Officer Andy Revisited


Chapter 3

This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I wish to thank my good friend Bill H. for his work in editing this chapter.

From Chapter 2 ...

"What the fuck, who's the wise ass," Tom asks shielding his eyes from the light.

"Didn't know it was you guys," Coop says turning off the light.

"Can't guys take a piss without being hassled," Tom asks.

"For almost twenty minutes and going ohhhhhh," she says as she laughs.

"Fuck you Coop," Tom says as he walks back to the car.

"Hey Andy sorry if I pissed him off," she says.

"No it's not you something is not right with him tonight, even in the bushes, he came before I even got started on him," he says.  "He is acting very strange tonight and its scaring me. He is even talking about retiring soon, I mean in the next few weeks," Andy says watching him walk to the car.

"Well he has been on the force for what almost thirty years now.  That is a long time for us cops, most bale out at twenty or twenty-five," she says.

"Hey where's your partner," Andy asks now looking around.

"You think you are the only one who needs to relieve themselves, he over there beating off," she says laughing.  "He thinks I think he is taking a piss, go check on him," she says.  Andy takes a quiet walk over to where she said he was and steals into the bushes. He looks at him standing there with his pants around his ankles beating his cock.  Andy pulls out his flashlight and aims it right at him before turning it on.

"Out of the bushes police," he yells as he turns on the light illuminating Mike as he shoots his come all over the place.

"Oh fuck man I am the police, turn the fucking light off," he calls out as he continues to beat his cock.

"You should have seen him beating his cock and shooting his sperm unable to stop."

"No thanks glad I didn't see that," she says as Mike comes out of the bushes with a pissed look on his face.

"Thanks Coop, and ... oh God Andy its Tom," Mike says as Andy turns to see Tom lying on the ground.  He runs to him and he is looking up with a blank look in his eyes.

"Tom please talk to me babe, Coop call for an ambulance," he calls out.


"Coop do the chest compressions while I give him mouth to mouth, Mike watch for the ambulance," Andy says as they begin CPR.  They work on him for about seven minutes until the ambulance comes.  They quickly take over as Andy watches and Coop calls in to the station explaining what is happening.  They take out the defibrillator and use it three times before anyone hears them say.

"We have sinus rhythm," the attendant says and Andy starts to breath again.  "Bag him and let's get him to the hospital," they say. Andy radios into the station as he follows the ambulance relating to the dispatcher what is going on.


"Oh please God don't take him from me," Andy prays aloud as he drives to the hospital.  He gets to the hospital and finds that he has to wait as the doctor's work on Tom. It is over two hours before he gets to see a doctor about what is going on with the man he loves.

"Are you here for Thomas Sullivan," the doctor asks as he comes into the waiting room.

"Yes doctor, I am his partner Andy Butler, how is he," he asks worried that Tom has died by looking at the doctor's expression on his face.

"Well he has had a serious heart attack, and there is a blockage that needs immediate attention," he says.  "We cannot operate without his consent though."

"We both have a living will giving each other the power of attorney to make such decisions for each other," Andy tells him.

"I was not aware of that. Is it on file with our hospital," he asks."

"Yes doctor both of our wills are on file here," he tells him.

"Let me look them up and if they are in order I will need your signature for me to operate," he tells me as he leaves the room.

"Ah doctor, may I see him," Andy asks.

"At the moment no officer, they are still working on him. But if we do operate I will allow you a few moments before we take him up for the operation," he says turning to leave.

Twenty minutes later the doctor is back with some forms for Andy to sign.

"As his power of attorney son, you also may be asked about life support after the operation," the doctor says.  "Sometimes it is necessary for maintaining a patients vital organs until they are able to do so on their own, so please be available if you are needed for any decisions," he says as Andy signs the forms giving the doctor permission to operate and use life support if necessary. "This will take several hours so if you leave, please leave a number where you can be reached if the need arises," he tells Andy.

"I do need to return the cruiser to the station and change, but I will be back here immediately after. I will leave my cell number with the nurse's desk doctor," he tells the doctor.

"Thank you officer, now if you would like to see him come with me," he says to Andy. "He is awake somewhat but he is very groggy from the medication we have given him."

Andy follows him to the cardiac unit and Tom is attached to all kinds of machines, and Andy nearly looses it when he sees his lover in that condition.

"Hey babe," Tom says weakly as he looks up at Andy who's eyes are glossy with tears.  "Don't cry babe, I will be all right," he says giving a slight smile.

"I know you will love," he says taking Tom's hand in his. "I love you so much and just want you to come back to me," he says kissing Tom's hand.

"It's time son," the doctor says as the orderly unlocks the wheels to the bed.

"I love you Tom," Andy says as they wheel him away.

"I love you also," Tom says weakly to him.

Andy leaves the room dropping his cell number off at the nurse's desk, then heads back to the station.  He cries as he gets into the cruiser, laying his head on the steering wheel.

"I love you Tom just hold on for us babe," he says to himself as he lets go of his tears.  His heart is aching, as he weeps for his lover unable to control his emotions, when a rap on the window arouses his attention.

"Andy move over," Coop says to him. "Let me drive," she says to him as he gets out of the cruiser.  He falls into her arms as he cries uncontrollably, unable to hold back the pain he is feeling.

"Come on kid, let's get you out of here and home," she says to him.

"I can't go home, I need to be here if they need me Coop," he tells her. "I have to get this cruiser back to the station."  Just then Mike comes walking up and asks how he can help.

"Can you drive this cruiser back to the station and I will be along shortly," she asks giving him a look as if to say please.

"Sure Coop no problem, I have my car there so I will come back for you," he says as he gets into the car.

"Thanks Mike," Andy says crying as he turns to him with tears running down his face as Mike nods to him.

Let's go inside and get a coffee and sit," she says. "Should you call home or anyone," she asks.

"Not yet they are still asleep, and I don't want to disturb Thomas until I absolutely have to," he says as they walk into the hospital.  She takes him down to the cafeteria and they grab a coffee before they sit to talk.

"Where is Tom now," she asks.

"They are operating on him to remove a blockage, I guess a bi-pass of some kind," he tells her.

"He will make it Andy he is strong," she says putting her hand on his.

"I hope so Coop, I cannot go on without him in my life," he says as his cell phone goes off causing Andy to panic.

"Hello Andy Butler speaking."

"Andy this is mom, where are you son," she asks as he looks at his watch

"Mom please don't tell Thomas but Tom has had a heart attack and is in surgery right now," he says fighting back the tears.  "I have to keep this line open in case the hospital needs me, so I will call you as soon as I know something," he tells her and hangs up. "I think we should go back upstairs in case the doctor needs to get me," he tells Coop.

"I have to go I have an appointment, but I will be back later to be with you," she tells him.

"Thanks Coop, I really appreciate you being here with me," he says as they make their way back upstairs.

He sits for hours alone waiting for news about the man he loves.  Coop came for a while but he sent her home to sleep because she had to work that night.  He is sitting there when he sees his mother and Thomas walk in and it is apparent that he has been crying.

"How is dad," Thomas says as he runs crying into Andy's arms.  "He is not going to die is he," he asks looking at him.

"Let's hope he is going to be fine," Andy says holding him tight. "Mom if you want to go home I can take care of Thomas, he will not want to leave until I do anyways," he tells his mom. "I have told them at work that I will not be in until I know more about Tom's condition."

"Well let me know how he is doing son," she says kissing her two boys goodbye.

They sit for a few more hours until the doctor finally comes into the waiting room.

"Mr. Butler, everything went well, and we had to do a quad droople bi-pass," he says.  "He is still in recovery and will be for at least another hour, you may see him once he is moved to the cardiac unit," he tells Andy.  They wait another hour or so until a nurse comes to tell them that they may see Tom. Andy takes Thomas's hand as he takes him up to see his dad, noticing that he is about to cry.

"Listen son, I know that you are upset about dad, but he should not see you cry right now," Andy says kneeling down to talk to his son.

"I know dad and I am trying real hard not to, but I am so afraid," he says giving Andy a hug.

"I know son and so am I, but we have to be strong for him," he says.  "So let's put on our happy faces so he can't see how we are really feeling, ok son," he says as Thomas gives him a smile.  They walk into his room and he turns his head slightly, giving them a slight smile.

"He is still a bit groggy from the anesthesia," the nurse says as she regulates the drip on his IV bottle.

"Hey dad how are you feeling," Thomas asks as he gives him a great big smile taking him hand in his small hand.  He just nods at him because of a tube in his mouth, as a tear runs down his cheek.

"Now don't do that babe," Andy says as he wipes the tear away.  "I don't want you getting yourself upset. The doctor said that everything went well, so before you know it you will be back at home with us," Andy says as he kisses his forehead fighting back tears of his own.  "We can only stay for a few minutes because of doctor's orders, and you need your rest so you can come home soon.  Again he nods slowly as another tear escapes his eyes and runs down his cheeks.  Andy squeezes his hand giving him a knowing look that tells him all he feels.  He holds Tom's hand for a few minutes, until he falls asleep.

"Let's go home son and let him rest.  We can come back later when we are all rested," he tells his son, bending to kiss Tom on the forehead goodbye. "I love you Tom Sullivan," he whispers in his ear then leaves.

They get on the elevator and Thomas lets go of his emotions, crying out as hard as he can.  Andy picks him up and holds him tightly, letting him cry until he cannot cry any more.

"He looks so bad lying there," Thomas says looking at Andy.

"I know son but it is necessary to make him better. He will be home with us before you know it, now let's go home and get some rest," he says now feeling tired both physically and emotionally.

Two weeks go by and Tom finally is coming home, and Thomas is making him a surprise.

"Where is that boy of mine," Tom asks Andy as he drives him home from the hospital.  "I cannot wait to hold him without all those wires and tubes in me," he says.  "I cannot wait to get you into bed tonight kid," he says rubbing Andy's leg.

"Hey you heard the doctor, no sex for the next three weeks," Andy says moving his hand away from his leg.

"Ah Andy, I have missed that cock of yours, I need it so fucking bad babe," he says rubbing Andy's leg again.

"Orders are orders, and I am not taking a chance of you having another heart attack while you fuck me just because you missed my cock and ass," he says moving his hand again.  "Now enough with that hand behave yourself," he says as they pull up to their house and there hanging on the front of the house is a big banner saying `WELCOME HOME DAD!'  Tom's eyes start to tear as he sees his son sitting on the steps waiting for his arrival.  Once he sees the car pull into the driveway, he leaps to his feet and runs to Tom's side of the car.

"Dad, welcome home," he yells all excited that he is finally home.  "You like the banner I made for you," he asks so proud of it.

"Son that is the best welcome home banner I have ever seen in my entire life," he says as he gives him a big hug and kiss.  Thomas grabs his hand as they walk into the house, happy that he now has both of his dads at home.

Tom sits down in his favorite chair as Andy's mom comes out of the kitchen.

"Welcome home Tom," she says giving him a kiss on the top of his head.  "That boy of yours has been sitting out there since Andy left to go get you," she tells him.

"Thanks Claire, I sure missed that kid," he says hugging him close as he sits next to him on the arm of his chair. I also decided that I am not going back to work, I am going to retire," he says looking at Andy.

"Well that is great news, because I was going to insist that you do just that," Andy says looking at him with a smile.

"Does that mean no more grandma watching me," Thomas asks.

"Well how do you like that, I know when I am not wanted," she says pretending that her feelings are hurt.

"I'm sorry grandma, I didn't mean it to sound like that, but I am happy that my dad will be here with me all the time," he says going over to her and giving her a hug.

"I know you do, I was just pretending with you," she says ruffling his hair.  "I have a nice lunch made so come on in and let's eat," she says leading the way into the kitchen.

Tom holds Andy back before he goes into the kitchen, taking him into his arms.

"Tell me lover how you really feel about me retiring," he asks him looking him straight in the eyes.

"Tom please don't start this feeling like you are old with me," he says wrapping his arms around Tom's neck.  "I have wanted you to retire even before you had your heart attack babe, now it has been decided for you. I love you Tom and my feelings for you have not changed at all. I still love you now as much if not more than I did before you had your attack. The thought of going through life without you was more than I was willing to think of Tom, I am so thankful that God gave you back to me," he says and pulls him into a passionate kiss as Tom's hands travel down to his ass.  "Now that is all you get for a while until the doctor says you can again resume a regular sex life," he says removing Tom's hands from his ass. "Now lets go eat before my mother comes looking for us," he says taking his hand leading him into the kitchen.

Later that evening Tom lies on the bed and watches Andy, as he gets ready to go to work.

"This is when I will miss work," Tom says looking at Andy as he pulls up his pants. "You be careful out there tonight babe, I will be listening to the scanner," he says.

"Tom I wish you wouldn't listen to that thing, it will only get you excited and you know what the doctor said about getting excited," says wishing he had gotten rid of it. "Besides you need to get to bed so you can be up with Thomas in the morning."

"I will lover, but I can listen for a while, you can even send me a coded message if you want," he says looking at him.

"Thomas Sullivan, I will do no such thing over the air," Andy says giving him a disparaging look. "Besides there is no code for I love you," he says as he sits beside him on the bed and kisses him.  "And I do love you so much Tom, and I do not need a code to say that my lover," he says and gives him another kiss as Tom feels his crotch.  "That's enough now it's time to go before you get yourself all worked up," he says getting up and going into Thomas's room to check on him.  He bends down to kiss his forehead as he opens his eyes.

"Good night dad, love ya," he says half asleep.

"I love you too son," and he gives him another kiss.

Andy gets to the station and the guys are all asking about how Tom is doing, when the captain calls him into his office.  He walks on over and he notices another man sitting in the captain's office.

"Andy come on in son," he says closing the door behind them.  "Have a seat," he says motioning towards an empty chair, and Andy glances at the man sitting there.

"Andy this is Shane O'Brien," the captain says introducing Andy to the man sitting beside Andy.  "He is going to be your new partner son."

"Glad to meet you Andy," Shane says offering his hand to Andy.

"Same here and welcome aboard," Andy says as he shakes his hand.

"He is a transfer from uptown to get a promotion Andy, and I thought that the two of you would be good together," the captain says.  "I know that you are use to working with Tom, but now that he is retired I thought a younger partner would be more suited for you."

"Why would you think that, Tom was a great partner captain? His age had nothing to do with anything at all," Andy says getting very defensive.

"I know son, and that is not what I meant, but well there seems to be no other way to say it, but he could not keep up with someone as young as you."

"He did fucking good keeping up with me and you know it captain, we made a good team," he says getting angry now.

"Calm down son, this is not what I meant at all.  I mean that we need someone that can keep up physically as well as in the other areas of the job," he says hoping that he made his point more clear.

"Well I would like to see you, no offense, try to keep up with me on any given night," Andy says to him.

"That is the reason I am in here and not out on the street, now enough said about it," he says as he gets up from his desk and the other two rises to leave.

"I have to dress first," Andy says leaving the captain's office.

"Same here, I need to find a locker also," he tells Andy.

"The one next to mine is vacant and a couple of others across from me," he says giving him a quick glance. "So Irish I take it by your name," Andy asks.

"Yeah, both of my parents were right from Ireland," he says. "My dad was a police officer in Boston, but died on duty three years ago."

"My dad died on duty over a year ago also here holding the position that I now hold. I was almost killed a few weeks ago by the guy that killed him, but the guy you are replacing killed him first."

"Wow that is something," Shane says as Andy shows him the three lockers to choose from, and he takes the one next to Andy.

They remove their shirts and put on their vests before they head in for roll call. Captain goes over the things that are pressing and he reviews the latest on the murder of the family on Elm Street.

"Finally I want to introduce a new member of the force, Shane O'Brien who comes to us from the 104th."  Everyone applauds as Shane stands up and waves as a few lean into each other and whisper.  The captain dismisses them and they head out to their cruisers, as Andy grabs his laptop on the way.

"You mind driving," Andy asks looking over the roof at Shane as they switch sides of the car.

"I prefer it really, I get nervous at high rates of speed when someone else is driving," he says as they buckle their seatbelts.  "So partner where to," he asks as he looks at Andy.

"Well first I need a coffee so head over to Billy's Diner on Sumner Avenue," he tells Shane.

"I spent the last three days driving the city, trying to learn the streets," he tells Andy. After a few moments of silence Shane decides to ask Andy something.  "Andy can I ask you something without you getting upset at me," he asks and Andy looks over at him.

"Yes Shane I'm gay, ok, is that what you wanted to know," he says a bit upset that the rumors are still going around about him.

"Wow, that was not what I was going to ask but you are," he says looking at him.

"Oh sorry Shane but every time someone asks me if they can ask me a question that is what they ask me, and yes I am gay and Tom, who you replaced is my lover," he says looking at Shane.  "Will this be a problem for you or between us, because if it is let me know now, and I will get a new partner," he says.

Shane pulls into the diner parking lot, and Andy starts to open his door as Shane grabs his arm.

"Andy wait please," he says pulling him back into the car.  "Let's talk and get things out in the open before we get out ok," he asks looking at Andy.

"Ok Shane," he says as he closes his door.

"First what I was going to ask you was, if things were cool between us with me replacing Tom as your partner.  I did not like how the captain made him sound over the hill in his office and well, it kind of made me feel bad for the two of you.  Secondly, I don't give a rat's ass if you are gay, bi or straight as long as you have my back when it counts partner. So with that being said are we cool or not buddy," he says as he holds out his hand to Andy.

"Yeah we're cool pal," he says shaking his hand.  "Shane thanks for being cool about my sexuality also, I have gone through a lot of shit at work because I like cock," he says.

"And Tom hasn't," he asks.

"Not really, they have a different respect for him, maybe because he has been with the force for almost thirty years," he says as tears start to form.

"Hey man don't, I can handle a lot of shit, but a man crying gets me," he says turning to look out the window.

"Shane are you ..." and Andy decides to drop it.

"Not completely Andy, more bi than gay.  I have a girlfriend but I do see this guy now and then," he says glancing at Andy.  "Does that kinda freak you out," he asks.

"No I have a few friends that swing both ways, but me I like cock and not pussy man."

"Are you what they call a top or a bottom," he asks and Andy knows Shane is not up on the gay scene.

"I usually don't get this personal with friends let alone someone I just met, but I prefer to bottom, but I have topped on occasion," he says thinking of the times Tom wanted him to make love to him.  "Now let's get our coffee friend," and the men shake hands smiling and knowing that a bond has been formed between them.

The atmosphere between them is more comfortable as they cruise the streets of the city.

"Car 165 we have a 10-67 at 1460 Allen," the dispatcher says.  Andy and Shane take off with lights only as they make their way to the address.

"Someone called for help is what the dispatcher said but the place is dark," Andy says as they pull up in the front of the house.

"We should knock first then make a swing around if no one answers," Shane says as he grabs his flashlight getting out of the cruiser.  They go to the front door and ring the doorbell, they wait but no one answers.

"I don't like this, it reminds me of the last house I did before Tom had his attack," Andy says as they start to walk around the house.  They shine their lights at the windows, looking for signs of forced entry.  They come to the back door and the window is broken, and they pull out their guns as they open it to go in.  Andy makes sign that he is going to move in and to the right, letting his partner know his moves.  He flashes his light into what is the kitchen, and he sees a dead dog on the floor.  He makes a sign to call for back up to his partner as he waits for his partner to call.  He then gets a tap on the shoulder, letting him know that he is clear to go.  They proceed into the kitchen with caution, shining their light looking for a light switch.  Shane sees one and flips it on as they have their guns ready, and they move in for more of a look.  In the living room there is no one so they precede down the hall, Andy motions to a door on the right.  Andy flips the hall light on and rolls on the floor as he crosses the door to the room. He looks inside with his gun pointed in as he sees a body of a young girl on the floor. He makes a number one to his partner letting him know that a body is in there. He goes in cautiously as he feels for a pulse he shakes his head no.  Andy moves down to the next room and again he sees another body of a young girl and she is also dead.  He looks in the bathroom and finds a naked man dead in the tub, and the water is colored blood red.  In the last bedroom he searches and finds no one in it as a sound comes from out in the kitchen.  They run out towards the kitchen as the door closes shut, and they kick it open as a shot rings out.  They pull back just in time as the bullet hits the door casement, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

"Fuck that's our killer," Shane says as he darts for the front door, as a truck peals away in great haste.  "Fuck he got away Andy," Shane yells back. "I couldn't see what he was driving."

"We need to check the basement," Andy says. "He came up from there while we were at the other end of the house." They go down the stairs cautiously with their guns pointed to the front.

"Over there by the sofa," Shane says pointing to a naked woman on the floor.  They rush over to her and she still has a pulse, but she has been stabbed numerous times.

"Get an ambulance fast," Andy calls out as he puts pressure on a wound that is spurting blood.

"Please don't let me die," she says as she looks up at Andy.  "My husband and kids are they all right," she asks as she looks into Andy's eyes.

"They are fine ma'am," he says as she smiles and her eyes close as she breathes her last breath.

"Fuck, why did you have to die," he says looking at her with a peaceful look on her face.

The CSI team and more police come soon after, and Andy is still kneeling beside her as the tears roll down his face.

"Come on Andy, let me get you out of here," Shane says as he helps his partner get up from the floor.  The guys look at Andy as he walks from the room, for they know that he has much compassion, sometimes too much, for his job. He takes him to their cruiser and sits him inside, as he goes back to help with what he can.  An hour later he comes back and tells Andy that they can leave, as they drive off into the night.

"I cannot take this anymore Shane," Andy says as the tears roll down his face.  "To have someone die in front of you and there is nothing that you can do really pisses me off," he says.

"Then turn that anger into energy to catch that son of a bitch Andy, make him wish he was never born," Shane says putting his hand on Andy's shoulder.  "It's hard seeing kids dead when they have just started to live," Shane says as he turns the corner and notices a truck that somehow seems familiar.

"Andy that truck, it looks like a truck that was parked close to the house we just left," Shane says making a u-turn and then the truck takes off like a shell out of a cannon.

Andy gets on the radio and gives a description of the truck they are in pursuit of, as Shane turns his lights and sirens on.

"Fuck what has he got in that thing," Shane asks out loud as his speedometer hits 60 mph.  "He is heading for I91 by the looks of it," Shane says as Andy gives the trucks coordinates over the radio. "Andy fasten my belt and make sure yours is also," he says as he hits 65 mph.

"God damn motherfucker just got on 91," Shane calls out to Andy, as Andy asks for the State Troopers assistance.  "Well got him now kid," Shane says as he floors the gas pedal and his speedometer hits 90 mph.

"Just be careful Shane, we don't need to get ourselves killed over this motherfucker," Andy says watching the traffic ahead.  "At least headed north there will not be much traffic at this time of night," he says.

They are flying down the highway going close to one hundred miles per hours as a semi pulls onto the highway.

"Shane on the right a semi," Andy calls out as Shane pulls to the left to avoid him.  "Fuck that was to fucking close," he says as he sees flashing blue lights up ahead.

"We have him now buddy," Shane calls out. "Them be bears in the road ahead," he says yelling out.

"Shane he is not slowing down," Andy says as they quickly approach the roadblock. "Fuck slow down Shane or we will ram into one of the cars," Andy says but Shane just keeps his foot on the gas. "Slow down Shane," Andy yells out as they blast through the roadblock behind the truck.

"That fucker is not getting away from us," he says with determination in his voice.

"Well I don't want to get killed catching him either," Andy says as Shane takes off down the highway.

"Northampton exit is coming up," Andy calls out to Shane as the sign says one more mile. "There's a bad curve up ahead that you need to slow down for, but Shane pays no heed to his warning.

"This car 165 the truck is passing exit 18," Andy says as they approach the exit.

"Car 165 we have the road completely blocked up ahead, slow your vehicle down," the officer says over the radio.  Andy's cell phone rings and he looks to see who is calling, and he notes that it's Tom on the line.

"Fuck he has been listening to that scanner again," he says as he flips open his phone.

"What Tom this is not a good time to talk," Andy says.

"Andy I have been listening on the scanner, let him go babe, let him go," Tom says into the phone. "You are going to get yourself killed chasing that fucker," he says as Andy drops the phone.

"Shane ahead the roadblock, the troopers said to slow down," Andy says to Shane as Shane starts to slow down.

"Oh fuck no," Shane shouts out as the truck makes a u-turn and heads right towards them.

"Shane maneuver he's going to hit us," Andy yells out as the truck becomes airborne.  There is nothing but the sound of metal and glass crashing as the vehicles flips several times before they stop.

"Hello Andy, answer me babe can you here," Tom shouts into the phone.

To be continued ...

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