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Open House and the Cop! Part 3

 By Marco Writes Copyright 2004

As we were driving down the highway I was just relaxing with this most handsome man by my side driving to a `special' place. The fact that he called me lover stuck with me. Looking at him driving my car with the top down and my mind wondering where this may be headed. We turned off an exit that was out in the middle of nowhere and come up to this dirt road that was not marked. I was about to say something when we went down a hill and I saw a wonderful compound with an electronic gate.

Reed looked at me and smiled. "Welcome to my friends house."

"Your friends live pretty nice." I said rather shocked

"Yeah they did rather well with stocks in the `80's."

As Reed, typed in a code on the panel the gates opened and we drove to the main house where a statue of a police man was looking a lot like Reed.

I looked at Reed and asked "Fans of yours?"

"No, that was Jeremy, my lost lover."

"He looked a lot like you."

"No, he was so much better looking then I was."

"I don't think so Reed, You're very handsome and you look almost like if you were twins. It's a little creepy."

"Creepy huh, well you're not the first person to say that."

As we parked the car a couple came out of the house that looked like they could have been Reeds parents.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, I want to introduce you do my boyfriend Marco."

As my mouth dropped this was the first time he addressed me let alone introduced me as his boyfriend and did he just say Mom and Dad. We walked up to the couple as my heart started to race and my palms sweating. All the time I'm telling myself... `This is too soon, Way Too Soon!'

"Marco, these are my Parents and my Friends Mr. and Mrs. Rodriquez"

"Good Evening Madam, Good Evening Sir." As I shocked their hands and slightly bowed my head as I do when I'm nervous. Mr. Rodriquez held my hand and looked into my eyes. He held onto my hand and then pulled me to him and gave me a hug.

"Welcome to our home Marco." Mr. Rodriquez said and kissed my forehead.

If Reed looks like this in Thirty years I know I'll be happy. His father was still a solid wall of male muscle with few wrinkles on his face. His hair was that exotic Salt and Pepper look with a dark complexion. All and All his Father was handsome. His Mother was a very Pretty lady. Sweet and honesty radiated about her as she hugged me and whispered into my ear "From the look in my son's eyes you have made quite an impression on him."

I just smiled and blushed.

As we went inside I looked around. It was a Very nice house, classic Ranch style home with Hispanic influences scattered about. On the way to the Kitchen there were pictures of Reed and his siblings, also there was a picture of Reed and another man that looked like the statue out front. Guessing this must have been Jeremy.

Reed looked at me and got a little teary eyed, "That was Jeremy, we were together on the force and living with each other for 8 years. "

His Father interrupted. "Before that Asshole of a robber shot our Son" and then just turned around and when out of site.

I then felt an immense weight land on me. I guess I have pretty big shoes to fill here. All I can do is just be myself as my parents taught me. Thankfully with my career I have the training to just be happy and enjoy myself no matter what the situation is.

As his mother showed us to the Veranda where his father was sitting looking off into the plush lands we sat down and his father turned to me.

"So tell me boy" has said `boy' a little condescending "What is it that you do for a job."

"Well Sir, my career is in Real Estate, I work with my mom at RE/MAX. Together we are Multi-Million dollar producers. I also have been a licensed REALTOR for a little over 14 years. We are also in the Top 10% of all REALTORS in the State"

Reed looked at me rather shocked at me being forward with his father who was obviously a `leader' in his family and didn't take BS from no one.

As Mr. Rodriquez' stare softened he smiled and said "Good for you! Your Mom must be happy to work with her son. Do you have any other siblings?"

"One brother and one sister Sir, both of them are in Real Estate as well. However, they are in new home sales. Both of them Tops in their companies."

Reeds mom came outside asking if she can get anybody something to drink.

Reed answered before I could say anything. "Marco and I will have a glass of wine."

"Wine is it now. I thought only women drank wine." as she smirked at her son

"Mom" Reed whined.

I started laughing at Reed. I never thought a butch man like Reed would whine at his mom. Reed gave me a dirty look which I mocked right back at him and his father and mom started to laugh as well.

"Very well Reed, Two glasses of wine. Any special kind Mr. Sophisticated"

Reed looked at me

"Do you have a Pinot Grigio or a White Zinfandel?" I smiled

"No but we have a nice Riesling"

"A Riesling sounds great"

"I'll be right back then"

"Mrs. Rodriquez can I help you with anything" I stood up and asked

"Why thank you honey, sure come with me"

As I walked away Reed and his father looked at each other with knowing glances.

"Son, how long have you known this boy?"

"Dad, he is not much younger than I am, but I just met him yesterday morning while looking at the house you told me to go see"

"Just barely yesterday and you already bring him here!" His Father Shouted

"Dad, I don't know what to say. I fell for him instantly, then last night I pulled him over in that JAG you see there and we just hit it off. He is an amazing man. You just have to talk to him to see it"

"I'm sorry I shouted son, I know you have a great sense of judgment. But less then two days are you sure son?"

"I know its fast Dad, even for me. But everything about Marco seems right. He's smart, funny, has a good head on his shoulders, makes a great living, and not to mention very Easy on the eyes. Don't tell me you didn't feel it as you hugged him. You are not so bad at judging people yourself."

"Yes I did feel that he was a good man"

"Thanks Dad"

"So have you started to make plans on moving out of the miserable apartment you have?"

"Well that house I saw yesterday was really nice you were right. I think I want to hold off on buying something though... I think he wants me to move in with him and honestly that's why I brought him here. I want to see what you and Mom think of him before I even allow myself to move this fast for another man."

"Son, it is fast but I have never been spoken that way by another person in my life. Did you see how he answered me after I called him boy? He is of strong character that's for sure. He also has respect for you. He let you lead him in here and knowing you. You didn't let him know you were taking him here."

"Yeah, I didn't"

"Well son, you know your mother and I are here for you but I think he is a nice young man and you two should be happy with each other. Now I'm not saying it's going to be perfect. You will have your up and downs like all couples."

"I know dad, but he is a great guy from what I can see. We were talking this morning and we are a couple but given the circumstances I want to give him a ring right away. What do you think Dad?"

"Well Son, you have the ring you were going to give Jeremy before that awful night. Let's talk to him more before I answer that question OK"

"Sounds Great Dad"

***** With Mrs. Rodriguez *****

"So Marco, how long have you been dating my son?"

"Honestly Mrs. Rodriguez, we just met yesterday at an open house I was doing"

"The condo in the canyon?" she gave me a knowing look

"Why Yes, how did you know"

"Reeds father and I told him to go look at it. We saw it in the paper and thought it was about time he got out of the miserable apartment he is in."

"Yes when I saw it earlier I just thought he was living a simple life. Then coming here to this beautiful place it is quite a contrast."

"He has been morning too long my dear. But something about you has definitely lifted his spirits. He never has been able to just walk in front of that picture you saw in the hall of him and Jeremy with out breaking down. His father and I had that statue out front resurrected in memory of him after the shooting. We thought of Jeremy like a second son. Those two were never apart. Reed took it very hard after that. Honestly we have not seen Reed smile and blush let alone generally happy like he has for a very long time. My only guess is that it is you."

"I don't know about that Mrs. Rodriguez."

"Well what ever it is within the past 48 hours I see my son the way he used to be."

I grinned and helped Reeds' mother open the wine and poor it. We took the wine out to the other men and had a nice conversation. I then helped his mother prepare a nice dinner and we ate again having a nice conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez exchanging looks at me and Reed.

After diner Reed and I took a walk along the compound.

"You know, no one has ever stood up to my father the way you did earlier when he called you a `boy'. You really impressed him."

"Thanks Reed, You mother seems to think that I'm a miracle that has changed you into a whole man within 48 hours. They really loved Jeremy as much as you did."

"Yeah, he was a great man. Then again, I thought I would never meet a Man like you"

"I'm just a simple man Reed"

"No Marco, you are so much more then being simple. You brought out a spark within me that I thought was extinguished. Your kindness and acceptance of me as who I am not what I can offer you."

"What is there to accept? You're smart, funny, you have a good head on your shoulders, very kind, you're a terrific lover not to mention you look like a Greek God to me"

"Whatever" Reed Smiles at me and blushes. So Butch and So Strong I love it when he blushes

As we walk around just holding hands looking at the sunset we come across a little house. Reed pulls some keys out of his pocket and shows me inside. All along the walls are plagues of his achievements in the State Police. There are pictures of Reed in newspapers and photos with the Mayor and Governor. I see pictures of Reed and Jeremy on vacation trips.

"Dad and Mom built this for us for when we visit so we could have some privacy. We ended up moving in here and lived here until he past away."

"Thank you for sharing this with me Reed. I don't think I could ever fill Jeremy's shoes. But I promise you I will always care and love you."

"That is all I can ask of you. Don't ever worry about filling somebody's shoes. I feel in love with you. Not the idea of what you are."

"A Crazy, Double Agent, Realtor?" I tease

"NOOOO" Reed laughs "A wonderful Man"

"Ah Reed, Your going to make me blush again."

"You look so HOT when you do though"

"MMM you look Pretty Hot the way you look now. Have I told you that?"

"Only every chance you get"

"Well we better get going so we can get some rest. I have an appointment with a client tomorrow and I still want to finish what I started at your apartment."

"Let's stay here."

"Are you sure?"

"You're my lover now. I want to share what I have with you as you had with me."

I go to Reed and hug him, my eyes are even with his chest and I just nuzzle my head against his pecs and breathe in his aroma. The same aroma I have come accustomed since I met this man. I start to think of all that this wonderful man has gone through, what he must be thinking about me. What I can do for him to make him happy. I start to think of him moving in with me again. To wake up with this wonderful man at my side, walking down the street hand in hand, even shopping together would just be an answer to all my prayers. All of it is running through my mind as we hold each other.

Reed looks down at me lifts my chin up and kisses me. Running his large hands down my back to my ass where he massages me cheeks in each hand. His firm grip, his wonderful tongue probing my mouth, my hands running up his large frame marveling at the power of this man but yet being so gentle with me as he picks me up and hauls me to another room where he places me on the bed.

Reed undoes my belt, removes my slacks, and pulls my shirt off and start to kiss his way down to my feet. Reed stands up removes his shirt and leaves his jeans on and puts his cowboy hat back on. If I wasn't already in love with this man I would have been just at the sight of the pure man standing in front of me. Pure Man Cowboy/State Cop!

Reed comes down and straddles my naked frame. He sticks his jean covered dick in my face and simples says "SUCK IT" with a menacing tone.

My mind wonders to this morning... It's going to be a long night.

I lick his growing manhood through his jeans. Reaching up feeling his fur covered pecs, twisting his nipples, running my hands across his awesome abs and I thank God that I went speeding that night.

Reed looks down at me, "What are you thinking about lover?" leering with his cowboy look of masculinity.

"Just glad that I decided to take the JAG out and get pulled over for speeding by a handsome Cowboy State Cop."

"You Think I'm handsome huh?"

"I'm not blind, I can see the pure beauty of the Masculine Man that you are"

"You're not so bad your self Maurice Gonzales"

"EWW don't call me that"

Reed laughs, jumps off the bed takes his boots, jeans and socks off. He then puts his boots back on and gets on the bed straddling my chest again. He puts his hard dick to my lips and I stick out my tongue and he pulls away. He teases me with his dick, reaching back to play with my already moist and waiting hole. If I didn't already know that he was a gentle man I would have been scared by the lustful gaze he gave me under his black cowboy hat. I reach up again and play with his chest making him moan a little as I massage his strong pecs and abs. I think back to this morning when he punched me. I grin and then punch this butch man in the chest who could kick my ass in a heartbeat. Reed's eyes fly open and he freezes. I give him a mischievous grin and do it again on the other side of his chest. Reed moans and shoves more of his fingers in my ass. He shoves his cock in my mouth all the way down till his pubes are against my goatee.

I give Reed three more punches as he fucks my mouth and shoves three fingers in my ass. I am moaning against his cock and he fucks my ass and mouth. With his free hand he reaches over and slaps my abs hard causing me to almost bite his dick. "Watch the teeth boy" he warns. Again, he slaps my abs. This time I tense up in time and then he pulls his fingers out of my ass. Reed turns around with his hard cock still in my mouth and pulls my legs up to his chest as I am still sucking his cock trying to breathe and moan at the same time. He starts to spank my ass till I get start moaning in pain instead of pleasure. He puts my legs down and rubs my chest and abs slightly punching me and massaging me as well.

Reed then starts to really fuck my mouth as he punches my chest and slapping my abs hard. Reed is moaning as I am jacking my cock. I never knew being manhandled could be so HOT. Just as Reed starts to come down my throat I cum all over my chest as he plays with it in my hair. Reed pulls his softening dick out of my mouth lays on top of me and kisses me hard. I rub his back as he kisses me, tasting him in my mouth.

After about twenty minutes of heavy kissing and moaning he pulls himself up and lifts me up and takes me to the bathroom. He gently places me in the bathtub and runs a hot bath for both of us. As Reed slides in behind me I lean up against his chest and he rubs my chest for me massaging the earlier hard play ache away. We stay in the bathtub until the water looses its heat. As we dry off I am still in awe of his masculine looks. Reed smiles at me and blushes a little. Leads me to the bedroom and we lay down to fall asleep. Reed spoons behind me and places one big arm under my head and the other around my chest, slowly rubbing my fur until I fall asleep.

My eyes fly open; I see a strong manly presence in front of me. I'm surrounded in a white cloud with the masculine man in front of me. Slowly he comes toward me and I get frightened.

"I'm not here to harm you Marco." I hear in a very deep voice "You have captured the heart of a very wonderful man there."

As he comes closer I realize I'm seeing an image of Jeremy. "Are you OK with this Jeremy? It is not my intention to take him away from you."

Jeremy smiles at me. "Marco I came to you because I felt that you were worried about Reeds feelings for me. I know he will always love me. However, he needs someone to love now. He has been hurting with out someone to make him feel useful. He loves you Marco, never forget it. Why else do you think I sent you to him? I've been watching you and that morning you were looking out at the mountains thinking of him I knew you two had to be together. Love him Marco, he will never do you wrong."

Just as soon as he was there Jeremy's presence was gone. I was shaking afterwards and Reed woke up and tightens his grip around me.

"What's wrong babe?"

I lay there shaking not able to answer him. I start tear up thinking what a wonderful man I have and doubting that we were not meant for each other.

Again Reed asks "Marco, Baby, What is wrong"

I calm down enough and finally turn around and look him in the eyes. I tell Reed about what happened and the look on his face was that of awe and concern for me.

"Reed, he will always love you, and you will always love him. He is tired of seeing you in grief for him. He told me that he sent me to you."

Reed stayed quite for a few minutes digesting what I told him. He finally smiled and said "He always said he would look out for me." He held me tight and kissed me until we started to get those familiar feelings again.

Instead of being rough he was tender. Reed kissed me with passion. He slowly entered me with love. Reed did push ups that made him slowly enter and withdrawal from our love tunnel. I just looked up at Reed not saying a word just looking into his eyes and show him that I love him. As he kept up his slow rhythm I felt myself getting close to explode. "Oh Baby, I'm almost there" Reed kept his current rhythm not saying a word and I came with such a force that I thought I was going to pass out. Reed kept on making love to me like that. After about ten more minutes I started to come again and this time Reed started to quicken his pace. Reed came inside of me marking me as his lover and as soon as he made his last thrust into my ass I came and I blacked out.

I woke in his arms as he was gently rubbing my chest, with his stupid but wonderful cocky grin. "Have Fun?"

"My handsome man, Fun does not describe what you do to me. Making Love to you is an event that I will always cherish."

"Baby, you're the Greatest" smiling at me.

We feel asleep for a couple of more hours until the phone rang. His mother made breakfast for us. When we came out of the cottage his father was there with a miniature hummer looking golf cart waiting to take us to the main house.

"Did you boys sleep well?"

"Yes Dad we slept very well" Reed answered

His father chuckled... "I bet"

After we ate a wonderful breakfast we said our goodbyes and Reeds paents hugged me and told me to call them Mom and Dad if I was comfortable. I hugged them once again and said goodbye to my new parents. Reed then said his goodbyes and asked me to wait by the car for a second. I went down to the JAG and got out my brush and hairspray and did my hair while waiting for Reed. No more then two minutes later he came up behind me and hugged me.

"They really like you" he whispered in my ear

"They are great people" is sighed

"We have one spot to stop at. Do you have time?

"Yes my appointment isn't until one this afternoon"

Reed hopped into the JAG and we went up the hill out of the compound and onto the freeway heading back home. We pulled off of the freeway where the Sun was starting to come over a hill and just looked wonderful.

"I used to come here to make a wish of a man to fulfill my life with" he looked at me taking my hand in his "It's only fitting that I share this moment with you"

"It's beautiful Reed, I don't think I could have dreamed of a more perfect man than you myself."

Reed dropped on one knee and pulled out a Ring. As my jaw dropped he smiled "You said you wanted a ring, Will you be my partner for the rest of our lives?"

I was speechless. The Man of my dreams who I only knew for a couple of days asked me to be his. Oddly enough the ring was a perfect fit. Then the memory of Jeremy coming to me in my sleep reminded me of what my destiny was.

"I would be a fool not to Reed."

He got up and kissed me.

"I got this ring for Jeremy. I was going to propose to him that night that I lost him. I want you to have it. I know he would want it this way. I have a matching one and it would be an honor if you put it on me."

I was shocked and moved. I dropped on one knee.

"Reed, will you be my partner, my lover, and the man I grow old with until we die our last breath together?"

"I will as it will make every dream I had of you come true"

We got back in our JAG as I drove us home. We decided to move into my place right away. As we stopped at his apartment oddly enough it took only two suitcases to be filled. I made sure to take all the leather though.

"The rest I don't need now that I have you." He smiled and then kissed me.

He made his final arrangements with the office of the apartment building and we were on our way to our house.

Reed started to unpack as I got ready for my appointment. I was looking for property when he came into my office wearing only his leather chaps, cowboy hat and boots. I smiled at him. Finished what I was doing and printed the homes I was going to show today. I turned in my chair. Gulped down Reed's already hard cock and he came within two minutes down my throat.

We took a quick shower together and I was off to meet my clients. While Reed would be getting ready for his day as he had to go in early to fill out change of address forms. He told me he wasn't going to get off till midnight so he would be home when he gets off work. We kissed each other goodbye as I drove off in my work car to meet my clients.

I was showing a gay couple houses when I looked up behind me and I was being pulled over. Great... this is all I need.

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