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Open House and the Cop! Part 2

 By Marco Writes Copyright 2004

When I awoke Reed was snoring softly against my neck while holding me in his arms. I wriggled out from his grip and went to my computer. Since I work from home I rarely go around with clothes on as it's just me in the house and with a Handsome cop in my room I decided to just forgo any clothing and started to work on my emails and look for some properties for some of my clients and send out the emails to them.

As I was finishing up I heard some rustling in my bedroom so I went to go see if I can find my handsome man waking up. I walked in to see Reed sitting up stretching his huge arms and flexing his muscles as he woke up. I looked at him and he smiled and I went over to kiss him.

"Man am I hungry"

"Gee I wonder why, you did the Marathon in the Sexual Olympics last night" I teased

He just smiled and grabbed my arm and flipped me onto the bed and started to kiss me licking around my neck and chest. "You're So Handsome" he told me

"Just your ordinary Realtor here" as I smiled up at him.

"Your Much More then ordinary to me"

"Not only are you kind, and Handsome but your Charming" I laughed

"Lets get in the shower and get you something to eat."

"Sounds good to me." as he picked himself up and I showed him to my shower

I got into the shower as he looked perplexed. "This is a Shower?" "Looks more like it belongs in a locker room"

I admit when I had my bathroom redone I was a little extravagant. I had three shower heads along the wall with another nozzle specially made to make myself clean up before a special date, as well as another shower head from the ceiling.

I grinned and turn the shower heads on and we got to work cleaning each other up. I washed his chest as I massaged his pecs and worked my way down his abs running my hands through his fur and just admiring him as he did the same for me. He was washing my back for me when all of a sudden I felt my `special nozzle' go up my ass as he fucked me with it and the water was going inside of me. I was moaning as he was the same. Telling me I'm a Dirty boy and that he has to make me clean. I took all that I could after about 3 minutes of a slow pressure and excused myself.

After I relived myself I went back into the shower and found Reed with his big reed. I knelt down and engulfed him and suckled on him for a while until he pulled me off and proceeded to `clean me up again'. This went on for two more times both of us moaning and enjoying each others body.

After we both decided that we were clean we got out and dried each other off and went back to bed where Reed started to kiss me again.

Reed Jumped up grabbed his belt and got his handcuffs. As he came down on top of me he held my wrists with a crazed lust in his eyes and tied my hands to my bed frame while he bit and sucked on my nipples and working his way down with feather light touches making me squirm and him smiling on the way down. Reed grabbed the lube and started to slick up again and rammed himself into me with one violent thrust.

He stayed still just flexing his cock in me making me moan every time he did it. As he withdrew from inside of me he went very slow until the ridge was caught and he thrust back in again. Looking into my eyes he smiled and then slowly making love to me. He played with my chest, pulling my nipples and grabbing my fur and pulling slightly making me feel good

We were both sweating and then he did something that shocked me. He punched my chest. Not hard but hard enough to make me feel it. My eyes flew open from my bliss and he started to really fuck me and punching my pecs. He picked up my legs onto his shoulders again and slapped my ass. Just manhandling me and giving me the best fuck I ever have had. I was getting delusional as he started to call me names like Slut, Bitch Boi, telling me my ass now belongs to him. I took it for awhile until my ego woke me up from a fantasy becoming a reality and I hooked my legs around his narrow waist pulling him into me harder shouting back at him. "Come On Cop, Fuck me like a Real Man" Well that got his attention. He pushed my legs up to my chest and started to fuck me harder then I though possible. I was drooling and mumbling incoherently. He didn't say anything just fucking pounding me into oblivion.

When he finally slowed down neither one of us had came yet I had no idea of time just pleasure beyond belief. Both of us sweating he slowed down and undid my hands from the cuffs and he leaned down to kiss me and rub my arms and chest.

He looked at me and smiled "You Okay?"

"Of course I am, No one has ever done that to me, but I liked it a lot"

I looked at him as he was just still crazed with lust. We were both still hard and he was still inside me. He slowly started to make love to me once again. Bitting my neck and kissing me.

"I love the way you feel!"

"I love the way you make me feel!"

Reed started to pick up momentum as he finally started to come to a climax.

"Come with me baby" he screamed

I was almost there myself and right before he shot inside of me I punched his chest like he did to me and he screamed out load and came deep inside my ass as I started to cream our bodies and gluing us together with cum and sweat.

As he rolled off of me telling me that I was the first man he ever thought about handcuffing and punching with.

As we rested for a little bit we finally got washed up this time but we didn't get too involved in the shower as we were both starving and it was already past noon.

I decided that instead of going out I would just make us a couple of big Rib Eyes on the Grill with some grilled veggies.

As we ate he told me more about himself, I almost choked when he told me he was 44 years old. I would not have guessed. I thought he was just 36. The man didn't have any wrinkles or any gray hair. He just looked perfect. It figured though. I was always attracted to older men and I told him that. He was content eating as I was doing the same thing just looking at him and enjoying our time together.

After we finished cleaning up we were watching a movie I just got from the mail and laughing holding each other. It felt really nice. Like I was secure and so was he. I couldn't believe I found a man that was perfect in my own mind.

After the movie we started to mess around again. Horsing around wrestling on the floor and of course the Hulk of a man pinned me with ease. Leaning down kissing me and he sure knew how to kiss. Reed picked me up over his shoulder play slapping my ass carrying me to the bed and laying me down as he covered himself on top of me. We started to mess around more on the bed as he greased himself up, entered me and I squeezed him inside of me. Both of us this time hitting each other chest and just having a good time. We came within only a few minutes this time but we stayed together as we laid on each others sides with him still in me.

"So Officer, do you normally convert spies this way?"

He laughed casing he dick to pulse inside of me "Only cute double agents like your"

"So what did you think when you saw me staring at you at the open house yesterday?"

"I thought you were already taken for one thing" then held me tighter "I just couldn't imagine it would be me"

I looked at him and smiled. "Is that an offer?"

"That's what it sounded like to me"

"Oh Reed, Yes" "Definitely YES"

"I expect a ring in the morning then" I teased him

He chuckled and lifted me up again and I don't think I can get use to how strong but yet gentle this man is. Reed carried me to the bathtub as I filled it up and Reed slid in behind me as I leaned up against his hard but loving chest. We just sat there in the warm water till we had prune hands.

As we were getting dressed and deciding what we wanted to do for dinner I asked him where he lived.

"It's just an efficiency apartment close to my station." Reed looked sad then

"When I lost John, his family kicked me out of our house as it was in his name and I didn't know where else to go. That is why I was looking at your open house yesterday. I thought it was time to buy something for myself."

"That's always a good idea Reed." As I said that I wanted to invite him to move in with me right away but thought I better not as I didn't want to scare him away. "Well since you're in no rush you can take your time. Who knows maybe a handsome Realtor will find you and invite you to stay with him shortly?" I then wanted to kick myself as he looked at me with those narrowing eyes.

"I don't want to do that just quite yet Marco. I like you a lot be we need to go out at least once in public before I can move in with you." He halfway teased me but with some longing in his voice.

We finished getting ready in quite. As I was locking up the door I threw my keys at Reed and he smiled.

"You Drive! At least I know you won't get a ticket, there is a rebel officer out there pulling guys over in JAGS"

He punches my arm smiling "Marco, your not going to let me live that down are you"

I smiled thought about it "Hell, Reed, I got a handsome Stud Cop to come home with me and I think I'm falling for him. No I deserve that bragging right!"

He didn't say a word, pulled out of the driveway and we headed to his place for a change of clothes and another uniform for tomorrows shift, as he held my hand driving in silence.

When we got to his apartment and I went inside I saw that it was pretty simple. A futon bed, small TV, no pictures on the walls, just a simple place to sleep. What got my eye were his uniforms and nice collection of cowboy hats and boots. Reed also had a nice collection of leather. From leather vests, jackets, chaps, pants you name it, Reed had it. Reed got his bag and loaded up with clothes and a hat much to my delight. He started to undress so he could change and I just dropped to my knees and went straight for his cock. I sucked him while thinking of him in just the hat and looked up and there he was in a black Serratelli felt hat. He lunged into my face for a few minutes then withdrew himself saying he didn't feel right doing it in his apartment as it was never a happy place for him. I nodded got to my feet and watched as he got dressed in a starched western shirt, tight Wranglers that he was going commando in and a pair of nice boots.

He grabbed his back locked up and took my hand as we made it to the JAG. Reed put his bag and hat in the trunk and we sped off.

"Reed, where are you headed to?"

"Relax lover, I'm taking you somewhere special"

I trusted the man for some reason even though I've known him for only less then 24 hours.

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