The following story is completely fictional. Though many of the places, experiences and people are loosely based on my life, a lot of creative licence has been taken.

"We have thirty conference rooms which can accommodate from five to four hundred and fifty people. Our banquet menus are high quality; but yet affordable. If you would like to follow me we can tour the grounds and gym facilities." He said as he led the way down a sparsely decorated hall.

Introductions were made when I first arrived for this tour, however all I could remember was that his first name was Michael and he was the Manager of Marketing and Client Services. At least, that was what his name tag said. I truthfully haven't been listening to anything he said since we first made eye contact. I've never liked eye contact. It's something that I always shied away from since I was a kid. But Michael had the most amazing blue eyes. You know the ones that start off with the blackest nucleus and just explode like fire crackers with a rainbow of light and dark blues with a canvas of the brightest white surrounding the chaos of colour. All I could do was look at those eyes. I followed closely as he turned and led the way. It was like the most bazaar dream state. There was actually a purpose for me being there, but all I could do was follow with this dazed look on my face.

The clothes he was wearing were obviously a standard uniform for the resort, tan coloured pants and light blue oxford shirt. The shirt was left open at the neck, which would have normally been closed and capped with a tie during the week, but it being a Saturday was permissible to appear more relaxed. He walked with confidence and purpose. Shoulders were pulled back and head held high. His hair was light brown and short cut. Face was clean shaven with a clear complexion. His skin was a light beige with a healthy glow about him. I'm certain if he ever appeared in People Magazine, they would label him as an "all American boy".

Michael stepped backwards as he opened the glass door, I wasn't paying much attention and had to side step quickly in order to avoid walking into him. He motioned me through the door. Whether or not his hand brushed against my back on purpose or by accident, while walking through the open door, I don't know, but I felt this electric charge. A casual smile was given when I turned my head to look at him. The door swung silently behind him as we entered the work out room.

"All of the machinery is state of the art....." I couldn't hear him anymore his lips were still moving, but all I could hear was this loud beating, I turned to see what it was, but the room was empty. I started to become short of breath and the beating was getting louder and louder, faster and faster. It was my heart. Oh God. How could I be so stupid! You're here to evaluate the resorts facilities for a company conference not the staff. I said scolding myself.

"...all the guests have access to an Olympic sized swimming pool, which is supervised by a Life Guard 8 hours per day, however hours can be extended if there is sufficient need. How many participants will your conference be hosting, Mr. James? Mr. James?" He repeated a little louder.


"How many people will your conference be hosting?" He repeated.

"Oh. Um, uh, we don't have an exact count, but it usually varies between two hundred and fifty to three hundred." I mumbled. I could feel my cheeks getting red. `Do you think he realizes that I wasn't paying attention?' He probably thinks I don't want to use this resort for our conference.

"Mr. James, would you like to tour the grounds now?" He asked.

"Firstly, please call me Alex." I insisted. "And I was hoping to check into my room and change if you don't mind. The plane ride was quite long and once I've settle in then we could resume the tour." I had to get away from him and collect some sort of composure if I was going to appear professional.

"Of course." He said. "The Concierge has had your bags brought to your room. If you would like I can show you the way."

"Thank you."

Michael led the way. We walked out of the main building following a flag stone path. To our right were multiple buildings which looked like they contained about fifty rooms each. All built with the same off-white stucco and dark brown beams cris-crossing their sides. While to the left was a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean. There was a gentle breeze coming in off the water. I was picking up the unmistakable sent of seawater and Dark Blue by Hugo Boss - Michael was walking up wind. The pounding started.

"You'll be staying in the McMartin building, the one furthest from the main building. It has the best view of the Ocean. Are you an early riser. Mr...uh.. I mean, Alex?"

"Not usually, I'm more of a night person, why?" I questioned.

"Oh too bad. Your bedroom has a fantastic view of the morning sun rise. It's worth getting up early just to see it." He smiled.

We turned up the path towards a door marked 156. He removed a small envelope from his pocket and extracted the key. He slid the credit card sized piece of plastic into the lock and turned the handle. I've stayed in enough hotels to know that this was definitely not a room. This was a three bedroom suite. Michael walked into the living room and pulled open the curtains.

"The view is absolutely breath taking." I said.

Michael turned from the window, with the most devilish grin on his face and cocked his head to the right. Our eyes locked and not a word was said. We were at complete extremities of the room, but the there was a palpable energy so intense he might as well have been two inches away.

"The basket is complements of the Ocean View Inn." Michael said motioning to the fruit basket left on the side table beside the sofa. "You have a King sized bed in the master bed room which is attached to the master bath. A fully stocked bar and kitchenette." He was crossing the room towards me. The pounding was back. "Once you've had a chance to settle yourself why don't you meet me at the bar for a drink and we'll continue the tour. Here is my card, the last four digits are my extension."

I reached for the card with my right hand. While taking it, our fingers touched. I awkwardly pulled my hand away with the card. Pounding again. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Taking a deep breath I looked at the card. Michael Stevens.

"Thank you Mr. Stevens I will." I said as he walked to the door.

He opened the door and faced me. " I insist, call me Michael, Alex." I grabbed the door as he stepped out.

"Very well then Michael. I shouldn't be more than an hour." I smiled and let the door close as he turned and walked away.

I entered the bathroom and soaked my face with cold water. Christ, Alex what the hell do you think you're doing. It's only been six months since you've admitted to the fact that you're attracted to men. You have issues to deal with before you can even consider acting on these impulses.

I had moved from a small mining community eight months ago to the big city of Toronto. My family nearly had a stroke when I told them. Some friends even stopped talking to me. When you're born in such a small town, your expected to go to high school graduate get a job in the mines, marry and pop out 2.3 children which wasn't exactly what I wanted. It had been big news when I announced my enrollment in a community college in the neighboring town, two hours away. I was going to study business. My family was furious when they heard. I was supposed to start working in the mines with my father that summer, he had gotten me into the 'Union'. It took me two months to convince them to let me go. Dad bought me a car and told me that I could go and `gets you yer education', but I had to live on campus and come home every weekend. My mother wanted to make sure I wasn't hanging around those `non-Christian like folk'. That's exactly what I did. For three years I went to school Monday to Friday, and came home on the weekends.

After graduation, I got a job working in the Finance department of the McCormik Mining Company Inc. I hated it. The office consisted of five people. Mr. McCormik, President and CEO. The third Mrs. McCormick who's title I believe was Executive Secretary, but other than filing her nails talking on the phone to Anna, the woman who owned the local truck stop, I doubt she ever lifted a finger except when she and Mr. McCormik were in `conference'. Then there was Chuck, Director of Operations and Bob the Technical Engineer. When you watched them all interact, it was like some bad episode of He-Haw. I knew I had to get out of there or end up throwing myself down one of the mine shafts. So I left!

The Internet can give you access to the most amazing things. After about a few weeks of searching I was offered a position as Manager of Finance for the Brown Association. The Brown Association was a non profit organization set up by non other than Thomas Brown himself. Thomas Brown was the patriarch of one of the oldest mining companies in Northern America. The family is worth millions. The Association is a way for Mr. Brown to both improve his image and allow himself some of the biggest tax write-offs possible. I packed up my life and moved 500 miles from home.

Two months ago after surviving the culture shock of moving to the big city, I started to confront these feelings I had been having for men. They had always been there, I just ignored them. I never had a girlfriend, which was hard to explain back home. I was usually able to blow it off with the excuse that I was too busy, with school, then work. There was always talk about me though. I could hear the whispering in lunch rooms, around the photocopier at work, the restaurant, the general store. I just ignored it an after a while they all started to leave me alone. I think at some point they just thought I wasn't interested in anything, unless it was in a book. My nose was always in a book, it was my escape. It was the only thing that kept me sane, in four hundred pages or so, I could go around the world and be anyone or anyplace but where I actually was. It was fantastic.

No sooner had I started with The Brown Association, I was told that it was the office rule that the new guy always organized the annual conference. The conference allowed Mr. Brown to socialize with a large number of Charitable organizations all asking him for money and he always picked up the tab for the conference; the charities loved it. The farther out of the way, the better I was told.

"He likes to hike up travel expenses, deductions you know." said Alicia, Executive Director. "You pick the place, remember it has to be first class all the way. He likes the resort type accommodations. You set the whole thing up. Here a some of the proposals we've received since last years conference. Look through them, visit them and make your pick."

That was three months ago. I'd toured six resorts and this was the last one. They were all the same. "We have a spectacular view....first class service....Award winning Chefs." I could have selected any one of them and they would have been great.

Here I am, standing in the bathroom of suite 156 of the Ocean View Inn trying to pull myself together because my host is the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. What am I thinking, I can't be attracted to him, although, he is for a lack of better words a Hunk. But the man staring back at me through the large vanity mirror was the reflection was an ordinary man of 25, with ordinary brown hair and ordinary brown eyes. Not a thing of excitement flowed through the veins of this man. He was so ordinary that if you walked into a room, you probably wouldn't even notice him. There is no way Michael would ever be attracted to him.

Pulling a white towel from the rack beside the bathtub, I dried my face and started to undress. I removed my shirt and tie, discarding them to the floor. Reaching into the shower, I started the water flowing. The rest of my clothes joined the shirt and tie just before stepping under the stream of hot water. The water ran down me like hundreds of hands feeling every inch of my body. I closed my eyes and they were Michael's hands starting on my face. Running down my neck and chest. I could feel his hands linger on my nipples. My breath was shallow. The hands continued down my chest across my stomach, lower, lower.... I shook my head wonder what in hell was I doing. He's not interested. You're making a big thing out of a hand casually touching your back and a grin. The man is doing his job, period. I grabbed the soap lathered up, rinsed and got out.

I decided to follow, Michael and dressed much more casual than the suite from before so I threw on a pair of Kakis and a cotton shirt. Taking the business card from the table near the door where it had been left before the shower, I called Michael's office wanting to tell him that I was heading down to the bar, but all I got was his voice mail.

"Uh..hi, Michael. It's Alex James. I...uh...was just calling to let you know that I'm heading down to the bar. It's quarter to six so'll wait for you there. Bye." Christ you sounded like a babbling idiot you stupid moron. What the hell do you think this is a date? I cursed myself.

With my room key in hand, I closed the door behind me and headed towards the main building, which housed not only the reception desk, two of the three restaurants and bar, so said the brochure. Walking in the main entrance, I stopped by the Concierge desk.

"Excuse me." I said to the teen behind the counter.

"Yes, Mr. James may I help you?" He replied.

"I hope so, I'm supposed to meet, Michael...uh, I mean, Mr. Stevens in the bar." I stammered. "Could you point me in the right direction?"

"Of course, down this hall, first door on your left." He said pointing with his left hand.

"Thank you."

I walked down the hall and entered the bar. Scanning the room, I notice that my message must not have been retrieved yet. There were only a handful of people seated sparsely throughout the room and Michael wasn't one of them. The decor was very country cabin, dark and woodsy. I settled for a table off in the corner which had two maroon wing-backed chairs skirting it. A waitress approached.

"Good evening, Sir. My name is Sandy, what can I bring you?" Okay, she was definitely way too perky.

"Actually, I'm meeting Mr. Stevens for a drink.."

"Are you Mr. James?" She cut me off.


"Mr. Stevens asked me to let you know that he had a quick errand to run and to go ahead and order what ever you would like, on the house." She charmed in the squeakiest voice.

"Oh, in that case, I'll have a glass of your House wine, white please." I answered.

Squeaky no sooner came with my drink, in walked Michael. He sat down and ordered a white wine as well. After about a half hour of mindless talk about the hotel and its facilities, Michael suggested that we go to one of the restaurants for dinner. We ate with more of the same chatter, he asked me a few questions about the conference. What type of requirements we would need. Of course he had all of them.

"Well your flight back to Toronto leaves early, if memory serves me correctly Alex." He said and the waitress removed the dishes from the table.

"Not that early the flight leaves at 9:38 am." I responded

"In that case, we still have time for a tour of the grounds that I had promised you. Shall we start with the back gardens?"

I nodded in agreement. The pounding was starting to come back. Everything had been calm during dinner, there were people around, talking laughing. Now we were going out into the evening. It was just a few minutes after eight o'clock. It wasn't dark yet, but dusk had started to set in. Oh god. It was going to be dark soon. Just the two of us. It was getting louder, his voice was being drowned out. Get a grip of yourself.

"Michael, I'll meet you in the lobby if you don't mind. I'm going to use the mens room." I said in a panic.

The door close behind me as I leaned against it. No one had ever made me feel like this. What the hell was going on. I walked to the counter and using it for support, I starred at myself in the mirror. Get a grip James. Nothing is going to happen. The man hasn't given you any indication that he is remotely interested. You don't even know if he's gay or not. Go out there, get the tour, get the hell home and chose one of the other resorts. I splashed more cold water on my face and joined Michael in the lobby.

The grounds were, of course immaculately manicured. Everything was in its place. Properly displayed with a sea of colours.

"How long have you lived in Toronto Alex?"

"Eight months." Uh..Okay, this isn't business. Do I ask something back? Should I, what do I ask?

"How do you like the big city?" He interrupted my thoughts.

I took a deep breath and started to tell him about the mining town and that Toronto had been a culture shock for me. He listened intently to my stories, asking questions and generally seem interested. At one point I notice that the pounding had disappeared and I was feeling quite comfortable with him.

Michael told me that he had lived twenty minutes from the resort since he was in his mid teens when his parents had moved here from British Columbia. We talked about which colleges we went to, we discovered that we had read some of the same books. We discussed our most favorite authors. Before we knew it the moon had risen to her peak and we were walking along the beach as the tide started moving in.

We moved towards a picnic table and continued our conversation. Michael was starting to talk about how he started working for the hotel and what his plans were. I talked about my job, the trials and tribulations of living in the big city. There was a guarantee that neither one of us new exactly what time it was, but we had been walking and talking for hours.

The moon was full and it illuminated Michael's face. His eyes were no longer exploding with colour, they were actually glowing in the moon light. Using his left hand he ran his fingers through his hair. It all seemed to go in slow motion while giving an almost coy smile and never breaking eye contact.

"Well Alex, you have to be at the Air Port in.." we both looked at our watches "six hours. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you out this late." Michael finished.

"That's okay, I've enjoyed myself."

"Would you like me to walk you to your room?" He asked.

I paused "Yes, I would."

Michael and I walked side by side to my bed room. As we approached the door, I fumbled in my pocket to pull out my key. When I did so, it tumbled to the ground right next to my foot.

"Oh, here let me." Michael said as he crouched down in front of me to pick it up. While retrieving it, he paused and looked up at me.

I felt his hand on my lower calf, he was caressing me, squeezing ever so. Our eyes were locked. He slowly started to rise. His hand was on my knee, my inner thigh. The pounding was back, my heart was racing, my breath was short. But yet our eyes never broke. He was standing in front of me now. His hands were on my face, I could tell his breath was short to. He was pulling me towards him, our lips were getting closer. The pounding was loudest ever and then his our lips touched. They parted slightly. The kiss was getting deeper, our bodies were touching. I leaned against him for support. The kisses were becoming more and more passionate. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, the heat emanating from his body. The heart beats became in sync. The kisses slowed and for the first time in my life. Right under the full moon on the door step to suite 156 of the Ocean View Inn. I felt safe and whole. Michael looked into my eyes.

"I hope you don't mind. I've been wanting to do that since we first met."

"I absolutely don't mind. In fact I've been hoping you would do that all night." I responded as I laid my hands on his chest.

He leaned in for another kiss. "Would you like to come in? I asked."

"I'd love to" he answered.

As we walked in Michael led me into the bed room. As I turned on the light I noticed a black bag sitting on the bed.

"It's my overnight bag. That was the errand I had to run. I went home and picked up a few things for the night."

My cheeks flushed a bright crimson red and I shifted my gaze to the floor.

"Come here." Michael was standing beside the bed. I couldn't move, I couldn't even look up. I was concentrating on the floor...beige carpet, tightly woven, industrial I think. There was a hand on my cheek, lifting my head. We were face-to-face, but my focus was still cast downwards. I could see Michael's chest, he had taken his shirt off. His skin was a very light golden brown. Sculpted, not chiseled but sculpted. His nipples were the size of quarters and about two shades darker than his chest. His hand was still on my cheek. I could feel his energy flowing through his into my face.

"Look at me..." He paused. "Please." In a soft whisper

I slowly lifted my eyes nervously looking for his, they met.

"Are you upset that I dropped a bag off while you weren't here?" His voice became softer and deeper.

All I could do was shake my head. It was like someone had wired my jaw shut, ripped out my vocal cords and poured two cups of sand in my teeth. But our eyes never flinched.

"Do you want me to stay?"

Do I want you to stay? Do I want you to stay? I thought to myself, of course I want you to stay. I nodded slowly.

Michael leaned close to me. His lips were millimeters from my ear. "This is your first time isn't it?"


"It's OK." He said. "We'll take our time. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

I leaned against Michael, my hand was on his chest, I don't remember doing that. His heart was beating. Not as fast as mine, but it was keeping a noticeable rhythm. I could feel two strong arms around me. Michael was hugging me. He was holding me.

Michael was taller than me, not by much because my head was on his shoulder. I could smell him. He smelt clean and fresh like a spring wind. He pulled away, taking my hands from his chest, and led me to the bed.

We stood at the foot of the bed for quite some time. Michael was just starring into my eyes and I into his. He leaned in and began to kiss me. He slowly opened my mouth, his tongue slid pas my lips, brushing pass my teeth. He tasted so good. Our passion was rising he was kissing deeper then softer and deeper again.

Starting at the neck, he began to unbutton my shirt. With every button I felt his fore fingers slide down my chest to the next. He tugged on my shirt freeing it from the confines of a belt and slid his hands up my stomach, across my chest around my shoulders. The shirt fell to the floor. The kiss broke when Michael sat on the bed. Taking my hands he sat me to his right.

We started to kiss again, but this time it was different. There was more urgency in his mannerisms, they were longer hotter. His body was lowering me onto my back. He was on top of me. His hands were feeling my chest, pinching my nipples my body was shivering with excitement. He was kissing my neck right below my earlobes, slowly moving down to my chest. Sucking on my left nipple then my right. I felt his hands opening my belt, followed by my pants. He was groping me through the fabric while kissing my stomach. It was like electricity flowing through me. A spark was created with every touch.

With one single motion, the remainder of my clothes were dropped to the ground. Michael stood and slowly began to undo his pants discarding them and the rest of his clothes to the floor. Pausing he looked at me.

"Do you like?" He asked.

I nodded with approval as he slowly slithered his way back to the bed. He was laying on his side facing me with his head propped on his hand. His fingers were lightly brushing my chest in a figure eight type pattern going from nipple to nipple. He was kissing my neck, sucking on my earlobe. Shivers were running rampant up and down my spine. Michael slowly moved on top of me. I could feel him against my body. He was so hard and was grinding against me. I was so excited it was painful.

Michael's lips started to move down my body. He was sucking my nipples again, but this time he didn't stop and move towards my face. He was sliding down my body kissing along the way. The tip of his tongue was circling my navel, then traveling lower along the fine hair line. I was panting with anticipation and before I knew it, he swallowed me completely. The friction was hot and slippery, he would speed up just until I thought I couldn't take it any more, then he would slow down. I wanted him so much. I wanted him in side of me. I wasn't to sure about the process, but all I knew was that I wanted this man inside of me.

I lifted Michael's head off, he stopped with this stunned look on his face. I was out of breath and had to swallow a few times before I was able to croak out..."Michael, I want you inside of me."

"Are you sure?" He asked in an uncertain voice.

"Please." I said while nodding my head.

Michael got off the bed and stepped over to where he had moved his overnight bag. He ruffled through it until he produced a condom and lubricant and crawled back into bed beside me.

"You're sure?"

"Yes!" I pulled his face towards mine and started to kiss him.

Michael positioned himself between my legs and placed both my knees on his shoulders. I could feel him rubbing against me. His eyes were focused on mine when he whispered "I want you to push down."

I did as instructed and felt him slowly starting to entre me. For some reason I always thought that this would cause excruciating pain, but Michael was very slow and gentle and before I knew it he was pressing buttons in me that I didn't even know existed. There was this sensation that started deep in side of me. A torrent of wind starting deep in my stomach and was getting stronger and stronger. It was beyond control. Michael was still inside of me, kissing me deeply. The wind was taking over our bodies and was releasing itself. My eyes were open, but all I could see was the brightest red. All of my energies left with the wind. Michael collapsed on top of me.

When I woke up the next morning, Michael was sitting in a chair across the room smiling at me. I realized that there was no way I could leave this man, he was the only person that had ever made me feel so complete.

I looked over at the alarm clock and noticed what exactly Michael was smiling about. My plane had left two hours ago.

"Your plane has already left. What are you going to do?" Michael asked.

"Well, I have to stay until Monday now especially since I plan on signing the conference contract. I never do business on a Sunday. I keep Sundays for play."

Michael stood and moved towards the bed, but that shall we say is another story.