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Open House and the Cop!

By Marco Writes Copyright 2004

Let me know what you think as this is my first attempt at writing a story.

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My name is Mauricio, but my friends call me Marco, because I hate my name. I am 32, Hispanic, light completion, dark brown hair and eyes. I have a mustache and goatee. I started working out about three years ago and I have a typical Hispanic barrel chest that is nicely pumped with nice pecs under a dusting of hair. I'm told I look like a Spanish conquistador. I'm a Realtor by profession and have been since I was 18. I work with my mom who is my boss/partner. My mom is your typical Hispanic mom, nosey, bossy, but very loving and quite comfortable with me being gay.

Well one Sunday while I was doing on Open House on one of our properties that happens to be Vacant I was laying against the fireplace bored out of my mind looking outside through the windows at the snow covered mountains and day dreaming of my fantasy man, Tall, Ruggedly Handsome, Masculine and down to earth when I hear a man clear his throat and as I look at him it's as if an angel heard my longing and told god himself to send him to me. I just look at the man and stare as he asks me if the house is still open for showings. I finally snap out of it and turn on my Salesperson attitude and show him around the house all the while being embarrassed at just staring at him. When I get through he just takes one of the flyers and one of mine and my mother's business cards and shakes my hand very firmly and holds on as he winks and says he'll get back to us.

I daydream for a little while longer and close up the house and then collect my open house sings and head home. While in the Car I talk to "Mom" and tell her I only had the one guy but failed to get his name and number for a follow up. She laughs a little and tells me to just go home and relax.

When I get home I make my dinner and relax watch TV while I eat. My friends Bob and Jerry call and ask me to join them for coffee. Bob and Jerry are a couple and good friends of mine so I head out and meet them, and decide to have fun and take my Jag XKR Convertible out for a spin as well. When I get to meet them I tell them of the HUNK that I had at my open house and they tease me while we have a little desert and coffee.

While I was driving Home I went for a little cruise along the freeway and I was driving a little too fast like I always do and I look up and I get pulled over. While I'm looking for my insurance and registration in my glove box, I didn't notice the police officer come up to my car. I had my top down on the Jag and I handed him my documents even before he asked for them as he smiled I recognize him as the HUNK from my open house. His Uniform makes him look even better then he did earlier that day. As I'm staring at him again and smiles that cocky grin at me and looks over my license like he was trying to memorize my picture.

"So Mr. Gonzales, What brings you out driving like a maniac at this hour?"

I look up and see his name badge and it reads R. Rodriguez.

"Well Officer Rodriguez, I just got done meeting some friends for some coffee and decided to take a little cruise before I head home."

"Do you always drive this fast?" he says while smiling a killer smile at me

As my eyes glaze over this Hunk I know I'm screwed no matter what so I decide to be honest and a little cocky myself

"Only in this car Officer, I can't help it sometimes after a long frustrating day with the top down and music going, it just gets to me"

He looks at me sternly and his pecs are twitching under his uniform and his huge arms coil like if he's getting ready to beat the crap out of me. As I flinch like a freshmen in high school he laughs and then smiles and says "Take it easy Mauricio, I'm not going to hurt you" he laughs a little more and says "it is a beautiful car, I can understand how you could get lost in it"

"Please Sir, Call me Marco"

"Only if you call me Reed"

Woof, what a Name! As I notice his tight black pants and the obscene bulge he has in front of them, I look in my side view mirror and recognize that he is a State Police Man. My heart just starts to pound as he says "I have to run your tags and license, I'll be right back Marco"

I watch him as he heads back to his squad car and I wonder what he meant by calling him Reed. Usually officers don't give you their first names. My mind starts to fantasize that this man is interested but I guess he is just being polite. After awhile he comes back and looks at me.

"Mr. Gonzales, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you in, you don't have a license to be driving in this car looking like a man from a spy movie"

My mouth drops, all I hear is "take me in" and I start to panics before he puts his meaty hand on my shoulder and grips it and starts to laugh.

I glare at him thinking it's funny and then I start to laugh as well.

"Actually, I'll let you off with a verbal Warning" he smiles "I didn't think you people were actually fun driving in sport cars though"

I grin at him "While I'm still young and I do make a decent living so I can afford to have my play car and my professional car as well"

He smiles as his eyes twinkle looking at me and I think that maybe he wants to get friendly after all. Then he looks at me cautiously, "Do most Realtors stay up this late?"

"No, Not really but since I work with my mom I can sleep in until she calls my house to tell me what's going on for the day"

"And what would your mother do if I called her at this hour and said that I arrested you?"

"She'd have a fit" as I giggle just imaging what choice words she would say to him then to me if she had to pick me up from jail.

"Well then we better find a way to keep me quite huh"

"What do you Suggest Officer Reed?"

"While I was calling your info in I also called in to end my evening, what do you think of doing to keep me quite?

"How about a nice drive in the Jag and then we can go from there" I found myself saying like if I didn't have a care in the world

"I first have to take my squad car home or park is somewhere safe" as he smiles and winks at me

"How about if you take it to my house and then we can go from there?"

"Sounds Great to me, Marco, I'll change when we get to your place I have my bag with me from when I was going to go to the gym tonight instead"

We part and he follows me home all the while my mind is racing and thinking if this was a trap or just expecting the worse and not actually believing that he could be interested in a guy like me.

As we get to my house he hops out and I'm just shocked again at how handsome he is.

He grabs his bag from his trunk and I guess I look a little down.

"What's wrong?" he said more than asked.

"Well I was hoping you'd keep your uniform on."

He laughs "Turn you on does it"

"Duh" I almost shout out then blush a little

He comes up to me very close as I'm leaning against car and I get a good smell of him. Pure masculinity, nothing gross just what a Man smells like after a long day at work. As I inhale deeply he places his hands on both sides of my face looks into my eyes and leans his head ever so slightly and moves in for a kiss. As he kisses me his right hand moves around to the base of my neck and massages it with a firm stroke and I moan against his lips and my hands move around his huge chest. I realize how big this man really is. At my 5'11" and 195 pounds I'm a big boy. But he makes me look like a Dwarf. I guess he's about at least 6'5" with a 54 inch chest, and guessing a crushing 240 pounds of pure cop muscle. This man can do some serious damage if he wanted to. As we kiss in my front yard I feel myself getting hard he grinds up against me and so is he. That bulge wasn't Obscene it was enormous! Once he pulled away I ask myself Do I really want to go for a drive or do I want to get This Pure Cop of a Man into my house and have fun!

He looks into my eyes and Reads my mind. "Marco, want to screw the drive and just get more comfortable?" I laugh, and say "Duh!" as he carries his bag inside my house we sit down on the couch and talk a little, Man this Cop is gorgeous. He Smiles at me as we talk and all the while his eyes are looking around my den like he is really uncomfortable.

I stand up rather abruptly and excuse myself "I'm sorry Reed, can I get you something to drink? I'm still a little shocked that you're here."

"While I don't drink much but I could use something to ease my nerves. I have never really pulled over a guy and made the moves on him like I did to you this evening, but ever since I saw you this afternoon at the open house I just couldn't get you out of my mind"

I blushed, I know I did. He chuckled, saying that "I was cute when I did that."

"Would you like a glass of wine or a beer Reed?"

"What kind of wine, Marco"

"I have a white zin or a pinot gregio?

"A white zin would be Great! Would you mind if I got a little more comfortable?"

"Not at all Reed Lets go to my bedroom where you can get out of the tight fitting uniform and relax"

"That sounds Great thanks" as he takes the glass of wine and first sips it and then follows me to my bedroom.

As he is taking off his uniform I just stand there in awe of what a truly handsome man I have in my room. I put a soft jazz CD on as he gets comfortable. He then comes to me takes my glass out of my hand and lays it on the night stand. Starts to undue my shirt and pants while I take my shoes and socks off.

I truly am marveled at how he looks. All of my fantasies have been granted with this single man.

He looks up at me "Can I take a quick shower before we get carried away?"

I look up at him and smile "Of course but if I may ask, I like you better this way for the time being"

He smiles and nods his head, then comes up to me and picks me up like a rag doll and places me gently on the bed. His arms are curled up like marble rocks strained against his thin skin. His chest is a work of art followed by a six pack of abs all with a dusting of Dark hair that's starting to turn a little gray in some places.

As he lies on top of me he looks at me for a long instant, almost trying to look into my soul. "Am I crushing you?" he asked concerned. "God no, I love how you feel"

As he puts all of his weight on me and moves his arms around me we kiss some more as I rub my hands along his tight back. I gently massage my way up and down his spine until I get more firm with my strokes along his middle back he winces.

I look up at him "What's wrong" this time my turn to be concerned. "Oh, just a pulled muscle when I dove to tackle a guy earlier that was trying to run away" acting as if this was a normal occurrence that happened to everybody.

"How about I give you a back rub?" I offered.

"You don't have to do that, I'll be OK" not sounding too convincible.

I look up at him mocking a smile "Sure, That's what all the butch men say, as they are actually in pain. I know people Reed, and when someone is not telling me the truth about how they feel I can pick up on it."

Reed looks at me and smiles. "I don't want to make you do that Marco."

"If I didn't want to do it I would not have offered, now get off of me and lay face down"

He smiles and then raises up on one hand as he looks at me with a cocky smile and I move out from under him. I go to my bathroom and get some body oil and straddle his back. I warm the oil up in my hands and smooth it all over his back. Taking pleasure at feeling all the muscles this man has. As I work my hands along his huge back he starts to moan and he muscles start to relax and become putty in my hands. I move around to his side and grab his arm and start to work my hands along his big arms. As I work his hands over he sighs and thanks me for this. I just smile to myself because it's as much of a joy for me as it is for him. I work my way down his legs and feet and still marvel at how much this man is put together and resembles the man of my dreams. I start to massage his feet and laughs and kicks his feet almost knocking me off the bed. I start to laugh to and ask him to roll over so that I can do the front. He stiffens for a moment and then relaxes and turns over. His powerful chest is dwarfing his enormous man tool. As I admire it and start with his thighs and moving around his hard cock. I work up to his stomach and play with the fur and tight abs and sides of this Hulk of a man. His eyes are closed as I straddle his waist and his hard member is working around the crack of my ass as I work his arms over again as well as his hands leaving his beautiful chest and shoulders for last.

As he starts to move his hips I get up and his eyes shoot open and I calmly smile and move to the top of his head and place it in my lap as I start to massage his big chest. I rub his hard pecs and shoulders. I then move up to he neck and give him a head rub and scratch as well. He just mumbles something to me that I don't understand and smile at him. As I finish he looks totally relaxed and then gets this concerened look on his face.

"Your not going to like me now"

"If you say I did a horrible job your rite"

"Oh No, it was Awesome, I've never been touched like that before! It's just I don't think I can really do much more now." He looked away from me

I smiled and looked him in the eyes "Like I don't know the effects of a massage, we are here to have a good time and I would be honored if you spent the night and then if we both feel up to it we can have some fun"

He looked shocked but then relieved. "What a great idea"

As I put the oil on my nightstand and got us some glasses of water just incase during the night I crawled into bed with him right behind me spooning me with his big arms wrapped around me making me feel like I was a little kid again wrapped in my daddies arms. Drifting off to sleep I noticed it was around 3:00AM and feeling better then I have felt in a long time.

If I didn't think wrapped in Reeds arms while falling asleep was heaven waking up to him nuzzling my neck with his lips and rubbing his hands along my chest and abs sure did shock me. I look over to the clock and saw it was almost 6 and his hard cock was leaking pre-cum all along the crack of my ass. I turned my head and saw Reed smiling at me as I heard him growl "It's pay back time boy" I gave him a cocky smile worked my way from his arms and went under the covers and started to worship his hard cock. He relaxed and I worked his hard shaft and licked up his pre-cum and swallowed even amazing myself at how adept I got with his huge cock. He writhed and moaned as I sucked him and played with his balls moaning "Stop I don't' want to cum yet"

I chuckled around him and he started to moan more as he reached down and stroked my hair while holding my head as he fucked my mouth with hardening thrusts that I thought he was going to break my nose. As he cam down my throat and started to relax I still sucked on him and pulled off his still hard cock. He looked at me with shock and gave me a compliment I will never forget.

"Damn Boy, Your better then any other person I have had. EVER" I gave him a sheepish smile and then scooted up to him and gave him a kiss.

As if by pure lust he looked at me smiled then picked me up flung us both around and he towered over me with a smile and then started to lick my nipples and making me moan.

"Yeah, that's it, now it's my turn to please you, I'm going to make you pay for making me fall asleep with this hard on"

As he started to pay attention to my body I moved my hands along his arms and chest and just sighed as he flexed them making me moan from the touch of his awesome body and the work over he was doing with his mouth and hands on my body.

He then grabbed both my hands and held them above my head, lifted my legs with his other hand and folded me in two as he started to rim me out. Sticking his tongue deep into my ass, I never knew a man could fuck me with his tongue with such force and care that I was thrashing my head as it was the only thing that I could move and crying out his name telling him how wonderful he was but mostly just moaning from pure joy that I never knew. After about 15 minutes of his talented work I came like a banshee never knowing such pleasures.

He let my arms go as well as my legs and laid on his side kissing me very passionately.

All of sudden he go very serious with me

"Marco, Tell me, is it just me or do you feel something special between us?

I smiled at him a little stunned but nodded and started to get a little teary eyed and said "Yes Reed, I think that you are a very special man and I would like to think things through with you but I don't' want you to feel pressured"

"No Marco, this feels right. Let me make Love to you"

"I would love that Reed, nothing in this world would make me feel better."

As I pulled out the lube and condoms for him and he gently prepared me for his intrusion I just relaxed and trusted him.

He put my legs on his shoulders and rubbed my chest as he slowly started to enter me. I winced a little at the initial pain but he took it slow until I felt his hairs along my ass and a satisfied look in his eyes.

He slowly entered and withdrew from me while telling me how tight and warm I was. He did this to me for over 3o minutes until I couldn't take it anymore. I cried out to Reed "Come on Reed, give it to me" he gave me that cocky smile that I grew to love and let me have it. He started to really pound me making my bed shake and thinking he as going to spear me though my mouth. When I finally started to cum he was pounding my ass moaning and Cumming right with me. I felt him cum deep in my ass and that set me off again. As we cooled down sweat and my cum sticking us together he regained his composure and looking a little like a bad boy stealing cookies before dinner.

"I had to take it off, you felt too nice not to. But I am safe and I haven't been with another man for over two years" Looking kind of sad at the fact

"Seriously!!" he said after looking at my shocked face.

I couldn't believe this man who radiated beauty and charm and pure maleness was celibate for over two years.

He then started to tell me had a partner not only in life but also his partner on the force was shot but a bank robber who got careless. And hasn't ever been able to feel the way he did with me since the loss of him. I then felt the presence of another person in the room like if it was okay to love this man, something told me to hold him and care for him.

Well Reed and I talked the rest of the morning in bed. He was off that day and all I had to do was answer a few emails. We decided to take a nap and then get ready and grab something to eat.

Hey Guys I hope you like it. This is my first attempt at written on of my fantasies down.

Let me know if I should continue with the story.