting to play..."

"Boy, you are organised, said the sexy hunk on my towel, but I like that. "

The sun was beating down again, causing sweat to stream down again.

"Let's cool down again, Matt said, before I show you something that will cause you to overheat in ecstasy."

Liked the sound of that. We dived in and swam one lap. Matt came up to me and sensuously placed his lips on mine again and this time sought entrance to mine with his tongue. Access granted. Both his hands came down and grabbed my butt, caressing, squeezing and fondling it. He was causing the water to boil or so it seemed and I could and willingly would have drowned in this pleasure if not in the pool. His hands explored the valley between them and moved over my entrance. This was definitely appreciated and I let him know. Little did I know, it was only the beginning. He took my hand and led me up the steps onto my stomach on the towel. He lifted me into a kneeling position and rubbed my butt gently barely touching me with his fingertips. It felt unreal when I felt his tongue circle in slow circles across my asshole. I moaned in appreciation of the feelings and sensual pleasure received. His tongue was removed and replaced by his finger pushing inside. At first as a reflex I contracted my muscles to deny this intrusion.

"Relax, Babe" Matt said, " I do not want to hurt you. Trust me. I do know what I am doing."

He certainly was. Next thing, an abundant amount of lube was squeezed from the tube and placed on the spot. Circling the area to spread the lube, he explained to me that it would be easier to enter me if I was stretched a bit and a lot of lube was applied. I was aware but did not want to sound like a Know - It - All. He was considerate in taking his time. He again inserted one finger deeper than before, circling and rubbing. After a while he inserted another finger and I moan escaped my mouth. He smiled a knowing smile. Funny thing, he seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. The sensations made the pre-cum flow out of my dick. While Matt explored, I felt like Spiderman that wove a translucent web of pre-cum. Matt removed his fingers and looked into my eyes as if to ask again if I was certain that I wanted this because there would be pain before pleasure. I just nodded to the unspoken query and breathed deeply. Matt then expertly took the wrapped condom between his teeth and tore it open. Carefully he rolled the sheath over his dick. I secretly admired any dick wrapped in a condom. I think it looks sexy. Lube was applied to his dick and the target. Plenty of lube...

Carefully he positioned himself for entry end rubbed my pecs with his left hand.

"Andy, relax and push out while I am entering. It will make it easier to take my size and lessen the pain."

I could feel him pushing forward and all of a sudden the pain was excruciating. Grunted, not to let him know how it hurt, but I did not make a sound otherwise. When he was inside, he stopped for me to get used to his size and to relax some more. After a minute he pushed further and then again waited. I was glad for this because after about 45 seconds the pain started to fade away. When he was buried deep inside I didn't feel any more pain.

"Are you okay?, Matt asked.

"Yes, I replied in answer to his question, " I do not feel anymore pain only full."

Slowly he started to pull out. No grunt this time. He started to thrust forward and hit my prostate, sending quivers of pleasure through my body. Again I let him know how much I enjoyed this. To help him, I tightened my muscles, gripping his dick firmer just as he was stroking inwards. Now he became audibly appreciative with a loud moan.

"Babe, you are tight and fit me perfectly" said Matt.

He started getting into a cycle of harder, faster thrusts coupled with slow, easy movements. He varied his angle of decent and played me like a master. His hands on my back raked me with fingernails or just rubbed, caressed or kneaded me as part of the pleasure.

"Don't you want to claim your prize from your `Prisoner of war' ?" I asked through breathless panting.

He responded by thrusting furiously, pounding me, relentless like the surf crashing themselves into obliteration against the cliffs. The Rpm went up in this well oiled machine. He was close to the edge.
He was driving fire though my veins. Waves of ecstasy rolled over me, drowning me, intoxicating me and I begged for more.
"Fuck me, Matt" I want you to be a part of me, complete in me " I yelled.

This drove him wild and he slammed into me with renewed frenzy. I clenched tighter and relaxed alternatively to greater effect. I growled deeply as I leapt over the edge into oblivion to my senses.

"I'M DROWNING YOU !!!" he exclaimed as he came to the point of no return, pulled by my contractions of pumping cum. His body shivered all over in this powerful force that annihilated all other senses. He collapsed onto me, still inside, and meshed our sweat of exersertion together. Barely able to take his weight, I slowly lowered myself onto my stomach, careful not to crush my penis and relaxed completely.

I must have drifted for a few minutes because when I woke he was staring at me. I felt empty ... not having him in me but I was pleased with giving him pleasure. He was beside me and drew me towards him and gently as a summer breeze, kissed me. Then he hugged me and whispered:

"I love you not only for the amazing sex but would like to love you for who you are" Those words drowned the lonely one in love ...


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