Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Five

By J.J. Michaels and David of Hope

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From chapter four...

"Casey have you heard how Barry is doing," he asks once at the car.

She hesitates then says, "He didn't make it Andy, he died about an hour ago."

"Oh God no," he says as the tears flow from his eyes. "Not again and so soon," he cries.

"What Andy, what is it," Casey asks.

"He and I were lovers and we were going to be married," he tells her.

"Oh Andy I'm so sorry love," she says sincerely. "I know what it's like to loose a lover, I'm gay also," she tells him.

She holds him tight as he cries on her shoulder. He cries hard until he can cry no more. He stands up and he goes to get the bag from her car with her just as a truck runs into their cars sending them crashing through the air...

Chapter Five...


The truck took off, speeding away before anyone could determine the license plate number. Thom, Shane, and Danny drove up shortly after the accident and rushed over to see if Andy was alive.

"Dad! Dad! Where are you!" Thom yelled out in despair.

"Thom help me over hear!" Andy yelled. The boys ran quickly in the direction of the voice.

When they reached Andy, he was sitting on the ground beside an unconscious Casey. Andy dialed his cell phone for an ambulance, and then asked if the boys got the license of the vehicle that hit them.

"No we didn't dad, it was gone before we got here. I gave up trying to call you and came to look for you once I calmed Danny down."

"I so sorry Danny for your loss," Andy said still holding Casey.

"I am also Andy for you also. You two seemed so happy together and now it's over," he says said trying not to cry again, but his tears started to flow again.

"Don't son... not here.... not now," Andy said. "Have you given any thought to where you are going to have your dad buried?"

"I guess up here Andy. I don't want him back in Boston when I am living up here, but I don't know of any funeral homes around here."

"I'll call Ready's for you son. I used them for Thomas when he died and they took very good care of him."

The ambulance arrived and Andy backed away while the medics attended to Casey, who started to come around wincing from the pain of her wounds. She had a very bad concussion and a broken arm; Andy had several cuts and bruises on his face and arms.

"Andy, where's Andy!" Casey yelled out for Andy.

"I'm right here Casey," he said coming over to her.

"Make sure you get that evidence down to headquarters, but make sure you give it to Beverly Parker. Do not give it to Ed, but tell Bev that I told you to have her process it."

"Ok Casey, now you go get better and I will look in on you once I get things taken care of."

They took Casey away, but Andy refused to go the hospital to get his wounds checked over.

Instead, he took the boys with him and headed down to the Burlington police department. While the boy waited in the car he went inside and asked for Beverly Parker. After several minutes she came out and looked surprised to see him.

"Sheriff Butler, what happened?" she asked shaking his hand. "You're all scraped and bruised."

"Can we talk somewhere private," Andy asked catching Ed Burns out of the corner of his eye coming towards him.

"Sure if you think it's necessary," but Ed intercepts them.

"Sheriff, my God you look like hell, what happened?" he asked.

"Had a little accident, but nothing serious," Andy replied. "But your partner wasn't so lucky.... she's got a broken arm and a bad concussion."

"What the fuck happened at that hospital?"

"I'll let her tell you about it," Andy answered as he walked off with Beverly.

Once inside her office she turned with tears in her eyes.

"Did I hear you say that Casey was in an accident?" Beverly asked.

"Yes, she and I were hit by a hit and run driver and she got the worst of it. It's nothing life threatening, but she does have a broken arm and a bad concussion." It was then that Andy realized something. "You and her are lovers aren't you?" he asked, catching Beverly totally off guard.

"What would make you ask me that?" she asked wiping her eyes.

"Because she told me she was gay... and well, I am too Beverly. My lover was the one that was shot and killed today."

"Oh God Andy I'm so sorry and yes we are," she said sitting down on a sofa. "So what can I do for you?" she asked.

"Casey asked me to have you handle this evidence without Ed Burns knowing about it." He handed her the hair in the evidence envelope.

"But Ed's her partner on this case Andy. I'll do it, but I'll have to ask her why she doesn't want Ed to know about it."

"That's fine Beverly but please don't let on to Ed until you talk to her first. It's important to both of us."

Andy left the police station, while Ed watched them from his office window. Andy noticed him, and thought better of ignoring him, and even though he doesn't like Ed Burns, he still waved at him before getting into the car.

"Fuck you asshole," Ed said under his breath as he waved back.

They drove back to the hospital to see Andrew. Danny told Andrew about his dad, which had the two of them crying over Danny's loss.

"I'm so sorry darling," Andrew said holding his lover in his arms. "If I could've prevented it I would have. If I wasn't in this fucking hospital, he'd still be alive," Andrew said, now crying, and blaming himself for everything that had happened to Barry and Andy.

"Andrew don't lover please, it's not your fault that dad died," Danny said holding him now comforting him.

"Where is Shane son?" Andy asked looking around the room.

"He said he had something he had to do," Thom said.

"Well I have to go check on Casey, I'll be back in a few guys," he said leaving the room.

Shane returned shortly after and his mood is noticeably down.

"What's wrong Shane?" Thom asked pulling him over to a corner.

"I talked to my dad and he told me that my dad, Trevor, left him. He didn't want to be married anymore. I guess they were just staying together for me Thom, or at least until I went to college. I knew they fought a lot and Trevor had always been threatening to leave, but I thought it was just him blowin' off steam."

"Did you tell him what was happening up here love?" Thom asked.

"Yeah and he was shocked and he got very upset when I told him about your dad Danny. Where's Andy now?" Shane asked.

"He's downstairs seeing Casey," Thom said.

They talked together for a while longer until visiting hours were over. Andy came in and said goodnight to Andrew before gathering his troops. They drove back out to the house and Andy made something for them all to eat. They sat in the living room and talked long into the evening. It was about midnight when the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell is here at this hour?" Andy asked, motioning for the boys to be still. "Just be on guard if it's necessary," he warned them.

He went to the door and cautiously looked out the window. He was shocked to see who was standing at the door. He opened the door and standing there with bags in hand was Michael, Shane's dad.

"Michael you son-of-a-bitch, how the fuck are you?" Andy said hugging his old partner.

Michael pulled him close and he gave him a kiss that was filled with the passion he felt. Andy pulled himself away once they broke their kiss and Andy looked at him in shock.

"Michael how dare you do that behind Trevor' back," Andy says.

"Andy, Trevor and I are divorcing and well.... we're through. He didn't want to stay married to me because I wouldn't leave the force." Michael explained.

"Oh God, I'm sorry Michael, I just lost my man today myself. He'd proposed to me this morning just after one day of knowing each other. It was fast yes, but we hit it off so well and I did look forward to spending the rest of my life with him."

"Dad what are you doing here?" Shane asks coming into the vestibule.

"I decided that this guy needed my expert help son, so I decided to take my ah... vacation time and come on up." Michael said with a smile.

"I could use your help Michael. This case is getting to me and I had him today, but his accomplice jumped me from behind and knocked me out."

"He got hit and run too dad by some guy by a green pickup truck." Shane went on to explain.

"Did anyone get a number?" Michael asked.

"Not that we know of, but this case is getting quite bizarre every time we turn around." Andy said.

"What evidence have you got Andy?"

"I have casts of the footprints, a shell casing and now hair from the shooter."

"Is someone having the DNA processed on the hair?" Michael asked as he started to put some pieces together.

"Michael this isn't Hooterville.... we do have the latest in forensic and CSI technology. I should have the results in a week or sooner."

"Well partner, I guess we're back together again as a team," Michael said patting Andy on the back.

"Well more than you think because you have to sleep with me. I have no other bed for you because the boys took theirs to the college dorm."

"No problem big boy.... it won't be the first time we shared your bed," he said elbowing him with a smile.

"Excuse me," Andy questioned. "I don't recall ever sharing my bed with you before."

"Well not technically, but a shower stall we did share buddy." Then Andy suddenly remembered.

"Well guys lets go to bed.... it late and we have a busy day tomorrow," Andy said giving Michael a look. "Sorry boys, but you'll have to do the best you can with the pull-out couch."

"It's OK dad, we'll make out OK," Thom said as Andy led Michael down the hall into his bedroom.

"So buddy you still sleep naked?" Michael asked as he started to strip down.

"Yeah, but don't get any ideas, smart ass."

"Who... me... why I would never do that to you buddy?" Michael said smiling.

Andy stripped down and Michael watched him as he came to bed. He remembered his body - and his cock suddenly rose from the remembrance. The two men talked for almost an hour as Andy told him about Barry and how they were to become life partners.

"God buddy just after one day you made a life changing decision like that," Michael commented.

"I know it was fast, but we just seemed to click and we really were in love with each other."

They continued to talk about Barry and Trevor, but the effect of the conversation was taking a troll on Andy. Soon he was in tears. Michael pulled him close and held him tight as Andy cried his heart out. Once his sobbing had ebbed, Andy looked up at Michael and they just stared at each other. It didn't take long before Michael leaned forward and kissed Andy with the old passion that once was a part of them.

"I'm sorry buddy.... I shouldn't have done that," Michael said once they break their kiss.

"Don't be sorry Michael, I wanted it.... I needed it," he said, then returned the kiss.

Andy turned over and snuggled against Michael as Michael pulled him close and soon the two were asleep.

The next morning Thom slipped down to Andy's room and took a peek at the two men. He smiled as he saw Andy's head resting comfortably on Michael's shoulder with Michaels arm around Andy. Quietly, Thom moved back out to the living room and told Shane what he's seen, while Danny was taking his shower.

"I think your dad and mine may have rekindled their love guy," he said.

"Wouldn't that be something if they got together after all these years?"

"Shhhh Danny's coming," Thom said as he heard the bathroom door open.

Andy and Michael came out of the bedroom and looked at the boys who were just smiling at them.

"What?" Andy asked, staring back at them.

"Nothing," Thom and Shane said in unison with a smiling lilt in their voice.

Ignoring their innuendo, Andy explained their activities of the day while they ate breakfast. "So you boys need to head over to see Dennis about the apartment and then go get your things from the dorm. Michael and I are going to see Casey and then down to the police station to see Beverly."



"I'll call you if we have any problems," Thom said as they said goodbye before getting into Thom's car.

"I want you to check in every two hours son. With everything that's been happening, I want you to let me know just where you are and how you are, ok," he said firmly.

"No problem dad," Thom replied.

Andy and Barry left shortly after having their showers. While they were on their way to the hospital, Andy briefed Michael about the evidence he'd found. Surprisingly, when they arrived at the hospital, Casey and Beverly were about to leave.

"Casey I didn't expect to see you leaving so soon," Andy said surprised to see her in the lobby. "This is my former partner from Springfield.... Michael Bradley. He's going to help me with this case."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Michael," she said as Beverly comes into the lobby. "Ah here's my partner Beverly Parker."

The four talked for a few minutes and Beverly explained to Andy that she should have the forensic results back by the day after tomorrow.

"I put a rush on them so I should have them by Thursday." she explained.

"That's great Bev, and what about the fingerprints, did you get a hit on those yet?" Andy asked.

"Nothing in any of the data banks, but we're still looking. I'm heading over to the university to check them against their data bank."

"They have a data bank also?" Michael asked.

"Yes in case they need to identify a student, God forbid. But first, I gotta take Casey home so she can rest."

"I don't need to rest damn it," Casey said rather loudly.

"But darling you had a bad concussion and..."

"But nothing, take me to the office or I'll just call a cab to take me."

"Fine but don't blame me if you have headaches later." Beverly argued.

"Maybe she's right Casey," Andy said encouragingly, "it might be too soon for you to go back to work."

"All of you... just shut up and leave me alone ok? I'm going to work and that's that." Casey exclaimed.

"Well I have to go see my son Andrew.... I'll be talking to you as soon as you hear something Casey. Please take it slow and easy your first day back, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I will Andy and nice to meet you Michael." Casey said as the girls headed out the door.

Andy and Michael went up to see Andrew, but he wasn't in his room. Andy panicked as he rushed to the nurses' station.

"Excuse me, but where's my son Andrew Butler?" he asked.

"Oh, they moved him this morning to a private room on the fifth floor sir. Let me see here... yes, here it is, room 523A," she said while writing it down on a card that she handed Andy.

"Thank you nurse," he said and they headed back to the elevators. "I guess he's much better now and doesn't need to be in intensive care," Andy commented. "I can't wait to get him out of here."

"It's got to be hard having him here and trying to perform your duties as well buddy. Shane's given us a hard time through his teens, but he eventually settled down. Actually, he was a good kid, never got in trouble with drugs or the law, but I think he may be gay though."

"He never told you buddy.... Thom and he are lovers," Andy said with a smile as they rode up in the elevator. "They met as roomies and fell in love."

"No he didn't tell me, he's always been a private boy." Michael said with a certain sadness in his voice.

"Well please don't let on you know until he tells you Michael."

"Mums the word buddy," he said but he feels hurt that Andy knew something this important about his own son that he didn't.

"Good morning..." Andy said happily as he opened the door to Andrew's room, but he's caught off guard seeing Andrew and Danny kissing in his bed. "Sorry guys we didn't mean to just barge in on you," he said as they break apart.

"That's ok dad, we were just saying good morning," Andrew said. "Ten more minutes and we would've been having sex," he said and they laughed, but Andy didn't share in the humour.

"Yeah well you aren't ready for that yet son..." he started to say.

"Oh lighten up dad, I was just kidding. Andrew said smiling."

Andy introduced Michael to Andrew and they talked small talk until Andy realized that Danny and Andrew wanted to be alone.

"Well I'll be going now, I've a lot of work to do son. You get some rest and Danny don't be getting him all excited now hear."

"Yes sir, I won't besides I have to go over to the funeral home in an hour with my dad' clothes. The service is tonight and although there won't be many people there, I still want a service."

"I understand son, do you want me to go with you?" Andy asked.

"No I can handle it myself sir," he said, "besides Thom and Shane will be with me also."

Andy gives Andrew a kiss goodbye and left with Michael for downtown. He told Michael about Ed Burns and more about all the evidence he'd gathered without Ed's help. He hated the thought of running into Burns, but he wanted to use the police computers.


When he got there he found out that Burns had called out sick and Andy was jubilant about that as Beverly and Casey came in right behind him.

"It seems your partner's out sick today," he told Casey.

"Good I didn't need his grief this morning," she said.

"Could I use your computer Casey?" Andy asked, "and I'd like access to those fingerprints I gave you too."

"Sure I have them saved on my computer Andy.... come with me."

She took him and Michael into her office and booted up her computer. She logged on and accessed the file that had the fingerprints and offered her seat at the computer to Andy.

"No stay where you are Casey, I want you to do this for me," he explained.

He gave her a web address and she entered it. Instantly, she was into the data base for the University of Vermont.

"How did you get this address Andy?"

"Let's just say I have my connections," he told her.

He directed her to the security section and gave her a password to enter.

"Oh my God Andy even we can't get into this without their permission," she said, shocked that she was into a highly private file area of the university's police department's computer system.

"Now move those fingerprints over to the database and hit search," Andy instructed her.

She did as she was directed and moved the fingerprints over. As soon as she hit search, the window started to display a scanning mode. It went for about three minutes before it found a match.

Clay parker flashed on the screen.

"There's our shooter Casey," Andy told her.

Casey's face drained of all color, as she read the name on the screen.

"Are you all right Casey, you look like you are about to pass out," Andy says looking at Casey.

"Yeah, I got a little dizzy there for a moment. I'm alright now Andy, thanks," she says still staring at the screen.

Andy dialed his cell phone and called Thom.

"Yo Dad, what's up," Thom answered.

"Son do you know a Clay Parker?"

"That asshole.... yeah, why?" he asked.

"Where are you right now son?" Andy asked with some concern.

"In my dorm room packing up our shit, why?" he asked.

"Well don't leave the room and don't let Clay in ok." Andy said firmly.

"Sure dad, but why?" he asked.

"Just trust me on this and don't ask me anymore questions. I'll be right over to see you, so wait for me in your room son, all three of you."

"Danny's in his room alone packing it up. I'll go over and get him dad."

"Just be careful son and if you should run into Clay, don't confront him... I think he may be our shooter."

"No fucking way dad... oh sorry about that," he exclaimed.

"I don't want you to say anything to him or confront him son, just act like everything is cool ok," Andy demanded with all seriousness in his voice.

"Sure dad.... got it," and he hung up immediately.

"What's up Thom?" Shane asked, once Thom hung up.

"Dad thinks Clay's the shooter, but he doesn't want us to let on or confront him." Thom explained.

"No fucking way, that asshole has been doing this," Shane said angrily.

"Just calm down and I'll be right back. I have to go get Danny and bring him over here with us."

Thom left the room and had to compose his manner when he saw Clay coming down the hall.

"Hey Thom," Clay said rather coolly.

"Nice shiner Clay, what happened did you piss off someone?" Thom said with a smile.

"Yeah I got into a fight with this guy, you should see him man," Clay said smiling as well, as if he'd beat the shit out of his combatant. "So where you heading?" he asked.

"Ah... over to get Danny," his father died and I don't want him alone.

"God that's awful man, maybe I'll go with you and give my condolences to him," he said.

"NO!" he exclaimed somewhat loudly. "Sorry, he doesn't want company just now. I'll relay your condolences though," Thom said.

"I guess," Clay said, now looking at Thom suspiciously. "Well see you around bud," Clay said, as he headed down the hall to his own room.

`Yeah I'll see you in prison asshole,' Thom thought to himself as he knocked on Danny's door.

"Open," Danny yelled and Thom walked in.

"Come on buddy we need you to come to our room," Thom said bluntly.

"Why? I haven't finished packing yet, besides.... you have Shane to help," Danny whined.

"Listen.... I need you to come to my room now Danny, now please lets go," he demanded.

"Not until you tell me why?" Danny stated flatly.

"Well my dad called and he thinks Clay's the shooter," Thom explained quietly.

"Why that fucker! WHERE IS THE BASTARD? I'LL KILL HIM," he shouted, heading to the door just as someone knocked on it.

Danny opened the door and there stood Clay.

"YOU FUCKING MURDERER!" Danny shouted and lunged at Clay.

Clay side stepped him and jumped on top of Danny. He started punching Danny's head with long hard swings. Thom jumped on Clay's back, knocking him off Danny. With agile swiftness, Clay pulled a knife from his boot.

"Come on you fags, I'll show you just who's superior," he yelled waving the knife at the two. "My dad said that all fags should die... now I'm going to send two more to hell for him."

He lunged forward and cut Thom's arm, but Thom gave Clay a punch to his face. Clay reeled around and came at him again, but this time he missed and hits Danny's leg as he fell.

"Ahhhhhh fuck that hurts you motherfucker," Danny yelled and kicked with his other foot, tripping Clay.

He got up just as Thom was about to get to him, and Clay was able to plunge the knife into Thom's side. Thom dropped to the floor and Clay raised his arm to finish the job.

Just then Shane came running down the hall and Shane kicked the knife from Clay's hand.

"Not to my guy you don't," Shane said spinning around and kicking him just under the chin.

Clay fell back on the floor unconscious, as Shane rushed to Thom's aid.

"Thom are you alright?" he asked holding his lover in his lap.

"Call an ambulance I thiiii..." were the last words Thom spoke before he passed out.

Shane grabbed his cell phone, dialed 911 and asked for an ambulance explaining what had just happened.

"An ambulance is on the way young man. We're also sending the police to aid you," the operator explained.

Danny crawled over to Shane and Thom holding his leg, from which the blood is flowing quite hard.

"Here, I'm going to put my belt around your leg as a tourniquet," Shane said removing his belt, tightening it around Danny's leg.

The three sat there in the blood on the floor that came from the wounded Thom and Danny when they heard a familiar voice come from behind them.

"My God what happened here?" Detective Burns exclaimed.

Shane explained what happened pointing to Clay who was lying motionless on the floor. The detective froze with fright as he looked down at his son's motionless body.

"Why you fucking fags! You killed my son!" he shouted turning on the boys. "Now you're going to die!" he shouted, pulling his gun from his shoulder belt, aiming it directly at the boys.

Three shots were fired in quick succession.


Then there was silence....

To be continued...

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