Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Two

By Randy Howard and David Booth

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From chapter one...


Thom turned on the shower. He let the warm water fall over his hot sweaty body and he relaxed as the steam filled the room.


"Mind if I join you?" Shane asked turning on the shower next to him.


"Not at all Shane," he replied, looking down at a seven-inch cock.


"Like it buddy?" Shane asked noticing Andy's intent glance.


"Ah... sorry Shane, I didn't mean to look," he said blushing profusely.


"No problem Thom and man that's quite a weapon you have there," he said looking at Thom's nine incher.


"Thanks man I guess I was blessed in that area huh," Thom said giving it a tug.


"I'll say.... here let me do that for you." Steadily Shane knelt down in front of Thom and took his cock into his mouth before Thom could say anything.


The warm sensation soon has Thom's cock standing on end, as Shane moved up and down on the shaft. He ran his tongue all around the bulbous head before swallowing it back down. He played with his balls as he quickly sucked his cock. Soon Thom was at the edge.


"Fuck Shane I'm going to cum," Thom exclaimed, but Shane continued to suck harder and faster.


Thom shot his cum into Shane' hot wet mouth while he held onto his head. He continued to fuck his face as he shot rope after rope of hot cum, while Shane swallowed each precious drop.


"Damn that was fucking good man, thanks," Thom said after Shane got up from the shower floor.


"Damn you had a lot of the stuff guy. I thought you were gonna drown me," Shane said, then filled his mouth with water from the shower and spit it out on the floor.


"It's been a while since I jerked off and you were my first blow job."


They dried off and were just about to leave when someone came running into the bathroom.


"Is there a Thom Sullivan in here?" the kid yelled.


"Yeah that's me why?" Thom asked.


"Your brother's been shot and he's on the way to the hospital," he explained excitedly. "He looks like he's dead man."


Chapter Two...


"What? When? Where is he now?" Thom shouted as he ran out of the bathroom.

"I'm Clay Parker and they just took him to the hospital."

"What the fuck happened Danny?" He asked seeing him sitting and crying.

"We were putting our stuff away when a shot came through the window and Andrew dropped to the floor."

"I have to call my dad," Thom declared.

"I want my dad to come too if he's still there." Danny added.

Thom dialed Andy's cell phone and got the answering machine.

"Damn dad where are you?" he asked then the machine kicked in. "Dad it me Thom, Andrew's been shot and he's on his way to the hospital. Danny wants his dad to come also. Hurry dad... please!"

Thom, Danny, and Shane headed down to the parking lot where they were confronted by the police and news reporters. The police came over to Danny and pulled him aside.

"I'm detective Ed Burns and we need a statement from you." He demanded.

"I really don't know anything.... like I told you before sir. We were just putting our things away when the shot came in through the window." Danny answered.

"Has anyone made a threat against either of you?" Barnes asked.

"No sir... we'd just gotten here today and haven't really met anyone yet."

"Where are you guys heading?" he asked.

"Up to the hospital... Thom over there is his brother." Danny responded.

"Really, I'd like to speak to him for a moment," Barnes said walking towards Thom and Shane.

"Thom Sullivan, may I have a word with you?" he asked.

"I guess so, but can you hurry.... my brother was the one shot officer." Thom replied.

"I'll only take a minute. Where were you when your brother was shot?" he asked suspiciously.

"Why? Do you think I would shoot my own brother, you asshole?"

"Listen kid if it weren't your brother I'd have you arrested right now, so listen up. I just want to know where you were."

"I was in the shower getting a fucking blow job ok!" he said angrily.

"Excuse me, you were doing what?" Barnes asked in shock.

"Shane get over here please," Thom called out.

"What's up Thom?" Shane asked as he approached.

"Please tell this dickhead here what we were doing when Andrew got shot."

"You're kidding Thom right?" Shane whispered to Thom.

"No I'm not, just tell him please."

"As long as I don't get in trouble for it," he said to the detective.

"Listen kid just tell me and then you can go," Barnes said exasperated.

"I was blowing Thom in the shower when his brother got shot, ok man?" Shane said almost whining.

"I fucking can't understand you kids today," Barnes said as he walked away.

"Let's get the fuck out of here... now!" Thom said with bitterness in his voice, glancing at the detective.

As they were driving to the hospital, Thom's cell phone rang.

"It's my dad," he said. "Dad where are you?"

"I'm on my way to the hospital with Barry," he said. "What happened son? How did Andrew get shot?"

"We don't know dad... I was in the shower when it happened. Danny said the shot came in through the window and Andrew just dropped to the floor."

"Are you at the hospital now son?"

"We're just pulling into the parking area now dad. Let me off at the front door Shane and meet me inside after you park."

"I'll meet you in the emergency room son. I'm on Pearl Street and should be there in a few minutes." Andy answered.

"Ok dad I'm going in now, I'll meet you inside."

"I love you son. I know I don't tell you boys that enough and I just wanted you to know that."

"I love you too dad and we both know how much you love us dad. Now hurry and get here please."

Thom rushed into the emergency room and up to the triage desk.

"My brother was just brought in with a gunshot wound." Thom said frantically.

"I'll get the attending doctor, why don't you have a seat until he can talk with you," the nurse said calmly.

"My dad's on his way also and should be here... here he is now," Thom said as Andy and Barry entered the emergency reception area.

"Is he alright son?" Andy asked.

"I don't know dad, she won't tell me anything."

"Excuse me," Andy said firmly to the triage nurse, "I would like to see my son and I mean now."

"Like I told your son and now I'll tell you sir," she replied, "when the doctor is done he'll be out to speak with you. So please have a seat and I'll let him know you're here."

"Thank you," Andy said turning toward the sitting area.

Barry and Danny were talking quietly and Shane was sitting by himself.

"Dad this is Shane Bradley-Anderson, Mike and Trevor's son," he said introducing Shane to his dad.

"You're Mike and Trevor's son.... I use to work with your dad. He was my partner for a short while and a nice guy. So how is the old goat?"

"He's good and Trevor's retired now from social services. He keeps trying to get my dad to retire too, but he loves the police department."

"Trevor was responsible for giving Andrew to me and my partner."

"My dad will be so angry to know he missed seeing you sir." Shane said apologetically.

"Dad the doctor's coming over," Thom said.

"Are you the young man's father?" the doctor asked.

"Yes doctor... how is he?"

"He is in critical condition, but stable at the moment. He lost a lot of blood and we had to give him a transfusion. You can see him for only a minute, but he's still unconscious. We'll know more during the next twenty-four hours."

"Is he going to make it though, doctor?" Thom asked anxiously.

"Like I said we'll know more over the next twenty-four hours. Now if you'll follow me, I'll take you to see him."

They found Andrew wired to a multitude of machines with tubes and wires criss-crossing his body. At the sight of his son, Andy lost it. He broke down crying and Thom held him in a hug, trying to comfort him.

"Dad I... we need you to be strong," Thom said.

"I'm sorry Thom, but I just had a flash back to your dad and it upset me."

Andy took Andrew's free hand in his and gently kissed it. Tears filled his eyes until one escaped and ran down his cheek.

"Andrew listen to me son," Andy said quietly, "I want you to fight this and come back to us son. Don't let go son, you come back to me please Andrew."

"I'm sorry sir, but we need to do some checks on him so you'll have to go now," the doctor said.

Andy and Thom left and went back to the waiting room and sat there with Shane, Barry, and Danny, discussing what to do next.

"I need to go to the police station and talk with them. I need to know what's going on." Andy declared.

"Go dad and we'll stay here and wait. Oh and watch out for a detective named Ed Burns. He's a real dickhead." Thom said with some disgust in his voice.

"I'll go with you Andy," Barry said, putting his hand on Andy's shoulder.

"Thank you Barry, but you have to drive home in the morning."

"I'm not going anywhere until I know my son is safe and... after what we shared earlier I need to talk to you," Barry said quietly.

"What happened out there at the house dad?" Thom asked quietly.

"It's none of your business son.... so let it drop."

"You two had sex didn't you dad? Alright dad!"

"Son please keep this quiet until I talk to Barry."

"I won't say a word dad really, but it's about time you found someone to be with again."

"We aren't together son... it just happened and we had sex."

"Well it's a start dad and it looks like he wants more," Thom said glancing over at Barry.

"I'm going to the police station and YOU are keeping this between us, understand?"

"Yeah dad, but keep your cell phone on so I can reach you."

Andy and Barry left Thom, Danny, and Shane waiting to hear more about Andrew from the doctor. They drifted off to sleep in their chairs with Thom resting his head on Shane's shoulder. Danny noticed how close Thom and Shane seemed to be.


Clay Parker came into the waiting room and saw the boys sleeping. He walked over to Thom gently shaking him awake.

"Ah Clay... what are you doing here?" Thom asked still half asleep as Shane began to stir.

"I wanted to see how your brother's doing," he replied.

"We don't know much at the moment except he's holding his own."

"So he's still alive then?" he asked.

"Yeah so far he is."

"You seemed so peaceful sleeping on his shoulder there that I didn't want to wake you."

"Ah... I must have leaned into him while sleeping I guess," Thom said hoping that Clay didn't get the wrong idea.

"Weren't you two in the shower together earlier when I found you to tell you about your brother?" He asked.

"What's your point Clay or do you have one?" Thom asked defensively.

"No point just wondering if there was more to it than met the eye." Clay replied with a grin.

"Well there isn't, so fuck off and thanks for asking about Andrew... now goodnight," Thom said turning away from him.

Clay stood there for a minute, and then left the hospital. Danny, Shane and Thom watched him leave.

"I really don't like that kid," Thom said. "He's way to nosey for his own good."

"Do you think he saw us in the shower Thom?" Shane whispers to him.

"I hope not, but he did ask if we were together in the shower earlier. We were in the bathroom dressed when he came in to tell us about Andrew. So how did he know about the shower?"

"I don't know, but he kind of creeps me out Thom," Shane replied.


Andy and Barry walked into the Burlington Police Department and asked for a Detective Burns. They were told that Detective Burns was out on a case and that his partner Casey Putnam could speak to them. A few moments later she came into the reception area, an attractive lady with red hair and green eyes.

"Gentlemen, I'm Detective Putnam how may I help you," she asked shaking their hands.

"I'm Sheriff Andy Butler and this is Barry Wilkes. It was my son that was shot tonight at the UVM dorm." Andy explained.

"My God I'm so sorry Mr. Butler, please come into my office. How's the lad doing?" she asked sincerely.

"He's holding his own at the moment, but he's still not out of the woods yet."

"So what can I do for you gentlemen?"

"I'd like to know if you have any suspects in the case yet." Andy inquired. "Also have you determined where the shots were fired from?" he asks.

"Well first off," Casey began, "this is still an on going investigation.... and secondly we just don't go giving out evidence to just anyone."

"I understand that Detective, but I'm not just anyone. Andrew is my son and I am not you're a-typical small town sheriff either."

"I realize that sir, but we still don't have all our information together yet. As soon as we know something we'll certainly let you know."

"I would hope so detective because I'd hate to have to appeal to my friend the governor for help."

"Are you threatening me sir?"

"Not at all detective.... just placing all my cards on the table that's all. Here's my cell phone number," Andy said handing her a card with his name and cell phone number on it.

"Thank you and I'll be getting back to you," she said getting up, signaling she was finished.

Andy and Barry left the station and drove over to the dorm. They headed upstairs to Andrew's room and looked from various areas of the room to determine the trajectory of the bullet.

"If I remember my crime scene investigation right and the angle of the shot," Andy said almost to himself, "the shot had to be fired from that water tower over there," he concluded, pointing out the broken window at the tower. "Let's take a ride Barry or would you rather go back to the hospital?"

"Are you kidding me, this is really interesting watching you put this stuff together. I usually don't get to see this crime solving first hand."

"Well my handsome man, let's go and maybe I can teach you a thing or two," Andy said patting Barry's ass.

The drove around a bit until they determined the way to the tower. The tower stood inside a fenced-in reservoir. The gate was securely locked. Andy turned on his flashlight and handed one to Barry. They walked over to the gate, trying it for entry, when Andy noticed footprints in the dirt.

"Barry look here," he said squatting down and shining his light at the footprints. Barry squatted down beside him and looked at the footprints in the dirt.

"Do you think it was made by our shooter Andy?"

"I'd suspect so because they're fresh and no maintenance workers would be out at this hour. However, we can never assume.... we'll ask before we make a determination. Let's see where they lead us," Andy said getting up.

Before tracking the footprints, Andy went back to the car and retrieved a plaster of Paris kit and a black bag from the trunk. Following the prints, they were led for quite a distance until they came to a hole in the fence.

"Look here.... someone cut the fence to gain entry Barry. And the water tower is about two hundred feet straight ahead."

"But why would they enter here and not climb over the fence near the gate?" Barry asked.

"Cover my friend, the woods here shielded them from view and if you look at where the water ends over there, one can get a clear path to the tower." Andy bent down and opened the kit he'd brought with him. He mixed the plaster and poured it into the prints.

"Why are you doing that?" Barry asked.

"I'm making a print of the person's shoes so I can have it to compare to any suspect the police may find."

Once the plaster was set, Andy gently lifted it and examined it making sure the print was formed in the plaster.

"I'd say it's a size ten or so." Andy observed looking at the plaster print.

"Now what... do we go back?" Barry asked.

"No, now we go on to the tower to see what we can find."

They walked slowly out to the tower, following the prints that now were in the grass. The grass was long so the person's footsteps made a nice trail to follow. Once at the tower, Andy and Barry shone their flashlights around the base of the ladder.

"Andy over here," Barry said, stooping down to retrieve something.

"Don't touch that!" Andy shouted, fearing Barry might contaminate any evidence.

Andy rushed over and saw the bullet casing where Barry was shining his light. He reached into his bag, pulled out a set of gloves and an evidence bag. He lifted the casing by the ends and dropped it into the bag and wrote the date, time and place on the bag. They looked around a bit more and once they are sure that only one casing was there, they headed back to the ladder. Andy pulled a fingerprint kit from his bag and dusted the ladder for prints. He found several good prints, lifted them with tape, and again stored them in a special bag.

"I'm going to climb up to the top Barry, but I want you to wait here for me. If anyone comes give me a yell, ok?"

"Sure Andy and be careful please... I'd hate to lose you my friend."

Andy gave him a short kiss before climbing the ladder and then disappeared into the night. He climbed straight up for what seemed like miles until he reached a platform that surrounded the perimeter of the tank. He walked around the tank platform, shining his light, stopping when he found a Snickers candy bar wrapper. He bent down and with gloved hands and placed it into another bag.

Andy continued his walk around the perimeter and when he was where he could see the dorms off in the distance, he stopped and pulled out a pair of binoculars. He looked through the binoculars, searching the building's fašade, until he found Andrew and Danny's room. He'd purposely left on a light in the room so that he'd be able to find the room from the outside. He determined the distance and angle and he knew that the shot had been fired from this spot. Looking around the building through the binoculars, he could also see that he could observe each floor's bathroom showers.

"I wonder if the architects knew this when they built the place," he said to himself.

He went back to looking in the window of the bathroom of the floor his sons were on and noticed some boys showering. He quickly moved from watching that scene because he certainly wasn't a peeping Tom, although it did make him smile as he started his decent back down the ladder. As he got closer to the bottom, he could hear voices and he quietly continued to climb down until he was about twenty feet from the ground.

"Like I said, what the fuck are you doing out here?" a male voice was asking Barry.

Andy leapt from the ladder knocking the man to the ground, who released a hard moan at the breath, was knocked out of him.

"What the fuck was that," he said gaining his composure.

"I'm Detective Butler and just who the fuck are you," Andy exclaimed, grabbing the guy.

"I'm the night watchman here and I saw the lights and knew something was up," he said getting up. "Are you investigating the shooting tonight?"

"And just how did you know about the shooting?"

"It's been on the news," he said. "It didn't take a detective to determine that one."

"What's your name and what time did you come on tonight?" Andy asked.

"Gary Francis and I came on at eleven, why?"

"I want to know.... do you make a walk around the perimeter of the reservoir each night?" Andy continued his interrogation.

"We're suppose to," Gary said apprehensively, "but it had rained earlier and I didn't want to walk in all that mud. You aren't going to squeal on me are you?"

"No I won't say a word Gary and you can even report the fence being cut if you like."

"Thanks detective, my ass could be in some pretty hot water for not doing the walk around."

Andy gathered his equipment and evidence bags, then with Barry and the watchman in tow, walked back to the car. The three walked without saying a word and bid Gary goodnight before they got back in the car.

"Here," Andy said tossing the car keys to Barry, "you drive."

"Damn he scared the fucking shit out of me when he snuck up on me," Barry said as he headed away from the campus. "I jumped a mile when he flashed his light on my face and yelled freeze."

"He was just doing his job, although a bit late I'd say. But I did determine that the shot was fired from the tower and not the roof of any of the building around the dorm. I also got a candy wrapper from up there. I think our shooter got hungry or needed a sugar boost before he shot at the building. I don't know if he was aiming at Andrew and Daniel's room or not, because you can see right into the showers of each bathroom on that side of the building," he informed Barry.

"Really, do you think he was aiming at one of the bathrooms and hit the room instead?"

"That could be a good possibility Barry."

While they headed for the police station, Andy called Thom on the phone.

"Hey dad what's up?"

"Have you heard anything yet?"

"A nurse came out and told me that he was resting comfortably, but he's still not out of trouble. Did you find anything out yet dad?"

"I have a few things, but I don't want to go into them over the phone. I'll see later son, but first I need to go back to the police station."

"Ok dad I'll keep you posted."

Thom closed his cell phone only to watch nurses and doctors rushing in many directions. Over the loud speaker, he heard Code Blue called out. Everyone was in a state of panic.

"I wonder what's going on," he asked to no one in particular.

"Code blue usually means someone died and needs to be brought back," Shane said apprehensively.

"Andrew no please, don't let it be you," Thom said getting up as he rushed into Andrew's emergency room cubicle.

He could see doctors and nurses all around Andrew and one doctor holding a defibrillator in his hands. Thom started to move further into Andrew's room, but a nurse stopped him.

"You need to go back into the waiting room young man," she said him holding him back.

"He's my brother and he can't die," Thom cried as he saw the doctor lay the paddles to Andrew's chest again.

To be continued...

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