Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

A special acknowledgement to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, to Carey for being a patient teacher, and to Drew for helping to expand my boundaries.

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After a full day of interviews with Bill on Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reporter and photographer met me around 10:00 a.m. Friday at home.  Rosie and her sister had spent the entire previous day grooming the coach house.

The reporter, Cheryl Lavin, was an experienced writer in 'features'. She, along with the photographer, probed and challenged me in a non-threatening way. At their request, I dressed in contemporary, casual, fall fashions provided from Barney's New York on Oak Street. 'What the hell,' I considered, 'the clothes, with my approval, were provided free.' The photography was a plush showcase of the interiors. I countered with friendly non-threatening thoughtful answers to Cheryl's questions. In the back of my mind, I was planning on being un-employed by the September 15 publish date.

The next two weeks were without any further dramatics. Bill and I projected a business 'dynamic duo' in the interviews. 'Bruce Wayne,' I thought, with a smile, 'eat your heart out.'

The magazines, dealing with less-than-urgent news, gave the American Foundry story and the heroics involved a nice second-tier placement with a photo of Bill and me. Business Week parlayed this story with the merger possibilities between Martin and McKenney into a feature spread. I was Mr. Nice, but smiled when noticing that they listed the contracts handled by the two Chicago branches side by side. McKenney looked to be standing in the dust of our successful surge.

Joe Jenrette and I finished our consulting report and submitted the findings and suggestions to George and Bill on Monday before Labor Day weekend. We all agreed that the American Foundry department heads should digest the 300-page document until the week after the holiday.

In that negotiations were ongoing with the merger, I didn't have much news to relay to the office. I kept encouraging each associate to be as productive as before the announcement. Ben and I discussed only the current business contracts and future possibilities.

Bill was healing well. With Labor Day weekend coming up, he was hopeful that the arm would be freed from the sling. Mom and Dad were planning on an intimate family barbeque on Sunday of that weekend. Only brother Coulter and Judy were invited. 'Were our respective boyhood beds ready for the anticipated action that night?' I questioned with a smile.

We traded sleepovers at each other's homes. Bill enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of Astor Street; I loved the open expanse and power of the high-rise at 2800. In either place I adapted to Bill sleeping on his back to protect the injury and me on my stomach with one leg draped over his. Our sexual activity expanded as his arm slowly healed. While I continued to lower myself onto him, he re-developed some flexibility, so that I could enter him without exerting too much pressure. We still traded oral 'protein' treats.

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, I had closed the office Thursday evening to allow everyone a four-day holiday. After I took care of errands Friday, Mr. Charley and I joined Bill late afternoon at his place to start the weekend visitation. I brought the cat chow and Bill provided a plastic tub and Kitty Litter. The Aby loved being around both of us and wasn't too upset when he was placed into an animal traveling case. Hopefully, the new environs wouldn't confuse the cat.

I rented a couple of movies in that we would be camping out at 2800 until traveling to the folk's house in Winnetka on Sunday. I had a clicker to Bill's garage and used the extra parking space frequently. We had registered both of my vehicles with the building. Today I brought out the 'Vette.

While Mr. Charley explored his weekend home, Bill and I finished dinner. He had prepared a simple fare of salad, grilled whitefish and berries marinated in Kirsch served over lemon ice.

"I'm looking forward to your getting to know my family better, Bill. They already know that you are someone special to me. I want them to know how special," I said taking his hand.

"I guess I'd better be on best behavior.  No getting drunk and doing belly flops in the pool," he replied with a grin.

"Yeah, sure. And then getting out of the pool and 'mooning' the folks," I retorted with a laugh.

"Babe, that view is reserved for you."

"I plan on checking that out tonight, plus everything else that goes along with it," I seductively replied to Bill with a broad grin.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"Count on it," I said with a wink as we toasted and finished the remainder of an Oregon pinot gris. "By the way, are Joe and Sammy getting together this weekend? I didn't have a chance to speak with Joe yesterday."

"Today, Sammy and Joe were going to play golf with their dads at the club. George is really feeling comfortable about Sammy's orientation and delighted that Joe has become the special friend," Bill reported.

"I assumed this would happen. They were almost drawn together from the beginning. Bringing in the fathers certainly is a positive signal. The guys are perfect for each other."

"I think we both did a good job coaching them, Jerry. And Joe is planning on going up the lake with George and Sammy for the weekend. Mrs. MacDonald and Sammy's older sister and boyfriend are already up there. The other sister is staying in town with her family. The plan is to swim, sail, eat and get laid...not necessarily in that order. They will all help close the house and return Monday." We both smiled; me with pleasant memories I would never share with Bill.

"Bill, I hope our two young charges keep the moaning down. I'm not sure if the McDonald family is quite ready for that," I replied with a smile.

"How about the Franklin family? You're not exactly the quietest guy in the world, partner."

"Have no fear. I'm like a monk who has taken vows compared to brother Coulter. He has no shame yelling god knows what. Judy can't control him and Mom just rolls her eyes," I said, laughing at the memories of Coulter's loud, sexual pillow talk when they had stayed on Astor Street. Looking over at Bill, I saw that his expression had turned serious.

"When we visit your family Sunday and that night, let's both promise to be on our best behavior. The opportunity to be part of a real family is very important to me," Bill said, looking somewhat somber with a pleading smile. I realized it was important for him to be included with our family.

"Babe, Mom and Dad are going to welcome you with open arms. And, I promise I'll behave. Well, maybe yelling 'I'm going to fuck your brains out' once in a while. Other than that, we'll whisper," I replied with a chuckle. This eased the momentary tension. Bill reached over and pinched my nipple.

"Better learn how to say that in sign language, or you're not going to be fucking anything," he said twisting the nip harder.

"Ouch. Got the message, hon. By the way, have you heard from anyone in your family with all the TV and news articles?"

"Yeah, the grandparents called. We had a nice conversation. They'd love for me to come out to Santa Barbara for a visit. I told them that I would if they wouldn't mind my bringing a friend. They wanted to know about you, so I gave them the rundown. Since they saw us together on cable TV and a picture in Time magazine, they think that I've fallen for a pretty handsome man."

"That's a great endorsement. I'd love to travel with you and meet them. Did you hear anything from your Dad?"

"Not a peep. I'm sure that bimbo he calls a wife keeps him busy in bed, screwing what brains he has left out of him so she can spend the money. Not that I'll ever see any of it," Bill replied, with controlled anger. "As far as I'm concerned, he doesn't exist."

"Bill, be assured that I'm happily going to share my family with you." After cleaning up the kitchen, we adjourned to the family room and enjoyed some modified cuddles on the couch while watching the DVD-edition of "Million Dollar Baby." I loved leaning into his good arm and chest. He was no longer in a sling. Just an impressive bandage. We later retreated to the bedroom and verbally released a volley of loud sexual expressions as I took him from above, while jerking his hard cock to completion.

The next morning, while we were leisurely having a light breakfast, I decided it was time to bring Bill into the loop on my business plans.

"I need to tell you something very confidential, Bill."

"Does this affect us?" he asked tentatively.

"Only that I will need your personal support and strength soon. I may seek advice from you on occasion, as one I trust."

"What gives?" Bill had an expression of curiosity and concern.

"Negotiations with McKenney are finishing up, and I'm not to be part of the picture."

"Shit, babe, what's going on? You're the best they've got in either office."

"Paul Porter, who runs McKenney's Chicago office, hates me. And, although he's a jerk and not much of a leader, I found out recently that he is married to McKenney's daughter. So any political leverage or performance standards I have are right out the window. Basically, I'm fucked."

"Without any KY. What's your plan, and how can I help?" I grimaced at Bill's graphic example.

"Being available as a sounding board. I'm going off the deep end and create a small business consulting firm that will be available to blue-chip companies like yours. We'll offer the same services that Martin does, but on a small scale."

"Have you selected office space?"

"That's a problem. The spaces I like won't be available until the first of the year. And, temporary offices are just too expensive."

"Jerry, I've got a solution that will allow you time to really get settled. American Foundry has some extra offices that aren't being used on the accounting floor. I don't think you've been down there. It's two floors below my office."

"Yeah. I avoided accounting and that cocksucker controller Atkins as much as possible when I was working with you. I'm talking only about five people plus myself to begin with. By the way, Joe Jenrette will be joining me as a junior partner. But don't mention it to Sammy yet. I want Joe to be the first to tell him."

"Sounds like you're skimming the cream, Jerry. He'll be great. I'll be mum. The spaces used to be part of the chief financial officer's spaces. When we downsized the operation, the area became unused. As I recall, there's a pretty nice office that you could use, six or seven smaller offices, and open area for clerical staff. The spaces are empty, so you'll have to rent furniture. I can talk to George about cutting you a deal. With the high quality of your report and conclusions, I wouldn't be surprised if he gave you the spaces at no charge except for some sort of fee to pay for the energy costs."

"Babe that would be super. Fucking great." I leaned over and gave Bill a sloppy kiss laced with milk and Raisin Bran. I'll call SBC Tuesday to discuss telephone and DSL hookups. And I'm going to buy Dell Optiplex business computers. The other office equipment can be leased. At this point, in addition to Joe, I'm bringing over two other Martin guys as partners and Alice as my Executive Assistant. The other two associates will be key staff handling stats and financial grunt work."

"When's all this going down?"

"Ben in New York feels that I'm pretty safe for another couple of weeks. All bets are off after September 15th."

"That should give you plenty of time to get set up, then. I can have the maintenance department get everything cleaned up for you," Bill replied enthusiastically.

"Sounds like a plan. Buddy, I love you more every day."

"Love me enough to figure out how we're going to live together? Like in one place?" He said with a broad smile.

"Together...the two of us...I mean..."

"Well, Mr. Charley makes it three. I guess we can't leave our child behind," Bill replied, as he grabbed my hand. He intently studied me and followed a tear that slowly rolled down my cheek.

"I couldn't be happier, but we have to figure out logistics. I mean, do we go high-rise or carriage house?"

"I could go either way, and I'm not talking about sex," Bill threw out, with a chortle.

"Okay, here is what I could see happening. I'd love to move here if I could take one of the spare bedrooms for an office and figure out how I can garage the two vehicles. Living up here with you would be a lot of fun. But where would I store all my clothes and stuff?"

"Well, this was too easy. I thought you might be wedded to Astor Street. I guess we'd both like it here. The office is no problem. If you could fit into the smaller bedroom for your office stuff, we can use the original master for guests. As far as storage space, I built an additional walk-in closet when I enlarged the master bedroom in hopes a day like this would come. And Jerry, it will be fun...fun for a long time."

"Better believe it. Fun will just part of it. And it gives me a chance to do something for Coulter."


"He's been renting for the past two years up on Sheridan Road with student-type furniture. With Judy and him getting married this spring, I know the two would enjoy using the carriage house for their home. He's at the hospital and she works downtown. It would be a good location for them until they start a family. I'm sure that's a few years away. When that happens, Judy will want to be out in the 'burbs."

"Why don't you run it by them Sunday? This is a deal that Coulter can't refuse."

"Good plan. The only thing he'd have to take care of is utilities and real estate taxes."

"And your Mom and Dad when they need a place in town?"

"Yeah, probably. Could they stay here on occasion, Bill? They're really going to consider you another son."

"Absolutely. I insist upon it."


Sunday, in the 'Vette with my buddy driving up to the folks place in Winnetka, gave me a feeling of contentment that I only recently felt again. Sure, there was angst about the uncertain waters concerning the career move. I was more focused on this relationship that was coming into spring bloom.  

Arriving at my old home, I navigated the car into a space behind the house. Bill and I saw the family at the poolside, huddled around a tabletop that probably staged Mom's endless pitchers of Sangrias.

"Hey, guys," I shouted. "Have you left a glass for us?" I asked, knowing that the generic jug wine and fruits were ever present.

"Jerry, Bill, glad you're here. Now the party can officially begin," Mom said, as she rose to greet us. While she gave me a motherly hug and kiss, she actually attacked Bill with a stronger hug, mindful of his healing injury. "Bill, let me officially welcome you to your small family." Almost in unison, Dad, Coulter and Judy joined Mom in a boisterous welcome.

"Hey, guys, this is incredible. I accept this invitation to your family only if I can call you Mom and Dad," Bill replied, with moisture building up in his eyes.

"If that's the case, then I've got another big brother," chimed in Coulter. "Just make me a promise that I don't have to take the crap I've had to from my other brother." He winked at me and gave Bill a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, little bro, I've had to take crap from him, too," Bill rejoined with laughter.

After having a glass of Sangria, Bill and I brought the over-night bags to my old room and changed into swimwear, but not before taking a few minutes to grind together in a healthy, male embrace. We were careful not get too carried away before returning to the pool. With the afternoon temperature hovering in the mid-80's, our dress was appropriate.  It was barely 2:00 p.m., and dinner was planned to start in a couple of hours'

Mom and Judy went inside to start the preparations for early dinner. I motioned the men to gather around the table and poured everyone another drink. 'Christ, no one was going to drive tonight,' I considered.

"Dad, thanks for having us all up here," I began.

"Jerry, the chance to have family here becomes more remote each year. That we are here with a new addition to the family is a very good day," Dad said. Everyone looked at Bill and smiled.

"Well...Dad...thanks to everyone for opening their arms to me. This is just great," Bill added, with a tear forming. "I haven't had much of a family for a while."

"In addition to Jerry, you've inherited an incredibly charming, intelligent and handsome younger brother," Coulter retorted with a grin.

"Dad, please excuse this expression. Coulter, you are so full of shit." I playfully ruffled my brother's hair. "But I love you anyway."

"How much?" Coulter asked.

"Enough to invite Judy and you to take over the coach house as your new residence?" I replied. You could have heard a pin drop. While Bill had a contented look, Coulter and Dad looked at me questioningly.

"You're fucking...ah...excuse me, Dad...going to give me your house to live in?" Coulter was genuinely surprised.

"As long as Bill doesn't throw me out. I'm going to move into his condo. I think that Judy and you could make good use of my place for a while?"

"Oh, Christ, yeah. Dad, this is great. I'll be closer to the hospital. And Judy loves the place. Oh, shit...Dad, sorry...this is great." With that, Coulter jumped up and embraced me and planted a big kiss on my lips. Pulling back, he continued, "Jerry, this is a big deal for both of us."

"Son, this is very generous of you," Dad said, looking at me warmly.

"Bill and I are going to be together for a long time. The coach house is a good investment for me. After Coulter becomes a father, I know they'll want to move out here someplace. In the meantime, my place isn't exactly camping out."

"Camping out? What have we missed?" Mom asked, as she and Judy started bringing the dinner fixings out.

"Judy, are you ready for a great surprise?" Coulter asked.

"That Jerry is pregnant?" Judy replied with a straight face...for a moment. Then, the entire family, including Bill, laughed heartedly.

"I said surprise, not miracle." Waiting for the laughter to subside, he continued, "Jerry is moving in with Bill and has offered the coach house for us to use as long as we want to." Coulter walked over and grabbed her around the waist and kissed her lightly.

"Jerry, are you serious? I mean this is terrific. I love the house."

"Very serious, Judy. As serious as Bill and I are about living in his condo. At this point in your life, the place will be ideal. I know that you two will want to come out this way when you have kids. In the meantime, 'mi casa, su casa.' Just take care of it."

"Mom and Dad, the extra bedroom suite will always be yours," Coulter added.

"Except, Bill and I want to share them. You two are expected to stay over at 2800 once in a while. A little high-rise experience is good for the blood pressure," I suggested. We walked over and hugged Mom. Coulter and Judy followed suit with Dad.

The rest of the day was consumed by family small talk and questions about Bill's family. He was very forthright. I was the same way about the new business. Dad and I had earlier conversations, including agreeing on a five-year, non-interest bearing $500,000 loan.

The steak fry was a success. Not only were the New York strips outstanding, Mom received acclaim for her marinated grilled vegetables and a credible Caesar salad. After bussing the dishes and platters to the kitchen and cleaning up, we all adjourned to our respective rooms.

Bill and I brushed and flossed before retiring. Bill was lying on his backside in my old bed when returned to the bed. I crept up on my stomach and started licking his armpits and nipples. "Mmmm," I uttered in a quiet voice, "thanks for being with me today. You are definitely part of the family." I reached down a slowly started stroking his hard cock, while I rubbed mine against his leg.

"Seriously...uhhh...no screaming...oh...'

"Quietly, babe. I'm going to whisper shit in your ear while we fuck," I said lowly, while opening the lube bottle.

As I administered his chute for entry, I heard a banging on the wall and the unmistakable voice of my brother yelling, "Fuck Judy, you're the best...oh Christ...do it...let's cum together...oh...grind...it bitch...ah...ah...ahhh..."