Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men.

A special acknowledgement to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, to Carey for being a patient teacher, and to Drew for helping to expand my boundaries.

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From Part 1


While kissing my eyes and probing my nostrils with his tongue, his fingers and thumbs were tenderly rolling my nipples around. "Take me for a ride. I want you in me," he said before straddling my thigh and bringing his tongue down to my pits. Lapping away, he was inhaling me at the same time. Sammy was a busy man. With this going on, his free hand started slowly jacking me. I was getting close to sensuous overload. Talk about multi-tasking.

"How do you like to get fucked?"

"Woof, woof," was the reply, accompanied with a sly grin. With that, he got up and sat next to me on the bed. "Where's the stuff?"

I reached over to the nightstand and pointed at the drawer. We kept a supply of condoms for friends who would stay overnight with someone new. Sammy reached over and grabbed a condom pack and AstroGlide. He gave me the lube, tore open the condom package, and smiled. "Pink?" he asked, holding the pale pink rubber, while laughing.

"Hey, I'm colorblind. Okay?" I joined in with the laugh. Opening the bottle, I dribbled a little lube on my cock and coated it. After he rolled the rubber on me, I said, "Move over on your belly, stud, and raise your butt to daddy." I was getting into this role-playing. He winked and kissed me before assuming the 'doggy' position.

Situating myself behind him, I lowered my face to his perfectly shaped ass and started slowly licking the warm, textured skin from his nuts up to the tailbone. Supporting myself with one arm, I used the free one to massage his front side from the well-defined pecs down to his pubic region. I grabbed onto his young, hard, man meat as my tongue started to dance around his hole. Sammy smelled squeaky clean with just the subtle hint of muskiness. This was really turning me on. Unlike some guys, I really liked it tidy down there.

"Oh man, Jerry. Ohhh. Work that tongue," he said while relaxing his ring muscle. "Yeah, baby." I shaped my tongue into a dart and started deeply slipping into him. "Ah, shit. I think I'm ready."

Pulling away, I replied, "That's act three. Here's act two," as I squirted a generous amount of lube on my cock and hand. With well-lubed fingers, I eased one slowly in. The tightness was not extreme. So I added a second one and slowly stretched his orifice. He was loosening up enough to add the third digit. I slowly brought all three down to the second knuckle and rotated.

"I'm definitely ready for act three," he growled. I pulled out my fingers and lubed my throbbing latex-covered cock. My dickhead rested at his door as I nudged slightly.

"Buddy, I want this to be good for both of us."

"You're a good size for me. Just ease in slow. When I say 'fuck me,' go for it. Just so you know, I don't do this that often. Only with guys I care about."

'Wow,' I thought. 'What was he telling me?' I eased in and popped my cock just inside his ring. He moved the butt around a little to get used to it. When he started backing into me, I knew he was fine. "Relax yourself," I suggested. He pushed out as I eased in. After a few minutes, my pubes were parked at his butt.

"Fuck me, Jerry," he yelled aggressively. At that command, I slowly started withdrawing, and without exiting, plunged back in. I repeated the long-dicking and sped up the motion. I could feel my glans hitting his 'nut' at different angles.

"How do you like that, you little fucker? Like my big dick up your chute? Yeah, ahhh..." I was now giving him a mixture of short strokes and slamming home. I was hitting his prostate on a regular basis.

"Oh shit, man. Oh fuck...ieee..." Knowing he was coming close, I slowed down and pulled out. Before he knew it, I flipped him on his back. "What the fu...?"

"My game now. Sammy, I want to look at you when we both shoot." I took his legs and raised them to my shoulders. In position, I leaned down and kissed him as I re-entered him slowly. I whispered, "We're both going to enjoy this." With that I began fucking in the same fashion. It wasn't long until Sammy uttered his audible grunts and moaning again.

It was amazing to experience an orgasm with this energetic young man beneath me. Something spontaneous that I hadn't experienced in a while. 'Matt, you shithead,' I thought, while I was in overdrive, 'what ever happened to our fading partnership?' As I was cumming and yelling sexual obscenities, Sammy clamped onto my erupting cock with his ass and proceeded to shoot an ejaculate arch that landed over his head. Subsequent shots hit his face and slowly petered out with final cum drool on his belly.

Without thinking, I pulled his jizz-drenched body to me and said, "That was fucking terrific. Really fantastic." I licked up some of his spent juice and fed it to him with my tongue.

Pulling away from the kiss, he replied, "Jerry, that was just as I imagined." He kissed me in return with liberal amounts of tongue.

"Sammy, you know what you're doing," I replied, looking into his baby blues.

"It looks like I know what I'm doing because I'm doing it with you. What say you and I get cleaned up and think about some food?" he suggested.

I eased back, pulled my softening penis out, and removed the filled rubber. No emotional attachments on his part. 'This guy had sex like painting by numbers,' I judged. 'Wham, bam...where's the food?' Not that I was complaining.

"Ah, yeah. I can get into that," I said while holding my latex-encased DNA.

"Jerry, this was just part one. We're not done yet...just intermission," he replied with a grin as he kissed my nose.

We separated and slowly got out of bed. I pulled the sheet off before it could leak wet semen through to the mattress. As I was walking to the bathroom, the phone rang. I knew it was Matt calling from New York.


"Go ahead and turn on the shower. I gotta take this call." I looked at him almost sheepishly. We both knew who was calling. "I won't be long."

"See you inside." Sammy walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower starting.


~~~"Hi, Jerry. How goes it?"

"Hey, Matt, what's happening in Nuevo York? The advertising business still grinding away in your shop?" I sat down on the bare mattress thinking about what had just happened. 'Is this all it is, any more? Just a charade?' I thought.

~~~"Grind is the word. In addition to the re-organization project, I'm also working on the Nabisco account. Really fucks up any chance to relax. What's going on back there?"

"Kinda quiet, but I'm surviving. Jerry Franklin is not a very happy guy." 'That was an understatement,' I thought, as I nervously squirmed.  

~~~"Listen, when you're in the city we'll talk this all out."

"We gotta talk in person soon. You going up to Ben and Megan's tomorrow night?" Ben and Megan Martin lived in Greenwich.

~~~ "Ben invited me. But I just can't get away."

"Really.  I thought you'd enjoy it."

~~~"The Director has given me the weekend to come up with a new rough campaign for flavored Wheat Thins. I mean concept, demographics, media placements, coupons...all that shit in 48 hours."

"Wow. That's a lot of work to throw on you for a weekend. Well, I guess you don't have to worry about traffic by staying in Manhattan. I'm quite mellow tonight. Tomorrow is the fundraiser for the Lyric Opera at the Casino Club. I'm going with Mom and Dad." I didn't add that a hot blond guy had just given me an incredible sexual ride. 'Would my nose grow longer?' I wondered, 'Because of my lie?'

~~~"I'm envious. This weekend triple-time workload really bites. Are they staying with you in town?"

"Yeah. Just overnight. We'll have an early breakfast 'cause Dad has a 10:00 a.m. tee time at the club. I really didn't want to join him. It's going to be a lot of doctor talk. I'm just going to veg out here. Maybe a good workout at East Bank."

~~~"You enjoy yourself and somehow I'll get the weekend project done. I'll call Sunday evening?"

"Okay, let's talk then?" 'And talk more bull shit P.C?' I considered. We needed a true eyeball-to-eyeball, lay-it-out-on-the-line confrontation.

~~~"Take care, Jerry."

"Yeah, you too." With that we hung up. It also dawned on me we hadn't used the "L" word in our conversation. Coming back to reality, I heard the shower running and the solo occupant humming some 80's tune. My dick told me where I belonged.

Sammy was doing a little dance while lathering himself with suds. I walked in the shower and wrapped my arms around his luscious, compact body. He turned and brought his lips to mine. "Jerry, I love your shower. I want to sign up for one right now."

This guy's enthusiasm was infectious. I held him for a moment, not knowing how to proceed. What started as a fantasy was developing into a growing fondness for this hot, very bright, self-assured young man. "Let's get cleaned up and do some take-out. Okay?"

"Chinese?" he asked.

"How about Thai?"

"Oh good. Just make sure that there's something with peanut sauce," he replied.

We concluded the shower and dried ourselves. I swigged and swirled the Listerine and he accepted some hair gel and a new toothbrush. I grabbed a couple of terrycloth robes. No reason to change into clothing. Not that Sammy had brought an extra change. "Here's a robe for you. I'm going to go downstairs and order the food. You want a beer?"

"Thanks," he said thoughtfully. "A beer would be great. I'll join you downstairs in a few minutes." Matt's robe was a little large for Sammy But I knew that he would look great in whatever he wore.

I called Grubhub and told the operator I wanted Thai food. Ordering the basics included spring rolls, chicken and beef satays with the hot peanut sauce, Mee Krob spicy noodles, squid, Thai dumplings and crab wontons. That and some beer should make for a very complete evening...so far.

I decided to set the dining room table casually with ivory chopsticks and china rests for the sticks. I added two large plates, forks, cloth napkins and glasses for water, figuring we'd dish out directly from the cardboard containers. Mr. Charley still hadn't made an appearance since dinner. He was in some secret area of the house until hunger started his engines. Chances are that the cat would find his way early tomorrow into the bedroom. I was always greeted with a low purr and warm cat fur pressed against my head in the morning. Nothing was subtle about my little feline pal.

I heard Sammy coming down the stairs. As he walked into the dining area I noticed what a fresh, confident, clean-cut image he projected. "Hey, Sammy. Ready for a beer?" Noticing that we were dressed in identical robes, I couldn't help but think about that "Twins" movie with the Governator and Danny DiVito.


"That's great. As long as food isn't too far behind. I'm starved and don't do well drinking on an empty stomach," I replied, walking up to Jerry. I leaned up and our lips met. This was a casual we-just-got-fucked thank you kiss. 'Who was this guy?' I wondered. In addition to being a great looking, self-confident man with dark features and a muscled, in-shape six-foot frame, he also was a nice guy who apparently was comfortably set financially. Must be family money? Franklin. That name was familiar to me.

Analyzing the afternoon and early evening, I hoped I hadn't come off as some blond, ditz, gay male trollop on a cruise. A guy who would spread his legs at the sight of a hard dick? Dad had always instructed me to aggressively go after what I wanted as long as it wasn't greedy self-indulgence, or something that would hurt someone.  I considered my preference for slightly older guys. Maybe I wanted to share their experiences to be a better man? Since coming out at the end of my senior year at high school, I had successfully, selectively sought out this kind of companionship. Usually avoiding bars, I had my gaydar tuned in at the beaches, stores and the gym. Today, at the traffic light, was a rare chance encounter.

He turned on the satellite radio amp and motioned me to join him in the living room. With Harry Connick, Jr., singing, "You Don't Know Me" in the background, we sat down on a brown-antiqued leather couch positioned perpendicular to the fireplace. For the first time, I closely looked at the surroundings of the living room. Across the marble coffee table, with hot David Beckham staring at me on the Vanity Fair magazine cover was an identical couch. The forest green wall color that accented the sisal carpeting and heavy, gold-gilded frames surrounded original oils that were 18th century English paintings. 'Working with Mom on her renovation projects had given me a lot of knowledge in interior design,' I considered. After we both took slow sips of the beer, I very naturally nuzzled into his shoulders and chest. Jerry draped his strong, warm arm around my body.

"I wish this was winter and we were like this next to a crackling fire." I said, easing into him further.

"If this was winter, you would really be cold walking around in those board shorts," he said. I looked around and saw the clothes pile that we had carelessly arranged less than two hours ago and smiled.

"If this was winter, I wouldn't have met you. I'm glad it's July."

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. Pulling back, Jerry replied, "I am, too. Sammy, are you just hanging around until school starts?"

"Just on weekends. I work with Dad at the plant during the week."


"Plant?" 'Hmm. This cute kid was doing blue-collar factory work? His hands looked pretty smooth and manicured,' I judged.

"Yeah. American Foundry. I work in the office as the gofer. Dad calls it character building. This is my third summer."

'Fuck. I know his Dad,' I realized. George McDonald and I sat on the Art Institute board together. Sammy had been very modest. This beach guy and student was part of one of Chicago's oldest families. The large foundry was visible from the Congress Expressway when I drove out to Oak Brook. So much about my wondering if he was hustling. Without acknowledging his statement, I asked, "You going to join the company when you graduate next year?"

"No. Not right away. I'm going for an MBA either at Northwestern or the University of Chicago. I'm not sure if I want to work at the foundry. Too much pressure from China and Europe. Dad is considering an offer to sell. Anyway, I think I want to get into management consulting. Either McKenney or Martin." He scooted up to me and kissed me while massaging my thigh. "When I'm not being fucked by a hot, tall, dark and handsome man, my professional interests are pretty focused."

I returned the kiss and played with his right nipple and pec. "As a business guy, I really suggest you look seriously at the University of Chicago. It may be a bitch of a commute, and Northwestern is in your back yard. But, Chicago's MBA program is really superior."

"What makes you so sure of that...?" Just then the doorbell rang. Saved by the bell.

"Sammy, you grab our clothes and take them upstairs. I'll get the door."

"Right." He jumped up and trotted over to our joint pile. Scooping everything up, he ran up the stairs energetically. I loved the outline of his cute, muscled buns moving beneath the terry robe.

Opening the door, I was greeted by the smiling face of the Grubhub delivery guy. It was a very convenient operation. They represented several restaurants that specialized in all sorts of take-out. "Hi, Mr. Franklin." I recognized the deliveryman. He was here at least once a week when I didn't want to cook.

"Hi," I said to the polite, young, African American man. "How's the family?" He gave me the box with our order and I placed it on the floor where the clothes had been until moments earlier. Looking at the quantity of food I had ordered, I smiled and thought, 'No way we're going to finish this. Looks like I'm going to be eating Thai for a while.'

"Just fine. He starts Kindergarten in September." I had an account with Grubhub. Signing the check, I added an additional ten dollars to the normal 15% tip. Looking at my tip, he said, "Hey, Mr. Franklin, that's not necessary."

"Junior's going to need some new clothes. This will help." I shook his hand.

"Yep. You're right. Thanks a lot." He smiled as I closed the door. I took the box of food to the kitchen. 'I'll just take the containers to the dining room table with spoons to dish out the food,' I decided.

"Jeez, that smells good," Sammy remarked, padding his way into the kitchen. "You're a good host, Sir." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my back and butt close to his front.

I turned around and kissed his forehead. "Let's eat before it gets cold."

"I'll do that. But, Jerry, I want to get back upstairs later," he said with a suggestive leer as we went into the dining room.

Before sitting down, I asked, ignoring his comment, "Do you want water or another beer?"

"I'm not much of a drinker. Water will be fine."

"Okay," I tossed out, walking back to the kitchen. "Evian it is."

Returning to the table, I filled the glasses and sat down. As I reached for the chopsticks, Sammy said, "Wait a minute, Jerry." With that he grabbed my right hand and bowed his head slightly. He continued in a low voice, "Thank you, God, for the bounty before us. And thank you for this day. For allowing me to meet a new friend." I felt the warmness of his hand. Squeezing it, I looked over to him. We both smiled.

"Buddy, that was very sweet." He smiled and we silently started eating. I continued after a minute. "I'm not very religious. Dad and I go to Temple for the high holidays. Grandma expects that. But Mom still attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church. My Jewish heritage kinda got scrambled along the way."

"I turned to the Episcopal Church. After coming out three years ago, I really became pissed at the Catholic Church's attitude towards gays and lesbians. A good friend of mine at Loyola asked me to attend St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Evanston. I kinda gravitated over there and have been attending services since then."

"How does your family feel about that?"

"Okay, I guess. Dad's a big supporter of the Chicago Diocese. But he knows how I feel about the Church. So it's a truce. Mom's happy that I found somewhere to worship. Funny. One of my older sisters is dating a Jewish guy at work. Maybe I'd better start studying up on Judaism."  

I chuckled and replied, "Or maybe I should understand the Episcopal Church better." 'Well,' I thought, 'that just slipped out. What was I thinking?'

"Better wear old pants if you ever go to church with me. The kneeling can get pretty brutal for a newcomer," he said while squeezing my thigh and knee under the table.

As we wolfed down dinner, the conversation followed along a very comfortable path. Since there was no reason to hide my background from Sammy, I told him about my family.

"Dad met Mom at Northwestern Medical School. They have separate practices. She's a gynecologist and Dad's specialty is surgery. They're usually at Pres-St. Luke's or Northwestern Memorial."

"Are you a doctor?" I realized that I had skirted telling him what I did.

"No. My younger brother recently finished medical school and internship. I'm sure he'll join Dad after residency at Northwestern Memorial. I'm in business. My uncle Sid owns Franklin Chevrolet." I didn't go on to say Dad sold his 50% ownership in the company to Sid nineteen years ago. Dad didn't feel good about the direction GM was going. An investment banker friend of his took the proceeds and bought one million dollars worth of shares in Microsoft. The remaining million went into Intel. They were both initial pre-public offerings at the time.

"Franklin Chevrolet's a pretty big operation. I think that the foundry leases the company vans from Franklin."

"On behalf of my uncle, let me thank your dad." I got up and stood behind Sammy. I leaned around for a kiss while massaging his pecs. "Thanks a lot. And I don't mean for the vans." He got up and we traded tongues as I held him in my arms around his waist.

"Ummm. Can I stay tonight? I'm housebroken," he said while looking up at me earnestly.

"I'm not going to toss anyone out with such abbreviated dress. Let's go back upstairs and watch a movie. I just got "Ocean's Twelve" from Netflix. It'll give us a chance to digest dinner.  We can clean up here and go upstairs."

"Sounds good. But I gotta warn you. Rest up 'cause we're not finished, sexy guy." He winked and grinned while we cleared the table and tidied up. Before going back to the bedroom, I turned off the lights and set the alarm.

Stopping by the linen closet, I grabbed another bottom sheet. Entering the bedroom, I asked, "How about covering the mattress with this and arranging some pillows for the movie? I'll set up the DVD."

After both finishing our tasks, we settled in the pillows and bed close to each other. We leaned back and I turned on the movie. The movie was pretty lame, but with Clooney, Pitt, and Damon, I could watch them reading poetry. As the movie was over, I looked over at the clock. It was only 10.00 p.m. Turning off the DVD, I said, "I'm going to take a whiz. You okay?"

"I'll go down and grab a Pepsi, if you don't mind?"

"Good idea. Let's share." I replied.

"When I get back, lose the robe, big guy."

Chuckling as I started peeing, I yelled "Yes, Sir." My laugh subsided as I thought about the evening I'd spent with the bold young man. 'One sharp dude,' I concluded. Washing my hands, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Rationally, I thought about breaking off any further interaction with him. But my dick and fascination were leading the way. Taking off the robe and hanging it behind the door, I returned to the bedroom. The satellite radio system was still on. I had turned off the volume control when we started the movie. As I increased the volume a vintage Lena Horne's rendition of "Stormy Weather' was playing.

I lay back on the bed as Sammy returned with the drinks. He handed me a cold can and immediately shucked the robe before joining me in a semi-horizontal position. We both took long sips before placing the cans on a magazine lying on the nightstand.

Snuggling into my chest, he asked, "By the way, we've talked about each other's families tonight. But I still don't know what exactly you do?"

"Well, ummm, I guess that you better pass your MBA at the University of Chicago." I turned and looked at his inquisitive expression.

"MBA? University of Chicago? I don't get it."

Grinning broadly, I replied, "The guy you've just spent the last five hours with might be a key to your professional future."

"How so?" he said with an eyebrow raised.

Holding his head in my hands, I kissed him and said, "Meet Jerry Franklin, Chicago Managing Partner of Martin Consulting."