Officer Andy Revisited


Chapter 5

This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission.

I wish to thank my good friend Bill H. for his work in editing this chapter.

From chapter 4 ...

The cellar checks out so they precede upstairs to the first floor. They split up at the bottom of the staircase, with Mike and Andy carefully climbing up to the second floor.  Andy's hair on the back of his neck is now standing on end. He motions to Mike as they reach to top landing to move to the right, as he slowly enters a bedroom where the light is already on.  He looks around and no one is in there as he hears a sound in the closet.  He makes a sign with his finger over his lips to let Mike know to be quiet as he points to the closet.  Mike moves to the door and carefully grabs the knob, as Andy stands ready.  He pulls it open quickly as Andy has his gun pointed at a boy no older than eight.  He grabs the boy and takes him out of the closet as Coop and Clay are coming upstairs.

"Clay take this boy downstairs to the car and call for more backup," he tells him as Clay quickly grabs the boy and whisks him out of the room and down the stairs.  "Where there is a boy there are at least one or two parents," Andy whispers.  "There are at least another three bedrooms on this floor alone," he tells them. "Watch our backs Coop."  They move down the hall to the next bedroom, but this one is dark and the door is closed.  He gently turns the doorknob to open the door when it suddenly swings open. There standing before him is a man with a gun pointed at him and gunshots go off from both guns.


Andy flies back against the stairway railing, as the man in the bedroom falls to the floor.  Coop rushes to Andy's side as she lifts him up to see if she can help him, as another shot rings out. Coop looks to see Mike with his gun pointed at the man in the room.

"He wasn't dead, he was about to shoot again," he says to Coop. "He is not going to shoot anyone anymore," he says as she looks at the man who now has shot in the middle of his forehead.  "That one is for you Shane," he says as his gun arm drops to his side.  "How is Andy," he asks.

"Just stunned, the vest absorbed the brunt of the impact," she tells him as Andy comes to.

"Is he dead," Andy asks as he slowly gets up to his feet and swerves a bit.

"He is now, I shot him after you did Andy, he wasn't dead," Mike says to Andy.  They look at him and he has on a vest like they do.  "No wonder he didn't die the fucker, I'm glad I got him in the head," he says looking up at the ceiling as the other two do also.

"What are you looking at," Coop asks still looking up.

"Heaven, I got him for my Shane," he says as the tears run down his face and she takes him in her arms.  She holds him a bit as Andy cautiously continues to search the remaining rooms.  They end up finding the parents and two more children dead.  The little boy had a habit of sleeping under his bed so the killer never spotted him, so when he heard the shooting he hid in the closet until Andy found him.

When they had finished they reports, Andy knocks on the captain's door and asks to speak with him.

"What's up kid," the captain asks as Andy comes in and closes the door.  "That was some good police work tonight," the captain says as Andy's phone vibrates again in his pocket.  He takes it out to see who it is then quickly replaces it.  "If you need to take that kid, go ahead, I can wait," he says.

"No it's not necessary," he says. "He can wait until I am good and ready to talk to him," he says knowing that Tom is beside himself with worry about all he heard on the scanner tonight. 

"Well what can I do for you son," he asks almost afraid to ask. 

Andy slides a piece of paper across his desk to him and then begins to say.

"That sir is my resignation effective immediately," Andy says looking directly at him.  "I have seen my last dead child for the last time sir.  So as of this moment I am surrendering my badge and sidearm to you," he says as he places his gun and badge on the captain's desk.

"I almost expected this earlier son, but I accept your resignation with much regret, for I will be loosing one of my finest men I have ever had the pleasure of having under my command son," he says as he stands up and shakes his hand.  "I wish you luck son in whatever you pursue for a career," he tells him.  "And I know you don't want to hear this but I do hope that you and Tom get back together, for if ever two people were meant for each other it is you two."

"Well sir that does not look likely but thank you sir," he says as he gets up and leaves as the captain's phone rings.

"Excuse son," he says as he picks up the phone and Andy walks out the door.  "Hello," he says.

"Hey captain this is Tom, just answer me one question and I will not bother you again," he says.  "Just tell me if Andy is all right or not," he asks.

"Yes Tom he is, as a matter of fact he just left my office," he says as Tom says thanks and hangs up.

Andy goes into the locker room and gets ready to take his shower and everyone is gone but Mike.

"I thought you would be gone by now," Andy says to him as he undresses.

"The fucking paper work is endless in this fucking job," he says to Andy as he also undresses.  "I need a shower before I leave to relax," he says as he gives Andy a glance.  They walk together to the shower talking about the night's events.

"Are you all right Mike," Andy asks as he turns on the shower.

"Yeah, I am now. Killing that fucker gave me closer on Shane," he says thankful for the shower to hide his tears.

"Listen I can see the tears buddy and its fine to cry and still hurt," he says taking him into his arms as Mike lets it out again.  "We all have to deal with our pain in our own way."  He holds him until he regains his control then he looks into Andy's eyes.

"I really never had a friend like you Andy," he says still in Andy's arms. "I appreciate you being here for me when I needed someone," he says as they silently stare at one another then it happens.  Mike leans in and gives Andy a kiss, and he doesn't resist his advance.  He kisses him back letting their tongues meet as they tangle for dominance.  The water cascades down their tight embrace as they hold each other tight.

"Mike is this right what we are doing," Andy asks looking at Mike.

"I don't know if it is but I think we both need it," he says as they once again kiss, this time with passion and lust as Mike now drops to his knees.  He looks up at Andy who is looking down at him then takes his cock into his hand.  He licks the head slowly as he savors the taste, and then swallows it down into his throat.

"Oh fuck Mike," Andy moans as Mike slowly sucks his cock up and down.  "Fuck stop Mike, I'm coming," he says as he shoots his come down Mikes throat as he holds his head and fucks his mouth, shooting his seed until he has nothing left.  Mike gets up and they kiss hard and long, then Andy drops down on his knees.  He takes Mike's hard cock and in one quick swallow, takes it deep into his throat.

"I can't Andy please stop," he says but Andy continues to suck.  "Andy no please stop," he says as he then grabs his head and starts to aggressively fuck his mouth.  He pounds his mouth hard and fast until he is moaning and calling out.

"Fuck man take it, I'm coming," he says as he continues to fuck Andy's mouth.  He pulls his now soft cock out of Andy's mouth and helps him get up.  "I wish you had stopped," he says with tears again.

"Why Mike you did me, it was the least I could do for you," Andy says feeling guilty himself for having sex behind Tom's back.

"I feel like I betrayed Shane doing it with you, and you are still with Tom," he says.

"Well not technically," he says, "we broke up last night. But I do feel guilty for what I did though," he says. "I am sorry Mike, can we forget this ever happened," he says to him.

"I would like that very much Andy, as far as I am concerned it never did," he says but they kiss tenderly as friends would.  "I think we both filled a need we had at the moment."

"Yeah, I think we did," Andy says as they shut off the shower and walk back to their lockers.  "This is the last time I will shower or be in this room," he says as Mike freezes and looks at him.

"What are you talking about," Mike asks.

"I handed in my resignation earlier to the captain Mike, I cannot take it anymore," he tells him.

"What are you going to do," he asks.

"I don't know at the moment, but police work and I are through," he says as he starts to dress.  "Mike I hope you find a man to love someday," he says.

"Andy go home to Tom, you know you still love him just stop being stubborn."

"I do love that big lug, but we have much to talk about before I can just go back to the way we were," he says as his cell vibrates again this time he answers it.

"Yeah Tom what's up," he says.

"Come home babe, I am so sorry for the way I acted and I will listen to what you have to say, but just come home please," he says crying into the phone.

"On my way lover," he says as he hangs up.  "Mike I hope you find a love like ours," he says as he gives him a hard long kiss.  "That love, is for luck," he says grabbing his things and walked out without looking back.  He drove over to Tom's house and knocked on the door.

"Andy why are you knocking babe," Tom asks taking him in his arms and gives him a kiss so hard and passionate that Andy thought he would pass out.

"This is your home Tom, I was just a guest," he says and Tom is hurt by the statement.

"Is that how you felt living here all this time Andy," he asks and he now has tears in his eyes.  "I'm sorry if you felt that you were only a guest here."

"Tom I never felt that this was our home, it was yours before I met you, and well I was the one who moved out when we split up," he says.  "But enough of that for the moment, we have to talk before we can even consider us an us again."

"I am sorry for closing you out yesterday, and that was wrong of me to call your mother to ask her to take you in. I can see how you must have felt that I did not want you anymore babe, can you forgive me," he asks.

"Yes I can forgive you, but first I must tell you something that will probably change your desire to have me back," he tells him.  "Today I had sex with Mike Bradley, before I left work.  I am not going to make excuses Tom, but it just happened in the shower when we were both at our most vulnerable moment," he says with his back to Tom.  "It was just that, sex, it had nothing to do with love, but we were both hurting and it happened.  Now I am the one who must ask forgiveness from you Tom," he says turning to him with tears running down his face.  Tom comes over to him and takes him in his arms and kisses him tenderly and passionately.

"Babe, I know more than you think I know," he says as he holds him tight. You see I called the captain today and to ask if you were all right because of what I heard on the scanner last night.  After I hung up I decided to go over to the station to ask you to come home.  I saw you and Mike in the shower, as well as I heard your conversation after.  I also know about you turning in your resignation to the captain babe, you see I spent some time listening to you and Mike.  So once I knew you still loved me that was when I called you on your cell phone and asked you to come home.  So yes I forgive you if you will forgive me for spying on you today," he says as Andy wraps his arms around Tom's neck and he gives him the sweetest kiss he has ever given him, and then Tom leads him upstairs to bed.  They walk into their bedroom and Andy freezes.

"Tom would you wait one minute while I do something," he says as he opens the window and then tosses the scanner out of it.  "Now lover make love to me," he says.  They quickly undress then they climb into bed, with Tom getting in between Andy's spread legs.

"Lover I want you to fuck me with all you got," he says as he kisses him hard and lustfully.  Tom reaches for the lube but Andy tells him no.

"I don't want that today, just fuck me babe until we come," he says reaching down to position Tom's cock.

"Are you sure babe, this might be rough at first," Tom says as he pushes against Andy's hole and Andy pulls him in taking him all the way in.

"Ah fuck babe that feels so fucking good," he cries out as Tom's cock bottoms out.  "Now fuck me hard and fast babe," he tells him as Tom lifts himself up with his arms, and then pulls it all the way out then slams it back in again.

"Fuck yeah babe," he cries out as he rises to meet his thrust.  "Give to your man," he tells him and Tom pounds his ass with furry as Andy meets every thrust until they are in the heat of their lust and passion.

"Oh fuck Tom I'm coming," Andy screams as he shoots like he has never shot before pulling Tom down for a hard almost violent kiss.  "Yeah fuck me Tom faster and deeper man," he yells as his ass pumps Tom's cock hard and fast.

"Fuck babe here it comes," Tom cries out as he pounds Andy's ass hard and deep, he shoots his seed deep into his man as his passion flows out of his ass.  "Oh fuck Andy your ass is on fire," he shouts as he continues to fuck him hard and fast.  He slowly starts to slow down as he gives up his come, and he drops on his lover for a kiss.

"Now that is great make-up sex," Tom says as he rolls off Andy onto his side.

"You have never fucked me like that, and from now on that is how I want you to fuck me lover," he says as he rolls towards him for a kiss.  "I want to know that I have a real man in me," he says kissing him hard and tough.

"God babe, I think I like the new you, does this mean we go shopping for a new house," Tom asks looking into his lover's eyes.

"Yeah my man, from now on is this family you are the man," he says taking him in his arms and kissing him passionately.

"As long as I can have the old Andy once in a while," he says as he kisses him softly and deep.

"Anything my man wants he gets.  Tom there is one other thing I would like to ask of you," he says.  "The last family that that psycho last night left a little boy about eight years old, if he has no family to care for him, I would like to see about adopting him."

"Whatever makes you happy makes me happy," he says.  Later that day Tom called the department of social services and talked to an old friend of his.

"Hey Trevor how are you buddy," Tom asks.

"Well Tom Sullivan, as I live and breath, I thought you were dead," Trevor says. "What can I do for you pal?"

"Last night you may have gotten a boy from a murdered family," he says.

"Yes an eight year old lets see, yes here it is," he says as he finds the paper work.  "Mark Daniels, no known relatives, why do you ask," he asks Tom

"Have you found a home for him yet," he asks.

"Hell no, with all the murders going on with foster kids, we can't find anyone to take the ones we have never mind any new ones, why."

"Well my partner and I would like to take him in with the possibility of adopting him," Tom says.

"Don't tell me, you finally found a man to put up with your sorry ass," he says laughing.

"Yeah I did Trev, and if I did then there is still hope for you," he says returning the laugh.

"So who is this lucky guy, do I know him," he asks.

"Well you knew his dad," he says and the phone goes quiet.

"Tom not Andy's son, Andy Junior," he says. "When, how did this happen man," he asks.

"We worked together and then it just happened, one day we ended up in love and in bed together.  Now we have been together over a year."

"Fuck you lucky dog, Tom.  I am so happy for you, and yeah I see no problem for the two of you getting Mark, why don't I bring him by tonight and see how things go, that way I can meet the guy that stole your heart."

"Sounds great, how about six and come for dinner Trev," he says and they hang up.

"Tom I have something to ask and I will understand if you object," Andy says before Tom can speak.

"What's that," he says.

"Mike feels awful about what happened, and wants to apologize to you also.  So I told him he could come over for dinner tonight, but if you object I will call him back and tell no," Andy says.

"That's fine babe, but he does not have to apologize.  My friend Trevor is coming for dinner also, he is the one from DSS and single, 31, and bringing Mark the little boy you mentioned."

"Oh Tom you make me so happy love. I want Thomas here to make him feel more comfortable.  Mom is bringing him over anytime," he says as the front door opens and Thomas charges in toward Andy almost knocking him over.

"Dad are you home to stay," he asks as Andy picks him up.

"Yes son, I'm home to stay," he says giving him a hug and kiss.  "How would you like a little brother," Andy asks him.

"For real dad, you are not kidding me are you," he says looking from one to the other.

"Well we have a little boy, Mark, coming tonight to see if he might want to live with us.  Now son he has had a real bad time lately, his family was killed by that murderer in the news."

"I will make him feel real special and welcomed dad," he says.  "Just like you guys did with me when I first met you."

"Son I am so happy you two made up, I hated to see you two go separate ways. I saw that once between your dad and Tom but he never knew I knew."

"Mom you knew about their friendship," he asks her.

"Son your father was every bit of a gentleman, he would no sooner leave me and you for Tom then he would cut off his right arm," she says.  "I know love when I see it, and when your dad looked at Tom he had love in his eyes for his friend.  That is why I never minded having Tom around, he made my man so happy just being there."

"Claire why didn't you tell me, Tom says standing just out of sight but within hearing distance. 

"Tom Andy would never had let me if he knew that I knew how he felt about you.  I didn't mind sharing his love with you; I knew you watched over him when I couldn't.  It was that one night neither of us could that he lost his life, and a part of both of us died with him," she says holding Tom's hands.

"I loved him so much Claire, more than maybe Andy, but not in the same way," he says looking at Andy.  "I hope you know what I mean babe," he says to Andy.

"Yes lover I do," Andy says giving him a quick kiss.

"I was dead for months until Andy came into my life as a lover, and even then I fought that at first."

"Yes mom he did, it was me that persuaded him to try love again," Andy says looking into his lover's eyes.

"Well I don't know how your father would have reacted to your love but I feel that he would have approved of it in his own way.  Just like I feel that had I died first he and you Tom would have eventually become lovers also.  So you see this love you share is just an extension of your dad's love for Tom," she says.

Mike was the first one to show up for the evening and he was so apologetic to Tom.  Tom made him feel so relaxed and welcomed and then the others arrived.

"Hello Mark, do you remember me," Andy asks him.

"Yes sir," he says in a soft low voice. "You are the police man that saved me from the bad man that hurt my family," he says.

"That is right son, how would you like to come and live with us," he asks him.

"I guess that would be all right seeing how I don't have no one else to take me," he says and he is fighting back his tears as Andy takes him in his arms and holds him tight and he starts to cry.  "You can cry all you want son, just let it all out of you heart," Andy tells him as he sobs deeply into his shoulder.  After a while he calms down, and Andy introduces him to Tom and then Thomas.

"Hi I'm Thomas but you can call me Tommy if you want to," he says to him.  "Want to see your room, we are going to be together and be brothers," he tells Mark as he takes him by the hand leading him upstairs.

"Well certainly knows how to make a boy feel welcome," Trevor says looking over at Mike.

"Trevor let me introduce you to Michael Bradley, he is a police officer also," Tom says as the two shake hands.  "He is also on the market," he whispers into Trevor's ear so only he can hear. 

The evening progresses nicely, as Trevor and Mike hit it off.

"Listen to that," Andy says as the place goes deathly quiet and you can hear laughter coming from upstairs.

"I think he is going to like it here," Trevor says looking at Tom and Andy.  "So Mike do you ever go out when you aren't working," he asks.

"Well I love to dance, but I go to Hartford because of my work," he says. "Do you dance," he asks.

"I love to dance but it seems that men these days prefer to sit and drink instead of dancing."

"I have this Saturday off, how about Hartford Eagle this weekend, they meet the forth Saturday of each month and it is so cool a place," he says to Trevor.  "You have anything in leather," he asks.

"Man have I got leather, don't tell me you like leather," he says getting all excited.

"Hey I'm a cop," he says. "Plan on staying over at my place if you don't mind, I have cuffs also," he says giving him a seductive look.

"Tom I owe you big time buddy," he says as he gives Mike a big kiss.

"You two are welcome to use our room if you want," Andy says. "But only if we get to join in."

"You wish," Mike says. "This one is going to be all mine," he says as he takes him in his arms and they kiss hard and passionately.

"Just remember we still have young boys running around here," Tom says and they instantly calm down.

"Damn you know how to dose a fire," Trevor says sitting back up.  "What time do you have to start your shift," he asks.

"Midnight, why," he asks.

Trevor looks at his watch then says, "If we hurry we can get two hours in before you have to leave," he says as they get up to leave.  I will call you two tomorrow about Mark he says as they walk out the door.

"By Tom, Andy," Mike says as he pulls the door shut behind him.

"Wow talk about a fire, I bet Mike calls out," Tom says as they head upstairs to check on the boys.  They stop outside the door to listen, as Thomas is talking to Mark.

"I lost my mom and brother also to murder," he tells Mark. "So I know how bad it hurts inside, so if you need to cry brother you can come to me and tell me that you need to.  I won't make fun of you or call you a baby.  I cried a lot with my dad's here, they let me cry whenever I needed too."

"Andy is the one who found me in my closet, when he hugged me to him in my room it made me feel so safe.  I think I am going to like living here with all of you.  Is it all right if I still miss my family for a while," he asks Thomas.

"You can miss them as long as you want Mark.  I still miss my mom, but not as much as I used to. My dads make me feel loved and safe.  You wait and see how you feel in a few months after living here, you will still miss them but in a different way.

The two guys went back downstairs in tears from listening to the boys and their outlook about life.

"My God Tom, listening to Thomas is like listening to an adult, he made even me feel warm and fuzzy inside."

"He had to grow-up fast living the life he had on the streets, and he will help Mark to adjust just fine. Now about us, what are you planning to do for work babe, because I know you are not one to sit home."

"I have considered applying to a smaller town police force, something that is not so metropolitan."

"You are your father's son, you have police in your veins," he says.  "Where exactly did you have in mind or do I dare ask."

"I was considering Vermont," he says.

"Vermont, as in cows and farms," he asks.

"Well minus the cows and farms babe, but yes a small town in Vermont would be nice.  They have an opening for a town sheriff in South Hero Vermont on Lake Champlain.  It would be good for the boys in the country, and you could fish and hunt."

"Hunt what, cows," Toms says looking at Andy.

"If that is what they hunt, sure.  Will you at least think about it for me," he asks looking at him as he grabs his crotch.

"Hey no fair, that is tampering with a something or other," he says as his manhood starts to rise.  "Now look what you have done, you intend to take care of this," he asks looking down at his tented pants.

"As soon as the boys are in bed," Andy says giving him a smile as he heads toward the stairs.

They get to almost the boys room when they hear what they wish they wished they hadn't.

"Do I have to sleep with my dads," Mark asks. "Because I had to sleep with my other one that died when his wife was not home. He made me take my clothes off and he did things to me that hurt my bum," Mark says.

"Oh my God Mark," Andy says rushing into the room. "No one is like that here. You are going to be very safe son from all kinds of things that will hurt you," he says holding him close to him.

"I told you our dads are the best in the world," Thomas says to him.

"Now how about getting ready for bed, your new pajamas are on the bed, Mark," Andy says showing him his bed. "Take them in the bathroom and change then we will tuck you boys in," he says.

"My God Andy what that little kid has been through in his short life. I think we should see about counseling for him once he is settled in here," he says to Andy.

That weekend they took a trip up to Vermont. The kids loved the cows, which Andy and Tom discovered were not for hunting, and they stopped at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory in Waterbury Vermont for a tour and a taste treat. Andy had an interview for the sheriff's position, and was told that he would hear about it in two weeks.  They looked at the housing market and also the schools before they headed back home.

Two weeks later Andy got a phone call at home.

"Hello Mr. Andrew Butler, this is councilman Clem Andrews in South Hero Vermont. I am calling to tell you that the council has selected you for the sheriff's positions."

"Well I thank you for calling Mr. Andrews.  When would you like me to start," he asks.

"Well this is the first time that we have hire a Flat Lander, no offense kiddo, so we think you might need some time to get your things together, how about one month from this Monday," he asks.

"That would be good for me sir, I will see you on the Friday before," he tells him.

"I got the job babe, we are moving to Vermont," tells Tom who looks anything but thrilled.  "Buy the way babe, what is a Flat Lander," he asks Tom.

"How the fuck do I know, must be something Vermontish," he says.  "Well we have a lot to do before we move, I have to sell the house, and we need to find a place to live up there. Are you sure this is what you want to do babe," he asks putting his hands on both of Andy's shoulders.

"Babe, we talked about this already, if you don't want to move I guess I can still get my job back with the city," he says and Tom holds up both of his hands.

"No way babe, just go buy me some flannel shirts and overalls," he says going to find the boys.  From the sound of the squealing and laughter he heard, Andy surmised that he had told the boys that they were moving.  Andy made a call to Trevor to see about legally adopting Mark.

"I have a judge that owes me big time Andy, and I also owe you for Mike," he says.  "We have been so happy together, I cannot thank you enough for introducing him to me. Let me make a call and I will get back to you hun," he says and they hang up the phone.

"Mark can I talk to you for a minute son in private," he says and Mark gets very quiet.  He takes him into his bedroom closing the door behind them as he goes in.  Mark starts to undress as Andy turns around, and he is shocked to see this behavior.

"Mark what are you doing son," Andy asks as Mark climbs up on the bed with no clothes on.

"You are going to lay with me like my other daddy did," he says as he turns on his stomach.

"Mark please son, this is not what I wanted you for," he says handing him his clothes.  "Please son get dressed we do not do those things here," Andy says as he wants to cry for this boy's abuse.  "You may have had this happen to you before, but you will never have to have it happen ever again," he tells him. "What I wanted you for is to ask you if you are happy here with us, and if you would like to be adopted by us and have our last."  Mark jumps up and gives Andy a hug and a kiss, as his excitement says it all.

"Can I have your name also, Andy," he asks.

"Yes your last name would be Butler-Sullivan," he tells him.

"No I mean I want to be called Andrew like you," he says and Andy is taken by surprise.

"I would be honored to give you my name son, if that is what you want."

"You are the best daddy I have ever had," he says hugging him again.

Trevor calls back and a court date is set, and Mark becomes Andrew the third.  They find a nice farmhouse up in Vermont and they settle in to a new life of quietness, or so they thought...

This is the end for now of the Andy saga, he may return in the future, but right now he and Tom are out hunting cows.

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