Officer Andy Revisited


Chapter 2

This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead. This is copyrighted, and belongs to me. No one is to copy this without my written permission.

I wish to thank my good friend Bill H. for his work in editing this chapter.

From Chapter 1 ...

"How touching," Louis says as he watches Andre with Andy. "Soon you will be my boy toy," he says as he rubs his crotch looking at Andre.

"Come up here boy and give me a sample of what I have bought," he says looking at Andre. Andre walks up to the foot of the table as Louis turns him around, then he forcefully pulls Andres pants down. "Bend over the end of the table boy, and grab hold because I am going to give you something you will never forget," Louis says as he bends Andre over the table and Andre grabs onto Andy's leg. He feels the gun that is in his boot; he glances back at Louis who is now busy taking his pants off. He slowly moves his hand up Andy's pant leg until he feels the gun. He slowly pulls it from his boot and then backs down his pant leg, until it is free from his pants. He suddenly turns towards Louis, as gunfire goes off upstairs.

"You little fuck who do you think you are, pulling a gun on me," he says, as he lunges at Andre put the gun won't fire, for the safety is still on and grabs the gun from him tossing it across the room. He reaches up to slap Andre but Andre grabs the clamps lying beside him, and he clamps them on Louis's cock.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," Louis screams out in pain as he drops to the floor unconscious. Andre hurries to untie Andy from the table just as he is coming around.

"Son are you all right," he says in a weak voice.

"Yeah dad are you all right," he asks as he helps him sit up just as one of Louis's men comes into the room with a gun pointed at them.

Andre jumps on the table in front of Andy just as the gunshot goes off.


They both close their eyes as the gun goes off as Andy holds Andre tight to his chest.

"Andy are you all right," Tom asks rushing to his side as he takes the two of them in his arms. "I thought I lost you again babe," Tom says as the tears roll down his face, unable to control his emotions. "I am so sorry for what you saw back at the embassy if you let me I will explain."

"There is no need lover, for you are here with me and our son, and that is all that matters," Andy says as he kisses him and then kisses Andre's cheek. "Take your men home is all we want." Tom helps a very weak Andy get up and Andre helps him also.

"You were a brave little man, son and I could not have been more proud of you," Andy says as he puts his arm around him for support. They leave the room only pausing to watch Louis convulsing body on the floor as the currents still flow through him.

"What a cruel way to die," Tom says looking down at the man. "I guess he died the way he lived," he says stepping around him as they leave.

"How did you find us," Andy asks leaning against his chest.

"I grabbed a cab shortly after you left and followed you. When I realized you were not headed back to the hotel but somewhere else, I phoned Carl and told him what was going on, and he dispatched a regiment of marines to rescue you."

"I saw you kissing Carl and went green with jealousy Tom," Andy says looking him in the eyes. "I took Andre and got in the first cab I saw, but he recognized Andre and brought us to Louis. He wanted his cocaine and Andre was going to trade his life for mine," he says as he starts to cry from the thought of this kid he had just met not more than two days ago giving up his life for his.

"Carl asked for a kiss for old times sake, there was no love involved. I am so sorry for not telling him no, even though at one time we were lovers. Will you forgive me babe, I will never kiss another man as long as I live," he says as his eyes well up.

"It is I that needs forgiving Tom, my jealousy almost got me and our son killed."

"Listen dads, how about we all just forget about it all and start off with a clean slate," Andre says as we remember that he is in the car with us.

"You know son, you are going to make a great diplomat someday. Now we still have four days left of our vacation, how about we go to Disney World with our kid," Tom says and Andre's face lights up like a Christmas tree.

"Can we dad, can we," he asks looking at Andy who is thrilled at the sound of the name dad.

"You know son, that sounds like a great idea," he says. "But first I want to stop at the judge's office to take care of some unfinished business." They stop at the building that the judge's office is in, and Andy and Andre get out.

"We will be only one minute babe," Andy says looking at Tom. They rush upstairs and ten minutes later they are back in the car. "Drive by the embassy quickly please."

"Now Andy please ..." but he is interrupted.

"Hey quiet, I know what I am doing," he says. He gets out at the embassy and tells the guys to wait as he dashes inside.

"Carl just the man I wanted to see," he says as Carl freezes in his place.

"Andy please I can explain," he says looking at Andy.

"Don't worry Carl, he already did and no hard feeling guy. I need you to change something on the document for me." He explains to Carl what he doing and Carl makes the necessary changes. "Now just to see what he missed after all these years," Andy says as he wraps his arms around Carl's neck and pulls him into a kiss that is long, hard and deep. Their tongues dance in their mouths as they kiss there sweet kiss, then he breaks it and says to Carl.

"No wonder he wanted one for old times sake," Andy says looking in Carl's eyes.

"It was me that wanted it Andy not him, I was the one that made the first move. Now I can see why he is so young acting, wow you can sure light a fire with those lips," he says as his pants tent out and Andy gently rubs it.

"Goodbye Carl and thank you," he says as he gives him one more kiss to remember him by.

"My God you do that again you could have two husbands kid," he says as Andy walks out the door. He gets back in the car and they drive off to their hotel with their son sitting right between them.

"I take it you saw Carl, did he remember you," Tom asks.

"Put it this way, he knows you, but he won't soon forget me love, I gave him a kiss he won't ever forget," Andy says and Tom laughs loudly.

"Knowing Carl he is changing his pants because you made him come with your kiss, he never could control his orgasms," he says and they both laugh and look down at Andre and he is sound asleep.

That evening they flew out for Orlando Florida for a few days in Disney before heading back to home.


"Welcome home son," Andy says to Andre as he enters his new home. "We have some things to get for you but we will show you your room," he says as they lead him to his room.

"Are you guys rich," he asks looking around at how nice the place is furnished.

"We are not rich but we are not hurting either," Tom says smiling at him.

"When do I give him our surprise," he whispers in Andy's ear.

"Later after we are settled son, now shush so he doesn't get wind of what is going on," Andy whispers back.

"We are not home ten minutes and already you two have secrets," Tom says looking at the two of them. "I don't suppose you are going to let me in on the secret are you," he asks."

"What secret dad, we don't have no secret," Andre says smirking at him.

"Fine be that way, two can play your little game."

Andy makes a special dinner that has always been Tom's favorite as Andre sets the table.

"Hey dad dinner is ready," Andre says as he pulls Tom from his favorite chair.

"Wow look at the table, best china, my favorite meal if I didn't know better I would guess someone was up to something," he says looking at the two of them.

"Ok son, go get it," Andy says all smiles as Andre runs from the room and comes back shortly carrying a gift-wrapped box.

"This is for you dad from me," he says with the biggest smile a ten year old could ever have.

"It's not my birthday," he says as he shakes the box wondering what is inside. He slowly opens the gift-wrap, and then lifts the cover off the box as Andre stands watching. He takes out the papers and reads them, and then he looses control as he cries, pulling Andre in close to his chest.

"Oh son you have made me so happy, are you sure that you want to be called Thomas Michael Butler-Sullivan," he asks.

"Nothing would make me prouder than to be named after you dad," he says giving Tom a kiss on the cheek and a big hug.

"Is this what you did that day you had me stop at the judge and embassy babe," he asks Andy.

"Yes, he had asked me if it was alright to change his first name to one of ours, and I asked him if he knew which one he wanted. He told me that he wanted yours so I told him that I had to change the papers to match."

"Thank you both so much for this, you have made the happiest man on earth," he says getting up to give Andy a kiss.

"Does it bother you son seeing us being affectionate with each other like this," Tom asks fearing that he might be a little concerned about it.

"Not at all dad, I like the way you two love each other and me, it doesn't bother me at all. Does everyone around here accept the two of you," he asks.

"No son, most people think that what we have is wrong or perverted," Andy says. "We don't tell everyone about our love but if they ask we do not deny it," he tells him.

"So tomorrow we get you registered in school, and we are back at work, oh shit work," Andy says remembering that they both work nights. "What are we going to do about Tommy," he asks Tom.

"I forgot that we need someone to watch him," Tom says. "What about your mom," he asks.

"I forgot about mom, she hasn't met her grandson yet," he says. "Let me call her after dinner," he says. They finish their dinner and Tom takes Tommy upstairs to show him the computer and how to use it as Andy calls his mom.

"Hi mom, how you doing," he says to his mom.

"I'm fine son and how is Tom," she asks.

"He fine and we have a huge surprise that we came back from the Bahamas with mom, we adopted a boy," he tells her.

"You what, why did you do that son," she asks. He explains to her their adventure in the Bahamas, leaving out most of the deadly parts.

"Well you are just like your dad," she says always looking out for those who can't help themselves. "When do I get to meet this grandson of mine?"

"Well that is another reason I called mom," he says. "Until one of us can get on days we need someone to watch Tommy for us while we are at work."

"I see, and of course you thought of me right away," she says.

"Well actually Tom did, he thought of you and I agreed that it might be good for the two of you," he tells her. "We could bring him over to you or you could come here mom, it is up to you if you wouldn't mind," he asks in his most pleading voice.

"How about I come over tonight and meet him, then we can see which way he would be most comfortable with," she says.

"Thanks mom you are the greatest," he says to her.

"Right, see you in a bit son," she says then hangs up. He heads upstairs and Tom is in their bedroom just coming out of the shower.

"Hey look at you all squeaky clean," Andy says fondling his man. "I haven't had this fellow in a few days," he says as he kisses Tom while his hand plays with his manhood.

"Sorry dad I should have knocked," Tommy says standing in the doorway. Andy jumps as his face turns red forgetting that they have a boy now in the house.

"Son I am so sorry you saw that, that is not something you should have seen," he says standing in front of Tom to block his view from Tommy.

"Dad I'm sorry for just coming in, I should have made some noise of something," he says.

"From now on we will keep our door closed and if you need us you must knock and wait until we answer to come in, ok," he says to Tommy. "Now grandma is coming over to meet you Tommy, and please not a word about what just happened," he says to Tommy as he ushers him out of the bedroom.

"So is this my grandson," Andy mom says as she gives Tommy a hug and kiss on his cheek. "My is he a skinny one, well I can fatten you up real quick like I did your dad when he was your age," she tells him as she leads him into the living room.

"Well that went well," Andy says to Tom as they stand there looking on at the two of them.

"What should I call you, is grandma all right," he asks.

"It is with me as long as it is with you Tommy," she says. "Should I call you Tommy or Tom," she asks him.

"Well if you don't mind, I would like Thomas," he says.

"Well then Thomas it is grandson," she says as he gives her a big hug and kiss. "Now seeing how we are going to be spending our evening together, would you prefer here or my house," she asks him.

"Well if it isn't any inconvenience my things are here, but if it is easier at your house I will go there," he says to her.

"Listen little man, stop playing the diplomat and say what you want, here is fine with me also," she says giving him a hug.

The next night was a hard one for the dads as they left their son for the first time.

"Now mom if you need anything here is my cell phone number," Andy says handing his mom a paper with the number on it.

"We can be here in ten minutes if necessary," Tom says to her.

"You know Thomas you would think I never raised Andy the way they are acting," she says to her grandson. "Listen go before we decide to do something wild," she says shooing them out the door.

"Set the alarm," Tom yells to her as she closes the door.

"So Thomas what do you want to do now," she asks him as she looks around at the quiet house.

"Tell me about my dads," he says as they sit in the den.

At work Andy is called in as he enters the station.

"Andy I need to talk to you before you change," the captain says calling him into his office. "How was vacation for the two of you," he asks as Andy sits down.

"Well it was quite a lot like work," he says as he tells the captain about everything that had happened to him and Tom. "The best thing of all was we adopted a ten year old boy, Thomas Michael Butler-Sullivan," he tells him.

"Congratulations kid, how is the old man doing with a kid around the house," he asks.

"The two of them are like peas in a pod captain," he tells him. "So what did you want to see me about, I know it wasn't about our vacation," he asks.

"Well no, as you know since Jim is no longer with us, a vacancy has opened on the detective squad. You have been chosen to fill that spot, and of course your partner will be Tom," he says to Andy who is quite surprised by the news.

"Wow what news to come back to, does Tom know about this," he asks.

"Not yet, but of course I expect you are going to want to tell him."

"If I may captain," Andy says. "Thank you captain for believing in me," he says shaking his hand.

"Your good work spoke for you kid, so keep up the good work and welcome back," he says as they both get up.

"What about Coop, who is she getting for her partner," he asks.

"A new transfer Mike Bradley, he has been with her for a week now, seems to be getting along all right," he says.

Andy goes into the locker room and Tom is waiting for him.

"You had better get a move on, roll call is in ten minutes and you aren't even dressed yet," he says.

"Fuck it I don't feel like getting dressed tonight," he says as Tom looks at him in shock.

"Are you fucking crazy Andy, captain will have your ass if you show up at roll call not ready for the streets," he says.

"I think tonight I am just going to wear a vest under my shirt and that's it," he says removing his shirt and putting on his vest.

"Andy please don't go getting in trouble your first day back," he says to him.

"Come on Tom I can take the heat, its my ass anyways," he says walking out of the locker room headed for roll call.

"Fuck this is going to be some fucking night, I can just feel it," Tom says following behind him.

Captain covers the nights business then just before he ends he says to the other officers and detectives.

"Ladies and Gentlemen help me welcome our newest detective to the station Andy Butler," he says as the place erupts in applause and Tom's mouth drops open.

"You fucker I will get you for this," he says as he slaps Andy on the back nearly knocking him over.

"I take it he didn't tell you," the captain says to him.

"No the shit head decided to play his games with my head instead," Tom says giving Andy a smirk.

"You got to admit I got you good Tom," Andy says jabbing his arm. "I decided at the last minute captain to let you tell him when you announced it to the room."

"Well be careful out there tonight and congratulations again Andy."

"Thanks captain we will."

"I'm sorry Tom for messing with your head earlier," Andy says.

"That's ok babe, we are together now for at least a short time before one of us gets days."

"I think you should go on days, you should be home with Tommy when he is home from school."

"And who is going to watch your ass on nights when I am no longer here?"

"Tom I'm a big boy I can take care of myself."

"Like you did with Barnes and in the Bahamas."

"Now that's a low blow Tom, that is not right to say that to me," Andy says feeling hurt by it.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you with that really, I just wanted to point out that you need someone to watch over you."

"Car 165 a 10-66 on 89 Pearl," the dispatcher says over the radio.

"Suspicious person great, welcome home," Tom says as he steps on the gas. "Now where is this person," he says slowing down looking as they turn on their spot light.

"Over there in the bushes by that house," Andy says pointing towards a single-family house. Tom throws the cruiser in park and Andy is already out running towards the person when the person takes off running.

"Stop police," he shouts put the kid keeps running into the back yard. Andy chases him and the kid tries to climb a fence as Andy grabs him by his belt pulling him down off the fence unto the ground. Andy jumps on the kid as the kid pulls a knife but Andy knocks it out of his hand. He slugs him once in the jaw and he is out for the count as Andy cuffs him.

"I got him Tom," Andy says as Tom comes running up out of breath. "The fucker tried to pull a knife on me, its over there," he says pointing to where the knife landed. Tom grabs a bag and picks up the knife with it being careful not to get his prints on it.

"Got it Andy, need help with the dirt bag," he asks but Andy shakes his head no. They read him his rites as they take him back to the car and put him in the back seat.

"Well back to the station for him," Andy says looking over at Tom. "You all right Tom," Andy asks looking more closely at him now.

"Yeah, just out of shape I guess, that run took more out of me than I thought," he says as he calms his breathing down.

"Well let me do the chasing on foot," Andy says watching his man.

Back at the station they bring in their prisoner and book him.

"Why don't you give mom a call," he tells Tom. "I have got this seeing how I know most of it anyways," he says.

"Yeah sounds good, lets see if our little angel is still a little angel," he says walking off to the phones.

"Hey Andy come here," the desk sergeant says as he calls him over. "We have a home alarm going off at 211 Elm can you and Tom check it out," he asks.

"Sure, let me get Tom, oh here he comes. Tom we have a home alarm going off at 211 Elm let's check it out. Everything all right at home?"

"Yeah, he's sleeping and your mom is watching her Letterman," he says.

They drive over to 211 Elm and the house is dark. They grab their flashlights and put on their rubber gloves and do a walk around the house checking the doors as they go. They get to the garage side door and it is unlocked. Andy opens it carefully and calls out.

"Hello anybody home!" He gets no response so they enter the garage and there is a car parked inside.

"Somebody must be home there is a car here," Tom says. They get to the door that leads into the house and it too is unlocked.

"Hello anybody home!" he calls out again only louder this time and still no answer. He feels for a light switch and finds it then flips it up turning on the light in the kitchen.

"Well at least we have lights," Tom says as he grabs Andy's arm stopping him in his tracks. "Notice the phone," he whispers in his ear pointing to the cut phone wire as they both pull out their gun and release the safety. "Be careful babe," he whispers to Andy as they proceed further into the house. Andy points towards the living room as he slowly moves towards the room. There on the floor is the body of a young man about fifteen. He kneels down to feel for a pulse and then shakes his no. He gets up and heads towards the hall and flips on the hall light stepping back just in case someone jumps out, but no one does. He motions to Tom to the first room on the left and they proceed. He gets to the room and the door is open and can see the body of a young girl about twelve on the bed. He motions for Tom to check her and he checks for a pulse again there is none. He motions for the other room across the hall and it's an empty bathroom. He goes towards the next room on the left figuring it's a bedroom. He shines his light in and there on the floor is the body of a woman, he looks around closely before entering in then checks for a pulse this time there is a faint one.

"Call for an ambulance quick she's alive," Andy says. He then flips on the bedroom light and he sees the body of what must be the father. He rushes over to him and he is dead.

"She's gone also," Tom says as he checks the mother again.

"Who the fuck could do this to a family like this," Andy says. "They had an alarm system also just like ours," he says to Tom.

"Andy one of us needs to get on days and soon," Tom says to Andy. "With all the fruitcakes out there even our hi-tech alarm systems aren't good enough. I called for CSI also," he says.

"Either that or we need to move out of the city babe," Andy says. "I don't feel safe any longer in this city. At least mom has dad's gun and knows how to use it. Look at that boy, he was running for the door more than likely," Andy says noting the boys position and body wounds. "He never had a chance."

"At least they were not molested first," Tom says. "I hate to see a kid hurt like that," he says.

"I don't think the perpetrator had time," Andy says. "He would have had to kill the parents first but then the kids are old enough to give him a problem also. By the general looks of things nothing seems to be missing, so robbery is ruled out."

"Maybe drugs but the kids look like straight laced kids. Maybe dad was fucking around and the husband came looking for him, but he wouldn't kill the whole family. This has me baffled," Tom says as the CSI team and coroner pulls up.

"Tom Andy is see your back from your vacation," the coroner says. "What have we got," he asks.

"Well a dead boy in the living room, dead girl in first bedroom on the left down the hall, and two parents I would guess in the far bedroom on the left. None in the other rooms."

"Shit another busy night," he says kneeling beside the boy in the living room. "He is still relatively warm so I would give a educated guess at maybe two hours tops for time of death. He died quick if this bullet got him first," he says pointing to the one at the base of his skull. "Tom you feel all right, you don't look so good," he says looking at Tom.

"I just can't take seeing kids kill like this for no reason," he says. "I think I will step outside for a bit of air."

"Are you sure you are all right babe," Andy asks more concerned now for him than before.

"I think I'm getting to old for seeing this shit people do to one another Andy," he says. "I just get fed up sometimes when I see kids lying dead for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After almost thirty years on the force I am seriously thinking of calling it quits."

"That would answer our babysitting problems," he says to Tom who smiles at him.

"Yeah it would now I guess."

They watch as the team wheels out bodies of the dead family and Tom turns his head and tears fall from his eyes.

"Tom talk to the captain in the morning, we can do it on my pay and your retirement," Andy says.

"Babe I have a good amount put away for retirement so we are not hurting Andy. I think I'll give doc Stone a call for a physical before I retire also, might as well have the city pay for it," he says.

"Well its almost time for lunch want to go to the diner or what," he asks Tom.

"How hungry are you lover," he says giving him a wink.

"Not to why got something in mind," Andy asks looking at his lover with passion now in his eyes.

"Want to go down to the park and park," Tom asks with a seductive smile on his face.

"Station this is car 165 doing a 10-7 over."

"10-4 car 165" the dispatcher says.

"Now we are out of service babe, let's go," Andy says. They drive to the park and its quite deserted seeing how it is now after three in the morning. The weather is warm so they get out and walk for a while. They find a nice clump of bushes that hide them and they step into their sheltering embrace.

"I feel like some pervert in the park," Tom says as he undoes his pants letting them fall to the ground. Andy kneels down before his lover and pulls his man's underwear down exposing his now hardening cock. He looks up at his man as he looks down at him and takes his cock into his mouth. He slowly swallows it down until his nose is buried in Tom's soft bush, and he inhales his light musk as he sucks on his cock making Tom moan.

"Oh fuck Andy the way you suck cock makes me want to shoot so fucking fast babe," Tom says as he shoots his load deep into his lover's throat. Rope after ropes of thick hot come he shoots as Andy quickly swallows until he has no more to give.

"You do that to good babe, you need to go slower," Tom says as Andy stands up and gives him a passionate kiss. He breaks his kiss as Tom goes down to give his lover his love. He undoes his pants and pulls them down underwear and all. He leans back and admires the beauty of how his lover's tool looks. He gobbles it up and quickly swallows it until he has nothing more to swallow, then up and down he moves on Andy's cock making him moan in delight. He sucks for a while until Andy can no longer hold back his climax.

"I'm coming babe, fuck babe here it comes," he cries out as he shoots his seed into his lovers mouth. He pumps his cock in and out until he is too sensitive to continue. He pulls out of Tom's mouth then pulls him up and gives him a kiss.

"Fuck babe you have suck sweet come," he says to Andy as they fix themselves back up. "That was just to hold you over until we get home later, then I want to fuck you babe," Tom says pulling Andy in for another kiss.

"If you forget I will remind you stud man," Andy says as they exit the bushes and a flashlight hits their face.

"What the fuck, who's the wise ass," Tom asks shielding his eyes from the light.

"Didn't know it was you guys," Coop says turning off the light.

"Can't guys take a piss without being hassled," Tom asks.

"For almost twenty minutes and going ohhhhhh," she says as she laughs.

"Fuck you Coop," Tom says as he walks back to the car.

"Hey Andy sorry if I pissed him off," she says.

"No it's not you something is not right with him tonight, even in the bushes, he came before I even got started on him," he says. "He is acting very strange tonight and its scaring me. He is even talking about retiring soon, I mean in the next few weeks," Andy says watching him walk to the car.

"Well he has been on the force for what almost thirty years now. That is a long time for us cops, most bale out at twenty or twenty-five," she says.

"Hey where's your partner," Andy asks now looking around.

"You think you are the only one who needs to relieve themselves, he over there beating off," she says laughing. "He thinks I think he is taking a piss, go check on him," she says. Andy takes a quiet walk over to where she said he was and steals into the bushes. He looks at him standing there with his pants around his ankles beating his cock. Andy pulls out his flashlight and aims it right at him before turning it on.

"Out of the bushes police," he yells as he turns on the light illuminating Mike as he shoots his come all over the place.

"Oh fuck man I am the police, turn the fucking light off," he calls out as he continues to beat his cock.

"You should have seen him beating his cock and shooting his sperm unable to stop."

"No thanks glad I didn't see that," she says as Mike comes out of the bushes with a pissed look on his face.

"Thanks Coop, and ... oh fuck Andy look Tom," Mike says as Andy turns to see Tom lying on the ground. He runs to him and he is looking up with a blank look in his eyes.

"Tom please talk to me babe, Coop call for an ambulance," he calls out.

To be continued ...

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