Officer Andy Revisited


Chapter 1

This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I wish to thank my good friend Bill H. for his work in editing this chapter.

Andy and Tom took a much-needed vacation at the lovely Graycliff Hotel in the Bahamas.  The stain of the murders and Andy's near death himself, had taken a lot out of him and Tom arranged a romantic get away for the two of them.  As the bellboy left their luggage in their suite, Tom tipped him and turned to Andy.

"Think of this as our honeymoon my love," he says to Andy with his arms wrapped around his young lover looking into his eyes.

"I love you so much Tom, you are the only one that knows how to make me feel loved and safe," he says as he kisses Tom passionately with his arms around his neck.  "If not for you I would not be standing here in your arms babe," he says as his tears fall from his eyes remembering his ordeal with Fred Barnes and how close he came to dying.

"I promise I will never let you get in a situation like that ever again baby," Tom says pulling him closer to him and kissing him with a passion that only these two lover's have.

"Are you hungry Andy, I just realized we have not eaten since early this morning," Tom says as his stomach grumbles.

"I could go for a nice dinner," Andy says breaking their embrace.  "But only if you make love to me once we get back," he says patting his man's ass as they leave the room.

They got reservations at Café Martinique, made famous by the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball, and had a romantic dinner by candlelight.  After dinner they strolled the beach in their bare feet as they held hands and stopped to kiss along the way.  Their love for one another grew as they strolled the deserted beach, just the two lovers and the moonlight to guide their walk.


"What a perfect evening Tom, I feel so loved with you," Andy says with Tom's arm wrapped around him and his head resting on Tom's chest.  "You make me feel so secure when you hold me like this," he says looking up to kiss his lover.


"I love you baby, you have given my youth back to me," he says lowering his lips to meet Andy's.  They stroll on into the night, two lovers with nothing but their love around them to occupy their thoughts.


Shouting as to men fight in the distance breaks the silence of their world.  They look towards the direction of the disturbance and see the silhouette of the two men as they struggle in the moonlight, when suddenly a gunshot goes off and a single figure flees as he glances at them.


"Tom someone has been shot," Andy says as the two of them run towards the fallen man.  They get to the man who is lying in the sand and he is still clinging to life.


"Help me please," he says with a weak voice as he gasps for air.  "The address is in my pocket," he says as he tries to reach for his shirt pocket. 


"Lay still you are bleeding badly," Andy says to him as he puts pressure on his wound.  "Tom go for help," he says to Tom who takes off running into the night.


"Please the address sir, go and help my brother, he is in need of ..." and he dies without finishing his sentence.


Andy reaches into his shirt pocket and retrieves a slip of paper with an address on it.  He reads the address but it makes no since to him so he stuffs it in his pocket.  Tom and a local constable come running about twenty minutes later, only to find Andy with the dead man.  Andy tells the constable everything the man has told him except about the paper and address.  For some reason, only apparent to Andy, he keeps that information to himself.


"And you are sure you did not see what the shooter looked like," the constable asks with a strong Bahamian accent.


"No sir, they were only a silhouette against the night," Tom says to him.


"Well thank you kindly gentlemen for your help," he says as Tom and Andy then walk back to their hotel.


"Tom I have an address from the dead man he told me to take before he died," Andy says stopping as they walked back to their room.


"Andy that is evidence you took," Tom says looking at Andy, shocked that he would not follow protocol even here.


"He was so insistent that I take it, he also mentioned a brother that needed help," he tells him. "I think we should at least contact him tomorrow and tell him about his brother," he says looking at Tom for acceptance for what he did.


"Honey we are on our honeymoon, can't we get away from police work for a week at least," Tom says holding Andy.


"I know lover, but fate has seemed to drag us into this I feel, and to turn our backs now on this man's dying wish, well it doesn't seem right," he says looking up into Tom's eyes.


"Let me sleep on it and we can talk about it in the morning," he says kissing Andy.  They get back to their room and they are soon in bed making love wrapped in each other's arms.


"I'm coming lover," Tom says as he shoots his come deep into Andy's hot ass filling him with his seed.


"Oh fuck me Tom I'm coming," Andy calls out as he too shoots his seed between their bodies as they kiss deeply and passionately letting passion spill out in his kiss.  They soon find their spooning position as they fall asleep, as Andy is wrapped in Tom's strong arms.


The next morning Andy turns to see Tom staring at him with a smile as wide as the ocean on his face.


"Good morning lover," Tom whispers to him as he kisses his man on the lips.  "Did you sleep well last night?"


"I always sleep well wrapped in your arms my love," he says kissing him back.


"I have thought about that address, and the least we should do is tell the man about his brother's death," Tom says looking at Andy.


"I knew you would do the right thing Tom," Andy says as he cuddles in closer to Tom.  "What is this stabbing me down there," he says as he reaches down grabbing Tom's morning erection.


"Just someone else that is happy to see you," he says with a smile as Andy maneuvers his way down to Tom's cock.  He takes his cock into his mouth, as Tom lets out a soft sigh as Andy swallows it down into his throat.


"Oh fuck babe, that feels so good," Tom says as Andy goes up and down on his cock.  "I am so close this morning ...oh ...babe I'm coming," Tom says as he shoots his come deep down Andy's waiting throat.  Andy swallows it quickly not wanting to loose any, as his man fills his mouth with his thick come.


"Oh man what a way to start a day," Tom says as he pulls Andy up for a kiss.  "Let me start yours also lover," he says after he gives him a kiss.

"Later babe, I just wanted to give you a little something for loving me," he says kissing him back.  "Now lets shower and go have breakfast."  They shower together and Tom can't help but return the favor as he gives Andy his ass in the shower.  They dress and go to breakfast at the hotel restaurant before heading out to find the address on the paper.

"This is the address this is written here," Andy says looking at a building that has been boarded up for sometime now.

"Well it does not look like anyone could possibly live here," Tom says as they suddenly hear someone moving around inside.

"Did you hear that Tom," Andy says to him.  "I definitely heard something moving around in there," he says.

"It is probably just a rat or some other animal," Tom says as a shiver goes down his spine because he hates rats.

"Wait here I'm going in and look around," Andy says as he moves aside some loose boards over the door.

"The hell you are going in there alone," he says as he follows him in.  They walk around in the dim light, searching for what made the sound.  The place is vacant except for trash and old furniture that had been left by tenants long ago.  Suddenly a kid, no older that ten, darts out of a closet towards them, and tries to get past them but Andy tackles him as they both crash to the floor.

"Get off me mister," the kid yells at Andy as he tries to get away.

"We are not going to hurt you kid," Andy says holding the kid down.  "We need to give you some information concerning your brother.  The kid suddenly goes quiet as he looks at Andy then Tom, then his eyes search Andy's for the truth.

"Your lying, you don't know my brother," the kid says as he once again tries to get free.

"Listen to me you are right, I don't know your brother, but if you will stop struggling I will tell you what I do know."  The kid nods his head yes as Andy lets him sit up and he gets himself up off the floor.

"Last night Tom and I were walking along the beach, when we heard your brother and another man fighting about something.  Suddenly the other man shot your brother leaving him there to die.  We went over to him and he told me about you, giving me this paper with this address on it," he says showing it to the kid.

"That is Marcel's handwriting," he says as tears run down his face.  Andy takes him in his arms as the kid starts to cry, holding him tightly letting him cry himself out until he regains his control.

"Thank you for coming to tell me," he says still wrapped in Andy's arms.  "I will go now and see about a place to hide," he says as he gets up.

"What is your name young man," Andy asks looking at him now more closely and noticing how unkempt he is.

"Andre sir, and my brother was Marcel," he says.

"When was the last time you ate Andre," he asks him looking over at Tom who has tears of his own in his eyes.

"Two days ago, out of the cans outside the hotel restaurant," he says looking gaunt and pale.

"Well come with us and we will get you cleaned up first then get you something to eat," Andy tells him but he looks apprehensive about going with strangers.

"We are your friends Andre and we will not hurt you son," Tom says squatting down to Andre's level looking at him in the eyes.

"I am very hungry and could use a bath," he says as he goes to grab a small bag.  "Ok mister," he says as he reaches for Andy's hand.  They take him back to their hotel, and Andy draws a bath as Tom orders room service.

"Andre you get in the bath and soak while we get your clothes for you," Andy says as Andre removes his clothes and Andy notices how skinny he is.  He gets in the tub as Andy leaves the bathroom to get him some clothes from the bag he brought with him.  He opens the bag and the clothes inside are just as bad as the ones he was wearing.

"Tom would you keep and eye on him while I go down to get some decent things to wear," Andy asks knowing Tom would not object.

"Sure babe, room service should be coming soon and he can throw on a robe until you get back," he says kissing him.  Andy gets back thirty minutes later and finds Andre sitting with his robe on eating like he has not eaten in a month.

"I have some new clothes for you son to wear," Andy says taking the clothes out of the bags. I guessed about the sizes by the tags in your old ones so I hope they fit," he says showing them to Andre.

"Wow, I have not had new clothes in years mister," he says getting up and hugging both Andy then Tom.

"Your welcome Andre, how is the food kid," Tom asks as he combs Andre's hair looking over at Andy.  Andy knows his lover's mind well, and he knows what he is thinking as he dolts over the boy.

"Do you have any family Andre," Andy asks.

"It was just me and Marcel, but he was not my real brother," he says looking up from his plate, which is now empty.  "He found me living on the streets when I was six and took me in," he says as the tears come back.  "My momma died when I was five and I never knew who my dad was, so I just took to the streets fending for myself and that is when Marcel found me.  He took good care of me and made sure that I ate everyday," he says.  "When he did not come back I ran away to where I use to live, and that is where you found me."

"So why would someone want to kill Marcel," Tom asks him, and Andre gets suddenly quiet again.  "It's ok son, nothing can hurt him now," Tom says.

"Marcel was a drug runner, he ran drugs for Louie Duperies the big drug lord here on the island," Andre says.  "He is probably looking for me too, but I will run away to where he cannot find me," he says getting very excited.

"No Andre you do not have to run away, we will protect you," Tom says.  "You see back home we are policemen where we live, so you have nothing to fear from this Duperies character," Tom says as he kisses the top of Andre's head.

"But he is a big mean man, and has many men that work for him," Andre says.  "I have ten kilos of cocaine of his hidden that Marcel gave me to hide," he says to Tom.

"My God Tom," Andy says looking at him, "what has this poor kid gotten himself into," Andy asks.

"I think we need to get the local authorities involved with this Andy," Tom says watching as Andre licks the plate.  "Are you still hungry son," he asks and Andre nods his head yes and they call to order more room service.

"You cannot go to the authorities mister, he owns most of them," he says to Tom.  "He has his eyes everywhere," he says as Andy hangs up from calling room service.

"Why don't you take your clothes in the other room and get dressed," Andy says then he motions for Tom to join him on the balcony.

"What are we going to do, we cannot just leave him alone to this drug lord," Andy asks seeking Tom's wisdom.

"We are between a rock and a hard place kid, we have to find a way to get Andre off this fucking island and back home with us," Tom says taking Andy in his arms.

"What are you saying Tom, adopt him and make him our son," Andy asks as his face lights up.

"I always wanted children, and I was watching you with him ... well you were great with him," Tom says kissing him softly on the lips.

"You two kiss," Andre says standing at the door as the guys turn to see a surprised look on his face.

"Andre we are a gay couple son, and are very much in love with each other," Andy says kneeling down in front of him.  "Does that offend you or make you feel bad," he asks.

"No Marcel had a boyfriend once in a while," he said. "He would come by and they would kiss and then go into his bedroom and do whatever they did," he says shrugging his shoulders.

"Would you like to come home with us and be our son," Andy asks hoping that he is receptive of the idea.

"You mean for keeps and forever," he says as he throws his small arms around Andy's neck.  "Oh man would I," he says then runs to Tom who catches him in mid air as he jumps up into his arms.

"Well we have to figure out how to go about getting you off the island and back home," Tom says hugging him tight as Andre kisses his cheek.

"I know a judge that would let you adopt me," he says to Tom.  "He owes me for letting him sleep with me."

"What," Tom shouts out in shock at the thought of someone in power having sex with a child.  "You had sex with this man or judge," Tom asks.

"Just a couple of times, so Marcel could get out of jail," he says.  "It did hurt at first but I didn't want Marcel to be in jail so I did it for him," he says to Tom.

"Well you will never have to do that again son, do you hear me," Tom says with tears running down his cheeks.  "No child should have to do such a horrible thing for any reason."  There was a knock on the door as room service brought the next round of food in, and Andre went still with fear as he looked at the server.

"What's wrong Andre," Andy asks noticing the sudden change in his demeanor.

"That man works for Louis," he says shaking with fear.  "He will call him and tell him that I am here with you," he says now crying.

"We will take care of Louis and whomever else he sends," Tom says as he goes into the other room and brings out their guns.  Andre suddenly does not feel hungry so the three of them go to pay a visit to the judge.

"Well hello Andre my friend," the judge says when he sees him sitting outside his office waiting.  "Are you waiting to see me," he says as his pants begin to tent in the crotch.

"Actually the three of us are your honor," Tom says as the man turns quickly around to see Tom and Andy standing there looking down at him.

"And who are you may I ask," he asks looking red as we make notice of his problem in his pants.

"You might want to discuss this in your office," Andy says nodding towards his pants.

"Oh yes, yes please come in," he says quite nervous now that all have notice how Andre has gotten him excited. "Now what can I do for you," he asks now seated behind his desk hiding his embarrassment. 

"We are here to adopt Andre and make him our legal son," Tom says leaning forward with his hands on the desk.  "And judging, pardon the pun, by your reaction to seeing him, you will not give us any problems concerning this matter," Tom says as the judge turns red.

"Well this is a most unusual matter, is this what you want," he asks Andre looking at him.

"Yes Philippe," he says looking at him.  "They also know about how I paid for Marcel's bail," he says with a smile on his face as the judge goes white with shock.

"Ah yes well lets see," he stammers, "there are forms, and legal notices to post," he says going through papers on his desk.  "This could take several months," he says looking up at Tom and Andy.

"Listen let me explain it to you in terms you will understand your honor, we do not have months or weeks for that matter," Tom says now leaning even closer to him. "We want this taken care of today, now before we leave this office or else we go to the proper officials with this young man and tell them about how he posted bail for his friend, now do I make myself clear," Tom says now inches from the judges face.

"Quite sir," he says as he opens a drawer and fishes through papers until he finds the ones he wants.  He puts them in his typewriter and starts to type away until he has finished typing several forms then hands them to Tom.  "Please here, and here, and then here," he says pointing out the places as to where he needs our signature.

"There it is official now, he is Andre Butler-Sullivan," the judge says looking at Andre as he hands Tom's and Andy's copy of the legal documents to them.

"Lets go home son," Tom says to Andre taking his small hand in his.  "Thank you your honor for your help in this matter," he says as they walk out the door.

"I think we need to cut our vacation short Tom," Andy says fearing Andre's safety.

"I know how you feel and I have been thinking about it," he says looking down at his new son.  "Once we get back to the hotel we can get an airline ticket for him, but first we need to stop at the American Embassy for a visa to get him into the United States," he says.  The take a taxi to the embassy to see about getting whatever they need to take their son home with them.

"Well Tom Sullivan how long has it been my friend," they hear as they sit waiting to see someone.

"You son of a ... well you know what you are a son of, how are you Carl," Tom asks as the two hug.  "It has been much to long my dear friend, I thought you died because I hadn't seen or heard from you in what twenty years now," he says standing talking to his old friend.  "Oh how inconsiderate of me, Carl this is Andy Butler, my husband," he tells him as Carl looks at him in shock.

"Why you old goat, you finally came out and robbed the cradle by the looks of this young buck," he says giving Andy a once over.  "It is a pleasure to meet the man that could finally settle his ass down," Carl says shaking Andy's hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you also Carl," Andy says thinking to himself just how well Tom knows Carl.

"And this young man is our son, Andre," he says with pride as he presents his boy to Carl who stoops down to shake his hand.

"My God man, you a family man after all these years, I would never have guessed it of you my friend.  So what can I do for you," he asks as he escorts them into his office.

"We just adopted Andre and need the necessary papers to bring him home," Tom says.

"That should be no problem as long as you have all the proper adoption forms," he says as Tom presents them to him. "Right on the ball like I remember eh Tom," he says looking over the forms.  "Well everything is in order so I see no problem why we can't get him his visa and passport," Carl says smiling at Andre with a wink.

"Hey Carl can I talk to you in private a minute," Tom asks giving Andy a brief glance.

"Sure Tom you sound so serious," Carl says.

"Well it is and I rather not speak ... you know," he says as he motions towards the boy.  "I'll be right back," he says to Andy as he gives him a quick kiss.

Tom follows Carl to another office and they close the door.  Carl turns to Tom and pulls him into his arms and asks.

"How about a kiss for old times sake, when we were lover's or am I asking to much from an old friend," he asks.  Tom pulls him in close and their lips meet in a kiss, as their tongues greet one another in remembrance of days gone by. 

"You don't know how I wish I had what you and Andy have found my friend," he says as they still hold each other close. "It's a shame we never worked out Tom, and how is it that he got you to come out after all these years," he asks as he grabs one more kiss before breaking their embrace.

"His dad was my best friend and partner on the force Carl," he says releasing him from his arms.

"That is Andy's son, Andy junior," he says. "No fucking way, I remember you telling me how much you loved his dad. I always felt that he was the reason we never worked out Tom."

"In a way it was Carl, I loved that man so much I could not open my heart to another," he says.  "When his son entered my life it just happened, I resisted at first because of my age and him being my best friend's son, but he would not take no for an answer."

"Well you to look so happy together and I wish you the best of luck together, now what is it you wanted to speak to me about," he asks.

"Well the guy that was kind of looking out for Andre was involved with drugs big time.  He got himself shot and killed the other night and that is how we came to meet Andre.  To make a long story short, he has some drug lord named Louis Duperies looking for him," Tom says.  "To make matters worst, a busboy at our hotel that works for him recognized Andre, and we are afraid that he got word back to Duperies."

"Fuck Tom, you do like a good intrigue don't you man," he says shaking his head.  "Well I can put you three up until we can get you off the island," he says.  "The hard part is getting your things without being followed back to my place," he says as he thinks.  "I can get you flown out of here tomorrow morning on a special flight to Washington, from there you would have to arrange for travel to home," he says.  "As for your things I can have them shipped back to you, so you would have to be without them for a week or so," he says looking at Tom.  "This is safer than a drug lord looking for you," he says taking Tom into his arms again and kissing him.

"Tom Andre needs ..." and Andy freezes as he sees Tom in the arms of Carl as they kiss.  "Sorry, excuse me see you at the hotel," he says as he slams the door.

"Oh Tom I am so sorry for that," Carl says as Tom leaves to catch Andy but he has left already.  He rushes down the stairs looking for him then spots him as he and Andre are getting into a cab.

"Andy wait please," he calls out as the cab pulls away and Andre turns to look at him.

"What the fuck have I done," he says aloud as he watches his life ride away.


"Why isn't Tom coming with us, and why are you crying," Andre asks Andy.

"He has done something that I cannot forgive him of right now son," he says as he turns his head towards the window.  The cabby watches the two with his eyes, as he recognizes the boy as the one Louis is looking for.  He decides to take them to him instead of the hotel, but Andy is too distraught to notice where he is going.  It is later when Andre notices that they are not going in the right direction that he tugs on Andy's sleeve.

"What is it son," Andy asks turning to Andre.

"We are not headed to the hotel but to another part of the island," he whispers to Andy.

"Excuse driver, where are we going," Andy asks as he looks out at the scenery and it does not look familiar to him.

"The road is out and we are going around," he says but Andy does not buy his story.

"Could you pull over please and let us out," he tells the driver, but he ignores Andy's command.  "Andre you stick close to me, I have a feeling he is bringing us to this Louis guy," Andy tells him.  Andy takes his gun out and he hides it in his boot, so he will not be without his gun.  Soon they pull up to a nice villa overlooking the sea, as gunmen come out to meet them.

"Out of the car," they shout as they point their guns at them as Andy and Andre get out with their hands up.  One of the men pats them down for weapons but he misses the gun in Andy's boot.  They lead them inside the villa to a great room where there is a man standing looking out at the sea.  He turns as they are brought in and stares at them briefly before he speaks.

"Andre my friend, we finally meet again," he says and Andy figures it is Louis,  "And you have a friend with you I see."

"Please Louis let this man go, he has nothing to do with what you want me for," Andre says to him.

"Now Andre, even you know I cannot do that. Once someone has been to my home they know where to find me, now don't you see my dilemma," he says as he takes a long draw off his cigar.  "Put him downstairs in the holding room," he says to his men,  "the boy stays with me for awhile."

"Please don't hurt my son," Andy says as a gunman hits him in the stomach with the but of his rifle.

"Your son, when did this happen Andre, when did you get a father," he asks upset at the turn of events.

"If you let us go Louis I will so you where to find your cocaine," Andre says now getting his attention.

"Tie him to the chair there," he says to the man holding Andy.  "Now lets talk my boy, where is this package of mine," he asks very much concerned.

"Not until you let my dad go, then I will take you to it," he says crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Listen you fucking brat no one gives me orders you hear, I give the orders around here," he says as he slaps Andre across the face and Andy cries out to Andre.

"Just tell him son, don't worry about me, I cannot bear to see you hurt," he says looking at his son.

"No dad, he will kill you as soon as he gets the cocaine," he says looking back at Louis.  "Ten kilos is to much even for him to just forget about."

"You are a smart little shit, aren't you kid," Louis says in Andres face.  "How about we torture your dad some, then we will see just how tough you are, take them both down stairs," he says to his men.  They take them downstairs and lock them in a big room with no windows after they tie Andy to a table.

"Remove his shirt," Louis says as one of the men comes over and tears Andy's shirt off him.  "Get me the electrical clamps."  The same man goes over to a cabinet with two doors, and opens it pulling out what looks like jumper cables.  He hooks them up to a set of electrodes sticking out of the wall, and hands the other ends to Louis.

"Now I will ask you my friend where is my cocaine," he says looking at Andre. 

"Don't tell him son, he will kill you also once he has it," Andy says as Louis clamps the clasps on his nipples sending sharp electrical charges through his body.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," Andy screams out as the charge courses through his body and he arches his back in pain.

"Don't tell him son, please don't do for me," he says as Louis does it again to him.

"Fuuuuuuuck," he screams again in pain looking at Andre.

"Pull his pants down," Louis orders his man who proceeds to undo his pants and pulls them down, underwear and all.  "Get me the basket," he commands.

"Please don't," Andres pleads as he looks at Andy lying there in pain as the man come back with a wire contraption which he places around Andy's cock and balls.

"Are you ready to tell me where I can find my cocaine," he asks looking at Andre.

"If I tell you will you let him go free, I will stay with you Louis," he says looking from Andy to Louis.

"Son no don't do this, my life is not worth this," Andy says as Louis puts the clamps on the basket causing great pain to flow through Andy's cock and balls then throughout his body until he passes out.

"Now we can talk without be interrupted," he says setting the clamps down.  Andre tells him where to find the cocaine and Louis sends his man to retrieve it.  Andre goes up to Andy's head and gently rubs his forehead as he looks at the dad he almost had.

"How touching," Louis says as he watches Andre with Andy.  "Soon you will be my boy toy," he says as he rubs his crotch looking at Andre.

"Come up here boy and give me a sample of what I have bought," he says looking at Andre.  Andre walks up to the foot of the table as Louis turns him around, then he forcefully pulls Andres pants down.  "Bend over the end of the table boy, and grab hold because I am going to give you something you will never forget," Louis says as he bends Andre over the table and Andre grabs onto Andy's leg.  He feels the gun that is in his boot; he glances back at Louis who is now busy taking his pants off.  He slowly moves his hand up Andy's pant leg until he feels the gun.  He slowly pulls it from his boot and then backs down his pant leg, until it is free from his pants.  He suddenly turns towards Louis, as gunfire goes off upstairs.

"You little fuck who do you think you are, pulling a gun on me," he says, as he lunges at Andre put the gun won't fire, for the safety is still on and grabs the gun from him tossing it across the room.  He reaches up to slap Andre but Andre grabs the clamps lying beside him, and he clamps them on Louis's cock.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," Louis screams out in pain as he drops to the floor unconscious.  Andre hurries to untie Andy from the table just as he is coming around.

"Son are you all right," he says in a weak voice.

"Yeah dad are you all right," he asks as he helps him sit up just as one of Louis's men comes into the room with a gun pointed at them.

Andre jumps on the table in front of Andy just as the gunshot goes off.

To be continued ...

He is back guys because so many of you asked for more of his story. I hope you enjoy it. Randy Howard