Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Two


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 21:

A man sat at a table - pasting an article from the morning newspaper into a scrapbook.  The article told of the double murder of two Burlington, Vermont detectives.  Then he glued a verse of scripture just below the article as a remembrance.  He felt that vindication was now at last - his.  He closed the book with a smile, and then slowly went through the contents of Andy and Michael's wallets again.


Now chapter twenty-two:

A day has passed and no word has come from the coroner's office.  The police continued guarding Daniel's home while he waited for the security company to come to reprogram the keypad code.

"Danny can you get me the number for the coroner's office?  I want to know when they'll be releasing my father's bodies.  They have had more than enough time to determine the cause of death."  Andrew said full of anxiety.

"I'll call them myself love; you're too wired and would only yell and scream at them."  Danny said calmly.

"Well I remember someone that was quite upset when it was his dad," Andrew said and then immediately regretted his words.  "I'm sorry babe, really I am," Andrew said as he grabbed Daniel into a hug.

"That would have been cruel any other time Andy, but seeing the frame of mind you're in, I'll let it slide this time."

"I said I was sorry, so fucking shoot me too," Andrew snapped as he stormed from the room and went upstairs.

"Is this a bad time Daniel?"  Mark asked standing in the living room doorway.

"No Mark, come in," Daniel said watching his husband disappear up the stairs.  "What can I do for you Mark?"

"Well the security team is here changing the code.  So that means as soon as they're done we'll be pulled back to the station."

"Shit and I was starting to feel safe having you around guarding us Mark."  Daniel said.

"I could come over on my off time Danny, it wouldn't be any trouble."

"What about Gabe, that wouldn't be fair to him now would it?"

"He's use to having me on extra duty, besides I think we're about over anyways.  I think he's cheating on me with this guy from down the hall at our apartment building."  Mark said sadly.

"Oh Mark no, that's awful.  What could he have done to make you think that?"

"I found a pair of underwear in the bathroom that didn't belong to me or Gabe.  And when I confronted him with it he just took them and said that they were his new ones."

"Do you think that maybe they were?"  Daniel said hopefully.

"They weren't his size Danny, he's a 34 and these were a 30."

"Fuck that's not good."

"Well I guess I need to face the facts, my work schedule caused this and that's all there is to it."

"No way buddy, if you truly love someone, then their work schedule shouldn't be a reason to cheat," Daniel told him. "Mark, cheaters never loved their mates to start with.  I know there's times when one is tempted, but does he fall, is what the true test is.  A kiss isn't cheating, but hopping into bed and doing the deed is.  Love making is for your mate and should be respected for just that."

"Damn Danny, where were you when I was falling in love, I wish you were my guy."  Mark started to cry and Daniel held him as Mark went through his emotional release. 

"Don't Mark, he isn't worth crying over," Daniel said as Mark lifted up his head and kissed him.

Mark's kiss was more than a friendly kiss, and he surrendered his tongue to Daniel.  Daniel embraced Mark kissing him harder, almost violently, and just as Shane walked into the room.

"Whoa guy," he said, shocked by the sight before him.

The two jumped at the shock of getting caught kissing, and Shane stood there looking.

"What's going on here Danny?"  Shane asked.

"Nothing Shane and it's not what it looks like."  Daniel answered somewhat panicked.

"So tell me bro, what does it looks like, because what I saw was a good friend cheating on my brother."

"Mark was crying over his lover cheating on him and the kiss just happened.  It was nothing more than a friend comforting another friend Shane."

"Yeah... well.... I don't think Andy would look at it that way."

"I think I'd better leave Danny, and Shane... what he said is true.  There's nothing between us, really."

Mark left as Daniel made his way to a sofa and sat down. Shane sat beside him.

"So Danny boy how come the kiss, isn't my brother enough for you, or is it that all you rich boys need your special little someone's on the side?"

"Shane please... I'm not like that.  It was just what you saw, a kiss and nothing more...I love Andy with all my heart bro and would never intentionally cheat on him."

"There's the key word bro, intentionally.  I don't believe you for one second and I have the feeling Andy wouldn't either."  Shane said defiantly.

"I wouldn't what," Andrew said coming back downstairs and into the room.

"Tell him bro or I will," Shane said.

"No Shane, you seem so hell bent on destroying my marriage, why don't you do the honors!"  Daniel said as he got up and left the room.

Andrew sat down, confused as to what he just walked in on, as Shane watched Daniel leave.

"Shane what's going on here that has my husband all upset?  Before you speak though, I want you to seriously think about your answer."

Shane looked at Andrew straight in the eyes, and then without purpose, gave him a passionate kiss.  It was hard and sensual and it completely caught Andrew off guard, but Andrew kissed him back.

"What was that for Shane?"

"It was because I love you as a brother Andy, and nothing more."

"So what is it that has my husband so upset?"  Andrew asked.

"We had a misunderstanding and now I realize I was the one that was wrong.  I have to go apologize to him so will you wait here while I go and eat some crow?"  Shane said timidly.

"Be my guest Shane, and Shane I love you to as a brother.  Thank you for all your help during our time of sorrow for my brother and me.  I know you're hurting just as much as we are, but if it weren't for you we'd have lost it completely."

"Well your husband's been the glue that's held this family together bro, and without his strong personality, I'd have lost it too.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to speak to him in private."

Shane went upstairs and knocked on Daniel's bedroom door.

""Come in," Daniel said.  He was standing there naked, ready to get into the shower, when Shane came walking in.

"Oh it's you, I thought it was Andy," he said, looking for his robe, but he couldn't find it.

"Don't bother covering up bro; I'll only be a minute.  I want to apologize for being such an asshole.  I was wrong for thinking that you were cheating on my brother.  Will you forgive me please and can we still be friends?" he asked moving closer to Daniel.

"What changed your mind Shane?"

"Ah... well I kissed your husband just like you were kissing Mark, and I realized that it was nothing more than that, a kiss."  Shane confessed.

He put his hands on Daniel's shoulders and looked directly into his eyes.  Daniel had tears forming in them as he looked back at Shane.  Shane pulled him to him and kissed him.  Their kiss is sensual and tender as Shane gave his tongue to Daniel, who was more than accepting.  The touch and the feeling of the kiss made his cock go hard, and Shane was quick to notice.  He reached down and slowly jerked Daniel's manhood, as they kissed passionately. 

"Mmmm," Daniel moaned as the two continued to kiss for a moment longer, when Shane dropped to his knees.

He took Daniel's cock and swallowed it down his throat, stopping to take in the scent of this man.  He slowly withdrew and then went back down again, then back up again sucking on the head.

"Shane please don't, this isn't right and we both know it," Daniel said, but Shane refused to stop.

He sucked even faster and soon he had Daniel at his edge, as Daniel held his head.

"I'm going to cum Shane, you'd better stop," he said, but Shane continued his repetitive actions, eager now for a climax and reward for his actions.

Daniel shot his seed deep down Shane's throat, and Shane swallowed each precious drop.  He kept sucking until Daniel was spent before he dropped his cock from his mouth.

"I'm sorry Danny, but I had to do that for you and more importantly, for me.  You see, I've loved you for quite sometime and now and I just wanted to show you how much.  When I saw you kissing Mark earlier, it made me so fucking jealous that I just lashed out at you."

"Shane please don't talk like this.  We both have someone in our lives that love us and depend on us to be true.  I love you also Shane, but as a very good friend.  I couldn't hurt Andy like this and neither could you hurt Thom."

"I know Danny but could you love me more than a friend, could we be secret lovers?"

"Shane would you be happy cheating and sneaking around behind Thom's back?" he asked.  "I know I wouldn't be happy doing that to Andy."

"Fine then, just pretend these never happened, and let's not ever speak of it again."  Shane exclaimed as he stormed out of the room leaving Daniel distraught over the fact that Shane had confessed his love for him. 

Daniel showered and when he came back into the bedroom, Andrew was sitting on the side of his bed.

"Babe what's up with Shane?  I thought you two made up, but now he seems madder than before."  Andrew said.

"He has issues he needs to deal with babe and I can't be the one to do it for him."  Daniel said.

"Well he does look up to you and after all you're his guiding light through all this.  Why don't you just do what he wants babe, and be a dear to him."  Andrew suggested.

"You can't possibly know what you are asking of me, so please don't go there."  Daniel said with a determination in his voice.

"Nonsense babe, just do it and that's the end of it.  Now I'm going to go find Shane and tell him you want to speak with him."

"Andy no..."  However, Andrew was out the door refusing to listen.

Shane came back upstairs a few minutes later, and he came into the bedroom.  He turned and locked the door behind him.

"Andy says that you have reconsidered my proposal Danny," Shane said taking a still naked Daniel into his arms.

"I had no choice Shane; he wouldn't listen to me unless I told him out right what you wanted.  I couldn't do that and destroy his love for Thom and you.  So I guess we might as well just be secret lovers for all its worth buddy."

Shane pulled him into a passionate kiss, and the two quickly got lost in their passion.  Daniel helped Shane undress and the two lay down on the bed, with Shane now taking the bottom.

"I'm usually the top with Thom babe, but I want to give you my virginity."  Shane said quietly.

"You've never been fucked before Shane?"  Daniel asked.

"Nope, I've always been the top, but now because I love you, I'm giving myself to you."

Daniel went down to Shane's cock and he took it in his hand, but his heart isn't in the mood.

"I'm sorry Shane, but I just can't do this to Andy.  I'm going to go downstairs and tell him just what it is that you want me to do." 

Daniel quickly got up and threw on a pair of jeans, with a shirt from yesterday.  He glanced at a stunned Shane lying on the bed, as he unlocked the door and went downstairs.

"Andy I want to speak to you and I mean now."  Daniel said firmly.   "Grab a coat and let's go for a walk out to the gazebo."

"But it's way to cold out babe, and..."

"NOW DAMN IT!"  Daniel shouted.

"Ok Danny you don't have to shout," Andrew said as he looked at the others sitting in the room.

They both grabbed a coat and walked down the long sidewalk to the gazebo.  Daniel was very quiet as they walked along holding hands.  Andrew just glanced every now and then at his husband as they briskly walked along until they reached the gazebo.

"Sit down Andy, and don't say a word until I am finished, do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I mean yes babe."  Andrew replied.

"Shane and Thom are going to have to leave my house today.  I don't want Shane anywhere near me or you."

"But babe..."

"I said quiet and I mean shut the fuck up until I tell you to speak."  Daniel said gritting his teeth.

"Why are you treating me like this Danny, I haven't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment.  If you can't be more kind and polite, I'm leaving," and he got up, ready to leave.

"Andrew Wilkes please sit down and listen to what I have to say.  This is very hard for me and I don't like it anymore than you will like hearing it."  Daniel said with more control in his voice.

"That's better babe, go ahead."  Andrew said.

"The reason I want them to leave and also the reason I didn't want to do what Shane was proposing was... he wanted me to have an affair with him.  He admitted that he was in love with me, and that he was for quite some time.  He gave me a blowjob against my will this morning when he came upstairs the first time.  Then when I refused to go along with his idea of sneaking around behind your back and Thom's, he stormed out of the room.  It was then that you and he must have talked, because when I got out of the shower you were waiting for me.  It was then that you told me clearly, to go along with whatever he wanted.  Even when I tried to tell you, that you had no idea what he was proposing, you still wouldn't listen.  Therefore, I want the two of them out of my house unless Thom decides to leave him.  When he came back upstairs after you told him I wanted to speak to him, he locked the door behind him.  He kissed me and when I got into bed with him, I just couldn't do it babe.  I love you... not Shane.  I married you and not Shane.  So it's up to you now, me or Shane's way?"

Andrew sat there in tears, as he stared out at the Charles, and the grey late winter morning just added to his gloom.

"I didn't know Danny, really I didn't.  I'm so sorry for not listening to you when you tried to tell me.  However, to ask my brother to leave at a time like this is something that I just can't do.  We'll just have to speak to Shane and have him behave and leave you alone until after the funeral.  They'll be going back to their own house then."

"My God Andy haven't you heard a single word I said?  He's in love with me and to ask him to stand down is like asking the rain to fall up."

"I won't do it Daniel and that's my final word on it.  Be a man and deal with the situation."

With that, Andrew got up and walked back to the house.  Daniel just sat there, watching him leave.  He turned and stared out at the Charles for a few minutes, before he felt Shane at his side.

"Danny can I speak to you please?" Shane asked.

Daniel turned around and grabbed his hand, then quickly pulled him down the path to the boathouse.  Once inside Daniel turned and kissed him with such violence and lust, that even Shane was surprised.  Daniel almost tore off Shane's clothes as he quickly took his own off as well.  Grabbing his shoulders, Daniel led Shane over to a bench.  He pushed Shane down on the bench and got on top of him, and again kissed with lust and violent passion.  He lifted up Shane's legs, then spit in his hands, and rubbed the spit into Shane's virgin rosebud.  Shane moaned as Daniel thrust two fingers into his virgin ass, working them all around.  He sucked on Shane's cock as he worked his ass, and then inserted a third finger into it.

"Fuck I'm cumming," Shane shouted as Daniel rubbed his nut inside his ass.

He shot his cum into Daniel's mouth, which he greedily swallowed.  Daniel continued to fuck Shane's ass with his fingers as he sucked his cock until the last drop of Shane's seed was in his mouth.  Once he dropped his cock he spit some of Shane's cum into his hand and rubbed on his own cock, then he positioned his cock to Shane's virgin rosebud, and with all the anger he felt, he shoved it all the way in.

"Oh fuck stop Danny please," Shane cried out from the severe pain, but Daniel just started to fuck him with all the force he could muster.  "Please Danny stop and let me get use to you being in me," he pleaded, but still Daniel refused to listen and he increased the thrust and speed of his strokes.

He lifted up on his arms and he slammed in repeatedly with great fury, as he pulled almost all the way out.  Again, Daniel slammed his cock in without any consideration for how it might feel for Shane, and soon he found a violent rhythm.  Daniel's anger for Andrew and Shane was channeled into his rhythm, and he didn't care if Shane was finding his administrations painful or not.  However, Shane started meeting every pounding thrust of Daniel's, with a thrust of his own.

"Give me it Danny, fuck me like you hate me.  I want that anger taken out on me," Shane cried out holding his secret lover by the hips.

Daniel didn't listen, but continued to pound Shane's ass, reaching at point where he was ready to cum.

"Listen my whore, I'm going to cum," Daniel shouted as he shot his cum into Shane's ravaged ass.

He continued to slam hard and deep as he pushed Shane's legs back further, and without a choice of reactions, Daniel cried out as he shot the last of his seed.  Once he'd finished, he pulled his dick out of Shane's ass out and walked away, grabbing his clothes with him.

"Get dressed whore and don't think there was any love in this.  This is what you wanted...  a fucking affair, well now you're my whore and nothing more."  Daniel said with complete disdain in his voice, as he got dressed.

He left Shane just sitting there, as he walked back to the house alone.

"Have you seen Shane?" Andrew asked as Daniel came through the door.

"He's in the boat house dressing, I just fucked the whore and he should be back in a few," Daniel said as he looked intently into Andrew's the eyes.  "I'll be moving my things into one of the vacant bedrooms once the funeral is over Andrew.  You have a choice here and now... we can stay married and I'll provide for you and treat you kindly or you can file for a divorce, it's your call.  I'll be in my study when you make your decision."  Then he walked past Shane and into his study, closing the door behind him.

Without another thought about the occurrence in the boathouse, Daniel gave the coroner's office a call, to check on the progress of the bodies.

"We were just about to give you a call sir.  We have released the bodies to Ready's Funeral Home in Burlington Vermont.  I expect that the funeral home will be contacting you today regarding the arrangements."  The coroner reported.

"Thank you sir and would you please send a copy of the autopsy to this address when you can."  Daniel requested.

"Yes sir we will, and please accept our condolences sir, on this most tragic of deaths."

"Thank you and I will pass that on to the rest of the family."

Daniel was doing some paperwork when Shane came in, definitely not in a very good mood.

"What the fuck was that that we just did in the boathouse?"  Shane asked angrily.

"Shane sits down and listens to me because I'm only going to say this once.  From this time forward, you're going to be my whore and nothing more.  You want to have sex with me so from now on you will, when I want it and no other time.  I don't love you as you say you love me, so anyone that goes around behind there mate's back with someone is doing it with a whore.  Therefore, you're my whore from now on unless you don't want to be, and you're free to leave this arrangement anytime you choose.  Are we clear now on our arrangement, because I've told Andrew that I'm moving out of our bedroom and I'll no longer need his sexual favors?  So when I have a need to release myself, I'll call for you and you will come over to me and service me, got it?"

"Why Danny, why are you treating me like this?  Have I given you any reason to hate me or mistreat me?"

"Yes you have Shane the moment you went to Andrew and asked him to intervene on your behalf.  I loved him with all my heart and he chose his brother over me.  So, now if you'll excuse me, I'm a very busy man."

"Have it your way then Danny, but I'll make you love me as I love you."  Shane said before he turned and walked out of the study.  As Daniel watched him leave, he realized that Shane was hurting deep, and he felt sorry for what was happening to his marriage with Andrew and to Shane, his friend.

"Husband, may I speak with you please?" Andrew asked sticking his head into the room.

"Yes Andrew what is it?" Daniel replied with a cold tone of voice.

"Is it over between us babe, have I lost you because of my stubbornness?"  Andrew asked.

"You made your choice Andrew and now it's you that has to live with it.  I loved you so much that I was willing to move heaven and earth for you... but now you chose your brother's needs over mine.  I told Shane that if he continues to desire me as a lover, that he'd be nothing but a whore to me.  In addition, as for you Andrew, I wouldn't go telling your brother about this either, because I'll tell him how you pushed me into it.  How will he like you, knowing you approved of this arrangement?"

"You've become a monster Danny, I don't know you anymore," and Andrew said as he turned crying, leaving the room.

"What the fuck is wrong with Shane and Andrew," Thom asked as he came into the study.

"I haven't a clue Thom, did you try asking them bro?"  Daniel said nonchalantly.

"They seemed alright until they came in here and when they came out they were crying.  So again Danny, what's going on that I am not privy to?"

"Not a thing except that we were talking about funeral arrangements.  I think it's the reality of your dad's death that has them upset." 

"I guess that could be it bro, sorry to bother you Danny."

"You are never a bother Thom, and you're most welcomed whenever you want a friend to talk to."

"Thanks bro and I love you so much for everything you have done for us."  Thom said.

"Love you too bro, love you too."  Daniel replied.  'You'll never know how much,' he thought after Thom left the room.

To be continued:

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