Officer Andy Revisited


Chapter 4


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I wish to thank my good friend Bill H. for his work in editing this chapter.


From chapter 3 ...

"This is car 165, the truck is passing exit 18," Andy says as they approach the exit.

"Car 165 we have the road completely blocked up ahead, slow your vehicle down," the officer says over the radio.  Andy's cell phone rings and he looks to see who is calling, and he notes that it's Tom on the line.

"Fuck he has been listening to that scanner again," he says as he flips open his phone.

"What Tom this is not a good time to talk," Andy says.

"Andy I have been listening on the scanner, let him go babe, let him go," Tom says into the phone. "You are going to get yourself killed chasing that fucker," he says as Andy drops the phone.

"Shane ahead the roadblock, the troopers said to slow down," Andy says to Shane as Shane starts to slow down.

"Oh fuck no," Shane shouts out as the truck makes a u-turn and heads right towards them.

"Shane maneuver he's going to hit us," Andy yells out as the truck becomes airborne.  There is nothing but the sound of metal and glass crashing as the vehicles flip several times before they stop.

"Hello Andy, answer me babe can you here," Tom shouts into the phone.


The cruiser is upside down and the tires are still spinning as Shane begins to move then realizes that he is upside down and being held there by his seatbelt.  The car is smashed and he turns to find Andy, but in the darkness he can't see anything at all.

"Andy please babe answer me," Tom pleads into the phone.

"Tom is that you," Shane calls out. "This is Shane, Andy's partner."

"Where is Andy Shane," Tom asks in shear panic as Shane now finds the phone.

"I don't know everything is dark and I don't hear him," he says now talking into the phone.  "Andy where are you partner," Shane calls out to him, but he still gets no answer.  "Tom the car's a mess and help is coming I can see ..." he stops talking as a shot rings out.

"Shane, Shane what happened, Shane answer me," but the line goes dead as a hand closes the phone.  Five minutes later cruisers are everywhere as they approach the wreckage. 

"We have a dead officer here Lenny, looks like he's been shot in the head," the officer says.

"What about his partner," Lenny asks as another officer on the other side feels for a pulse.

"This one is still alive Lenny," he says, "but he is going to need the jaws to get him out," he says to Lenny.

"They are on their way for Northampton," Lenny says as he checks over the radio for their estimated arrival time.

"The truck driver is missing Lenny, he must have been the one who shot the officer," he says to Lenny.

"The poor kid never had a chance," he says as Andy's cell phone rings.

"What the fuck is that, someone answer that," Lenny says as he walks to the other side of the car.

"Hello, who is this," a state police officer says into the phone.

"This is detective Tom Sullivan of the Springfield Police Department can I speak to either officer," he asks trying to remain calm.

"At the moment sir, we have one dead and the other is unconscious," the officer says as Lenny gives him a sign to not say anything.  "We are not at liberty to give out anymore information sir," he says and shuts the phone.

The ambulance and fire department arrives from Northampton, and begins to extricate Andy from the wreckage.  It takes them the better part of an hour to free him from the wreckage as they lay him on the stretcher. He is still unconscious as they finally place him into the ambulance, and take him to Cooley-Dickinson Hospital. As the ambulance pulls in Tom is waiting at the door, his face shows all he feels as they wheel Andy past him.

"Oh my God Andy," he says as he sees his lover covered with blood.  "Dear God please don't take him from me, please Lord give him back to me," he prays to himself.

He follows them in as a trooper tries to stop him, and he flashes his badge at the trooper.

"Ok officer go ahead, I didn't realize you were with him," the trooper says as he lets him pass.  He follows him into a cubical and the nurse turns him away.

"You will have to wait outside officer," she says as she closes the curtain.  Not more than five minutes later the curtain flies open and Andy is rushed to the operating room. 

"Officer I am Dr. Fitzgerald, would you happen to know who his next of kin would be," he asks and Tom is about to die.

"Why is he dead," he asks, as he turns white.

"No but we need permission to operate, and we need a signature," he tells Tom.

"I am his life partner doc, we have living wills on file at Baystate Medical Hospital with our power of attorney forms," he tells him.

"That is good enough for me, sign these forms and we can have the forms faxed over to us," he says as Tom signs the necessary forms for the operation.

"This is going to take hours, you might want to go home and come back," the doctor says.

"No doctor, I will be here or in the chapel," he tells him,  "here is my cell number if you need me," as he hands him his card.

"I will see you when I know more," he says as he rushes off with the forms.  Tom calls home to let his mom and Thomas know about Andy.

"Is he going to make it Tom," his mother asks in tears. "I cannot bury another Butler man," she says as she starts to cry handing the phone to Thomas.

"Its me dad, how is dad doing," he asks in his brave little man voice.  He has come a long way from when they first found him alone on the streets of the island of Martinique in the Bahamas.

"I do not know yet son, it will be hours until I may know anything," he tells him. "I need you to be a brave little man for your grandmother," he tells him. "I know how hard everything has been on you since you came to live with us son, and I am so sorry for everything you have been through," he tells him as the tears roll down his face.

"Dad I know how to be strong, I had to be living on my own," he says. "Don't worry about me, I will take care of grandma you take care of you and dad please," he says and hangs up the phone.

"He has grown up so fast for a little kid," Tom says to himself.  Tom finds a seat to get comfortable in, as he starts his long wait for his man.  He sits there thinking about how they first met, when he soon is fast asleep.

"Officer Sullivan," the doctor says as Tom jumps to his feet.  "I didn't mean to startle you sir," he says.  "He is out of surgery and at the moment he is in the recovery room. When he is able we are going to transfer him to Baystate for future surgeries."

"Is he going to make it doctor," Tom asks.

"Well at the moment he has several broken bones and many internal injuries. We have stopped the internal bleeding but he is in a coma at the moment, so any further surgery must wait.  But we feel that nothing is life threatening at the moment," he says.

"When can I see him," Tom asks.  "I know he won't be aware of me being there, but I need to see that he is alive," he tells the doctor.

"Come with me, you can come in for a minute but you must leave so we can get him ready for transport to Baystate," he tells Tom.  "Now he is not going to look like you last saw him, he has been through a traumatic accident and he is swollen very badly."  The doctor takes Tom into the recovery room, and Tom is shocked at him appearance. His face is so swollen that he would not recognize him if he had not been told that he was Andy.  He turns his head unable to face the pain of seeing the man he loves looking this way.  His tears start to fall as the doctor leads him out of the room, and he goes back to the waiting room where he cries uncontrollably. 

"Officer can I get you anything," an orderly asks Tom as he puts his hand on his shoulder.

"No thank you, I just need to let it out, the pain is to great to hold it in," he says as he lets it out again more greatly and the orderly holds him tightly in his arms.

"Cry officer, let it all out," he says rubbing Tom's back as he cries onto the orderly's shoulder.  He holds him for almost twenty minutes, until Tom has cried himself out.

"There now, do you feel better," he asks Tom.

"Some and thank you for letting me use your shoulder to cry on," he says as he wipes his eyes with the back of his hands.

"Is the cop in there your man," he asks.

"How did you know," Tom asks.

"No one cries like that for a friend or work partner, only for a husband or lover."

"Yes we are for quite a while, and I am just getting over a heart attack and open heart surgery myself," he tells him.

"Please come with me," he says as he takes Tom by the arm leading him down the hall to a room.  "Doctor could you check out this man please," he asks of a doctor.  "His life partner is the officer in recovery and he is just recovering himself from a heart attack and open heart surgery," he tells him.

"My God man, get up on this table," he tells Tom as Tom gets up on the table.  He gives him a complete going over and then tells him he is doing fine.

"I would suggest you go home and get some rest, you will be no good when you partner wakes up and wants to see you," he says looking at Tom.

"Thank you doctor," he says as he gets off the examining table.  "And you also young man for caring enough to stop and help a hurting human being," he says giving the orderly a hug.

"Just part of my job officer," he says with a smile.

"No that is not part of your job, that is over and above son, and I appreciate you taking the time to spend with me when I needed someone the most," he says and he hugs him again and leaves.

"Tony that was the nicest thing I have ever heard anyone say about you or anybody for that matter.  I am personally going to see that your supervisor hears about this," the doctor says.

"I would rather you wouldn't doctor, that is not why I do those things. I do those things because I truly care about people," he says with tears in his eyes.

"Well if you insist, but what you do should not go unnoticed," he says shaking Tony's hand.

Tom gets home and he finds everyone asleep in the living room.  Thomas wakes up as soon as he closes the door, and runs over to his dad.

"Dad is he going to be all right," he asks looking up into Tom's eyes.

"So far he is in a coma son, but he is holding his own," he tells him. "They are getting him ready to move him down to our hospital," he tells him as Andy's mom wakes up.

"Is my boy ..." and she cannot finish the sentence as she searches Tom's eyes for a clue.

"He is in a coma Claire, but at the moment he is holding his own.  He has several broken bones and internal injuries.  They are going to be moving him down to Baystate, because he is going to need further surgery," he tells her.

"I just hope he gets out of this fucking police business," she says shocking Tom with her swearing.

"This something we are going to definitely going to talk about when he is well enough Claire," he says.

"I think what we need is to go to bed and get some sleep, then we can go up to see him once we are rested," he says and they all agree.  Tom walks upstairs with his arm around his son's shoulder, and he gives him a kiss at his bedroom door.

"I will wake you up when I get up son," he tells him as he walks into his bedroom and closes the door. Tom goes into his room and quickly strips down and gets into bed, as a knock comes on his door.

"Dad can I sleep with you I don't want to be alone," he says, and Tom pulls back the covers for him to get in.  Tom reaches down to the floor and grabs his boxer briefs then quietly slips them on.  He rolls over to face his little guy beside him, who is silently crying to himself.

"Come here son," he says as he pulls him close and Thomas nestles himself in his dad's arms.  "It is all right to cry son because I did it myself tonight," he tells him and his son lets himself go.  Tom holds him tight remembering how the orderly held him when he cried; he kissed his son's head as he let his tears out, until he fell asleep.

Later that morning, or rather early afternoon, Tom awakens with Thomas still nestled in his arms.  He softly kisses the top of his head, as Thomas turns his head towards him and smiles.

"Hey dad, I love you so much," he says as he wiggles closer into him.

"I love you also son, and I could not love you more if you were my own flesh and blood," he tells him.  "How about we get a shower and the three of us go get breakfast before we go see dad," he says knowing that a few hours are not going to matter much.

"Sure dad, I will go wake grandma," he tells his dad.  A few minutes later Thomas comes back in and tells him that grandma says that is a grand idea.

"You go in your shower and I will take mine and that way we will be done at the same time," he tells him.

"Ok dad," he says as he leaves the room and pauses at the door. "And dad, I love you this much," he says as he stretches out his arms as far as they can go.

"I love you too, son this much more," Tom says mocking Thomas's movement.

They head over to Friendly's Restaurant for breakfast then off to the hospital they all go.  They stop at the desk to ask what room he is in, but are directed to another office.

"Mr. Sullivan we have been trying to locate you," the administrator says.  "Andrew Butler is in surgery as we speak, and your signature is needed on some forms."

"I left my number with the doctor at Cooley-Dickinson last night," he says.

"Well evidently they misplaced it, so if you could sign these forms because he started bleeding internally again and we could not wait for a signature," she tells him.

"That is fine as long as you save his life," he says as he signs the forms.  "How long has he been in surgery," he asks.

"About two hours now, a Dr. Johnson is doing the surgery and will speak to you once he finishes. We have a very comfortable waiting room just down from the OR if you would care to wait there for him," she says.

"Yes that is fine, we will be there. Is there anywhere to get a coffee or tea," he asks.

"The room has both as well as hot chocolate and assorted fruit juices," she says.  They wait out the time in the room, watching the clock on the wall, until finally the doctor comes in.

"Well you must be here for Andrew Butler seeing how there is no one else here," he says.  "Everything when splendid, the bleeding has been stopped and his broken bones set, now all we do is wait for him to do his part," he says with a smile.  "He has very strong vital signs so that is a positive sign.  You may see him once they move him into his room, in about an hour," he tells them. "Now if you will excuse me I have to go and check on him," he says as he leaves.  A few minutes later Coop and the Captain come in to see how he is doing.

"Well he seems to be out of the woods at the moment," Tom says to them.  "But he is still a very hurting young man."

"His partner didn't make," the captain tells them. "That SOB shot him as he hung upside down in the cruiser," he says.  "I want his ass if it's the last thing I do."

"I know captain, I was talking to him when the bastard shot him," Tom tells him.  "When Andy gets better I am considering asking him to quit the force captain," he says.

"Tom is he going to go along with you on that," Coop asks.

"He is not going to have a choice, I cannot take this strain anymore," he tells them.

"Well lets not discuss it here and now," the captain says as he worries about loosing another good man.

An hour later they let them in to see Andy in his room.

"Oh God Tom, look at my son," Claire says as she weeps at the sight of her boy.  "I would not recognize him if I didn't know that he was my boy."

"That is just the swelling Claire. It will go down with time," he tells her as he looks at Thomas standing beside his bed holding his hand in his.

"I love you dad, hurry and get better so you can come home to me and dad," he whispers to his dad as a tear runs down his face.  The nurse comes in ten minutes later, and tells them that they must leave. They reluctantly go but first give him a kiss on the forehead before they do.

The next day the hospital calls Tom at home, and he panics when he sees their name on the Caller ID.

"Mr. Sullivan, this is Baystate Hospital calling, and Mr. Butler is awake and asking for you," the caller says as Tom's heart leaps for joy.

"Please tell him that I am on my way," he says as he lets out a yell.  The others come running fearing the worst, and he tells them about the good news.

"Andy we are here," Tom says as he stands at his bedside looking at him as he sleeps.  He slowly opens his eyes as he looks up at Tom, and he struggles to give him a smile.

"Don't strain yourself babe," he tells him kissing his forehead. "I love you and missed you babe."

"Me too," is all he manages to say but to Tom it is like a whole paragraph.

"Hey son, how are you feeling, are you in pain," his mother asks as she fights back the tears and he only nods no. "I want you to get better quickly and come home where you are loved son," she tells him kissing his cheek.

"Hey dad, I love you so much and I have been taking good care of grandma and dad," Thomas says to Andy as he again struggles to smile but he gives his little hand a squeeze.  They spend an hour with him with them doing most of the talking, and then the nurse ushers them out.

"I will see you tomorrow babe," Tom says kissing him as a tear escapes and runs down his cheek, and Andy just blinks at him as he leaves.

By the end of the week Andy is now sitting up, and his speech is starting to get better.  His left leg is in a cast as well as his left arm, and three ribs are mending as well. The swelling has almost gone completely away, so now he looks more like himself.

"How is Shane doing," Andy asks Tom out of the blue and Tom freezes as he looks away from him.  "Tom look at me, and tell me how he is," Andy says to him.

"He didn't make it babe, the fucker shot him dead as he hung upside down by his seatbelt that night."

"You mean the bastard got away," Andy asks now quite upset.

"Babe please, don't go getting all upset and making matters worst for yourself," Tom says hoping that Clair and Thomas were here.

"I can't believe he survived that crash, and then he shot Shane," he says.  "Shane was a great guy and although I only met him that night, I felt like I knew him most of my life. Tom we had a great talk that night and he told me about his girlfriend and that he also had a boyfriend he saw on the side occasionally."

"He was bi," Tom asks.

"Yeah, he said that he was more bi than straight, and had this nice boyfriend that he really liked."

"Shit there seems to more of us on the force than I thought," Tom says giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. "That doesn't hurt does it," he asks hoping that it doesn't.

"No babe, it feels great," he says as he puckers for more. "I guess I will have to get false teeth as soon as I am better," he says looking in the mirror and over half of his teeth are gone because of the accident.

"Don't take this wrong but I can't wait for you to gum my cock babe," he says as Andy tries to swat him.

"That is so wrong old man, see if you get a blowjob from me anytime soon," he says as Coop stands at the door chuckling.

"Now this I would pay to see," she says coming into the room.  "You taking out your teeth to suck a cock."

"Sure pick on the injured kid while he is down, well eventually he will get better and then watch out," he says making a fist.

"Captain called me in last night and wanted to know if I was interested in a promotion to detective," she tells him.  "I really like being a plain patrolman I told him, and have no interest in going any further. Mike is going to take the position though, he is more aggressive to further his career than I am."

A few more weeks passed an Andy finally got to go home. Tom picked him up from the hospital, and as when Tom came home; Thomas was waiting on the front steps for his dad with a banner bigger than his last one, which read, `Finally Both My Dads Are Home!'  As soon as the car pulled in the driveway, Thomas was at Andy's side of the car opening his door.

"Dad I missed you sooooooo much," he says crying as he hugs his dad tightly.

"I missed you too son, and I am glad to finally be home."  His mom comes out to greet him wiping her hands with a dishtowel as she comes out the door.

"Thank God you are finally here son, I thought this day would never come weeks ago seeing the way you looked," she says giving him a hug as he maneuvers himself on his crutch with Tom helping him on the other side.

"I don't know what is worst, this arm cast or the leg," he says trying to get in the house.

"Well at least you're home son, that's all that matters," his mom says as she puts a pillow behind his back as he sits.

They spend a leisurely day greeting his fellow officers who stops by to give their best wishes to him.  He is tired and Tom helps him get up the stairs to their bedroom so he can go to bed.

"Tom I am going to need help undressing with this leg and arm being useless to me," Andy says feeling so frustrated with himself.

"No problem babe, I'm good at that," he says making his horny face at him and Andy just gives him a look.

"Now Tom, please don't start something that neither of us can finish," he says looking down at his casts.  Tom helps him undress and he soon has him naked as he helps him get into bed.

"Now what's this about being unable to finish what I start," he says as he takes Andy's cock into his hand.

"Tom please don't, I have no way of pleasing you," he says as tears start to fall.

"Hey just lie there and enjoy your man doing what he does best babe," he says as he puts Andy's cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck Tom that feels so good," Andy says as he closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling Tom is giving him.  Tom slowly licks the head of his manhood with his tongue, and then slowly swallows his cock down to his pubic hairs making Andy let out a soft moan.  He moves up and down on his cock until Andy cannot hold back any longer.

"Tom I'm coming," he cries out in ecstasy, as he shoots his come into Tom's waiting mouth.  He shoots shot after shot of thick hot come as he pours out his seed to Tom.

"Fuck Tom don't stop, I have so much," he says as he continues to shoot and Tom swallows each lushes drop until Andy finally has given all he has to give.  "God that felt so good babe," he says lying there as he tries to catch his breath, and Tom sits up and his cock is dripping from his own climax.  "Oh babe, I wish I could have given you the same," Andy says as Tom lies beside him and kisses him passionately.

"I'm just glad that you are here for me to do this to," he says thankful that Andy is alive.

The week's pass and Andy eventually looses his casts. He is now fully recovered and he and Tom are lying in bed one morning talking.

"Tom I know we have not spoken about this at all since the hospital, but we need to discuss my going back to work babe," Andy says as Tom quickly gets out of bed. "Please Tom come back here and talk to me," he says as Tom walks into the bathroom.

"There is nothing to talk about, you are not going back to work and that's final," Tom says to him from the bathroom.

"But Tom let's be reasonable here, we cannot afford for both of us to be retired, and I do not qualify for disability retirement," Andy says back at him.  "Will you please come in here where I can see you," he asks.

"See me or not, my mind is made up," he says walking back into the room.  "If you go back to work then we are through Andy, I can't take another episode like that," he says looking at Andy with a serious face.

"Tom you can't be serious, you would end what we have just because I went back to work," Andy asks now getting out of bed and standing in front of Tom.  "Why won't you at least talk about this," he asks.

"Because there is nothing to talk about, it is either the job or me, you decide," he says turning to leave the bedroom.

"You are being a fucking asshole," Andy shouts at him as he leaves the room.  Andy sits back down on the bed with his head in his hands, as he thinks about what Tom has said.

"Dad can I come in please," Thomas asks standing at the door, as Andy quickly covers himself with the blanket.

"What is it son," he asks.

"Are you and dad going to split up," he asks with tears in his eyes.  "Because I don't want to choose who I want to live with," he says to Andy as he sits beside him and cries.

"No one is going to split up son, your dad is just being stubborn," Andy says hugging his son.

"Well dad is on the phone downstairs with grandma asking her if you could live with her," he says looking up at him.

"He is," Andy, asks as his own tears now start to fall and he pulls Thomas in close to him.

Andy tells Thomas to go downstairs so he can get dressed.  He sits there a moment before going to the closet and grabbing his suitcases.  A half hour later he comes down the stairs with two suitcases.

"Just remember Tom, you made me do this, not me. I love you Tom and you also Thomas," he says as he walks out the door.  He puts his suitcases into his car and then gets in, as he notices Thomas in the window crying.  He blows him a kiss as he slowly backs out into the road, then drives off to his mother's house.

"Mother I don't need a lecture please," he says as he walks in carrying his luggage. "Tom is the one who made me do this so lets not discuss it."

"He only did it because he loves you son, and the strain on his heart the past few months has really been tremendous," she says holding him.

"I know mother, but he will not even sit and talk to me about this or any alternatives," he says looking away.  "I need him so much but I will not be given an ultimatum," he says angrily. 

"Son you are both being stubborn, and you are so much like your father when you act like this," she says.  "And I tend to agree with Tom, I wish you would not go back to work at that job," she says to him pulling his face to look at her.

Andy goes to work that night against Toms and his mother's better judgment.

"Welcome back Andy," the captain says as he walks into the station. "Come into my office for a minute," he says to Andy as he turns to go into his office.  "Have a seat son, I really didn't expect to ever see you back again," he says looking at Andy. "After what Tom said during your recovery..." and Andy interrupts him.

"Well Tom doesn't make my decisions I do," he says angrily.  "Besides I now live at home with my mother," he tells him.

"Andy no, you and Tom are so good together son, why be stubborn like this," he says coming around his desk and sitting beside him.  "I hate to think a stinking job broke a great team like you two up," he says putting his hand on Andy's shoulder.

"Captain did you call me in for this or work business," he asks rather rudely. "Because my personal life is just that, personal," he says curtly.

"Well ok sorry son," he says getting up and going back to his own chair. "As you may or may not know, we have had several more family murders since you have been out.  The one common denominator that we have found is that all the children have been foster kids," the captain says.  "The city has alerted the families with foster children of the dilemma and many have given back the children out of fear."

"Is our suspect maybe a foster child at one time," Andy asks now all business.

"This is something we are looking into, we have several leads of suspects that have been foster kids as youths with a police record. At the moment I have a team working on checking out these people, but nothing conclusive has turned up," he says.  "Now about your partner, Mike Bradley, Coop's partner has been promoted to Detective status and will be your partner. He just returned a few weeks ago from a four week leave of absence," the captain says.

"Is he all right," Andy asks wondering why.

"I would guess so, he took it suddenly just after your accident for personal reasons," he says. "But he seems ready to get on with business," the captain says at Mike knocks on the door and the captain waves him in.

"Hey Andy welcome back buddy," Mike says as he shakes hands with handy.  "Did you hear yet, we're going to be partners," he says giving Andy the thumbs up sign.

"That's great Mike, I look forward to working with you," he says.

"So how is Tom doing," he asks not knowing about the two of them yet.

"Fine I guess, we are not together anymore, and I do not want to discuss it ok," he says as he gets up.  "Is there anything else captain, I need to get ready before roll call," he says.

"No Andy that's it, see you at roll call," he says. "Mike I need to talk with you a minute please," he says getting up to close the door.  "Keep an I on him, he is not himself and seems to have a vengeance to fill."

"I was shocked to hear about the two of them splitting," he says shaking his head.  They have been together for a while now, haven't they," he asks.

"Not all that long, but long enough that they have a tight bond, or so I thought," he says.  "Just watch his back and yours," he says as they both walk out of the office.

Later that evening as they make their rounds through the city the guys are talking.

"So I hear that you just got back a while ago also from a personal leave," Andy says to Mike.  "Is everything all right buddy?"

"Somewhat but time will heal it I guess," he says turning to look out the window as Andy drives.

"You need or want to talk about it," he asks. "I am a good listener and I do keep things confidential," he tells him as he pulls into a park to relax for a bit and Mike turns to look at him.

"I guess you of all people would understand," he says as his eyes start to well up.  "How well did you know your partner Shane," he asks looking at Andy.

"Well not all that well we had just met that night," he says.  "But he did mention that he had a boyfriend that he cared a lot about," he says and Mike's face lights up. "You were that man Mike weren't you," Andy asks looking at him as he now starts to cry.

"Andy I have no one to confide in about how much I have been hurting," he says as he lets himself go. "We hid our love because of what we saw you and Tom go through."

"Let is out Mike, don't hold it in anymore," he says as Mike pours out his pain into Andy's arms as he holds him tight.  Andy holds him while he cries and gently rubs his back until his tears run dry.

"Thanks Andy, I really needed to do that," he says as he wipes his eyes with the backs of his hands.  "We were planning on getting married this summer in a quiet ceremony at the cape," he tells Andy.  "I was going to ask you and Tom to stand up for us," he says.  "But I guess you have your own problems between the two of you."

"Not anymore, we are over Mike, he doesn't respect me enough to hear my side of the issue, so I moved out," he tells him.  "A relationship is a two way street, not just one sided."

"But he loves you so much Andy, you can see that in the way he looks at you."

"Well I guess not enough to keep us together does he," Andy says in his own stubborn way.  "I will miss my boy though, but I will go see him on weekends and vacations," he tells him.

"You still love him don't you, one doesn't just stop loving like that," Mike asks looking at him.  "Come on Andy be honest here man."

"Yeah I do but I can't live with someone that will not respect my point of view either.  I have always listened to his and we have found that common middle ground," he tells him.  "He says there is none in this case and refuses to listen to anything I have to say."

"What started this fight that led you to leave him," he asks.

"It was over my returning to work, he did not want me going back to work, and refused to listen to me about it."

"Do you blame him Andy, after all you two have been through in the past months," he says and Andy is getting mad.

"Listen enough about this shit Mike, its none of your business so lets drop the subject ok," he says as he starts the car.  They leave the park and continue their rounds as Andy's cell phone rings, he looks at the number and sees that its Tom and turns off the ringer.

"You can answer it if you want, I won't listen," Mike says.

"Shut up ok, its just him," he says as he steps on the gas.

"Car 165 we have a 10-33 at 45 Magnolia," the dispatcher says.

"Welcome back," Andy whispers to himself.  "Another alarm going off," he says as he translates the code.  Mike flips on the lights but leaves off the siren as they head to the scene.

"I have been in this situation before Mike, I have a bad feeling about this," he says as they approach the house in question.

"Fuck look at that place, it must have ten or more rooms," Mike says looking up at the old Victorian house.

"Well at least there are lights on," Andy says hoping that this is a good sign as his phone vibrates in his pocket this time.  He briefly looks and then choices to ignore it as he gets out of the car.

"Mike call for backup, I have a bad feeling about this," he says as Mike radios in for backup.

They proceed up onto the porch looking around as they go, and Andy rings the doorbell as he unhooks his gun holster.  He rings it a second time then knocks on the door in case the bell doesn't work.  When no one answers he stands back and looks into the window.  He sees nothing wrong in what appears to be the living room, so they do a walk around as another cruiser pulls up and Coop and her partner get out.

"What we got Andy," she asks as she walks up to him.

"We have an alarm going off with no one answering the door.  We were about to do a walk around when you pulled up.  Why don't you two go around to the right of the house, and Mike and I will go to the left and meet in the back.  If you find anything suspicious gives us a call," he says as they start to walk shining their flashlights in front of them.

"Is someone going to shut that damn alarm off," a neighbor asks Andy as he gets to the corner of the house.

"As soon as we determine if everything is all right, now please go inside for your own safety sir," he says politely to him as he proceeds around the house checking windows as he goes.  They meet in the back and everything seems to check out when Coop notices a hatchway leading into the cellar.

"Did anyone check that out," she asks pointing to the hatchway.  They walk over to the hatchway and Andy and Mike stand just off center in front of it, as Coop and her partner Clay open it up.

"Nothing but the cellar door is open," Andy, says noticing that it is opened slightly. "This is a big fucking house, so we are going to take it by floors two by two.  Coop and Clay take the first floor while Mike and I take the second.  If all checks out we do the third together," he tells them and they all agree and then proceed cautiously down into the cellar.  "Hold your lights out to your sides instead of in front of you, this way if anyone shoots at the light they won't hit you as easily," he tells them.

The cellar checks out so they precede upstairs to the first floor. They split up at the bottom of the staircase, with Mike and Andy carefully climbing up to the second floor.  Andy's hair on the back of his neck is now standing on end. He motions to Mike as they reach to top landing to move to the right, as he slowly enters a bedroom where the light is already on.  He looks around and no one is in there as he hears a sound in the closet.  He makes a sign with his finger over his lips to let Mike know to be quiet as he points to the closet.  Mike moves to the door and carefully grabs the knob, as Andy stands ready.  He pulls it open quickly as Andy has his gun pointed at a boy no older than eight.  He grabs the boy and takes him out of the closet as Coop and Clay are coming upstairs.

"Clay take this boy downstairs to the car and call for more backup," he tells him as Clay quickly grabs the boy and whisks him out of the room and down the stairs.  "Where there is a boy there are at least one or two parents," Andy whispers.  "There are at least another three bedrooms on this floor alone," he tells them. "Watch our backs Coop."  They move down the hall to the next bedroom, but this one is dark and the door is closed.  He gently turns the doorknob to open the door when it suddenly swings open. There standing before him is a man with a gun pointed at him and gunshots go off from both guns.

To be continued ...

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